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moid hate thread Anonymous 85163

doesn’t have to be about your boyfriend. I just hate fucking men at this point.

>everyone of them has failed me

>any moid I’ve dated either had a rape kink, or raped me
>porn/hentai addiction
>used me for my body
>always had an alternative motive
>manipulated me into insanity
>abused me if I didn’t do anything they wanted
>even my own dad has failed me

I have no fucking hope in this world.

Anonymous 85182

I think you were traumatized by 4chan, am I right?

Anonymous 85214

Wait, so the ones that didn't have a rape kink raped you but the ones with a rape kink didn't rape you? That is not what I would have expected.

Anonymous 85224

actually, I didn’t think of that.. my pea brain didn’t connect the two I guess they all did.

Anonymous 85240

You're a idiot who falls for other idiots with no maturity or intelligence or anything. I hate people like this. The problem is you're dumb and get with men like you aka dumb, low class shits.

Anonymous 85241

It's like that subreddit for femcels that only talked about money etc. One minute there and you already know the problem.

Anonymous 85249

I hold out hope because I have a loving bf now but my past relationships with men left me with issues and I used to freak out over sex a little with him because I'd suddenly feel like I was being used again and manipulated.

Anonymous 85252

No offense but every miner I’ve talked to is dating a 4chan or discord moid. At this point it’s clear you’re never gonna get it despite how many times you’ve been warned about these sorts of scrotes.

Anonymous 85337

The thing I hate most about moids is how they ALL assert their retarded opinions as facts. They are also extremely narrow minded and won’t budge, even when actual facts contradict their retarded anecdotes.

You’ll never find anyone as self assured as a moid, even if they’re 40 IQ.

Anonymous 85345

I think most men have undiagnosed NPD (either overt or covert). Their complete inability to admit they are wrong and their penchant for denial, as well as shoving their opinions down the throats of others, is just another way of protecting their narc egos.

In fact, when a moid states his opinion, you’ll almost never hear him begin with ‘I think’ or ‘Maybe’ or ‘I’ve found that…’ or ‘In my experience/opinion’. Moid opinion vomit is always stated aggressively and forcefully, in absolute terms.

It’s annoying because I find most women are much more receptive to new information and nuance. Which is why men make up far more zealots and extremists than women.

Women understand life isn’t black and white. Men are incapable of this. It hurts their egos too much to admit that they might be wrong. If new information and facts arise, they deny it. The world always has to adhere to their delusional thought process. And if it doesn’t, they will try to force it to, often through violence.

Anonymous 85347

lmfaooo isnt this true. men are definitely the emotional gender.
moid "thought" processes go like this:

the scrote has a strong emotional response -> the scrote decreets that their feeling is an absolute truth -> to seem less delusional to himself and others, the scrote backs up his newfound subjective truth with statistics, scientific theories or, more often, mental gymnastics

on the other hand women tend to observe and inform themselves first, and then decide what to believe in. they're also definitely more flexible in changing their views or looking at things from other standpoints.
the reason i hate men was because of years of being subjected to sexual harassment and disrespect by men, and seeing other women going through the same and sadly much worse, and reading up on scrotal statistics of violence and general unpleasantness (like experiments of men being less likely to collaborate and being more selfish).
meanwhile incels will feel the itch to cum once, not have an available female to use for, and resent women for the rest of their lives while frantically looking for evidence that women are the evil gender, falling flat because their hatred is irrational and centered around their dicks, and come up with intricate conspiracy theories that make no sense but that somewhat makes them logical and self controlled.

Anonymous 85352

hi this is op, i don’t know what the hell is happening in this thread.
but i didn’t meet more than half of the men im talking about from discord or 4chan, I don’t even use 4chan. Men as a whole are the problem and you’re a self entitled bitch for no reason, how am I supposed to be warned about these scrotes when I go outside and still get harassed by random men? What, am I supposed to just not go outside to beware of them?
And same goes for you too, I didn’t make this thread to get a comment about how I’m a stupid pissant for trusting men like my own dad, you sound retarded.

This is a vent thread about men being men. Not a thread asking for criticism about the men I’ve dated, stop trying to act like you know what happened to me and my situation.

Anonymous 85364

>Men as a whole are the problem and you’re a self entitled bitch for no reason
Have you considered that this kind of hostility, blaming everyone else and calling anyone who tries to give you advice a self entitled bitch means your are part of the problem? You sound like an incel rn. You have to be at least somewhat pleasant to be around for people to like you, that goes for both men and women.

Anonymous 85367

Dude shut the fuck up, I’m being hostile because you were being hostile towards me first. I didn’t ask you for your stupid ass advice that made no sense in the first place. I sound like an incel and the problem because I don’t want to be victim blamed by some random person on a message board? And I’m sure there are men out there that are great probably, but I’ve yet to come across them. Stop typing in this thread you dumb fuck.

Anonymous 85371

Where did you meet them and what were their interests?
There are no good moids. But the ones who watch anime, don’t have a real job, use drugs (including weed), are loners or only have online friends, still play videogames past age 21, are terminally online, use 4chan or discord or any other tranny messaging app, are alt right or libertarian or ‘trad’ or have any other edgy opinions about stuff like that, and watch porn regularly are by far the worst ones of all. It’s like jumping into a shark pool on your period then asking why you got bitten. If you dated guys who genuinely had none of the interests I mentioned and were still dogshit, then I’ll be genuinely surprised. Most men are pretty crap, but someone would have to join some weird circles to encounter the kinds of men you are talking about who are that atrocious.

Anonymous 85372

Oh and any cluster B mental illnesses in moids are a red flag too. Men are heavily underdiagnosed with these mental illnesses despite plenty of the moid population having npd or bpd, and men who have it are pure demons because it just doubles their naturally evil moid nature.

Anonymous 85376

the thing i hate most about moids is how they project their selfish wicked mindsets into women. for example, when women try to discourage young girls from dating older men because they know those guys are just using and manipulating them, those women get accused of being jealous hags trying to gatekeep smelly old scrote haggots for themselves, which is bullshit. men are incapable of feeling protectiveness or care towards anyone who isn’t their immediate family and assume everyone else is as self seeking, manipulative and twisted as they are.

Anonymous 94528

It's this for me, too. Constantly projecting shit onto women that women would never do or think of. Like the sheer amount of incels who imagine women get railed by braindead Chads nonstop and want nothing but sex and cocks and sperm and to rape and coerce and humiliate and afterwards stomp on unattractive men because that's what they would do if they had any social or sexual value. They can't even imagine a world where someone wouldn't want that so their conviction is absolute. It's so utterly vile.

Even my male loved ones do it to me. Last year my boyfriend found a dust bunny on the carpet after vacuuming and immediately flew off the handle and accused me of having deliberately placed it there to make him look bad. It was baffling to me that someone could come up with such a scheme. I'm glad he outed himself though since once I was aware of it I noticed he does things like that all the time, messes with me just to stir up drama and put me down.

Anonymous 94574


>men are incapable of feeling protectiveness or care towards anyone who isn’t their immediate family
you're being too generous

it's also scary because they're not always upfront about it like anon's boyfriend here >>94528 you could say something well-intentioned and have it misinterpreted in the most perverse way by a man who will then hold a grudge against you without you knowing and that's dangerous because they're extremely petty and have no sense of proportional retaliation when they think they were wronged by someone.

But I also don't think it's always just their wickedness, sometimes you can tell they're being dishonest on purpose.

Anonymous 94621

I’m really sorry OP. Know your value. You’re better than these porn addicted pedophile freaks.

Anonymous 94688

I can't stand how these fuckers just seem to lack basic empathy.
Whenever I hear the most heinous shit (especially towards creatures/children who can't defend themselves) I just know it's gonna be some scrote bullshit. I'm so tired.

Anonymous 94717

I asked a guy if he would rather lose his dick or his legs and he said his legs. Then I asked dick or eyes and he had to think about it. Men truly are fucking stupid. I can't imagine choosing a non-vital sexual organ over the ability to walk, be independent, or fucking see.

Anonymous 94772


Do scrotes really?

Anonymous 94773

Sometimes, things like this make me wish I was a man. And like when my friends are crying about their shitty bfs. I'm not a tranny, but if I was a scrote, I'd be a way better friend and bf.

Anonymous 94782


>Meet a moid online
>Talk with him for some time
>Exchange selfies
>He's so fucking beautiful, just my type
>He thinks I'm beautiful too and keeps asking for pictures
>Deletes his pic for some reason
>Anyway, he starts talking about hwo he ruined his life and that he will never have a good relationship
>I ask why
>He says it's because of addiction
>Oh, heroin? Cocaine? Meth?
>Nope, it's porn
>I was disappointed but decided to be understanding anyway and said it's good that he recognizes it as a problem
>Later, asks me if I still have some of my nudes saved (I mentioned I used to send them to my ex-bf)
>Quickly deletes the message
>Says he deleted his reddit account again because he keeps gravitating to nsfw stuff on there
If you think just because the guy you're talking to is attractive he can't be trash on the inside, you're naive. I just feel so disappointed lmao
He wasn't even that bad compared to some other moids i talked to, just pathetic. Mostly because he needs to delete his social media account in order to stay away from porn. Yet even after that, he can't contain himself and felt the need to ask for my nudes (he didn't directly ask for them, but we know how that goes), and instantly regrets it. Pathetic filth lmao. But why does he have to look so good. I don't want to imagine him being a reddit coomer, he doesn't act like one, it can't be real right

Anonymous 94783

>if you think the guy you're talking to is so attractive he can't be trash inside
Learning about the halo effect should be mandatory in school. You're most likely to misjudge the character of someone attractive. Especially celebrities. 90% of celebrities are drug addicted pieces of shit, but people still love them.

Anonymous 94788

when i was a tween & young teen i had a crush on Fry from Futurama and was made fun of for being very open about it
the more i see of life the more i realise that Fry is actually an unrealistically decent guy and it was actually a good way of protecting myself

Anonymous 95068



Yes. They really do.

No you probably wouldn't.
If all moids are like this its probably genetic and physiological. As much as you would want to be a pure hearted goodboi your male hormones would get the best of you.

You can't fight nature even if you're a goodhearted person. The most a moid can do is suppress those feelings and never act on them in the real world, but they'll still gnaw at him on the inside forever or until he gets a girlfriend.

Either that or he's genuinely not and never been attracted to the girl he's friends with. Moids can't be true friends with women they're attracted to at least without having a deep longing feeling towards her.

The only exception is if he's had his heart broken by her rejection and chose to remain friends afterwards which happens but is super rare.

If you don't believe me ask your male friends if you have any. I have and the answer wasn't good.

Anonymous 95096


I absolutely hate how porn-infested the brains of moids are. I can't believe most of their existences actually revolve around a two second moment of pleasure. They'll go around and say that women can't be lonely because women could ask anyone at all if they'd want to have sex, and I believe that clearly shows the amount of depth there is to a moid's mind. I truly wonder how many hedonistic moids there are in the world that put up the facade of a relationship just because they want a woman by their side so that they can have sex with them and touch them at any time, zero needs for emotional connection or anything important. Take a look at 4chan, and you'll see dozens of posts attached with a random pornographic image, usually of moeshit, regardless of the content of the post.

Anonymous 95520


My god I hate moids so much it's unreal.

