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/goodfeels/ Anonymous 51045

post about something positive that happened to you, even if it’s small

Anonymous 51050


Finding this thread :3

I'm cleaning up my room since like the past few days. Feels good to have more space.

Anonymous 51051

Even though I have had very low social interaction due to covid all this year I been able to keep myself sane by complimenting cuteboy moids on the internet and havingg them compliment them back, I dont believe in long distance relationships tbh but it feels good to be called cute by actual cute boys. I'm so grateful. And I have learned a lot how to not be afraid when initiating conversations and cat calling this year.

Anonymous 51060


got promoted at work recently & got my permit not too long ago. I still feel like I'm going much slower for someone my age, but any progress is good I suppose

Anonymous 51063

Wow, good job! Even if you're going slower than others, I'm glad you're still pushing forward. I hope you keep it up.

Anonymous 51094

It’s not the getting there that matters anon, it’s the destination. At the end of the day, you have still gotten the same promotion as everyone else. They often aren’t based on competency anyway, but who people are buddy with or want to pass onto another department. They can also poorly assess as who would be good at the promotion job and promote who is good at their current job instead (look up The Peter Principle). Basically, not getting a promotion (or getting one later) is not always your fault.

Anonymous 51097


for the first time in forever i finally have a valentine on valentines day!

Anonymous 51098

Can you describe ur bf anon?

Anonymous 51135

yea sure what do you want to know specifically because otherwise i can write an entire novel about him

Anonymous 51137

adorable…ntyart but what are his best qualities?

Anonymous 51138

We all progress at our own speed all is fine just try to love yourself and those around you.

Anonymous 51142

what does it feel like to be loved

Anonymous 51182

I’ve had a great shit today

Anonymous 51218


he's met the standards i've always envisioned in my head, some of which are pretty extreme but tbf i'm an extremist in these things.
>no consumption of porn because of sex trafficking, development of perverse sexuality and inability to pair bond
>safeguarded his virginity for his special someone
>gender critical
>wants to have one life partner
>massive prude
>disagrees with sex work and onlyfans
and he's also met all my ideals! i've always wanted a quiet shy sensitive introverted intellectual romantic hermit type guy, and i somehow stumbled into him!
i love how he makes me laugh so easily and how i'm always smiling all the time because of him. i love how shy and sensitive he is. he struggles with his awkwardness too so we relate over that. we both find shy awkward people very cute so we're always complimenting on each other's cuteness constantly. we both want to live in a hermit bubble together away from everyone. and he's also very romantic and isn't afraid to share his emotional side with me. he's also so kind and caring and selfless. his emotional awareness is so beautiful, like how he's aware his actions and words can affect others around him so he always wants to create a welcoming inoffensive atmosphere. he's very idealistic and dreamy too, and it's so charming to me! he has such a cute imagination. and he's got such a unique world view and his perspectives and insights always astound me. he's just so deep as a person and i really love that! and i also really like how kind considerate and thoughtful he is. he tells me the gifts he gives to his loved ones and they're always so meaningful and catered to their personalities and interests, so he's always so observant and attentive of other people. and he always speaks so highly of others so he isn't a negative person. and i love how handsome he is! i can't stare for too long or else i start blushing. he has this classic old fashioned look to him and takes care of his appearance. his personal style is very attractive to me (he kinda dresses like a gentleman or academic). and he's very private, a non show-off and very humble, even when he can brag about a lot of things. except he chooses not to. i love how he doesn't like social media and is aware of how it can deteriorate your mental health too. he's just so perfect for me! we fit each other perfectly on all levels. i feel like he's my soulmate.
it's a very warm fuzzy floaty feeling. it feels like i'm walking on a cloud all the time. and i love how special he makes me feel which is very hard because i have very low self worth. whenever i think of him, i'm always smiling so goofily. my thoughts always turn to him in everything that i see or hear, so i'm constantly happy. he also always has me on his mind. i joked and told him 'your head is my home now, and i'd like to stay there forever because it's so cozy and warm' lol. the very idea of him and his essence encases me in this warm joyous bright light like a soft blanket, and i feel like he's always there with me, watching over me with his love.

Anonymous 51228

Thank you for your service.

Anonymous 51231


Holy shit, that's awesome, congratulations! This post gives me hope that I will find someone as special to me as your's is to you. Thanks for the read, fren.

