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work thread Anonymous 65868

ITT: we discuss frustrations at our jobs whether you were wronged or you yourself messed up

NEETS need not reply

Anonymous 65869

>starting in a new coffee shop
>one of the managers blanked me and wouldn't introduce herself to me

>spilt shit on the first day

>had to serve a customer myself because noone else was available

>massively fucked up their order because I couldn't hear them and they couldn't hear me (covid shield and mask)
>dropped their order

they were a couple from abroad if you read this I'm sorry but fuck you also kinda ;___;

Anonymous 65870

This one time I worked at a tiny furniture outlet. I was homeless at the time, living out of my car because of stalking. It's a lot to explain. My boss took me to lunch and then took me to a really fancy hotel. He literally booked a suite and took me up there alone and I told him to fuck off. Lol e_e

Anonymous 65871

Oh yes and soon afterwards I was fired. I'm fine now though.

Anonymous 65872

how'd you get fired out if interest, also holy shit creepy ass boss

Anonymous 65873

He also showed me how to fire a gun in the showroom. He was a russian guy. Really thick accent and… just fun as hell guy lmao. He fired me after the incident. My mom finally agreed to help me afterwards lol, I'm back on my feet now.

Anonymous 65883

>He also showed me how to fire a gun in the showroom.
you cannot just drop this and not elaborate, holy fuck

Anonymous 65919

I can't relax on days I don't work because I just dread going back to work.

Anonymous 65921

you'll get used to it

Anonymous 65974


>have a love-hate relationship with my job
>work long hours but get lots of time off and make enough to live comfortably
>too physically and mentally exhausted to do anything productive with my time off
>coworkers are awesome but they hate the job too
>want to transfer soon but afraid my supervisor will deny it, forcing me to stay or quit
>can’t find a therapist taking new clients with my work’s health insurance

Anonymous 65975

But doesn't that stellar income completely overide all of your life problems? I was told in college your career would be your main source of happiness!?!

Anonymous 65976

While it's nice to be financially independent and not worry too much about finances, my job takes a huge physical and mental toll on me. The con about having disposable income and no one to hold me accountable is a succumb to my vices on too many occasions. Therapy helped but I had stopped seeing my therapist when I relapsed because of shame and now I can't find a new one. I know I'd be happier if I switched specialties but fat chance of that happening with covid right now.

Honestly, sometimes I miss my old job as a barista. I made fraction of the amount I make now, but it was an inconsequential job and the tasks were monotonous but kept me busy without being stressed.

Anonymous 66041

Nurse? I'm in RN School now because I applied before the pandemic, but the healthcare system is so fucked up now that I'm not sure if I want to continue.
I love my current job, but it's minimum wage and I want to support myself

Anonymous 66071

Anon I think she's being sarcastic. It's pretty obvious to any rational person that income doesn't override any mental or physical tools that the job takes on you, or anything outside of it.

Anonymous 66273


Monday tomorrow

Anonymous 66282


Monday tomorrow!

Anonymous 66287

I should go to sleep but the sooner I sleep the sooner I have to work

Anonymous 66362

This is the thought process I have

Anonymous 66923

Have any of you done audio transcription? I am good at typing, spelling and grammar.

Anonymous 66924

2/2 to clarify I'm wondering if I should do it, since I hate my current job which requires me to get dressed and leave my blanket fort, exposing myself to harmful daylight (solar radiation)

Anonymous 66928

My work is changing a large portion of my job because they're buying a program that will automate the largest and most time-consuming task that we do, so they're replacing that by giving us tasks that are currently done by another department to lighten their load. However, the task they're automating was one I was super fast and efficient at, so while it took everyone else on my team ~4 hours a day, I was done in 1. Now I'm sad that I might actually gonna have to do work during my workday. Sucks.