Anonymous 95521

thought i was over being a female but i guess it hasn’t fully left my body yet :(

i just learned about the show “butterface” hosted by a panel of judges including the worst moid on earth (howard stern.)basically, it’s a show about women who have nice bodies but ugly faces. some of the women aren’t even that facially challenged. all of the male judges were, though! strangely enough, i still care to “level-up” my face. I’m a bit black pulled but looking good and taking care of myself is the only way to navigate this world imo.

Anonymous 95525

>thought i was over being a female but i guess it hasn’t fully left my body yet :(

Anonymous 95544

I meant femcel

Anonymous 95609


>tell moid I'm a lesbian
>we are friends for a few months
>he gets super possessive
>starts flipping out on me if I use my Twitter without talking to him first
>this goes in for months
>he kamikaze attacks the whole friendship by blaming me for him getting feelings for me despite me telling him I'm a lesbian from the very beginning
>he goes quiet for a week
>comes back, apologises, says he wont do it again
>"add me back on Twitter"
>"sorry I don't want to do that yet"
>immediately starts pissing and shitting because he thinks I'm hiding my Twitter to talk to guys

Anonymous 95610

kek, that's so pathetic it's funny, I'm sorry but he sounds like a complete scumbag, I wouldn't give him a second chance if I were you.

Anonymous 95613

He sounds like absolute psycho, youre better off not talking to him

Anonymous 95616

Wow he sounds fucking insane
What is keeping you from blocking him on everything and never speaking to him again, seriously
That level of nutcase is actually probably very dangerous if you continue the relationship, cut him off now before it turns into severe stalking or he murders you, he can not really come back from this kind of behavior and has shown he wasnt even interested in your friendship in the first place anyways, so

Anonymous 95660


Scrotes are completely fucked in the head

Anonymous 95705

I can’t take it anymore. Moids just repeat all the same behaviors. I need to escape this hell

Anonymous 95962

Sounds like your bf is just a terrible person

Anonymous 95982

loz twilight.gif

They say all men are dogs but I really wish men where more like dogs.
I want a loyal man. I want him to be all happy and excited to see me when I get home, with a big dumb smile. I want him to go on walks with me and be my cuddle buddy. I want a man to be willing to protect me. I want him to be able to tell when I'm down and be there or at least care.

Anonymous 95990


I could only get through the first few words and now I’m suicidal. Please spoiler that image

Anonymous 96006

When you get home from where? That's a backwards relationship dynamic

Anonymous 96007

Anon, men become as good as dogs (well not quite but mostly) when you start giving them commands and treats. I would consider myself a seasoned moid trainer having lost all faith in them aeons ago. Give them a "lift that box over there upstairs for me it won't be hard cos you're so strong!" or a "make dinner for me I feel weak and you're so good at cooking". My grandma used to always tell me you have to break men like a wild horse in order for them to be decent. You can get even strangers to do things for you for free. My grandma had a man do her gardening for 30 years and she never paid him, just berated and lovebombed him lmao. Never forget that they have to be treated worse than dogs in order to function at a basic human level. Men love being miserable and will do anything to achieve that, so you should just give it to them. Men also believe in a hierarchy of whomever is brave enough to show aggression, keep that in mind they also need jarring faux positivity in a shit sandwich in order not to absolutely tard out. "treats" should always be food or compliments, never sex or money or gifts that's for them to give to you at your command.
>Thank you for coming to my ted talk

Anonymous 96008

your grandma sounds based

Anonymous 96018

Being a working woman gives you power in a relationship then a stay at home. Until you can trust a moid never be a stay at home too soon because it can easily give him all the power in the relationship and power over you.
The treat part I have down, I know how to cook. (It really should a universal unisex skill.) Its the command part I cant seem to do.

Anonymous 96019


She was fantastic tbh the spitting image of Jessica Lange. Rip to The Boss.

Anonymous 96020

Sorry for the double post anon, you must be psychic because you posted just as I replied to the other anon. I think you might find this dog training video useful. I tell men the "ah ah ah" command if they interrupt or say something stupid and "Look at me when i'm speaking to you". The tone is also really important, calm, confident and assertive. Never let them see you get angry because they will see it as having "won". Hope that helps! I'm here all night for Man-taming tips and tricks.

Anonymous 96745


>he thirsts for internet whores and literal hentai while dating me
>they all have huge tits/chubby, i'm thin and flat
>then wonders why i think he's not attracted to me

Anonymous 96756

Men are dumb. I guarantee if he saw you browsing hot guys on the internet who look like the opposite of him, he'd be questioning your attraction to him too.

Anonymous 96803

I hate moids so much even their presence bothers me.
I am truly someone with misandry.

My coworkers never did much to me but I hate their guts.
To me, they are so disgusting, I have their voices. They smell. All moids smell. Even when they try not to.

Moids are so disgusting.
It causes me great suffering having to live among them.
Sorry for vent.

Anonymous 96828

I definitely don't like them but I see myself marrying one to protect me from other moids. I used to feel bad for my female friends who are pumped and dumped by moids or just in toxic relationships. Those who put them above other women. However, we all have free-will in life so I no longer feel bad.

Anonymous 96829

>They smell. All moids smell. Even when they try not to.

They really all do smell! It's something I've noticed. It's different but bad. My roommate used to hookup with her boyfriend in our room and he used to smell so fucking bad that it would make me sick. I'd have to open the window for the next 24 hours to air out.

Anonymous 96843

this is a question I must ask other miners:
Why is it that each time I meet a so-called "intellectual moid", he's always either:
>>a rampant degenerate
>>a condescending narcissistic sociopath
>>1-dimensionally smart but has no either personality

Meanwhile I could walk up to any intellectual woman and she's kind, resourceful, has a great personality and is all around more of a delight to be around?

Anonymous 96849

Halo effect.

Anonymous 96857


Women will jump to the internet, and even on this imageboard to defend their male friends' "genuine, innocent feelings" while those said friends are in their filthy beds masturbating to mental images of their female friends being naked and performing fellatio. Those women will refuse to accept it, and deny it with angry fingers that clatter on their keyboards, but it's true. There are way too many instances of males using women at every chance they have just to sleep with them. Being their "friends", giving them gifts with hidden and ulterior motives, telling them that they love them, etc. It's more than instances. Males trying to sexually take advantage of women who give men the benefit of the doubt is a straight-up phenomenon. If males truly valued platonic friendships with women, why do males always complain about being put in the "friend zone"? If males truly valued platonic friendships with women, why do approximately zero males complain about friends "with benefits"?  If males truly valued platonic friendships with women, why are males so much more likely than women to sexualize their friendships with the opposite sex? (https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/men-and-women-cant-be-just-friends/). If males truly valued platonic friendships with women, why did the vast majority (80%) of males in a survey of over one-thousand participants admit to fantasizing about sleeping with women they know outside of their own girlfriends? (https://thetab.com/2015/08/07/men-fantasise-cheating-women-48854).
If males truly valued platonic friendships with women, why are fathers well-known for always being protective of their daughters about any male that enters their life? Even if the males in question are "just friends"? Why do you think fathers have to and always teach their daughters not to fully trust any guy just because he's polite or a "friend"? If a grown man that's your own father is telling you not to easily trust males just because they seem like your "friends", you better listen because his insight is coming straight from the horse's mouth (as he's a male). For countless women, there's always at least one male "friend" who later admits to finding them attractive and using that confession to shoot their shot and try to get some sex. Hell, that's even happened to me. Ask males on any social media or forum if they think about fucking their female friends, and most of those answers are gonna be "yes". One male, again coming straight from the horse's mouth, admitted that guys will always have at least one fantasy of sex and romance with any woman he meets, and that men prefer to befriend women they can see themselves dating or banging one day. So right there, males have made it clear that when they're your "friends", they're most likely putting you on the "back burner" for if they get too lonely one day. Friendships between women can be glorious, beautiful, and genuine. But if a male is in the equation, there's a large chance it's not truly platonic or genuine. Sure, there may be some exceptional and actual platonic friendships between women and males who are not relatives or homosexuals, but I don't think it happens as much as women want to believe.

Anonymous 96873

It's funny to respond to male "but what about men suffering this same issue?" comments with male-level degeneracy when they expect you to bend over backwards reassuring them their edge cases matter and are sooo terrible because that's the level of pampering they've come to expect from feminism (and women in general).

No, moids suffering doesn't fucking matter because they're objects. NPCs. Men should kill themselves far more, they should be raped far more, they should be abused by women far more. It's hot and would entertain me. They don't know how lucky they are they barely ever encounter viewpoints like mine, whereas women will see this type of male degeneracy about basic female rights every single day and still feel obligated to give a shit about male issues that they cause themselves.

What about male rape victims? More men should be raped, hopefully to death. It's hot when they are and would teach their subhuman asses a lesson. They should be grateful for being touched because men are naturally whores anyway. What about male suicide rates? Men killing themselves is hilarious and good for the planet. Most men are extraneous. What about men suffering domestic violence? They chose that woman. They can leave. Men can't suffer domestic violence anyway, it's all just moids crying wolf about being abused when they don't get picked up after enough or when they're actually the abuser.

Anonymous 96875

>raping someone to death
I never really got the logistics of that. do you just keep going until his heart gives out?

Anonymous 96876


Nah the dude gets pegged with a very large and hard dildo until his internal organs get punctured and he dies painfully.

Anonymous 96882

pegging is barely sex. you may as well jerk him off with an egg beater at that point.

Anonymous 96883

Use a double strap on

Anonymous 96885


Weird to suddenly get hung up on what constitutes sex in moid rape. Unfortunate that we have to get caught up in hypotheticals because moids don't get raped to death enough IRL. It should happen more.

Pegging is the best way to rape them anyway. Moids can't even comprehend rape unless their orifices are being violated. That's why they always think women are lying about it. They can't fathom how rape would feel like because the scenario they think of is some woman they find unattractive smothering their dick, which doesn't even sound bad to them when they would stick their piss rods into chicken sandwiches. That's why every slut moid would benefit from experiencing giant objects up their ass. They wouldn't have evolved prostates if they weren't born begging for it.

Anonymous 97048

I'm pretty sure if you really wanted to make it uncomfortable, you'd just make it disgusting for them.
Like if you were to force them to have sex while you're on your period.

Anonymous 97076

Anonymous 97080

Yet, people will say you're "overreacting" when you tell them that you would avoid males who go on 4chan. I don't trust males who use 4chan, and I will die on this hill.

Anonymous 97239


>be me
>marry man who has his shit together
>dotes on me, is respectful, cares about my interests
>10 days later
>he's downloaded 10tb of porn and spent hours curating it
>calls me controlling for wanting no porn in our house

Anonymous 97241

I don't know about you, but I would be quick to file a fucking divorce. He's masturbating to what's essentially rape on tape, and right there it seems like he's the type of scrote to do retarded things but call women "BPD" when they get sick of him.

Anonymous 97242

He admitted he has a porn addiction and doesn't look at it anymore, to the point he got a dumbphone and set up DNS blockers. But he'll never, ever recognize that it was traumatizing for me.

Anonymous 97245

Not that I don't sympathize, but why didn't you ask him about his porn-usage before hand?

Anonymous 97250

If he quit porn and went out of the way to do all of those things so that you'd be happy then why does it matter anymore that he used to look at it

Anonymous 97251

NTA, but repentance doesn't necessitate pardon, nor is the past erased. Forgiveness is mine to give, and to withhold.

