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Qt Partner Thread Anonymous 37674

Greentext traits and how lovely your partner is

Anonymous 37676

>Cares about others and the environment even more than me but not going to the overly woque territory
>Could pull girls but didn't because he wanted to be with the one he wants to be with forever, and it is me
I wrote an entire essay on him, but deleted it. No point in putting it in words… He is the biggest thing in my life, and I have a lot of things I've worked for and earned. And yet, he is the best thing that happened to me. And we can talk about literally everything. Literally. I feel like a teenager in love with him, and yet we've been together for a long time and are not so young anymore. Even though I love my career, and what I do, for the first time in my life I can say that with him I can be just a housewife and I would still be happy with it. Luckily - he doesn't make me choose. I feel bad for bragging.

Anonymous 37687

>green eyes
>youre his first gf
>literally genius iq
>likes poetry and birdwatching
>gets into online arguments that your body type is the best one
>big DICK
>plans to marry you and have hella kids
there's obviously more but we mostly just fuck around and watch anime and i take us out to do wacky spontaneous shit. we rabu each other

Anonymous 37698

I wish someone wrote an essay about me.

Anonymous 37753


>I wish someone wrote an essay about me.
2 days ago, anon posted a message on /feels/ that they wished someone would write an essay about them. Now, given the dearth of information besides this one particular post this will prove difficult. What we can infer, besides the desire of someone writing a short essay dedicated to them, is a longing that another would be enamored of them and know enough about their personal quirks to, in and of themselves, feel compelled to write such an essay. Essays being as they are often totems of devotion. Unfortunately, given all we know is the singular sentence anon wrote we can only appeal to what we can fancifully deduce. Given the context of anon's post, namely this thread, we can safely affirm anon is a qt and is likely wanting of such an essay, but life and circumstance rarely meet us where we want to be. Therefore, in concluding this short essay, I hope anon's wish has at least been partly met. Any deficit is on the part of the essayist.

Anonymous 37754

Nta but this is very cute anon

Anonymous 37755

Maybe someone would if you weren't such a boring, uninteresting person

Anonymous 37762

I just moved in with my bf of nearly 2 years so let me gush a lil

>has his shit together, lots of work and life experience

>is a chef, cooks tasty meals for me whenever I want
>Frequently takes me out to dinner, lunch, breakfast just because (pre-covid)
>can be just as goofy as me, entertains plenty of nonsensical inside jokes that shouldn't even be funny
>handsome, tall, deep voice with a gym body
>is emotionally intelligent and a very good listener from years of therapy
>great sex
>wants to actually resolve conflict if it arises and doesn't start arguments for no reason

I'm a huge worrier so I was terrified that moving in together would kill the vibe but so far, so good

Anonymous 37770

tfw no bf

Anonymous 37783

tfw you will never experience any of this

Anonymous 37799

I would do this but I'm kind of worried I might jinx my relationship or something.
Cute Anon is cute.

Anonymous 37815

Guys who put too much effort into relationships are usually trying to cover up and distract you from the fact that they're cheating.

Anonymous 37817

This is "women don't really love you, they only care about your money" levels of cope.

Anonymous 37820

My sister was dating a "perfect" guy up until a little bit ago.
>son of a doctor
>studying to be a doctor himself
>brought her a vase of flowers every single time they saw each other
She couldn't wait for them to both graduate so they could get married.
At least until she checked his phone and found the texts from his side girl that he'd been seeing every time she went out of town for the past several months.

Anonymous 37828

if he is the perfect male that attracts many other girls why the fuck he would settle?

Anonymous 37830

Basing your opinion on a single anecdotal case is not a good way to go about life. Besides that was a "too attractive" problem, not a "tries too hard".

Anonymous 37831

I honestly can't stand people like you who go around assuming the absolute worst, most malign intentions of others. You make life harder and suck the life out of those around you. Die.

Anonymous 37834

The desire the reproduce with as many women as possible is hard wired into the brain of every make by billions of years of evolution.

I'm not saying every man will cheat, but if he
1: Is as amazingly attractive and charismatic as some of you are saying, and could easily cheat with any women he wanted
2: Puts lots of effort into making big, distracting gestures for you
Those are really strong signs he's cheating. But hey, keep telling yourself "but MY perfect man is different, he's happy to settle for me even though he could be fucking a different Stacy every night" if makes you feel better.

Anonymous 37854


OP here. Those are some of the most obvious surface-level observations that came to mind, but thats "putting too much effort in" for you? I feel bad for you, girl.

Anonymous 37859

>petite manlet
>Cute dreamy eyes
>Fat ass built for pegging
>Nice day dick too
>Cute soft tumby
>Get to tickle whenever I please
>Sub but still acts like a man
>Owns a sweet white cat I get to play with
>Live with now

Anonymous 37861

So it's half true?

Anonymous 37862

A lot of men want some wife at home to raise his kids while he goes out and fucks other women on the side. Settling is an illusion.

Anonymous 37863

>Fat ass built for pegging

anon you are living the dreeeaaam

Anonymous 37882

>but MY perfect gf is different, she's happy to settle for me even though she could be fucking a different Chad every night
Copity cope.

Anonymous 38134

>VERY cute!
>soft and warm
>we never run out of things to talk about
>hella funny
>occassional pegging
>can take care of himself

i… i made it, queens

Anonymous 38150

I would love to peg a guy. My crush has the nicest ass, it’s so plump like a peach. I can’t stop thinking about biting and licking and fucking it.

Anonymous 38151

And spanking it too ofc. I remember he jokingly asked me to spank him once and I was like :o

Anonymous 38525

>blue eyes
>brown hair
>muscular wih sixpack
>He's German, so he speaks English with an accent, makes his voice seem deeper
>very intelligent
>knows a lot of random stuff about different topics, always interesting to talk to
>knows a lot about history
>calm, introverted but confident personality
>sometimes he has bursts of extroverty is not afraid to do the most random dares/pranks (think of youtube channels, who do these kind of things, but without recording them)
>is into urban exploration and has taken me to see some really interesting old factories, gigantic warehouse complexes and even a pristine, but abandoned manor house
>really wants to include me into every aspect of his life
>has no problem with me looking at his phone or going on his computer (One of my exes had a mental breakdown, when I did that)
>stopped watching porn for me
>amazing Sex
>when we went to get some old stuff from my room, the pervy neighbour was in the house, who once grouped me in front of my father (my pathetic dad of course didn't do shit and just said "Oh, that makes sense. He told me he liked you", when I told him about it)
>he wanted to touch me again and go for a "hug", but my boyfriend shoved him away, put him on the ground and made him apologise to me and swear to never touch me again and GTFO of the house, when we visit
>also gave shit to my dad for his shitty reaction, my boyfriend was absolutely fuming
>sometimes reads poems to me, he also wrote one for our anniversary
>says he loves me more than anything in the world and also admitted he sometimes holds back, because he doesn't want to come on too strong, but when I egged him about it, he talked for hours about how much he loved me and wants to stay with me forever and have kids, his eyes were getting teary and I cried

Anonymous 38538



>Emotionally stable
>Loves his mother
>Full of interesting facts
>Literally filled to the brim with love
>not a push-over

The only person I would be willing to do anything for

Anonymous 38540

How did you meet those qts? I feel like anywhere I try to find someone, men are either absolutely fucking horrible beings or I just have nothing in common with them ;-;

Anonymous 38541


Meeting people in order to date them is the most unsuccessful strategy. Get to know someone before you even think about being with them

Anonymous 38542

But almost every man I know is repulsive in terms of personality. Every time I have a crush and think I found a valuable guy, he ends up showing his true colors and disappointing me with his selfishness or cruelty. The only guy that didn't show this type of behavior was gay. At this point it's becoming exhausting to try and get to know men…

Anonymous 38543

I met him on a very obscure German Dating Site, I don't want to mention here, because of doxxing risks. It only has a very small userbase.

Anonymous 38546


you're never selfish or cruel?

Anonymous 38547

he sounds perfect, im so fucking jealous of you. dont ever let him go anon, istg ill find you and break your neck if you attempt to cheat on him ;-;

Anonymous 38548

What kind of acts of cruelty do they commit that breaks the deal for you?

Anonymous 38550

just an FYI for ya'll but there's apparently a thread about this thread on r9k lamenting about chads or whatever, watch out for baiters

Anonymous 38551

I just looked through the thread really quickly. This is one of these moments where I am reminded how glad I am that I am no longer friends with mentally unstable people like that. They were really an incredibly drain on my psyche. Impossible to build up. Always threatening suicide, self-harm or spreading toxicity to gain attention from me.

Maybe having a mental breakdown and threatening to kill yourself, because another person surpasses you at something, is a worse quality to have than the thing you are worried about in the first place.

Anonymous 38552

I don't know, I think these guys just have a very warped perception. When I'm talking about my perfect husbando, it's a total fantasy. Fantasies very rarely line up with reality, and that's OK, I don't think I'll ever have a "perfect" bf. Even in their own threads most of them talk about wanting some hyperfeminine tradwife or picturesque legal loli or something else impossible. I don't know why they assume only they can have fantasies.

Anonymous 38557


True. This is literally my ex boss who would cheat on his wife constantly but "treated her like a queen"

Anonymous 38562

I guess it just so happens that all the guys are 6ft and above and have a gym body

Anonymous 38566

In modern internet lingo the term “larp” is essentially used as a synonym for “pretending”.
It’s not accurate but there’s really nothing you can do to stop people from using the term incorrectly.

Anonymous 38568

More accurate terminology should be "moid astro-turfing"

Anonymous 38570

Whats wrong with a gym body and a big dick

Anonymous 38572

Nothing, but I wouldn't be surprised if incels snuck in here and posted
>"hey CC, totally a girl here teehee"
>"six in, six feet, six pack or gtfo"
>spams above a few more times, screen-caps, then REEEEEs about it on their incel forums

Anonymous 38573

This isn't a fantasy thread. It's a thread about partners we're happy with.

Anonymous 38574

So every single post in this thread except the one about a pegged manlet is written by a dude

Anonymous 38575

You WILL date the manlet.
You WILL peg the manlet.

Anonymous 38577

Good to know I'm not the only one who found some posts here suspicious.

Anonymous 38629

>clever and educated
>never dresses sloppy
>buys me food and drinks and gifts
>made me a birthday cake
>supports everything i do
>talks to me all the time
>cares about art and has good taste
>good listener
>good at oral
>nice beard

i love him anons

Anonymous 38631

Getting some serious larp energy from this

Anonymous 38706

I feel like I will never get a boyfriend this thread makes me suicidal

Anonymous 38710


This sounds like a larp to me.

To answer >>37674:
>Has learned how to deal with depression and emotions in a healthy way (through his hobbies)
>We can talk about anything
>Not afraid to do stereotypically feminine hobbies or be described with feminine traits
>Walks a fine line between normie and non-normie
>Beautiful golden skin and brown eyes
>Overall feminine face with v-jawline
>Big soft, brown eyes
>Has similar build to me except taller, which is convenient in that we eat the same amount, suffer from the same skinny problems and insecurities
>Financially aware
>Willing to match my sex drive
>Can live sober, is willing to party privately with me, though
>Excellent cook, capable of making full meals
>Very hygienic, clean, and thorough in his cleaning
>Excellent relationships with his parents and family members
>Willing to work with me through my mental disorders
>Receptive to my criticism
>Wants to build a life with me, very intent on marrying me
>Realistic in his life goals
>Fills much of his time with hobbies

I could put so much more. He's wonderful, but don't get me wrong, there's been difficulties in our relationship. Both of us are willing to understand each other and much of the problems stem from me entering into the relationship from a previous relationship which was sexually and emotionally abusive on a number of levels. I don't believe I deserve my boyfriend to the extent that it's probably taken much more out of him to deal with my distrust and paranoia than anything he's required out of me, but I've gotten much better over time with therapy and his support. I want to be a woman that deserves him, and that motivates me (he says the same about me but with him, and I don't understand how he can think that).

Anonymous 38712

How do you meet guys? I'm in a particularly shitty position because I'm not in college anymore and I'm not attracted to anyone at work

Anonymous 38716

I don't as is, and that's why I want to work as hard at improving myself as I do so I one day truly will deserve him. I love him so much. Even if he weren't dating me, I'd still admire him and care about him. I really don't know how I managed to snag him.

I did let him know about my issues/trauma before we dated as best I could because I knew I'd take time to heal. He does not have a history of trauma or a complex family history as I do.

Anonymous 38719

>tfw no tall sweet bf
How do I ascend to this level of goddesshood sisters

Anonymous 38721

This. What kind of person has suicidal thoughts when he sees other people with attractive partners? Like why would that even occur?

Anonymous 38731

>everyone here has a tall, hot and ripped boyfriend with a 180 IQ
This doesn't smell like moids at all…

Anonymous 38732

Not a single person mentioned IQ, only 2 of them said their bfs were ripped, one of the ppl you quoted wasn’t even talking about her bf. And they’re going probably overestimating how tall their bfs are. Most men lie. Regardless I don’t see why a man would talk the way these stacies are anyway. It isn’t as if all men in the world are short ugly stupid incels.

Anonymous 38734


I was being a little hyperbolic but they all seem to be tall and handsome. Two or three even know their exact height, as if that's something we would know about a guy. I'm 90% sure it's moids trying to prove that we're only happy with "Chads". Apparently /r9k/ knows about this thread so I wouldn't be surprised.