Anonymous 67442

When I got hired I thought my boss was gay (he's in a relationship with a man who also works here, it's an open secret in our company) but now I found out that both him and his partner are bisexual. The two have been weirdly friendly towards me and I've even caught both of them checking me out before but I dismissed it as my paranoid imagination. Now I'm pretty sure it was real and they're actually attracted to me. They're not a bad looking couple, but they're both in their mid 40s while I'm 23. I've only been here for a few months and I don't dislike the work I'm doing, but this makes me want to quit so it doesn't escalate.

Anonymous 67627

I want the restaurant I work at to ban Uber Eats and similar apps forever. They clog up the system and our store can't handle having constant huge orders during rushes.

Anonymous 67630

I feel for you.
food service must be absolute hell, especially with online orders now.
I work at a pharmacy chain (like cvs), and it's so much less stressful than a restaurant.
Are the tips at your job that good to keep you staying?

Anonymous 71984

cece bonk.png

>left NEETdom not long ago
>work 6 days a week
>wake up at 5 in the morning
>have to take public transport because I don't have a car yet (obviously)

Maybe NEETs are right. Becoming a wagie was a big fucking mistake.

Anonymous 71985

Biggest brain move isn't being a wagie, it's being your own boss.

Anonymous 72008

FYI the car market is completely fucked right now due to shipping disruptions caused by covid and chip shortages used in car electrical systems. Used and new car prices are through the roof.

Anonymous 72011

To be your own boss, you need smarts or talents. But I will always be just another cog in the machine. By the way, I came home an hour ago and now I'm going to play vidya for 6 hours straight until it's time to go to bed again. And wake up again. And go to work again. Shit.

Thanks for letting me know!

Anonymous 72224

>have to transcribe patient charts that look like they were photographed by a daguerreotype camera
>doctors' handwriting looks like hieroglyphics at times
>have to make daily presentations for all the admissions for the past 24h
>residents and post-graduate interns fill out charts incorrectly or incompletely
>60/M with heart failure somehow doesn't have bipedal edema
>43/F with a 4x4 cm thyroid mass on ultrasound somehow doesn't have a palpable or visible neck mass according to the chart
>get yelled at by chief resident during conference next morning for not knowing the patient's physical examination findings despite me literally never having step foot in the hospital because COVID is cockblocking my med school

Why is my dad even paying so much for my tuition?

Anonymous 72230

I don’t get the joke, what is Activision and what does this have to do with Iron Man?

Anonymous 72295

I'm a freelancer and I'm tired of it. I always feel anxious because I don't know if I'll make enough money and I hate having to talk with stupid clients all the time who pretend to know something about what I do. I always need to explain everything like I'm talking with a kid for them to understand.
God, why nobody told me that being a freelancer wasn't as magical as just working from home.

Anonymous 72347

My job is basically my entire social life as of current and it shames me to admit it

Anonymous 72356

From my 7 years in the workforce this seems to be the norm for most adults I've met, especially the older ones.

I'm fully remote so it's even worse. Today I spent time talking to my supervisor about an IRL not work issue I was freaking out about even though she doesn't really "know" me well and it felt kind of embarassing, but she was sweet about it and was asking me to update her and everything.

One of my current coworkers will go out of her way to call and talk on the phone more sometimes and I can tell that's when she's feeling lonely. She's older and lives alone and doesn't have family around so I try to be really social with her

Anonymous 94835

There was an enormous amount of sexual harassment happening at a game development company called Activision and they got sued for it. Iron man is just a reaction image.

Anonymous 94848

I work nights at a warehouse. The warehouse gets goods. Those goods are put in their marked spot. Selectors are given orders which guide them on what to put in their pallets. The pallets and made and put onto trucks. Its kinda interesting to see how it works, but its a very poor work environment. I sit in a little command station where I coordinate pallets and give the "selectors" there orders to fill out. Past HR, I'm the only women in the building at ant point, and HR is only there in the day. The job itself isn't too hard, just make sure the moids get their orders and don't put their pallets in the wrong spots. I have a big glass panel I interact with the selectors through, and I like to pretend I'm looking into a moid encloser at the zoo. Generally the are indifferent with a few nice ones who sya please and thank you, but some get angry at me because I don't give them easy jobs. It is all supposed to be random, so I can't do anyone favors. When they get to rough I get to call over the manager. If it didn't pay good I would have left months ago…

Anonymous 94857

Me too, and I don't talk with any of my coworkers outside of work.

