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Anonymous 5669

>tfw no bf
it's not fair

Anonymous 5670

ur catto looks ded too

Anonymous 5671


tfw no cute bf who wants to dress in lingerie

Anonymous 5675


>tfw no clone of myself to feel tfw no bf with

Anonymous 5676

>tfw no bf
>tfw no gf
>tfw no f
I just wish there was someone who cares about me

Anonymous 5679


>tfw no f

I kind of had a friend for about eight months around this time last year, but then I went a bit loopy and dipped out before she realised what a loser I was. I miss her.

Anonymous 5682


>tfw no anime husbando to love you forever no matter what

Anonymous 5683

why don't you have a bf?

Anonymous 5721

>tfw no nice guy bf

Anonymous 5722


Not having a boyfriend isn't painful. It's never having a friend. It's realizing that in your entire life, no one has ever wanted you. It isn't even worth it to spend an hour with you because you are devoid of any positive qualities and have no value as a human being. It is having hope that one day you will find love like your parents did, and losing that hope as the years go by. It's wondering if a mail order husband would leave you after he gets citizenship. It's wondering if anyone would even come to your funeral.

Anonymous 5723

Jesus that's heavy anon. Do you need someone to talk to?

Anonymous 5724

They're both painful. Those of us (on this site) who don't have boyfriends also usually don't have friends.

Anonymous 5732

>mail order husband
This doesn't exist… does it?

Anonymous 5769

OT so I'll sage and all but like, the PPP images really resonated in my psyche to the extent I am so terrified of ever being that degenerate it fills my waking breath with gusto and strength and thus I ascend into the day with motivation to be the best, tidiest, clean anonette that I truly can be

Anonymous 5791


Out of curiosity I looked it up and found this.

Pretty sure it's not legitimate but reading some of the profiles gave me a good kek.

Anonymous 5823

oh dog/10

Anonymous 5847

>it's not fair

Tell me more about your situations, anons. Do you have any hobbies or are you part of any clubs? Do you make an effort to regularly go out and socialise? Are you involved in any kind of charity or volunteer work? Do you go to any meet ups for things you're interested in or attend any classes for skills you'd like to improve?

If you've said no to these then it's totally fair.

Anonymous 5856

Sh-shut up, anon. Let us have our self pity moment without reality burning our delicate hearts.

Anonymous 5858

Did it ever occur to you that perhaps anons would love to have done that but couldn't and can't because of abuse, financial issues, transportation issues, location issues, bullying, physical health problems, mental health problems, lack of support, or any of the other billions of things that could go wrong in a person's life? In that case, it's still unfair.

You sound like you lack empathy and are the type of person to victim blame or your head is so far up your ass in your own little bubble of a world, that you think 7 billion other people live the same 1st world lifestyle as you. It's nice you've had an easy life but you should think before you shit through your fingers, american. I'm not even mad, you know everything I said to be true.

Anonymous 5870


What do I do if I have answered yes to all these things? Is there any hope? Or will I continue to be ignored and remain with no bf? What else more can I do?

Anonymous 5871

Screen Shot 2018-0…

This is what I got taking the compatibility test. Wonder why they put just the weirdos on the main page.

Anonymous 5874


Me too, anon, but I'm too shy to go outside of my shell and meet beautiful peeps. Even online peeps I can chat with. Being anon is the only way to do it.

Anonymous 5877

wow he has the crazy eyes.

Anonymous 5878

Look, I know that over in your country spiders sometimes rain from the sky, but don't talk about America like it's the land of milk and honey. I'm sure the tap water in Brazil is not grey.

Anonymous 5879

I don't know even one American who is even remotely like ~ uwu, I love living a bully-free, abuse-free, completely healthy life where I'm totally sheltered from the constraint of money because 'Murica, uwu ~

Anonymous 5880

lower ur standards

Anonymous 5881

he's just passionate about finding a life partner, is all.

Anonymous 5882

Man detected.

Anonymous 5883

Maybe you should try approaching a guy. Men are thirsty af, after all. I doubt they're going to be quite so guarded about a woman expressing interest in them. That's like the setup to every porno.

Come to think of it, have you tried ordering a pizza?

Anonymous 5893

Reminder that most of the anons who force the "deal with it" meme down your throat are projecting. Ironically, it seems like their way of venting it all is by urging other people not to vent

Anonymous 5906

average trannies.p…

This is probably one of those "be careful what you wish for" type of dealios.

Anonymous 5921

is it just me or does anyone else have the thought
>well if 'alice' can afford that computer setup and all that weeb merch, i guess they're doing alright

Anonymous 5922

But by what means did she afford it? Prostitution? Camwhoring for old perverts? Selling her used tranny panties? You never know.

Anonymous 5923

More of a career than I've ever managed.

Anonymous 5926

Screen Shot 2018-0…

>PHD computer science
she kept her shit together long enough to finish college, at least.

Anonymous 5943

>buying a shitload of weeb merch
really? because my reaction is something must be terribly wrong in their life

Anonymous 5977

>tfw we can't even have our pretty princess points without some tranny butting in

Anonymous 5984

Just get orbiters. it's very easy

Anonymous 5987

only do this if you are thick skinned. Men will absolutely say yes to dating a girl they aren't into for sex and many will assume you are easy for approaching them. Not in thinking that you are slutty, but that you obviously must like them a lot to approach them therefore they don't need to put in effort.

I have approached guys before and now I am not so sure I will continue. It it too easy to get guys that don't really like you?

Anonymous 5996

Went to HS with him. He was tall, deep voice, really smart, but a skeleton. All the girls made fun of him. He flirted with me and they teased me, too. I avoided him senior year because they all teased me about being with him.
He joined the army before graduation; everyone laughed at scrawny Rick, lighter than his rifle.
Beth said, "Anon, you should should kiss him goodbye before his helmet crushes him!" and everyone laughed.
After his training was over I heard he was visiting his parents before he left to fight. He called once but I was too ashamed to answer.
2 years later, after I failed out of uni, I saw him where I work, getting a tux rental.
He was big, burly, like a weightlifter almost. Tanned, smiling. I had to check the name to believe it was him. Just- movie star shape and looks.
He was getting married. Some girl from Korea he met while training there.
He recognized me, said hi. Said I hadn't changed.
I guess I never will

Anonymous 5998

am i crazy or does anyone else feel this: in old pictures, videos, and movies i've seen tons of skinny teen and adult men and to me they look fine (if not really good) and you get this feeling that it is really normal and nobody at that period in time gives a shit, but today these men would possibly be targeted and made to feel insecure about it. I assume this is because america has gotten more fat on average.
also if they choose to get fit they are gonna have an easier time/look better than anyone else

Anonymous 6002


Lucky you, I got a fat French guy in a speedo.

Anonymous 6006

I think you're right and I think it's also because lifting and steroids are so much further along now, so yesterday's buff is now today's weekend warrior, and yesterdays average is sooo skinny today. kind of like how some of the bombshells of the past would be mocked today for flat asses/chests and no lips because theyd get compared to the thicc IG baddies of the world.

Anonymous 6007

hey me too!

Anonymous 6008

Somewhat related to what people have been talking about, but are there many young men left nowadays who don't lift? It seems they're mostly bodybuilders, on their way to becoming bodybuilders, or 300 pound neckbeards.

Where are the bony boys, 130 lbs and under? Am I just not looking hard enough?

Anonymous 6016

Me too! Arnaud sisterwives club?

Anonymous 6022

Skinny guys often look younger by comparison, maybe try going for the guys who look a few years younger than you go for. You might be screening them out on the assumption they are too young when they are the right age.

Anonymous 6023

Calm down, I'm trying to help other anons. Christ. Nothing you even assumed was true.

It's difficult to say. Do you feel like you need some help socialising? Do conversations with men generally go well or is it just that nobody is asking you out?

I guarantee you'll eventually meet people with the same hobby as you if you're really into it. All the people I know in relationships found them when they weren't looking for them. There 100% is hope and I'm not just saying that. I believe in you, anon.

Anonymous 6031

Aw yeah! It'll probably take all three of us to move his fupa around.

What's up with polygamy being so popular lately? TLC has three shows about it now.

Anonymous 6035

eh, whatever makes you happy. i spend my money on what other people would probably call frivolous garbage (or, y'know, hobbies) but w/e, it's not their life.

the secret is to be selective about the men you approach imo.
i don't approach the guys that i'm 'really into' because i've learned over the years that i have terrible taste and usually end up picking very attractive but entitled douchebags. i approach the ones that aren't necessarily 9/10s but have a sense of humor or an intellect that i admire. it's more important to be with a man that i find to be kind or interesting than to be with a chad thundercock. and those guys are more likely to reflect that appreciation towards me, because i see something of value in them that the rest of the world either doesn't necessarily notice, or doesn't hold in high esteem. in a few decades it won't matter whether my partner was hot in their twenties or how great the sex was, it's going to matter whether we can still hold a fascinating conversation with one another.

Anonymous 6041

I got his long lost (but equally obese) twin brother, Hans from Hannover, Germany.

Anonymous 6043

What kind of hobbies or clubs should I be a part of to meet new people?

Anonymous 6056

As a gAmEr GiRl it's easy to get a boyfriend. Join gaming discords for multiplayer games and you'll have orbiters in no time.

Anonymous 6057

>implying that orbiters are bf material

Nah. I want someone who likes me, not someone who faws over anything remotely female holding a controller

Anonymous 6058

I'm just saying it's a good way to meet people.

Anonymous 6060

And how many of these are actually not creepy weirdos?

Anonymous 6063

It really depends on your interests, anon. If you like art there are life drawing and painting classes or if you're athletic you could take up some classes at the gym and arrive a little early for a chat. There are meet ups for absolutely everything- art lovers going to museums, people who hike together, signings/tournaments/screenings held in comic book stores, foodies who go to restaurants together, language exchanges, people who meet up with their dogs in the park…

The best way to find out about these events is to follow pages of facebook specific to your interests and location so "Vegans of Helsinki" or "Language Exchange London". They'll post events and fb will remind you coming up to the time. It's weird when you're in a group of strangers but everyone there feels the same. Just turn to the person next to you and mention it's your first time and they'll introduce you to their friends :)

Anonymous 6067

nta but what if I have no interests because I rot in my bed 24/7 with no will to taste the life whatsoever?

Anonymous 6070

Honestly I get you because I've been depressed for years and I still don't have a "hobby" or "interest" and it makes me feel like shit sometimes. I used to come home and just sleep after school, I didn't want to challenge myself to do anything because it would frustrate me and not feel worth it. But not having interests means you don't get a chance to wind down and relax. I'd recommend you try therapy or visit your doctor to see if you'd benefit from medication first. If there's a reason why you're not getting out of bed, then you have to fix that first.

But if you've tried that then it's just about pushing yourself. Ik it sucks. Just take one thing at a time and make a habit out of it, then move on to the next. Force yourself to wake up early and do some stretches (makes you feel energised!). Open the curtains and let the light in (wakes you up more and light improves your mood). Then just make a goal to do something different that day. Go to your local coffee shop for a change of scenery, go to the park for a little walk, spend some time in the library browsing books, start growing herbs or little plants and water them at the same time every day, cook something that takes a few hours to make and listen to music/a podcast/a gaming stream while doing it so you can really take your time… I guess what I'm trying to say is that it doesn't have to be a super interesting activity, just something that gets you out of the house, lets you soak up a bit of natural light and makes you feel productive when you reflect on what you did later on in the day.

Anonymous 6074


Anyone here has any experience with coming to terms with never having a bf? I know for many reasons I will never have one, I don't blame men, it's just my fault. But I still can't help but dream about being in romantic relationship, and the realisation that I will never be able to experience what's completely normal or even boring for others crushes me. It seems to only get worse with time. I have friends and many hobbies, I am busy with my studies/job, but nothing truly distracts me. I've been reading that certain birth control pills help with that, but other side effects aren't that great. I'd be willing to try them if they are really that great though.

Anonymous 6077

being single isn't so bad, though, it means you have total autonomy over your own life. and relationships are usually more trouble than I have the desire to put up with. what is it about the idea of a romantic relationship that appeals to you? and why do you think it's your fault that you'll never have a bf? are your standards unrealistically high or do you think there's something wrong with you? (i'm part of the latter faction, personally.)
romantic relationships don't seem to be the norm for most people, either. that's what i believe they refer to as the 'honeymoon phase'. your partner will put a lot of effort into impressing you initially, then start to take you for granted as time goes on.

Anonymous 6078

While that's certainly the case for a lot of relationships, who says it's so bad? You get to enjoy something new and amazing before you settle down and form a life together.
Plus it doesn't always end – my aunt and uncle frequently dance and show affection to one another.
There's nothing wrong with also being single, it feels good. People who're content with being single make for good partners too.

Anonymous 6079

I don't think it's a bad thing, I just think that it's unrealistic to expect a relationship to always be romantic. i realize now that
>start to take you for granted
makes me sound like a debbie downer, haha.
when I read >>6074, I wasn't sure if 'romantic relationship' just meant that they wanted a steady boyfriend, or whether they meant that they wanted a boyfriend who acted towards them in a romantic manner constantly. if this anon hasn't had a relationship with a guy before, that might genuinely be what she expects.

if you do find someone who showers you with affection and special treatment well beyond the honeymoon phase, they're a keeper, but i wouldn't expect most relationships to maintain that level of 'romance' eternally.
your aunt and uncle sound real cute, by the way. I love seeing older couples enjoying their lives together.

