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/tfw no bf/ - general Anonymous 71974

Can we have a no bf feels thread? I'm tired of pretending to be single and happy. I want a man, dammit.

Anonymous 71975

Have you tried making bread?

Anonymous 71978


A witch told me I could get a Swedish bf if I left some mjölk and kanelbullar out over night. But when I checked in the morning just the cinnamon rolls were gone and there was no cute Swede in sight.

Anonymous 71986

The only cold climate dwelling bf you’re going to get by leaving snacks out overnight is Santa Claus.

Anonymous 71993

So you're saying you set out bait but forgot to set the trap? Did you think it would just sit politely out in the open after having its fill?

Anonymous 71994


>Did you think it would just sit politely out in the open after having its fill?

Yes. That's exactly what I thought would happen.

Anonymous 71999


I tried this with some Lamingtons and Tim Tams to try and get an Aussie bf and it worked.

You don't want a Swedish bf anyway. You have to assemble them at home yourself and it's too much hassle.

Anonymous 72003

Post your idea of a cute guy

Anonymous 72004

Based dundee enjoyer. Are a you swede too?

Anonymous 72019


I want an anime boy.

Seriously, I'm not even sure I can be romantically attracted to real men. I'm afraid of trying.

Anonymous 72024

This made me laugh way too fucking hard love you nona

Anonymous 72042

My oneitis is basically an irl animu boy and it hurts

Anonymous 72044

He's so cute. Also I'm in the same situation as you so don't worry.

Anonymous 72049

Sometimes I remember how in middle school I met this guy who was 1 year older, he was possibly the closest thing to my ideal bf: very pale, black fluffy hair, thick eyebrows, pretty face, shy as fuck (he got all flustered and his face got extremely red when you hugged him!), smart, quiet, soft-spoken, and most importantly, he appeared to like me back because he did bring up masturbation when we were talking once. We used to message each other on Windows Live Messenger sometimes, and after he graduated, I told him that I missed him and he said he missed me too. BRUH. I don't know why but we stopped messaging each other and he didn't have any social media, there was no way to contact him except by using his email address (which I lost). FUCK.
He was so perfect, and I totally fucked it up. I feel like I'll never meet someone like him again, much less as a hikiNEET.

Anonymous 72051

I understand. It sounds stupid, but I got legitimately depressed the other day because 2D men don’t exist. I have had my time trying to date 3D men. Even if they can be cute sometimes, most of the time their personality ruins it. Anime men have personalities that allow them to be capable of staying devoted to you and they are cute in a way 3D men could never replicate. Sometimes I get sad that I don’t have a bf, but I look at the real men around me and don’t feel motivated to date at all because I’m not attracted to any of them.

Anonymous 72055

i'm only attracted to men that don't exist or that i'll probably never interact with

Anonymous 72057


It's at times like these I'm super upset that religion is one of the banned topics on cc

Anonymous 72058

what did she mean by this sisters

Anonymous 72059

If it's any consolation I've fucked up every interaction with every guy I've ever liked, ever. They usually go from not even noticing me to straight up loathing and despising me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anonymous 72060

I'll post an original no bf feel.

I hate being a 4-5/10 on a good high effort day because it's not quite ugly enough to be pitied or for people to be nice and patronizing to you, but you're also not attractive enough to ever be someone's idea of perfection. You will always just be the girl a dude settles for because he cant get Stacy or even a high tier Becky, and he will probably never love you either. I'm thankful I'm not hideous I guess but I'm still unattractive to the point I will always be someones 10,000th choice when they've exhausted all their other options. I just want to feel special, like I'm someone's idea of perfect.

Anonymous 72061


>tfw no big dopamine pupils bf

Anonymous 72063


>tfw no chav ASBO bf

Anonymous 72064

So get one, it's not that hard. Even the objectively unattractive girls I know rotate through guys or have steady relationships. If you don't have a bf despite wanting one you don't try and/or don't leave the house.

Anonymous 72065


>tfw no shapeshifter bf

Anonymous 72066

i have multiple factors outwith my control that prevent me from getting a bf

Anonymous 72067

But anon, I want a bf that I actually like and am attracted to. Almost any girl could just get a random guy, but that's honestly worse than just being single. I would hate to "rotate through guys", my self esteem would be through the floor.
>inb4 not even that high standards mean u are forever volcel

Anonymous 72078

>spend entire life consooming and crying over romance stories, dramas, mangas and anime
>still a khv at 30

I fucked up bad

Anonymous 72079


He handed me my merch at the bladee gig. Touched their DNA.
Happy to see bladee here. He is such a cutie.

Anonymous 72080

Ah you're so lucky. They're a good looking family. I really hope Guz is working the merch stand this year too ;_;

Anonymous 72083

To piss them off. Bladey mogs and they know it.

Anonymous 72111


Anonymous 72115


curly bladee

Anonymous 72128

Is this Christian Bale? goddamn when I see him the no bf feels hit fucking hard.

Anonymous 72135


Based high standardscel


Anonymous 72136


His big nose and pure smile is so qt

Anonymous 72145


>day 8,952 of no bf
Mother nature is still working on him. He won’t be ripe until he is perfect.

Anonymous 72150


>tfw no stupid idiot dumbass himbo bf

Anonymous 72259


>tfw no Saami bf

Anonymous 72262


>tfw no Lapland bf

Anonymous 72269


>you will never EVER get a bf

Anonymous 72270


Anonymous 72272


i literally do not care if the guy is attractive anymore, i just want a nice boyfriend who will love me

Anonymous 72274


It's at times like this I'm super glad based admin-sama silences the holy cannolis

Anonymous 72275

They’re so goddamn ugly.

Anonymous 72279

I know this feeling too well. It gives me PTSD because one time on high school I said “God I wish anime boys were real” out loud and this loser who everyone hated roasted me saying “Even if they were real they wouldn’t like you”.

Anonymous 72286

that loser scrote was just projecting

Anonymous 72288


Anime boys are real and they love you anon

Anonymous 72289

I am literally only attracted to ONE 3D man and the second he gets a gf I’m going full lesbian

Anonymous 72299



Anonymous 72300

Came back to say that the new bladee and ECCO new song is bad, and they don't look cute

Anonymous 72527


i agree sadly

Anonymous 72535

Because trannies are just an extension of patriarchy and patriarchy is retarded and tells every guy that has feelings or emotions that he must be a woman and should therefore transition.

Anonymous 72537

I'm going to see them on their tour and I hope it's not dominated by all of the new stuff. Not that I don't enjoy it, it's just since they are all together some of their older songs would be nice to hear.
Very excited to hear DJ Billybool. I've already seen bladee live so I'm most looking forward to Thaiboy. It would have been ecco, but I feel like he'll play more of his PXE stuff.

Anonymous 72559

The things I would do to go back in time and see Bladey back in 2015/16

Anonymous 72571

He was so beautiful to look at though. It's not his fault he's aspie and doesnt know what to do with his arms.

Anonymous 72587

I wish he'd put them around me and never let go.

Anonymous 72588

I was thinking that. I saw him in the era of him releasing apple, as it was played live but not released yet.

Anonymous 72667


>tfw having a bf/husband means constantly trying to look thin and young and sexy and appeasing to him, giving him sex whenever he feels horny and objectifying yourself as his personal pornstar, catering to every whim of his stupid dick and cumbrain
>tfw have to be open to anal and facefucking even if they make you uncomfy
>tfw if you don't do all this he'll cheat on you and then blame you for it for not pleasing him
>tfw even if you do all this for him, he'll still probably cheat anyway, because moids monkey brains crave constant novelty and variety

Guess I'll just stay single forever then. 2D boys are superior to 3D moids anyway and they don't ask these gross things of me.

Anonymous 72668

iktf sometimes i want a bf then i just remember all the psychological, sexual and emotional labor involved in being with a moid and then it's just nope

Anonymous 72724

I don’t see how it’s you to fuck it up
I mean he knew how to contact you, but never did, so maybe he wasn’t interested

Anonymous 72725

consecrated virgins, I guess

Anonymous 72726

Lol, I’m the opposite: I know that nice males are nonexistent - earlier I compromised for not very attractive, believing they could be nice or interesting - obviously meh. So now I just want an attractive one. But it’s a very tough problem to solve in my country

Anonymous 72727

Yeup. The blackpill is realising uglier guys aren't any better than the good looking ones. Sometimes they're even worse.

Anonymous 72735

i'm pinkpilled about moids but i'm a hopeless romantic.. this sucks

Anonymous 72768

I'm fully blackpilled. The fantasy is always better than the reality. What I hate about dating moids is you can never relax. Even the nicest shy guy types have a sick side. You always have to wonder if they're trying to pull off some shady shit behind your back, if they're manipulating you, if the neggy things they do or say are intentional, if they're cheating or talking to other girls. Even if you're dating a undesirable man you still have to worry about this because ugly men will still shoot their shot with attractive women and even the ugliest mfs still manage to groom cute young girls sometimes, or can use escorts or massage parlors or whatever. I just don't see what the point is in being with and trusting someone who is at constant risk of backstabbing you. And what's worse is a lot of women are bluepilled about their bfs/husbands and think they're great and would never do such and such. Then you see them crying about how they found CP on their computer or caught them sexting their daughters friend or some shit. It's awful.

Anonymous 72786

do cute, decent men even exist? all i see are weird ogres. best of luck to you all.

Anonymous 72796


They do exist but they're ridiculously rare and everyone is trying to date them, and the 7/10 ones are usually even more arrogant than the 10s.

Anonymous 72812


Thank God for 2D men.
My husbando saved my life.

Anonymous 72821

You've got quite a looker there.

Anonymous 72849

He's not my husbando, just a random qt 2d boy I saw on twitter.

Anonymous 72872

none of what you said is true

Anonymous 72876

Bluepilled foid or gaslighting moid detected.

Anonymous 72882

ok, you can go get used and abused by moids then. the rest of us know evil when we see it.

Anonymous 72884

Things like this always seem like trolling to me, but the number of people who agree with it is concerning. Where the fuck do you meet men like this, and how is it that they don't set off major red flags before you even start dating?

Anonymous 72885

We notice the red flags, but we are femcels so we ignore them because the alternative is being alone forever. Abusive men are the only ones we can get because we are the only ones desperate enough to accept being abused if it means we have a chance at love. And most of us wake up and realize how fucked it is after dealing with these men over and over. It’s not worth it. Men aren’t worth the trouble they cause.

Anonymous 72888

sort of looks like pewdiepie

Anonymous 72907

Clearly you've never dated a man born after 1990.

Anonymous 72909

Pretty much men are like that deep down, some just hide it better than others. If every abuser, pedo, degenerate was some fat ugly 400lb neckbeard with freak tattooed on his forehead, there would be no such thing as child sex crimes or abusive relationships. Unfortunately they come as wolves in sheep's clothing which is how they get away with it.

I recently found out one of my 'nice guy' coworkers, who was always super sweet and friendly with me and who everyone liked and got along with, is an actual pedophile who got arrested for downloading CP. Even the moids you think are okay are still depraved. It's literally in their nature. Sometimes the ones who you think are okay are actually worse.

Anonymous 72910

Most men*

Anonymous 72936

my dream is unachievable. no sarcastic funny bantering husband is going to come along and give me three cute little daughters and also let me have a career and a life, without some kind of price, so why even try? men are unfixable, my fantasy was bastardized a long time ago

Anonymous 72957

I've never dated a guy born before 1990.
Right, but in the process of getting to know someone on a deeper level, you can't just not stumble across those kind of deep-seated issues. It's always possible they're deeply disturbed and know it, letting them bury their issues so deep that it doesn't emerge until much later, or they're such excellent psychopaths they can lie and manipulate with the best of them, but they're a tiny minority. The vast majority of men aren't that deep. They're laughably easy to catch in lies and have next to no willpower to resist espousing their opinions. With even just a few hours of vetting with some alcohol or late night talking, along with a little opposition in conversation while they're stressed, the vast majority will completely spill their guts.

Anonymous 72959

Nah dude, there's millions of women married to pedos, rapists and even literal serial killers who never suspect a thing, you dont have to be an expert psychopath to keep secrets or compartmentalize one part of your life, men are actually remarkably good at that.

Probably every male over the age of 11 years old that you pass in the street has watched the most depraved kind of violent or degrading porn involving women imaginable and worse, but nobody talks about that openly, they all compartmentalize that part of their lives and carry on as if it's nothing and pretend it doesnt color their view of women irl.

Anonymous 72968

This. Compartmentalization is a good word for this.

Then I noticed something–the seemingly nice, meh looking guys my friends dated turned out to be much worse half of the time in ways that were absolutely subversive to what they seemed to be at first. As for the longterm, guys hide it because a lot of the worse things are casual or gradual. It's less comically villainous, and more festering.

It's like how hundreds of millions of married old men leer at underaged girls all the time and lust after them (be it in real life or tiktok or instagram), or watch pedo or borderline pedophiliac porn–which isn't just a fantasy but explains a lot about their priorities in life and views of women and girls. When young, these men usually come across as regular men…because they often just are. This is a concept I notice people seem absolutely terrified by. And it is.

Anonymous 72976

Yep. All men have a sick side unfortunately, when you challenge them on it they'll excuse it as banter or dark humor, but my experience is that when a man tells you what he is or what his opinions are, believe him, because he's probably revealing more truths about himself than you realize.

Can't trust any of them. Even normalfag male police officers who are supposed to protect kids from being abused and provide reassurance for DV and rape victims are laughing at and mocking them behind their backs.


Anonymous 73023

You're bluepilled and in denial sadly. Come back when you've been married to a moid for 20 years and tell me how great and wholesome they are.

Anonymous 73026

I would love a normalfag bf but I can't relate to normies at all. I feel like they would go off me as soon as I revealed certain things about myself or that I would make them want to kill themselves after they were with me for a while due to all my neuroses and crazy bullshit. That's implying a normie dude would ever date me in the first place since I'm not conventionally attractive.

Anonymous 73028

That's only if you marry a dude with literally no SMV who never has any other options. And even if he doesn't, he can still cheat with hourly hire chicks. The number of decent looking men with non garbage personalities is so few and thinly spread and every woman is competing for them. If a guy is attractive and likeable enough for you chances are a shit load of other women think the same thing. It's not even the 9-10/10 guys who everyone is pursuing, it's the 6-7/10 guys.

Anonymous 73042

When you go
Would you have the guts to say
I don't love you
Like I loved you

Anonymous 73056

At least you guys have privacy and don’t have to hear about the stock market

Anonymous 73063

I'd love to become a cryptoStacy trader, not having privacy and having to give a guy sex all the time would suck though for sure.

Anonymous 73064

Question for the miners in relationships with guys with a 'healthy' sex drive: how often do you guys actually have sex?

And do you mostly do lazy vanilla missionary type stuff or do you have to do all kinds of porny 69 weird position stuff and take it up the butt?

Anonymous 73066

Same, I only want a bf in a very abstract level, when I think of all the work it would be to get one and how slim the chances of finding anyone I'd be attracted to are, I just think I rather do anything else

Anonymous 73069

Every time I want a boyfriend I think to my extensive experience on dating apps where men dont even know how to converse anymore and put in minimal to zero effort into actually getting to know me as a person by asking questions.
When they actually seem to converse they are either mega retarded or degen OR ask if Im a tranny.
Idk if its because men are so demoralized and gay now they want a troon or they just dont even understand reality anymore because the beauty standards now is basically decked out in makeup clown yoga pants girl.
Or I could just be ugly who knows.