Anonymous 94867

I feel your pain. I started my job during the pandemic when we were fully remote. Now we’re hybrid but everyone is in and out on different days so I haven’t got a chance to befriend any of them. Plus we all have separate offices. And obviously my social skills aren’t stellar to begin with. But unfortunately I only have one friend outside of work right now so I wish I could be better friends with my coworkers just so I’d have people to talk to. Maybe even commiserate over work stress together.

Anonymous 94871

I think I messed up big this time. I hope I don’t get fired or sued. And on top of that, I’m probably not going to get a reference from my boss. I’ll probably be blacklisted from the company at this point.

Anonymous 94884

What happened??

Anonymous 94929

This will sound weird but I hate that I don't work all week. I have free weekends and I hate it. I thought having an income would allow me to enjoy more things, but it has been pointless because I have no friends or close relatives.
I've tried going out alone but I don't enjoy it at all, if anything it makes me feel worse.
Tried signing to some classes on the weekends to see if I could make some friends but I didn't achieve anything.
At least i feel appreciated at work. My coworkers are nice to me and I have my mind busy. Anywhere else I feel miserable.
Still, I know my coworkers aren't my friends, they make plans together and I'm never invited, so I know they see me just as a coworker and nothing more. But I won't complain about them because they are the first group of people that makes me feel appreciated since I was a preteen

Anonymous 95479

i hate remote work. I am the only person in my office who works in-person (because of my junior contract) and i fucking despise that my coworkers (as much as i like them) feel some sort of entitlement to me doing everything by myself in person all the goddamn time.

They are always on vacation or business trips or working from home. I bust my ass to get to work every goddamn day with a 13 mile, 1 and a half hour commute total back and forth and god forbid im slightly late to an appointment and they just take a different meeting and have to reschedule with me.

as soon as i get into graduate school I'm going back to my home country for a long needed break for at least a month (and hopefully find a moid to spend the rest of my life with in that time) before I start school again

Anonymous 95563

Why oh why did I get invited to an interview that I’m clearly not going to get the job in the end? I’m qualified on paper but there are many more qualified people vying for this job. Plus I have to do a test and I forgot everything since graduate school … I’m going to fail the test for sure.

Anonymous 96525

same. i think this applies to some of the other ladies in my work place, one of my older colleagues would call up everytime i asked her a simple question like "which address should i be putting for this order" which can be answered in basically 2 seconds on teams but instead she wants to call me up and have a 1/2 hr conversation :/ im now afraid of asking her questions.

id also like to speak more but i think my sense of humour is kind of different from theirs.

i just need friends who are aspie like me but dont show it but only a little bit and we laugh at the same stupid things. i tried bumble before but it's all dog and wine girls. i hate dogs.

Anonymous 96537


Just change companies then. You are clearly an exception because most people hate even the idea of ever going back to an office again.

>I bust my ass to get to work every goddamn day

Cool, no one cares. And no one would care even if you had your coworkers physically around while doing it, either.

>1 and a half hour commute total back and forth

Cool, so you like torturing yourself with needless commute. Well others don't. They're doing what's best for them and you have to do what's best for you.

Anonymous 97781

I'm graduating this semester and looking for jobs. Looking at all of the job postings in my city makes me genuinely depressed. There's nothing that's interesting, and my degree didn't make me qualified for anything worthwhile. I don't want to have to work so hard just to make rent but everywhere that's hiring looks like a scam to overwork and overpay me. how am I supposed to be happy about graduating when I have nothing to look forward to?? How do I even find work?