Anonymous 6092

just go to r9k and find a bf

Anonymous 6093

>just go scrape the bottom of the barrel

better to die alone.

Anonymous 6097

I'm friends with some people from /r9k/. Most are bad but some are really nice. Just pretend to be a guy for awhile first.

Anonymous 6098

Why bother with that if that is what it takes to not be harassed?

Anonymous 6099

the internet is full of lonely men, you don't have to befriend one from a place that's filled to the brim with neets, misogynists, etc.

Anonymous 6102

>the internet is full of lonely men
so how do I get me one that isn't exchanging nudes or flirting with 10 other girls

Anonymous 6104

this is horrible advice

Anonymous 6108

you don't have a chance in hell of knowing unless it's an irl relationship where you can keep a better eye on things

Anonymous 6109

/r9k/ has an always growing feminist comunity!

Anonymous 6111

It's not so easy. And I am 100% sure that they would use me as a "practice gf" or something. Even the lowest of the low are too god for me.

Thank you for your insight, anon! To be honest, I know really only about perks of romantic relationships (since my friends are quite successful with them), so it's nice to maybe think about them differently. You are right, I idealise relationships too much.
Ah, and I can't get a boyfriend because of my own self. I haven't even thought about having standards.

Anonymous 6112

I forgot to quote >>6077

Anonymous 6126

Amputate all of his limbs so that he relies on you for everything of course. Reduce him to the useless sex doll he believes all women to be.


Anonymous 6137


If only there were websites with boys on them who would do pretty much whatever we asked of them in return for affection?

Anonymous 6166

did you just watch Boxing Helena or something

Anonymous 6180

yeah but they're all mentally ill and I ain't about that

Anonymous 6203

then don't complain you don't have a boyfriend if you aren't going to make any effort.

Anonymous 6204

>Not wanting to date the incredibly mentally ill is 'not putting in effort'
>inb4 you can't sit with us

Anonymous 6211


>>inb4 you can't sit with us

Anonymous 6474

Most guys will just use you for your body anyway

Anonymous 6476

Fuck off you disgusting bastard. Leave us alone shithead.

Anonymous 6477

Your post was cute until you said "me included"

Farewell, anon.

Anonymous 6491

Nah, ya'll staring at Stacies ass and pretending you're in her league. Then you get salty when she rejects you!

Anonymous 6492

Exactly. These dick brains come on here and start saying how they're "not like other guys!", but just like every other member of their loathsome sub-species, they chase after good looking girls and then whine when they can't get with them.

Fucking genocide them all. Women only reproduction (with genetic engineering to ensure only women are born) and male pleasure androids can't come soon enough.

Anonymous 6493


This really is r9k

Anonymous 6494

Oh fuck off. Those losers discuss nothing but women and how much they hate them. Meanwhile, we actually discuss lots of stuff here, and we hardly talk about men. The only time we do is when one of you cretins rears his stupid, attention grabbing head here in an effort to make us notice his sad, pathetic existence.

Anonymous 6495

>literally what r9k says about women, y'all are just as bad

Anonymous 6497

It's different. Women griping about males does nothing. Males gathering together and saying how evil women are leads - again and again and again - to real physical violence being carried out by males on innocent women.

Anonymous 6503

Serious question, but how many of you actually WANT a boyfriend? I mean actually want, and not just "Oh, I need one because society expects me to have one"?

Anonymous 6504

I want one. Pretty sure most people here don't care about society's expectations at this point since we don't exactly live up to it anyway.

Anonymous 6505


Anonymous 6506

But why? What use could you possible have for one?

Anonymous 6507

As unrealistic as it is, I want someone to bond with, love me, and give me physical affection that I've been lacking my entire life.

I say this as someone who has no friends or family. It's just wishful thinking.

Anonymous 6510


The weird ones have probably been there for awhile and are looking to finally find a wife who'd order them. I took the test and got the same result, Iraq guy seems sweet and cool.

Anonymous 6511


Are you who I think you are? Poland?

Anonymous 6513

Uhh…why do people always think their online/irl aquaintences are lurking the same imageboard as them? People from all over the world with differing opinions come here. Why don't you shoot your friend a message and ask instead of shitting up the thread and trying to identify each other on an anonymous imageboard.

Anonymous 6514


Don't be upset anon; you will find someone one day!

Anonymous 6519

>asks for nudes after 5 emails

Anonymous 6520

It's genuinely saddening that things have got so bad at this point that each sex considers the other of some ulterior motive.

Anonymous 6522

you don't sound genuine at all no matter how much you type the word

Anonymous 6524

I believe you're honest, maybe I'm just naive, but I do. I won't email you because I'm taken but if you really are sincere I hope you end up taking care of someone with love. And farewell because yep you will be banned.

Anonymous 6584

go fuck yourself.

Anonymous 6605

Yeah good idea anon I'll just message them sorry

Anonymous 6934

why'd you think you are? just because no bf?

Anonymous 6938


The loneliness is pretty bad, but I think the important thing is not to let yourself become too hateful or bitter. It's very easy to become that sort of person after many years of >tfw no bf/gf/f

Anonymous 6941

>wanting a man
>who has not guts to approach a girl
>he would consider for marriage later
what type of girl would be after guys like you?
I wonder how much of a weakling you have to be. It is not like you can be jailed for wishing a good morning to someone. If your neurotics are preventing you to be relaxed then get drugs for relaxing.

Anonymous 6945

Have you ever approached someone, anon?

Anonymous 6947

Memes are just memes. They don't mean much.
Maybe you haven't run into the right person yet but doesn't matter what people say you really shouldn't be less picky.

There are a lot of people who seem nice at first but their true face is a nightmare, and there are a lot of weirdoes who might seem not so bad but would actually treat you worse as time go by because you both settled for less or for someone you didn't really want to be with.

You're not a witch and just because you haven't found someone doesn't automatically mean there's something wrong with you.
But you should still try and work on yourself and do things for you, while in the meantime keeping your eyes for chances to find someone you might want to be with.

Don't let it bring you down and don't let it consume and confuse you, which is easier said than done but still, it'll make it easier to find someone and would probably make you more attractive when you approach anyone.

Anonymous 6948

kek I personally have a thing for weak men, physically and socially. Super cute.

Also, if a guy can't approach women there's less of a chance of him being able to cheat.

Anonymous 6949

Depending where you hang out and what your interests are, it's more likely about boys being too shy to approach you.

Anonymous 6954

>The loneliness is pretty bad, but I think the important thing is not to let yourself become too hateful or bitter. It's very easy to become that sort of person after many years of >tfw no bf/gf/f
I never understood why do people become bitter because of that (myself being a friendless virgin).

Anonymous 6955

It may be more common among those who try/try too hard and fail to get a partner than among those who are too shy to even initiate such connections. It stems from frustration and disappointment to fill your own goals and expectations.

Anonymous 6956

To me it seems like the logical consequence is hating the self for what's happening in the world instead of hating everybody else around you. Just like a piece doesn't fit in the inner mechanism of a clock, it doesn't mean the clock is defunct, there has to be something wrong with the piece.

Anonymous 6957

>To me it seems like the logical consequence is hating the self for what's happening in the world instead of hating everybody else around you.
i think a large part of the "bitter and angry" thing is self-directed, but also being angry at other people for having better circumstances/genetics/wealth/luck, especially when it feels like those people are bragging or showing off

Anonymous 7008


Being single feels terrible pretty often, but I always end up feeling equally unloved in relationships too. It's better to not have anybody in the first place than to have it rubbed into your face that even though they're your partner, they still don't value you while you'd go above and beyond for them.

I'm lonely but starting to really give up on relationships.

Anonymous 7010

you need to look at these. They were making fun of him for being shy.


Anonymous 7019

Then why was the post cute until they said "me included"? It wasn't because it showed he was a man, because he literally started the post by stating his gender.

And the other person said they like weak men because if they're too scared to approach other women then they'd be too scared to cheat. If a man said something like that you'd consider him predatory.

Anonymous 7030


I'm the Anon who said his post was cute until he said me included

I wasn't making fun of him being shy, I was making fun of him trying to hit on girls with his sob story. I felt bad for him until that part.

Anonymous 7033

What annoys me most about those stories is that they end with 2 people beeing miserable later in life. Fear and Anxiety are poison for love. Girls usually don't initiate so if the guy does not either, there will always be 2 people stuck in unhappiness for eternity. I may have overreacted but I really hate it when 2 people that could have been made to be together end up unhappy because of obstacles that are nebulous.

I say this because my cousin reached age 30 lately and gave up on her dream of ever having a family. Millions of people will end up with unhappy lives in the near future. Also if I hurt this guy too much I want to apologize.

Anonymous 7039

He wasn't trying to hit on anyone with a sob story. He was saying that the girl anon above probably isn't unattractive, just that guys are too shy to approach her. And that he would know, because he is apparently too shy to approach girls sometimes.

Why make fun of him for that?(male, ban evading)

Anonymous 7201

why didn't she just lower her standards?

Anonymous 7204

At least OP has weed and a bong, even if it is selfmade.

Anonymous 7209

download (3).jpeg

I want to be hugged, kissed and loved.

Anonymous 7223

every time i think about why i want a romantic partner i always think about why i should deserve one over others and always come to the conclusion that others will always be better than i am. i have nothing to give that someone can, and then some.

it's not so bad. romantic partners are a chore anyways and relationships always seem to take more than they give (i.e. time, money, friends, etc.)

i am very lonely though.

Anonymous 7229


Honestly same
I can't find a reason why I should be loved by anyone. If I asked anyone out they'd just laugh in my face

Anonymous 7239

I don't think you need to apologize, but I get where he was coming from because my bf was super shy and I was the one who had to ask him out. I left him after a while because the shy boy thing gets old, I just wish guys would man up and make moves without being so scared.

Anonymous 7240

Just because others might be a bit 'better' or 'more deserving' of getting a bf doesn't mean you don't deserve to have one.
There's also a lot of abusive people out there who have partners and treat them like crap.
It's not something you should compare.

But as 7223 said it does take work, and you do need to take care of things in order to be a good partner and make it worth it.
Nothing to give is not really true, there's a lot of things you can do to make a relationship comfy even if you're in a messy situation.
It might be just me but, being kind, understanding, patient and caring in a relationship is really important for me to be for the one I love and I think anyone can do that with a bit of effort and if they really want it to work.
You could also try to find someone who is a bit more similar or has personality traits you'd get along with to try to make things easier.

Still, I'm sure you two have reasons to deserve romantic love and if you really believe you don't, you should try to take care of yourselves better first before you think about finding a romantic partner, because if you don't try to before that, it'll be difficult to keep the relationship healthy.

Uhhh sorry for the long silly post lol.

Anonymous 7260

>Just because others might be a bit 'better' or 'more deserving' of getting a bf doesn't mean you don't deserve to have one.
There's also a lot of abusive people out there who have partners and treat them like crap.

This! That's true and very unfair too.

I don't think your post is silly, anon. I think people start to believe they don't deserve one because they have low self esteem because of their loneliness, it's like a cycle

Anonymous 7267

>food analogies

Oh please, how do you think boys feel when you treat them as literal rotten goods just because they don't fit in with the rest of society? Don't give me that shit about all mentally ill boys being dangerous and bad, you just can't generalize the entire group just because of horror stories and memes. Yeah there are some irredeemable bitter loser men, but guess what, there are also irredeemable bitter loser women.

How does it make you feel when some dirtbag brushes you aside without even wanting to get to know you better because you're a "roastie"? Not too good! Then why would you talk about group of lonenly outcasts that way? Why do you kick those who are already down? What happened to the empathy we're so well known for?

I used to be like you, but then I opened my eyes. I stopped generalizing and bullying people for being different than me, that's not the person I want to be. Shame on you.

Anonymous 7269

Are you a male or have you just never been to r9k and talked to the average male from there?

There's some guys who are just lonely and actually decent human beings from r9k, but they're few and far between.

Anonymous 7270

they will never cape for you. those same men are talking shit about you too.

Anonymous 7271

nta but
>wouldn't like a guy calling you roasties
Those are the same men you're telling us to date.

It isn't even that they're losers, a majority just hate women.

As a disclaimer I've considered boyfriending one of those femdom-obsessed robots, but I couldn't do LDR. I'm also unsure if I could fully trust someone who is comfortable with that board's culture.

Anonymous 7278

No I'm not a male, and yes I have been to r9k and talked to people form there. What do you mean average male from r9k? As in, talked to robots in their threads, or actually talked to them in discord or in other private chat? Of course you are going to get the shit side of the deal if you out yourself "LOOK AT ME I'M A GURRRRRL" in anonymous forum, and that applies to any group because nobody likes attention whores. What do you expect to happen? Do you think the board that is highly populated by outcasts is going to celebrate your presence the moment you out yourself as a girl? Similar reaction would happen if a guy came here and expected all the lonely girls to praise him for him blessing us with his presence.
Start using your brain, you are better than this.

Call me crazy but I have hard time believing the same exact men who cry for their loneliness and make threads about holding hands with girls are the same men who violently hate women. The users are anonymous and I can see how one might think all the post are from handful of users, but we're talking about thousands and thousands of unique daily posters. Haven't you seen the absolutely disgusting things the anons from this forum has to say about men?