Anonymous 38735

What's all this nonsense paranoia about LARPing all of a sudden? nobody thought anything was off about this thread until someone mentioned R9K was watching then suddenly it became a witch hunt of accusing everyone of not being real women and just being robots pretending to be women to reaffirm their own stereotypes, as if everything listed in these threads aren't very commonly known traits women tend to like.

Anonymous 38742


You are the only one here obsessed with r9k and what stupid moids think. This thread was free of trash male opinions until you decided they were relevant and we should censor ourselves so as not to offend fragile male genetic trash.

Anonymous 38758

One of them describes her boyfriend as having a 98th percentile sized cock. If that's not a troll, I don't know who is.

It could also be that some see their boyfriends through rose-colored glasses. Surely you've seen couples where you didn't find the guy attractive but his girlfriend looked at him as if he were Adonis himself.

Anonymous 38761

Are you the one who said your bf is so hot he could pull other girls?

Anonymous 38765

I agree with this. Who cares what a horde of ugly incels think? They're bitter about our very existence. Why should we feel bad for having attractive, tall boyfriends? As if they don't coom to Instagram models all the time. They can seethe as much as they want. If they really wanted to be attractive they should lose weight and dress well.

Anonymous 38805

>I'd not like an extremely attractive bf
Contrary to every post in this thread? And isn't your bf attractive since every post here mentions it?

Anonymous 38809

>cooks well
>takes care of me and loves me even at my lowest and worst
>cares about appearance
>pushes me to be better
>is open about his feelings and needs

Anonymous 38823

I'm pretty sure some of the posts here are just concern trolling. It definitely increased by a lot, after this thread appeared on /r9k/. And it's honestly getting annoying, because it derails the conversation, when everyone is now only talking about whether something is a troll. The actual troll posts are easy to make out like this one >>38687 because it's just someone listing up stats without any GREENTEXTS about the emotional interaction between you and your partner. It's almost they didn't even read what this thread was about and only got their impression from somewhere else. This thread isn't about listing up stat points. It's about cute stories of you and your partner.

I moved with my boyfriend to Germany and I can just say that many young men here are very tall compared to the US. 190cms/6'3 is really not something abnormal here. He even mentioned that in his school class, he never felt that tall, because lots of other guys were around his height. It's definitely not a rarity.

Anonymous 38830

>it's just someone listing up stats without any GREENTEXTS about the emotional interaction between you and your partner. It's almost they didn't even read what this thread was about and only got their impression from somewhere else. This thread isn't about listing up stat points. It's about cute stories of you and your partner.

>Greentext traits and how lovely your partner is
No it's been about traits the whole time. Which is exactly what everyone ITT has been doing.

Anonymous 38857

>it's not about stats
But it is. It's in the thread, partner traits. And that's what people are doing. Like the one with the 98th percentile dick bf.

Anonymous 38889

Okay okay. When I went to look at the OP again I overlooked that it literally says traits. I still think it's more enjoyable to read, if you greentext a bit about those traits and not just list them up like statpoints.

Anonymous 38929

american german he…

>I can just say that many young men here are very tall compared to the US. 190cms/6'3 is really not something abnormal here. He even mentioned that in his school class, he never felt that tall, because lots of other guys were around his height. It's definitely not a rarity.

Don't take this the wrong way but I don't think you have even the slightest idea what you're talking about. American men are in fact slightly taller than German men on average, and being 6'3 is top 1-2% of male heights.

Anonymous 38932

One possible explanation is that she hangs out with tall German men more than the average German man.

Anonymous 38933

wow this thread ended up being sour lmfao
ITT: r9k moids ruining a cc thread…again

Anonymous 38936

>Don't take this the wrong way but I don't think you have even the slightest idea what you're talking about.
Actually I do. Look at Statistics, which also adjust for age. Young German Men are not only taller in my own personal experience, but also taller in statistics.

Also I found lots of statistics, where German Men even without age being mentioned are always listed at around 180cms. So you you are wrong on multiple different accounts.

The amount of concentrated bitterness, whenever height is being mentioned is really quite something. I don't know what people get from pretending their country is superior in that aspect. It doesn't make them taller, if their country is taller. lol

Anonymous 38937

And I don't suppose you'd be willing to share the source on these statistics would you?

You're the ones getting angry about this. All that happened is one person had their completely unsourced anecdote challenged and you both started screaming that the thread is ruined, "bitter/sour incels get off my board reeeee", etc.

If she can just share a valid source that proves German young men have in fact suddenly shot up several standard deviations in average height in one to two generations, but also that young american men haven't, then this can be done and we can all move along, right?

Anonymous 38939



Germany 180,30cm
United States 177,30cm

>it does seem that there is a tendency to relative talllness in

Germanic, particularly Scandinavian, genes. Seven of the tallest ten
countries (Netherlands, Iceland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Sweden,
Norway) are Germanic (4 Sandinavian)

Imagine thinking that a country as diverse and big as the USA (compared to europe like its own continent) would have a higher average male height than Germany. Your intuition should have told you that it's wrong.

So how rare are 6'3 men actually?


Actually 6.3% of German Men are that height OR TALLER. That's quite a stark difference to the 1% you proposed. And even almost 20%, if you also start from 185cm.

Now considering that these statistics probably include a few number of people, who are descended from recent Immigration to Germany, we can safely assume that the average height might be even higher. Maybe even closer to the Netherlands, which is also a Germanic Country and famous for its tall people.
At least this is congruent with the anecdotal experience of myself and many other people. I found many posts on Quora or Reddit talking about tall Germany men.

Cheers! Hope this helped you!

Anonymous 38942

All right, I admit I was wrong and that German men are in fact taller on average than Americans.

But the average difference only seems to be by about 2 to 4 cm based on every other source I can find, and that wouldn't be nearly enough to account for your claims that 6'3 men are all over the place in Germany, that German site you posted seems to be the only place that presents it as that common.

No doubt both you and your boyfriend have your personal reasons for wanting to downplay the rarity and significance of his height.

Anonymous 38943

I’m setting myself up to get crucified by salty anons but here we go
>kind to those that deserve it
>has money (nothing ridiculous but I don’t need to provide for him)
>protective of me, defends me against any perceived slight against me
>wants children with me
>is loyal to me and demonstrates it regularly
Not sure if it’ll last forever but he’s perfect and he has yet to be proven otherwise in the year+ I’ve known him.

Anonymous 38946

That's because you're using survey, which on average over reports height. Measured average height of men in Germany is 5'9.


Anonymous 38951


White Americans are Anglo/German though, so it makes no sense that they would be shorter than them.

Anonymous 38953

Anglos are barely-germanized Brythonic Celts.
Australia, Britain and America are all pretty much the same height in that image.

Anonymous 38967

Actually after r9k very few mentions of height and attractiveness were mentioned. I think miners became self conscious about seeming shallow and started to leave out those traits.

Anonymous 38972


Honey, that isn't a positive.

Anonymous 38979


They weren't being equivocated. White Americans in different states are often from different waves of migration, namely from England, Germany, Holland, and Sweden. Whites in the Midwest are largely descended from German Quakers fleeing persecution for example. It makes no sense these people would be shorter than other Germans.

Anonymous 38981

Americans are extremely likely to overreport their non-English ancestry and to ignore English roots. If we were to believe survey results, the average "John Smith" in America is an Irish-German. Americans being of British height rather than German height makes sense.

Anonymous 38984

this poster is correct >>38979
There is also something called the 'founder effect' even though your recent ancestry might be mostly german, in the big picture many of the people will be very largely anglo-saxon

Anonymous 38985

got the replies the wrong way around, lol

Anonymous 39024

Most German-speaking people have no close genetic relation to original Germanic-speakers (Nordics), it depends more on where exactly they're from. Germany was once the Celtic heartland. As for Anglos, it depends on location. Some are practically the same as Southern Swedes and Danes both because of Anglo settlers and later Norse settlers. Like with most Germans, most Brits slowly shifted to Germanic languages/dialects though the languages in Britain remained strong in their areas until modern colonial practices and the damaging effects of mass communication too.

One thing not often mentioned is that many of these Celtic-speakers were already Christian and had heavy intake of Roman culture and their own dialect of Latin. Irish missionaries were instrumental in Christianising Anglos and through that transferring Roman/Christian culture.

Anonymous 40028

handsome, tall, deep voice with a gym body
is emotionally intelligent and a very good listener

let me guess hes german ?
when i lived in russia i met there two exchange student from germany that was very much like this.
Thank god germans cant resists slavic women

Anonymous 40935

>strong handsome Nordic features
>pure Prussian German ancestry
>tall - a pretty big guy relative to most people
>works as a head chef
>makes 300k a year
>shredded gym body
>highly intelligent, understood the ending of Evangelion
>reads Kant in one hand and Nietzche in the other
>both understands Chinese and European philosophy
>is fluid as the Tao yet as driven as the Ubermensch
>BIG dick, it's like an Evian bottle

Anonymous 40938

Wow anon. You must be very happy that you have everything you could want on paper.

Anonymous 40939

i smell a satiric moid poster

Anonymous 40965


Anonymous 40966

>"give me your phone"
>he unlocks it and gives it straight to me
Did I fuck up ?

Anonymous 40968

Pretty sociopathic, but yeah I think you failed his "test". Or passed, who knows what he wants out of you. I can't understand why you would test someone like this unless you were a manipulator of sorts. Did he just ignore you afterwards?

Anonymous 40969

What do you mean his test ? I asked him for his phone

Anonymous 40970

Oh shit lol I thought he asked you. Yeah you fucked up. Uh go ahead and ignore what I posted before.

Anonymous 41539

Sooo is anyone on cc happy with a boy who isn't tall and handsome?

Anonymous 41541

Maybe he wanted soo your wallpaper or look at the time?

Anonymous 41543

This is peggable manlet erasure.

Anonymous 41552

If I had a boyfriend, I wouldn't be here.
Also, girls in love often see their boyfriends as perfect specimen. Of course they describe them as handsome but in reality they might look completely unremarkable to you and me. Sometimes I think back to my old crushes in high school and wonder how could I have ever found them cute… It's the magic of love.

Anonymous 41553

I'm >>38710 and my boyfriend is not tall, only taller than me.

For what it's worth, I had a lovely relationship before with a man who was 5'5''. He was sweet and I am confident many, many women would have loved to be in a relationship with him. But i realized our personalities weren't very compatible, so I dipped after nearly 3 years together. He was a major extrovert and an optimist to the point of blind idealism. My current bf is not like that in personality, obviously, and we clearly are compatible in our values. I actually wouldn't mind at all and in fact think it's hot if my bf became as short as myself, if not shorter. I love the idea of towering over him. Really, I wish I were tall and around 6 feet. The only reason I kind of appreciate my boyfriend's height is because paired with his feminine face, he looks modelesque in light of that.

In terms of whether he's handsome or not, he'd be handsome to me regardless. I really love the guy.

Anonymous 41556

I think they're just handsome. The posts here seem VERY specific about their partner's bodies.

But were you happy with Mr Sweet But Short?

Anonymous 41558

No, but that had nothing to do with his height. In fact, at the time of me saying him, I found it attractive. As I said, I'd also have thought it hot if my current bf was short, especially if I were taller. I only don't say "preferable" because I think that's cruel. He can't help it he's a little taller than me. At least he enjoys it and I at best just don't pay attention to it.

Anonymous 41586

I think this is the male equivalent of "She's fat but has a wonderful personality"

Anonymous 41590

No. It's not. My current bf is an introvert, is not sunk into idealism, doesn't believe everything he reads, etcetera. Both boyfriends had sweet personalities. My current boyfriend's personality is much more compatible with mine, and his values are more compatible with mine, as are our life goals. My ex wanted kids, for instance - current bf does not; that's in line with what I want. My ex also wanted a different career path that would be difficult for us to sustain a relationship in.

My point is - lovely person, just not for me. I thought it was hot he was short. I think it'd be hot if my boyfriend was short, especially if he were shorter than myself. He's not, though, so I'm not going to wish he were different, because he's perfect physically to me.

You sound like a fucking moid with how desperate you are to discredit me saying I think short guys are hot. If it weren't for the fact I'm stupid monogamous and therefore don't find other men attractive while I'm in a relationship, my guess is I'd like shorter men physically than tall men. I also had one tall as in, taller than 6 feet bf, and I never even thought of his height. It wasn't hot or attractive to me. It was hot and attractive to me when I had a short bf.

Anonymous 41591

Okay, I'm going to fix some confusing grammatical errors and give additional information where pertinent:

> I'm not going to wish he were different, because he's perfect physically to me.

This could potentially be misconstrued as me liking height, I don't. It's just that I don't believe my boyfriend is physically imperfect. If he had a small dick, it'd be perfect to me. I'm just one of those people where my partner is physically impeccable to me and it'd be a sin to suggest they look different.

>I also had one tall as in

It's *I also had one tall bf, as in

Manlets are sexy as hell and I'd never let them get shit talked by people. I don't. It's happened to my face before where people make fun of a guy who is shorter than his gf and I defend the gf and the fact that short guys are hot.