Anonymous 98617

in a similar situation, i recently quit my job because i couldn't handle the pressures of my other responsibilities including uni and work. My manager would emotionally manipulate me and made me stay for closing so that he could harass me while working and some of the customers would harass me as well. One time this guy took a sauce bottle from my apron and used that as an opportunity to grab my crotch, I didn't even complete the 2 weeks notice as a result of this and just stopped showing up. I feel like it is not worth working for minimum wage when you get harassed on the daily and are feeling constantly drained.

Anonymous 98683

I teach at a college and there's this one autistic (like medically autistic) student who will not stop talking to me about MRA stuff and how he hates diversity hires and I don't know why because he does it in this way where he clearly expects me to circlejerk him but I'm obviously a woman and so wouldn't have sympathies with his andrew tate shit and I'm too much of a beta who simps for good teaching evaluations to cut him off and tell him to stfu. He literally keeps me late after class with this shit

Anonymous 102698


I've started shotgunning resumes. Wish me luck nonas. I don't have much time before I graduate…

Anonymous 102931

I asked for a raise and didnt get it. First time standing up for myself and I just get told "my hands are tied". I'm a fucking chump making $11 an hour

Anonymous 102932

If ur making 11/hr ur job is dead end anyways and you should just get a better job
"Just ask for a raise" only works in higher paying fields where ur wage isn't a fucking pittance

Anonymous 102940

This. Fuck your job if they're only paying you 11/hr. Apply to different places and don't bother turning in a 2 week notice. Exaggerate on your resume, lie if you can but don't lie about certifications or education.
I'm going into the medical field as well. I don't think I'll ever like/love it but I hate being poor.

Anonymous 102941

I'd honestly rather be poor than work in medicine
Insanely long hours and on call til you kill yourself
Not my cup of tea

Anonymous 102946

Don't ask them. You have to demand, tell them you're going to need a higher pay or I'm putting in my 2 weeks. Thats it

Anonymous 103111

I hate my job so much… It's literally the only place will hire me where I live and I can't drive… I want to die

Anonymous 103112

learn how to drive nona, if you can. i'm picking up lessons right now because there aren't any jobs within walking distance. good luck to you

Anonymous 103113

I already know how to drive but I'm not able to at the moment because of medication I'm on

Anonymous 103115

well still. good luck

Anonymous 103116

it sucks so bad

Anonymous 103126


Can you move closer to work? I don't drive either so I'm also likely to have this problem but that's what I'm going to try to do. Commuting sucks, anyway.

Anonymous 103149

I interviewed for a new job where I already work. I didn't do terribly, but I have a feeling I'm going to be passed over for an external candidate. I have a really good reputation and people praise me all the time, but I bet they'll somehow use that as a reason not to hire me. Looking forward to having embarrassed myself in front of dozens of people I see every day who preferred some stranger to me and decided I didn't deserve a higher-paying job.

Anonymous 103153


Follow-up - I have gotten up to 85 apps now. I did an internship that I thought would have make this easier, but maybe it's done fuck all. Who knows. I'm going to aim for 500-600 by the end of the year, if I keep hearing nothing back.

Anonymous 103154


>"hey, can you help out at the other store next Thursday?"
>no reason given
>not contacting my co-workers about it so they can change their work schedule if necessary
>not telling all of us who's going to replace me next week

Why are my superiors like this? Each time this happens, I always end up asking about the whys and whats anyway, so why don't they get it and start providing us all with more information? I don't know anyone whose employer is that sparse with communication.

Anonymous 103155


Anonymous 103184

Good luck, nona. I hope that you're relieved from job hunting soon

Anonymous 103197



Thanks. I hate it with a burning passion - having to type out the same information on the same form twice because job application sites suck and their AutoFill never even works properly, having to state I'm not a disabled gay veteran 10+ times a day, having to carry myself as superfluously as possible during interviews like by trying to make some stuff up you know about a company you can't even actually know that much about and gain a sense of until you actually start working at it…The fear that I'm going to get filtered by an ARS 200+ times just because I didn't have enough buzzwords or made a single type on my resume. It's all clown world.