Anonymous 97254

Because I know he's only doing it for me. It's still a turn-off knowing he would probably do it if I wasn't there. It's traumatizing. I was gaslit into believing that I was the one with the problem.

Anonymous 97506


I hate men. I hate having such cruel and apathetic creatures everywhere. I hate how they'll always find a way to blame or critique a woman. Women are always damned if they do and damned if they don't. If she doesn't have sex she's a prude and if she has sex then she's a slut. Single mother then she's stupid, if she has no kids then she's selfish. It goes on and on. There is no right way to be a woman. I don't get how men have this need to completely control women.
I hate seeing how men treat their wives, especially those reddit aita stories and it's the man's perspective and he doesn't see what he is doing is wrong or hurtful. A wife can give her all to her husband but if she needs help for even a second and she ask him for help, the husband will just stand there and stare. It's like men just want a wife to fulfil their social status, but doesn't like that she is her own person. I've seen them complain about women being childish or getting fat or running into financial issues or getting sick and act like she somehow deprecated in value to him. Most of the time they are married and the wife doesn't know about his problems or how he views her.
I hate how men will sexualize women down to her very existence is only for sex. They'll do it regardless of how young she is. It is so scary to see how common a lot of men well regard pedophilia on the internet and how they'll all glad repeat the same gross justifications they always use. "If she bleeds then she's ready to breed," one just makes me the sickest, but it's worst that some of the times it's a literal child. I hate how common it is. It's making people think that pedophilia is normal. It shows how little they view women, that men do not view her as a person or that she's not going to become a member of society. They do not in anyway see her as someone with her own thoughts and feelings. Women only exist for the dick.
I hate misogyny, I hate how that is everywhere and in everyone. I honestly believe that misogyny is the root to all of the worlds problems. Because men deeply care about how other people view them and they need to show off how big of a man they are. They got to show off that they have a big dick, money, power and how many women they've "dominated." It's the cause of sexism, racism, homophobia, trans/phobia, ableism, agism, corruption and capitalism. If you don't fit into this mold of the perfect man, then you are absolutely less. If you don't fit then discrimination is justified, it's somehow always the lesser person's fault. Most act like the man true goal in life is to obtain as much power/status as they possibly can. Misogyny has put so many standards on men that it's causing them to tear each other apart. They are so afraid of coming off as lesser, that they are terrified at being gay but at the same time the absolutely hate women. Woman's only purpose is to be wife. I hate how misogyny is in other women, like the first few comments in this thread that are victim blaming op.
I hate how many people will protect and justifies mens actions as it's just "his nature." When that kind of passive thinking is why they are so encouraged to think so little of women. Men are expected to not be accountable for their actions which is why they think they can get away with so much. I hate the because of men, I have to be tough and aware of my surrounds out in public. It is crazy that they get away with so much. I hate how much of society puts men on a pedestal while condemning women.
I hate how many standards men put onto women. Women are not here to be a second mothers to a man. They are not a piece of meat to be sexualized and objectified. Women are not bang maids that are supposed to stay in perfect shape. That's not how men think of of women. If a woman faces sexism then it's her fault. If a woman faces systematic sexism then she's not trying hard enough and it doesn't exist. If a woman has a mental illness then "that's a women for you." Women can't be better at anything then a man. Women shouldn't work and stay home and pop babies out, as the man cheats on her because now she is "ruined." If a woman isn't a virgin then shes' "used goods." If shes' not down to fuck then "she's a bitch." If she can't be the perfect wife and have a job, does all the paperwork, raises the kids and do all the household chores, while being a whore in the bedroom then she is "worthless." Some men cannot accept that some women just want to live differently. How dare women want control over their own lives and bodies, women only exist for men. It is why men focus so much on systematically controlling women. Why men love spouting out their opinions on what a woman can or can't be, what she should and shouldn't do. It's all just to try and bring societal shame on to the women who don't conform in attempts to conform her.
I just hate men.

Anonymous 97814

I wish I could ask God why he put so much horny in men. If men would just think less with their dicks and learn a little discipline things would be much easier. I get so sick of every time a woman does anything men are there criticizing her for her womanhood but men are to be judged as individuals? If I judged men as a group the way they do to us I would fucking delete them from existence and retry. All it would take is less horny.

I'd like to see more women use #manmoment and men coffee cup emoji online.

Anonymous 97819


I'm sorry that you're experiencing so much emotional pain over this. I think we've all been there; the realization that women are almost universally hated hits like a truck.

But despite all of it, try your best not to linger on these feelings of helplessness. Ruminating too much on these things singlehandedly sent me on a downward spiral to the point of suicidal ideation. It snowballs out of control really fast.

Don't let people's expectations for what a woman should be dictate what you are. They do not live your life, always filter if what they want for you actually benefits you. In fact, I think the biggest difference in how people treat women and men stems from women's generosity and socialized tendency to people-please. Women actually listen to the demands of society, whereas men simply do not give a fuck. Unfortunately, this results in women hating themselves when they realize they can't simultaneously humor the demands from their local church and the demands of their local feminist club.

I think that males are genuinely mentally deficient and in a fucked up way that ends up benefitting them. Every time you get angry over male behavior, do not immediately internalize it, their opinions are too retarded to be absorbed. They are simply an inferior life form, their words hold no value. You know better what's good for you, their whining won't change that. Same applies to women who base their entire identity on male-pleasing. They're certainly no great minds that you should cater to.

Every time you feel like patriarchy is too deeply rooted to be overthrown, remember that men were threatened by a chess figure with a feminine title. If men fear, they have a good reason to.

Anonymous 97822

Even if God magically did make most men less horny, in a few generations they would be bred out by those men who have 20 kids with 10 women. It's what's happening with the Western world vs Africa.

Anonymous 97830

I hate the men, although I love the intimacy :(

Anonymous 97842

Why do men have to be so narcissistic? I could stand everything else crappy about them if they weren't so arrogant.

Anonymous 97847

Narcissistic moids push themselves more against women without any regards for boundaries, they don't give a fuck about anything but themselves.
If your man is constantly throwing himself unwarranted flowers, GET OUT

Anonymous 97860

Confidence is essential to consent driven human mating practices. Men without confidence do not reproduce. Confidence therefore must precede success, as it is a precondition for it. Success-less confidence must be based on absolutely nothing, assumption and entitlement without experientially valid justification. And any negative experience that would end a psychologically balanced human being's confidence must not be allowed to actually affect or shake this outward display of confidence.
Confidence without experience and particularly without experience of deep and significant success, which is not injured by failure, is Narcissism. Maintaining confidence without success and in the presence of any failure is pathological Narcissism.
In order to have offspring a man is required by nature and nature's law to have a significant genetic and neurological predisposition for narcissism. Necessarily. On the population level, it is non-narcissistic men are the sick ones, not the narcissists. They pass on genes which limit the male population's ability to function as men. Such inferior genetics can exist only as the product of thousands of generations in which women did not exercise veto in human mating and reproduction.

Anonymous 97865

>Confidence is essential to consent driven human mating practices.
By that logic, women should be narcissistic too.

Anonymous 97867

Since the genes for narcissism affect the development of the social center of the brain and that region is the primary subject of gender-differences in brain development I would expect women to be at most carriers of narcissism genes. Any social disorder that occurs as a result of those genes would have completely different qualities by sex. And due to the difference in white matter ratios and interconnectivity in the brains of each sex there's no reason to believe that there would be any outward manifestation in women at all. There are narcissistic women in real life, but it is my belief (with no real evidence) that male narcissists are born by nature and female narcissists are only made. This would mean that female narcissists can be successfully treated and male narcissists cannot, which would be a testable hypothesis. However I do not trust any study that would claim to have successfully treated any narcissist, so, I have no evidence that this is the case.

Anonymous 97893

>confidence and pathological narcissism are the same exact thing and the only thing that differentiates them is having success or not

Anonymous 97909

Confidence that flows from success has been learned and earned.
Confidence prior to success cannot be any such thing.

Anonymous 97932


Yeah there's no mutual win it's all zero-sum games with them. I had a D&D group for a year and it was fun, but since they were all males I couldn't trust them or hang out with them one on one. The GM was married with kids and 20 years older than me though so I though I could befriend him.
I told him first that I didn't want to date anyone in the group and it would ruin things if anyone hit on me because this place is important to me (we're all recently diagnosed autists and didn't have many opportunities to play group games).
One month later he professes his "love" for me but says he wants to be there for his wife and children and he's too old anyway so he won't act on it.
Another month later, after lovebombing, subtle guilt-tripping that I was too autistic to see and demonizing his faithful, pretty, normie christian wife, he says he'd "dump" her for me. When I called him out he blocked me and stopped our sessions.

You think you can trust them because they've behaved themselves for so long, but when you're just a little bit vulnerable they go for the kill. You verbalize clear boundaries and they think it's a challenge. You show exactly who you are yet they don't see you. Loyalty is lost on them as they'll betray anyone. Fuck them I guess.

Anonymous 97947

Most women are narcissists, but all men are.

Anonymous 97951

What a jerk. I feel bad for his family (and you, obviously).

Anonymous 97967

I really just fuvking hate that they are so disgusting they get piss splatters everywhere, don't dab off their penises with tp, don't wash their hands, and they still expect women to suck their peckers. If more women knew how men use the toilet they wouldn't stand for it. (And urinals would be banned for being ground 0 to daily piss bombs.)

I heard recently more women are feeling bisexual and staying with each other rather than men. Godspeed,ladies. Men need to shape up.

This is why men and women can't just be friends. They will always think about fucking us and would take every chance to do it if they could. Men teach each other to do anything in the pursuit of more sex instead of learning restraint and enjoying lifetime monogamy for its own sake. This shit is degenerate and ultimately hurts society. Imagine if we all encouraged each other to be morbidly obese because doing anything in the pursuit of eating until you're stuffed is hecking basederino.

Anonymous 97969

my ex kept pressuring me to dress up like a school girl for him and whenever he'd see a photo of me from before i turned 18 he'd make some kind of sexual comment. one time he dug through my phone to find nudes from when i was a minor.

the kicker is that i was sexually assaulted by a teacher at school when i was 14 and he knew that. idk what makes some men so fucking cruel.

Anonymous 98008

My bf is a pretty nice guy. He’s just a big simp. But he recently got in a band.. and these mother fuckers are about to know how fucking crazy I fucking am. He’s on the phone with has band mates and they’re talking about how this girl is gonna come over. Then says how they all should plug up this girl as a band.

Anonymous 98023

this was only a couple months after I had turned 18, they've all been deleted now

Anonymous 98035

They have already literally started shit in my relationship. Holy fuck I hate men.
Me and my bf have an open relationship. He likes to be cucked. So I have a tinder and all that. I don’t use it much but I do have one. Well one of his shitty fucking band mates saw me and then sent him photos of it. Literally after that phone call where he tried to get my bf to cheat on me. Now he’s all fucking embarrassed about being a cuck and treating me like shit and saying how I’m cheating on him. BRO YOU ASK ME TOOOOOOOO AND BECAUSE YOUR FUCKING EMBARRASSED IM THE PROBLEM.