Anonymous 52018


I love my boyfriend so much. I love how much he tells me he loves me. I love how much he tells me how beautiful he thinks I am. I love his big beautiful blue eyes, his precious smile, and every single inch of him. I love you so so much, A.

Anonymous 52019

Getting Popeyes today. I want to try out their beignets. Thinking about it makes me drool. I’ve been eating clean for two months So this is my treat to myself!

Anonymous 52133

I sent my mom an email I'd been putting off for a while. :)

Anonymous 52134

Yesterday, for the first time in 10 years, I didn't want to die.

Anonymous 52136


I've been forcing myself to interact with people more and slowly losing a lot of the anxiety I used to have around it. Coworkers have noticed and recently complimented me on the confidence I've gained. Feels nice.

Anonymous 52153


yessss so happy for you anon!

Anonymous 52155

Got on the scale today and for the first time in 6 years I'm not considered overweight BMI-wise anymore. Still got 20 lbs before I reach my goal but it's really nice to be so close.

Anonymous 52156

Happy for you anon! Keep up the hard work!

Anonymous 52162

I was frustrated due to an issue at work but I used that energy to perform better while working out. Now I feel a lot better and the issue doesn't seem like that much of a big deal now.

Anonymous 52315


I had strawberry boba in my bubble tea for the first time today. Absolutely delicious and I can't wait for the warm weather to really enjoy it!!!!!

Anonymous 52344

I'm having a comfy day working from home with a hot water bottle and a latte macchiato with homemade caramel. (If you've never made caramel, do it. It's so easy and quick)

Anonymous 54283

It's been 6 months since I logged into fb and 2/3 of my depression has been cured from it.

Anonymous 54313


my best friend is so special. i wish them peace. when i die, if there's anything after this life, i hope i can meet them again and stay with them through everything <3

Anonymous 54380

Played tennis today and feeling fit (even though I’m far from it).

Anonymous 54385

kamen rider saber is getting incrementally better so I had a good time watching the newest episode.

Anonymous 54438

I got a good grade in my first university assignment! It was pretty easy but makes me happy, since I just joined.
Oh is it? That's cool! I'm pretty behind in it, but I've been meaning to catch up.
ot but never thought i'd find another toku fan here

Anonymous 54439

Well done anon.

Anonymous 54496

Ive been running pretty much every day :) also my studies are going so well i feel like im in a good place in life

Anonymous 54499

I posted in the new vent thread that I became a drop out for the second time, but I almost immediately got a really good job offer for a remote position. :)

Anonymous 54501

love that for you anon!!! awesome

Anonymous 54506

Yeah, it's still not a GREAT season but it's on an upwards incline.

Anonymous 54527


I answered a conference call after being informed of it 5 minutes before it happened and didn't get nervous, scared, sweaty, or feel that intense creeping anxiety that would always make me gag. It was just another daily interaction this time instead of a big thing. Gradually putting myself out there, even if it took years, really helped me come a long way!!!!!!! I'll always be an introverted person but I like that I'm getting better social skills for when I need to use them and I'm so happy with myself :DDDD We're all gonna make it miners!!!!!!

Anonymous 54528


Anonymous 54706

I'm really proud where I've come with my BPD. It's always going to be something I'm working on, but it's so much easier to deal with than it used to be. I still get triggered, still have bad days, but they're never as extreme or awful as they used to be, and I'm still able to be productive to a decent degree even when I feel like dogshit. Best of all, I am not worrying others or affecting them with my behaviors. I'm happy right now with life even though it's not remarkable or great and truly, I'm just mediocre, but I used to only feel pain and misery in my mediocrity rather than happiness within it. I still wish I could be somebody and have purpose, but I know as long as I stay productive, something of my identity is being carved in that, so I have to keep trudging on.

Anonymous 54725

sat by myself @ lunch for 2 days and thoroughly enjoyed myself !! it doesnt sound like much but ever since i began school (as a kiddo) sitting by myself always made me think everyone was makin fun of me for being a friendless loser, but this week i didnt care. and it was lovely

Anonymous 54872


I caught an artist I adore taking requests and got a wonderful drawing of my waifu. I have an astronomically large hoard of waifu pictures, but looking at one I know was drawn just for me fills my heart with a special kind of joy, and as if that weren't enough, she randomly added she'd draw me another one soon?? That is so sweet of her holy shit, she could easily be using that time to rake in cash from commissions instead, her artwork is top tier.