Anonymous 41629

anon once again, stop ignoring me and my pegable manlet bf

Anonymous 41639

>bragging about your bf on an anonymous forum
You really like him

Anonymous 41640

I love my boyfriend. All I want to do is coddle him and kiss him

Anonymous 41642

Read the thread title.

Anonymous 41660


Very much so, yes.

Anonymous 41662

I'd love to date a manlet, the first crush I had on a man was a guy shorter than me.
However, him and every other short guy I've known was pursuing much prettier women at the time. ;_;

(sorry for sadpost please carry on with the qt partner posting, it gives me a bit of hope)

Anonymous 42880


>mfw I realize this is just one of these "manifest your destiny" by believing it's real threads
well, good luck with all that sisters
i'll at least admit I'm single

Anonymous 43142

>blue eyes
>veiny arms
>very intelligent
>gives kisses on forehead
>doesn't mind when I don't shave legs becasue I'm lazy
he's a sweetheart, he makes breakfast everyday and afterwards thanks me for the breakfast because they always taste so good when he can eat them with me
I consider myself very lucky

Anonymous 43154

> Kind
> Caring
> Listens
> Handsome
> Sweet
> Great values
> Really kind eyes
> Understanding
> Empathetic
> Intelligent <3
> Sexually loyal
> Not perverted
> Good self control and discipline


Anonymous 43158


He bought a new car two years ago. He sold his shitty mustang for a hatchback. It's a really fast hatchback and he drives it a little irresponsibly, so I always figured he really wanted that car. I joked one time and said he loved that car more than me, and instead of bantering like I expected him to, he looked down and tilted his head thoughtfully. He explained that car is a compromise. I didn't really understand, but he further explained that he got the hatchback instead of the car he wanted because at the time I had a very sick dog (tripod with osteomyelitis) and it was really hard to get her in and out of the mustang for vet appointments. He got the hatchback instead of the car he really wanted because it would be easier to put her in the back seat of a hatch back than another mustang. She's been dead for a year now and I cried so hard. I felt like shit because I never thought about that. I love him so much.

Anonymous 43498

Wait really? I am from austria and never got along with german or austrian men. Couldn't say they have any of these qualities. I usually crush on americans. I guess I can see them being tall and muscular but good listeners? Eh.
I wonder why I feel that way.

Anonymous 43665


>husband makes me laugh
>mature and not super explicit
>nice, clean hair
>moisturizes face & body
>we both take aesthetic compliments & critiques well
>he makes me feel safe and at home
>can provide for both of us plus some (but i still have part time job + take care of the home)
>gives me an allowance
>responsible adult
>he brings coffee for us on busy mornings
>makes me tea
>we have two good dogs together
>responsibilities are equal, he is able to pick up slack
>he cooks extremely well
>dresses nice, and clean
>his outfits are mostly white t-shirt and jeans
>we coexist while enjoying ourselves seperately when home
>we can communicate & live without even needing to speak
>we go on nice hiking, beach, or city trips twice a year
>is careful with money
>doesn't feel like we always need to be touching
>think about have 1 or 2 kids

Anonymous 43668

How tall is he though.

Anonymous 43677


i'm not picky about height until they make me feel like a giant, so 5"5 and up
i'm bi, so the same would apply for girls! i like hugging their belly and smooshing my face into it.

Anonymous 43685

why am I jelly?

Anonymous 43701

sounds like you want a lesbian with a dick

Anonymous 43709

I'm confused because everything listed can be gender neutral activies, moid. "a lesbian" is painfully obvious wording.

Anonymous 43719

Oh uhoh. I think you were adopted anon, or a particularly well taken care of house pet. Why don't you have a joint bank account if you are his wife and take care of the house? Effectively you are saving his money because he doesn't need to spend more time at home/hire a maid.

Anonymous 43782


i wouldn't mind being a housepet 0w0 did you miss the part time job part?
and because we still make our own money - he autonomously & intentionally gives me the allowance and he doesn't touch my money. so who said i'm saving whose money? i have a life outside of him. nice bait though!

Anonymous 43820

Don't forget obligatory gym body

Anonymous 43822

guys with gym bodies are gross tho

Anonymous 43827

What about guys that just do cardio?
They also have the added benefit of fitting into playboy bunny outfits, thus making them gym-bunnies.

Anonymous 43834


Anonymous 43836

too aquatic

Anonymous 44084


>Big, cute eyes
>Sweet as all hell and listens to me. Works through any problems we have with me
>Handsome and super duper cute.. looks like an angel
>Smartie and always figures out gifts I'm gonna give him if I give him a hint
>Lets me call him a good boy
>Into the same stuff sexually as me
>Loyal boy
>Affectionate and makes me feel better about myself
>Talks to me every day and makes me super happie
>Funny and somehow thinks I'm funny even though my sense of humor is awful
>Plays games with me even though I suck at them
>Cute tummy
I'm so lucky..

Anonymous 44108

i'll take any opportunity to gush about him
>6'0, blonde
>very successful for his age
>smartest person i've ever met
>based opinions
>conventionally average, but is the sexiest guy in the world to me
>cute soft and a lil chubby
>smile makes me melt
>precious laugh
>we share the same sense of humor and way of thinking
>is literally the only person who has ever understood me
>he appreciates me not being a normie
>talks to me on discord every day
>we never run out of things to talk about
in a week im seeing him irl for the first time in over a year!
might combust from excitement

Anonymous 44116

>bodybuilder but not in a gross way
>lovely soft brown eyes
>very well read
>not a bum, career oriented and very likely to become very successful
>great relationship with my parents
>buys me small but expensive gifts occasionally
>says he'll be with me forever constantly
>GREAT sex

Anonymous 44118

What do you think a gym body is

Anonymous 44124


>My soulmate
>Loved me when I couldn't love myself
>Showed me that I can be loved
>Only person in my life that accepts me, understands me and sees something in me that other's don't
>Such a kind and honest soul, heart made of gold
>Lovable sweetheart
>So compassionate, cares for the weak, like animals or people that are less fortunate than him
>Protected his nerdier and weaker friend from bullies back in the day (He is 183cm and wrestled back in the day and he is into MMA stuff)
>Is always there for me when I'm distressed
>Makes me laugh a lot and often
>We have a super comfy and loving relationship together
>We spend our days watching anime, youtube videos and playing vidya, cuddling and loving each other and enjoying our company
>Very loyal, doesn't look at other women or porn, thinks it's cringe
>Does everything to make me happy
>He works hard, but the career he is into isn't that lucrative
>Still buys me gifts with the little he gets, even when I tell he shouldn't
>He saved me from a life of sadness and loneliness
>Now I have future and hope
>He makes me so happy
>I love him so much

I could go on and on. He is the perfect guy I desperately prayed God to find me so for many lonely nights, not really believing it would actually work.

I was listening to Joji's new album while writing this, and ''Like you do'' started playing. Very fitting.

Anonymous 44126

>Lets me call him a good boy
>Into the same stuff sexually as me
If he's sexually submissive he's a closet homosexual. Prepare for your relationship to collapse when he realises this and goes full fagslut.

Anonymous 44160

No, say it again. Say how tall he is. Say he's over 6'0. Really emphasize it by putting it first.

Anonymous 44164

Why would you post that comic to go along with that story? Do you not realize your story is the exact opposite moral of that comic?

Anonymous 44170

>if he's sexually submissive at all he must be gay!
Moid hands typed this post.

Anonymous 44175

Nah, they run more bicurious and it's the worst part about being into guys who are.

Anonymous 44222

Why are you so negative? She's happy being with him so stop. Or are you a short guy bitter that other short guys can find happiness and you can't.

Anonymous 44223

No true.
Like you think you'd be happy with some guy who is 5 leagues above you?
Life if you are also super attractive than no shit, but otherwise, no.
It is much more comfy to have somebody who is on the same level.
I would never be happy with some super attractive pretty boy.
I would never trust him and even if I did I could never relate to him and his life.

Anonymous 44224

Not true. Moids just have to be taller than me but do not have to be 6 ft I haven't ever been into 6 ft guys actually.
I just need them to be cute both facially and in his manners, caring and responsable. That's it.

Anonymous 44727

>wanted to see heartwarming stuff about their relationships
>it's just nitpicking and accusations of everyone either being men or that their bfs aren't as great as they think
Why am I not surprised.

Anonymous 44729


>tall, bearded, green eyes, big n muscular, looks like a movie star, embodiment of my type (im tall myself so height is definitely a factor for me)
>best/only friend thru high school, he lived in the house behind so we'd always sneak out n get drunk n cuddle
>lost my virginity to him
>big dick sex god
>adores me, makes me the center of his world
>similar interests, fellow gamer/weeb
>helped me realize my family was abusive and got me away from them
>protected me thru a lot of traumatic situations
>prioritizes me always
>hardworking, loves doing outside work
>cooks, makes sure i eat
>emotionally stable, knows how to calm me down
>buys me weed
>calls me beautiful and pulls me into a hug multiple times a day
>coziest softest body on earth
>kisses me every chance he gets
>can shoot a gun with insane accuracy
>big calloused hands
>does everything he can to make me happy
>overcame a drug addiction for me
>plans on marrying me, growing old with me
>promises to always take care of me
>says he loves me in his sleep
>1000% my soulmate
i never ever ever thought i would experience love like this im not worthy

Anonymous 44736

Anonymous 44773

He seems like a really nice person but physically he is the opposite of my type.

>big calloused hands


I find those things gross but thats because I like softer features I like lolita so I'm into ouji. I will probably have to move countries to find a potential soul mate because I cant find any where I live. I hate stinky hairy moids. I only allow hair on their heads.

Anonymous 44918

How does the comic not match her story?

Anonymous 44919

Ikr, beard are an instant turn-off for me. Boys are so much cuter clean-shaven.

Anonymous 45204


Anonymous 45206

This is pure enlightenment.

Anonymous 45208

why not both?

Anonymous 45231


Why do you need to have a goat carried up a mountain? I'm having a hard time thinking of a practical purpose for this other than cultish sacrifices.
Even then you can probably just walk it on a leash.

Anonymous 45244

paddleboardin goat…

you are the goat, anon
you are the goat

Anonymous 45257

Yeah, where I come from goats are generally pretty good at climbing up mountains on their own. Kinda shows this person's preoccupation with ruggedness isn't based on the real world.
Also the guys she's talking about are almost always skinny shoeless farmboys with giant ears, going to the gym is more of an urban thing.

Anonymous 45270

where I come from goats are generally pretty good at climbing up mountains on their own.
>Kinda shows this person's preoccupation with ruggedness isn't based on the real world.
I don't see a world where the girl in the tweet isn't being metaphorical. You honestly seem to be projecting.

Anonymous 45292

>he is always there to comfort me when I have autistic moments or meltdowns
>he knows me so well, seems to know exactly what mood I'm in even when I don't
>supports me through everything I do, is my rock
>almost always backs me up, but isn't afraid to tell me when I'm wrong, or being stupid
>knows the difference between being romantic and being sexual
>is the only person who knows how to make me cum
>is just so thoughtful when it comes to our relationship and living together

He's not perfect, but I wouldn't ask for anyone else. I just wish he'd propose already, it's been 4 years!

Anonymous 45296

Raccoons have ridiculously high standards so wouldn't date most of us.

Anonymous 45298

Don't forget to include all the variation of 6', 6 ft/foot/feet, cm 180/190, etc.

Anonymous 45300

Literally all you need to get a raccoon bf is to be stronger than him(not a hard thing to do) and have the will to actually make him yours.
Keyword is make.
You aren't going to ask him nicely to give himself to you, you're going to take his mind and body using whatever means necessary.
You don't ask him if you can sit next to him, you just do it.
You don't ask if you can eat lunch at his table, you just sit down across from him.
Getting a nice body (health reasons aside) is just to reduce his resistance and to be able to overpower him should you need to.

Anonymous 45316

>he loves me

Anonymous 45317


Except for the being stronger part, this worked perfectly for me. We’ll be celebrating a year in November

Anonymous 45324



Anonymous 45327

This looks staged.

Anonymous 45343

It works better when you think of it as an instructional video.

Anonymous 45347

Yeah no shit its staged lol

Anonymous 45411


>cute subby boys are closeted downlow faggots
Get gassed troon.

Anonymous 45802

This >>44126 dumbass is wrong on so many levels. You need to know someone first to know that. Unless of course said person fashion sense like literally wearing pride flag merchandise is explicitly telling of the sexuality they got or you can sometimes tell by the voice they got but not always.

Anonymous 45818


Not that anon, but the sissification element and the role reversal in my experience I've met a lot of femboys and guys who weren't 100% hetero into it. Those aren't bad things whatsoever, but to make it out as most of the dudes into it are the typical hetero guy is far from the truth.

Anonymous 45819


If he is a bit bisexual just build up you own haremn. Who is "losing" here again??

Anonymous 45841


Not too interested in anything poly though. I guess if I could ensure they were only sleeping and in love with me I might, but I don't think that's a guarantee. But very based anon.