Anonymous 73076

I can't even use dating apps because talking on them feels so forced and stupid. I also hate when guys I'm not attracted to start a conversation and I feel bad if I have to reject or ghost them. I wish there was an app where only the girl can start a convo with the guy she likes instead.

Anonymous 73084

I think that already exists and its called bumble. its a lot worse than youd think though.

Anonymous 73085

So bumble?

Anonymous 73086

There are no cute guys on bumble

Anonymous 73088

may as well date another girl if the guy cant even message first, like lol

Anonymous 73160

are you supposed to find a bf by being friends first or just go in straight with the expectation of dating

Anonymous 73161

Both routes are valid but it is better to be friends first so you can know how he acts when single vs when he is in a relationship

Anonymous 73170

You don't just suddenly start dating/confess feelings to a guy you've been friends with, it's more of a gradual process, even if both of you have been attracted to each other from the beginning.

Anonymous 73199

idk i think being friends first is better its less awkward

Anonymous 73290

Just so long as you don't jump into sex immediately you can't go wrong. Either he's a coombrain and will dump you or he's waiting for marriage like we're supposed to.

Anonymous 73449

How was your Valentines day, anons?

Anonymous 73450

>Obvious dyke is obvious

Anonymous 73456

fuck off moid

Anonymous 73457

I dont get much male attention apart from creepy older men who think I'm underage, but I made eye contact with a cute young cashier who had a twinkle in his eye and smiled really sweetly at me. I noticed him staring at me from behind when I looked in the mirror security thing that shows you the shop floor. Maybe he just thought I was ugly or goofy looking, but it honestly made my week. I'm too scared to go back and interact with him again though. But there was something so angelic about him.

Anonymous 73476

The song and MV is actually growning on me. I think I'm ready to accept tranny Bladee.

Anonymous 73502

I don't post on IG for a year+, decide post a random pic of the sky on my story today and my crush from middle school DMs me and asks me to get drinks w/ him. random as fuck.

I looked up a recent pic of him and…he's unfortunate looking now. but I feel like I should go out bc I literally never go out and never get invited anywhere since I graduated from college. Also middle school-early HS me would go insane if she knew this happened, but if I go, it would be out of pure curiosity.

I also feel the strong urge to just ignore him too. I've never had a bf/relationship or anything before bc I am so emotionally immature and wonder if I should just force myself out there because at least I know him, even if we haven't seen or spoken to each other since 8th grade.

Anonymous 73516

I'd advise against it, anon, just think it was weird and random and opportunistic of him (especially with him not trying to connect to you first). There is a 99% chance he's hoping for sex and that once he actually suggest, it will be painfully awkward and/or ruin your memories of him.

Also, someone doesn't need a bf or sex to mature.

Anonymous 73538

>weird and random and opportunistic
last year(?) I kind of did engage in VERY brief conversation, bc he was replying to my stories when I was posting, but like basic normal things like "how's life going etc." obv in my head I totally remembered my crush on him though.

that was over a year ago so, it's weird also the day after valentine's day I receive his message? I haven't even thought about those implications. I immediately texted some of my friends since middle school about it, one of them thought he could be joking and another thought the same as you-he just wants to fuck.

Now that I'm back in my hometown for the foreseeable future it feels like my past is coming back to haunt me, but it's conflicting because I also feel nostalgic for it. lots of weird emotions lately as I become a legit 'adult'

I don't think I'll see him, but it is so satisfying to know that maybe he also liked me in middle school. bc I remember being so cringeworthy obsessed. like writing a million ask.fm anonymous messages to him obsessed.

Anonymous 73543

Childhood crush/love rekindled and turned into adult love has always been one of my fave arcs. I wish there had been cute boys (even just one!) at my school to one day reunite with and end up getting married. Unfortunately all of them were ugly as hell and only got uglier and fatter through the years lmao.

Anonymous 73544

He can't have you as a fuck if you don't have sex with him. Just hang out and it'll become clear if he's just after sex. He's probably just lonely and reminiscing about old flames just like lots of people this time of year near valentine's Day.

Anonymous 73545

i need to stop falling in love with every moid who is remotely nice, kind to me or makes me laugh AAAAAAAAAAA

Anonymous 73550

Dunno if this is the right thread for this but. My first love was basically perfect in every way. He died in a car accident when he was 24. Losing him was the worst thing that ever happened to me and years later I still haven't recovered. What's weird is, it's actually made me scared to date any kind of high quality man, for fear of losing him again. I feel like if I lost another love, I literally couldn't handle it and would end up institutionalized or an heroing. But at the same time, it means I get involved in very unsatisfactory flings with unsatisfactory low quality men and end up resenting and hating both myself and them for it. It's always easy and a relief to end things with them, but it also makes me feel guilty because one or two of them really fell hard for me and I didn't feel anything for them. I know this cycle is fucked but I don't know how to get out of it.

Anonymous 73553

I am so sorry you had to go through that anon, you're just trying to cope the best way you can- but it doesn't mean all hope is lost yet. Have you considered therapy? It can really give you a new perspective on things, since the way you're viewing things and life in general rnbis twisted by grief and mourning and is in no way an indicator that things are going to forever be this bleak and lonely

Anonymous 73600

It's been years. I still can't stop thinking about my ex. I was in emotional pain for nearly every second of our relationship the last two years but it was my first for everything. It was mainly online but we talked about closing the distance. One day it got too much for him and he ghosted me.

He kept messaging me every half year after that. I should have just blocked him but I always hoped he would come back.

When we talked the last few times he just wanted to get off. I let him. Then he wanted sympathy for his dead cat, and I gave it to him. But he doesn't care about me. He clearly moved on emotionally and barely acted like the person I knew when he messaged. All he cared about is his job, sex, and himself.

I've finally blocked him and not talked to him for months but I can't think of anything else. It's been years and it's still like this.

Why do I hold onto this shit? I literally feel more worthless and unlovable every day. I tried hard to get over it, date and talk to other people. It just seems like I can't help but mess it up, that everyone I start to care about abandons me.

Anonymous 73604

Because he was a narc who lovebombed you into liking him. He literally psychologically abused you and is still doing it. Just when you are about to move on with your life he comes back again to get some attention or hoover for information.

Blocking him was 100% the right thing to do.

People treat you badly because you let them. And you let them because you believe you have no worth. You need to build a comfortable life by yourself so that next time a narc comes along you will see immediately that they add nothing of value to your life and will be able to drop them quickly. The more confident you are, the less likely they are to prey on you in the first place too.

Anonymous 73609

thanks for your response anon.
it doesnt make it easier but i really needed to hear that.

Anonymous 73613

It's just because you're obsessed with not being alone. Thing is that's exactly what scares people off and makes them run. Nobody likes someone who's devastatingly needy and clingy and afraid of being left. People sense they're going to be pulled under to a place they can't breathe when they pick up on that trait..

If you don't learn to enjoy solitude, the same thing will continue to happen over and over though

Anonymous 73614

When people say this it alway feels kinda gaslighty tbh. Everyone needs social contact. Everyone needs someone to confide in and at least give them dignity even in a non romantic sense. Attaching a negative tag to that and telling someone they are “pulling people under” because they want contact with people is pretty toxic.

Anonymous 73619

eh there's people that are able to be happy alone, I notice they're regularly erased from existence in such discussions, lol. not that such a life is for everyone. I'm just pointing it out bc happiness isn't something that a human needs every single good/fulfilling thing in their life to have, and can be built up with or without people; people can also become more resilient on their own.

Yes, people should have someone to confide in, etc., but it's absolutely, absolutely still possible for someone to have a neurotic and unhealthy fixation on it that's counterproductive. I do disagree with the "you're scaring them off by acting X way" which is actually super toxic in context to what was a traumatic experience for her anyway.

in any case I'd advise her to address her own mental health issues and look into coping strategies either ways and probably stay away from dating as well while making small steps in connecting to other women.

Anonymous 73620

That’s absolutely true.

Anonymous 73621

I had my first and only bf a few months ago, then again maybe he was just a friend? We were both like adult children and we’re both mentally ill. I was forced to ghost him and block him, I didn’t want to do it but I had no choice, I miss him sometimes but maybe I just miss the idea of him more than him…. Sigh

Anonymous 73625

It's always possible to keep a log of your old conversations for nostalgia purposes.
And some people just aren't made for human interaction, friendly or romantic. If you're someone seemingly cursed with short-lived relationships: daydreaming is more interesting, less petty drama, and always tailored towards your own interests.

Anonymous 73627

I do it a lot, the only person I have ever had a heavy attachment too is my mother so maybe it’s my own issue but also men aren’t shit lol

Anonymous 73631

Samefag but why the f must not being clingy/needy equate to having no one to confide in/ not having dignity? Also why must I as a female "need" to confide in anyone regularly actually ? Not having dignity though? Are you out of your mind? Now I know you're crazy and probably unable to function without a constant positive stream of spoon-feeding or attention…you're terrified of just losing that??

That makes you so damn easy to manipulate. If you're like that you'll never be satisfied either because life constantly takes swings at you, it never gives you a break and men are often horribly unreliable. Why would you put all your faith in someone you don't know?

And honestly what are you going to to do when you're old ?? You'll lose more and more care and feeding the older you get. You'll never be able to deal. Men are such shills these days divorce is so rampant. Why would you depend on them much before you depend on yourself ?

It's like you've got your face pressed against this glass like you're gonna die if you don't have the thing on the other side rofl, but you'll never have any of the real stuff if this is the sum total of your existence. You'll only attract the kind of guys that sense they can manipulate you and leave when they're done with you.

And not having that kind of internal strength can get really unattractive really fast. It's not something the really amazing kinda men are attracted to. It's not a big win if you feel like you're always holding up a needy person to keep them alive.

Did I mention how immensely clueless it comes across to imagine how "hard" it must be to do solitude well??

Especially since you're so easy to push around just to get something a lot of people thrive without?

Anonymous 73633

>dating apps

Anonymous 73634

Relationships are only good and fulfilling if you find the super rare kind, most men need not apply.

If you can stand the majority of them and what they make most women put up with, of course your input isn't erased hun, you're a star hole to fuck rofl.

Anonymous 73640

I very much doubt that anon.

Anonymous 73641

What? That’s not what having a bf / husband is about…

It’s about forming a bond with someone you trust. What you’re describing is alligator brain tier stuff

Think of all the cuddling and silly things you get to do together anon :) Sex is just the cherry on top, and you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to

Anonymous 73643

Nta, but she may be referring to the common trend of men calling their girlfriends clingy and crazy for basic shit like wanting to talk at least once a week, wanting to hold hands in public, not wanting to be insulted, etc. This is gaslight-y because it makes you feel insane for wanting below the bare minimum from a relationship. As a metaphor, I can live without pizza but if I go out and order some I still expect it not to be cold, rotten, and half-eaten only to have the cashier say "um, this is just how pizza is and your standards are too high." Even if you didn't say this, she may have past experiences with or known such men and is sensitive to it.
But I do agree you should have core strength and be able to be an island unto yourself (emotionally). Self-love leaves you with healthy stubbornness which comes in handy when dealing with others, especially in a relationship. Feels good to be a selfish bitch.

Anonymous 73644

Yes but most of the time they take advantage of a ton of little things and pretend to be stupid about it. It's not worth it if you have to live that way in a household with them.

Anonymous 73645

I always see this down the road and have personally witnessed so much of it I'm just like nah. 2% of those actually exist.

Anonymous 73646

I have sex-related PTSD and I’ve tried to do it with a boyfriend but I just can’t… it’s like I’m sexually dysfunctional and have low libido. He broke up with me soon after which I feel so sad about. I understand that we’re young so pleasures like these are important, but he was my best friend and beyond sex we made each other happy. I wish I didn’t have this deficiency so I could still be his girlfriend. I’ve been trying to move on and I was advised to date asexual men and I’m not sure if those exist in my area… I think I’ve even given up the thought of becoming a mother in the future…

Anonymous 73647

1. that's tough
2. most people don't, any job at all is an achievement
3. having any degree at all is an achievement
4. most people think like that about themselves
5. you're not the only one
your self awareness and lack of vanity already puts you ahead of many other people, now just to find your 'looksmatch' :)

Anonymous 73648

If you're saying he just broke up with you due to your inability to have sex then he was an asshole, you're not the problem.
Also you're not the first person to have this issue, plenty of people are able to deal with it and move past it, but I'll leave that for you to think about how you'd deal with it. I've never been one for 'therapy' type stuff but people obviously do that kind of thing and it works for them.

Anonymous 73649

you sound like you belong in a cracker box bin and/or trash can

Anonymous 73651

Thanks fren but what you dont get is that i am paid minimum wage and i dont have any career prospect.
So why would anyone want to date someone whos not attractive, not a pleasant person to be around (though i am trying to change that), who doesnt have money and lives in a terrible place?
Tbf i dont have any standards apart from not cheating and being a bit interested in pursuing the relationship

Anonymous 73652

Sorry to hear that anon. I had something similar. I found that taking a couple years off from dating and getting in touch with my sexuality myself (e.g. masturbating and fantasizing) helped me a lot.

Anonymous 73657

hmmm, well, i have some more thoughts on this
(after i've finished doing my just-above-minimum-wage job lol)

Anonymous 73659

If you aren't clingy in an unhealthy way then great, I misjudged you… act like it though lol. Getting defensive solves nothing.

Anonymous 73660

>tfw lesbian
>tfw no gf

Anonymous 73686

Not one beefcake in this thread smh

Anonymous 73691


Sorry, wrong pic

Anonymous 73695

men don't offer anything of what you said anymore, and even if they did, if it was because they wanted sex and not because they love the woman, then they're trash who don't deserve sex anyways.

Anonymous 73696

What are your thoughts
What most people are searching for is emotional involvement and affection, not sex. People that search for sex only go to fuck prostitutes.

Anonymous 73698

>What most people are searching for is emotional involvement and affection, not sex.
this is true in my personal experience as a woman, don't know how true it is for men. i sure hope you're right anon.

>People that search for sex only go to fuck prostitutes.

i agree, but only to a very small extent. many men can't afford, or are too paranoid, to have sex with a prostitute even if they want to. the fact they enter a relationship and don't go to prostitutes (of which one has no way to know for sure anyways) is not enough at all to guarantee the person is mainly after love and emotionally available anyways. i've heard plenty of men say they want a girlfriend or are with one because it's a safe, nearly cost free and surefire way of getting sex regularly. some also like the ego inflation of "conquering" a woman and the chase that comed with it, but still it doesn't mean they actually love. it's just more fun.

Anonymous 73703

Don't let men manipulate you into thinking logically when it comes to them in order to make you assume you're dealing with a good, genuine person.
"If he only wanted sex, he'd go to a prostitute" is not enough in the slightest to be sure about his intentions. And it's surely not something a woman should be telling herself to excuse shitty behavior and silence suspects, along with many similar copes.

Anonymous 73705

The idea that if he only wanted sex he would go to a prostitute is absurd on the face of itself when its risking going to jail or getting an std. On top of that remember a plurality of men fetishist purity. They see sex as a conquest, which loses that element if they just pay for it.