Happy for you anon, it's a nice feeling to be able to enjoy your own company.

Anonymous 55154



Anonymous 55155

I finished my midterm exam marathon and got to sleep for a full eight hours last night. I played a bit of Stardew Valley and now I'm ready to work on my reports for surgery class.

Anonymous 55614

I got into all 4 med schools I applied to :o)

Anonymous 55623


I just had a really good workout. I'm still a beginner, but I'm getting stronger by the week and it feels amazing.

Finishing exams is such a good feeling. I hope you have a good rest of the semester anon.

Woah, congrats! Medical schools seem really competitive to get into so you must have worked really hard. Have you chosen which one you'll go to?

Anonymous 55859

this image is very soothing

Anonymous 55913

Cleaned my room and took a shower. Not much but I’m getting there. Gonna study next.

Anonymous 55927

Seeing all the pink blossom petals in the wind, and gathering in rain puddles like pink blankets, it's so unbelievably pretty right now.
yas, i love sitting cleansed and in a clean room, and you will feel so good to get the studying out the way

Anonymous 55928

I went on a foggy walk today. It was like walking in a misty dreamland. That, and the smell of blooming tree flowers in the air.

Anonymous 56025


My best friend whom I hadn't talked to in months called me to tell me she saw something that reminded her of me. We talked for hours about everything and nothing. She told me she loves me. I love her so much. She brings me back down to earth whenever I'm all caught up in my worries. I'm so lucky to have someone like her in my life.

Anonymous 60788

The weather is nice today. There's a cool breeze even though it's the middle of summer.

Anonymous 60790

happy excite.gif

My partner surprised me during our date last night with matching bracelets she made for us. She's such a sweetheart and I love her dearly. I wanna surprise her and make something nice for her too now, but I haven't decided on what yet. I'm thinking a hair pin.

Anonymous 60791

that's cool. how are you going to make a hair pin? like, out of metal, or resin?

Anonymous 60792

Was thinking about resin. Could get something 3d printed out of metal but that would be a big hassle.

Anonymous 61845

I’ve returned to the old hobbies ive abandoned and feel productive in what I create

Anonymous 61917

I’m sitting here enjoying my cup of tea and pancakes, watching outside this big window as the rain pours down everywhere. Very very loudly too. It’s a grey cloudy rainy day. One of my favourites. It’s good to be alive.

Anonymous 62167

I got a new book about bees and how humans have worked with them throughout history, how they contribute, their importance. I was shaking as I took it out, can't wait to read it under my blankets

I always get so excited when the sky gets dark and I now it's about to pour down. So nice after all this heat we've had too. I hope the pancakes were good and also eat them with blueberries or creamed honey, it's the best

Anonymous 62193


I went to the mall today and saw a girl with a bunny in a backpack. It was so cute and totally made my day!

Anonymous 63138


For the first time since elementary school almost two decades ago I've felt accepted and reciprocated in my friend circle. I'm not constantly called just because someone wants something from me or are people pretending they don't see my messages if I'm asking for help or get outright told 'not my problem'/'don't care' if I'm having a breakdown and trying to reach help. Now, these new people even go out of their way to ask me if they can help me even if I'm not asking, and they've been supportive of me being mentally ill. This has been going on for a year, and I'm no longer afraid of them hurting me as badly as people have before. Yeah, there's bound to be more disagreements and misunderstandings but this time I'm not stressing out about that it'll tear me to pieces or make me question myself. I have no idea how the fuck am I ever going to adequately express in words how much trauma they have helped heal. And for finally, finally making me feel good enough even if I'm a weirdo with weird baggage.

Anonymous 63195

i've seen cats in them but bunnies would be next level cute.
i'd never own a rabbit though. rabbitsat before and the fuckers chew every cord in sight. little bastard can destroy $200 equipment in less than 1 second of your attention slipping. cute, but evil.

Anonymous 63235

cute nep poster :)

Anonymous 63242


I ironed my clothes, tidied the bedroom and office, and sent off a job application.
Tomorrow is another day.
Baby steps s, it gets easier.

Anonymous 63246

This inspired me. Thanks, nona.

Anonymous 63255

I bought two coffee plants and planted them today. I'm somewhat happy about coffee too. I will probably be able to harvest them still this year. :D

Anonymous 63477

I've been meaning to do another online jigsaw puzzle but I couldn't find an image I wanted to solve. I'll use your op since we've (a group of people I do these with online) have already solved multiple touhou images. is that good?