Anonymous 98036

Sorry I’m just still absolutely fuming about this. Like I haven’t been even cucking him lately like in over a year actually. My tinder account is literally basically a paper holder. It’s there but I use it when I’m bored. I’m pretty sure he also already knew about it. Like he had to have seen it on my phone, I wasn’t hiding it or anything. But for these greasy mother fuckers to start shit like this. I wanna explode. Girls don’t even start this much drama.

Anonymous 98040

why even bring that up?

Anonymous 98045

I’m genuine the mod could see this is my first post on this site. I genuinely feel bad for all of you in this thread who went through trauma and have bad relationships I have mental troubles from being raped when I was just 9 fucking years old. All of you have a nice night and good sleep I hope you find solace I mean it

Anonymous 98072

Your sympathy is much appreciated. He pulled a """suicide attempt""" on his wife so she does have it pretty bad.

Anonymous 98128

Thanks, I'm so sorry this happened to you.

Anonymous 98130

>excited about a movie I just watched
>decide to search up discussions about it
>"hhrrrnn my most hated part is that the main female character had a deep voice and wore big, baggy clothes it totally distracted me"
Heaven forbid a lead in a lesbian film be butch and unappealing to men. To be distracted by her voice is so extreme, too.
Gives me hope that I piss moids off just by sounding too handsome.

Anonymous 98131

this, their public bathrooms are so fucking rancid holy shit. I always use sanitizer after I shake their hand. Also they don't have the capacity to value relationships. I wish I were a lesbian, heterosexuality is such a curse.

Anonymous 98179

Tbh "conventionally beautiful" actresses are way more distracting, their mouths are so fucking huge wtf. They really can't stand normal women.
What movie was that btw ? Thx in advance

Anonymous 98196

Coomers want everything to be sexualised.
>If the actress's face doesn't make me hard, movie is bad

Anonymous 98356

I hate my bf having friends not because he has friends. But for some reason men’s brains are too fucking small and they don’t know how to handle having multiple people in their life. Like he always starts spending too much time with them. Like he’s hung out with his friends the last two days and both days he has promised to come home when I get off and guess what? He didn’t. I was suppose to pick him after work today but now he doesn’t know when they’re gonna be done hanging out cause they’re going to the bar for a couple of beers. He doesn’t listen to what I’m saying because he’s too busy texting to his fucking friends and I’m genuinely about to fucking lose it. Suck their fucking dicks if you’re gonna be so up their ass.

Anonymous 98377

Men think I’m ugly simply because I’m not some copy pasted version of what women are suppose to look like. Women always think I’m beautiful and so that’s how I know men are the problem. It’s like if you don’t look like Megan fox or that type of girl then you’re ugly. If you look interesting in any sort of way you’re ugly. I fucking hate them and the fact that they think Mia goth is hot now simply because they were told she’s a sex symbol by media makes me wanna go fucking ballistic.

Anonymous 98378


It's ridiculous how psychopathic incel scrotes can manage to be
I just seriously, really, REALLY want to know why they think acting on the way they do is gonna do them any good. It's insane how they act like they are not manipulative fucks, or the bullshit they spit as facts is real.
I wish I could maim the root of this line of thought.

Anonymous 98381

Moid professors and teachers are especially insufferable and have no business teacher girls and women. I just realized that a moid teacher in high school was laughing at my makeup back when I was first trying it out. Now that I am in college, I generally prefer my female professors. I do have one lax male english prof whom I like. He touches on radical feminist theories when dissecting literature, which I love, but the rest can rot. I only find myself building connections with my female professors.

Something that used to annoy me about moids is there preferential treatment when it came to women. Specifically, how oblivious the women are to it. No Jessica, Mr. Holmes doesn't let you and your other 5 other female friends come disrupt his classes at all hours of the day because you're some sort of teacher's pet. He's a pedophile who wants to fuck you.

I'm no Stacy (to use femcel terms) but I've experienced this and can tell when a moid professors give me preferential treatment and is curving my grade. Makes me feel icky. Now, I'm not some tard who's going to gaslight you guys, I enjoy the somewhat undeserved high grades but it still feels wrong.

Anonymous 98383

Lately my moid has been sending sexual messages to a male friend from high school "for the lulz" and that is bothering me. He says he is heterosexual and that he is just joking.
I want to send that type of messages to my ex, to see if it is still funny to him.

Anonymous 98385

>Men think I’m ugly simply because I’m not some copy pasted version of what women are suppose to look like.
They can't conceptualize a woman who doesn't care to be found attractive by them. A woman who doesn't wear makeup or doesn't care about getting clear skin it hard for them to wrap their minds around. It's why there's so much vitriol for fat women.

>Women always think I’m beautiful and so that’s how I know men are the problem.

It's definitely them! Women just know how to appreciate range and style. Women will appreciate zany style and creative makeup choices because we know the time and effort put into an outfit/look.

>If you look interesting in any sort of way you’re ugly. I fucking hate them and the fact that they think Mia goth is hot now simply because they were told she’s a sex symbol by media makes me wanna go fucking ballistic.

The Male Gaze: It's whatever they're told to find attractive, which in itself it very unattractive to me

Anonymous 98388

>dissecting literature
Assuming you're in an arts program, I think your just suffering from self selection. From what my friends tell me, artsy degrees attract creepier moids, so the professors are selected from a pool of creeps.

Anonymous 98804

all disciplines attract creepy moids because most moids are just creepy. think of all the trannies and wanna-be schizoids in computer science, math, physics, engineering etc. the worst people I've ever dated were from computer science.

Anonymous 98827


god i need a place to vent this but i'm fucking going insane reading idiots on the internet (specially men) talking shit about women and then fucking claiming how good pussy is and how they fuck constantly but don't need women, god i hate men I HATE MEN GOD WHY THE FUCK I SWEAR TO GOD I DON'T WANT TO BE A TERF I DON'T WANT TO HATE MEN BUT AAAAGHGGHH WHY IS EVERY SINGLE FUCKING MAN IN THIS WORLD SO GODDAMN SEXIST? IF YOU HAVE A VAGINA YOU'RE ALREADY A PIECE OF SHIT WHO'S ANNOYING AND DUMB AND HAS NO INTELLIGENCE AND IF YOU HAD ONE SINGLE GODDAMN RELATIONSHIP IN YOUR LIFE THEY TREAT YOU AND CALL YOU A "USED GOOD"

Anonymous 98828


There's a difference between having a couple long-term previous relationships and having a ton of hookups. People just think in black and white too much these days.
I hope you meet a level-headed guy who makes you happy and improves your life.

Anonymous 98833

Women have won. We don't want them more then they don't want us.

Anonymous 98835


Do you seriously think the kind of people that believe that shit has even tried talking to a woman, much less, ever BOTHERED to talk to women?
Relax, life has a way of getting around.

Anonymous 98836

I feel nothing but general distaste. Severe and intense disgust. The moids in my fb request. Awful. Just awful. Not that im a gem. But awful. I think this prolonged solitude has inflamed my natural autism. My levels of empathy are at an all time low.
Sick of thinking of him. And the otger day i spoke to him and i felt nothing. Not heartbroken or bitter or anything. He is a stranger to me now. But i keep irrationally longing for him. You know when you miss a certain comfort, but you know things are never going to be the same?
Im so fucked

Anonymous 98840

>He is a stranger to me now. But i keep irrationally longing for him. You know when you miss a certain comfort, but you know things are never going to be the same?
Im so fucked

Yep - I know this feeling. I have a lot of anxiety that it's just never going to go away. It's like this dull hollowness in your solar plexus that just follows you around and it's like "okay he's gone what else do you want me to do??".

I wonder if he ever feels the same way about me or if I'm literally just longing for a projection of a person that never existed.

Anonymous 98979

Spoiler alerta nona, stacies compliment you way more if you are ugly because you arent a threat to them.

Anonymous 98980


>have crush after just basically hating men for the last 5 years
>lives pretty far away but doesn’t bother me cause he can’t just try to fuck me
>send him nudes cause like I think he’s cute
>eventually he kind of starts talking me to me less. Ask him if I’m bothering him and he kind of skirts around the question and just says he’s busy.
>pop the fuck off and just kind of tell him like if you wanna just talk to me for nudes say that and yada yada.
>basically says he doesn’t have an attachment towards me and nudes can only be fun for so long
>keep in mind I literally had left him on read before this conversation started.
>say something silly like you could just take a year abroad in America. To which he responds he hates America and would visit France or Dubai
>just kind of go off about how I hate America and how the Middle East didn’t allow America to cuck them with the petrodollar and didn’t allow Jews to cuck them with centralized banking. (At this point idc if he thinks I’m fucking insane)
>to which he responds Arabs just let you do what you want and that I should start a conversation with him. Then says how we should talk about stoicism. So I said what I thought about it.
I truly don’t understand the male brain. He says he doesn’t have an attachment for me then goes on about how we should talk about things that are like a little bit deeper. Like use your big boy brain and make up your fucking mind

Anonymous 98994

Hard truth
They are in the short to medium term the same. If you think about it, much of modern romance relies on the ability to break social norms and ignore the consequences. A guy hitting on women at the gym, for example, cannot be afraid of getting rejected or facing consequences.

Anonymous 98995

Nona…. He's using you for nudes, did you expect him to visit you from overseas? And I wouldn't interpret his deeper conversation as anything but narcissism. When they say deeper conversation moids mean they want to impress you with their undergrad interpretation of Nietzche or why stoicism is so badass.

Anonymous 98998

He's one of those people who's constantly chasing the butterfly feelings of a relationship. Those kinds of people won't commit but don't want to leave until they're ready to monkey branch because they're scared of being alone. Pathetic. Stop talking to him. He will waste more of your time and disappoint you.

Anonymous 99001

>staying in homeless shelter for the time being
>new girl who's only 18 years old arrives late last night
>she's sitting at a table in the hallway filling out forms while I'm across from her eating some chips
>Older bald man who looks late 40s at the youngest comes out of the men's dorm randomly
>Asks new girl her name, she tells him
>Immediately after she says her name the bald creep asks what her father's name is and if she has a good relationship with him

The girl is probably not even 5 foot tall and looks like a 10 year old, and he's up here hoping she has "daddy issues" so his wrinkly old ass has a chance with this girl young enough to be his granddaughter wtf

I'm much older than her and still have gross boomers in the area trying to take advantage of my situation by luring me in with money and buying me things I need while I'm incapable of affording them myself so that they can trap me in a sugar baby situation. I keep accepting the free shit while making excuses to their requests to follow them home, waiting patiently for the day they stop or start demanding favors

Anonymous 99015

I am bisexual but I’m a bit of a social climber so I see myself marrying a man for the social benefits and for the children. However, I just can not see myself being around one, pretending to be interested in his life problems, mental health issues, etc. I think most men are conditioned to be selfish assholes. The ones I’d consider for marriage make up 2% of the male population. I wouldn’t mind working with one or being acquaintances but marriage is a stretch. I don’t trust them either, so I’m sure that doesn’t help my dilemma.

Anonymous 99020

The madonna-whore law especially baffles me! And women nowadays expect themselves to be both the Madonna and the whore. Let’s use B3333y0000ncé as an example who is hailed as a ride-or-die woman who was a virgin before she met her husband. The one compared to the “whore” rihaaaannnaaa, the wild woman who does what she wants. But B3y0nce also plays the role of a sex kitten to keep the straying eyes of her husband on herself.

