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Anonymous 37186

>tfw no girl group of internet friends

men suck and their shitty discord servers


Same, anon. I wish I had girl friends, even internet ones.

Anonymous 37190


This, how do other girls even make online friends? It's so difficult for me.
And when I do meet someone, it's just kinda awkward/boring and we don't really click or bond.

Anonymous 37194


what are you guys into? maybe we can be friends!

Anonymous 37197

One of my biggest concerns with joining a female-only server is the fear of it being infiltrated by trans. Because apparently they just love doing that. Is it so wrong to just want to be part of a group of cis girls?

Anonymous 37198

>Is it so wrong to just want to be part of a group of cis girls?
Not at all. The best plan if you ever join or create a female-only server is to have each member do voice chat and/or video chat verification. Rarely ever do trans women have "passing" faces or voices.

Anonymous 37200

>joins discord server
>most members happen to be male
>aRE yOU a WoMaN?!?!?!?

Anonymous 37204

THIS. It's so annoying when they start to learn you're a woman, they treat you differently/joke around asking to be their girlfriend etc

Anonymous 37323

I feel this. It’s usually a bad idea to try to become friends with them too once they know you’re a girl. A lot of guys will claim to have “fallen in love” with you, because a female is giving them attention. Many such cases!

Anonymous 37457

I am in a server with some swedish girls and its a lot of fun. we even do Zoom meetups and stuff.

They started the server cuz of the quarantine and they are friends IRL. I happen to come across them in a different server. I do not speak Swedish but they talk amazingly good english as well. Really comfy server! They are really funny and make me laugh all day


Derailing is against site rules

Anonymous 37464

Lesbian vs tranny who would win

Anonymous 37470

Honestly trans are not female. We are girls. Trans will never know what it is truly like to be one of us.

It is impossible so do not even try.

Anonymous 37471

But who would win the girl

Anonymous 37576

Has >>37459 reply got deleted? Why cant I see it anymore? If anyone has followed thru this thread, what did (she) say? (considering she's trans)

Anonymous 37725


I'd love to be in an all girl's server with fun and relaxed, it's genuinely really depressing that I have no close female friendships.

Anonymous 37728

nah, i totally get what you're saying. it happens in real life too. i think maybe its a bit more prominent online because the male-female ratio on most online communities are skewed as hell.

Anonymous 37737


You're unhappy, we're unhappy. So how about setting up your own (Discord) server and give us the link anon-chan?

Anonymous 37746

when yall make the discord can you please voice screen new members b4 giving them access to chat and stuff? moids are prolly gonna try to join

Anonymous 37794

hi polishanon

Anonymous 37808

I'm late but I'm Lorelei#5801 I know a bit about server management and I'd like to help out

Anonymous 37819

i've seen a lot of moids with voices that pass though, there should be a photo verification too

Anonymous 37822

This is a tranny

Anonymous 37823

I mean there's no way to make sure they stay out. I was on this server that had voice and pic with timestamp verification. For the voice they'd just ask their sister/girlfriend/friend/whatever and for the pic theyd either do the same or find and photoshop some pic, it takes like 10 minutes to change a timestamp and its impossible to tell. Dont see whats the big deal tho, if you dont like how someone is acting just ban them.

Anonymous 37824

You can literally voice check me lmao, that's just my name

Anonymous 37833

did someone already make a server with voice verification? please drop it so i can join TmT (OP here)

Anonymous 37857


Ah no I didn't change anything, it should look like this

Anonymous 37879

anyone else have this experience? you join a server and you're excited to make new friends but find out there's a female who thinks she owns everyone and is a bitch to you despite not saying anything, purely because you're female?

Anonymous 37908

server when

Anonymous 37915

In that case you would need to open vegana for identification

Anonymous 37918

I don't see any text channels, how do I verify?

Anonymous 37920

Also hand pictures might aid in verification cos moids naturally have man hands.

Anonymous 37921

Voice, hand, and timestamped makeup collection with an explanation of why the products are better than anything Jeffree Star makes.

Anonymous 37926

is any mod in the server? I'd like to be verified please

Anonymous 37927

I alr joined but there isnt any text channels. Only Carl-bot. but there's no further instructions? Thank you guys for making this!

Anonymous 37960

Your invite link may have expired. In this case, please contact the server owner and ask them for a new invite.

Anonymous 38012

same please!


I expressed my annoyance at the trans obsession/fixation appearing in such a basic thread. I'm not even trans but I guess that's considered infighting or something and it got deleted.

Anonymous 38029

what makes you think having trannies in an all-female server is a good idea?

Anonymous 38054


You might meet some interesting people that can have a different upbringing than you.

Anonymous 38057

Thats interesting because my birth cirtificate shows an F and always has

Anonymous 38066

I just literally don't care or even think about it. It's not something that concerns me and I don't get the concern

Anonymous 38068

Lmao @ tranny apologists putting male feelings before female ones.
Although they are probably just males themselves.

Anonymous 38075

Why can't I join still?

Anonymous 38083

Rejection cope lol

Anonymous Moderator 38089

Read the rules and stop advertising Discord servers.

Anonymous 38130

If I made a girls only discord server would you guys join? Are you even allowed to advertise that shit here?

Anonymous 38131

ah nevermind, it's against the rules. Brutal no frenspill

Anonymous 38156

I have a girl group, what are your discord tags?

Anonymous 38182

times like these make me miss my cringy and mildly toxic roleplaying days on skype. i don't wanna be friends with e-girls/streamers, just a common interest and passion… ;_;

Anonymous 38184

Someone made a group already, you can DM the person's discord info above and ask for an invite.

Anonymous 38200

The only female friends I have are normie "Mom friends" and it's hell. Never have kids.

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