Anonymous 63478

Bowling update from last thread, I went yesterday. I got 113 in one of my games which I was happy with. But my hip is really sore today. And I couldn't help but be self conscious because I sucked most of the time.

Anonymous 63515

I meant this for the /vent/ thread, maybe this means I should be more positive and just be happy and proud I went outside and did something sort of social.

Anonymous 63516

That is great, I saw your previous post about going bowling and I'm happy that it is working.

Anonymous 64594

I felt really pretty this morning and also saw a cute booty. Overall a successful trip to the supermarket.

Anonymous 64610

I love my bf and I'm going to him soon again.

Anonymous 64613


My roses have started flowering, the bougainvilleas too

Anonymous 64621


>when I wasn't looking my networth somehow climbed to 32K$
I haven't even really made any big money from investments, I don't know how this happened.

Granted that doesn't include the looming student debt, but one small victory at a time.

Anonymous 64740

I bought some soy candles from a local small business. My room smells like cinnamon rolls now. I think things are going to turn out ok after all.

Anonymous 64758


Today I was feeling blah, so I took a picnic blanket, book, and lemon seltzer out to the big field near my house and just read in the sun for like 2 hours. It was so nice. I felt grateful to be alive.

Anonymous 64759



yum. i have been burning marshmallow candle since it's gotten chillier at night this week. so comfy.

Anonymous 64771

That sounds amazing.

Anonymous 64933


I was gifted earphones by my brother and an amethyst chunk from my daddy because he is in a spiritual phase and apparently amethysts "align out energies" (not mocking him, it's cute). Also I cleaned up some nasty sutff that was rotting in my room and have bought a nice shampoo to shower at the gym (to save some bucks lol)

Anonymous 64935

I became a godmother. Also, my dad fixed my car's AC.

Was it your birthday? Happy birthday if so.

Anonymous 64952


I got my sister's girlfriend a red velvet cake and some cheap wine for her birthday, hope she likes it.

Happy birthday if it was your birthday!

Congrats anon!

Anonymous 64953

so cute, big love to your dad

Anonymous 64954

I'm not entirely sure she meant her father, I thought it was her bf?

Anonymous 64962

(Amethyst poster here)
Sorry, I meant 'daddy' as in an affective way to say father. I'm not a native english speaker so I didn't know if there was a better word for it.
And thank you to the nonas that wished me a happy birthday, it was not my birthday but thank you anyway ^v^. It's just a coincidence that my brother didn't want his earphones anymore and my dad drove through a nearby city that mines amethysts so he got one for each family member. :)

Anonymous 64967

I keep proving to myself that i'm not actually dumb and i'm kind of intelligent and I bought a really nice hoodie. ^^

Anonymous 64968

update, and not a pleasant one :(

my sister is a dumb doormat that can't decide anything, when her girlfriend repeatedly asked her what she wanted to do or order for dinner she kept telling her to pick whatever she wanted, sister's girlfriend got annoyed after almost an hour of her indecisiveness and left the house to go have birthday mcdonald's by herself

cake: uneaten
wine: undrunk


Anonymous 64988

that's freaking awesome! I have social anxiety and other issues, but i always do my best to improve my situation. I never seek it out, but being told good job or that you look more confident/better lights my heart up! Savor those words, and use them to only get stronger!!!

Anonymous 65269

I finished all of my homework and I ate a good din din :)

Anonymous 65283


My brother got promoted at his work and he asked me our for a siblings date. We went to a creek to swim, and then we went out to eat, and afterwards he got me a watch from Tiffany's. I want to do something nice to him in return, but I do not sure what. I was thinking of cooking him his favorite meal and prepare his favorite drink, but I am thinking I should do something more.

Anonymous 65286

Make him his meal and drink and watch some favorite childhood movie you both like? Just check with him to make sure he still likes the film.

Anonymous 65288

You gonna eat that cake

Anonymous 95135

talked with a guy for a bit and it was honestly such a great conversation. everything about it was perfect. the way he reacted to what i said, even if it was stupid, made it seem like he actually cared about what i had to say. anyways i decided to ask for his number and he said yes!

Anonymous 95300

I have a 88% win rate on wordle nd I've been doing really well I hope I can bump it up to 89% soon. I look forward to doing it every morning and the serotonin I get from getting it right is addictive.