Anonymous 46359


>very handsome and cute, could pull lots of girls if he wanted to
>green eyes and light brown hair
>taller than me
>geeks out about history and i love it
>is apart of the itty bitty titty committee (appreciates my small boobs a lot)
>not the most witty or social, but i love his awkwardness
>unexpected romantic and i love it
>unexpected weeb and secretly reads a lot of romance manga and i read everything he recommends me
>his friends tell me he wasn't the most caring or kind before he met me, but he changed into a more open, sweet, and sensitive person after we began dating
>buys me lots of gifts when i don't ask
>cute and dumb humor that's hard to explain but i adore it
>we're getting married soon and the military is providing us a house

i love him so much! i could go on and on but here's a small snippet of what i love about him. i very much appreciate this thread because reading wholesome and lovey-dovey posts about everyone's significant others brightens up my day.

Anonymous 46360


Anonymous 46407


>opening this thread while single

Anonymous 46514


> Ex military
> High paying job
> Intelligent and helps me with homework
> Motivates me to be better
> Encourages me to make better choices
> There for me when I need
> Disciplined
> Masculine
> Fit
> Not clingy

Anonymous 46520

>he looks like an angel
>he left pornography for me
>he cries with me as he says we will love each other forever
Most of the posts here look like a fanfic, so I'll write mine too:

>white bf

>light eyes
>3-day beard
>not too fat or too thin
>friendly, intelligent and loyal
>gentleman with women
>good job
>he gives me gifts without me asking for them
>only sees pornography occasionally and has no fetishes
>has a nice big dick

Anonymous 50118

>this is where i gush about his height
>this is where i woosh about his eyes, hair, covid home-gym body, left pinkie
>this is where i goon about his dirk
>manly strong but sensitive gush
>soulmates yaaas
>will go to morder and back

Anonymous 50219

>Bipolar but kind
>always gentle
>big and green eyes
>likes do tattoos
>loves my cats
>funny af
>soft and warm

The Best 3 years of my life

Anonymous 50263

awake but at what …

Can you have an abusive relationship with a thread?
This thread does nothing but hurt me but I keep coming back.

Anonymous 50323

>cute and friendly face, beautiful brown eyes
>brutally honest & intelligent
>sex is great
>a thinker
>in good shape one of those blessed beings who eat and eat and eat and won't get fat
>takes me seriously
>loves vidya as I do
>cuddles a lot

There are of course some features I don't like but let's ignore them for now.

Anonymous 50340

He's tall

Anonymous 50350

That's all he has going on for him?

Anonymous 50354

idk about you but there's this 5'2 boy i know who's literally the cutest fucking thing, i'm just not dating him.
wait, >moid

Anonymous 50355

Stop responding to moids u dumbass. Did you really respond to it just to tell it that you're attracted to manlets? Why? To boost its ego or some shit? Fucking pathetic.

Anonymous 50356


lmao imagine validating moid feelings regardless of what you're attracted to, any male with such little female contact in their life to the extent they have to resort to a female only imageboard is likely ugly as sin anyway

Anonymous 50357

Have you seen /fit/s /cbt/ threads? Those dudes aren't….

Anonymous 50358

not my type and even exercise isn't enough to save a shitty man's personality

Anonymous 50359

i was so goddamn tired I only realized halfway into the post lmao. you're right. i do kind of wish people would stop perpetuating the joke that ALL women only like tall guys though, because i'm pretty exclusively trying to find a moid that's shorter than me by as much as possible and i don't want them to give up and stop taking care of themselves. idk, i like them and want them to feel good about themselves

this is super true and 'ugly as sin' can definitely refer more to personality, too. that's consistently the problem that the guys who tell me they're into /fit/ end up having, coincidentally. they're all pathetic losers even if it turns out to be on the inside, but that's just as bad, to me, in the end.

Anonymous 50360

There are many examples here where the boyfriend isn't said to be tall

Anonymous 50363

I love her.

Anonymous 50367

>There are of course some features I don't like
Do tell, anon. Some of it might seem like nothing but be red flags

Anonymous 50375

cute patchy is cute

I empathize with the other anon's paranoia in relation to possibly jinxing it. But I'll say I love his patience and persistence, putting up with me even when I'm being annoying.

Anonymous 50388

you overdosed on cope, lmao

Anonymous 50446


>>will go to morder and back

Anonymous 50756

>This isn't a fantasy thread

it clearly is at this point lmao

Anonymous 51356

>6'5 tall god
>blue eyes blonde hair super duper aryan ubermensch
>musclular big sexy hairy daddy
>200 iq genius
>big penor amazing sex
>makes 500k a year
>sensitive but also masculine

Oh wait this isn't an ideal bf thread

Anonymous 51367


whenever i see twitter i feel sick to my stomach…

Anonymous 51439

This entire thread reeks of fantasies. Might as well be an ideal boyfriend thread at this point.

Anonymous 51477

having a bf at all is a fantasy >:(

Anonymous 51681

>Might as well be an ideal boyfriend thread at this point.
That's not a bad thread idea but the moids are lurking.

Anonymous 51968


>see this thread several months ago
>post actual description of bf
>fast forward to 2021
>“this thread is all fantasy”

Anonymous 52279

Which one's your post?
You may or may not be the most realistic.

Anonymous 55425


> big, soft and bashful but also has this firm side that comes out when he's caring, for instance he knows my joints and back are bad so if I'm overworking at my job or freelancing he'll be lovingly firm about me needing to rest more, he's really thoughtful and the right mix of assertive but also thoughtful, I really love that about him, he's like a house husband
> same sense of humour, joke that we're almost like the other but we have comfy differences too that make the relationship interesting
> turns out he might be demi like me, really passionate sex life blossomed between us unexpectedly, he is endearingly into me and it melts me
> both art grads so we have doodle dates together and he leaves cute drawings for me while I'm at work or he wants to leave fuss
> delighted that his family and me get on and always includes me, his sister and her bf invited us to come play Minecraft with them and it's been really fun
> really passionate about making comics together and the most supportive person
>is really caring towards his family, especially his sister and mum, this is refreshing when my abusive ex disrespected women, but my partner is incredibly respectful
> no social media addictions
> thinks I'm the most adorable girl in the world and genuinely means his compliments
> pretty quiet and stoic around people he doesn't know but he's like an excited puppy when he opens up about his interests
> makes me feel looked after and heard and despite the lockdown he'll find ways to do sweet things like orders me pizza when I'm sick or overworked, we sleepover call and he'll whisper sweet nothings to me until I fall asleep and then he sleeps happily
> always really appreciative of my efforts and I don't think there's been a day he hasn't expressed this, thinks he's the luckiest boyfriend
> we can be silly together and comfy but we can also sit down and have mature conversations, as a result, to this day we've never had an argument and both of us like to address things comfortably and can't stay annoyed at the other because we love eachother too much
> incredibly honest, has never kept secrets from me or vice versa, endearingly will just turn around and talk about his feelings and always wants to tell people the truth
> more mature than he realizes, I think
> has never had an ex or anything messy with any girls in the past and has worried sometimes that he might be inexperienced but he's always been so good to me as a boyfriend
> stubborn in the good way, dedicated and passionate
> used to have communication issues and that was the only issue we've ever had, once we talked about it he grew with me through it and this issue resolved, and he cares about growing together which I thought was a green flag
> kind to animals
> likes anime and games but isn't a degenerate or overly obsessed with them, more into cartoons
> really hot, gets a little more teasing when he flusters me for someone so bashful, gap moe af
> always compliments you and makes you feel noticed, takes interest in your day and very easy to chat with
> typically end up chatting for hours, little hypeman
> humble and kind
> doesn't care if we have kids or not and has never and would never pressure me
> really smart and intelligent
> doesn't care about gender binaries, will happily swap clothes and likes the same comfy fashion
> big spoons me when I need it the most
> encourages me in everything I do
> gets horny over me over the slightest thing like my scent or wanting to be close to me, lovingly feral

Anonymous 55590

>qt3.14 east asian
>good person, sweet
>calls me everyday
>extremely vanilla, gentle femdom
>not a pedo
>doesnt watch porn
>wants to marry me and have kids

Anonymous 55789

>be stressed out because of exam week
>have had probably around 10 hours of fragmented sleep over past couple of days
>allow self 1 hour nap
>think of bf to muster up motivation to get out of bed
>get up and turn lights on to get back to stoodying
>bouquet on my desk
>"I know you'll succeed in anything you set your mind to"

ty bf ;—;

Anonymous 56747

I wish I was attracted to women. Scrotes are just the worst

Anonymous 57429

>like 5'10, taller than me but I can carry him if I wanna
>long, soft hair, good for running my fingers through
>super cuddly and affectionate
>kinda submissive, fun to tease
>aligns well with my beliefs and my aims for the future
>listens when I'm sperging
>end up talking with him for hours everyday
gahhh I'm autistic as shit and very happy

Anonymous 57434

animal girl snuggl…

>a bit airheaded at times
>cool and composed
>doesn't put up with dumb shit
>protective of me
>stable job
>is my best friend
>is incredibly supportive of my hobbies
>has interesting and fun hobbies
>athletic with a nice chest
>soft in the right spots
>amazing in bed
I love her so much.

Anonymous 58634

My bf is only 5'8" :(
How can I upgrade to a 6'1" guy? I want a tall bf too.

Anonymous 58637

have you considered giving him high heels

Anonymous 58646


Height surgery time. Hope you got some cash to blow and “your bf” isn't afraid of pain

Anonymous 58647

Give him to me and find a tall bf, good luck

Anonymous 58649

Actual based answer, wish I posted it first

Anonymous 58691

That a real thing? Does this work for women too?

Anonymous 58692

Don't do it, wait for CRISPR gene therapy to become viable.

Anonymous 58728

They crack your leg bones and insert some large metal rod right into your shins. I watched an animated video on how it's done, one of the most painful videos I've ever watched.

Anonymous 58763

hope all continues to go well for you. that all sounds really nice. nice job.

Anonymous 59021

Since I finally have a qt partner, I feel like gushing.

>he big

>very strong
>beautiful green eyes
>that sly smile he gets when he looks at me
>has no filter and compulsive honesty
>doesn't care what strangers think and will make a fool of himself in public for those he loves
>extremely practical and lateral thinker
>near perfect long term memory
>terrible short term memory and unquestioningly trusts my recollection
>absolutely overflowing with soft, sappy love and affection when I need it
>confident and trusting about our relationship
>full to the brim with energy when he needs it
>otherwise very quiet and subdued
>resolves all problems with analysis
>will ask questions and consider everything before having a very reasoned and gentle argument
>hugs me tight or makes loud sarcastic pleas to the divine rather than yell at me when I mess up
>endlessly optimistic and refuses to consider anything but solutions when helping with problems
>very good with his hands and will suddenly decide to make me a chair, table, small ornate box ect.
>very good with his hands and makes my knees weak with the way he touches me when we hug or cuddle
>has no ego in the bedroom and listens to me

Anonymous 59026

I had the perfect partner but I pushed him away.

Anonymous 59027

girl i'm so happy for you
jealous too, but mostly just happy
you did it

Anonymous 59028

Crying because my twink emotionally neglects me and only uses me for sex or when he feels like it

Anonymous 59034

You're doing it all wrong, you're supposed to be using him.

Anonymous 59037

Describe him?

Anonymous 59040

this gives me hope

Anonymous 59048

old post, but this is so cute

Anonymous 59054

I picked a genetically magnificent moid. His whole family are tall, athletic, blonde/brunette and have these deep green or bright grey eyes.

Anonymous 59055

I think it's more complex than that. Some people have nice, dark blue or dark green eyes, while others have dull blue-gray or green-gray eyes.

Anonymous 59058

>picking a bf based on his eye or hair color
shiggy diggy

Anonymous 59064

Let's play a game called "Who said this, a woman in 1939 Germany or a woman today"

Anonymous 59065

Well of course not. That would be retarded.

Anonymous 59066

I don't think 'moid' would be in a German woman's vocabulary in 1939.

Anonymous 59067

Blue eyes can look very generic, imo. Some also just had thousand yard stares. I find brown eyes way hotter, I feel like there's more variation.

Anonymous 59071

Lucky you.

Not that I'm advocating it, but in the long run women would be far happier with far better looking men if at some point in history women selectively chose good looking men

Anonymous 59103


Study keynesian economics

Anonymous 59145

Let's do this:
>is only an inch or two taller than me, and I'm 5'4"
>Strong, broad-shouldered, big hands.
>Big arms that make you feel totally engulfed
>Hazel Eyes
>Has a narrow face with a sexy dracula-looking facial hair pattern. Don't know how to describe it, sorry.
>Long brown hair, wears it braided rn with shaved sides.
>He can be a little cringe, but his authenticity is unmatched. Totally uncensored.
>Always punctual, likes to schedule and plan, does my laundry and folds it all nicely for me
>Makes me feel less self-conscious and helps with my social anxiety/phobias
>Forces me to hang out and play board games/video games with his friends
>His friends become my friends
>Ridiculously big, muscled ass. Very fun to play with
>Body is always super warm, like sleeping next to a fireplace or something.
>Works at a dispensary and gives me weed products for free. Also pays for his haircuts and other favors with weed.
>Can only be dominant in bed
>Loves to tease
>Debates with me all the time and always considers my input
>Will always hold my hand or put an arm around me in public. Loves to squeeze my shoulders and press me into him if we're sitting on a booth in a restaurant.

I met him while he was on-base in my state over Tinder, and while I know that's not the best way to meet it really worked out for me. We've been together over 3 years now. He's moved back to his hometown and I'm going to join him there soon as soon as I've concluded business here, but every single day when we get home, if we're not hanging out with his friends over discord, we talk with each other for hours until we're both too tired and decide to go to sleep.