Anonymous 73712

People? yes. Moids? Eh, not really. I mean they sure like receiving affection and women may mistake men using them as emotional tampons as them being emotionally involved. Sex is for sure not the only thing they look for relationships they also look for servitude. If you actually ever heard how men talk about relationships it's pretty straightforward they see it as a transaction. Sure there are men who enjoy the emotional aspect of dating/marriage as well, but do you think they'd stay with a woman that doesn't want to have sex with him? Or only wants to have sex once a month.

Anonymous 73719

Whatever you say moid. I think k pop are fucking ugly aliens and anyone who makes six figures is probably on the epstein's list.

Anonymous 73720

Good thing to know women aren't falling for the moid propaganda of men being trustworthy and of the few bad apples being easy to identify.
Good men are the real outliers, not the bad ones. Those are the majority. Men lie and manipulate women for sex and more. As a woman, you need to constantly be aware of the men you involve yourself with. Be suspicious, be cold, vet them ruthlessly and with mental gymnastics tier shit, because trusting the wrong man can cost your life in more ways than one.

Anonymous 73722

Because men never lie, true.

Anonymous 73724

Not what I said, moid.

Anonymous 73725

men should try being more loveable if they crave affection that much, can't blame women for not liking an unwashed raging coomchimp misogynist who screeches online about every category of people he's not part of

Anonymous 73728

so you're admitting that the description is reflective of how most men are like? lmao
i don't make any efforts, because my life doesn't revolve around trying to get "affection" (sex) from the opposite gender. when i wash myself, study hard, and am polite it's just a normal thing i do for myself and to fit into society.

Anonymous 73729

Scrotes really think we live sexuality the same way they do huh

Anonymous 73730

to be honest, with how desperate they are, even if a woman wouldnt put any effort at all in herself she'd still get plenty of male attention, affection and sex opportunities. i can see how the men in that scenario would be even less genuine than they are towards the average woman though, so probably not a smart choice for the women who still believe in love and that there's any good in the XYs. i peaced out a long time ago lol

Anonymous 73731

And? If someone craves affection and kindness it doesn't mean they can give it back or that they even want to give back.
What this has to do with effort? If 2 people truly love each other they don't put effort int it. They just do it - they feel for each other.

What this anon said >>73728

Anonymous 73733

>I refuse to read what she said because I wouldn't be able to make a coherent argument against it anyway, so here's my piece: you're wrong tralalalalala

Anonymous 73735

>Im just not bothering to read your rant
if you're not bothering to read, how come you give coherent answers to what has been said?
>men being low value hedonists because thats objectively wrong
you can't attribute objectivity to worldviews and morality, as they can't be measured. this is all in the realm of subjectivity.

Anonymous 73740

I'm not sure I still hold any attraction to real men anymore, but I fantasize about imaginary characters I've made up myself and the way the male character acts is the way I want to be treated by men.
I want somebody who is smart and fast thinking, caring, mature, can cuddle a lot, kind and generous. I want somebody who doesn't want regular sexual intercourse and doesn't consider a sexual relationship for important. I want pure love with no lust - just genuine, authentic love, free of any sick desire. I want a man who knows we're both equals and knows that my worth is in way more than my body. I long for a man who sees the soul and not the cloth over it.

Anonymous 73742

>I want somebody who doesn't want regular sexual intercourse and doesn't consider a sexual relationship for important. I want pure love with no lust - just genuine, authentic love, free of any sick desire.
I want that too, I wouldn't mind sex now and then, but it's not a big need for me, and I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable having to give a guy sex on demand whenever he happens to pop a boner. Sadly men are bigger coomers than ever and if you won't act like his personal pornstar he probably won't stick around, since sex has become 95% of men's priority now. I don't think I'll ever get the kind of man or relationship I want, but I'm fine with that if it means not lowering myself to the level of a degraded porn chick to get one. If that's what he wants, then I never wanted him anyway.

Anonymous 73749

>I wouldn't mind sex now and then, but it's not a big need for me, and I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable having to give a guy sex on demand whenever he happens to pop a boner.
Same, I just wish that sex wasn't that big of a deal for guys. To me sex is the last thing I would want my partner to provide.

Anonymous 73757

I consider myself to have a pretty normal sex drive, but the rapey entitlement men have towards women's bodies these days puts me off irl sex entirely.

Anonymous 73812


>I'm just here to eat the pussy, so…

Anonymous 73814


not sure if this is bait or a cope
you should see a therapist
>anyone who makes six figures is probably on the epstein's list.
what sort of fantasy world do you live in? Out of college CS majors earn almost/at 6 figs

Anonymous 73822

This is how I feel. All the nice girls I know who look all "sparkly" always have someone breathing down their neck. They're afraid of being themselves or never experience anything genuine. They're often so internally suffocated. They look happy but I don't believe it.
Especially when I see the fugly moid they ended up with. It's like you put together all this for THAT???????
Kim Kardashian is a prime exame. You put that much work in just eto end up with someone as ass ugly and repulsive as Kanye west??? And then Pete Davidson??

Pretty girls attract control freaks and live even worse than I do often times, and I'm just normal. Why must I pretend to like the way you're both ugly af and your money just burns the world down anyway. I know not all men are trash but Jesus most men are trash.

Anonymous 73823

Now why would I leave reality to pretend like Im in reality again with some rich power obsessed wanker

Anonymous 73831

would you say multi-millionaire international celebrities kanye west and pete davidson are representative of "most men"?

Anonymous 73839

Anonymous 73841

this 100%

Anonymous 73873

hell yeah. i'm so tired. not even my therapist gets it, because i have such a nonchalant attitude about being a loner. yet i'm at that point where seeing couples in public makes me angry again.

i've had guys ask me out before, but i wasn't attracted to them. also doesn't help that i want a tall blond norwegian boyfriend, yet i live in a region where the majority of people are brown or east asian. no nazi vibes, i just don't find them sexually attractive. and the only few nordic men i met here either have just a single brain cell or look like literal gods and are dating models. it's not possible for me to move right now, so i guess it's another few years of being a kissless virgin until i'm 30 or something. maybe then i'll get superpowers and make my imaginary bf of 10 years come to life.

Anonymous 73880

No offense but you're just gonna have to lower your standards. Ofc I like handsome tall men too but I've come to accept I'll likely never get one.

Anonymous 73881

Why do you assume some tall nordic blond will want you just because you’re in their country? They’ll still only want to date other attractive people.

Anonymous 73885

s, you miss my point. i don't usually find god tier looking men attractive anyway. just have a particular type idk, but there's not much to choose from where i live, especially with more than just looks. i'm not fugly lol and i'm also scandinavian if that matters.

Anonymous 73891

What moids want is irrelevant. There aren't enough Stacies for all of them. Eventually they will realize their ridiculousness and settle down with average women.

Anonymous 73896

>Eventually they will realize their ridiculousness and settle down with average women.
How is that a good thing…

Anonymous 73898

Oh ok. I assumed you looked like the moids in your country and weren’t scandi.

Anonymous 73904

My whump fixation is kind of ruining any chance I might have at acquiring a bf. I always wondered why I would be repulsed when a family member would get injured or sick, but when it happens to my husbando I would get tingles in my privates (as far back as when I was 8).

I just want a cute boy whom I can hurt. God dammit.

Anonymous 73914

Same vibe I get from every douchebag that comes into my job. And even if they're not you know they're always ready and willing to take some selfish or fascist stance the second they open their mouths about anything serious. They can be prone to ignoring or neglect things til they blow up in your face and then disappear when it matters. And even if they don't they expect you to pick up the slack where they're lazy, if you have to cohabitate, while either assuming you need his help or taking all the fun roles and jobs while you get the shit ones.

It doesn't matter how hot or seemingly nice a guy is I'm always noping the fuck out everytime before I show them my personality, or intentions. They thoroughly disgust me.im actually the kind of person who refuses to show what I am thinking, doing polite all the time and just hanging back working on my own stuff. But my god I fucking hate them.

I like cute ones but only from a distance to and I don't like to spoil the illusion.

I think the only women that can like men have to have a certain threshold of self loathing and desperation and that's what men want. They hope for it in SOME way from a woman, so they can do the opportunistic thing and take advantage of her hard work, naive generosity or agreeableness. Whether the naivete is a little or a lot, doesn't matter. You always have to sacrifice more for the shitbag in the end. No amount of nice guying fixes that for me.

No amount of good sex makes that better. Why ? When I can masterbate without complication uprooting my life jesus !

Anonymous 73931

>there aren't enough Stacies for all of them
Maybe, but there's still wayyyy more attractive women than men imo. I see multiple beautiful women daily and maybe like one very handsome guy outside a week at most. It seems like pretty much every moid is dating a girl who mogs him too.

Anonymous 73938

You're right. I know some women enjoy the attention, but I hate people looking at me when I go out. I hate feeling like I'm there for men to stare at like an object. I can't believe girls go outside in tiny revealing outfits and short skirts or white outfits and full makeup and tan and heels and stuff and can manage to look relaxed and comfortable. Even if I'm dressed up and look nice, I'm constantly worried that I've sat on something that stained my butt, I'm worried if my makeup has smudged or if I got lipstick on my teeth or if there's a bug on me or if my skin looks bad with makeup on, I'm constantly grouchy because my feet hurt from the heels and I can't be bothered walking in them, etc etc. I think now, styles like jeans and leggings and casual stuff is more popular so you don't have to look like a Barbie doll, but I hate how traditional female decoration and glamour centres around hardly being able to walk in high heels, showing off your ass and hips and boobs to signal how fertile you are, having annoying cumbersome jewelry dangling off you and long nails getting in the way of doing anything, makeup suffocating your skin and sitting on top of you like a waxy mask, wearing stuff like waist trainers and corsets so you can't breathe and stuff. It's just so restrictive and imprisoning. I have no idea how Stacies or those Instagram types do it.

Anonymous 73946

Which is why they're not worth it and fantasy is better. Settling with a hog, while you put up with image expectations? Are you out of your mind? You have to just be sick in the head practically

Anonymous 73949

They don't actually enjoy it. Stacies hate themselves on another level. They do it out of deep needyness to fit the expectation to get all they ever knew before, approval. But they can't escape the cycle either and its tedious, it chokes them, makes them bored, boring.. dries them out. They live in terror constantly.. It would require being caste out somehow, for them to regain freedom. Every stacy I used to know was visibly miserable underneath, and they had miniscule fixations and thoughts to go along with it, but they lived in a sort of terror which took me a long time to understand, because i never did, and I just developed into and alongside things i genuinely enjoyed, that felt wide open to me.

You don't have to fixate on those things if you're aware they doesn't do much for you. Honestly the best feeling is getting high off yourself and whatever you're working on, instead striving to present as this suffocated emotional labor doormat. Wide open space is like a drug

Anonymous 73978

>what sort of fantasy world do you live in? Out of college CS majors earn almost/at 6 figs
Lmfao where? I'm not sure if we live in the same country. Also are you making an exception that CS majors can't be pedos or you didn't pick up on what I'm saying?

Anonymous 73979

Celebrities are like regular people but rich. Rich men are representative of what all men would be like if they had a lot of power.

Anonymous 73983

Its because women put more work into their looks than men do.Personally I think women put too much effort and men don't put enough. Thats why it's rare for me to find either attractive, there has to be a balance.

Anonymous 73984

Exactly, don't fall for the "Stacies have it all" trope.

Anonymous 73985

I’d say rich men are stupider than the average man. They either inherited all their wealth and connections and so never had to study or they are very lucky or at best they are very smart in one area which means they neglect everything else.

Anonymous 74002

I just want a nice asexual boyfriend who wont see me as a sex object, I got groomed a lot growing up and now I don't trust men. Love, in my mind, seems like a made up emotion only women feel. I want to feel loved but maybe I'm asking/expecting for too much.

Anonymous 74003

there are ace forums and dating sites out there. they don't have many members but it is possible to find someone if you really want

Anonymous 74022

I think it is more that they are out of touch and drunk on power, so they boil down to their primal preference which is promiscuity

Anonymous 74026


I'm a Yuropoor and apparently most Ukrainian refugees are men. Looking forward to my state assigned Hohol bf.

Anonymous 74041


Not so fast, bitch!

Anonymous 74042

isn't this ridiculously unfair? What if they don't want to fight and have a family? They are literally forced to die just because they're guys

Anonymous 74043

Moids did it to themselves. I just hope as less women and children die as possible.

Anonymous 74044

it's ok, they can just self identify as women

Anonymous 74046

>Moids did it to themselves
Yeah, I'm sure they all want to be killed and asked for this war. That's why they're being arrested at the border. heartless piece of shit

Anonymous 74047

Men need to defend their countries whether they're wiling or not, and women have to birth more humans so the cycle can repeat itself. It's unfair and it's fucked up, but women aren't at fault for that.

Anonymous 74049

No, the way you have worded it implies schadenfreude, like they deserve it.

Anonymous 74051

The smart ones already left days ago

Anonymous 74052


I told a guy I liked him and he called me a dork. To be exact he called me a “dorko lol” after I told him I liked him and he made my brain scrambled eggs.
>I don’t think that’s a good sign

Anonymous 74053

I know this board is full of bitter manhaters but literally no Ukrainian men asked for this war you retard. They're being illegally invaded by a psychopathic despot. Societies cant function without men protecting the women, there's no such thing as an all female tribe because other tribes would swoop in and take all of them without protection from men who care about them. If Ukrainian men are killed the women are gonna become slaves to either Russian rapists or creepy foreigners looking for a war bride. Look past your personal experiences and misdirected misandry for 5 seconds.

Anonymous 74054

Understandable, I worded it incorrectly. I do feel bad for the men that have to give their lives for pointless wars like those. This doesn't belong here so we can stop the discussion.

Anonymous 74058

teasing is a sign of affection tho

for example, he wouldn't have called a woman he isn't comfortable and relaxed around a massive dorko, if that's any consolation

Anonymous 74067

ukrainian boy int …

pic is ukrainian man from 4chan /int/ in 2021

i wonder what he's doing now and where he is?

Anonymous 74070

In a scrotey /b/ thread.

Anonymous 74086

>implying they look like that
Sweaty, slavic men are notorious for looking like mashed roblox characters. Don't take it to heart.

Anonymous 74110

He looks gross. Is this some kind of femboy?

Anonymous 74111

Honestly I would prefer a sweaty smushed Roblox looking Slav over some weird trannified one.

Anonymous 74113

being surprise buttsecksed by russian soldiers probably, oh dear

Anonymous 74169

>never kissed, never held hands, never had sex even though i’m in my twenties now
>all i want is to be married to a guy who i relate to and who respects me and wants to build a future with me
>have a crush on a really cute and handsome guy but he just ignores me and i’m always the one initiating conversations + we are going down very different career paths
>no other young guys anywhere who aren’t ugly, not interested in the same things and/or rancid misogynists
it hurts to live

Anonymous 74174

Raging moid spotted.

Anonymous 74175

Or one of those pickmes who gets mad you don't also go for the ugly stock

Anonymous 74176

Actually it's studied that the women that like ultra-masculine men the most have a lower capacity for disgust on average.

Also that picture of that boy was gross anyway because he looks, like…15. It isn't that I dislike that phenotype but that he just looks hyper vulnerable mostly because of looking young.

Anonymous 74177

For having different preferences? Jeez, at this point you people just say that to stir up some shit

Anonymous 74181


>tfw no slonk hill man bf

Anonymous 74183

He literally looks like a femboy faggot that gets spammed on /LGBT/ by horny incels. He's disgusting.