>Those are the same men you're telling us to date
I'm not telling you to date a complete maniac, I'm telling you to stop brushing men who don't fit in your standards as literal rotten goods. Shy robot with social anxiety, self-esteem issues, and dating inexperience might come off as weird despite having pure honest intentions, and then they get brushed aside as literal rotten food.
Blew another contact because you were nervous and came off as creep? Whoops, now you are a literal disgusting piece of rotten garbage, isn't that nice. Good luck trying to talk to another girl again knowing that you're considered rotten! That should make you feel more confident.
>It isn't even that they're losers, a majority just hate women.
Again, I'm not telling you to date a maniac. Obviously you don't need to give chances to anyone for whatever personal reasons, I just find it fascinating how there is an endless supply of lonely guys people won't even dare to try because of some retarded memes. Robot say similar memes about fembots and femanons, but you know that those are not all true. Why would you believe the same about robots?

Anonymous 7280

I meant both, as I've done. And you shouldn't assume that I don't roleplay as a male, because I do. They're still garbage excuses for human beings generally.

Anonymous 7285

I have dated a robot, would not recommend. It was fun at first, he was a nice boy who just had shitty self esteem. But he near flipped once we started dating. I guess he only said yes because he was desperate not because he really liked me. So once he felt confident he dumped me and started chasing Stacies. I've talked to other women from r9k who have had identical experiences. Only mess with robots if you just wanna bang them, don't expect to build a relationship if you can't trust it being built on mutual attraction.

Anonymous 7287

I don't think all of them are misogynistic, there's definitely a big amount of them who just seem lonely, but the problem is finding out who are the ones who deserve a chance and won't try to turn your life into a living hell if you ever break up.

Anonymous 7291

I'm talking to a boy atm and I have no idea what he wants. He gets flirty and sexual and we have good conversations where he tells me how sweet and good he thinks I am. And then some days I get two word replies, if he replies at all. I don't get it. Just tell me how you fucking feel.

Anonymous 7292

>tfw no INFP clingy and shy sticc brown bf
>tfw not able to have him sit on my lap while we watch shitty horror movies
>tfw not able to take him to our shitty local mall and do ridiculous stunts (that may get us kicked out) just to make him laugh
>tfw not able to visit pet stores and the aquarium together to marvel at the animals
>tfw not able to go to the park and feed the ducks and get pecked at by pigeons
>tfw not able to wrestle him and win every time because my lean mass alone outweighs him (but it turns him on)
>tfw not able to meet his family, especially his mother, and eat cool new food (for me) at social gatherings
>tfw not able to draw pictures of him and when he receives them he gets embarrassed
>tfw not able to be surprised when he actually cares about me as a person
>tfw not able to just hold his hand and talk about our deepest concerns and plans for the future
>tfw not able to hang out but all we do is exist next to each other (taking part in our hobbies together, but separately).

Usually my fantasies are about a far off future or just sex shit, but lately I feel especially lonely regarding everyday nonsense.

I'm venting my specific woes here because I'm feeling whiny.

Anonymous 7295

>dog or cat person?
>favourite boards?
>how do you see yourself in 10 years?

Anonymous 7297

will you wear lingerie???

Anonymous 7298

here ya go

>dog or cat person?

i don't prefer either, but i get along with both of them very well
drawing, painting, nintendo games, funny things, watching bad movies, gym, hiking, shitposting online
>favourite boards?
this is the first time i've been here so idk
>how do you see yourself in 10 years?
living in a comfy apartment in some big city area with a graphic design job(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 7299

Anonymous 7300


cute. we don't live close, but i wish you good luck.

ps. i meant favourite boards in general

Anonymous 7301

but.. how du know where i live

Anonymous 7302

i'm from a tiny place in asia, i assume everyone is far away

Anonymous 7303

deal breaker for me.

Anonymous 7317

A guy friend told me men don't really like virgins because what they really want is an inexperienced hoe and all the ones who say they want virgins only say that because they are jealous as shit and not because of the girl.

Do you guys think that is true?
The future is bleak.

Anonymous 7321

There are millions of types of men and I guarentee you there are those that don't fit into those two catagories. Online spaces designated for those kinds of peopeople will scew your outlook. Never use online as a representation of the wider world.

Anonymous 7325

Who cares about them? Why even want an "outcast" boyfriend anyways, clearly they're dysfunctional and rotten it if all of society has agreed they don't belong.

Anonymous 7326

Men value purity in a woman.

But dont get too worked up about this issue, 99% of time men aren't going to mind your sexual past unless you are a "well known whore" or something of the likes

Anonymous 7327

>clearly they're dysfunctional and rotten it if all of society has agreed they don't belong

Or maybe people hasn't been fair to them.

Dont judge a book by it's cover.

Anonymous 7329

>Dont judge a book by it's cover.
What a sad platitude. Why should boys that refuse to grow up or develop any inkling of emotional awareness be given a free pass?
Even if people are unfair to a person, they should work on themselves rather than absolving personal responsibility and blaming "society" for shunning them.

What a gross generalization about purity, it is what enforces double-standards of keeping a woman "untouched," while also suggesting that she be a good lay or "experienced."
Though yeah >>7317, your friend is not a good representative of "men," though his shitty ideas are probably common. Just don't bother with guys that fixate on your perceived or actual sexual experience if he wants to be with you as a person.

Anonymous 7330

Look at the website and thread you're currently in. Would you stereotype all the women here to be irredeemable, shitty losers? Just because they're complaining about tfw no bf on what's basically female-/r9k/? Or could some of them be decent girls who just have a few surface flaws that make men not give them a chance even though they could be a good partner with the chance?

If not, then you're not really one to be complaining about double standards.

Anonymous 7331

Where did this female-/r9k/ even come from, when many anons have talking about being in relationships (without others being all "reee get out normie"). And /r9k/ itself complains about how we're the "crystal thots."

This is one thread about tfw no bf, and I wouldn't say that girls who have a hard time finding a bf are losers.

Lol, you're really coming off as a robo-apologist with the "give sensitive and misunderstood boys a chance!!" Of course, but not if they hang out in a place that is plagued by toxic bullshit (which is why cc is not the female version of /r9k/).

Anonymous 7332

nta but nearly every post on the board is male-related, be it loser-mongering, relationshit thread, male-hate or the "how would you be as a male/as a stronger-than-male being/as raped by males etc." garbage from /b/
This is pretty much female /r9k/ by this point
I know this is OT and prolly belongs to /meta/ but can we prohibit male-related posts for a week at least? For a female-centered imageboard it's really annoying

Anonymous 7333

forgot to mention the feminism thread

Anonymous 7334

Well there's this thread going on, there's currently a "man dislike" thread on /b/, no doubt many more similar threads across the site.

Obviously you'll never find a a perfect mirror of /r9k/ since it's generally easier for women to find sex or relationships and thus you'll never find a group of women as large and vehement about being forever alone/virgins as /r9k/, but I this is about as close as you'll get.

Anonymous 7335

There is definitely a respectable amount of anons here who >tfw no bf but I would never compare them to r9k. Someone else said, here or in another thread of this type, that men tend to hate and blame women because of their romantic failures or lack of romantic relationships, whereas women tend to hate themselves for the same, and i think it shows. Even if you give them a try they will most likely hurt you, get bitter or angry if you say no or take longer than 1h to respond, that type of thing. If you want a relationship with a man shy and inexperienced guy make sure he doesn't go on imageboards.
Meanwhile the girls here seem to hate themselves and blame themselves for these things, always thinking they are the problem.

Our man dislike thread is so tame and 40% of the posts there are jokes. I think lolcow is closer to r9k when it comes to gender hate, but the amount of sad lonely anons here seems bigger but I don't know.

Anonymous 7336

>>7332 (Me)
sorry I realized I came across as a bit rude but it's pissing me off
Would any mod at least consider what I said?

Anonymous 7337

I think you can suggest that, just use meta, but you can always hide the threads too anon.

With the exception of the Feminism thread and the Mild issues with men, I don't think there are any threads like that.

Anonymous 7338

I'm sure plenty of /r9k/ hates themselves, and that a lot of the things they say are jokes too. That board has just been around for years and years so the culture has become more extreme with time compared to here.

Also keep in mind the nature of anonymous forums. The loudest and most obnoxious people create the illusion of being the most abundant since they tend to post the most and grab the most attention.

I'm not even the original anon that defended /r9k/ nor am I trying to order everyone here to go out and start dating a robot, I'm just saying that, hypothetically, if you ever met a man who seemed like a decent guy, maybe a bit shy or awkward, and you found out early that he goes on /r9k/, that it'd be a bit unfair to instantly assume he's a serial rapist who keeps tortured women in his basement(or that he wants to do that) or something. That's all.

Anonymous 7340

No, you're right about the loud minority. I agree, and I hope we're right and that not all of them are like that.

>>you found out early that he goes on /r9k/, that it'd be a bit unfair to instantly assume he's a serial rapist who keeps tortured women in his basement(or that he wants to do that) or something.

I wouldn't assume anything so bad like that but I would be less comfortable with him.

Anonymous 7341

I don't agree with your assessment about the content of threads, especially the degree of vitriol that goes on.
And at least the male-threads are appropriately contained, it doesn't usually spill out into other threads and derail things. (Exception being the unpopular opinions thread, but that goes through cycles of poopstorms)

>seemed like a decent guy, maybe a bit shy or awkward, and you found out early that he goes on /r9k/
I wouldn't assume those things, but I would be wary of any notions about women that he had.

Anonymous 7342

>it doesn't usually spill out into other threads and derail things
not this one (my fault here)
>I don't agree with your assessment about the content of threads
The assessment is correct, even most of the posts on the vent thread(s) (or /feels/ in general) are relationship/cheating/"testing the waters of this or that boy"/that one crazy ex
>especially the degree of vitriol that goes on
soz, I didn't mean to say we're as hateful as them, I know there's barely any male-hate here, but in terms of post-quality it's no better.

Anonymous 7344

There are many type of men, but I believe most men value purity in women. What counts as purity can also have different meanings. I have read that virgin boys prefer virgin girls because they want to experience their first time with someone just as inexperienced to make it more special.

Anonymous 7346

What a shitty way to think about people. Are you dating someone because you like them personally, or do you seek to have some kind of validation from society by dating the right type of men that will boost your status? Maybe it's this kind of thinking that drives these men as outcasts.
If you don't fit in narrow and sometimes arbitrary standards, you're no-good and rotten and deserve to be shunned. Is that really how you think? Shame on you.

>What a sad platitude. Why should boys that refuse to grow up or develop any inkling of emotional awareness be given a free pass?

There are some issues that cannot be fixed by "growing up", I hope you understand this. We're not talking about disgusting bitter neckbeards who refuse to change their life style, we're talking about men who have slipped out of grid for reasons beyond their control that could be anything from social anxiety to mild astigmatism.

>Even if people are unfair to a person, they should work on themselves rather than absolving personal responsibility and blaming "society" for shunning them.

Normal guy with awkward social skills who has been bullied for all his life might find it hard if not impossible to find a girlfriend. Girls looking down on the awkward guy for being awkward is not going to make his pursuit for romance any easier. I'm not telling you what to do or who to date, but don't you think it's counterproductive to belittle these men who don't fit in society and at the same time expect them to work on things that sometimes are out of their reach?
You don't need to do much, it could be as simple as stop calling awkward men creepy and rotten. If you and your friends single out some poor guy as creepy and rotten simply for being awkward, you're just pushing him further into isolation. You don't know why he is that way, maybe he is just naturally shy, and now you just gave him one more reason not to come out of his shell.

What good does it do to kick those who are already down?

Anonymous 7347

Oh no, some loser who spends all his time alone in his bedroom will continue spending all his time alone in his bedroom. How will the world go on.

Are you a robot or something? You should know you can't sit with us.

Anonymous 7348

that's what undesirable women do. they spend years bettering themselves on a superficial level. why is it so hard for men to do the same?

Anonymous 7349

nta but (s)he's pointing to your standards, not to some isolated examples of NEETs

Anonymous 7351

>men who have slipped out of grid for reasons beyond their control that could be anything from social anxiety to mild 'tism
While some issues will not be "fixed," one hopes to manage them for self-development, or whatever one wants out of life. I get that people have their struggles. And most of the time finding any sympathy or help seems unfathomable.

>You don't need to do much, it could be as simple as stop calling awkward men creepy and rotten. If you and your friends single out some poor guy as creepy and rotten simply for being awkward, you're just pushing him further into isolation.

As a shy person who has social anxiety, I know what it's like to feel self-hatred and anguish about being liked by others. As a girl I am acutely aware of the pressure to be desirable, available, and accessible to men. This hypothetical "Normal guy with awkward social skills who has been bullied for all his life" should probably work on himself before seeking out validation from a relationship. Social skills are skills, which means that one can learn to navigate a normie/extroverted world even if one is not naturally good at it.

This seems like an issue to take up with toxic masculinity rather than ask women to tolerate awkward/"perceived as creepy" men?
Why aren't there supportive male spaces??

Anonymous 7352

supportive male spaces are places for them to bond over their misogyny

Anonymous 7353

Cause feminists protest and get shut down any place that tries.

Anonymous 7354

Source pls.

Anonymous 7355

Anonymous 7356

welp it seems as though this thread has degenerated enough without my help

Anonymous 7357


Anonymous 7358

Even if that's true it's really none of hour business or your place to stop them. How would you feel if men tried to stop women from bonding over 'misandry' with the men being in charge of determing what is considered misandry.

Anonymous 7359

because that dude is a misogynist. fuck you're dumb as shit.