Why do women feel the need to pimp themselves out? I see women letting their boyfriends choke them in bed, watching porn with them and having threesomes with them, not because they like it, but all to keep a man. And the worst part? The worst part? The man always looks like gonorrea personified. I’ve seen the best minds of my generation be ruined by these moids.

Additionally, I can’t even let myself be sexually free with a man. I want the sex (physical urges) but the idea of a man gaining pleasure from using my body sickens me. Like deeply.

Anonymous 99022


just found out from my roommate that my boyfriend of over 3 years is moving multiple states away even though i told him a few weeks ago that i couldnt move with him. i talked to him abt it and he says hes leaving next week. i asked why and he said it was to pursue his art and that the place was time sensitive. he then gets excited saying he missed 2 of his friends hes moving in with soo much… like hes not about to leave his gf… will he not even miss me? im so destroyed rn, i feel like i meant nothing to him, the worst part is ive asked him if he wanted to move out so many times and he always said he couldnt help out more than he alread does, but now hes moving across the country to pay twice as much rent + utilities that he doesnt pay rn. it seems like he will go out of his way to make himself happy but my happiness means absolutely nothing to him, its not even a second or third thought.
are moids incapable of love?
ahhh my minds a mess i cant even think

Anonymous 99024

That seems like a good place to end things anon. He doesn't care, so you shouldn't either fuck him.

Anonymous 99026

It sounds like he was using you and you're better off without him. I'm sorry.

Anonymous 99032

I don’t know I’ve heard of it happening. Admittedly, I was being a little delusional. but I’m back to normal now. I mean I literally had a guy buy me a ticket to California. I didn’t use it but he still spent the money.
I know you’re right but like I hate myself for liking him. He told me his value is like degeneracy but then said he didn’t really like sex but that was ofcourse after I said I like the concept of sex but not actually having it.

Anonymous 99042


I can't trust on men anymore.
My ex bf was really cute and kind at the first months of relationship but when he starts going out with his friends,something happened inside him. He became really cold,narcissistic and starts to follow more girls,after going out he was a cute chubby neet but now is a fucking anorexic fuck boy.
I hate him because i still loving his past personality.
Man always follows his stupid Friends without thinking about it.

Anonymous 99043

>>98356 i feel you nona,My ex bf was cute and loyal but when he started to going out with his friends,he became really narcissistic,cold and also ignored me for going out with his stupid friends.

Anonymous 99055

Find a guy with no friends.

Anonymous 99056

So I haven’t eaten all day. I’m at work and I’ve been here for like 4 hours. Every time I try to eat, the phone rings, someone wants to check in, or like someone needs something. I’m starting to get like to the point I’m getting sick. I just wanna eat my slice of banana bread and get on with my shitty day. Every time I try to tell my bf about how bad my day is going or what’s going on with me. He just starts talking about what his boss said or how bad his day is. This motherfucker gets literally 4 fucking days off. God I fucking hate his narcissistic ass.

Anonymous 99071

sorry nonni, it seems like he mentally checked out of the relationship and wouldn't communicate with you about it when he was starting to feel this way. he still won't be honest with you either

Anonymous 99074

>He just starts talking about what his boss said or how bad his day is
My dad is exactly like that. He can ask me about something, like what I'm doing, how's my day going, wahtever, and then he will cut me off mid sentence to talk about himself.

Anonymous 99092

>childhood friend moves back to our home town
>for a job
>she's still studying
>needs her mama because she has a baby now
>the husband is a full-time neet, does fuck all at home, literally just another baby for her to look after
>meet them at a park
>sit on a slope and talk about life
>the shitty moid is trying to peek up my skirt
>i'm wearing shorts underneath but his behavior irks me
>he notices i notice and looks away
>does it again anyway
>his wife notices
>he notices she notices
>still trying to fucking peek
>this clownery of him creeping on me, my head turning towards his wife, her head turning towards him, and him looking away happens several times per minute
>they keep conversing normally
For her sake I hope he gets run over by a car ASAP.

Why do I have to interact with men
>but nona you should meet MY moid he's DIFFERENT
No he fucking isn't, you are in denial

Anonymous 99112

My dad always listens to me talk so it’s like kind of new for me to experience. pls be careful dating so you don’t fall in the habit of dating men who don’t listen or care about your interests. It’s really been getting under my skin lately. Like it’s so rude and makes me feel like I don’t have a voice. Like if I try to tell him about a book I’m reading or a tv show I watched. He will cut me off mid sentence and say how’s that’s boring or he’s just not interesting in it and it’s not it’s kind of thing or he will just shit on it completely. If I tell him about stuff at work he only half listens so he can just talk about himself. Like for days I have heard nothing but him talk about stupid fucking Gundam and anything related to it. I’m polite and respectful about it but I wanna tell him to stfu.

Anonymous 99136

Moids pervert everything, including. I came across a YouTube short of this popular twitch streamer Kai Cen4t asking a woman dressed up as Snow White if she let one do the seven dwarfs “hit” and which ones. How does one even come up with something like that. They’re all so porn sick. Everything is just a porn scenario for them. It makes me think about how all female characters in animated films/shows targeted towards kids are made to be sexualized so that moids are taught early to sexualize women and girls are taught to be comfortable with exposing their bodies. One big conditioning.

Anonymous 99161

I’m really over men and now aspire to have everything they want but can’t have to flex it in their faces.
>sports cars
>traveling the world
>highly respected
>living in a mansion
>being into the gym/fitness
>climb mount everest
>being spoiled by another man

Anonymous 99167

They hate to see a woman who is “undeserving” be taken care of or spoiled by a man. They consider them gold diggers even in the man in question has no issue with spoiling his girlfriend.

Anonymous 99187

beyond pathetic
since my friend married it feels like she died. she used to be such a chattermouth but last time we met I couldn't even keep the conversation going no matter how hard I tried. she occasionally texted her husband, making comments like "he pisses me off so much lol xD" and confessed he was trying to enforce his "rules" on her
it feels so bad not being able to do anything about it

Anonymous 99208

I hate my bf
>I’m like kind of insecure from being bullied and my mom and grandma always shitting on me. I shouldn’t really be as insecure as I am because I’m not totally disfigured but I am very insecure.
>so sometimes I go and look on my boyfriends phone just to see if he’s talking to anyone or liking other girls posts
>today he told me he intentionally will like other girls photos or look them up so I will see it when I “snoop” on his phone. So I will get angry and to basically teach me a lesson
>so what he’s telling me is instead of just reassuring me and being idk a nice loving understanding partner, he intentionally hurts my feelings. He goes out of his way to upset me and make me feel insecure and jealous and he told me that so nonchalant.

Anonymous 99209

I mean, you are intentionally invading his privacy. I think that's fair game.

Anonymous 99210

Not really
You shouldn’t intentionally try to hurt your spouse. That’s what narcissist do. Two wrongs don’t really make a right and all that. Also invading privacy when it comes to phones and social media was made up by moids so they could cheat and make you feel bad for finding out about it. It’s not like a diary where it’s actually personal.

Anonymous 99220


God I fucking hate men.
Who's gonna push your buttons? Men
Who's gonna say you're the crazy? Men
Who will pretend he's not in the wrong? Men
Who will just fucking… ? Men

Anonymous 99221

I just wanna ask, why is every male dominated space batshit crazy?
It's like a natural thing, you never see female dominated spaces be disgustingly unhinged.

Anonymous 99228

Because historically when men come together in large groups its to kill people

Anonymous 99241

>are loners or only have online friends, still play videogames past age 21, are terminally online
but i'm a lame terminally online girl with no friends, how am i going to have anything in common with a normalfaggot

Anonymous 99271


UGHHHH I SWEAR TO GODD, basically I have this one guy friend (should I even call him that??) he was my ex, we were friends around 4 years ago, asked me out two years later, I said yes, dated for a month and I broke it off because he groped me. I broke it off with a disgusting text because I was so frustrated. he has this strange savior complex so his reply was "oh I wanted to help you but you're clearly in a bad mental state so never talk to me again" (I NEVER asked for his help btw).
I was stuck on him for a year and a half, constantly thinking about him and if I didn't break it off maybe things could turn out differently.
got sick of constantly thinking about him, so I just reached out to him saying "hey I need to take things off my chest, you down to call?" because we live in different cities. he said yes sure and we talked about how fucked it all was, he apologized and said that he's sorry, never really said sorry for groping though, at least I didn't feel like he actually apologized.
we got back to talking daily after that pretty much, he had a gf and still does, but he talked with me 5 hours a day and I didn't mind because I still liked him because I forgot why I actually broke it off.
he kept talking and whining about how his relationship sucks, and I was obviously there to comfort him. he kept bringing up how they had sex and everything, because I chickened out when he suggested, in his defense I ditched him which was a shitty move. I was 16 I'm sure, but I also gave him a bj and it was the worst experience in my life so having something like this happen again made me wanna throw up. I was never comfortable with him talking about those things, but I kept rolling with it because I was scared to lose him because I missed him a lot. fast forward a few weeks and I realized that the guy always brought his girlfriend up, like constantly. every convo I had to listen to him talking about how his gf is not enough for him, she's too shy, she's too closed off, he can't fuck her because his dick is too big (yes, I'm not joking.), how she's not available, etc. I asked him why he tells me all of this, because reminder, I'm his fucking ex. he told me I'm the only person, and not because "of I trust you" kind of way, it's because he doesn't have many friends. so yeah it did kinda hurt, I felt really replaceable.
fast forward another two weeks or so and I confronted him about how I felt in regards to our convos, I felt like a third wheel, and I felt like i was the one who kept listening to him (when I brought up stuff I wanted to talk about he'd brush them off and go back to his interests which was ALWAYS genshin impact, I was so tired of it),and explained how much I feel like I'm his therapist. I explained all of it very politely but also kinda straight forward to cut off nice talk (I'd like to mention that at that time I lost pretty much all feelings to the guy, he was an asshole so he became just a guy friend to me), I still told him that he can vent to me from time to time but reminded him that I'm not the most mentally stable out there too. let's say he took it VERY personally, a bit too personally in my opinion. he told me how he disagrees about how I'm his psychologist and on the third wheel part, but he did agree on the fact that he kept brushing my interests away which is nice I guess. not like it actually helped because I still kinda felt like he brushed me off from time to time, but we started talking less after that conversation.
now two days ago, we talked and we got into the topic of security and privacy, which I'm very passionate about even though I'm new to the whole thing. I told him that I want to move away from the state because it's known VERY well for how much data they process which really bothers me because I have paranoia and I feel like I'm being tracked. he started laughing at me pretty much and mocking me, when I told him that it's something that is VERY serious to me one way or another, he told me that he's "joking" with me but also kinda mocking me. he said that it's a fear that is kinda stupid, like being afraid of the dark. I got really offended, told him that he's an asshole and pretty much that he hurt me, he said sorry but that's it really he just shrugged it off. also to top it off he brought his gf into the convo again and told me how much fun they had together and whatever, even though I told him that I'd like him to keep me out of the damn relationship, because his gf knows about him because he told her about how we talk and she REALLY doesn't like me.

I wish that was the only shitty moid story I had, but sadly it's not because I'm around guys constantly but it's not as bad as this one, honestly fuck him.
thank god I finally let this out of my chest shittttt

Anonymous 99272

My thoughts exactly whenever I hear normies say
>ugh… you gotta go outside and socialise
the only people I would meet in social events/places with a lot of poeple are the ones I wouldn't have much in common with. Not to mention the fact that going to a club/bar/party is the very opposite of what I'd consider to be fun. All the things I like doing are things that you do alone. If I were to find someone normal I feel like I would have to force myself to do things I hate doing to spend time with them. I did try to socialise, and go to places where people with similar interests would be. But all I ever acomplished was getting a panic attack.