Anonymous 74195

you sound like a 4channer that has been conditioned to hate boys over looking like boys and your mind has been influenced by what degenerates feel and see.

Anonymous 74205

My beef is they prefer you as a female to look exactly the same way. And you just eat that up I take it?? Look at the way 90% of women on Instagram make themselves look you hypocrite. He's not my taste but I personally don't care because he's still cuter than 90% of the depressing shit we have to look out there. Still a vast improvement oh my god

Anonymous 74206

Heh like someone already said, there's a raging moid among us

Anonymous 74208

Plus if men didn't have such appearance double standards, double standards for everything, I wouldn't care. But they do! AND they're frequently swine about it. Who am I supposed to protect again? Why am i supposed to protect their feelings again??

Anonymous 74209

Huh? What are you talking about? Are you someone into shota that's sperging out?

I just noted he seems like he might be 15 or something. I get creeped out when grown people seem to be into people that young looking. Why do you call me a hypocrite for not trying to clap back to degenerate pedo moids by preferring teen boys? Like. Wut.

Also I don't find him ugly. I said >>74195 bc I'm mostly disturbed that people sexualize him so much. You seem to be aggressively sexualizing him too and you're freaking out because what I said was too close to home.

Anonymous 74210

Not the anon and I hate shota but teenish looking is eh, not shota. Its vague. There are a lot of dudes that look that young. I have no singular preference but I just think the vast amount of men are fucking ugly and they do the same thing, have the same expectations for us. Why should I protect their precious innocence when they rarely protect ours again??????????

Anonymous 74211

Again not anon, but I mean my GOD look at every post on 4chan. Its literally some underage girl. Why would I hate what's obviously attractive to protect pigs innocence?? If I don't even know they're underage? Why do I need to be some fucking saint when they're not, and never will be towards us???

Anonymous 74216

It's a picture of an aesthetically pleasing guy. There's nothing wrong with people expressing their attraction to it. You will gray your hairs being so wound up over the opinions of strangers.

Anonymous 74220

Oh my god people like you drain the joy from everything. You dress right up to appeal to underage loving moids, pushing the whole "saintly" femininity instagram performance thing… all for men that are gonna look and behave like swine. Which really actually just makes you the exact same.

But then you get up on a cross about boyish looking young men even if you're not sure of the age ? So moid swine don't have to feel like we do/ look as good as we do? You couldn't be bothered to protest on 4chan where actual pedophilia runs rampant.

The result is men don't think they have to look good for shit, and we all have to deal with the consequences. But fuck you, I will never look at masculinity the way you or they want, for as long as I live. You can blame yourself for that. You just make my will to avoid gross masculine cliches even stronger. Suck it

Anonymous 74221

based pretty boy connoisseur

Anonymous 74222

My problem isn't him looking young you weirdos, it's the fact he's ugly as hell and also looks like exactly what trannies on 4chan obsess over. If you're gonna cream over shotas and young boys at least post actually attractive ones, not some potato faced, ballhead polish builder with a Beatles haircut lmao. Feel free to salivate over underage boys, equal rights and feminism is being able to be a creepy femcel who fetishizes youth because uhhh something something feminism.

Yeah uh he's not pretty, he's a young, ugly boy lol. I'm starting to think it was some moid who self posted and is getting upset the nonas here aren't all lining up to dickride him.

Anonymous 74223

>You dress right up to appeal to underage loving moids, pushing the whole "saintly" femininity instagram performance thing… all for men that are gonna look and behave like swine. Which really actually just makes you the exact same.

Peak schizo moment. Instagram lolita Stacy isn't lurking here nonners. She can't hurt you anymore.

Anonymous 74224


>we need to get back at pedo men by…becoming pedos ourselves…

Anonymous 74225

Thats all relative and whatever, okay, I'm just making a statement about how ugly 90% of moids and typical masculinity is.

Anonymous 74226

Since you're going to try and push that bs here, I guess you have no choice but to cry more.

Anonymous 74243

> I'm starting to think it was some moid who self posted and is getting upset the nonas here aren't all lining up to dickride him.
Nah, I can bet that probably everyone in this disagreement are female.

Anonymous 74251

No one is crying except you pedo-chan. You sound sexually frustrated.

Anonymous 74259

I agree with the other person about calling you a schizo. You basically made up some sort of shit about us dressing up like lolis or something.
I have never installed IG. I have never installed tiktok either. I don't even have accounts to it. The last impulse I have is to normalize that degeneracy.
I find it really weird you base your idea of reality off of such things, and I also find it weird you live in a fantasy world where if someone is weirded out by a 13 year old boy (who btw probably naturally looks like this, it has little to do with effort), that automatically bans them from being able to criticize men putting in barely any effort.

Anonymous 74266

Okay miss puritanical

Anonymous 74291

What does it matter?
Most women do either way, its a never ending cycle. Most of them are apes as stupid as the men they project performance femininity for.
Doesn't seem like something that needs a lot of explaining.

Anonymous 74303

It's definitely a larping moid trying to prove we're "just as bad"

Anonymous 74344


Not that anon, but I know plenty of Ukrainian men (and like one Russian guy) who looked like that guy, all were in their mid 20s. He doesn't look particularly young he just has more "feminine" features I guess. Having smaller jaw and bigger eyes doesn't make someone underage, it's just his face structure.

Anonymous 74349

Point taken, I guess it's just more common for them to look like that at that age, where I live basically only young teen boys look that way.

I also kind of like slightly vulnerable looking men but think there's a point where them looking very young just makes me feel bad.

Anonymous 74351

Yeah I get you anon, I'm more used to seeing those features in men (like bigger eyes, small face, etc.), and my half-Ukrainian bf also looks similar to the guy she posted (he is 25), so it kinda rubbed me the wrong way that you called her a pedophile. It's just different phenotypes I think, I was also weirded out by how masculine western men look when I travelled to Norway and Switzerland lol, all huge jaws, long faces etc. They looked quite old to me because I wasn't used to seeing that particular set of features yet.

Anonymous 74359

tbh I think I was more reacting to what she was saying after the point, I offhandedly said the pic was a bit gross bc he looks very young/vulnerable in it and 15 but not making a pedo accusation originally and then she jumped on me calling me a hypocrite then bringing up IG stuff. I think maybe 2-3 other girls dogpiled on her, kek. In any case the best point being made is that women are indeed policed more over their tastes than men despite men being 10x more degenerate/harmful on average so I feel bad for perpetuating that. I doubt she'd actually prey on some actual boy.

also she was right about "he's still cuter than 90% of the depressing shit we have to look out there."

Anonymous 74449


>very very smart; i.e. i'm 130+iq and he is smarter
>same professional goals/interests
>has his own place+car
>my type
why why why did i fuck this up. why did god intend me to be an ugly sperg.
though i don't think it's psychologically possible for him to ever like me, or anyone, back.

Anonymous 74451

i told him that he could use me however he wanted and… nothing. might be an angel
i want him so bad bros ;;;w;;;

Anonymous 74457

>>though i don't think it's psychologically possible for him to ever like me, or anyone, back.

What is wrong with YOU anon?? YOU??
Stop being such a fucking pickme for one I guess

You come off and sound desperate. You'll only be a magnet for shills who smell the desperation. It's only attractive to sceotes that want to use and toss you.

Anonymous 74458

>i'm 130+iq
yeah sure bud

Anonymous 74466


actually touched by your concern, thank you. im normally pretty good at masking my nonexistent self-esteem in any case
i am literally autistic and got iq tested as part of my psychoeducational evaluation

Anonymous 74476

like a virgin.jpg

Take a chance with me, is it worth it

Anonymous 74509

>mfw WW3 so won't see Bladee live again

Anonymous 74520

I’m autistic too and an IQ test was never given to me during my diagnosis.

Anonymous 74524


He was in my city last night, I got to talk to him for a little while and take a pic with him he was so nice! It seems like the only thing he found to take a pic of here (well his brother's account I guess) was a memorial where some football fan got stabbed. My country is such an embarrassment lmao.

Anonymous 74525


Anonymous 74558

That's so cool! You're lucky anon!

Anonymous 74859

y9bfu_DA.jpg large…

He looks so much like this Russian woman I saw on instagram its a bit funny, he looks cute though.

Anonymous 74871


He does kek.

Bladee looks so much like Hunter Schafer, it's creepy.

Anonymous 74872

that's definitely a troon

Anonymous 74885

It's uncanny, whenever I see him I only see Bladee with boobs.

Anonymous 74894

yulya4ever IG.jpg

I think she's a biological woman, but she's extremely androgynous. She's yulya4ever on instagram, but I guess she won't be anymore since Russia is killing access to a lot of social media, including stuff owned by Facebook. Now they're moving to telegram.

Anonymous 74895

She's not a troon. You can tell her jaw is still much softer than >>74871 for example, and small framed in the shoulders and clavicles (well, smaller than any male, at least).

Anonymous 74909

Definitely looks better here but I'm not a fan of her look at all.

Anonymous 74941

the goal is to meet a sweet and caring guy who knows that males can't be women and who i find attractive

it will never happen

Anonymous 74995

Most men I've met irl are so boring and uninteresting. I don't care about finding a guy who will help support me financially or cook for me or take care of me since I can do all of those things on my own. I just want to find someone I really care about, who is cute, who I enjoy spending time with and who enjoys spending time with me just as much. Most men I've met who I think are physically attractive, I don't feel interested in dating because I just don't really connect with them.

The only time I ever knew a guy who I actually really wanted to date was in my first two years of college when I had a huge crush on a friend from high school who went to a different uni than me. I didn't care at all about his appearance, but it was more about how well we got along and how excited I was to talk to him that made me like him so much. Obviously we ended up growing apart and becoming different people so I'm not bitter about it and I don't believe in the whole oneitis thing. I just wonder if the person I am now will ever be able to meet someone I find interesting again. I also worry because nowadays I tend to find people a certain personality type attractive that can easily be toxic if I were to actually date someone like that. Because of all these reasons, I am starting to think it's impossible for me (the me now at least) to find a bf which is why I've stopped trying. My friends ask me why I'm not interested in finding a bf and I tell them it's just because I'm too busy/hate men but this is the actual reason why.

Anonymous 74996

It isn't. He popped up on /int/ twice in 2021.

Anonymous 74999

nta, but better alone, than with somebody you don't even find attractive
overcoming disgust when making out - why?
it is also lying to them, what's the point of having intimate relationships then
imagine your theoretical bf fine, I will assume you are not a scrote thinking something like "yeeeah, she's meh, def not good looking, but I guess it will do"

Anonymous 75004

Anon… your reading comprehension. The whole point of my post was saying that physical attraction does not matter to me as much as meeting someone I get along with and that’s what makes it hard. When I said I’ve met physically attractive guys, that wasn’t through dating lol. Sometimes in class or through friends I’ve meet guys who are cute and I don’t go for them because I don’t think our personalities mesh.

I even wrote in my post that the one time I had a crush on a guy was because I felt we were really compatible and I didn’t give a fuck about what he looked like. I’m not going to go for a guy because he’s physically attractive or average-looking, I’m going to go for him if i like him and enjoy talking to him (which has been what’s hard for me to find recently).

Anonymous 75007

Yep, I get creeped out when someone breaks out the "just lower your standards bro". You clarified you give 0 fucks about looks and don't even mind being alone so much.
There's a pretty high chance >>74998 is a hiveminded male that compulsively gets triggered when a woman indicates she's not sexually accessible the majority of men, so they then vomit up some sort of random talking point to delete it.

Anonymous 75010

Yeah makes sense. Incel moids determine the worth of women based solely on their looks and sex appeal so they just assume women are the same way. He was so quick to project onto my post just because I said I've talked to physically attractive guys without even seeing the context of what I was saying (physical attraction doesn't mean anything without emotional connection). They assume that physical attraction is the only kind of attraction that exists because it's the only kind of attraction that matters to them.
Also this. I would also rather be alone than date a guy who was only with me because he "lowered his standards" lol.

Anonymous 75096

My sex drive has suddenly peaked out of nowhere. I'm literally desperate for dick and think about it all day.

Anonymous 75165


Joining this crowd again. Not a true femcel anymore I suppose though we never did anything sexual besides him sitting on my lap (amazing, beautiful, top ten moments).
Also I am both tfw no gf AND tfw no bf, fuck this bi earth.
Writing down my ex's good traits is helping but also made me worry I'll never find another one.
Where are the cheerful, talkative goofy spergs? I need one to balance out my melancholic, quiet sperg energy. Was he one-of-a-kind?
If circumstances were different it would have been so good. He was even going to wear cat ears for me, idc if he wasn't into being tied up even. The dynamic was just so impeccable and he was so HOT. Why was his upbringing as it was AAAAH

Anonymous 75174

I've been waking up super aroused every day for the last few weeks.

I've never had any positive sexual experiences (they were all pushy and forceful and I was too timid and scared to push back) but I've never done anything intimate in my own bed. That's probably a good thing because otherwise my bed would no longer be my comfy safe space, but I wish I could cuddle someone in my own bed.

Anonymous 75320


Honestly I'm fine with "tfw no bf". What I take issue with is that I'm apparently freakishly deformed or something and don't know it (oh and I also suck as a person but I stay quiet around people anyway). I only started realizing it in recent years because - no I don't normally go around spewing it - apparently the "shared female experience" is being creeped on by men…and I have never once experienced it. No, I am not counting out a fat old guy or something either.
The only exception was

1. a stranger in high school that joke asked me out; I said yes, turned out it was a meme for his friends to record and laugh at. the guy in question said I was delusional for ever thinking a guy could like someone that looks like me. it stands to note the guy was shorter and fatter than me. back then this was my type too (judge me all you want)

2. a 60 year old guy that immediately confessed he just wanted a green card and offered me 20$ to go along with it, lol…

3. male strangers in my youth approaching me to call me ugly or ask if I was a man in a dress. these days (I got fit) only my best friend and old women hype me up or act like I'm beautiful, I am completely ignored now

Again I thought being 100% ignored otherwise was completely normal until the internet and finding out there's a LOT of people that think my experiences are a complete lie because apparently it's impossible to be a female and escape this. If anything it kind of brought down my self-confidence even more because, like, look, I'm fine with being the human embodiment of "meh". I don't think I'm so much fine with "Cthulhu and Jafar's abominable love child."

Anonymous 75321

>to be a female and escape this
erm, oops, what I mean is just escape sexual attention or being crept on.

I also want to note that I feel privileged in having escaped it altogether, it's just the fact that I haven't at all experienced it that makes me feel like I must really look like a man or something.

Anonymous 75367

I can relate. I don't think I'm deformed, I just have so many tiny ugly features that go together in the right way to make my face look completely unattractive. As I kid I was bullied by boys and girls for both my looks and my shy personality. I understood that I was ugly and could never look like the other girls way before I learned to read. Even now putting on make-up just makes me feel like I'm trying to polish a turd.

The only instance in my life where someone expressed attraction towards me was a friend in uni who was a complete creep, he must have thought that since I'm so ugly I'd let anyone fuck me. (I didn't, fuck that guy, I'm still a virgin. Part of me thinks I should've just tried to like him because he might have been my only chance at a relationship)

Aside from that I've never been catcalled or anything. Part of it must be because I rarely go anywhere alone and don't have any kind of online presence. Still, it feels odd to see women complaining about constant unwanted male attention when I can't imagine ever being called good-looking by anyone other than my parents. The strange thing is that I don't think there's anything really wrong with my body. It's just my face. It's funny how despite how much it seems that men only care about boobs and ass, an ugly face can completely override it. Neat it a way.