Anonymous 95342

Dopamine, not seratonin. You sound silly referring to things you don't understand.

Anonymous 95351

Yeah, that's what I meant. Thanks.

Anonymous 95482

I've been feeling pretty down this week. The only thing I've been 100% consistent about is diet and exercise. Even then I've been feeling like I'm not really doing much and wasting my time.

Yesterday I took a good look in the mirror, and I look good. Definitely more definition than last year. I'm happy my work is paying off.

Anonymous 95527


I did it!

Anonymous 96228

I had passed my exam with a 95%!

Anonymous 96229


Anonymous 96234


I'm feeling more comfortable without makeup these days. I can finally appreciate my natural beauty after years of being self conscious.

Anonymous 96237

Im happy for you for finding your confidence.

Anonymous 96249

this is super impressive, good job anon!!!!!
two little kids were SO nice to me today. they are my teachers kids, one ~3? maybe 2, other maybe 7-ish, and they greet me with such childishness- but in the good way. i love kids. they kept trying to give me food lol. positive attention from children are always so sincere and pure, it always makes me feel so good. i hope i see them again ^_^

Anonymous 96254

So fucking glad that the word retard is making its rounds again in gen z. I was so sick of that 'it's ableist language' bs. Shut the fuck up it's funny

Anonymous 96255

We need to go back to calling dumb faggot shit "gay" as an insult too. I hate that these words entered a stage where they're "too mean".

Anonymous 96533

I paid off all my debts and also gave up smoking weed. I knew I’d get the debts paid someday but I genuinely didn’t think I’d be able to kick weed but yay here I am

Anonymous 96544

do you agree that weed is addictive?

Anonymous 96547

also congrats on both, must've been tough. i'm addicted to video games and don't know when i'll stop it. i got a new job recently but i don't know if i can handle it. i have no social skills and i dont understand what people are saying most of the time.

Anonymous 96561

It sounds so cliche, but I feel like I struck gold with my boyfriend. He's so caring, affectionate, and clingy (in a good way). I feel so loved. So different from my past relationships.

Anonymous 96566

saw a cute boy with some birkenstocks today.

also no longer bloatlife from period, this is a cause for celebration

Anonymous 96647

I think psychologically, I didn't get withdrawals or physical symptoms when I quit. If you're looking for a comfort thing it's easy to get that from weed, cringe but it also enabled my maladaptive daydreaming

thank you, I believe in you nona. sometimes we surprise ourselves. Even if you have a few awkward interactions you coworkers will understand that its cause you're new

Anonymous 96772

Last night my husband told me he's been wanting to dress up like a woman. I'm super excited because I've loved men in lingerie and cross dressing both ways since I was a kid. I also know he's not an egg or into gay stuff because he's had plenty of opportunity to go that far but never has. He also doesn't like butt stuff lol. I'm so happy we've found something we're both excited about in the bedroom!

Anonymous 96790

inb4 troon out

Anonymous 96799

Nona, dip while you still can.

Anonymous 96807


You should get him something. They make sexy underware for men.

Anonymous 96811


So happy!

Anonymous 96823

65 thats impressive

Anonymous 96846

today's my birthday and it went pretty good today. my hairdresser came ovee to retouch my roots and she styled my hair in some very soft loose curls. then i finally got my 1st car and its beautiful. i'm very excited to take her out on a ride.

Anonymous 96861

Happy birthday

Anonymous 96928


Actually hung out with people for the first time in awhile. feelsgoodman.jpg

Anonymous 96978

Happy birthday and congrats on the car!

Anonymous 96979


Anonymous 96980

My bf's hands and forearms are so sexy im gonna burn down my house

Anonymous 96990

I stopped shaving my armpits. Ive been very self conscious about it in the past, but now Ive slowly stopped caring what other people think. I even went to the gym and worked out in a tank top. Turns out I dont grow much hair there and they're very fine.
My boyfriend loves it and smelling my pits.
Some men where already giving me dirty looks for outlifting them, and it's all the more motivating. Weak ass men.

It's been a work in progress slowly accepting my appearance and body. I feel like Ive really grown into my looks as I gotten older. Im going to be hot at 40.

Anonymous 96992


Not exactly lucky. Will probably not happen again for several months, if at all.