Anonymous 99276

a guy with no friend is a guy who only has online friends, anonymous or otherwise, even worst.

Anonymous 99294

In Africa are people more or less horny than in the west?

Anonymous 99296

It's not the issue of people out there being more horny. It's the issue of most african countries being underdeveloped. Little more than 200 years ago it wasn't uncommon for people in Europe to have a lot of kids.
Developed countries see way less births than undeveloped ones because the approach changes. In the past you'd make as many kids as possible because chances were that some of them won't make it, and you'd want more labour. Now putting more resources into less kids makes more sense.

If Africa was more developed births wouls also slow down.

Anonymous 99302

you gave him a bj but you expected him not to touch you

Anonymous 99331

We basically went on a date at like a park and we were sitting in this isolated area and he told me he was hard, I didn't feel like I had an option. I can understand that from his perspective it made sense that he could touch me, so I did end up forgiving him because it was really a misunderstanding. but from my perspective, it was a scare after a scare, because just being touched out of nowhere makes me very uncomfortable, and it's not like I didn't tell him to stop. I had to tell him twice to stop, but again it was a huge misunderstanding but it rubbed me the wrong way. so it's a situation of both of us not communicating properly but he still was a dick most of the time, I just didn't feel like writing the whole history of what happened before we got together and how he asked me out :P

Anonymous 99354


ya'll, NEVER associate with any moid that plays pc games or is a nintenfag gamer. ESPECIALLY if LoL or pokemon. they never change. don't be a fucking idiot like me. in fact, just fuck all of them. don't waste your time.

Anonymous 100269

lots of nintendo fans are manchildren but there's nothing wrong with pc gaming ??

Anonymous 100278

why :( I like playing video games and play a lot of nintendo. I like old Pokemon too.
But I agree on LoL being a redflag. A lot of MMOs are redflags imo.

Anonymous 100303

I hope you pirate. It's always morally correct to pirate Nintendo games.

Anonymous 100306

I pirate some games usually I buy third party and niche games I like to support the franchise. I can see what you mean by nintyfags being a redflag tho, the hardcore ones are. I play a lot of nintendo but I agree moids who are diehard fans of the company are cringe and the company itself is not that great.



Anonymous 100311

It seems significant to me that I've never heard a lol player speak positively about the game. They ALL claim it's terrible and they hate it yet they keep playing. Can't be good.

Anonymous 100333

Yeah, it's funny how awful male spaces can be. They constantly antagonize and hate each other with shitty divisive baiting to tear their own community apart.

Anonymous 100429

I wonder why moids overestimate their intelligence more than women. Could it be something to do with their more competitive nature, perhaps driven by biology? Or maybe it has its roots in how they're socialised? I doubt the latter personally. I think moids have a biological predisposition toward boastful and overconfident thinking.

Anonymous 100798

9t78280 .jpg

>check ex bfs twitter a month after breaking up with him
>hes rting guro and replying to egirls that self harm with responses like "cute scars 😍"

All moids are irredeemable. No more boyfriends for me.

Anonymous 100809

They've been told since day one that they're superior to 50% of the entire population on Earth simply for existing with a dick between their legs. Everyone around them perpetuates it, elevates their voices, listens with undivided attention, coddles their entitlement, perpetuates their status through subtle conditioning. The kind of behaviour that women consistently get socially punished for. Why wouldn't they feel confident?

There's a whole system behind them.

I feel like women do feel more confident than men in certain fields, but they are discouraged from showing it openly. In their case, it's interpreted as boastfulness and narcissism.

Anonymous 100810

Sounds like you dodged a bullet

Anonymous 100811

Thank God you broke up with him, what the hell.

Anonymous 100812

"because god created man and then man was lonely and then god created woman to keep man company." or some shit, that's how the idea is usually hammered into a lot of skulls.
"woman is weak because she bleeds and cant work while pregnant."

Anonymous 100821

Is this common?

Anonymous 100828


i hate that theyre hedonistic, porn addicted devils
i hate how they undermine and demean every hardship women go through simply because they cant relate, because how dare something not be moid centered?
i hate how period pains and mood swings are constantly being invalidated or compared to other pains to make women feel stupid and look weak
i hate how when women are abused by a moid; whether its emotional, sexual, physical, or verbal there's immediate victim blaming and defense for the moid (>why didnt you just say no? >why didnt you just leave if it was that bad? >well if he's innocent, you just ruined his whole reputation! >why did you date him in the first place if there were these red flags? etc.)
i hate how any emotion felt by a woman is seen as her being an overdramatic bitch, and how moids get away with their constant toddler-like angry outbursts
i hate how moids are such angry creatures who cant cope with their emotions
i hate moids .

Anonymous 100829

Anonymous 100946

Fed up with white men and their asian woman obsession. Dating white men as a white woman is asking to always be second place to asian women, no matter how attractive you are. They'll criticise your looks to no end but any asian woman is attractive to them

Any white women pursuing white men, save yourself the pain and go for men of colour.

Anonymous 100948

what kind of men are coming across nona, im hapa and wish i was fetishized by the white men i know for my asian traits. they all prefer white women lol

Anonymous 100949

samefag but i obviously wish that when it comes to the few moids i'm into and not all of them

Anonymous 100952

This is why I got an azn bf with a white fetish. It's nice being seen as the best.

Anonymous 100954

where is your asian bf from? from what I've seen of east asians they also prefer east asian women. It's mainly south asian, pakistani, (some) african and middle eastern guys who like us. I've practically never managed to attract an east asian man and it's extremely difficult to attract young white men.

Anonymous 100957

you might look too white for them. White men like brown tanned skin, black hair and black eyes and a short height. Get a tan and darken your hair if you need to and don't wear heels.

White men also fetishise the youthful looks and behaviour of asian women. So if you are too developed physically, try your best to look and sound underage (anime baby voice). If you watch japanese porn (number one watched porn category in white countries) you'll notice the girls sound like babies.

in summary: be small, dark and young looking and they'll fetishise you

Anonymous 100960

I won't bother personally, but if any women of colour out there want to be fetishised by them but aren't exotic enough, this is the guide

Anonymous 100964

he's from singapore. it's nice cuz english is his first language. and east asian dudes normally do prefer asian women, but they're not a monolith. you can find one who doesn't. the trouble is finding one who won't run away the second his parents express disappointment.

Anonymous 101048

I am East Asian and honestly scrotes like that are the most disgusting, would never date a white scrote and no self-respecting woman should date a moid who fetishizes her in such a way. It is depressing to see.

Anonymous 101053

You can have children using a sperm donor and you would likely experience more social benefits with a woman partner given the increased stability.

Anonymous 101059

Is an asian moid with a white fetish really better than a white moid with yellow fever?

Anonymous 101064

Anonymous 101074

Which on is it?

Anonymous 101075

I think it is because the social and power dynamics are inherently different and WMAF couples on average are more dysfunctional than AMWF

Anonymous 101094

White men with yellow fever are usually weebs with racist stereotypes about Asian women. I haven’t seen adjacent behavior from Asian men into white women.

Anonymous 101095

Most yellow-fevered white men I've known in real life aren't weebs.

Anonymous 101106

they probably just have internalized racism - think low self esteem and a lot of self hate. white moids with yellow fever are usually pedophiles

Anonymous 101107

every yellow-fevered guy I knew was a skinny ugly programmer/gamer/weeb - they might not legit like anime but programmers, gamers, and weebs are all the same general class of undesirable men

Anonymous 101119

Because white people are the most desired. By default most people will either be most attracted to their own race or to white people. The white guys who go for other races do it because they cannot get a white woman.

Anonymous 101131

they're usually attractive

Anonymous 101133

you have low standards

Anonymous 101137

No, they're usually ugly Nintendo-playing thick-rimmed glasses wearing dorks with beards, though not weebs

Anonymous 101138

Ok, who let r/AsianMasculinity in?

Anonymous 101144


The fact that people are actually falling for it is what's really absurd. Who read this, and actually thinks it's true and happened?

Anonymous 101170

I was reading through that sub a few days ago and it seems like a lot of the men there hypocritically antagonize Asian women for dating white guys while telling other men to date non-Asians. Their mental gymnastics are confusing.

Anonymous 101173


From what I understand, those moids aren't against interracial relationships per se, but they're against the self-hating racism that they claim asian-american women have

Anonymous 101174

>adjacent behavior from Asian men into white women
I've seen white Kpop fans on Tiktok talk about the weirdos they date and hook up with in Korea, e.g. they project American pornstar stereotypes on white women or bash Korean women to appeal to foreign women, kinda similar to how incel men in my country like ranting about "western feminists" and then get themselves a wife from a different country.
It shouldn't come as a surprise that men everywhere in the world are the same but for some women it still is.

Anonymous 101324

I detest that women can't have women's spaces without men trying to make it about themselves. Women want a women's gym, men cry they can't have their own, women want their own bathrooms, men want in, women want clubs or web spaces for themselves and moids push in.
Both sexes need their own exclusive spaces. Why are they too dumb to get it?

Anonymous 101328

i agree with everything you said except with men needing their own space. women and children do not pose a threat to men, so they don't need their spaces. in fact, it would be better if they didn't have any.
men can't self regulate, their spaces, in and outside of the internet, become cesspools of violence, corruption and depravity. women need to be kept away from men because men will and do use their resources to physically and socially abuse women.
men don't need to be kept away from women, and in fact they don't even want to and push for not being through (but absolutely not limited to) troonery.
exceptions are when it comes to their autistic little freemasonry groups or fight club inspired activities, so basically useless stuff that hurts everyone involved and, even more so, who does not want to be involved.

Anonymous 101331

bad parenting plays a role but i don't think it's the only cause, i also believe socialization as a whole enables men to be like that and i also think they're in part just born with it too, like biologically programmed to be apes as much as the idea disheartens me

Anonymous 101338


Same here. I wish I wasn't living in the west, so I wouldn't have to be looked at by those fetishizing perverts.

Anonymous 101341

What are you talking about?

Anonymous 101343

I'm East Asian unlike you (presumably), and I've been to my home country, and I can say it's definitely better there than here in America. Obviously there are perverts everywhere, but in America perverts are celebrated in movies and TV shows, and fuckboys are praised for treating women like objects.

Anonymous 101346

>my home country
Why do Americans do this? If you were born in America you're American. It's not your home country if you only ever visited as a tourist.

Anonymous 101348

>If you were born in America you're American.
Who are you to tell me what I am? I assure you, I am much more than the location where my mother gave birth, but I am a depository of beliefs and values and principles, which are inherited from my immigrant father and mother, and are at odds with the nation that I live in now. Though it may be thrusted upon me, the title of American I reject.

Anonymous 101350

As another east asian from North America, you sound like a weeaboo

Anonymous 101353

Not her but I think it's a semantics thing it's hard to describe and label something so complicated and some people can grow up in the west but be nationally and legally a citizen of another country and the concept of living and visiting as a tourist isn't true for all diasporafags or can vary I'm a diasporafag too but I only interact with natives, locals, live with my family and don't visit foreigners spots or cities.