Anonymous 75417


im stuck in a cycle of either being cucked, friendzoned or just driving them away :-))

Anonymous 75418


Sigh, you are lucky you have someone material to swoon for
Zero men I see around and find attractive or interesting enough
I'd like to have someone to like
Guess I feel like missing out?..

Anonymous 75437

Hang in there, it has happened to me too. You will make it.

Anonymous 75448

Tbf very very few men have ever genuinely made me swoon, much less irl. The combination of decent looks and not godawful personality is like trying to find a unicorn, and what's more frustrating is the entire female population are going for those same guys too. Every time I find a 6/10 dude with a nice personality, turns out he's already surrounded by both male and female orbiters.

Anonymous 75580

I e-cheated on my one-in-a-million real life bf and he left without a word. My family still wishes he'd come back and don't understand why we even broke up.

Anonymous 75581

Why did you do that anon?

Anonymous 75582

It felt exciting to do something so forbidden. I didn't think he would find out.

Anonymous 75583

play stupid games, win stupid prizes

Anonymous 75584

how did he find out?

Anonymous 75585

he saw the notifications on my phone

Anonymous 75586

so was this a long term online affair? discord notifications or..?

Anonymous 75587

Well anon, I hope you learned your lesson.

Anonymous 75592

Dumbass. You're not supposed to let him find out.

Anonymous 75599


Fuck off, cheaters should be canned, it's good that he found out and was able to walk out.

Anonymous 75602

Men deserve to be cheated.

Anonymous 75607

There are men with the same attitude about women and you are both wrong (and made for each other)

Anonymous 75610

the funny thing is that I'm a premiere male-roaster on this site but I disagree with that.
also just for the record, just not being accessible to a guy (if he wants you) can easily be revenge. no need for catty in-relationship dumbassery. people being in a relationship with someone they hate are peak cringe.

Anonymous 75613

they don't. just break up with them. don't be a retard cheater

Anonymous 75625


my ex who claimed he loved only me and didn't wanna let me go is dating a tranny now

Anonymous 75629

You dodged a bullet anon. Men who date trannies are gays who are too cowardly to come out of the closet.

Anonymous 75697

>not getting a sub bf who will be the opposite of this
oh nona…

Anonymous 75701

>not dating boys born after 2000

Anonymous 75703


I've been single for 23 years now. All my friends are girls. Last time I talked to a guy irl he somehow managed to refer to porn, call me too tall (I'm 5'8), and scream, all in a standard, short and friendly conversation. Men seem so animalistic and foreign. I don't know where I could find the kind of sweet and calm type of guy I like, I never had a male friend. Here are some characteristics I would like my perfect bf to have:
>kind to his mom
>likes animals
>doesn't watch porn
>likes emotional and physical intimacy
>thin and not too tall
>blue eyes

Anonymous 75706

I really have to know why or what he screamed for? I laughed for a solid 30 seconds upon reading that.

Anonymous 75714

you are lovely anonette
try volunteering at an animal shelter

Anonymous 75729


>I've been single for 23 years now.
Harsh, I've been single for 15 years and still a virgin, sometimes I was dying to get a bf, others I didn't care at all for years. Right now I'm in a so-so phase. I really don't know where to find the type of men I like here in Europe. Where do people meet? Dating apps are such trash.

Anonymous 75730

mmmm david gandy

Anonymous 75744

Nta but I like how this reads like a Pokémon manual regarding how common certain mons are in an area or something.

Anonymous 75767

I completely agree with the last part, I’ve always had a really good body at a higher weight cause it mainly goes to my boobs and ass but it makes my face looks super pudgy. And when I’m at a thinner weight and my body looks worse, I still get more attention because of my thinner face. Face> body

Anonymous 75769


like I've said before, I'm "eh" about never having had a real bf. I'm almost 30. what gets me is this: I have felt exhausted and like a zombie almost my entire life. I can barely step outside without feeling dizzy. Dark circles and sunken Itachi lines cut into my cheeks and I look chewed up. I feel like I'm already in my senior years.
I look around and at young people having fun and stuff and I just feel…tired. I don't understand how people can live? And have fun?

The one time I had energy in my life, I looked significantly better and caught evidence of it and for the first time in years people complimented my looks.
I have lost weight and taken up exercise and improved my diet to 0 changes.

Maybe this is just the Matthew's Effect in play. Abused and locked in a room alone for months as a kid, maybe my body just grew up a certain way and there's no way to change it.

Anonymous 75782


>i'm 130+iq and he is smarter

Anonymous 76460

>blue eyes
Very few people have them
>doesn't watch porn
Absolutely impossible

Other than that, I'm sure you could find someone like that.

Anonymous 76469


Anonymous 76493


Anonymous 76495

>blue eyes
Not everyone lives in a country where everyone has brown eyes lol

Anonymous 76521

Thats because its impossible to make wojaks cute or attractive, irl spooning feels great

Anonymous 76522

Very few? Lol

Anonymous 76523


Obviously its because you forgot to leave a death metal cd.

Anonymous 76528

I'll admit I'm dumb, but still not dumb enough to humble brag about myself an an anonymous mongolian image board

Anonymous 76577


>tfw no bf to post in the bf hate thread

Anonymous 76579

Used to know a guy exactly like this in highschool, completely changed and became a shut-in over the course of college. Now a different person and doesn't reach out to any of his old friends. I wonder what happened sometimes.

Anonymous 76581

browsed too much 4chan

Anonymous 76587

not being able to …

Faced with the realities of the real world now without my parents to rely on and having my total lack of social/life skills exposed (I get mistaken for ASD but never diagnosed) I am forced to fend for myself out there in the big, wide world where my anxiety and depression manifested fully.
After 5 years out there including suicide attempts and homelessness I moved back in with my parents finally and after another year and a half was able to recover somewhat and now live alone, just able to cope with reality and a job at last, in a shitty single room with shared facilities.
It ain't much but it's living. How can I show myself to my old friends when I'm like this? I was the leader, but look at me now…I wasn't prepared for real-life…

OK to be honest this did not help BUT the only people I feel any kinship or a deeper understanding with use that site, even if you have to wade though the mostly sewer shit that inevitable taints you.

Anonymous 76588

The majority of people meet through other people they know (friends) and after that maybe stuff like shared activities (work/hobbies).
That's why it's sooo much more difficult when you're not a sociable person, don't have many friends, are primarily friends with other introverted people who don't go out/have other friends either etc.

Anonymous 77185


TL;DR almost no libido ever so can't get a bf and i'm really sick of it

i'm effectively asexual but i occasionally feel attracted to some men or the idea of specific types of men. it feels like being a normal person is almost at the tip of my fingers but i'm starting to think this might be related to childhood trauma (not related to sex) and my autistic traits (not on the spectrum).
since the trauma i've lived my life in an almost friendless, boring daze, especially being a withdrawn teenager people found weird and just stubbornly belieiving it to always be the case no matter what.
in uni i got less retarded and realized people can like me as a friend without being desperate losers, and even be attracted to me or want to date me. tried flirting and dating a little, was more or less successful, had sex when super drunk (no regrets) and i somehow felt aroused. maybe it was because the alcohol made my ever-present anxiety disappear for a bit? probably. i get a little horny when i drink even just one beer…
but it's not enough to get me to have sex again or look for a boyfriend. i just don't have enough libido to be interested for more than a day, when i try to do it it won't go in and no man wants a sex-less relationship.
i'm really sad about this because i'd love dating and having a sex life but i just can't see it happening. i'm turning 24 and haven't had a real sexual awakening…

Anonymous 77188

Are you sad that you don't have a libido, or can't get a bf because you don't have a libido? If it's the former I don't know what to say, is it's the latter there are all sorts of guys out there, and I'm 100% certain you can find one with a nonexistent, or very low if you'd like to ever try, libido. Don't let that discourage you.

Anonymous 77189

What kind of guys have you been fleetingly attracted too? Maybe there's a common quality, or set of qualities, that they all share. Did you lose your virginity to the guy because you were attracted to his qualities, or because you wanted to?

Anonymous 77191

mostly sad i can't get a bf because tfw no libido, but when i hear people talk about how fun sex is or i read fanfics/watch movies involving sex, i can't help but feel jealous that i don't experience this. it's more and more 50/50 as i age.
thanks nona. i want to keep trying but it's exhausting sometimes.

i wasn't particularly attracted to him (ok looking but not my type) but the alcohol + his respectful demeanor made me wanna go with it. i didn't feel pressured to lose my virginity but i was glad to have crossed that off, at least.
as for other guys, i know my type but maybe their personalities weren't turn ons. maybe a guy with a weaker libido and more submissive would do it. i feel like i'm being too picky lmao

by the way thank you nonas for not yelling at me for saying "asexual". i got a really weird response on lolcow when i used that word, as if i was a proud tumblr retard…

Anonymous 77202


I want a guy who takes care of himself with grooming and who's at least trying to move forward in life, those are the main things

Anonymous 77244

Keep dreaming!

Anonymous 77264

what? those are incredibly realistic things. you want to see fantasy go to the qt bf thread where people type these completely made up scenarios about dating child prodigies who get creeped on by strangers asking for photos to be taken, and other fantasies.

Anonymous 77267

it's kinda sad how hard it is to find a man with a positive outlook on life. most don't even bother trying anything anymore.

Anonymous 77270

tbh how it goes is that wishing for completely rational things is now unrealistic to people because all people care about is women being sexually accessible to men.

Anonymous 77273


I think I've just accepted I'll be alone forever but when people remind me of it or act like I should be with someone, I hurt.

So, for context, I have not once in my entire life been hit on nor crept on. I find it hard to talk because of a painful jaw deformity. I suck. I'm ugly. That's it.

I was asked out as a joke once when I was fat by a guy that was literally bowling ball moding (I was about 160 pounds; he around 300 and shorter than me). It was high school and…I said yes only to be laughed at, called retarded for ever thinking a guy could like a hag that looked like me. Me? I was a retard so…I actually thought this fat boy was adorable and I had been so excited to be asked out…I was such an idiot. But yeah, that was the only brief time in my entire life I ever felt that amazing excitement of being "liked."

Late in college I lost weight and for the first time in my life wasn't fat, and my dormmates kept on acting like I lost too much weight and now I looked like an old hag. Just FYI I was still heavier and taller than most students around. It's just being 22 BMI was absolutely tiny compared to old me. I remember stuff like a random guy just shouting some awful cat call about how ugly I was and had quite a few experiences like that, which seemed to actually increase after losing weight like I got closer to being conventionally attractive in 1 way but my hideousness ended up sticking out more.
Repeatedly I heard people say I look like a man.

After moving back home, as time past, my mom got weirder and acted like I should be nice to guys.
Like…it was embarrassing but at a repair shop where it was explicitly clear that diagnostics were free, I took in my gaming computer to be checked and afterwards my mom said, "he totally likes you!!!" after the problem was checked. Wut. The dude looked like his soul was on vacation in hell.

Look. That looks like nothing. But by now my mom has done stuff like this 100s of times where she has twisted a guy doing his job into being "he must like you!"–it's sad that she thinks a guy could actually like me for me. It's sad that she seems so invested in it. By now, I just want to live my life and not force myself to be with a guy who is solely with me because I have the correct holes. My mom in her youth dated around a shit ton, was lead on a ton. Me? I am at least glad I am a virgin. I am not glad for the other things…like, looking like the ungodly love child of Frollo and Jafar, but I'm glad I wasn't at least used for my body.

I just wish I wasn't such a sperg over being reminded of how ugly and unlovable I am.

Anonymous 77274

Oh…it's totally dumb but the last time I said, "you're the boy crazy one" and she said I was clueless despite her being the one that's devoid of any understanding of basic social cues or what expressions mean.

Anonymous 77304


lmao, you think your average guy has options
that's simply not how it works

Anonymous 77306


I just wish there was a dating site for non-normies. The people that populate dating and hookup sites are so fucking boring and soulless. I don't give a fuck about appearance anymore, I just want somebody metally interesting, with passions and tastes and goals and so on.
The problem is that men stick to male-dominated sites and women stick to female-dominated sites. There's very little overlap and so all the non-normies remain lonely, and eventually get bitter to the point where they start hating the opposite sex and deluding themselves into thinking they're better off staying lonely for the rest of their lives. Surely there is a solution.
Keep your head up, lotta ugly or desperate dudes out there.

Anonymous 77308

if you're legitimately trying to wear cute clothes, not over 22 BMI, be nice and approachable, actually listen to guys and say meaningful things back, just being a genuine person to them I don't see any reason as to why they wouldn't like you anon.
My GF isn't perfect in the conventional sense, but she's perfect to me because I love every second I spend with her. It's as simple as that. It's hard to find someone who you love spending time with, but it will happen anon. In the meantime these negative thoughts will only hurt you. Though, I know them all too well… Be strong.

Anonymous 77310

Do you mean you want a bf who is interested in female dominated hobbies that you also do?

Anonymous 77311


What even is a "female dominated hobby" anymore? Interest in stuff like literature, music, cartoons, fitness, anime and so on have nothing to do with gender/sex. What determines interests is not male/female but normie/non-normie.
What I want is a way to meet interesting guys, preferably online in the comfort of my own home. The dating sites that exist are filled with boring people, and creating a new one isn't practical at all. We're basically at an impasse.

Anonymous 77312

So what do you mean by
>I just want somebody metally interesting, with passions and tastes and goals and so on.
>normie/non-normie interests

Anonymous 77313

…I mean exactly what I said.
What are you confused about? Was it the "metally" typo?

Anonymous 77314

I was hoping for more detail since passions and tastes are relatively common I would think.

What do you exactly classify as normie and non-normie interests is also what I was asking.

Anonymous 77316

Many hobbies are female dominant, like art, poetry, writing fanfiction tend to have more women than men. The opposite is true for coding, MMA, bodybuilding, STEM, etc. There's definitely a split, like there's much more men bodybuilding at a gym than women.

I'm going to be a bit cynical and say are you interesting? Interesting people gravitate towards other interesting people. You can't expect an interesting guy to go after you just because you're a girl.

Anonymous 77317

Passions and interests aren't really that common. Most normies legitimately just go to work, come home, eat, watch TV, and go to bed. At most you might find one that is a fan of some major franchise like Marvel or something.
Trying too hard

Anonymous 77318

I'll admit that I don't know since I haven't tried to date, but surely you're joking, right? No way people aren't passionate about something. Even something like capeshit or video games.

Anonymous 77320

It's not like there is NO gender split when it comes to hobbies, but let's be real, most aren't. Like the examples I mentioned; literature, music, cartoons, fitness, anime, and so on- none of which have any overwhelming gender bias.
As for your second point, how exactly am I supposed to "gravitate" towards interesting people? Approaching random strangers at the grocery store or work? How exactly are you supposed to know somebody is interesting at a glance?
Yes, there are people with no passions, and they're everywhere. Men who literally just play whatever vidya is popular and the moment, watch whatever TV is popular, and… that's it. I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a female equivalent too.