Anonymous 96997


i got my first bf and first real friend. i never felt that anyone cared for me as much as he does, and i cry or just tear up every time I think what did i do to deserve this much love.
yesterday he bought me a rei plushie, and a cat with a shark costume plushie and a little bunny lamp and a little cat figure for an inside joke we have. and he presented every one of them in a special way. like for the mini figure he put it in my pocket when i took off my coat, and told me I should check my pocket after i left. when he showed me the other gifts before that i was tearing up lol.
he always checks up on me and talks with me and wants to have fun with me. even though i suck at shooter video games, he still plays with me almost daily
he has short temper, but we've been dating for almost 5 months and he never got angry with me and never even argued with me if i make mistakes or say something stupid. I never felt judged by him or lesser than him despite him being much smarter than me. he always encourages and he's the kindest person I know. and really, his kindness is what stood out to me about my bf and i love him so much and im glad and never thought that someone like him could exist.

Anonymous 97133

I ate a matcha donut I got from work. It was actually more like a moist poundcake in the shape of a donut and it was delicious.

Anonymous 97139


Anonymous 97144


it will

Anonymous 97147

Virgins' Empire - …

Anonymous 97151


I have friends who like to spend time with me. We even got to travel together, something I never would have seen as possible just a year ago. Shit, two or three years ago I thought I hated having friends and hated leaving my house.

I'm also talking to a woman I think is really cute and perfect (to me). It may go nowhere, especially since she lives a bit far away, but for now having a crush to talk with is nice. Hopefully within the next year I can move out and even meet her in person.

Anonymous 97200

I had steak for breakfast! I don't eat meat a lot so it was a treat.

Anonymous 97232

that sounds awesome omg

Anonymous 97376

This week I bought contacts. I also bought foundation for the first time in a year. I'm excited to get all glammed up and have a day out with my husband. I hope the weather is nice. Looking good makes me feel so good, I can't wait!

Anonymous 97463

I love sleeping full 8 hours and waking up well rested. I also feel peak healthy despite not being that young anymore.

Anonymous 97590


Ily and I love that you are so happy nona.
Although I wanna be positive here men wanting to dress in women's clothes is usually a red flag, does he watch porn?! I feel like a man doesn't have impulses like that without porn…hope things work out though.

I love my bf, I like how silly he can be. We were driving back to his house because he wanted to go grocery shopping with me, and I had bought a hibiscus la croix and asked if he could get me it from the bag, and he kept saying "here you go honey" with random things: a cucumber, a can of soup, and a canned coffee and it just made me giggle so much, idk I sound dumb but its just a lot of fun being with him

Anonymous 97594

I made a grilled cheese sandwich for the first time in at least three to five years. It was all right, I put 2 different cheeses just in case.

Anonymous 97659

smiling potato.png

I'm in a new town and after getting non-stop lost everywhere for the past few weeks, even trying to use Google Maps and only getting confused even more by it, I managed to find a place I was looking for today. It made me really happy. I wish I didn't have such a piss-poor sense of direction and that it wouldn't keep happening, but I hope my good luck continues.

Anonymous 97661

This is so cute nona! Wish you and your bf all the best.

Anonymous 97662

i'm moving someplace new soon; should have much the same experience

Anonymous 97663


Hoping you will get the hang of your new place soon as well, nona. I think the key is to not be nervous and see getting lost as an adventure. I know personally for me it's hard to do because I am very scared and uncomfortable with the unfamiliar, but perhaps this could teach it. Like by trying to go somewhere new every day.

Anonymous 97675


got my hair done yesterday, and i really like it!!

Anonymous 97723

i got ahead of homework for the first time ever. my adhd usually puts me into retard mode when i have to write papers, procrastinate until the day of, but i got this one done in a couple hours and it's not due for days. i feel so proud of myself.

Anonymous 97733

I’m writing a book. I have 10,000 words done already, and plan on doing at least 50,000.

Anonymous 97811

I had a video chat with my parents today and I found out that my mom is suscribed to an English newspaper for the country I live in. It made me feel loved.

Anonymous 97831

There was a thread that was deleted that I wanted to look at again. But it was archived on archive.org!

Anonymous 98013

It's my birthday and I don't feel sad! I was going to go to a cafe I've been wanting to try but my partner surprised me with breakfast! Instead of feeling annoyed I feel thankful. I'm in such a better place mentally last birthday and the birthday before.

A fes years ago a nona made me a birthday hat when I was at my lowest and I still think about her. If that nona is still here, thank you for helping me be a better person through your kindness.