Anonymous 7360

because go outside that's why, fag

Anonymous 7361

I don't know if it's productive or useful to respond to this in earnest, but this is a cherry-picked example. I do not agree with how this protest was carried out, but it isn't evidence that all attempts to have supportive (in the genuine sense, not this "self-improvement through redpill-tactics, gaming socialization stuff") spaces for men are blocked by feminists.

It also relates to how men tend to piggyback onto things feminists are doing by saying "Why won't anyone consider the boys," instead of going out and doing the activist work on behalf of males.

Why do men always deflect by changing it to "what if the power dynamic was switched, what then huh??"

Anonymous 7362

i didn't even watch this but the fact it wasn't embbed was killing me

Anonymous 7364

>that's what undesirable women do. they spend years bettering themselves on a superficial level

Nah, they end up in some female anon imageboard whining and bitching about how all men are terrible.

Anonymous Moderator 7365

No infighting, please.

Anonymous 7367

>they spend years bettering themselves on a superficial level

Oh you mean like this thread?

Anonymous 7368

That justifies screaming at some random guy's face and calling him scum?

Anonymous 7369

Alright, so we're going down this route. True lady couldn't possibly have different views than you. After all, you are the voice of all women and the spearhead of the feminine opinions.

>Oh no, some loser who spends all his time alone in his bedroom will continue spending all his time alone in his bedroom.

Is that all you have to say? I don't think that's all you have to say. It wouldn't be a problem if you let shy loners be shy loners in peace, but you just have to find new ways to bully and ostracize those who are different from you. Would you have these same ideas if there were equal amount of women being left behind from society? I don't think so.

Anonymous 7370

>This seems like an issue to take up with toxic masculinity rather than ask women to tolerate awkward/"perceived as creepy" men?

But aren't these awkward men considered creepy because they are not masculine enough in "toxic masculinity" sense? The thing about toxic masculinity is strange because we have all these feminists talk about how masculine stereotypes hurt regular men who can't add up to those macho standards, but also at the same time they look down on men who don't fit in those standards.

It's not even about tolerating awkward shy men, it's about not calling normal shy men as rotten goods just because they're not your type. We wouldn't tolerate this kind of dehumanizig thinking against women, so why do we tolerate it against men?

Anonymous 7371

A chunk of men are meant to be left behind every generation, it's nature. Evolution.

Losers removing themselves from the gene pool isn't really anyone's problem but their own. They're just doing to themselves what nature would have done. Like nature auto correcting itself after humans started getting too advanced and defying the natural order.

Anonymous 7372


boi you're really bad at pretending you're a woman

Anonymous 7373

A social darwinist on cc? I wonder how do you tolerate all the moralfaggotry then?

Anonymous 7376

There's a 90% chance you're a robot (poorly) pretending to be a woman.

But in the off chance you're not, and you love /r9k/ so much, why don't you just go over there and share your personal information with everyone who asks, let all the "poor misunderstood" virgins find your social media and real life address and show you what "nice guys" they are deep down.

Anonymous 7378

You sound like you're projecting. Generally feminists who see a problem with toxic masculinity aren't going to date those who are toxically masculine, and the feminists that I know date regular guys, ones that aren't assholes who expect a virgin bride.
Society will always value strong and masculine men, but a masculine man does not a toxic make.

Anonymous 7379

I thought "toxic masculinity" was about raping and molesting, not about wanting a virgin bride

Anonymous 7380

Just a side note that there's an in-between of awkward-non masculine and toxic masculine.

Anonymous 7381

what is not masculine about wanting a virgin bride?

Anonymous 7390

Jesus, are you a dude? You're fixating on shit that's not the point.
>expecting a virgin bride
As opposed to wanting one.

Anonymous 7391

Also no, that's not what toxic masculinity is. Behaviour that normalises men to dumb themselves down, to hyper-focus on sex and status, sleep around because it's what the boys do, not show any of their feelings, abuse women because theyre weaker, etc etc

Anonymous 7392

It shows insecurity, weakness, or mindlessness, there's a reason why men with a madonna/whore complex are mocked and avoided, especially by virgin women

Obviously its fine if you dont want to date someone who's had like 200 sex partners, but expecting nothing less than a virgin or treating a woman lessly if she isn't is retarded and will only guarantee you lonely and bitter forever

Anonymous 7395

Wanting one is pretty normal, ideally right? Im pretty sure who you're responding to is a guy because they're unable to understand the difference between feeling entitled to a clean good woman as opposed to simply liking that idea.

Anonymous 7396

>women who arent virgins aren't good and clean
What if they got raped? What's so dirty about sex that it makes a woman bad and contaminated, what if she did it with only long term partners, especially since men are known to lose their shit and constantly pressure women into sex but when she does it she's dirty and bad

Like I said, I understand if you don't want someone whos been around, but acting as if sex "ruins" women says a lot about you and your sex life, and frankly,as a virgin, I would stray away from any man who thinks having sex makes women dirty and bad

Anonymous 7397


Anonymous 7405

Sooooo, anyone got any more no bf feels that don't involve arguing?

Anonymous 7407

A guy at work gave me a hug a few weeks ago and I never realized just how male-touch-starved I was until then. Even if he's gay and I'm not attracted to him at all, the only person that hugs me is my mom and when it's a guy it's just…different.

>tfw no bf to hug tightly and probably cry into

Anonymous 7409

>Generally feminists who see a problem with toxic masculinity aren't going to date those who are toxically masculine

The whole idea of toxic masculinity is so vague it seems to be just another buzzword to be thrown around when feminists can't come up with proper explanations to why they think something is bad. Most people don't like mean and evil people, that's a given, but why lump it together with masculinity? Being an asshole is not exclusive for men you know.

I'm talking about when feminists foam how the ideal male form is restrictive to men, yet these feminists absolutely despise men who don't fit in that male form. You can see those kind of opinions in this very thread. Men having problems is a joke, something to make fun of, they're memes. But they would never make that kind of comments about women's issues. Getting pushed out of society is not a laughing matter.

For the record, I don't think there is anything wrong in liking masculine macho men, them being really macho doesn't mean they're bad men. But to bully men who can't reach to the same level, call them rotten, call them evil when they haven't done anything wrong? That's absolutely despicable, and I suggest anyone holding those thoughts to take a good look in the mirror and do some serious soul searching.

Anonymous 7410

>There's a 90% chance you're a robot (poorly) pretending to be a woman.

And there's a 100% chance you're a misogynist who is angered when women don't fall in line with your extremely narrow view of what women are like. Fuck you.

>But in the off chance you're not, and you love /r9k/ so much, why don't you just go over there and share your personal information with everyone who asks

Now you're just being wilfully ignorant and acting like a little baby. I have posted my information to r9k and made some very good friends. Yes, even a boyfriend. Of course you have to weed out lots of strange people, but that applies to all around the internet and in real life too. I didn't post my face, just my skype, and even then in selected few small threads to avoid making a huge circus about it.

>let all the "poor misunderstood" virgins find your social media and real life address and show you what "nice guys" they are deep down.

Is that what happened to you? I don't think so. You sound like someone who has never talked to a man in their whole life and gets their whole world view from teen comedies. How are you any different from robots who believe every woman hating meme they see on r9k? Do you think your sexist memes are better than their sexist meme because you get your sexist memes from a different site?
Heavens help you, it must be very stressful to live in constant bitter mode. Grow up.

Anonymous 7411

internalized misog…

yea fuck me for not thinking like a real™ woman™

Anonymous 7413

>man-hating threads in a female online space
>women defend men and see men as a varied group of people
>women tell other women that it's unhealthy to generalize men

>female-hating threads in a male online space

>all women are roasties, gold diggers or screechy feminists, no exceptions hahahaha

Anonymous 7414

That anonymous sure is a resourceful user, he literally posts and creates all threads and holds all the opinions in the world at the same time!

No but seriously. You do understand that the posts and threads in r9k are not made by one person, right? It's dishonest to tag 4chan or r9k as male online space, that is simply not true. You are also mistaken from the them of this thread, this is not a man-hate thread. Well, at least it wasn't supposed to be a man-hate thread, but hopefully this thread will demonstrate that women too can be bitter and irrational loners.

Anonymous 7416

>That anonymous sure is a resourceful user, he literally posts and creates all threads and holds all the opinions in the world at the same time!
Where did I imply this? And no, it wasn't supposed to be one but it turned into a man-hate thread towards the end.

Anonymous 7417

>Where did I imply this?

In your post. Even when there are woman-hate threads in r9k (which there are none at the moment btw) the threads are populated by maybe handful of anons, some of them disagreeing with the thread content.
Let this thread be a lesson for us all, things are not as simple as your favorite feminist blog may suggest.

Anonymous 7418


Comparing our "man hating" threads to r9k misogyny ones is ridiculous and a huge reach. Ours are tame as fuck, I wouldn't even call them man hating. We do have women defending men even here, yea, but r9k has its ~~whiteknights~~ too

Anonymous 7419

More like
>man-hating threads in a female online space
>men from /r9k/ show up anyways when they're not allowed and pretend to be women and try to convince people they're not actually bad sexists while frequenting the most sexist place in the world

Anonymous 7428

Oh here we go again. More like
>misogynist women turning against other women for not being man-hating bitches
Sometimes I think feminists and feminist minded people are the worst woman-haters. At least when robots hate women they still acknowledge them as women, but when women hate women they strip their femininity out of them as if they're not worthy of being called women. You make me sick.

Anonymous 7430

Most of /r9k/ doesn't even acknowledge women as human. And yet you defend them and say women who take offense to being dehumanized are worse? Lol not even sure what to say to that.

Anonymous 7437


I like you anon.

Anonymous 7441

>Most of /r9k/ doesn't even acknowledge women as human
>Most of /r9k/

Most of the wimbloboogleys don't even acknowledge that wammabogohobs can't insert the zobagrabos in the jonochong system. How crazy is that? I can't believe someone would just tubbagona the henagorgons with that kind of lopagorgor!

Start using your own head instead of just blindly parroting shit you overhead from someone else. You are better than this.

Anonymous 7442


Stop derailing this thread by talking about /r9k/ pls

Anonymous 7450

being celibate, or at the very least, single is underrated tbh.

from personal experience, being in a relationship only looks fun when you aren't in one. once you /are/ in one, suddenly you realize the things you took for granted when being single, such as:
> not having to worry about how your partner would feel about anything
> engaging in schadenfreude while your ho friends in relationships cry for the nth time about being left pregnant by their babydaddies
> not having to worry about appearance or etiquette and stuff like that; you're not trying to attract anyone
> being able to indulge and fully devote yourself to hobbies and careers that a partner might object to
> only having to look out for yourself
> being able to focus on your personal goals without some banshee REEEEEing why you're not home at 11, when really you're just at work
> not being distracted by sexual wiles of others
> no need to impress potential partners as well as their friends and family
> no drama in general
> being able to do whatever you want, generally

(also i really don't like that kind of stuff, but for some swinger types, they'd like being able to have casual flings and stuff like that)

Anonymous 7455

Look at this very thread. Anon here makes a comment that is not completely bitter and full of hate against men; other anons immediately suspect if she's even a woman. Considering the rules of this imageboard, I think it's safe to assume everyone here is woman by default. If you see spooky men around every corner and in everything you dislike, that's on you.

>Is it when bots refer to women as females and men as men in the same sentence, or "femoids" or their high standard of femininity

I've seen anons here refer to men as males, women as females, etc. Get over yourself, now you're just grasping straws. What even is your point here? Do two wrongs make a right? Because you saw some pathetic random robot say something mean about women and therefore you declare war on all men?

Stop with these retarded attempts to justify your embarrassing bitter world view.

Anonymous 7457

all true. I guess that people who have never dated don't see the downsides because people hardly ever discuss them to begin with. it's very easy to focus on the good things and forgetting the things you mentioned. If you really value your privacy and have little to no patience to work on your appearance or go out when you don't want to, etc these things can get to you p fast.

the thread was finally getting on track and you started to detail it again. Stop. If you want to talk about the topic make a thread. I am sure there are enough anons here willing to discuss it with you.

Anonymous 7461


Anonymous 7471

that guy is a troll, ignore imo.

I'm similar to the girl in OP, I have a bf but he lives far away and got over me a long time ago (I never got over him, still obsessed) and people tell me to break up and go for another guy, but I know it would just end the same exact way. I have a history of mental problems and luckily all the people I know IRL have told me accurately not to test my luck by going for another guy. I will always be way more into him than he is into me but eh whatever.

I think a male version of me would hate all moids (do we call them bots on here? I'm new), but I see it as just a fact of life. I fell in love and my DNA test showed I'm an unusually high oxytocin producer. Couple that in with me being a woman and that means that I'm an extreme oxytocin producer and was destined by the DNA of every cell in my body to only ever fall in love once. Slaves like me are unluckier than single girls because we can never be free, even if the guy doesn't provide anything for us or even like talking to us or hanging out with us at all.

Anonymous 7472


>Those […] who are just saying mean things are literally killing people, stalking women, finding random women to terrorize and stalk her family

Totally not making shit up, nope

Anonymous 7504

Yes anon I've been making fake news stories and making fake characters who stalk random women until they get off the internet to make r9k look bad, you showed me

Anonymous 7506

You're walking it awfully far back from murder and stalking now.

Anonymous 7508

Girls have done the same things to guys before for the same reason but you don't call man hating anons harmful and mentally insane. The only reason we see more guys lashing out like this is because the floor is lower for them while their ceilings are higher.

Anonymous 7509

You're talking like no woman has ever done anything similar to men. Besides, read the murder statistics and you will see most of the murder victims are men. Yeah, man-on-man murders, but the victims are still mostly men. You came up with a very specific scenario where a guy -from real life example of not- did something awful, and now you stretch that scenario thin over all men.