Anonymous 77321

The broader the definition for hobby, the closer it gets to half male half female, but the world and Internet is in practice very segmented into tight social networks based on increasingly niche topics. E.g. Both 4chan and tumblr talk a lot about, say, literature, but /lit/ largely talks about 19th and 20th century philosophers, tumblr talks about things from Jane Austen to dystopian YA.

>how do I gravitate to interesting people

The output of any passion is some work or experience, passion is productivity. The same way you find people interesting when you see, say, a cool piece of art, so will they when you make one. Broadcasting your work is the flare that attracts such people.

And I have the same question as the above nona, what are you interested in specifically? Because just looking for interesting people in general is like panning for gold in the sea.

Anonymous 77322

I think people who use social media as a de facto dating site are happier than people who use soulless swipe apps. the number of tumblr mutuals I have who met their partners on there is staggering, and I’ve heard that normies use instagram as a dating app as well. only problem is people being a thousand miles away.

if tumblr or even twitter added some kind of functionality to connect people based on geographic location I think it could be a game changer for a whole lot of people.

Anonymous 77323

>Broadcasting your work is the flare that attracts such people.
And who's gonna watch some random woman putting out something she's interested in? The internet is filled with failed creators, many of whom who are passionate about their works, why would anyone go watch her when there's tons of others out there? I don't know if putting out something you're passionate about is enough to attract similar people, even online.

Anonymous 77326


Yeah, I'm still not buying your whole idea that interesting people somehow automatically drift towards each other. Maybe that would've been true in a pre-internet world where, to see or show off things of interest, you'd have to go to a real-life location with real people. In this internet world, simply creating or looking at peoples' creations online doesn't make friends, certainly not romantic partners. I've been posting fanfiction, self-made music and art online for years. It hasn't netted me a BF, and I would never expect it to because that's not how reality works.
As far as my interests, I enjoy music (mostly listening but also creating to an extent), literature (writing and reading), astronomy, history, movies, and vidya, though I don't really play as much as I used to.
This. In this day and age, tens of millions of people create all kinds of stuff online, that doesn't exactly make them a bunch of friends and have potential romantic partners knocking on their door.
Yeah, so many sites are filled with people discussing their passions endlessly, but nothing more substantial comes about as a result because at the end of the day, they're just strangers on the internet.

Anonymous 77328

To elaborate, I don't mean you need to go viral and become a famous artist to get a bf. I mean that you can use these sites and show your passion to form social networks. These networks then can get you a bf. E.g. If you see cosplayers on twitter, they usually form a network of followers who talk and repost each others stuff. ProZD met his wife in a Mario fanfiction group. Sydsnap met Gigguk because he hired her as a VA for work and eventually they became friends and then romantically involved. It you reach out to the people in your field of passion, you will find people who can be your bf.

I'd expect if you publicly mention you are a woman you'll be swamped with romantic requests. That's what happens on Interpals.

Anonymous 77345

Lol do you even read? Being used like a fleshlight by someone who's desperate for a hole isn't something I'm into.

Anonymous 77348

>le r9k and cc should date each other!!1!1! meme

Anonymous 77372


>clearly is the type of disingenuous man that any sane woman should avoid because the only thing he cares about is increasing the # of women he can access, which he himself admits "lots of women" implying that he goes through a shit ton and is attacking someone implying that a woman should be less accessible because this directly threatens his greed

>apparently just cares about accessing a lot of women yet wants to police women that just want ONE man
>is vomiting up random shit about me not listening to my bf because you're a manipulative twat
>mindlessly goes on about "the wall" to shut down someone else

Interesting. Honestly, thank you, man. Like you didn't even hide that you're some sort of creepy entitled fuckboy.
I think you're actually abusive, too. I think what I said actually hurt you personally and that's why you're acting like this. I don't think you have any capacity to understand how deranged it is for you to be on a female-only website screeching about this. It is a massive vote of confidence about how I managed to piss off such a deeply deranged guy. I think you're a spoiled brat that's very used to getting your way and projecting this onto every single woman.

Look. None of us here buy this. Die mad, really.

Anonymous 77373


Daily reminder that all men should do this.

Anonymous 77393


>two miserable toxic groups of loners should date each other
I mean… is it really that bad of an idea? Can we stop pretending like the idea of dying alone is fun out of spite?

Anonymous 77394

The difference is the toxic women occasionally make rude comments, whereas the toxic men are abusers and rapists. Such a relationship might be beneficial, but not to the woman.

Anonymous 77400

i can't speak for anyone else but i'm not miserable nor a loner. i have friends who i love and who i care for that care for me and i love my family. i lose nothing by not having a boyfriend/fiance/husband. i have had plenty and it's unfulfilling and unrewarding. i can get a boyfriend at any time, i choose not to because i like simplicity, happiness and stability. they don't bring me more stability or safety, they bring less stability and security. even the "nicest" man tends to show you over time he expects far more than what he's willing to put out. no thanks. the risk is not worth the negligible reward and it's especially not worth risking your safety for. men have no such fears so of course it's a wonderful idea for them. they have everything to gain and we have everything to lose. if you're in a position to be single, self sufficient and happy as a woman, take it. i have goals in life and men constantly want to distract me from my goals and demand my time for no benefit. those men on r9k are especially dangerous, resentful garbage. women on here would only risk their safety and happiness in speaking with them or associating with them in any way. btw the majority of women don't die alongside a husband. men are far more likely to die sooner than their wives.

Anonymous 77402

question, why do people keep on saying dying alone as if it's a threat?
nurses in wards basically say that terminally ill women are almost never visited by any husband even if they have one while it's far more likely to wives to come visit and care for their dying husbands.
having a sexual partner doesn't magically guarantee someone will manifest by your side when you die. the chance maybe goes up the more people you have in your life. why do people keep on acting like a sexual partner you find now will be there like 40 years later? even if you find someone who really loves you it's probably a very small chance they'll be with you when you die.

also relationships are ok, it's just really weird how people think they're the most stable thing you'll ever have in your life when this isn't really true.

Why isn't it, "wow, these people should be forever alone! They're SO toxic!"? Instead, it's, "wow these toxic waste dumps should couple with those atomic bombs, the only way they can live otherwise is out of spite!" It's so weird and…oddly entitled. I don't really understand how people think someone hateful that finds someone hateful will be so likely to be totally in love that they'll be holding hands when they die years later.

Anonymous 77403

because it's an emotionally charged attempt at a "gotcha". it's a depressing subject in general and they hold it over women's heads like a carrot despite it being a horrible and unlikely bet in the first place given how fickle and unstable relationships are.

Anonymous 77407

this has got to be a male, kek.
Statistically, there is more abuse from men to women in relationships, than the other way around. You can see it easily when you look at how many women are murdered by their boyfriends/husbands/exes than men. Also, very few men feel they're in real physical danger when they live with an abusive woman, whereas women are always in actual physical danger from abusive men (see: "Why Does He Do That?" by Lundy Bancroft)
Statistically, as well, women are unhappier in relationships than being single. See >>77402 moids are much more likely to abandon their wives when the woman is mentally ill, and also when she has a terminal illness. For wives of ill husbands, the opposite is true. Men need us, and abandon us when we need them the most.
In the vast majority of cases, """"dying alone"""" is worse for scrotes than it is for women. Having friends and family can be just as, if not much more fulfilling, but incels don't realize that, as they are completely obsessed with having sex as their number one priority, like all males are.
Boo fucking hoo, scrote. Also kek @ you trying to make inceloids and """femcels""" sound like they're equally bad and saying that they deserve each other. I don't think I need to spell out for you how fucking retarded that is.


Anonymous 77439

literally this
i finally got a fake online bf and it was exhausting trying to send him nudes every day. and you dont get nothing in return. im only ever having sex after im married literally no one man is worth my time/body and u get bullshit lines fed to you. even if he buys me a gucci bag it's not worth it

Anonymous 77440

dying alone doesnt mean your literal death, it means spending your life alone

Anonymous 77444

>Remember folks, love besides sexual love doesn't matter, you are alone if you don't fuck

Anonymous 77448


wtf are you talking about
i don't mean this as a put-down, but who hurt you?
online BFs are not the same as actual BFs. online stuff in general is garbage
>what is romantic love
you are aware there is more to a relationship than sex, right?
men being worse off by staying single their whole lives doesn't mean women are well off by doing the same. once again, relationships aren't just about sex, and you don't get the same kind of love from a friend or a family member as you do from an intimate romantic partner.
not every relationship is stable, but if you never enter a relationship, you'll never be in a stable one. it's a risk and reward situation. might as well never leave your house because there's always a chance you'll get attacked

Anonymous 77449

>never leave your house = never getting into a sexual relationship
Remember, folks, not being in a relationship and being so-so about them means you're being as maladapted and ridiculous as someone who doesn't go outside.

This is so disingenuous, kek. There's no way this can't be a male with the strange 0 to 100 whitewashing of everything involved.

Anonymous 77450

I don’t want one and i wish this site’s user base didn’t talk about boyfriens so much but i hope all of you get a bf

Anonymous 77454

Last year I was on some apps, got a bad date, and deleted them around October. Last week I downloaded one again, but was not interested in literally anyone, and deleted after 4 days. People (older women mostly) occasionally call me pretty or cute. Once I got called beautiful, but the scrote used my flustered state to manipulate me, and I don't think I can fully trust a man after that. Being single is fine, I'm pretty independent, but sometimes I get the want for a sweet touch or kiss. It's been a very long time since I had a makeout friend, which was high school. Mostly, I think I've been reading too many self insert fics lately, fuelling fantasy that I could have a cute life like that too.

Anonymous 77456

No one from cc wants to date you, robot.

Anonymous 77462


>Can we stop pretending like the idea of dying alone is fun out of spite?
Both groups tend to be really bitter and toxic about a whole sleuth of things (I know I am), but people in general should try and get their life at least somewhat in order before they date, or things just spill over. The honeymoon phase can easily make it seem like any doomed relationship is amazing at first, but as someone who got into one where we were both lonely and aimless, it lets both of you go off into the same old, bad directions and you end up using each other as both a crutch and punching bag. All the nasty shit just comes out after a while and that's how abuse and gaslighting and codependency starts.

Craving intimacy is normal, but I prefer my sanity over dating worthless people who pull me down to their level.

Anonymous 77464

That's not my experience. I was in the hospital a couple years ago with a lot of older ladies on my ward. All of their husbands came and visited them daily. It was just me and this one old lady who didn't have a bf/husband to visit us and it was pretty bleak.

Anonymous 77486

I think this website demonizes men. Not all of them are bad and ditch their wives. Some men actually have moral standards.
Plus people tend to vent online so all you get here are bad stories about men.

Anonymous 77500

I base this what I've heard several nurses say so idk what to tell you. Your one experience doesn't cancel what is common otherwise.
so you had no one else?

Anonymous 77502

Tbh I think it's because people feel entitled towards particularly vulnerable people with their lives in a wreck getting into a relationship. The behavior I've seen around this, especially with pressuring girls that aren't in good places, is incredibly strange. It's like people don't understand that these are the groups that often disportionately suffer from a relationship. Shouldn't people try for better conditions? Encourage people to improve first?

Anonymous 77508

Like I didn't notice you trying to manipulate the conversation and turn it into something about "problematic or broken women"

Most men arent worth sacrificing peace and simplicity and that is the bottom line. No number of promises could make me want to complicate my life just to sort through what is MOSTLY a male population of burdensome manchildren, conservative dixkheads or degenerates.

Most of the women I know who suffer relationshit, put up with things I'm simply not willing to because I couldnt be damned to put up with the kind of burden men usually throw in your face.

Most women I know are burdened by SOME variety of lazy guy who only contributes a percentage of what she does (in the mean time they are ingrates and/ or emotionally abusive ontop of the fact.)

I could care less if there are 10 % good ones because that just means you have to waste half your life worrying about filtering out the shitty gene pool, and being let down by lies.

There is literally no motivator unless you're a lovesick "nice" dumb girl willing to settle down with a conservative ass or a manchild

Anonymous 77510

I think you both sound like scrotes larping as women.

Anonymous 77511

So pray tell me where are the women who don't look like the idiots in these relationships??

Where do I go to find them?? Do I have to go to another town ?? I live in the south. Is it really so magical and different to the north is that what you're trying to tell me?

Like I said I don't think all men are bad just 80% of them are somewhat opportunistically lazy and I'm just not willing to waste my life around that I'm not desperate.

It doesn't matter how you think I paint them, I don't want to become my doormat friends, siblings, or mother.

Anonymous 77515


Lol. I am referring to how transparently insidious it is that people want to pressure girls/women into relationships even when it's obvious it makes even less functional sense than the alternatives. It is relevant bc we have several incidences of this in this thread where the women here are called broken or fucked up or toxic. So, devil's advocate, if this is true, why the fuck are people so eager to herd them into relationships? It's very snakey. Bite my head off all you want but I prefer the bluepillers that go "just improve yourself!" over this.

Please don't ape out on randoms just because they aren't 0 to 100 like you, it cheapens the rest of your points which I don't even all disagree with. Do you even care about encouraging people to see these points or just fight?

Anonymous 77547


Young Andrew Eldritch makes me creammmmm.

Anonymous 77548

holy shit I didn't realize op pic looks like him until now.

Anonymous 77563

>she doesn't know any men that have been abused and raped by women

Anonymous 77567

Ugly and desperate dudes are the worst though. What is the point if you feel nothing and no attraction? Why are we as women supposed to be so understanding of ugly men but it's not the other way around?? In fact it's sadistically abusive and predatory the other way around. I get what you mean by needing to not be soulless and empty. I feel exactly the same way about dating sites and I refuse to use them because yeah. Christ people are boring and soulless. But it's beyond insulting that we are expected to feel nothing but dead inside around men. It makes me feel exactly like you describe, like I became empty and soulless and if I'm truly honest with myself cheated massively. Just MASSIVELY. I don't care about money. I just want to live genuinely and stop being as you say, dead and numb inside.

Anonymous 77572


I had an experience like this a few months ago where I found a moid like that
>Be me
>Alone at like, 2 in the morning
>Get bored of browsing c.c, 4chan, etc
>On my pc lurking random Twitch streams
>Browsing categories with very few people streaming in it, a few video games but generally creative ones and Just Chatting
>Intentionally trying to find moids who are streaming to zero people, just to lurk and figure out what kind of person they are
>Primarily neckbeards, uninteresting people
>It sort of feels like when I used to go on Omeagle as a kid, but there's no dicks, it's just people sitting at their computers and they don't actually know I'm there
>Come across this one guy streaming to one other viewer under the Music category
>Stream title is just "asdf"
>Skinny moid in some makeshift studio with synthesizers and guitars
>Camera is above and behind him, mounted to the wall or something so you can only really see him from behind
>Just wearing jeans and a black t-shirt, cute 80's steel-frame glasses with large lenses
>He's talking to someone over the mic, but I'm only getting half the conversation
>Accent isn't American, but I can't place it (might be Canadian/Australian or European, idk)
>Eventually figure out he's talking to the other viewer over VOIP when they post an online chess account to the chat and he responds as part of the existing conversation, saying that they should have a game soon
>The discussion is as though they know each other in real life
>Updating each other on things that have happened since they last spoke
>He starts showing off a few of the songs he's made
>They're mostly works in progress, but they sound really good
>The tracks are still in the music making software, so he's modifying parts of it live and showcasing different parts of the music
>The other viewer is definitely a moid because they start talking about how his girlfriend wants him to go to a specific university.
>Then the guy streaming mentions he "still doesn't have one" (a gf)
>Something about this makes me feel like I should start recording my screen to watch it back later
>After they keep talking about random stuff for 10 minutes, the conversation wraps up and he stops talking
>He opens up Diablo 2 and begins playing
>Halfway through the level he seems to realize the stream is still on and turns off his camera.