Anonymous 59152

holy you hit the jackpot. congrats, !

Anonymous 59206

This so much. 80% of moids are ugly. Women need to destigmatise dating ONLY attractive men. Moids love to stigmatise it in women by calling them "shallow" (when the men do it way more) and women need to fight back. Only have children with attractive men. Get a sperm donor/insemination from attractive men instead of settling for some hideous balding troll. And to be safe, only do it with men above 35 to make sure the don't suffer from premature baldness.

Men will coom in anyone. There's no shortage of them. Excluding 80% from the gene pool is completely doable.

Anonymous 59209


This doesn't make much sense, though. If it were true, then the same proportion of girls would also be ugly. Unless I'm getting some numbers wrong, but it doesn't make sense that, with the same parents (for example, the last generation), the children would have very different ratings in appearance. Am I going full retard here? Are you girls sure you're not just being shallow?

Anonymous 59212

I don't think it adds up. Looks are subjective and just having two attractive parents is not always a guarantee of an attractive child. An ugly moid is equally likely to produce an ugly son or an ugly daughter. What we really need to do is destigmatize men taking care of their appearance. A man who puts as much effort into his appearance as a lot of women do would likely look great, even if he didn't have the best genetic basis.

Anonymous 59213

This, in a world where everyone is attractive, the least attractive ones will just become the new ugly. I'll bet nearly everyone alive 10,000 years ago would be considered ugly by today's standards.

Also if we ruled out all but the most attractive guys, only Stacies would ever get married.

Anonymous 59219



I get owning the moids by judging them on something they can't control, but I think something similar (probably more behavior based than looks based is, but they may have a part to play) is happening anyways judging by all the angry incels and unironic talk of "muh state provided gf".

As long as you're not dating a misogynist, honestly. I know that sounds obvious but I mean look at some of our moms. As females of our species, and as with females of many species, we have the power to determine who is worthy of the next generation. I am so looking forward to none of those disgusting incels making it through.

Anonymous 59220

>Really good leftist politics
>adorable face
>adorable personality and behaviors
>I love him and he loves me
>can talk to him for hours

simple as

Anonymous 59229


Fathers contribute the male Y gene to the son. The son will inherit his male traits more from the father than the mother. What male traits he inherits from his mom comes from the mother's father. So basically in a generation of two of selective moid breeding, all the ugly genes will be bred out.

Also a single healthy, fertile man can coom multiple times a day, a woman can only get pregnant every ten months. So any such program would have to involve excluding males, not females. If you only let Stacey breed you'd never get the birth rate to replacement levels.

Sons inherit the Y gene from their fathers and their other male traits from their mother's father. Dick size and premature baldness are all male inherited, while height and attractivenews are more strongly influenced by their dad.

Ugly moids have been using their financial power (which historically comes from oppressing women and keeping them out of the workforce/business) to economically coerce women into mating with them. Now that women are much wealthier, we have the choice of voluntarily excluding ugly moids.

Men are way more shallow. Girls are on average already much better looking than boys, and we demand less from them in appearance. I think it's time to rip the scales a bit in our favour.

We can keep a few ugly moids around to make the hot men look better, but largely our ratings of attractiveness are pretty objective. Like not balding, 35% taller than us, big dick size. I think it is largely relative to our bodies. I would never feel safe or protected by a moid smaller than me.

Some kind of new social structure would have to be worked out where more than one woman can cohabit with a genetically suited moid. Centuries of ugly moids breeding has rendered 80% of them short, ugly or balding. It would be extreme, but they created this situation.

No incels is already a given. But there's still the next 70% of the male population who are ugly, balding or not tall. For centuries women had to put up with these ugly moids because patriarchal society forbade a woman from having economic self determination so women needed to marry anyone. Now that we are mostly as rich as moids we have no reason to put up with their terrible genetics. In just two generations most guys can look like pic related. And women will be all the more happier for it. Our daughters and granddaughters will thank us.

Anonymous 59232


10000% chance this is going to get screencapped and posted as proof of muh evil womyn. Top-tier bait moid-kun.

Anonymous 59233

>35% taller than us

The average height of women where I am is 161.8cm. 35% taller than that is 218.4cm lmao, imagine the back problems if every guy were that tall.

Anonymous 59235


>35% taller
You mean 35% shorter, right anon?

Anonymous 59249

Thank you for your kind words.

Anonymous 59257

Why are you always paranoid moids are watching? Who cares what they think.
Okay maybe more like 15% - 20% taller.
A small number of tiny moids can be bred for those so inclined.
I don't know all that much about biology, but I know sons inherit looks from their dads and daughters from their moms. A son who looks like his mom is very rare. I think maybe the Y chrosome expression is very important? Like it's no use of the X chrosome is tall but the Y chrosodoes not express it.

Anonymous 59261

Please read a wikipedia article or something on genes before you start saying things this dumb irl lol

Anonymous 59263

>the y chromosome only regulates what genes will be expressed. The entirety of potential is locked onto the X-chromosome,
This is as dumb as what you were replying to. The y chromosome has tons of genes on it.

Anonymous 59344


>curly brown hair
>strong but not ripped
>met him 2 years ago
>we're dating for 5 months
>finishing anthropology major
>intelligent, knows a LOT about history, theology, philosophy and politics
>introverted and kind, still confident
>meditates for long periods everyday
>also has these sudden "bursts", I love them
>likes to take professional photos with his expensive camera, writes very well, good singing, learning to play the piano and planning to take ballroom dancing lessons (lol)
>asked me to teach him how to cook
>calm, hates having arguments
It's so hard because I honestly feel like I don't deserve him, but I'll try and do my best.

Anonymous 59357

he sounds like a dream. his hobbies are top tier. hope yall last a long time ❤

Anonymous 59361



Anonymous 59362

Shut up. Your boy toy is 5'6, Tohsaka.

Anonymous 59366

That kind creates anons everyday.

Anonymous 59405

This. Unless you have some kind of manlet fetish, it's not a dream.

Anonymous 59431

Or maybe she's on the shorter side and dating a taller moid would feel strange for many reasons.

Anonymous 59672

you cant because most moids stay in their rooms and wont talk to women in public. the last remaining percent still have a host of problems or are taken.

Anonymous 61210

400 years or so of separation might be sufficient to create height differences. Idk.

Anonymous 61368

They have anglo and germanic ancestry, but that doesn't mean they are Anglos or Germans. One Great Grandmother doesn't mean they are the same nationality.

Anonymous 61834


I think i may kill myself soon

Anonymous 62171

I want to date Ben Affleck

Anonymous 62180

Is any guy listed here not white

Anonymous 62186

lol what are you trying to imply anon?

Anonymous 62202

It's probably a non-white moid.

Anonymous 62206

I don't know what is wrong with non-white moids. So many of them have huge complexes.

Anonymous 62211

Not all of them, but the autists, who use 4chan have complexes.

Anonymous 62214

>Is any guy listed here not whit
Why don't you post some? Besides isn't the English speaking internet mostly white and western?

Anonymous 62234

If you're talking about the internet moids, you're probably right. Outside of the internet, in my experience, they're more normal than white moids

Anonymous 62237

They hang out on 4chan and incel communities but they get insulted and bullied to shit by white incels in those places so ofc they become insecure

Anonymous 62245

It's some non-white moid trying to accuse us of racism. I'm not. Pale skin just looks better than dark IMO

Anonymous 62297


Is there any non-white guy outside of Asians (though I'm still suspicious of them) that is not a domestic violence perpetrator?
You cannot blame women of other ethnicities that are not white for actively avoiding moids who have the culture of treating them like shit; neither you can pull the race card or related since nobody has the right to control who gets to date who - unless, of course, you happen to be a "woman" who seethes at the sight of people choosing who to date, regardless of sex, race, nationality, and class.

Anonymous 62298

>For instance, non-White women are often more afraid of what will happen if they report abuse than they are of the violence they are enduring.
>White women. That represents a rate of 2.85 per 100,000 compared to 1.03 per 100,000.6
>In 1994, the bureau reported that 15.6 Whites, 20.3 Blacks and 18.8 Hispanics per 1,000 people were victims of domestic violence

Why do moids hate black women so much, what did they ever do to them

Anonymous 62300

not to say there aren't potential cultural and economic factors that affect things like DV rates but i think you guys are really idealizing white guys in comparison to other types of men way too much. i know a lot of abusive white men, it's not uncommon.

Anonymous 62304

Yep. I hate this classic coping method of thinking that "other groups are better than my group so I'll totally idealize people from the other group and disparage people from my own group". Men do this a lot with women, too.
Also, the article >>62297 posted only applies to the USA. We don't know where everyone in this thread is from so those stats are pretty irrelevant in this context.

Anonymous 62306

I read through the article, it's not the race of abusers, its the race of victims. And it also noted the very strong correlation to socio-economic status instead of just race. I think she has some kind of confirmation bias for white men.

Also, not sure why she specifically mentioned being suspicious of Asians…

Anonymous 62320


Marry yes, but not date. And she's also ignoring the much more significant socioeconomic drivers of it in favor of an entirely racial view of it. From the article, black women 26% more likely than white women to be abused, but three fold more likely to experience domestic abuse if they were in poor socio-economic conditions. Given that black and Hispanic men in America have historically complex poor socio-economic backgrounds, it explains most of the violence.

When non whites are less violent than whites she's "suspicious", when they are more violent she's quick to bash them, even if they're her own race. I think her like many minority women have some degree of internalised self-hatred and this leads them to idolise them and demonify her own men.

Anonymous 62321

I agree. She's trying to rationalise her own internalised self hatred. The article is saying something very different from what she thinks it is.

Anonymous 65500

my bf is too tall (and Im too short) for us to hold hands while walking somewhere. pain

Anonymous 65501


Anonymous 65502

She probably just doesn't want to feel like a child, loom at that picture.

Anonymous 65503

they're in love. I think it's nice.

Anonymous 65504

hes not Monster Tall so I cant hold his hand like Im a toddler holding onto my dad lol

Anonymous 65505

Your elbow bends for this exact reason. You may not be able to match grip with you at full rest, but you can certainly hold hands.

Anonymous 65507


hmm, maybe we'll have to try it out again

Anonymous 65511

>Qt partner
But Anon what if I prefer a different GUI toolkit
I mean I'm a KDE gal so this is more of a theoretical question

Anonymous 65515


When Linux becomes a mainstream consumer product for normies in 2022, will you continue dropping Linux memes into unrelated conversations to show off your Geek Girl Cred?

Anonymous 65518

How short are you?

Anonymous 65530

5'1 don't @ me

Anonymous 65550

Anonymous 65571

happy cry.png

>be me, awkward white femoid
>have certain coworker: short, mexican, bear build, glasses, babyface+scruffy, strong hooked nose
>goofy, lighthearted, extravert, pinup artist, car guy, listens to all sorts of music, kind of a normie
>have nothing in common, not my type, never in a million years would consider him
>spend the next 3 years dating losers
>eventually become friends with mexican bear as we spend time alone at work
>we have surprisingly good conversations, we agree on a lot of "big" topics (religion, politics etc)
>visits me regularly at work, shares his snacks, lingers to talk about whatever bullshit
>still not attracted to him, but realize maybe he's into me, try not to lead him on
>one night, out at bar with mexican bear and group
>having a super rough patch in life, drink too much, start crying at table in front of friends
>mexican bear takes me outside, lets me cry, listens, helps me sober up, gives me words of encouragement
>feel touched by his genuine kindness, realize what a gentleman he is
>still don't want to date because afraid of losing his friendship
>covid appears
>job makes everybody WFH, months pass without seeing him, though we still text
>still attempting online dating out of loneliness
>after one last miserable "date", have epiphany
>ask why in God's name am I talking to these losers and not him instead?
>invite mexican bear over to apartment for the first time, "just to shoot the shit and have some beers"
>we have great time as always, talk for 4+ hours, it's nearing midnight
>he asks politely if I want him to go
>tired, tipsy, lean my head on his burly shoulder and murmur "I'd rather you didn't"
>things happen between us, beautiful things that will never be forgotten
>be together over a year and a half
>mexican bear ends up being everything I ever wanted
>best cuddler ever, hardworking, thoughtful, adventurous, treats me delicately, mentally and financially stable, loyal, surprisingly hot
>getting married next year
>how deserve this happiness anons?

Anonymous 65582

I’ve noticed it’s always the ones who you wouldn’t consider at first. It just takes time to know them.
That’s very wholesome anon

Anonymous 65591

So cute! I'm happy for you and proud of that paisa.

Anonymous 65604

based based based

Anonymous 65755


Anonymous 65852

happy for u

Anonymous 68616

I might be struggling with comp het I want trans women and femboy so bad because I’m close enough to “masculinity” to be straight but then all I see is a woman and I’m happy

Anonymous 68621



Anonymous 68800

thats not what they were discussing

Anonymous 68815

tbh it's actually a thing. it was researched that apparently men are much more likely to pretend to be other identities in order to self-harm themselves.