Anonymous 7510



No, you turned this into "us vs. them", and you just can't handle it when your psychotic world view contradicts with reality. You cannot comprehend the idea of woman disagreeing with your little world, and then you rationalize that the woman disagreeing with you cannot actually be a woman.
Instead of actually adressing my points you just point fingers and accuse me of being "them".

>Men come to this board all the time and make comments like those, its an anonymous image board, its not like she said you're a unicorn or bigfoot or anything, it doesn't make her ~crazy~ that a common occurrence here,

Probably, maybe the person I responded is secretly a man trying to make women look hysterical and irrational. Have you thought about that? We can't just go around throwing accusations, because even if someone is a man anonymously posting here (which I'm not), in the basic level of communication it shouldn't matter if you're actually here for the communication. I'm all for having a nice little sisterhood club where we can talk about things girl to girl, but with this hysterical screeching and complete rejection of logic and reason you're just brewing up a circlejerk. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to be part of that kind of community.

>people are often suspicious of when someone shows signs of, which you did

Oh great, here we go again. Am I not ~feminine~ enough for you? Well excuse me, madam. You remind me of those ~girly girls~ from high school who bullied me for liking icky boy stuff such as Star Wars novels and chess.

>And? I've seen some pretty misogynistic women, I've only ever seen women refer men as males when men do it

>its a million times more common for men to call women females

Please, now you're just making things up. I understand your frustration and I agree it's cringy to see feeeeeeeeeeeeeemales being used to refer to women, but now you're just pulling numbers out of your ass. Stop reading so much of those incel cringe threads, you will just poison your own mind. Do you think those hardcore misogynist groups get their ideas from experiences with women? Oh no no no, they get their ideas from bitter people, and they will believe it all because they don't know any better and soon they don't even want to know any better.

>then when I point out actual stripping of femininity, you cry and tell me to get over myself

Your "point" was essentially about
>b-b-b-b-b-b-b-but men do it TOO and sometimes WORSE!!!11
which is just a pathetic cop out. Yes, I know there are awful men who at worst see women as nothing but human shaped objects, but how in the hell does that justify the questioning of my femininity? The whole shit boils down to the fact that you attempted to nullify my point by questioning my femininity. There was nothing in my post indicating me being a male except the targets of projections of a very bitter anon who cannot comprehend the idea of a woman having her own thoughts.

>Those innocent wittle bots who are just saying mean things are literally killing people, stalking women, finding random women to terrorize and stalk her family and shit

I believe I specifically said that it's wrong to brush all shy nerds with the same hateful brush because of a vocal minority. Did I ever defend rapists, murderers, and other disgusting wrongdoers? No, but you think I do because I don't play with your rules.

>at least man hating anons are the only ones actually only saying mean things, bots and incels are harmful and mentally insane

So it's okay when you do it? Are women so weak and helpless in your mind that they're nothing but talk? Have you really never seen or read a single woman ever do anything wrong against a man? No wonder you think I'm a man, you think I'm a man because I don't see myself as a helpless weakling.

>why you choose to defend them then handmaiden them from the big mean crazy women is beyond me.

I'm not defending rapist and murderers just because I think it's wrong to accuse innocent boys of doing things they haven't even done, that's the complete opposite of it. I absolutely despise those who hurt and take advantage of others, in which case it makes it even more important to defend those who are innocent. I don't know how I can make this any clearer for you.
And "handmaiden"? C'mon now, just call me a house negro so that everyone in this thread can see what you really think about me.

Anonymous 7513

Oh great, here we go again. Am I not ~feminine~ enough for you? Well excuse me, madam. You remind me of those ~girly girls~ from high school who bullied me for liking icky boy stuff such as Star Wars novels and chess.
This is exactly what I mean, its an anonymous image board, you talk like a bot, you get accused of being one, not because you're not feminine enough, get over yourself

>So it's okay when you do it? Are women so weak and helpless in your mind that they're nothing but talk?

Can you be more of a strawman? On what planet does pointing out misandrist women do less harm than misogynistic men = women are weak and helpless!!!
It honestly just seems like you can't put up a decent argument without going out of your way to twist my words

Anonymous 7564


>tfw another night of hugging a pillow wishing it could hug back

Anonymous 7566


male detected

Anonymous 7567

Try this.
>put multiple pillows on blanket
>roll self into it
>wrap tightly until satisfied

Anonymous 7568

me every night

Anonymous 7571

But you'll always know the pillow isn't a living object that actually wants to hug you back and that's what really matters.

Anonymous 7581

It's just a way to improvise a homemade hug-box, out of some common household items. Stuff like this makes for some good temporary relief, and can help keep you sane for just a bit longer.

Anonymous 7628

Makw a tinder…or Okcupid

Anonymous 7635

Finding them is one thing but how do you interact with them irl

Anonymous 7640

From my personal experience this is the worst thing ever. Tinder is mainly for hookups, so the guys will try to use you for sex and not go any further. OKCupid, well the guys on there who actually want girlfriends are usually ugly or incels, and the good-looking/normie ones use it to hook up. Sorry XD I've always been extremely socially anxious and thought dating apps were my only hope, but meeting someone IRL turned out to be the solution to my loneliness.

I met my BF at Uni. We were complete strangers who sat next to each other in class for months, until one day he asked me out to lunch on a whim . We've been together for 3 years and moved in together last summer. Idk sometimes it just happens like that!

Anonymous 7643

how to get used 101

Anonymous 7649

>just do nothing and a guy will appear out of nowhere and solve all your problems
Oh so it's that simple huh?
Yeah why didn t I think of that…

Anonymous 7653

>do nothing

Do something! Just don't do it online! Okay?

Anonymous 7654

To be fair, said anon's bf was the one who initiated.
It's not as simplistic as "a guy will appear out of nowhere and solve all your problems," but she didn't exactly explain what she "did."

Anonymous 7655


please don't install OKcupid, anything else at all but not OKcupid, i got so many messages on there like the one from pic related.

later on i also received messages from some creepy 62yo man spamming my inbox for 1week straight even tho i never replied to him, he just kept spamming me, asking my age, asking if i'd want to come over to his house and drink together and then ''fool around'' , you get the idea, that place is a junkyard.

Anonymous 7656

be out and about in the world, around people, and something will happen organically. damn near guaranteed.

Anonymous 7657

this is the best advice, or make friends on social media then find a guy worth dating who isn't a thirstbag

Anonymous 7658

That is probably too vague for girls who struggle socially.

What makes social media better than dating apps? It's all the same crappy dudes.

Anonymous 7660

I didn't do anything besides exist and get asked out. It was pure luck. Sorry I don't have any wing-woman advice for you, or if my story makes you jealous/confused.

Thank you

Anonymous 7661

>decent looking 20-something white guy, still single
>has an undercut (probably alt-right/poltard)
>using OkCupid to pick up/harass women
>in Japan of all places (yellow fever??)

Jesus Christ, your screencap sums up millenial men and the current dating scene way too perfectly

Anonymous 7667

Depending on your age, it's probably going to take a longer amount of time to learn your social skills than it would take in your adolescent days. You just have to start now, or it'll take even longer. It's already an incline, so you might as well start climbing, before you're trying to scale a cliff. Please get out there!
There is no way that thing is white. I mean, he probably thinks he is, and judging from his looks, it's obvious he's insecure about that and his yellow fever. Looks kind of like he's sucking on one of those big jawbreakers from ed edd and eddy.

Anonymous 7670

What? He's very clearly a white person.

Anonymous 7672

I don't know. His appearance just seems uncanny. Like he's modeled himself, sculpted himself to look white, but it's just so off-putting. I'm getting creeped out.

Anonymous 7673


I admit that the undercut has generally been fashionable for the past several years among many different types of guys. But literally every alt right guy I have seen has gotten that haircut too, probably because of the style's association with Nazi Germany. Also, hispter/alternative/lefty guys can have a diverse variety of hairstyles (like long messy hair or K-pop bowlcuts). But look at any pic or video of /pol/tards, and it's like a Wehrmacht LARPing festival.

Anonymous 7674

I'm only pointing out that vague suggestions on "go outside! talk to people!" are probably not the most helpful for anyone who struggles with social anxiety or self esteem.
Though my advice would be to tell them that focusing so much on not having a significant other is not a productive use of time.

Anonymous 7675

Damn I can't unsee the jawbreaker bump now. Also I get what you mean about this guy looking a little exotic… Maybe he's mixed, like part Latino or something? I knew a guy in HS who had a Guatemalan mother and "German" father. He claimed to be a white nationalist even though he looked predominantly central American Indian (even more than some half black people look black). He also only dated Asian girls… But white power y'all, amirite??

Anonymous 7678

I don't think that anyone here who has suggested "getting out more" is in the wrong. It can really help you meet new people and get a bigger perspective on the world. Not just in regard to getting a boyfriend, but also making friends and networking in general.

One of the biggest issues I noticed with our generation, or at least everyone that grew up with internet access, is a spark in antisocial behavior. Many of us are anxious, have low self esteem, can't relate to people, etc, and in addition many of us rarely leave our rooms. That leaves plenty of time for us to sit around and browse the internet, obsessing over edited images of other people & worrying about what we don't have, having our sexuality warped by porn & weird niche fetishes we discovered from forums and blogs, and forming our identities around text and images rather than face2face interactions and real world experiences.

Look, I hate to look at the past with rose tinted glasses, but my parents and their parents were all very awkward, nerdy and/or religious teens back in their day. But they STILL managed to date people. Young people actually had to get out and meet other young people. They went parties, concerts, the park, the mall, fast food restaurants, and did camp type activities during the summer. Do any of us ever get out that much? Doubt it. And no I don't think it's our fault we now live in the kind of world we do, we didn't create it. But I think a lot of the technology we've been handed has turned us into hermits with very high or low expectations for relationships, it's negatively affecting how we make friends and find intimate partners. Like even if we get out and socialize, many of us are already too fucked in the head.

…Idk, that's just my piece of mind. Feel free to disagree.

Anonymous 7679

You can't "sculpt" your skin color. Or your eye color. If that guy isn't white then what is he? White are the requirements to be white instead then according to you?

Anonymous 7681

I wonder if the internet then also sucks up initiative in real life.

So I want to meet more people, real people in the real world, so I looked at my hobbies. I like reading so maybe a reading club? But in this city of 100,000 people I cannot find a reading circle that doesn't charge a fee (wtf). Probably I should start one myself with a selection of books I'd like to read but I'm not the person to start such a thing.

Anonymous 7689

Like someone noted above, he looks kind of mixed. There's really nothing more to it than that.
Just a smalltown girl? Living in a lonely world? Just start participating in corny wholesome events, like the corn husking, corn-off, or corn fairs. There's gotta be something going on in town, or nobody would be alive!

Anonymous 7695

…Just what do you think a town of 100,000 people is? Is that really your idea of "small"?

Anonymous 7700


Anonymous 7703

Well I live in a town of 2000 people, I assure you we have lives outside of corn.
And even 2000 is big compared to some of the other towns around the area, some of them have double digit populations.

I swear city people just never have any perspective about anyone or anything outside of their own life.

Anonymous 7708

I'm just bad with numbers. Please don't lynch me.

Anonymous 7713

Maybe just lower your standards.

Anonymous 7717

If you have realistic standards, do not lower them. You'll only get someone you won't like in the long run or you aren't even compatible with from the get go. However, if your standards look more like a checklist then they made need some examination.

Anonymous 7718


This, is a picture of a city with a roughly 100,000 population.

Like, the fact that you can hear 100,000 people and assume "Oh so like, everyone must be a farmer and go to the corn fair cause that's such a tiny population" is just blowing my mind.

Anonymous 7723

Don't do that.
Please stop.

Anonymous 7739

>guys on there who actually want girlfriends are usually ugly or incels

have you talked to those guys to know they are virgins?, you sound pretty shallow and rude, don't judge a book by it's cover.

Anonymous 7740


Hi I'm >>7472

I'm not a man though :(

Anonymous 7741

If you can't find someone maybe it's a sign your standards aren't realistic though.

Anonymous 7752

Eh, my standards aren't high…just very specific (shy gentle skelly boy).
Majority of women just want a guy who isn't a misogynist, has some type of job, is clean, isn't morbidly obese, and is nice to talk to.
>tfw most guys I know have a gf, including the recent ex-drug abuser and chubby neckbeard who is a mcd's manager
They're both nice people, though. And, no, not Chad.

Anonymous 7766

Sorry for coming off as rude, I didn't into enough detail. From my personal experience, as well as the experiences of other females I know who have been on OKC, there is only a small percentage of normal guys on there who actually want to date. Otherwise it's mostly guys who A) want to get in your pants immediately (regardless of their looks), or B) guys who get obsessed and clingy with the idea of you falling in love them, who are typically (for lack of a better term) desperate or not the best looking guys. And if you do the math, average guys who treat women well and want relationships with them are probably snatched up already, or wouldn't need the app in the first place.

Again, sorry for being shallow or rude, but that's just the experience my circle of friends had on OKC. Also this was like 3-4 years ago if that makes any difference.

Anonymous 7781

>no friends
Fuck, I only have one myself and rarely speak with him. We can cling to each other.
>no job
I'd honestly be fine with supporting a guy financially once I graduate and start my career. That would be cute. Fucking ideal.