It's like I just got this unique view into the life of someone interesting, but it was cut straight off and although I have no idea who he is, I've started crushing and obsessing a bit
Really wish I'd started recording earlier, 'cos there's no VOD or anything. I've rewatched the 25 minutes or so I recorded of his stream 100 plus times. It's really annoying, because I only managed to see his face side-on before I started recording the stream and now I don't remember properly what he looked like, or exactly what his music sounded like.
Shamelessly used a bunch of techniques in this thread: >>>/x/140
to try and find more stuff online and although I found a few YouTube videos of him making music, pretty much the only other thing I found was an old tumblr page, a Steam page and some random forum/imageboard posts. I check his Twitch regularly but he's never streamed again. Think I figured out what his chess account is, but I'm too scared to challenge him because I suck. I review the games and I don't know why but it makes me sort of addicted to this feeling of having a private in with someone's life, even if it's wholly virtual.

If I could talk to him I'd definitely try to make him mine, he was kinda hot in a nerdy way.

Anonymous 77579

I hate to say it but your best bet is probably just to go back to twitch and find another one, and try speaking up next time. by the time you end up being able to say anything to this guy, he might have already gotten a gf. cool story though, not gonna lie.

what chess rating are you and what rating is he?

Anonymous 77586

this thread is full of scrotes. go watch porn losers

Anonymous 77593

he's double mine…

Anonymous 77598


>Something about this makes me feel like I should start recording my screen to watch it back later
>I've rewatched the 25 minutes or so I recorded of his stream 100 plus times
>Think I figured out what his chess account is
This would scare the hell out of me if a guy did that to me. Thanks for reminding me how any innocuous thing someone does or says online could lead to them being tracked and stalked, I was forgetting how paranoid I am about that.

Anonymous 77600


Oh yeah, I definitely get that it's a little creepy, but in my mind it leads to a LDR and we fall in love.
I'm fully aware that will never happen, but it's nice to fantasize, I guess.

Anonymous 77602

why dont you try messaging him on twitch? that whole scenario sounds like a nerdy moids wet dream

Anonymous 77641

not a bad idea, you could just say you randomly saw his stream one time and you’d like to hear more of his music, but it probably wouldn’t lead to dating. there's a small chance it could but anon shouldn’t get her hopes up too much.

Anonymous 77726


Anonymous 77793

Even if the gf is you?

Anonymous 77931

why would you want to date a moid

Anonymous 77938

Not just any moid, only late 90s thoughtful Christian Bale with breakfast ready in front of him.

Anonymous 77962


Talking to guys is the worst. A guy I think is really cute called me adorable today, after I called him cute… I don’t really think it’s a compliment. It’s like what you say about your friends little sister.

Anonymous 77969

I never understand when people are like this. Cute IS a compliment. When I call people cute it means I want to fuck them.

Anonymous 77970

Cute can mean a lot of different things, I've been called cute by people who want to fuck me and who don't want to but they genuinely find me cute.

Anonymous 77974

I think she's talking about the word adorable

Anonymous 77975

Adorable has the same meaning as cute though. This was an exchange of nearly identical compliments.

Anonymous 77979

Then i dont get what shes complaining about still

Anonymous 78002

do men really want to be called cute? maybe he thought you were teasing him so he jokingly called you adorable back.

Anonymous 78004

I feel like cute is something thing you hear people say about puppies, babies, etc.

Anonymous 78028

In general people feel awkward about giving compliments because they require being really earnest in a way we aren't used to. Even you told us he's "really cute", but you just told him "cute" which has a much more ambiguous meaning, I don't mean this as a criticism, it's just really hard being honest about how we feel.

Anonymous 78037

What men want doesn't matter.

Anonymous 78067

It does if you're trying to pay them a compliment.

Anonymous 78073

You're altering the original intention of her words. She called him cute because she thought he was cute. Why should she deceptively change her words which do not reflect her true feelings in order to cater to moids' bizarro alternate reality where being cute is a bad thing? I reiterate, male opinions don't matter.

Anonymous 78087


I've never done this before, but I've decided to imagine traits of a "perfect bf" for myself. I wonder if someone like this actually exists (probably rare)
>long hair
>eats healthy
>very understanding and sweet-natured
>loves animals
>not an alcoholic or a smoker
>doesn't have a shitton of body hair
>protects his loved ones
>taller than me (I'm 5'3)
>good skin
>androgynous/feminine-leaning appearance
>likes anime
>imageboard lurker so we can laugh at stupid things together, but not racist or misogynistic
>is a good writer so we can write each other pretty poems and short stories (and write together)
>similar kinks to me, but hates the porn industry and isn't a coomer
>well-off enough for us to live together comfortably in the future, maybe have 1-2 kids
>likes travelling, but doesn't mind staying home for a long time
>thinks all the silly things I say/do are cute
>interested in conspiracy theories and occult things
>smarter than me in certain aspects, but open to learning about things he doesn't know about that I do

Anonymous 78094

>long hair
>very understanding and sweet-natured
>doesn't have a shitton of body hair
>androgynous/feminine-leaning appearance
>is a good writer

Ah, a woman of taste I see.

Anonymous 78096

You would have had a chance finding someone with those characteristics up until this part:
>imageboard lurker so we can laugh at stupid things together, but not racist or misogynistic

Anonymous 78098

I've met two guys like that. The important thing seems to be not seriously attempting to be part of the communities (and obviously not browsing shit boards like /pol/ or /r9k/)

Anonymous 78101

Did those two guys know you were a woman? Because men conceal their terrible traits around women. When you pretend to be one of them then you see how awful they really are, when they think they're in like company.

Anonymous 78102

The thing is, I'm not white, and my racial group is one of the most commonly hated. It's not impossible, but I just think it'd be very strange of them to fully subscribe to racist views and just "turn them off" and like me regardless of them (though I guess for men, the prospect of sex might be more important than politics). They were also fine with me insulting men as a group every once in a while. It's not like I was even hypersensitive around them, I like 'edgy' humor

Anonymous 78104


>tells me to position the camera differently on facetime because i look weird n ugly in each angle i try
>told me he isnt always romantically attracted to me
>has told me he thinks commitment is more important than actual love and thats why hes with me
>if i send him a selfie he'll say something like "you should do your hair differently"
>doesnt like my body either, calls my tits an investment to wait for them to get bigger and if he sees my ass he just tells me to workout (which i am)

i cant even blame him because i dont exactly make myself lovable. at the same time hes emotionally dependent on me and i cant leave him because at that point id ruin him even more than i already have. i genuinely hate myself and the situation im in.

i desperately want to be desired and loved and actively wanted and i want him to have someone he truly loves and wants. its like im a betrothed wife

Anonymous 78106

i think you should leave him you aren't obligated to stay with him especially if he's not even attracted to you then

Anonymous 78107

Sorry to be a bringer of bad news but thats a woman

Anonymous 78108

don't feel obligated to serf yourself for the benefit of someone who doesn't love you

Anonymous 78113

ive had boyfriends like this before and so have many of my friends. Yóu shouldnt stay with him, even if you think he's giving you ounces of affection, he's not empowering you in any way and taking you like an object. It doesnt matter if it hurts him, it's either him or you, and you need to put yourself first over that POS

Anonymous 78119

you dont even know him. if he was a worthless loser and i was a beautiful woman who needed worship i already wouldve left. the thing is, hes way out of my league and is genuinely a much better person than me and better looking. hence why i feel so bad about my existence

Anonymous 78123

>defending someone who shits on you because they're more attractive
You need therapy, not an emotionally abusive boyfriend

Anonymous 78126

Stop idolizing this faggot and move on

Anonymous 78144

it doesn't matter if he's better than you, he's not doing anything but making you feel worse. you need to do what's best for you.

Anonymous 78145

That's cool, but why are you posting about your bf in the tfwnobf thread?

Anonymous 78148


Massive fucking sperg incoming but I could not let this one go.

Oh my God I could have written almost exactly this a while ago. My ex-boyfriend treated me the EXACT same way, saying I needed "improvement" constantly, treating me like I'm a weak asset he's invested in so he gets to insult me and treat me like shit AND at the same time he gets to act like he's a benevolent philanthropist dating a charity case. He also said he didn't love me, and only liked me when we were hanging out. Of course he only came to revelation he didn't love me after he had said he did, and we had had sex. Of course. He would even comment on my hair all the time, criticizing and nitpicking hairstyles. He would check in every day if I'd gone to the gym, and he would try to guilt me into it. One time he straight up commanded me to lose weight. He said the exact same shit about my breasts too, saying he wished they would grow bigger with time (hello? I'm an adult, pedophile mindset much). It didn't stop at my body though, he would shit on my interests and my personality in general all the time, saying I was boring and childish. When I called him out on this shit (and much more), he had 3 mechanisms to make me feel bad 1. apologize and start waahing about how it was his parents and their cultural background which made him such a douchebag, 2. play it off as a joke and gaslight me like I'm crazy for being upset when he said shit like "is it bad if I say that the hairstyle you've had for over 6 years looks bad on you?" or worst of all 3. say some shit like "Well would you rather I lied to you and said I like you even when you're not around?" (no dipshit I'd rather you fell into a tar pit) or "Why are you asking me to be dishonest? You know I value honesty and I honestly think you need to lose weight" (thanks but I am literally a healthy weight so no thanks).
All this is to say is that guys like this are everywhere - EVERYWHERE - in all shapes and sizes. And there are TONS of guys who aren't like that, who will love you like you deserve, no matter what your manipulative scrote convinced you to think. You deserve to be actively wanted, you deserve to be desired, you deserve to be loved. Do not fall for this idiot's trap that he's doing you a favor by dating you. A lot of abusive men want to portray this facade of being a good samaritan, a charity giver, benevolent to lepers and such, because they want you to feel like an indebted writhing maggot in comparison. And despite having you convinced that he's in some league above you and reaching down into the gutter to date you, he's also got you thinking that you've ruined him emotionally. It's all fucking tricks to keep you subordinate to his will as his doormat girlfriend he refuses to even love. Some of the best advice I ever heard was that continuing to date a guy because you don't want him to kill himself is as self-aggrandizing as it is self-sabotaging.
The primary function of a boyfriend is to make you FEEL beautiful, lovable, wanted, and perfect just the way you are. He's failed again and again spectacularly. He needs to be smacked in the face with the reality that it's not okay to treat a woman this way. Tell him to pack it the fuck up and get out of town. It doesn't matter how you do it, in person, on the phone, text, fuck just block and ghost for the love of God.
P.S. If this post sounds familiar it's because I was posting about the whole situation on LC.

Anonymous 78228

it feels like no matter what i do… men(and women) simply aren't physically attracted to me. ive dated before and the person im with always seems to not desire me in that way. i always feel like a femcel, even when im dating someone. they can enjoy it when i do things for them, but they seem to not find my body sexually appealing. it's strange because i often hear about men wanting to fuck anything, even a mcchicken sandwich, but apparently i have less sex appeal than that. maybe im lacking some sort of sexual energy. i don't get catcalled, harassed, etc. im thin and young but basically invisible. im not as attractive as most women my age/that im around, but im not ugly.
it's hard to cope with this. inside i have many sexual desires but im realizing they won't come to fruition. even if i date someone, they won't desire me sexually. if this is just some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy, i don't see how im going to escape it.

Anonymous 78251

>posting about your bf in the tfwnobf thread
kindly fuck right off please

Anonymous 78256

No offence anon, but while your bf seems to be a cunt you also dont seem to be that nice either. Perhaps he was an ass, but if he just wanted you to get more fit and improve yourself then I think thats good regardless of how he was as a person. I have had some friends over the years whose personality I rather disliked but they kept forcing me to do shit that I didnt like back then but that was actually good for me and thanks to them I am a functioning human now, if I had just avoided them and stayed with my comfy group I would be a complete loser now

Anonymous 78265

Lol, if I'd had this kind of mindset I would've stayed a doormat with him a lot longer. No matter what language he dressed it up in, the point he made to me over and over was that I wasn't good enough for him and that if I wanted a relationship not only would I have to accept his constant insults but also make myself good and tradwife enough for him. And by the way, I'm not an unfit loser. I don't know your life but personally I don't need some entitled scrote trying to mold me into his perfect waifu and getting mad at me for being an individual instead.

Anonymous 78303

Your brain is broken and you should expect better from someone who you are going to spend the rest of your life with.

Anonymous 78313

I'm in the same boat. I'm not hideous nor am I fat, but I'm basically invisible to all men irl. The stuff incels say about women having it on tutorial mode and being able to get any guy they want is just gaslighting and falsity. I know lots of other average women who really struggle to get dates with average and even below average men. You're basically invisible to men unless you're under 21, have a porn tier body or an extremely pretty face.

Anonymous 78671

I left some falukorv out and it worked for me.

Anonymous 79073

Screen Shot 2022-0…

I will get a boyfriend when the time is right. It's okay if I'm lonely now, because it means I will appreciate being together even more!

Anonymous 79076

Thats true

Anonymous 79088

you will "appreciate" him more, as in you will become more emotionally dependant on him and more likely to be abused and manipulated.
When you starve yourself you'll take anything, even scraps from the hand of your enemy.

Anonymous 79091


I will get a perfect boyfriend and we will live happily ever after and there is nothing you can do about it!

Anonymous 79092

There are no perfect men in this world.
The only thing coming close are anime boys.

Anonymous 79093


If you love someone, they become perfect to you. Anime boys have never loved me. I deserve someone real.

Anonymous 79094

> I deserve someone real.
Like who? What type of person are you looking for?

Anonymous 79096


Anonymous 79108

how old are you?

Anonymous 79115

there never were. men have always been cruel monsters

Anonymous 79140


Years ago there was a guy I liked back in college - we were both in the DnD club together and I'm a fan of guys shorter than me for some reason (I am very tall and masculine looking so this is pretty easy to find) - was complaining about girls' standards being too high, that he never had a gf before, and I asked him out and he rejected me, saying that he'd feel too gay and that I'm too tall and manly looking. We had been friends for months at the club and I think he was also a virgin.

I realize that someone like me will always be the last option on anybody's list and I realize that's ok. And I realize that I'm too old now, too, so my level of autism and immaturity won't be received well even if I did try. I just wish I had realized this all when I was still young bc I spent so many years being a insecure wreck over…what? Attention that would have combusted in a few years even if I had been cute? Instead, I could have done more fun things and just lived life. Become a fuller person. Instead of thinking there must have been something wrong with me because the only catcalls I ever got was men screaming how ugly and monstrous I look.

Oh, also, I don't really resent the guy I knew at the club…he did me a favor in at least being honest instead of just saying yes and my dumb, naive self going along with it. I don't wish to have sex with someone that sees me like some hog or piece of furniture.

Anonymous 79147

There just has to be a secret site where you all hoard the cute autistic eastern european men please share im tired of living alone i need someone to text im losing my mind

Anonymous 79166

>manly looking
I know it varies with each person, but what do you mean by this? Like, a manly build, short hair, or what?