Anonymous 98014

That's great! Keep it up! What genre is it?

Peanut 98027

My dad died. He was a drug addict who beat me

Anonymous 98246


I didn't think it would go up so fast! I kind of forgot about the win rate. I'm sick today so this was a nice surprise.

Anonymous 98253

New obgyn took my complaints seriously and cured my debilitating period pain. I've gone from not being able to walk (even with painkillers) to hauling groceries. I'm on my period right now and I feel nothing. No pain at all.

Anonymous 98270

its ok make an av on sl youll feel better bb

Anonymous 98282


I got some shopping done today so I didn't completely fester in my room all day long like a hiki again. That's at least something?

Anonymous 98284


Congrats Nona.
I personally too wanna go outside and find something cool going on, but the lack of funds and knowledge where these cool things happen is a huge turn off

Anonymous 98285


Thanks. Now I feel bad because I have the funds and knowledge but don't make use of them because of anxiety. There's a whole list of places I've been wanting to go to but I've only gone to a handful so far, and most of them in a way where I couldn't fully enjoy them because I just briefly looked at a place here and there and then just rushed to go back home.

Anonymous 98291

I always get the ick when talking to guys, literally over the smallest stuff. I haven’t had an actual crush in like 5 years. Wellll today this guy I have been talking to said hehe and I didn’t get completely repulsed which feels like progress

Anonymous 98293

Don't you have some friends to go with? You could try inviting them if they're free

Anonymous 98301

Found a cool bird today and gave it some bread

Anonymous 98305

Yay for the bird!
I've long to give pigeons seeds but my busybody self forbids it.

Anonymous 98312


Not really any that want to actively hang out or are even able to, unfortunately. But I did meet one girl who I mentioned I'm interested in visiting one town several miles away and now apparently we're going together all the way there. That's pretty wild because usually no one would agree to so much as go to a restaurant 15 mins away with me. They say they are too busy or completely ghost me.

Anonymous 98389


I actually found a job that I'm excited to apply for. Even if I don't get it that's okay because I'm just happy I am feeling more motivated and confident in myself.

Anonymous 98416

I hope you get it and it's everything you want it to be!

Anonymous 98417

We're getting our apartment measured tomorrow so we know what size laundry machine to buy! And we bought a fridge and it's getting delivered next week! I won't have to go to the laundromat weekly or go shopping daily any more!!

Anonymous 98433


I retook my statistics midterm exam and I made a 78! I’m proud of myself because I made a 42 the first time.

Anonymous 98516

got my fucking. drivers license. it makes me feel like less of an immature-idiot-who-is-never-going anywhere-in-life. i hope this way it'll make it easier to get a job. 1 less thing i have to worry about, finally. just so relieved. plus i dont look absolutely hideous in the photo, just a normal dmv photo hideous. it feels so good to be one step closer to independence.

Anonymous 98517

congrats! i got mine recently and it's a huge confidence booster. bonus points for driving stick when most people i know whine about it being too hard.

Anonymous 98751

Today I was able to fit into a pair of jeans that I haven't been able to for a while. They fit perfectly and I was comfortable all day. I still have a long way to go but I am proud of myself regardless.

Anonymous 98771

Today I went into work without wearing a mask and I decided it wasn’t worth getting another one since flu season is over (I work with little kids sometimes and don’t want them getting me sick lol). Anyway, while I was working one of the teachers said ‘Can I tell you something weird?’ And I said, ‘sure.’ And she said ‘I think this is the first time I’ve seen you without a mask and you’re really pretty.’ It was so unexpected so I didn’t even know how to respond but I was really flattered lol. It made me remember how one of my professors from school said the same thing when I talked to her without wearing a mask. I will attribute it to the fact that maybe the top half of my face is unremarkable so maybe when they saw the rest of my face they were pleasantly surprised or something and it’s not that I’m actually that good-looking lol.

Anonymous 98777

grateful to have my sufferings be so Motivanoanl and that anyone can be like me if they worked hard enough :) your random grandma that school kid anyone can be just like me in this world of opportunities

also I got a really delicious coffee? flavoured lolly last weekend and it's lasting me weeks blessed

Anonymous 98779

aw pretty nona!!

Anonymous 98784

just had a peanut butter jelly sandwich and I feel good already bless

Anonymous 98814

I wanted to get more veggies in my diet and suddenly the stores nearby are all selling salad wraps. There's a delicious one with Caesar dressing and cheese that I'm in love with.