I reached out to a place I worked at last year and even a friend that offerred to refer me to his company, but they're not hiring either at the moment.

I actually don't even seem to be getting interviews at the moment, but I usually always have. So I'm worried I'm sending out either a worse resume now or really battling with a fucked entry-level job market now. lul

Anonymous 103530


It's retail plus production and it's a chain too. My boss owns several stores and we're having a shortage of staff. No surprise there.
I have to work at this particular location for another two weeks at least and I'm already fed up with it. My manager said he can't relocate me back and I can't think of a way to make him to. I know work is work bla blah blah just suck it up.

Anonymous 103906

I work at a shitty dollar store adjacent store. The store is always a fucking mess because people love to leave shit literally anywhere other than the place it goes. I’m autistic and my face is always very neutral. Im too tired to green text so I’m just going to explain what happened. I was putting stuff back in a very messy aisle and these two ugly moids came down the aisle and one of them started dancing like a retard to get a reaction out of me and I tried to ignore it but I just looked out of instinct and realized his fat friend was filming me and my reaction to him, and of course they were laughing at me. I said to myself fuck that and walked to the back room and just sat on my phone for awhile, and I didn’t care if the cameras saw me. My manager had gone home thankfully, if she was still there I would’ve just went to the bathroom instead.

Anonymous 103908

I would have done the same

Anonymous 103921

I hate that moids think it’s funny and laugh at you if you have a plain/neutral face because you’re not amused by them, instead of feeling ashamed or embarrassed that they’re acting so fucking stupid. Because the idea of a woman being disinterested and uncomfortable by them and not cheering on every single stupid action of theirs is something to be mocked, or if they’re exceptionally pornsick, fetishized

Anonymous 107081


>working overtime
I should've known better than to hope everything would return to normal.

Instead of spending their budget on funny little videos and advertisements, as well as opening new stores every fucking where, maybe this company should use it on increasing the wages so they can find new employees. If this situation becomes permanent, I'll just resign before this year ends even if it means being unemployed for a while. There's only one small reason I haven't yet and I know it's a stupid reason.

Anonymous 107093

I'm scheduled for a 9 hour shift in a few days and I'm going to tell someone that if they try and make that the norm I'm done. I'm already looking for a different job anyway.
Part timers shouldn't work 9 hours, hell, I think more than 8 is inhumane. Hire more people if work can't get done.

This economy is fucked.

Anonymous 109245

This stupid part-timer came to work sick for a whole week, coughed all over the place and now everybody has symptoms of the cold.

We even told her she could stay home but she didn't want to, probably because she's an uneducated little idiot who doesn't know about germs and proper coughing etiquette. I'm going to wear a mask to work tomorrow and hate her forever. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the customers get sick from the food she prepared.

Anonymous 109269

>work at my friend's family company
>R&D has driven profits for the last 50 years
>gone from making steel collars in the 70's to proprietary extrusion devices
>extrusion devices are used in production of PPE
>make record profits during COVID because we have total market control
>board wants more profit
>brings in finance and marketing teams
>in the very first marketing package, they literally copypasted the industrial technique used to make complex extruders and gave them to their Chinese contacts
>shed-based temporary manufacturers in China start pumping them out
>lose 50% of the market in a month
>board demands finance and marketing solve the problem, rather than trusting the team of experts who carried the company through multiple recessions
>strip R&D of all current funding
>any new equipment has to be purchased on the maintenance budget
>fire everyone junior to me
>finance guy comes around asking if we can tighten our belts
>suggests not spending anything all year, so that we can buy reagents in bulk at discount to save money
>asks if we really need all our safety equipment
>literally unplugs and takes the cartridge from our second printer
I'm going to be unemployed in another month, aren't i?

Anonymous 109310

there is no honest living left in the united states

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