Anonymous 79191

>he'd feel too gay
Lmao bullet dodged wtf

Anonymous 79195

why eastern european?

Anonymous 79196

I stalk cute polish guys on polishforums.com. There are probably sites like that for other Eastern European countries.

Anonymous 79233

how tall are you?

Anonymous 79234

good luck
I hope you find a great bf who loves you forever and treats you kindly

Anonymous 79236


i'm taken but i'm not happy lmao

Anonymous 79244

I've always had long hair (dozens of girls have said they envy it so it's hard to not keep it long–I'm considering cutting it all off tho). I have a huge build, ribcage, shoulders, a massive jutting jaw, etc. I look twice the size of someone with a much higher body fat. I confirmed this after becoming "skinny." I have a very haggard RBF-ish face and a jaw deformity that makes it extremely painful to talk or emote. While many people have told me I'm hideous, I didn't really fully believe it until I saw a video of myself and I looked like a shambling demon. I had been telling myself for years I had BDD before seeing that.

Think these things are my last hurtle to overcome cuz since I spent so many years with my heart in the gutter that it's still hard to not be self-conscious when I step outside. I don't think I can live life as a hermit.

Anonymous 79245

Oh and let me clarify, I wish to be, uh…what is it called? volcel? I am asexual anyways and there's probably little chance I'd find someone who literally wants 0 touch besides cuddles and imo it wouldn't really be worth it. I don't feel lonely. The horror of letting down my family members seems more present.

Anonymous 79326

The last guy I dated, I kept procrastinating on telling my parents about him, to the point that we'd been dating for 2 years and they had no idea I had a bf. I broke up with him a couple years ago, but now I'm afraid to start dating again because any guy is going to be weirded out by that. I don't even know why I didn't introduce him to my parents anymore, I just put it off until I'd dug such a hole that I couldn't get out. Obviously not something I explain on the first date, but it's gotta come up eventually. Feel like I fucked myself up permanently on this one.

Anonymous 79330

I wouldn't overthink that one. I do way too much overthinking and hiding things from others and whenever I come out and tell the truth I realise I was just catastrophizing the situation. Your future bf will probably laugh it off/have sympathy.

Anonymous 79332

>While many people have told me I'm hideous, I didn't really fully believe it until I saw a video of myself and I looked like a shambling demon.
There's no way it could be this bad.

Anonymous 79342


I foolishly caught feelings for my best friend after he moved, but i don't know how to ask him if he's into e-dating before i shoot my shot.

Asking people out in person is so much easier.. i fucked up

Anonymous 79354

Idk, went years being told I look scary and terrifying so actually seeing how I looked in motion convinced me. I look evil and probably 3x my age.

Anonymous 79355

Take some ballet classes anon, they do a lot of work on posture and being more graceful. Or try doing some basic youtube lessons at least, but having a teacher correct you is best.

If you slouch, go see a physiotherapist for deep massages and back clicking. Consider yoga and pilates for this too.

As for looking old, who cares what ages you look. People are bad at guessing ages anyway (most people are deluded that they look 5-10 years younger than they do). The important thing is looking healthy, which can be fixed with diet, clothing, and exercise.

Anonymous 79360

Probably in an unmarked grave somewhere.

Anonymous 79361

I already fixed all that and it had pretty much 0 effect on making me look better. Already fixed my posture, got fit, started eating healthy, etc. I still look demonic and masculine.

Everyone guesses I am over 40 and my face looks like a dog chewed it up even though I'm in my 20s–this has been everyone who's commented about my looks online and offline. People usually aren't that astronomically bad at guessing ages that all of them magically agree on how old a person looks.

In any case, idk what to tell you about "no one cares" because almost all of these comments, bullying, ridicule about my looks, etc., was entirely unsolicited. I said what I said because I was simply getting across that I am unattractive…and that none of the above will fix the fact that I have a facial deformity.

At this point I'd rather just hear ways of not caring about the way I look and becoming less self-conscious - especially from girls and women who have suffered from many years of being told they're ugly and never had a glow up.
I already spent so much time trying to improve my looks and I'm just exhausted.

Anonymous 79381

I'm in a similar position and I feel the same as you. I'm aware that I'm ugly and I'd prefer if people didn't constantly try to make me change, because it's the way that I've always been and always will be. I'm ugly. I'm okay with it, so stop trying to impose your beauty ideals on me. The real truth about it is, it's okay to be ugly. Men might not love you, but I love all of the ugly women in the world as an ugly woman who is sympathetic to others like me. We can all be ugly together.

Anonymous 79407


The boy I like and that I’ve been talking to for like months has kind of been more flirty. Last night I sent a picture of my bra and he asked what it was and I kinda wanna die now though.

Anonymous 79430

I'll never know love. Why was I born wrong

Anonymous 79441

Anonymous 79451

>laugh it off/have sympathy
Hopefully sympathy for my ex, I'm in the wrong here I'm not denying that.

Anonymous 79455

What's wrong with you?

Anonymous 79475

Literally everyone understands the experience of telling a small lie for just a little too long and digging yourself too deep to get back. It's not like you were lying to him so don't worry so much.

Anonymous 79476

Am I missing something, or am I just too autistic to understand where the issue is? Why would he care that you didn't tell your parents about your previous bf? Why would he even know that?

Anonymous 79479

>never have a bf my whole life
>friends with this 1 boy since childhood, went to same schools all the way to high school
>I discover anime and internet in middle school and gradually become introverted and shut in
>slowly lose friends around me and making new friends feels impossible
>this boy was the only boy I ever talked to
>one day get a crush on him but never showed it
>one time while talking to him we started talking about friendzones and whatever
>he tells me he actually had a crush on me once but didn't do anything because he didn't want to make our relationship awkward or make me uncomfortable
>feel absolutely betrayed hearing that but didnt say anything
>graduate high school
>he goes to college out of town and we stopped talking to each other
>see his insta and he got a new girlfriend
>he's still the only boy I'm attracted to

Why am i like this

Anonymous 79486

So this is the life of a failed stacy.

Anonymous 79487

Not telling your family about a partner can be interpreted as like "I'm ashamed of you".

Anonymous 79494

>feel absolutely betrayed hearing that but didnt say anything
>didn't do the exact same thing, myself

Anonymous 79499


im so sick of everyone being in at least a situationship except for me, im even becoming the bitter femcel stereotype where im internally pissed even when women mention men using them for sex because at least someone wants them, even though im aware its an insensitive thought. i haven't kissed anyone in years and im still a virgin and at this point I'm just bitter and angry cause i don't see it happening ever and it's only gonna get more painful and shameful the older I get, I just wanna cry. even my ugly femcel friends are getting their pussy ate at college.

Anonymous 79526

Have you tried losing weight? If you're overweight it's gonna be almost impossible to find a quality bf. Men are nazi-ish about women's weight.

Anonymous 79612


Anons, I'm tired of this shit.
I want to meet a cute guy this summer break, there are only greasy nerds at my college so I need to try somewhere else.
How do I meet pretty men who aren't fuckboys as a conventionally attractive (albeit not normie passing) woman? I know this sounds retarded but I only ever come across uggos or frat type retards. I don't want to end up volcel because of ugly moids

Anonymous 79613

unfortunately im already super skinny so ill probably have to fix something else :( maybe i should work on my make up skills but it kinda overwhelms me how much there is to learn and how much everything costs. plus ive probably betrayed feminism enough already…

Anonymous 79708

>we'll never find a guy like leon
it hurts

Anonymous 79709

Step 1: be extremely attractive and work at Abercrombie, modeling etc
Step 2: See step 1

Anonymous 79710

>leaving an email in the field
I saw that thread too. Did it work?

Anonymous 79956



Anonymous 80293

Felt pretty good about my comfy volcel life. Even had/have friends who are in happy relationships and I only felt happy for them for finding men who treated them well while at the same time not really desiring anything similar and feeling that life probably wasn't for me. I didn't think of men as relevant to my life at all. Then I actually went on a date with a guy this summer and thought maybe it wasn't so bad to have someone around who was nice to spend time with and was also attracted to me and gave me the type of attention that friends don't really give you (and he wasn't gross or rude obviously). But I think I'm just deluding myself. I doubt things will work out with this guy, but now that I opened myself up to the idea that having a bf could actually be nice, I feel lonely and depressed rather than single and happy with it like I usually am. I wonder if something like that is even attainable for me? I'm sure I'll get back to enjoying my single life soon, but until then I will feel lonely and wretched.

Anonymous 80302

I enjoy dating guys short term for the fun and attention, but LTRs kind of suck. Most men are dead weight in the long term.

Anonymous 80310

Kek anon, this actually made me feel a lot better. You’re probably right and I can just enjoy this thing for the attention right now and not feel too pressed when it inevitably fizzles out.

Anonymous 80311

Just think of all the free alone time you'll miss out on.
I used to yearn a lot, but when I got the actual experience it stole hours of my alone time away from me and I lost a bit of my identity. Not his fault, he was requesting a reasonable amount of attention but that's actually a lot of commitment for someone who has been alone for years.

Retain your identity, anon.

Anonymous 80447

I miss being single and I’m planning on leaving my bf soon. As women we almost always end up giving more than we get in a relationship, if we’re talking about average people, then the ones who generally benefit most from cohabitation are men. A relationship is only worth it if the guy is a rich funny 10/10, otherwise like the anon above said, most moids are dead weight and really not worth the trouble.

Anonymous 80568

Told the boy I find cute I’ve wanted to kill myself since I was 8. In my defense I was trying to relate to him. But now he’s treating me like I’m gonna go postal or kill myself if he ghosts me or is mean to me. I lost whatever sex appeal I had… again.

Anonymous 80570

>a relationship is only worth it with a rich funny 10/10
If the only value you see in relationships is getting more money and physical attractiveness, you're right in that you should really be alone.

Anonymous 80574

nona btfo, how will she ever recover?


t. Ugly broke bitter scrote


Shes right though. Ugly poor men will still treat women like garbage. If they’re not bringing more to the table then the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. Enjoy playing handmaiden for some broke neet incel loser, couldn’t be me.

Anonymous 80611

This is an incredibly gross mindset and will create more incels if you do not make your intentions clear from the start.

Anonymous 80620

Oh fuck off moid.

Anonymous 80630

Intentionally doing what though? There's nothing wrong with dating people casually as long as you aren't misleading about your intentions. I don't think either of us said we were going to lie to men and promise a long-term relationship and then not follow through. Besides, there are also plenty of men who also aren't looking for anything serious and just want to be casual as well. I'd say probably even more men than women. I don't know about the other anon, but I also don't make men pay for my shit on dates either and I keep it super casual so we don't have to spend a lot of money. They truly aren't "wasting" anything on me except for their time- and obviously that's their choice if they want to spend time with me.


Jesus Christ who cares about scrotes feelings. Youre a moid or a pickme don’t know which is worse.

Anonymous 80701

Idk who you are referring to by ‘the other nona’ but if you were talking about me (the one who initially asked the question), then no I wasn’t planning on misleading him. The whole point of my question was to address my own discomfort that he’d eventually lose interest in me after I told him I didn’t want to date him and feeling sad that I would miss the attention. The other anon was just reassuring me that I can enjoy the attention he gives me until then because LTRs aren’t that great. I wasn’t planning on leading him on at all and we already had the conversation that I wasn’t interested in dating and he was completely fine with it and we still hang out. He wasn’t bitter at all because he’s a normal, well-adjusted human being who doesn’t think he’s entitled to anything just by hanging out with me a few times. Hopefully you can rest easy now knowing that I haven’t created another incel even though I wouldn’t give a fuck if I did anyway.

Anonymous 83029

I thought I wanted a man but then I got one but now I’m extremely unhappy. I don’t want to break up with him because he loves me and I don’t want to hurt his feelings. I’m trapped and I need a fucking break.

Anonymous 83031

why are you unhappy?

Anonymous 83035

Like >>83031 asked, you should understand why you're unhappy first, but most, you should think about yourself in his shoes. Would you want to be kept in the dark only to find out after far more investment, or the bandaid to be ripped off sooner?

Anonymous 83036

Entering a relationship is no guarantee one's feelings don't get hurt dumbass, goes for both parties. Break up with him, it's not fair to string him along anyway. The time you're wasting by not telling him you want could go to a girl who actually wants to be in a relationship with him.

Anonymous 83041

I sometimes get these long dreams in which I am in love with someone who loves me back. In these dreams I feel like a completely different person, incredibly fulfilled and capable of anything. It's a bit strange given that I am forever alone at 25 and usually don't mind it at all and have no desire for a relationship.
I've never even kissed anyone. Yet when I wake up from these dreams, I feel incredible loneliness and bereavement. The saddest thing is that I know real relationships are nothing like what I experience in those dreams.

Anonymous 83046


Do you sometimes think about how well you could perform as a girlfriend?
I think I'd be a very good one - I'm not particularly pretty or sexy, but I would give my boyfriend anything he wants, would probably be strongly tied to him (though not overly posessive), cook and make little surprises for him. I like taking care of people's stuff, and just being silent with him sometimes. Arguing for fun, and listening to him explaining stuff, and sleeping together.

Is this autistic rambling? It's just I like spending time with guys. And spending time with one guy, whom I like physically and mentally, sounds amazing. Shame it would not happen.

Anonymous 83047

I was in a similar position. I thought getting a bf would make me happy, but it just made me more miserable, in the end I couldn’t stand him, especially having a moid hanging around, living with me and constantly in my space. I also hated feeling pressured to have sex, especially since my libido is quite low. Felt trapped, no idea how normies stay married for such a long time to someone they’re not even that particularly attracted to. Been feeling so much more free and better since we broke up, although I did feel kind of bad for hurting his feelings, I’m tired of feeling guilty. Ugh I hate relationships, they’re always so messy.

Anonymous 83052

Why, are you selling yours? if so, is he dewormed?

Anonymous 83053

Wrong board lmao.

Anonymous 83065

what kind of guys are you into?
and why is that beetle speaking in hebrew?

Anonymous 83079


I don't know, I thought I had high standards but then got attracted to sweet nerdy guys (the non autistic ones). Quite disappointed in my taste, to be honest.
And the beetle is speaking hebrew because I like making hebrew memes.

Anonymous 83118

That's sweet nona you'll have a bf eventually I know.

Anonymous 83169


just like who you like
don't worry about who you think you should like

Anonymous 83212

Being attracted to men is a curse, especially as a zoomer. All these poly and open relationships, being gradually accepted in society is really just pandering to male whores and it’s fucking disgusting. And that the idea to have a long term relationship can only survive if you can accept getting cucked sometimes cause god fucking forbid you ask a man to have some fucking self control. It’s hard to believe that there is genuine love out there, in a sea of porn sick degenerate’s. I fucking hate being here and I fucking hate being touch starved and wanting a deep relationship that I’m not sure will exist.

Anonymous 83219


you should try getting into something over long distance
it's not hard to do

Anonymous 83221

Still comes with the same problems.

Anonymous 83223

i would say you're probably not looking in the right places

Anonymous 83224

I've just accepted it and enjoy life as a volcel anyway. I think not looking is the best way to go. Its always when you're searching avidly for something that you don't get it anyway.

I know its not that kind of thread but JESUS being a volcel is so liberating. Why would you WANT to subject yourself to all the horse shit out there?

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