But the thing is, these NEET loser guys almost always have a moral compass very different than my own. They usually abuse drugs, hate women, can't see a problem with child rape, generally lack empathy, etc.

So, they aren't
And even so, they never leave the house so how am I supposed to find them without having to enter a LDR?
Perhaps my standards are too high.

Anonymous 7783

>generally lack empathy
I usually assume most people who end up like that, lacking empathy or sympathy, etc. is either the result of too many failed relationships or maybe just failed friendships where they got fucked over or hurt by people. Had similar stuff happen, got therapy for it and my psychs would always refer to it as me putting up some sort of ''wall'' that just sort of blocks out any attempt at showing proper emotions because I'm scared of ending up getting hurt again like I did in the past.

Still shitty either way if they'd claim to love you but still wouldn't be able to put that wall down at least for you.

Anonymous 7785

You seem to be pretty harsh when it comes to judging a man for his physical appearance.

I'm not telling you to settle down for an ugly, deformed man, but there is more in the word that just looks.

Anonymous 7786

I mean, perhaps it's hypocritical in my case since I also fell for the training-self-to-be-edgy-and-feel-nothing-for-others-bc-all-my-experiences-with-the-opposite-sex-and-people-in-general-sucked meme, but I at least have some humanity left in me.
I don't go out of my way to watch snuff, and stories about abused children still get to me. I also could not cheat on a partner, even if trusting him would be impossible.
I'd gladly beat him if he was into it, though.

Anonymous 7791

That wasn't even remotely my point at all. I was just making a statement about the dating pool available on some apps and certain trends I noticed. Not even with a big emphasis on looks, just making note that a lot of guys on there are creepy or use women. Calm down.

Anonymous 7793


>Calm down


Anonymous 7795

If you have to resort to dating apps you're probably not too much of a catch yourself.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous 7800


Anonymous 7815


As >>7747 said, there is a multitude of reasons. Dating has now come down to a numbers game, where meeting as many people as possible might yield a connection.
The downside is that many shitty people are not vetted.

Things that increase one's chances are having a community or friends that know other single people and will introduce you. Not only to match-make, but exposure to different groups of people.

Anonymous 7816

I was on Tinder and OkCupid for like 5 minutes after a breakup, just out of curiosity cause my pals used it. Then I met someone great irl & we've been together for 3 years. Haven't needed to go back on since. Just sayin' :)

Anonymous 7820

You had a boyfriend before hand and got a new one 5 minutes later. You clearly didn't "resort" to either app then so I don't see your point.

Anonymous 7865


What if you're just a very introverted person who has solitary passions and studied something that had few of the opposite gender? I know those attributes mean I'm not a catch to most normies, but if I could find someone like that… they'd be a catch to me.

Anonymous 7868

If they have to resort to dating apps, they're probably not too much of a catch, themselves.

You won't find anyone like yourself there. Don't waste your time.

Anonymous 7869

I was just trying to tell people not to be hypocrites. Cause in this thread I've seen a lot of.
>I can't get a date
>Use a dating app
>No way all the guys there are losers who can't get dates in real life
Well gee just like you then. You can't look down on guys for using dating apps if you're also on the exact same dating app.

It's like getting put in special ed class and then complaining how everyone else is so retarded. Newsflash: You're retarded too, that's why you're in special ed.

Anonymous 7872


I wasn't in the special ed classroom because I'm special ed, I stepped in the special ed classroom because I was curious to see what special ed kids were like.

Anonymous 7879

It depends on the pool of available people to choose from. If your pool of 'candidates' is low, then your standards may need to be arbitrarily lowered. If the pool is large, your standards can be kept closer to your ideal with some wiggle room to align with reality.

Anonymous 7889

Sometimes I'm "yeah, whatever", but sometimes I'm like "I'm going to die alone having never shared an intimate moment with anyone".

Anonymous 7891

What do you want in an intimate moment?

Anonymous 7904


Bah, everyone in the special ed class says the same thing

Anonymous 7906

A hug and a fist bump (post sundown).

Anonymous 7976

unnamed (6).gif

i wanna have loving sex. or any nice sex tbh.

Anonymous 7977

No you don't, anon. You want more than that. You want someone that you can waste your time with, support through difficulties, and inevitably reproduce with. Someone who you can trust with your own life beyond any doubt, who you will never want to leave your side, nor leave the side of.

There's no need to regress your desires to such lowly forms of instant gratification. You'd only feel a sense of loss, and grief if you were to get only an orgasm, and nothing more.

It's not too late to meet somebody.

Anonymous 7987

You are right about everything. I just feel really touch starved. Thank you, anon

Anonymous 7989

Well she did say she wanted loving sex. Presumably that means she wants someone that loves her, and then to also have sex with that person.

Anonymous 7990

It's my pleasure, anon.

Any idea of what's making you so lustful?

Anonymous 7993

I wouldn't really say I am lustful, more like needy and so desperate to be touched and shown some sort of love that I want to experience loving sex.
That is exactly what I want

Anonymous 7994

Then what's making you want that so badly, anon?

Anonymous 7995

Not her but affection and sex are pretty basic human desires. I don't see what's so confusing about why someone would want them.

Anonymous 7997

Something's got to be riling her up. Could be on television, tbe internet, or maybe even IRL. People don't just enter heat like animals out of the blue. We have consciences.

Are you having bad thoughts, anon?

Anonymous 7999

Prolonged loneliness finally boiling over, if I had to guess.

Anonymous 8000

I don't think anything is "riling me up", I just feel in need of affection and human touch, I haven't been hugged by someone in probably over a year and even then it was a quick formal hug.

Anonymous 8001

Guess is correct.
Why would you even remember that particular hug so well?

Anonymous 8002

What is wrong with you?

Anonymous 8003

I just want to understand more before I try to give any advice. Sorry if I come across as a bit too inquisitive.

Anonymous 8004

Probably because it was the last time I felt a human touch me, not even my parents are very loving

Anonymous 8008

Tell me your pain, anon. Your parents. The last time you were hugged. I want to know.

Anonymous 8010


Seconded. This "inquisitive" anon strikes me as either naive and trying to be a message board therapist, or even something more manipulative (strikes me as grooming). Sorry if that's a total paranoid stretch, I'm just getting those vibes.

Anonymous 8014

>message board therapist
This is the advice and venting board, anon. Give me a break.

Anonymous 8021

where the hell did you even get that part. You're right you're super paranoid and sounds like you have problems of your own. Lol anon was just trying to help damn

Anonymous 8022

jeez, inquisitive-chan was just giving anon the opportunity to speak about what's bothering them while gaining insight so they could understand more and maybe give better advice. how is that a bad thing

Anonymous 8025

i've been seeing that persons posts across the board and the feel i get is that it's someone trying to start really personal discussions with people as fast as possible so they can ask for contact info. they're just not having any success.

Anonymous 8029

I don't want contact. This is an anonymous imageboard, and I honestly believe attempting to make contact at all on these kinds of sites should be against the rules.

Anonymous 8035


This is the feeling I got too, that they were working up towards private contact. I said "grooming" because of the sexual nature of the questions about "bad thoughts" and being "lustful". I'm sorry for derailing. I just got suspicious and wanted to say something in case it might be true. Backing off now.

Anonymous 8036

images (9).jpeg

Dramatic rant incoming:

I want to fall in love with a man who respects me, cares about me and loves me just as much as I love him. I want to make his life brighter and happier, and grow old with him. Play with his hair, watch fireworks, go on trips, cook together, raise a child and kittens, and snuggle with him during wintertime.
But it probably won't happen. I am friendless outside the internet, I am a loner and never leave the house unless I really have to. I don't have friends who could help me with it, and going on a date with someone from tinder or another website or app for dates doesn't sound appealing to me. Part of me feels like I'd be taken advantage of (again).

I always find something bad enough to prevent me from trying to give men a chance to be together with. One was already a father who didn't want to have any more kids if things got serious, another guy seemed very promiscuous and untrustworthy. Not that men showing real interest in me is normal or a regular occurrence.
I've never had sex or any sort of real physical intimacy except for kissing a friend a few times when I was a younger. I am in my twenties and I feel defeated. I know I am pretty girl and that I have a generally likeable personality… So what is wrong with me? Maybe I am boring, or uglier than I think? Is "you need to lower your standards" meme real? If it is real, should I just settle for a man who doesn't seem to be what I want and hope for the best? I mean, I know many things are wrong with me, but I just wish this whole finding someone you like was easier to accomplish. It seems easy enough for most people.
Whenever I find someone who seems like a match, I know I will never be with him. Whether he lives far, doesn't seem to correspond, is interested in another girl, or something else. It seems like bad luck sometimes. My last relationship was over the internet and so traumatic. I wish I could learn to enjoy my seemingly forever alone status, or find him, if he's out there.
Is love, the way I picture it, even possible? I've always thought the answer was yes, but I'm growing so tired of waiting and being disappointed.
I want to have someone who will never lie to me because he wants to be open and honest, and I don't want to lie to him either. I want to trust him and know that I am safe with him. I want to sleep at night knowing that he will be there for me when I wake up the next morning, and that his love won't fade away for no reason.

Being so lonely is making me sink into depression. Sometimes I close my eyes and hold an imaginary conversation. I just want to hear a warm voice sometimes.

Anonymous 8037

Write down what you want and then write down ways to obtain it. Write how you imagine your life will be if you accomplish your goal. Write how you imagine your life will be if you don't accomplish your goal.

Don't rely on random chance to fulfill your dreams. Don't just think about this.

Grab a pencil and start writing.

Anonymous 8038

Everyone have the same problem today anon.

Making genuine friends or finding a s/o, its getting harder and the internet just makes it easier ignore the issue.

Dont sit down and wait for random chance to solve your problem, because it wont. You need to go out, and also think outside the box, if you want to achieve anything. But its worth it, plenty of anons here have done it before and so can you!

Anonymous 8039

>So what is wrong with me?
I feel like you already spelled it out pretty clearly.
You avoid people and then even when guys do break through the wall you put up, you shoot them down.

Like imagine trying to go fishing but you refuse to go anywhere near a lake, and even when fish jump out of the water and flop their way across land to deliver themselves to you you just kick them back away and then complain you can't find any fish. Pretty dumb imho.

Anonymous 8044

How is that dumb in her case? Should she get with a man who is "untrustworthy" and clearly likely to cheat just because she's lonely? She explained pretty well why she doesn't stay with them.

Anonymous 8046


This was my result.

Anonymous 8048


>tfw one more year until I'm a wizard (witch)
I can laugh about it with my friends, but it's certainly not normal. Even after being in one relationship for over a year, nothing ever happened (mostly because we were teenagers and didn't feel ready). But now, with few dates under my belt and a bad case of social awkwardness, I'm destined to become a cat lady. Or maybe not…we shall see.

Anonymous 8049

I think it's sorceress, actually, but yes. Wait and see.

Anonymous 8051

I've got five years ahead of me, but I'm not very hopeful. I just need a black cat.

Anonymous 8053

Aesthetic af.

Anonymous 8071

Are you a girl? How do you spend your free time? What is your favorite song? Are you a neet, do you have a job?

Anonymous 8077

Anon sure showed that "manon" how things are done around here with hysterical fearmongering. Blown the fuck out! If only she had added reaction picture of a overweight man with brimmed hat, that would had been the absolute nail in the coffin. Undercover men blown the fuck out!

Anonymous 8078

>your standards are actually too high, which is rare for women
>which is rare for women


Anonymous 8114

Thank you for the advice, you are both sweet.

Anonymous 8120

Even the amazing atheist and his ugly ass got tons of pussy before his efame, if youre a guy and not getting laid its not because womens standards are too high

Anonymous 8121

Isn't he like 6'6

Anonymous 8125

And why do you automatically believe her that he's untrustworthy and not that she might just be paranoid?

Anonymous 8137

>>your standards are actually too high, which is rare for women

"Woman only care about character" might be world's oldest meme with ironic origins. Both Tinder and okcupid independently released statistics which show half of the guys consider 50% as above/below average whilst women consider 80% below average. 80%… Someone wrote an interesting post comparing this with economic inequalities of this world and concluded that, objectively, you're wrong. Sure, a high verbal IQ and charisma will increase your chances, not saying personality is irrelevant. It's just overblown to such extreme extends because big groups of people are not capable of self-reflection.


Anonymous 8139

Attractive guys don't stay single for long. Sorry but I don't wanna be a bottom feeder, I'd rather be alone.

Anonymous 8150

So even an 8/10 guy is "the bottom" to you?
And you'll still believe your standards are reasonable?

Anonymous 8151

Amazing Atheist is literally one guy, not every guy. There are superficial men just like ther are superficial women. I just found it odd how someone could write that self-congratulating comment about women with straight face in otherwise fine post.

Anonymous 8152

I know a single man in astigmatism spectrum who looks quite handsome but is shy as fuuuuuuck. I think most women women assume he's taken because he never approaches them, or acts coldly when getting approached.

Anonymous 8154

Yes there's superficial people everywhere, fucking post malone is ugly and millions of girls want to fuck him, womens standards are lower than ever but men still cry about it

No shit, dating sites, most of the time are for people who just wanna sleep around, if you aren't attractive its better to find someone you relate better with and can develop a relationship based on emotions vs on dating sites where most people are just looking for someone to fuck, but men just expect beautiful women to show up at their doorstep and cry about womens standards when they dont, yes humans like attractive people, get over it

That's not even close to what they said at all

Anonymous 8156

>fucking post malone is ugly and millions of girls want to fuck him, womens standards are lower than ever but men still cry about it

Isn't post malone really rich and famous? I hope you understand that the girls he supposedly bangs are most likely not into his personality or looks, but his massive fortune. Or maybe he's just a really sweet guy who happens to have 100 girlfriends, I don't know. But I do know that regular guys who look like post malone will not get the same attention.
It's not fair to compare celebrity gangbangs to everyday social dynamics, those megastars are not looking for girlfriends or wives, and the people banging those stars are not looking for their life partners either.