Anonymous 68817

Yeah… not that anon but my bf is christian and anti-choice. 2 things i wish i could change about him. :/

Anonymous 68864


>fit, extremely skinny
>very handsome
>blue eyes and blond hair
>has never made me feel bad about myself
>gives the best hugs and cuddles
>is very romantic
>gives gifts without expecting anything back
>is always there for me
>makes me feel really beautiful
>masculine but still sensitive
>writes poetry and song lyrics
>thinks before he speaks
>intelligent, helps me with homework and my writing
>we like the same type of music
>very funny
>amazing sex, amazing cuddles afterwards
>is not addicted to social media, porn, etc.
>his hair feels like silk
>loves to plan for our future together
>we talk for hours every day
>always wears suits like pic

I love him so much ):

Anonymous 69481

what would his reaction be if he knocked you up?

Anonymous 69482

thats so cute awww

Anonymous 69483


>tall handsome and buff as hell
>studies biomed so he's smart too
>wants to marry me and take care of me
>genuinely such a sweetheart whos always there for me
>after having dated assholes for so long sometimes i forget how nice it is to actually be with someone who cares

Anonymous 69556

he left me because im a headcase :)

Anonymous 69561

Goddamn anon that's amazing

Anonymous 71889

don't worry about it most people on /fit/ are gay anyways.

Anonymous 71902


This is a cute thread. I liked reading about all everyone's partners

>cute geeky guy

>knew I wanted to be with him the first time I saw him
>helped me through some shitty times
>cuddles with me constantly
>listens to me even if I'm ranting about something for the millionth time
>we watch anime together
>we read fantasy/romance books and have long discussions about them
>we cook together
>gives me the cutest little smile when he hugs me
>holds my hand when we go for walks
>we can talk for hours about everything (like we had a long drive to family the other day and we were planning to listen to an album but we ended up talking the whole time)
>been together for almost 10 years now and it's still the same as when we first met

Anonymous 71912


>super passionate about old video games
>very kind and has trouble being mean even as a joke to people
>always makes me laugh
>treats me like i am the best thing on earth
>literally so loyal and protective
>constantly complimenting me and saying i am the sun
>asks for pictures just of my smile
>absolute cutie all around, personality and appearance wise
>very patient and understanding, never makes me feel judged while helping me be a better person
>6 month anniversary in about a month
i love her so much, i’ve never felt so stable and in love in a relationship. i really want to be with her forever and spoil her every single day. she deserves everything and more

Anonymous 72545

>somehow still perfect for spooning
>in tech but not a techbro
>actively tries to learn more about my culture and learn the language
>believes only women should be allowed to vote/hold office
>intelligent and hilarious
>able to make non-pc comments and jokes but not let them rot his brain and values
>have spent nearly all of our available time together for the past three years and lived together for the past two
>extremely loyal
>has his shit together finance/career/emotion-wise
>super obsessed with dogs and pushing for us to adopt one sometime soon
>acts like a ~man~ but is soft af
>our personalities mesh well so conflict resolution is easy
>he got the drip
>tons of body heat to warm my icicle toes at night
>always prioritizes me
>great sex

king among moids

Anonymous 72604

No doubt because it is.

Anonymous 72651

>Is autistic like me
>Listens to me talk about total bullshit and actually pays attention somehow
>Plays Stardew Valley with me
>Soft, fluffy hair, good for petting
>Weak and easy to dominate

That's it, I'm easy to please

Anonymous 73392

> left pinke
erm, what?

Anonymous 73421

>qt qt qt qt qt qt
>somehow always sweet and planning things we could do together even though he's super busy
>actually interested in my interests, always compliments my drawings and whatnot even though its not very good or anything
>his first relationship so he's so shy and timid sometimes
>still somehow knows how to make me cum without ever having had sex before ?? when most men couldn't care less whether or not i finish ??
>genuinely interesting music taste, actually love going through his music recs
>actually so funny that i can't breathe sometimes
>chill but still has his shit together
>so tall, feel so safe when i hug him
>never have to think twice about what i say or do around him because we've been friends for long enough that i can just be myself
i feel so lucky to have him …. anons idk idk cute nerdy boy with soft brown hair and warm brown eyes idk, idk idk he actually has a personality and is so silly idk anons what do when he's everything you wanted and more idk

Anonymous 73422

Holy shit nona, good for you! And yes, that sounds like everything I want and more kek you're so lucky unless he isn't real lol but who knows

Anonymous 73424

Is there any way to hide these threads? I'm tired of seeing smug Stacylites bragging about their Chad short term bfs who will dump them in 6 months.

Anonymous 73425

What are nonas doing with their qt partners on Valentine's Day?

Anonymous 73426

when you're viewing this thread in board index hit the little minus on the top left of the OP.

Anonymous 73437

My husband made me breakfast in bed and got me some perfume I wanted and wrote me a love letter (he knows I hate flowers). Then I guess he spent yesterday morning helping the kids make cute cards for me. He also stayed up late making me a cake (our Valentine's day tradition). He's making my favorite dinner tonight and if he gets the kids in bed early enough, he'll get to see the new lingerie I bought.

Anonymous 73460

based doomerette

Anonymous 73461

yes but same

Anonymous 73472

Is anyone else sad that they don’t fit their ideal partners type? My partner likes geeky computer programming girls (don’t worry, not MtFs) and I’m far from that type…

Anonymous 73475

If you don't think you're what your partner really wants, you should probably end the relationship, because 99 times out of 100 they continue keeping their options open either consciously or subconsciously until they meet that ideal girl one day and cheat or leave you for her, and even if they can't be with her they'll just idealize her in their head until it destroys your relationship.

t. was in this situation before

Anonymous 73489

Similar thing happened to me. My bf was my ideal, but I was nowhere near his. Breaking up over it is a little dramatic, but its true that both people really need to be satisfied to make a relationship work. That being said, a lot of men have a variety of types (usually different flavours of Stacy but whatever) so even if you don't fit a certain ideal your bf has, he can still find you attractive regardless.

Anonymous 73496

tanky nona
lowkey still can't believe he's real because what the hell? not a particularly special person or anything but here i am i guess. i am manifesting a qt for you too, everyone here deserves qtbf
created an intro for a song we want to make together eventually, got drunk, played ping pong, and then went to sleep together in my bed

Anonymous 73518

The longer this thread goes on the more I think many if not most of the posts in it aren't real.
I mean just think, this sites user base is pretty small and not showing any signs of growing, yet somehow it never runs out of new posters who all just happen to be dating 1 in a million, top percentile in every physical metric, smart handsome rich talented perfect men, who's only desire is to spend every moment of their lives and cent of their money making their mediocre girlfriends happy.

Starts to smell a bit BS after a while.

Anonymous 73521

They're describing perfect partners because they're in love you dumdum, stop being jealous
I personally find this whole thread super qt please go on I can't contribute with anything though sorry

Anonymous 73522

Lolll I think that anon might be half-right though. Elsewhere I've seen girls admit they make up elaborate fictions and even write about them on IB threads like this.

Me? I don't mind that. It's more the worry about all the romanticisms blinding women and girls. I buy it more if the relationship has gone on for a few years because that's when lovebombing can fade away.

Anonymous 73549

Lots of us find it hard to differentiate reality and fantasy. Pretty sure I posted in one of these threads about a crush but pretended we were dating.

Anonymous 73551

Yes I know, but I'm a petty and jealous person.

Anonymous 75567


>kinda autistic, but is social
>Tall, blond, blue eyes
>Golden retriever
>hyperfocuses on random video game lore
>Unbelievably kind
>Lots of sex

He nice. Pic unrelated.

Anonymous 75964

I'm glad I'm 100% my boyfriend's 'type' and vice versa, it makes me feel very secure. I know this for a fact because I've seen past messages of him describing his ideal partner before even meeting me and he basically described me! It's very romantic and I'm very grateful for him always. I wish I knew how to better express my love. I've been thinking of writing him letters since if I tried to say the things written in person I'd stutter and pause too much, but whenever I try my heart beats fast and I don't know where to begin.
I have no greater desire than to be with him forever. It's a very calm and happy life. He's a truly kind person and he deserves so much happiness, and I want to be the person to bring him the most happiness.

Anonymous 76601


>blond hair, blue eyes, NEET-ish pale skin
>extremely intelligent
>likes me as i am
>extremely kind
>amazing sex
>knows how to cook
>hygienic, smells good
>similar, complementary levels of autism
>similar music tastes
>plays shitty video games with me
>plans to marry
>respects his parents
>motivated, we both want to go into IT as a career
>both interested in imageboards (he's a /fit/, /g/, /lit/, /his/ poster)
>likes technology as much as i do, sat me down and played me his favorite cracktros & showed me some programs he made on his commodore 64 and gave me a box of black floppies as a gift

finding someone who is so perfect for me was a once in a lifetime opportunity. he makes me so happy. i feel like i'm gonna make it

Anonymous 76605


where the fuck are you all finding these perfect handsome, tall, literally everything bfs?

Anonymous 76608


Anonymous 76613



im >>76601.
i met my bf irl (college); we specifically started talking when i noticed he carried around an old Thinkpad laptop (T420) and i overheard him cracking 4channer jokes with one of his friends and talking about his commodore.

i eventually gathered up the courage to ask him to partner with me on an assignment, and we quickly became best friends before developing feelings for each other. all of this happened because, for once, i took off my headphones, got over my social anxiety, and talked to another human being.

now we make bait threads on /g/ together and he lovingly walks me through how to program in BASIC and makes me chai. he's also been motivating me to exercise and eat better for my own health (i've struggled with an ED in the past, and i'm v out of shape); and he's very gentle with me about it. he loves me for who i am, but he wants to grow old with me

Anonymous 76641


met my bf at college because i like using the college discord server, kind of random but it happens

Anonymous 76642

I think anons over exaggerate some features and characteristics because they are in love and found their person. I’m sure some features listed probably are exaggerations and when they say tall, maybe he is taller than her, a five foot girl. And when they say nice hair, probably to them it’s nice, but to others its a tangly mess or thinning. Everything is subjective until it comes down to conventionally attractive people where the consensus is that everyone agrees s/he is handsome or beautiful. Those are rare and they usually end up becoming models or actors, aka people normal people can’t date. The rest of us look ordinary but when that ordinary person is beloved by his girlfriend or wife, then he is elevated to perfection in every way, looks, stature, status, career, personality, values etc.
This thread is meant to view the person you’re in love with in the biggest glowing brightest light possible and to share that joy you’re feeling with others. Although often times I feel like anons get jealous or wave it away like it’s a fantasy man who isn’t real.
Men can do no wrong when your smitten with the butterflies and love struck lightning.

Anonymous 76702

on what board? how?
my program is nearly all women so I can't do that sadly.
how'd that even happen? did you initiate or what?
I honestly think I'd cope better if I told myself this thread was all fantasy like some are saying, but I don't think it is and it just makes my heart ache since I'm so incredibly lonely.

Anonymous 76703

As possible that girls just like attractive men more

Anonymous 76717

do you have any sources about that? it sounds very interesting and i'd love to know more.

Anonymous 76718

Have you ever had the thought that moids post in this thread to make women seethe and cope? Some food for thought…

Anonymous 76722

M is that you? I don’t post because I know you lurk here

Anonymous 76739


Anonymous 76740

If you're not tall or attractive, it's not your fault :(

Anonymous 76765

And men like attractive girls more. I guess this board really is full of Stacies, eh?

You're right. All these doomers are just too sad, bitter and pink/blackpilled to believe you.

Anonymous 76766


>moids post in this thread to make women seethe and cope
you really think they'd do that? it's just so low of them, there's literally no reason to do that other than being a degenerate.

Anonymous 76782

My boyfriend sometimes tells me one day I’ll be an amazing wife. Like unprompted, I know for a fact marriage is his end goal bc hes just as autistic as me. Neither of us are financially or emotionally ready for it but it makes me happy that he sees me as endgame material as I see him

Anonymous 76877


>how'd that happen? did you initiate or what?
eventually we became friends and a year or so later we drank together, i got blackout drunk and couldn't stop saying i love you. not sure how to get to that point, sometimes you look at someone and one day realize you like them, and then one day you look at them and realize you love them
i think the most important thing is probably just to meet people and get close to them, and sometimes you'll just naturally get closer to some of them over time :0 <- not particularly good at meeting people or talking to them nor have i met many people in college, so i think the odds are in your favor nona! i believe in you

Anonymous 76890

guess you could say that gun has a hare trigger

Anonymous 76896

>eventually we became friends
yeah, but how? you just messaged him after seeing him post in the discord or what?