Anonymous 101354

You gonna show us your 23andme results next? kek

Anonymous 101356

nona I don't know where from East Asia your parents are from as I know some other Asian countries have differences in dating culture and customs, but dating is not much easier for women nor are men always stereotypically traditional. In East Asia many moids are porn-addicted and women are held to a much higher standard than men when it comes to modesty and traditional values, men are not nearly ridiculed like women are. Imo the standards for women in Asia (or at least where my family is from) is higher than women in the west. Sure, hedonism and men with high bodycounts aren't encouraged but women are still objectified in media all the time. Even then, moids in some provinces aren't very family-oriented for example big city folk may take up more westernized dating culture such as hook up culture, and the ones who are traditional are often caught up in the awful work culture and have no time to spend on love. The culture is simply vastly different and often times transactional and loveless, sure you don't have the baggage of western dating and western moids but there are completely new set of problems to face.

Anonymous 101357

>his grandparents once lived there
That is different from my parents being immigrants.
>You aren't special
I never claimed I was special or that nobody else felt this way. But even if others express the same sentences as I do, my identity does not depend on other people's words, and it neither depends on yours.
Why are you so mad that I don't want to be an American? Growing up, I was never truly accepted by Americans because of the color of my skin, so in return I never accepted America, but now, when I talk about how I feel like I don't belong in America, you tell me that I'm American "to the core". What exactly are you gaining from this? Who are you angry at?

Anonymous 101433

I don't think that's really a question at this point. Not taking into account all the countries where women are obviously treated as sub-human (women weren't allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia until 2018, 98% of women in Somalia are given genital mutilating surgeries as children, etc.), there's still large places even in the United States (specifically the bible belt) where women are almost universally viewed as subservient to their husbands and basically exist to cook/clean/have children.

There's also the new court ruling in Italy where men are allowed to SA women as much as they want as long as it's under 10 seconds (yes, this is real). There's no question that moids have manipulated the world's systems to their benefit, and continue to do so.

Anonymous 101480

>There's also the new court ruling in Italy where men are allowed to SA women as much as they want as long as it's under 10 seconds (yes, this is real).

I looked this up, holy shit it IS real. What the fuck…

Anonymous 101609

can you please go into detail for what signs to watch for?

Anonymous 101645

moids say "umm all women have high ridiculous standards!!! so narcissistic!!" but when women do settle (look at your average tradthot on social media as an example) women still get abused and cheated on, it doesn't matter if he is a '10/10' or '3/10' (according to the moid's value system). Just look at how many women who were pick-mes who ended up abused, cheated, and dirt poor. These pick-mes are supposed to be the 10/10 tradwaifu of the moid's dreams, yet why were they taken advantage and cheated on if so? Because the perfect waifu for the average low value moid is a doormat he can abuse and cheat on, he doesn't care about staying loyal to one woman to love. And if he can't cheat on her, he will still become a porn addict who actively looks at other women like OF models and instathots. It's not about women settling for this or that, it's about women protecting themselves from awful people.

Anonymous 101646

Generally moids have the strangest view of dating, even with love they see it as a value system, numbers game, and competition. They have an awful black-and-white view of love. When women want to go their own way they want to keep dragging women back. These moids already have their own pick-mes in their own communities yet the attention from their pick-mes isn't enough to satiate their unquenchable thirst so they need to leave their male spaces because a few desperate women begging for male attention isn't enough, they want every women to submit. If you think about it, love for most moids is most likely about domination and control. Throughout history and observe how they pillage, invade, and rape foreign women, they have endless thirst for conquest. It is not a far reach of a conclusion then that this greed and desire expands in the affairs of most moids or that most moids are predisposed to this behavior. It is their innate desire, moid's desire for more and more can never be satiated.

Anonymous 101770

she's not expanding the definition of rape, are you high ?

Anonymous 101775

she meant they all did have a rape kink, work on your reading comprehension

Anonymous 101777

Bad boundaries are a thing. I kept getting into (platonic) toxic relationships because I'm autistic and come from an abusive home so I wasn't good enough for normal people.
Yes I'm aware some narcissistic motherfuckers claim victimhood to abuse people and get away with it, I've had to deal with them. But I don't have enough information to pass judgement on OP, plus she's not exactly cancelling people on twitter right now, she's asking to hear our own stories as well and didn't draw any attention back to herself for months. Quite the opposite of what you're describing.

Anonymous 101814

Elf hand on cheek.…

Fake it till I make it just to get that dick.

Anonymous 101818

The cleanest Nurgle worshipper

Anonymous 101820


is this a baalbuddy reference?

Anonymous 101867

Cat drinking whisk…

Nah. Just a song I was listening to that happened to match up the theme of the thread at the time.


Anonymous 101878

Besides just moids being tyrants I think to want to have a hetero relationship you need to want to be degraded too and it's natural and it makes me so fucking sad. Also reading all the shit that happens in hetero relationships, how moids are so privileged in those relations and sex is all fun to them while women are like in the deepest part of hell, used abused punished thrown away and never winning on top of that women feel inferior to the moids they date. I hate the burden of womanhood and how I have to see trauma content everywhere and nobody ever talks about how it exist or how it's bad, as if it's all normal. Even women just casually mention the most terrorizing abuse ever possible that men did to them like it's completely normalized everyday thing or a natural part of womanhood. Also male freedom= women pushed to the lowest point and everyone thinks it's ok, women not pushed to the lowest point = lack of male freedom, all males mad, whole world mad everyone shitting and pissing themselves. I won't even mention how moids dream sex involves severe female degradation, women being used and intoxicated etc ehhh I have a male phobia on top of it all and dissociate when I see a male in public especially a teenaged one

Anonymous 101879

Homosexual women relationships have the highest amount of domestic abuse statistically

Anonymous 101885

Please stop parroting something you've read from irrationally homophobic moids online. The statistics were misinterpreted or perhaps twisted on purpose; the numbers showed that homosexual women throughout their LIFE have experienced more abuse on average. This includes their life outside of female-female relationships. It's more likely that they experienced the abuse in past straight relationships before they got the confidence to date other women, and due to the fact that they didn't show enough interest in their male partners and therefore got lashed out at.

Anonymous 101886

its probably a male lmaooo
moids hate that theyre unquestionably the apes of gender and try to make everyone believe its actually women who murder, rape and abuse the most lmaooo cope and look at statistics scrote, or are you suddendly not the rational sex anymore LOL how convenient

Anonymous 101897

>The statistics were misinterpreted or perhaps twisted on purpose

I dont see it

Anonymous 101931

That isn't really any better. If your claim is true, it would mean that a substantial portion of lesbianism is reactionary to failed heterosexual relationships rather than out of genuine love for women.

Anonymous 102073

Everyday I feel the trauma of finding out that every moid I ever feel in love with was horrible one was even a pedoid

Anonymous 102074

You should share your experiences. Putting disgusting males on blast in a public - albeit anonymous - space is cathartic, as well as serves as a warning for other women that red flags aren't always obvious.

Anonymous 102149

This is stupid. You're assuming lesbians never have the experience of being with men just because its something they're supposed to to do. Lots of women try and be with men despite not liking them and just assume that's how it is for a lot of women.
Bis exist too.

Lesbians>>>>>gay men. Gay men are sex pests and disease spreaders. Lesbians just want to to their thing and not be bothered by men.

Anonymous 102159


Earlier this year I started coping with my mom never liking me by eating THC gummies, my NEET boyfriend decided earlier in the year that he didn’t want to help me cope the correct way and that it was easier to just give in, in his words last night he just kinda gave up on me. Apparently this weekend was one of the straws that broke his back because we had a good day saturday (before my birthday) but the second we got home my sister came visit and I couldn’t help myself and I started doing all the things he hates, I got fucked up with my sister despite telling him I wouldn’t be all weekend. I started complaining about Overwatch (which puts him in a terrible mood because of how awful I am when ai vent).

I had gotten fucked up between a fight yesterday and him laying it all out to me, tried to get him to watch a movie over discord, he was tired of the movie after about 20 minutes insisting it was the movie and not our fight, if thats the case that still makes me feel like shit, it feels like everything I try to show him is awful and terrible because of how my taste in stuff is.

I just want him to get a job because I’ve been working nonstop for the past five months in a stupid ass hot warehouse, I leave feeling exhausted and don’t want to put up with being sad when I get home so I’ve been inebriating to cope with that too.

I kinda just want to kill myself I’m not gonna lie.

Anonymous 102164

I always wonder how useless retards like him manage to find someone willing to tolerate them.

Anonymous 102165

Because he was nice to me and nobody else has been as nice as him.

Anonymous 102166

If you had a magic wand, how would you want your life to be?

Anonymous 102167

That's understandable, but clearly he's stopped being nice.

Anonymous 102169

The same way how any moid ever found a woman to date him.

Anonymous 102171

I genuinely don’t know
I would magic my boyfriend into not being a jobless negative neet that barely enjoys the same things I do, I wish my mom didn’t get sick when I was 14, I wish I was popular enough for her to live vicariously through me and not my sister because I wasn’t useful for that I was tossed to the fucking side.
I would magic myself into being great at my video game after all I’ve been playing it for seven years and barely imroved past gold on tank, my boyfriend just keeps saying ‘no your good your good at the game’ it means nothing because thats the least he can do.

I wish my last moid didn’t ruin sex for me, you can’t ever give your virginity to people because they’ll take it and ghost you.

I don’t know my boyfriend said he saw that I had a lot of trauma and he wasn’t helping me cope correctly.

I wish I could magic myself into a likeable personality, I keep fucking it up by not getting social que’s correctly or talking about my interest for too long.

I wish I could magic myself into not being such a dumpy fuck but I have no energy anymore from that warehouse mechanic job I barely feel like a woman anymore, not in a tranny way though.

Anonymous 102173

Find yourself a moid that doesnt watch porn or hentai. Porn watching moids should fucking die theyre freaks with unrealistic standards i hope they die in a war

Anonymous 102175

I don't know how realistic of an expectation that is (unfortunately) but. Also. One thing I don't understand, and I mean I especially don't understand it with these devout no-fap freaks is just…. Why can't you just masturbate without porn? Like, picture it in your head, feel it, liven it up with a storyline, imagine your gf or whatever, listen to your body. You won't be harming anyone or exploiting anyone, you won't have to feel guilty, you won't condition yourself to effortless dopamine-pumping until your receptors run dry, and you probably won't irreversibly fuck up your perception of what is attractive. Is it really that hard? Are men just brain-dead? Shouldn't the massive amounts of testosterone be enough, if what I have is enough for me as a woman?

Anonymous 102177

it's more effort sure but won't it be more rewarding in the long-run? the work may seem daunting but i think society focuses too much on time, and this mindset isn't really all that good, wanting to have as much as possible. surely the rewards eventually become cheap and fleering like fast food

Anonymous 102179

>Is it really that hard?
Without going into details, yes. Male and female bodies are just built different

Anonymous 102180

how did moids jerk off in the middle ages? you had to be rich to commission a painting of an exposed ankle. get your buddy to carve tits onto a wooden branch?
I think since most moids are now addicted to pornography and can't get off without it they exaggerate how "difficult" it is or how long it takes. They don't want to admit that requiring porn for sexual stimulation is unnatural and unhealthy.