Anonymous 8158

Guys probably think the same of you.

Anonymous 8231

>I am a loner and never leave the house unless I really have to.

Case closed.

Anonymous 8233

I think you're still missing the whole "rich and famous" part of this.

Anonymous 8234


I don't know who many of those other men are, but Johnny Depp is a really famous movie star with lots of money and high status. Again, I don't think the many "girflriends" of Johnny Depp are after his looks or fantastic personality…
Oh and by the way, wasn't he considered one of the hottest pretty boys in the 90s?

Anonymous 8241

I want to be kissed.

Anonymous 8245

Have you ever kissed someone before?

Anonymous 8255

Many years ago.

Anonymous 8260

What was it like?

Anonymous 8261

My best friend told me he liked me, so we kissed under a tree. It was his first kiss, too. I wasn't nervous at all.

Anonymous 8262

That's really sweet anon, I wish I had some good memories like that

Anonymous 8263

I hope you do someday! Thank you.

Anonymous 8266

Well, at least you know what it was like. I hope you find someone you can kiss for a long, long time.

Anonymous 8273

>we are talking about looks, aren't we?

Yeah but you keep bringing up celebrities who live a whole different kind of social life than us regulars. Weird looking ugly guy celebrity is not just a weird looking ugly guy; he's a weird looking ugly guy with high status and lots of money. You must also understand that the women that go after those kind of men are not looking for boyfriends, they probably don't give rats ass what the guy looks like as long as they get to have a night in big mansion and live that sweet celebrity life.

Anonymous 8274

johnny depp.jpg

>good way to debunk yourself
How did I debunk myself? Do you not know what Johnny Depp looked like in the 90s? I know what he looks like these days, but look at this picture of him from the early 90s. Is this not a good looking man? Now imagine this face plus million dollars. Even in his roles where he played a mentally ill character or just a plain inhuman robot he was still a pretty boy. Edward Scissorhands wouldn't be the same if he was played by someone like Chris Farley.
>minecraft drug addict looking asses are considered hot if you're a man
Really? Are you absolutely sure? I know scruffy unkempt masculine features are popular among some women, but even then the guy has to look somewhat healthy and normal looking to be considered sexy. Don't make the mistake of thinking popular youtube gamer being popular because of sexual attraction.

I'm starting to think you're either wilfully ignorant, or you have a chip size of texas on your shoulder. Get a grip!

Anonymous 8276

I'll admit to it, my standards are ridiculous and I'm a shallow bitch. Physical attraction is right next to morality for me when it comes to guys. And, yes, I do in fact find ~8/10 men that I see around me unattractive/undateable.

I will only date tiny South Asian men and no one can stop me. I will not settle.

Anonymous 8280


>hideous men like johnny depp
>xxxtentacion is….ugly
you are delusional.

Anonymous 8284

Anonymous 8285


Not going to talk on his personal life, he did bad stuff.

But damn he was cute.

Anonymous 8286


Dyed hair gen z trappers are the best bfs, except smokepurpp maybe

Anonymous 8288

what do you see in him, he has scary eyes

Anonymous 8299

>tfw I get judged for liking conventionally attractive white Chads yet girls get wet for this scumbag

>I will only date tiny South Asian men and no one can stop me. I will not settle.
I'd love to know the story behind this one.

Anonymous 8301

Yeah I can't relate to thinking this guy is attractive either. He looks like a criminal lul.

Anonymous 8303

There's no story, I just find them the cutest.
I was kind of making a joke since I fit the 80/20 rule despite not desiring Chad.

Anonymous 8304

>what do you see in him

-neck tat
-his hair
-strong eyes (you said scaryy but eh, also dark eyes are nice to me cuz opposites attract?)
-that song "I like it when they run"
-Not a race fetishist or anything, but nice skin tone
-he, or at least his music persona, comes off as tough yet sensitive
-nice face angles, good jaw and cheekbones

Anonymous 8305

I see what you mean. He's not ugly at all and does have nice facial features & colouring. I just can't get over all the horrendous shit I know about him. That plus I've always been into cleaner cut guys without dyed hair/tattoos/piercings. To each their own I guess.

Anonymous 8306

They are cute, I just thought the way you worded that was funny. I think someone else on a dating or venting thread on LC mentioned liking them too.

Anonymous 8315

That was probably me, actually.
I'm pretty thirsty and like to vent about it when the opportunity presents itself.

Anonymous 8318


Uggo, would absolutely not bang/love. Any guy who makes himself look like a drug addict on purpose is off my list.

Pic related is more my type.

Anonymous 8346

>But i thought all womens standards are unreasonably high and no exceptions?

I never said that. I have acknowledged that there are women who have unreasonably high standards just like there are men who have equally unreasonable standards, but I have no idea where you came up with this assumption that I think all women have such high standards.

>You keep proving yourself wrong my dude, just drop it and admit most womens standards are low

How do I keep proving myself wrong? You keep bringing up rihc celebrities who get attention from party babes and gold diggers, as if that somehow proves women's standards are low while completely ignoring that hose women don't give a single fuck what the guy looks like as long as he can provide them expensive clothing and nights in mansions. Then there's also the girls who find him genuinely attractive, but those are the kind of girls who kiss their favorite moviestar poster a good night before going to bed, not the kind of girls who throw themselves at anyone with a bulging wallet. I proved this by pointing out that Johnny Depp was actually a quite pretty man back in the days.

I think most womens standards are normal standards. By normal standards I mean someone who can see anyone average/regular looking as a potential partner, someone who is not exclusively turned on by supermodels or swamp monsters.
It also gets very tricky in this kind of thinking because looks are for most part subjective, as proven in this thread. But people generally find healthy looking people attractive, even if they have messy hair and dirty clothes. Trust me, there are men who find unkempt cat ladies the ideal woman just like there are women who like bearded computer hackers.

>you keep trying to prove womens standards are unreasonably high and you have yet to prove that

I'm not, and I'm not saying they're unreasonably high. You're the one bringing up celebrities and women chasing their wallets as if that proves something about women's stanrads. Some big youtube gamer getting lots of attention doesn't mean he's getting attention because he's attractive to his audience, but because the audience finds him funny. Sometimes being funny and charming can boost looks, but that's besides the point, though it should perhaps work as a reminder that you should try to learn to look beyond the looks and see the person inside.

If you get rejected by someone because they don't find you the dream babe, to hell with those guys. They can go fuck themselves. You shouldn't even think about those guys, they're obviously superficial assholes and not worthy of you, no matter what you look like.

Anonymous 8350

Lmao some of y'all sound mad bitter.

Anonymous 8351


Anonymous 8352

And you sound like an asshole.

Anonymous 8353

I'm >>8078 the other one is from someone else, and even then the statistics are based on tinder which imo should be considered as separate plane from real life dating.
>those are sugar babies, if you really believe most women are sugar babies you need to step outside for once

What are you talking about?! I know they are sugar babies, that's my entire point! They're into those celebrities because they are RICH, not because they find those men attractive. Sure the celebrities are sometimes good looking too, but it's still the sugarbabies who flock those men in their mansions.

>then wtf are you on about? I will ask, once again, do you even know what you're talking about or are you backpedaling?

You're now lumping me with someone else, because my entire argument has been that the statement in "your standards are actually too high, which is rare for women" is wrong. Not because I think women have high standards, but because of the of "it being rare for women to have high standards" part. As if women are so perfect that the mere notion of vanity must be pointed out as some kind of abnormality when it's very common that people will judge people based on looks, men and women.
It being common doesn't mean everyone does it, it just means it's a realistic everyday occurance that someone will get rejected and or judged simply by their looks.

>gosh you're annoying why are you even debating me ?

Because I refuse to believe someone doesn't understand social or relationship dynamics. It blows my mind that there is somoene out there who thinks sleazy billionaire gets laid because women finds him attractive, not because he has the money to attract sugar babies. I find it absolutely baffling.

>if womens standards are as high as everyone says most celebrities wouldn't get a drop of attention nor would they be famous in the first place

Not everything is about sex or attraction. People go to see movies for the story, not to get their panties wet. You're putting the cart before the horse. Icky sleazy guy will have hard time getting laid, but icky sleazy rich famous guy will get attention from sugarbabies. When you see those sugarbabies flockig him, you make the mistake of thinking women in general find him attractive.

>I though the personality thing was just a big meme and all women want are chad

Stop believing in memes. Real men and women are not crude mspaint caricatures.

Anonymous 8362


The person you fall in love with is a high-school drop out wizard who probably has mommy issues and a point to prove. But on the levels of trying to please as a puppy and sweet to boot.
Guess beggars can't be choosers.

Anonymous 8364

>Stop believing in memes. Real men and women are not crude mspaint caricatures.

For real though. If you go out in the real world you'll notice that most humans and your dating options are, for lack of a better term, normies. There isn't this huge dichotomy between ugly bottom-feeder forum lurkers and conventionally attractive pussy slayers, as delusional hermits seem to think. There is a huge spectrum with infinite varieties of looks, personalities, and interests people can have. So big that you can't even place them on a scale of Chad vs. incel (or Stacey vs. fembot). If you feel the need to shove men and women in a small select number of boxes like that, then you're doing too much black and white thinking and/or spending too much time on the internet.

Anonymous 8387

There is a reason the average "how many different sex partners have you had" between age 18 and 65 is about 20 people

Anonymous 8394

I'm not from NZ, but I'm best friends with a girl who's had at least 10 in her early 20s

I've only had two, I'm not super popular

Anonymous 8398

I know a girl who is vocal about having over 23 in her early twenties, but she's regarded as very promiscuous to most. Not to shame her, she seems proud of it herself kek.

But like other anon said, the average in the US is ~7. Most people I know seem to have ~3 in their early twenties, promiscuous partiers bringing the average up and turbovirgins (like me) bringing it down.

Anonymous 8429


mfw not even robots want me
t. permavirgin fembot

Anonymous 8433

>robots don't want this
I don't get it. Are your elbows too pointy?

Anonymous 8438

I wish I knew the answer, too. I have no idea, but I probably don't show any interest – even when I do like them – and they decide to ghost me. I don't like taking risks and they don't take the first step.

Anonymous 8441

>Doesn't show any interest
>"No one wants me"
Wouldn't it make sense for the person you're talking to to interpret a lack of interest as a sign that says "Fuck off loser, it isn't happening"? I don't understand your point, are you saying you'd rather them hound you mercilessly, even when you don't seem to be accepting of their advances, as a way to prove that they're really committed?

Anonymous 8442

Why don't you show interest, anon? Does something hold you back?

Anonymous 8447


I can't relate much because like I said I'm a virgin and one of the problems is that I am too autistic to show how I feel. Guess this responds to >>8442 and >>8441. Chads scare me and the only men I feel okay to talk with are basement dwellers.

Anonymous 8451

>robots and basement dwellers
>when these men do get women they cry about them to hell and back
>crying about ex-partners

I don't think the tfwnogf robodwellers are the kind of men who do picking and choosing, and I don't think "Chad" is someone who is going to see women as anything more than walking holes. Perhaps it's a skewed meme view on relationships, but men who have casual sex or casual relationships are not basement dwellers, they are "Chads" or at least "failed Chads" no matter how much they cry.

Anonymous 8453

You have to break that autism, anon. It's tough to say how, since you shouldn't risk getting messed around with. You just need to speak up to the one virgin you know that wants to commit, and you'll be set.

Anonymous 8454

>most adult men have had sex
Those aren't bots you were with, anon.

Anonymous 8457

Those are literally the kind of men they say aren't robots, though. Something tells me that if someone claiming to be one of them admits he's not got his virginity anymore, that he might have been someone trying to use the board for hookups.

Anonymous 8458

Sure, whatever, theyre not bots, whoopdedooo, whatever floats your boat, in most peoples heads, bot just clicks as guy who regulars r9k. Hence the name "robot" when you first go to the board, is literally where it came from

Anonymous 8459

The men you were with, if they had previous sexual experience, were not bots. The loosest definition of bothood is non-religious virginity.

The guys you hooked up with were just normal shitty guys (manbabies, if you say they're basement-dwelling). Probably exercising the strategy outlined by >>8457

Anonymous 8460

What do you think an actual bot would be like, then?

Anonymous 8463

Like I said, if YOU want to claim they're not bots, go ahead, to anyone else who doesn't browse chans regularly, a bot is a guy that goes to r9k regularly, which is where the name bot originated from, not "a man who's never ever had a sexual experience" with that defintion, men who have never touched a computer in his life could be a bot

Yawn, already explained myself, if you're too lazy to read that isn't my issue.

Anonymous 8465

Thank you, I will do my best to improve on this.

Anonymous 8467

You admitted that those weren't bots, anon. Why so defensive?

Anonymous 8469

>im just going by the original definition of bot

Oh okay, we are taking memelogy serious now. Here I was thinking it's just another abritrary label for people who get kicked around, silly me.