Anonymous 98841


I can see my skill improving at the foods I make often, as I start to learn the process by memory and find what works the best. I'm so excited to think of this continuing to happen the rest of my life, with all of my favorite food. If I keep at it maybe I'll become really good at cooking one day.

Anonymous 98882

update: I wore a really cute outfit today that I wouldn't have been able to wear a year ago. I didn't feel fat in it. I'm so happy I lost weight. I am excited to continue to lose weight. It feels great to finally be more comfortable with my body after so long of feeling like shit.

Anonymous 98946


My shrimp has eggs more babies time

Anonymous 98948

That's cool nona, what shrimp? Cherry? Yamato?

Anonymous 99028

I had to buy new pants for work because the ones that were comfortably loose a year and a half ago are now falling off and making me look frumpy. Physical validation that my fitness is having a positive impact AND I look so much better in the new pants.

Anonymous 99063


I did it!
after nearly overworking myself I leaned back like obese Joe put it and wrote another Yuri fiction.

I thought I was gonna dislocate my marbles but I'm glad I was able to liberate myself as such and destress. fun for fun fun

I zzz saNE Maintenant

Anonymous 99064

Mon chéri.jpg

Yep cherry! You got shrimp too?
Tell me about the yuri fiction

Anonymous 99135

went to pick up some thai food. Had a worker there flirt with me and she was super cute. Maybe im not hopeless after all…

Anonymous 99150

I had a huge whitehead yesterday but I resisted touching it or trying to pop it and it's already almost gone! And I had cheeseburger today. I can't even remember the last time I had a burger.

Anonymous 99151

picked up a working minifridge someone was throwing out

Anonymous 99178

My cat has learned to use her little cat door, to go in and out as she pleases. finally. I'm so proud.

Anonymous 99227

I got 9 hours of sleep last night!

Anonymous 99248

I did my workout at the park! The weather is perfect and there was only one other person hanging out in a different area. I want to do this more often.

Anonymous 99355


Found a lil cricket in my garden. Adding her to my bug habitat.

Anonymous 99356

Maintenance finally came to unclog my toilet, I got 2 job interviews. It seems imI’ll be working 3 jobs this summer, which gives me an opportunity to save 7.5k to 10k,

Anonymous 99409


After like a week of thinking about it, I worked up the courage to send a follow request to my crush’s social media. He accepted, and he even followed me back and liked some of my posts too! Even if nothing comes of it, I’d still like to befriend him. Here’s to hoping!

Anonymous 100154


I tried on my favorite pair of shorts today and they were too big! Such a bittersweet feeling.

Anonymous 100195


I was crossing a bridge over train tracks; a train is approaching slowly, I stop to watch, I wave, the driver waves at me and HE HONKS.
Made my week.

Anonymous 100248

I had a really big breakthrough while high that it's okay to hate my mom for how she raised me. I feel such a strange weird catharsis.

Anonymous 100259

Today a lady brought her bearded dragon in when she got crickets and another customer brought in his dog. His dog has got to be easily in the top 5 cutest dogs alive. I was so sad but seeing the lil long haired Chihuahuas be so comfy and chill in his owners arms made me smile.

Anonymous 100263

I spent about a month thinking that I was hallucinating creepy bugs bc I saw a weird bug at night.

It turns out that the neighbors dog overturned a bucket of crickets, and they got into my apartment.

Anonymous 100484


After getting my 3DS stolen by some ghetto thug from one of my classes in high school several years ago, I lost my whole digital ACNL copy with it. My village wasn't that good-looking, but that game was my happy place so I've never been able to live it down. I recently bought a Switch and a friend got me a e-shop gift card so I decided to use it to buy ACNH. The novelty of playing has worn off and it doesn't quite feel the same, but it's nice to have a comfy game where you can just do things like plant flowers, explore, and build things.

Anonymous 103460

I'm starting a new crochet project and I feel very comfident about it! I can't wait to finish it and wear it all the time in winter

Anonymous 103529


omg whats ur friend code?? I play it too

Anonymous 103706

I have been so extremely nostalgic for the past few days. It feels like I'm in middle school again. The weather is really hot and school has just begun again. I also started reading a webcomic that reminds of something my 12 yr old self would love. I love this feeling, its's been making my life feel so much brighter.

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