Anonymous 76915


started off just talking in the vcs as a group (playing vidya and whatnot), then slowly became friends irl as well as we talked more :0
hehe good one

Anonymous 76920

I’m going to be so embarrassed if my bf knows I wrote about him, but here goes..
>fateful encounter, felt like a fairytale or a romcom meeting
>comfy height difference, perfect for lots of forehead kisses and nestling my head into his shoulder
>first date involved slow dancing and cuddling under perfect blue skies, a memory i will cherish forever
>didn’t pressure me for sex whatsoever
>was a virgin before me, exchanging each other’s firsts was a magical, funny experience we got to share together!
>most compassionate, empathetic man ever, cares about children, animals, and the planet, even rude strangers having a tough day. respects other human beings
>always buys the perfect gift for friends and family
>always listens carefully and is a mind reader, which aids into being the perfect gift giver
>comes from an old money family so he knows strange historical facts people would never know from his older family members (They’re literally a primary resource for historians lmao) and their stories and photo albums. also into vintage clothing and antiques because of his background
>very intelligent. gets A+’s without trying too hard
>despite that, still very disciplined in his studies and tries to learn all that he can learn in his field of study
>into fitness and eats healthy. im so happy this habit rubbed off on me. have never been fitter or healthier in my life before I met him!
>I was actually chubby when I first met him and felt self conscious about it, also didn’t look as good as him face-wise either. Was afraid he wouldn’t be attracted to me but.. somehow he is? Still baffles me to this day. At least I know he loves me for my personality and other characteristics besides shallow things like face and body!
>doesn’t care if I don’t wear makeup or if I don’t shave
>He met me at my worst and he motivates me to try my best and be the best I can be!
>enjoys exploring the city with me, going to museums, galleries, heritage sites and enjoys learning about them. Doesn’t go out to attention whore on social media and take a bajillion selfies, actually enjoys life and lives in the moment
>very handsome. Strangers stop in public to stare at him or do a double take to check him out, a couple of times people have taken a photo of us which is creepy, one lady even approached us with her photo to show off her photography skills
>deep baritone voice, speaks eloquently, large vocabulary, people have complimented him before on his voice because it’s so deep and soothing
>compliments fluster him and it’s so cute when people bombard him with them. He’s too bashful and waves them away. I love humble men!
>frustratingly hard to beat in any game involving strategy (board game or video game), very fun when I get competitive and try to sabotage him!
>fast learner and grasps things quickly
>can easily read a book a day
>enjoys history, art history, literature and the classics
>can have fun banter or long deep discussions on anything
>was a child prodigy
>gets along with my family and actually cares about them
>doesn’t smoke, drink, gamble etc
>not materialistic which makes it hard buying gifts for him lol
>could literally live in a cabin in the woods and would be content
>peaceful living with him - I don’t do all of the housework and cooking like in many hereto relationships
>defends me when people criticize me
>deeply concerned about me if I have a bad day, get hurt, got a bad grade, etc.- always there to support me in anyway possible
>shares the same values and life goals as me (IMPORTANT to make relationships work! They are the foundation!)
>likes paying for our dates and treats them as memories and experiences, even if I didn’t like that one expensive date he took me out on - doesn’t lash out if he buys me something and I don’t like it - doesn’t expect anything in return
>we have a tradition of writing long love letters whenever the mood strikes
>only has eyes for me
>doesn’t watch porn
>committed to each other for our entire lifetimes
>wants to have a loving big family one day
>silly and goofy, but only with me. His family raised him to be this polite well mannered picture perfect human so it’s nice to see his public face melt away and that he can be comfortable and silly and goofy with me! <3
>deeply in love with me and I’m deeply in love with him and together I feel like an unstoppable force, that we can do anything and everything together when were by each other’s side!
Thank you for reading this! I’m so grateful I got to meet the love of my life and I’ve never been happier! It’s nice having that special someone who can easily wash away your sorrows and instantly make you happy with their presence <3 literally my eyes light up whenever I see him after years later from our first encounter. And he perks up whenever I walk in the room like a lost puppy dog! Being in love and maintaining that love for so long feels effortless when you meet the right person who supports you and cares about you, and you will try to give them your all to make them as happy as possible, because what makes them happy, makes you happy!

Anonymous 76922

>comfy height difference
… You mean he's tall?

Anonymous 76926


>was a child prodigy
>doesn't watch porn
>strangers stop to mire him
>people literally go out of their way to take photos of him and it it boarders on creepy
>deep baritone voice
>was a virgin
>first date was cuddling
>is rich
>is tall
>same values
>randomly write long love letters to each other
>doesn't care if you don't shave
>is fit

If anyone ever wonders if people post their fantasies in this thread as a supposed bf just link them to this post. There is a 0% chance this post is true. I'll admit, I gave the benefit of the doubt for the most part to some of the others, but this post is seriously not believable at all.

Anonymous 76939

But what if it is true :( I only wanted to share my joy and happiness with others, I used to be a khhv and thought I’d be single forever but then I met my match made in heaven and have no one to gush with v.v
Yes! But I wanted to highlight why moderately tall men can be comfy to be with. Like if it was a height difference of 1 ft, I’d say uncomfy cuz you have to crane your neck. 6-7inch difference is peak comfy because forehead kisses, shoulder rests, slow dancing and cuddles… n.n

Anonymous 76960

>But what if it is true
Then you literally have 1 in a 1,000,000,000 unbelievable luck. "Unbelievable" being the key word, because I certainly don't. The most I'll believe is that you met a guy you like and are now massively exaggerating a bunch of things about him because you're delusional, but I won't discount dismiss the possibility that the entire thing is pure fiction.

Anonymous 76970



Anonymous 76977

I love my bf he is so cute and sweet and I like to cuddle him and he's so nice to me :))))

Anonymous 76980

don't act like some of the posts here aren't fantasy.

Anonymous 76981

Why can’t we be happy for the anons here in loving relationships. I don’t get the paranoia screeching that so and so is a fantasy made up qt partner

Anonymous 76984

He's really tall. Has some other qualities too? Idk
Tall dudes are everywhere, easier to find them since they stick out of the crowd lmaoo

Anonymous 77032

I love my bf so much, he cares so much for me and loves me more than anything in the world, he'll always be there for me, he cheers me up/calms me down whenever I'm feeling depressed or anxious, he gives me tons of physical affection - so many kisses, hugs, holding hands, and cuddling whenever I want
he patiently puts up with my autism and other flaws no matter how annoying I'm being, he cares about my health and wants to help me eat right and get enough exercise, he helps me out financially and likes to buy me gifts, he really appreciates when I cook/bake for him and loves whatever gift I give him, he's so funny and makes me laugh, he's very handsome and does his best to stay in shape and has good hygiene, he has such a nice voice that I love to listen to, and he's my best friend
he's very special to me and I'm very happy I have him

Anonymous 77049

>super smart
>has big dreams and fights for them
>is a gentleman
>is touchy, so he always has a hand on my back leading me places
>likes hugging and playing with my hair
>good kisser
>exists irl

>not my boyfriend

Anonymous 77058

…no hes not

Anonymous 77071

the hand on your neck thing is weird, seems weirdly dominant. also agree with the other anon, that's some shit dads do

Anonymous 77077

where are you getting this hand on neck thing? She said he puts his hand on her back, presumably meaning her waist, which isn't uncommon.

Anonymous 77079

>no one in this thread dates anyone sub 6'4
Pickme vibes

Anonymous 77093

Yes I meant the back around waist height. Im 170cm tall with heels on and he must be about 180cm, I don't see why reaching would be a problem. He's a dude not a t-rex

Anonymous 77116

What do you mean?

Anonymous 77118

I wish I could date him but I'm trying to heal from emotional dependency and he's my college classmate and we only really interacted at this party we both went to once and now he doesn't seem interested anymore which left me broken hearted. You sound like a retarded baiter with this height trolling and I just don't get why you're behaving this way

Anonymous 77139



Anonymous 77141

t. dumb poopoohead

Anonymous 77144

I am literally obsessed with my bf. Like it's one of those very intense infatuations people get except it has lasted for 5 years. I didn't even know this was possible.

Anonymous 77154

how is this possible what are your tricks to not find fault in your partner i am serious sometimes i get annoyed with my partner so much i yell at him i wanna prolong honeymoon phase as long as possible u know?

Anonymous 77155

I'm curious. Are you old money yourself, nona?
Couldn't help but notice what >>76926 anon noted
>>was a virgin
>>same values
>>randomly write long letters to each other
Which tick me off as someone who is old money herself as well.
If you're not old money, you literally won the lottery of life as these families are extremely secluded from everyone else in New England and the European countryside. Dare to say almost unbelievable, but knowing fellow miners here and their tendency to be the best they can become (e.g., that career thread), I completely believe you.

Anonymous 77184

try not to yell at him nona, play nice and coy and let him comfort you when you're upset. also do lots of fun stuff together and keep developing your interests so you can share cool stuff with each other every time, you know?
as for the rest, he's just my ideal moid, i don't know what else could help, just never settle i guess

Anonymous 77187


>I completely believe you.

Anonymous 77190

Ahem. May I direct you to this post? Some girls in here are gonna make it https://lolcow.farm/g/res/102943.html#122154
Also yes I do realize it’s in a “Chad Hunter /gold digger Thread” but this girl definitely made it and improved herself to get someone that matches her in personality and work ethic.

Anonymous 77194


Anonymous 77207


>listing someone who's telling others how to gold dig as someone who made it

Anonymous 77208

Why do men enjoy larping as women and then getting mad at the larp so much?

Anonymous 77214

Who really knows. Also I don't think >>77190 on lc is a larp, seems legit with the deep detail she goes into. Who spends that much time writing a massive thoughtful paragraph with good resources? I believe that lc anon. Good self improvement thread imo too bad the thread title is disgusting.

Anonymous 77217

Emoticons are cute, don't be a normalfag

Anonymous 77230

normalfags are the ones who speak with emoticons because they can't cope with using only words.
>muh facial expreshuns :'(((

Anonymous 77261

Back to lolcow

Anonymous 77266

Language is a disease spread solely by normies.

Anonymous 77277

I don't know what you're on. I've seen the most basic Accountant-tier normies use 0 emotes. I'm sure some also do. Either ways the range of people I've seen using them and not isn't 'normie v. nonnormie' at all.
You just have a creepy hang-up on emotes for some reason.

Anonymous 77285

before 2012: mostly internets teens
after 2012: normieville
sorry these are just faxx

Anonymous 77293

Normies use emojis to supplement their sentences and make them light and fun. Or they straight out replace words with emojis.
People who grew up in the old era of the internet use emoticons like :) or ☆〜(ゝ。∂ or T_T

Anonymous 77294

>accountant-tier normies
>tfw accouant-to-be but have been posting here and on imageboards for years
Don't judge by occupation, anon. In order to be financially stable some of us have learned to larp as a less cringe person for a few hours a day.

Anonymous 77295

No, I'm not old money myself. I would say a series of fortunate events occurred. I tell him that being with him is like winning the lottery because he is the perfect partner for me <3 I am so grateful to the universe/fate/god or whatever that brought us together. I have never been happier than I am with him!

He isn't very snobby and humble. Not materialistic at all. I think people from Old Money have this line of thinking of being frugal and not lavishly ostentatious like New Money - so they will generally keep their old furniture for decades (and sometimes centuries if its a good sturdy wood table lol) if it doesn't fall apart.
Probably a cringe comparison but his mom wanted out of the old money lifestyle. I kinda compare their family to the Gilmores from Gilmore Girls. "Cool Mom" who hates her old money parents and runs away, doesn't want that life for her kids. Kinda happened with his family. His mom had private schools, country clubs, etc, but for some reason she didn't like it and decided to move far away. Didn't even put him in a fancy boarding school or private school, but I think that's because she had a rough time and thought they were overrated (there was a heroin problem in the 80s for private schools). So you could say that my boyfriend didn't get the "elite" education, which is a shame because he is scary smart and I think the lack of nepotism and connections scar his chances compared to other candidates (his family know profs from Harvard, Oxford, etc.). I never asked what his IQ is but people call him a child prodigy and he has the cutest baby and childhood stories ever, so that's why I put that in my gushy post <3
His mom also married someone outside of old money, which is why they were really accepting of me. There wasn't much drama compared to say a mom who's ferociously protecting her son and making snide comments to the girlfriend who isn't "good enough". His grandparents on the other hand… they were slow to warm up to me lol. They have interesting quirks and it was hard adjusting to their mannerisms. They are from a time that no longer exists and no one cares to keep its traditions.
You don't have to believe me and think this is fictitious. I guess I'll be the only person here who will ever really know.

Anonymous 77296

I met my boyfriend crazily. We went to the same university campus. We were both shy autistic loner types so we bumped into each other but never initiated conversation and truly got to know each other. Then one day I saw a post on 4ch and I added the contact info, now we are living together. It's crazy! small world, huh?
So technically I met him online even though we were at the same time at the same place type situation but never connected irl.. weird, right?

Anonymous 77297

I always refer to it as a You've Got Mail type of cute-meet hehe

Anonymous 77299


this is way too cute anon, it's like you were destined to be together. i'm rooting for you

Anonymous 77301

So I thought it'd be fun to do some simple math about this post.
After counting, this list of traits about this alleged super boyfriend is 41 lines long.
The traits she lists are a mixture of somewhat believable things, pretty rare things, and incredibly rare things. It would be way too hard to actually go through each individual item and see what percentage of men actually fit that criteria, so let's just assume for simplicity that each of these traits is, on average, present in about 1/10 of men.

If all 41 of these things are true, and each one has about a 10% chance of being true, then this story has a 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of being true, give or take.

Anonymous 77309


Please stop posting about your fantasies in this thread, which is suppose to be for real life bfs.

Anonymous 77516

Thank you! You're too kind!

Anonymous 77530

>Makes me nutritionally-balanced lunches to bring to work most days. He's a way better cook than me, too.