Anonymous 8470

I didn't "admit" they weren't bots, not sure why you needed to make that up, and im not defensive because I couldn't care less, Im just telling you what most people define as a bot, why are you jumping through hoops and twisting my words just because you define bot differently? I already said if thats what you wanna define it as idc, this is just what me and most other people define it as

Anonymous 8471

>Average men have much more sex partners than average women as well as the fact a lot of men also lose their virginity pretty early

Let me help you out here:
Robots are not average men. They can look like average men, but they are not average men. They're either really shy, really bitter, or something going on with their lives that make them everything but average. That's why they're robots. Don't make the mistake of thinking nerd forums for shy men and basement dwellers are the typical hangouts for typical men.

Anonymous 8472

>goes out of your way to fight people on what bot means
>cries when I talk about what it originally meant, in terms of what im using it for and how most people see it

Anonymous 8473

Not the point
MOST adult men have had sex, say a guy goes to r9k. And becomes a literal chan bot, but he has had sex, then what? Or what about 3rd world men who've never seen women, are they bots? That's why it doesn't make sense, this is what I'M defining bot as

Anonymous 8474


R9K has, what, thousands and thousands of daily posters from all walks of life. Labeling them all as "robots" is way too loose for that big group to be a defining label. Hell even the r9k users refer themselves as cyborgs, semi-robots and other variations to take distance from the title of robot. If you want to go back to original meanings, it's not even a robot. The original r9k users refered to each other as gentlemen, way back before le gentlesir memes that made the whole internet cringe at the sight of anything considered fedora.

Anonymous 8475

>R9K has, what, thousands and thousands of daily posters from all walks of life. Labeling them all as "robots" is way too loose for that big group to be a defining label.
Nothing compared to 7 bil people but okay, and you're still missing the point, this is what me and most others define it as, what you think doesnt matter, its like if a schools mascot was a tiger and they referred to students as tigers, I dont see anyone going out their way and saying "O WELL TO BE A TIGER YOU HAVE TO BE A SCHOOL SPIRITED ATHLETE ITS NOT FAIR TO DEFINE EVERYONE AS A TIGER!!!"
Like just get over it, its not a big deal, people define it differently

>Hell even the r9k users refer themselves as cyborgs, semi-robots and other variations to take distance from the title of robot. If

Proof? I've been to r9k millions of times and thats the first I've heard, do you think the board is called robot900 to look pretty or?

>The original r9k users refered to each other as gentlemen, way back before le gentlesir memes that made the whole internet cringe at the sight of anything considered fedora.

Thats because they're full of themselves, we arent talking about what they call each other we are talking about what others call them, and almost all exhibit the same behavior

Anonymous 8476

They weren't bots. Bots are virgin neckbeards.

Anonymous 8477

>say a guy goes to r9k
>and becomes a literal chan bot
>but he has had sex
That's not a bot, anon. There are degrees to bothood, and having sex is in none of them. There's kissless, hugless, loveless, etc, but actually having sex just makes you a normalfag.

Anonymous 8500

No i dont mean the twisted defintion of a bot, I mean one of those bots on r9k with usernames

Anonymous 8501

Where the hell do you even think the name bot originated from and why do they call them that and why do so many people use is original meaning?

Anonymous 8515

what if a guy gets a hooker? does he stop being a robot?

Anonymous 8516

If you asked /r9k/ themselves whether someone who's had sex is a robot the majority would say no.

Anonymous 8517

even if he paid for it?

Anonymous 8518

No, he'd still be a robot. The original poster didn't mention hookers though.

Anonymous 8519

I think the standard is based on whether a woman has ever willingly chosen to have sex with you. So guys who buy hookers or rapists could still count.

Anonymous 8541

That's factually what it means.

Anonymous 8546

I mean, if it's the term for their community, then the opinion of the people in that community is obviously important. I can get if you hate /r9k/ and the people there, but it's just common sense they would be the ones who decide what a robot is.

Like imagine if they had a thread deciding what constituted a miner from this place, and didn't care about our opinions on the matter.

Anonymous 8561

>>Like imagine if they had a thread deciding what constituted a miner from this place

how would we describe ourselves?

Anonymous 8570

>then prove it since it's a fact

did you ever browse r9k? it is fact

Anonymous 8574

/r9k/ is not a regular board, though. It's explicitly for feels. Same for /pol/, as not everyone wants to be called a /pol/lack there.

Anonymous 8582

>men who never seen a computer before could be considered bots
Yeah, I guess. Hermits are kind of what they've envisioned themselves as being, since the start.

Anonymous 8743

He sounds like a nice guy.

there is something I'm missing?

Anonymous 8744

>nice guy
are u memeing?

Anonymous 8745

>on the levels of trying to please as a puppy and sweet to boot


Anonymous 8749


>robots obsess over virginity… how dare they!?
>robots are virgin neckbeards.

Anonymous 8752

if they weren't obsessed with the idea of how sexual activity defines your worth as a human being then calling them virgins wouldn't be an effective tactic y'know

Anonymous 8754

They don't like promiscuity though, or at least have of them don't. I don't know. There's a big divide between "give discord nudes now sex plz" and "MARRIAGE KIDS ONLY CHADS ROAST BEEF GET OUT WRYYY".

Anonymous 8757

the pure ones are ok, but the pervy ones are just so nasty. say no and they will try throw a fit

Anonymous 8762

this reminds me of a boyfriend I had at 16, when we started talking he asked me to make out with him and I said no, and then he told me it had been a test and he was happy to know I wasn't Like That

Anonymous 8763

Guess there's some good to them, after all. I don't know how much, though.
That sounds adorable.

Anonymous 8768

more like he wanted to make out with you and saying it was a ""test"" saved face and possibly made you think better of him

Anonymous 8771


>That sounds adorable.

Anonymous 8774


Anonymous 8776

He was probably trying to bang you and after that he'd think you were a slut and ditch you. Glad you didn't fall for that, he was obviously tricking you. If he really liked you he should have asked about how you felt about these things, not lead you on like that.
You're absolutely right.

Anonymous 8780


But if you don't want the kind of boy who asks for nudes why would you give him that kind of out if he did ask for nudes? It just doesn't make sense…

Anonymous 8783

Because they're all the same. You just have to lead them on, until they go nuts.

Anonymous 8786

So you want to fuck a bunch of slutty men then marry a virgin?

Anonymous 8788

I would never accept a guy like that, I'd rather die with my v-card. I hope you're not right about what you said though, it's just like what they say too, but with reversed genders and we know most of the time that is incorrect about women.

Anonymous 8790

>Men want to fuck sluts and "marry" pure virginal women, this is NORMAL for men to want to do

Ahem, you're now lumping two groups together and claiming hypocrisy based on your own misunderstanding. The men who want to marry pure virginal women are usually pure and virginal themselves. Surely there are hypocritical men who actually say one and do another, but I can guarantee that the men really dedicated on the idea of purity will be pure themselves. What is count as pure and the reasons for idealizing purity is another subject.
Men are very diverse just like women, if you feel like you only see scumbag men you should probably go look for a bf from some other location.

Anonymous 8792


Men who "test" women like in the posts above are super manipulative and know exactly what they're doing. If a girl holds off on getting intimate, then the guy gets to have his "pure virginal waifu" who's willing to wait or whatever. But if they don't wait and give into whatever the guy asks for, then congrats, the guy got laid, got nude pics, got whatever. Either way, the man is benefiting from the girl's response. This includes the rush he gets from doing a 180 and slut shaming the girl for being too sexual too soon, even if he initiated it.

Anonymous 8793

Don't be down, anon! There's a man of purity out there, that expresses doubts not unlike your own about his future, but you both stand chance to meet one day!

Anonymous 8794

Madonna whore complex doesn't come from nowhere, you're delusional if you think only pure men want pure women, even other men brag about sleeping around then settling with a virgin

Anonymous 8795

I can and I will but only to get revenge on men

Anonymous 8796

youre just going to hurt yourself

Anonymous 8797

The pure exist, though, and they're the only ones worth wasting any time with.
Don't think of that, anon. I'd rather die a virgin than spite people by becoming a husk.

Anonymous 8798

You're just going to make yourself feel bad if you want to do it to get revenge. I'm a pretty person, don't get me wrong, but you shouldn't hurt yourself like that if you're going to do that just to hurt them. Men will only take advantage of your body and trash you leaving you behind to feel worse. Please, don't do it.

Anonymous 8800

>thinks getting revenge on men is letting them use you as a cum dumpster.


Anonymous 8803

>thinks sex is something you let men do to you and not something you do with or to men
Fucking men of your own choosing to have a good time is hardly a bad time unless you believe in the incel vision of 'used goods'. It sounds like you've forgotten sex is something you do when you want to feel good.

Anonymous 8804

NTA but the point is >>8795 wants to do it to get revenge on men. do you think that is going to help who feel good in the long run?

Anonymous 8805

If she enjoys the sex, she will. Sex doesn't need to have some grand purpose. If she wants to fuck away her spite and anger, good luck to her.

Anonymous 8806

Uhh, I'm confused here. So the problem is that he respects your decision either way? What exactly is he supposed to do instead? Dump you on the spot if he doesn't like your answer? Rape you? Like what exactly do you want if you hate guys who are happy whether you say yes or no?

Anonymous 8807

Are you a troll or just dense? She hates males, she is doing this solely to get revenge on them. Didn't you read what she said? If that is your reasoning then fine, it is OP's decision, but she won't get anything out of spite and revenge in this case. She should have sex with who she wants to have sex because she likes them or wants to be with them, not slutty men for the sole purpose of making them pay. It doesn't even make sense.

Anonymous 8809

Not that he respects the decision, just that he gains something from it. He is either gratified with having sex later on, or gets sex right away but then shames the girl for it (and then makes himself feel better by slut shaming her). I think it's hypocritical for guys to shame girls for rejecting sex if they want virgins, but it's also hypocritical to rush a girl into sex then make her feel bad about it.
Also I said that this is a way some men "test" women. I wasn't implying all guys are like this, just twisted dudes taking advantage of the madonna/whore complex.

>What exactly is he supposed to do instead?

Idk but personally I never rush into sex. And if a guy is pushy then that's a red flag to me and I cease seeing him. If you're a guy who wants to wait for sex, then there's no reason to rush a girl into sex, even if it's a "~uwu I was just testing to make sure you're not a slut" situation. You need to live up to your beliefs.

Anonymous 8810

Nope, men would get pissed if you spent your years fucking chads and then settling and marrying, they already are pissy over forest gump, fuck them, let them have a taste of their medicine

Anonymous 8811

Sounds like that's just what you've always wanted to do and are just using this as an excuse.

Anonymous 8812

>they already are pissy over forest gump
Do you have a history of being institutionalised?

Anonymous 8813

Yes and no
Men to me are objects
Anything defective gets thrown in the trash, and I know I'm a high quality woman, so I use it to my advantage
No bots, no fat boys, only fit dudes, has to have a handsome face and be a decent person, other than that they're useless. Especially considering I have a very high paying job and don't need men for shit other than sex, I've even called random men over, had them eat me out and leave,never even saw their hideous dick thank god
I've paid for mens dinner before too, which men like to complain about so much, modern men are some of the most useless shits on the planet

Anonymous 8814

this is going to sound dumb but do any other girls like taking virginities from guys? I like to, I have taken 3

Anonymous 8815

Yeah, you'll show those slutty men by giving them exactly what they're looking for…
wait what

Anonymous 8816

Don't bother. She's broken. I wish this fate upon no one.

Anonymous 8817

I mean, you're free to do that if you want. But I don't really see any connection that has to the supposed manipulating men do or how you're getting revenge against anyone.

Anonymous 8818

Why though. Wouldn't they just be fumbling idiots.

Anonymous 8819

I really hope this is all talk, and not something you've been doing for your whole life, because you might one day meet someone who seems a lot happier, with a different kind of life. It's not too late.

Anonymous 8820

probably for the same reason guys like to do it to girls, also they'll always remember it which is hot

Anonymous 8822

why are there so many undercover robots on this board?

Anonymous 8824

tenor (1).gif

I took my boyfriend's virginity. I admit he was very awkward and nervous and didn't last long. Aside from that though the whole experience was really intense, but also really cute, & I will always cherish it.

Anonymous 8825

What happened to him?

Anonymous 8826

He died. Very sad.

Anonymous 8827

I meant he came really quickly but ok lmao

Anonymous 8828

He died in your arms, that night.
It might have been something you said.

Anonymous 8832

There are no repeating integers to be checked.

Anonymous 8833

It is truly the act of the coward so fearful of failure they must create scenarios in which they cannot lose.
Men, and women also, need to be able to take risks born from genuineness to have relationships that actually mean anything.

Anonymous 8835

>guy doesn't try to have sex with you
>he's a coward
>does try to have sex with you
>he's manipulating you
>you say yes
>he only wants you for your body
>you say no
>he only wants you to be his pure virgin waifu

Have you considered the possibility you might just hate men? Maybe being a militant lesbian would be more up your alley.

Anonymous 8838

>i can easily get 18-year-old dick until i'm 80

18-year-olds are horrible in bed, i don't know why you'd want to. tbh you sound very young and overconfident. i've been there, so i can understand that, but i also warn you that you'll look back on this moment in about five years and cringe.

Anonymous 8840

This is so cringey, please stop for the sake of your future self.

Anonymous 15323

statistically speakikng you are WAY more likely to reproduce then a male
i believe the actual statistic is something 60+% for all women and only <45% of all men

Anonymous 15324

its a /g/ joke, that normal guys who like computers become trannys after being exposed to image macro sites like 4/8chan and getting a bc in CompSci is a stepping stone

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