Anonymous 77534

take it to fanfiction.net next time

Anonymous 83384

My bf is taking care of my sick father to give my mother (The caretaker) a break. This requires 24/7 supervision. Also have an old dog that poops everywhere inside the house and he doesn’t mind picking it up.
Finally get to spend time with my mother. I’m happy he got to sacrifice his only two week vacation time to do something so selfless. I think if I were to get sick with cancer or some other debilitating disease, he’d be there for me and that’s comforting after reading so much research saying men tend to abandon women at the first signs of terminal illness like that

Anonymous 83385

Oh that’s so sweet anon. I wish my bf did that for me. I usually do that for him because he’s so busy and actually works and I’m basically a NEET

Anonymous 83409

This post makes me laugh so hard I almost pee myself
How can males compete?

Anonymous 83411

I dunno why ppl seethe over blatant fanfiction like just ignore it…???

Anonymous 83417

Uhh…how long have you been dating lol.

Anonymous 83419

70 000 years and 1 second
he's a vampire

Anonymous 83429

Currently dating (almost 8 months) the guy i've been crushing on for 3-4 years. I remember the times when I would think " I want a TALL, CUTE DORK, and I want it NOW". He's everything I wanted and more

>tall cute dork that makes dumb jokes

>big brown beautiful eyes I can't stop staring
>big cute butt I can't stop pinching
>loves plants, pets and children
>loved and respected by family and friends
>interest in anime/manga that I didn't know he had until we started dating (he was kinda ashamed and doesn't have friends that are into that)
>told him about the massive crush I have on him two months into our relationship
>completely scared because i was sure he'd think I was crazy
>he doesn't care, he tells me he's happy and in love with me regardless
>none of us is into social media so we don't share cringy couple stuff
>instead I draw us together doing stuff that actually happened
>he keeps all drawings to himself

Last Wednesday he met my family, took a nap in my old bed and before falling asleep he said that he really enjoyed being there. Idk know why but that made me tear up. I want to protect his smile at all costs nonas

Anonymous 83462

Found the ~perfect~ website for finding a qt partner!


sorry I had to ;_;

Anonymous 83477


literally i don't even understand the thought process of thinking this makes women "seethe" or anything. all it does is make me ache for a boyfriend that loves and tries to understand me.

Anonymous 83479

I mean, there was literally a 4chan screenshot going around where a moid admitted to doing exactly that. Yes, they have no life but we already knew that. And whether it's seething or making you sad you don't have the perfect bf, it's all a success in their book as long as they cause a negative emotion in you. That doesnt mean everything in this thread is fake but it doesn't hurt to keep in mind that there's probably some moidposters.

Anonymous 83484

post screencap

Anonymous 83487


Anonymous 83488

it's already pretty well known that larpers are usually attracted to relationship posts/pinkpill threads.

Anonymous 83492

how could he not realize how awesome "witchdom spinsterhood" sounds, my new band name

Anonymous 83493


Not the anon you replied to, but I found this greentext and I’m 100% sure it’s the same moid who posted ITT. The ideal bf post was posted 3 months ago so it lines up with the May date of the r9k post.

Anonymous 83494

lol he's a true misandric brother

Anonymous 83495


>smug anime girls
Definitely a salty tranny who posted that.

Anonymous 83497

>get married or you’ll become a spinster witch
>omitting the fact that the majority of men leave their wife as she ages or gets sick
>omitting the fact you’re just as likely to end up ‘alone’ in old age even if you get married in your youth

The idea of women ending up with no options is so retarded too. My grandma is 85 and has a 74 year old bf lol.

Anonymous 83508

2 peas in a pod goning to die a lone

Anonymous 83513

The fact that he openly admitted women didn't even buy his shit and clocked him instantly… I highly doubt he managed to convince anyone and if he did, it was probably due to the woman being too autistic to tell. Trannies really think we clock them because they made up a moid too perfect to believe and not because he was most likely using the most moidish language known to man… "How do you do fellow misandrist females?"

Anonymous 83517

Wait which post ITT was his?

Anonymous 83520

Are you the nona hunger striking until mods allow /ss/ on the secret board?

Anonymous 83522

What’s /ss/?
Who cares, report and move on. His post has derailed the thread long enough at this point, it deserves a deletion.

Anonymous 83537

Lol who even cares if it derailed this thread anyways, it's not like it's interesting. Why do any of you even need to brag about your nigel boyfriend in a pretty misandrist forum to internet strangers to begin with? Do you not have friends to gush about your boyfriend with? If so, why do you have a boyfriend but no friends? Call me bitter idc but it seems pretty pointless. Not to mention there's like 4 active threads about boyfriends already.

Anonymous 83540

> Are you the nona hunger striking until mods allow /ss/ on the secret board?
I didn’t know there were such based Stacies among us.

Anonymous 83563

I like to read about other people's boyfriends to live vicariously through them, or to make a mental checklist on what characteristics I should look for in whomever I date.

Anonymous 83567

Nona, that's pathetic. Like emotional self harm. Just live your own life, living vicariously through others is never healthy and making a list of traits you want in your future boyfriend isn't realistic.

Anonymous 83569

But it helps me understand to avoid dating an abusive a**hole, doesn't it? That's what I fear and want to avoid. I am bad at detecting social cues and dynamics in the moment but reading up on them in threads like these helps me prepare or anticipate social behavior.

Anonymous 83571

If anything I think separating men into assholes and non-assholes only makes you more vulnerable. Any abuse victim will tell you their abuser started off as the perfect man and treated them like a goddess. There's men that make videos for women explaining men's mentality when dating and they've admitted most men will put on an act and then drop it once they feel like they've successfully "locked you" into the relationship and are now willing to put up with any shit they throw your way. What would help you more is reading up on how to identify signs of abuse, both physical and verbal.
Really, just live your own life and once you do meet a guy you can start worrying about whether he could be an asshole or not. Living through others isn't healthy.

Anonymous 83572

> There's men that make videos for women explaining men's mentality when dating and they've admitted most men will put on an act and then drop it once they feel like they've successfully "locked you" into the relationship and are now willing to put up with any shit they throw your way.

Jesus why are men such subhumans. The juice ain’t worth the squeeze when it comes to dating scrotes.

Anonymous 83576

>making a list of traits you want in your future boyfriend isn't realistic
isn't this called preferences?

Anonymous 83581

Not really. Preferences just means you're entitled to discriminate against anyone you're not attracted to and prefer some traits over others. Having a mental list of requirements that a guy must meet in order to date you is too specific. If you say "I wouldn't date a fat guy, I'd rather have a blonde boyfriend and I want him to be funny" that's okay. Those are broad definitions that can be met. But if you're picking highly specific random things girls on this thread say their boyfriends do for them as requirements to date you, it's unlikely you're gonna find someone exactly like that. You can't just build your perfect bf in your head and then expect to meet him irl, you're gonna be pretty disappointed.

Anonymous 83584

>arranged the first date at an aquarium because I said I like octopi
>he let me sperg about the fishes and said he liked listening to me and learning new things
>had prepared a picnic blanket, snacks and gave me a box of my favourite chocolates, which I had told him about just once
>asked me if he can give me a hug at the end of the date
>later when we made it official, he sweetly caresses my hair and face and cried secretly when he thought I was sleeping
>other time he cried was when I was going to leave for home, I was hugging him on a bed, my face against his cheek and noticed my forehead was so wet, i asked "why am I sweating so much?" and he said "It's probably my fault" and then I noticed he had silently cried. I thought it was cute
>little chubby and warm, loves to carry me and lets me rest on him
>makes me really good pizzas
>is kind of sporty and includes me in his hobbies which I feel happy about because by myself I would be too lazy and passive
>very patient and non-demanding with intimacy, doesn't force me to perform certain sexual acts (I know it should be obvious, but my ex whined I need to do something because he is jealous all the other guys get their gfs to do it as well) and has always a positive and supporting attitude
>repulsed by anything violent, acts protective and gentle towards me
>emotionally stable and predictable which makes me feel safe


Anonymous 83592


>You can't just build your perfect bf in your head and then expect to meet him irl
Yes we can.

Anonymous 83605

/ss/ = straight shota

Anonymous 83632

Every Stacy deserves her Chad

Anonymous 83633

they could at least make it believable, seriously, there is no way anyone with half a brain would believe the post was real.

Anonymous 83683


>dooming women to a happier child free life
Uh, thanks?

Anonymous 83685

Lmao he's doing them a favor without even realizing it. Besides men always love to project and think that a woman ending up alone is the worst thing in the world for her, meanwhile it's only because they're afraid of ending up alone because they can't form any other emotional connections in their life kek. I've seen plenty of older, single women who prefer to be that way and are thriving meanwhile I rarely see older, single men who are actually happy about it.

Anonymous 83693

Incels really love to huff their own farts and pretend women are anywhere near as miserable as them. Meanwhile men sui 3x more than women and its highest among moids over 35.

Anonymous 83709


>they post this shit
>we don't fall for it because we're not idiots
>but the lurking moids believe it and get even more disillusioned
sounds good to me

Anonymous 84141

>Brown eyes
>Very pale
>Not fat
>likes history and lifting
>intelligent often helps me with things
>spoils me
>plans to marry me and have kids
>known eachother since we were 10
>i'm his first crush and girlfriend
>he's my first boyfriend

I'm literally winning anons

Anonymous 92393


>met online c:
>super duper smart yet is willing to help me understand things and loves to learn new things with me
>based fashion sense and he loves and supports my fashion sense and we look for fashion ideas together and he is always willing to give me GREAT fashion advice
>PERFECT HEIGHT!!! He is taller than me but I can kiss him so comfortably and we get to share each others sweaters!!
>intelligent and creative, he is a great writer and artist, and I love learning more about his worlds and characters
>we both infodump our hobbies to each other (i talk more than him tho XD) and I always love hearing him tell me about his interests (military, vg, anime, music, art, history etc)
>he has been there to listen to me and gives me so much comfort and love while being a complete goofster
>he believes in me and pushes me to be better
>he loves the things i create and he always pushes me to make more art since i tend to neglect it
>we both have gud taste in music, and we just BLAST good tunes any time anywhere!!
>i can spend the whole day talking to him or just being quiet, I just love being around him and he feels the same about me <3
>emotionally intelligent and thoughtful despite this being both of our first relationship
>he is super cuddly and physical and we want to rail each other and make babies like NOW
>he makes the silliest and smuggest expressions with his face and they make me giggle
>he can use his smarts to drive me into a corner and tease me while he is being all smug and haughty hehe
>he calls me really sweet pet names
>he is hairy which I love hehe whenever I see him I just wanna rub myself all over him and breathe him in
>he has such pretty eyes, and they just LIGHT up whenever he smiles
>he has the most cutest and sweetest smile and he has 2 dimples that can still be seen under his beard its so cute! UGh!!!
>very cute man butt :3
>he has strong morals and values that line up with mine and pushes the both of us to strive towards our goals and beliefs
>OH AND HE FINDS ME SUPER HOT and he gushes over me alot hehehehehheehehehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
>he smells like coffee and has a earthy paper smell to him, he smells like a super warm hug
>does cute dances with me while he grabs my hips from behind and smooches me while im cooking hehe
>he has a great job that he enjoys, and he wants to make sure I am supported as well, whether or not i choose to pursue a career or not
>we are both autistic as hell and quirked up and we luv each other for this
i can say SO much more! he has and still is helping me through college, he is so thoughtful, and he makes me feel so safe and secure, we always work through our problems and give each other space. I am so grateful to have him in my life, i never thought I would be in such a healthy and loving relationship like this also another thing i adore about him is we both make the grossest, foulest, potty humor esque jokes and die laughing this is the foundation of our relationship

Anonymous 92434


i want to gush about him bc im seeing him again next week:
>had been online friends for a few years
>we live in the same city but he goes to college in a different state
>things between us naturally became romantic
>we met up during thanksgiving break when he's back in our city
>he spoils me a lot, holds my things for me the entire time without me asking
>we both love animals, cats in particular. we hang out at places where lots of cats group up in our city
>whenever he's out of state we play online games together and sleep on call, tell each other good morning on the phone
>whenever we hang out in person, he's super affectionate to me. im shyer about it but i still reciprocate

i miss him so much i cant wait to see him again

Anonymous 92964

you can't fool me, that's a golden retriever

Anonymous 92976

that is so sweet c: me and my bf just stay on call the whole day and even sleep on call too XD i will be seeing my bf again soon aswell I AM PUMPED!! I hope you have a wonderful time with your bf and that you guys spend every moment together!

Anonymous 96072


he is still very cute and life is good ;-; kind of want to cry i can't believe it's been over a year, happy belated valentine's day nonas i hope your year has been comfy so far

Anonymous 96075

After having my heart broken by a shitty moid this thread gives me faith in the future. I hope I'll find my qt too one day.

Anonymous 97249

>After having my heart broken by a shitty moid
what did he do?

Anonymous 97605

its because youre only hearing the good side, they have plenty of bad things avout them that their gfs are just blind to

Anonymous 97606

ive read this story many times and it is always so cute. Please still be here and please have an update!!!

Anonymous 97607


This, it reads like some incel idea of what women want

Anonymous 97655

Well I’m in a cc server & this girl is in it and has a tall blond lumberjack boyfriend with gorgeous glossy hair so it is real, she posts themselves frequently and voice verified and sends videos of them authenticating they’re real people and not an Instagram couple.
We have Stacies with Chads amidst us

Anonymous 97747


my bf is so wholesome and awesome and hot. i don't know what he sees in me but yayy

Anonymous 97866


my sides

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