Anonymous 102192

I think I misinterpreted your post, men can jack off without needing visual stimuli and relying on mental images but that also damages your nerves and does nothing to reduce frying your dopamine receptors. My initial reply was under the assumption you meant men climaxing without any kind of physical touch at all, something that can happen but usually only in rare cases

Anonymous 102196

well what i'm trying to get at is that they can jack off without creating an industry that harms women by simply using their imagination, but they try to deny this by saying that they need pornography and that pornography is natural and healthy for them when obviously it is not. Of course constant masturbation is harmful (poor males) and pornography only makes it worse. But i am more interested in the real harm that the industry causes to women.

Anonymous 102198


Nona im so fucking zooted rn but I remembered this thing I learned about captive monkeys jerking off.
We AS A SOCIETY are held captive and moids have developed the boredom captive masturbation gene!!!

Anonymous 102199

lol and pic saved

Anonymous 102471

>desires and urges are of the immoral, negative kind
yeah definitely a scrote

Anonymous 102474

I understand that my wording was not great. I think that desires are not immoral or negative, and are in fact necessary. And I am not taking a purist stance or anything along those lines. I did not mean to draw the parallels which I now see I have, but rather suggest that much of the ugliness and unfairness we encounter, especially when it comes to romantic relationships, is due to insatiable thirst for certain pleasures and, more relevant, application of intelligence to undermine and hurt others to get what we want.

Anonymous 102480

>bf puts pants in hamper
>ask if he emptied his pockets
>gets mad at me for nagging
>feel guilty i even asked, no one deserves to be treated like retarded kid by their partner
>he does the laundry during his usual 2 hour shit without warning me
>by the time i hear it it's already too late, he's washing my bras and dresses in boiling water at sanic rpm
>we have two hampers so this wouldn't happen but he washes them in the same cycle anyway
>laundry finishes
>he had tissues in his pockets - clothes full of white shit that won't come off in several washes, have to pluck thousands of specks manually if i want to wear these clothes again
>also washed his wallet and car key but that's not my problem
>he's mad his shirts and socks shrank AGAIN
>accuses me of somehow having caused him to do this
>complain to girl friends
>"WOW your bf does laundry :O :) you're sooo lucky"
Why is living with a scrote so hard? Every fucking day something like this comes up. I can't even tell which would be worse, that they're doing all this shit on purpose to manipulate their partners or that they really are so braindead they pull double their weight in the opposite direction despite of constant instructions and reminders.

Anonymous 102518


wrong thread Nona, if you hated moids you wouldn't be with him.

Anonymous 102519

>I would magic myself into being great at my video game after all I’ve been playing it for seven years and barely imroved past gold on tank,
That's so patheticly cute I like you for this. I wish you good luck with your bf, nona

Anonymous 102521

Gore I'd say. There were people lynched and it was put on display like a public spectacle

Anonymous 102552

>also washed his wallet and car key but that's not my problem
Out all of things on your long list of moid incompetency, this one kills me most. Who the hell does that? I can't stand people with such an idgaf attitude. Must be nice to be that way though. Easier to go through life if you don't give a shit about doings things the correct way.

Anonymous 102582

Moids literally are that retarded and they can't stand being wrong so often they start blaming women for it after having to live with a woman pointing things out to them all the time. It's one of the most tiring characteristics of them. If your man baby can't suck it up and apologize to you it's a major red flag.

Sometimes I want to scream at them to think with their brains and open their eyes to all the details in life they block out. We wouldn't have to """nag""" their dumb asses if they wouldn't be so fucking oblivious.

Anonymous 102631


I am normal. I am sane. I am normal. I am sane. I am normal. I am sane. I am normal. I am same.

men ruin my day

Anonymous 102785

a desirable man is a unicorn, xy as a whole is a genetic defect so a desirable man is one who can resist his innate moid behavior and rapeape biology

Anonymous 102972


>have my first "normal" relationship with a moid long term
>We've both been working since we were 16 and I have a good amount of money saved up because of it, however when I ask my moid what hsi savings look like his face turns grim
>I ask what's up
>Turns out he's one of those adult bady diaper lover freaks and has spent all extra income (which is all of it as he lives rent free with his parents) on big boxes of imported adult nappies that inflate the more you piss into them.
>He'll go into this cycle where he buys this shit and a bunch of other simular items and then feels ashamed and burns it all and then two weeks later he'll get back into the fetish and buy all that shit again
>His parents found it once in the regular bin and that wasn't enough to make him stop
>Tells me he's developed this coping mechanism because he was molested as a kid and he's definitely not a nonce
>Compares his struggle with this fetish to how I had an abortion after being raped as a teenager
Why the fuck are men like this? I introduced him to all my friends and even extended family members how the fuck am I meant to tell them this is how our relationship ended?

Anonymous 102976

How long have you been together? Also, lie. It's not only for your own good but also for his

Anonymous 102985

Nearly two years lmao

Anonymous 102987

>Compares his struggle with this fetish to how I had an abortion after being raped as a teenager

I'm speechless

Anonymous 103003

>Men will send you memes and videos they find funny or interesting. Women will send you memes and videos that they know you’ll like.

Which is like the truest shit I’ve ever heard.
My boyfriend does it all the time like every video he sends aligns with his interest. The videos I send are always things he’ll find interesting. Men only care about themselves.

Anonymous 103007

What if he was molested as a child for real?

Anonymous 103060


Not the anon from before but I don't think it matters as it's an evil thing to compare, besides I don't think being touched as a kid causes you to shit in nappies as an adult

Anonymous 103062

how the fuck am I meant to tell them this is how our relationship ended?
Tell them he was insanely bad with money and wasn't willing to address it. Just get away from him at all costs, he's not gonna be a functional adult.

I dunno, being touched as a kid fucks people up. A good amount of moid victims become perpetrators themselves.

Anonymous 103226


do not believe them when they say you are the "female version" of them (you're not, both of you just used the internet too much)
do not "tradwife" their messy homes, bad hygiene, mommy issues
do not confuse his 1 month e-relationship where they met once as real relationship experience
do not listen to him spitting an entire podcast about his interests when he couldnt give a shit about yours
do not be a trophy wife to his 4chan friends. NEVER meet them.
do not let him send the sperg girl and apu meme to you saying "this is me and u". You are more than a caricature of your disability and your gender
he will never give you the love you deserve. he wants a sperg girl because normie girls expect MORE than the bare minimum.

Anonymous 103232

i tried this with irc trannies and i had a mixed experience
theyre either super cute mentally ill freaks you want to hug and cuddle
or theyre super abusive mentally ill freaks

Anonymous 103239


This is so true sis
>Dating a tranny
Why would you ever want to date a moid who chooses to mock the female sex like that? Ew

Anonymous 103411

Moids have cooties! Yuck!

Anonymous 103416

My bf learned how to make stuffed animals and that's his only hobby now. He has 5 life-size ponies in his bed. He's normal in comparison, so thanks.

Anonymous 103441

Worthless sacks of shit who can't remember a single detailed instruction or a "that water makes my stomach hurt" yet claim to be smarter. They only listen to the sound of their own voice. Not a single one is worth the effort to whip into a semi decent life Partner. No matter what they'll always forget the one thing that really matters and leave you disappointed while blaming you for thinking that remembering how to wash dishes is expecting too much.
They're fucking soulless how they'll laugh at a person's brain blowing to bits or be nonchalant at children being abused. How fucking vile, just thinking of it makes my stomach turn. I don't want to hear anymore horrible stories of child abuse and for men to tell me I'm being too sensitive for not wanting it anymore. You are vile worthless scum who only care about getting off.

Anonymous 103446

Real shit. The chances of them being a discord groomer or tranny in the making is also very high. Just the risk of running into a discord groomer could be a possible death sentence as many of them run elaborate discord groomer cabals and push their gayops all over several boards.

Anonymous 103685


my parents came to visit me. my mother is sick with cancer and vomits multiple times a day. when she gets sick, why does my dad look with the most exasperated and annoyed face (picrel) as if she's doing it on purpose? and everyone else in my family acts like he's the nice guy.

Anonymous 103764

So my post about my bf being a stingy mf who doesn’t fulfill his role as provider gets deleted but literal testaments about how moids need to be genocided stay up, mods have their priorities straight lol I guess men prefer to violently die than being called broke niggas

Anonymous 103824

Why can these retards not remember a single important thing you tell them.

Anonymous 103831

Nothing makes me hate men more than hearing accounts from so many women about how men abuse them yet they blame all their problems on us.

Anonymous 103848

How do they even meet 4chan moids?
Thank god they're rare outside
moids are already shit to begin with and they literally CHOOSE ONES FROM 4chan like WHAT

Anonymous 104003

Probably /soc/

Anonymous 104151

My boyfriend completely changed for the worse after we got married. I hate men.

Anonymous 104154

Men are aware that many of their thoughts and behavior patterns are undesirable, so they temporarily conceal these to secure a relationship. It’s very plausible he’s no longer restraining himself because he believes he has you trapped. What did he start doing after the marriage? Did you notice any signs that he hiding his true nature beforehand? You can confront him about the way he’s acting, but it is unlikely to result in him reacting well and fixing his behavior. It might be good for you to consult a divorce lawyer. Many of them will offer the consult free of charge if finances are a concern.

Anonymous 104164

stop using emojis tourist.

Anonymous 104167

Moids change regardless of weight gain. Moids only like the chase, when they "own"the woman, they find it boring.

Anonymous 104169

Males who are “interested” in evopsych have to be the most annoying people on the planet.

Anonymous 104336

>be HHKV with witch powers
>felt too worthless to even try dating until recently
>started lifting a bit + studying German + reading more, and felt like you at least had some way of showing you're not a total loser and that you might be a worthwhile investment
>used to live in the middle of nowhere but then had to move back to the city and used the opportunity to start going to galleries and exhibits as much as possible
>used to be a massive homebody but can now easily think of five worthwhile things to do on any given weekend that might make for fun and interesting date
>also switched jobs to one that was much more in alignment with your personality which made you feel a bit more confident in terms of saying that this is what you value in life, and these are the sorts of things you're trying to accomplish, because now you have actual evidence that you're trying to build a certain life for yourself instead of just daydreaming about it but not taking action
>try the dating app meme now that you have slightly improved confidence
>avoid the usual cliches and try to actually put across your personality
>endless Netflix/travel/brunch/pineapple on pizza/Game of Throne/guess my ethnicity/etc profiles
>begin to get sick of it but keep trying anyway because approaching IRL is now seen as weird/creepy
>also like short kings and am well aware it's "safer" for them to swipe right on an app than to walk up to a taller woman IRL who might laugh at them
>finally come across one guy who actually seems a bit interesting and different
>usually NEVER match with the quirkier guys but leave a comment anyway
>be fucking around at work one morning and notice you somehow matched with him
>he recognises a comment you made on your bio about something pretty fucking fringe that you didn't think anyone on that app would know about
>really feel like you have potential to get along with this person and that you'd enjoy hearing his lore
>he even starts making jokes about the two of you ruling the world together
>you come up with not one but two ideas for potential outings that you know are a bit different from the standard drinks/meal
>he vanishes
Welp. Going back to casting spells then.

Anonymous 104358

Gas every moid who thinks having sex as often as possible is anything but disgusting. They think everything is ok in the pursuit of sex, it rules their entire lives and they blame women for it. Like fat people blaming cookies for being fat. It really made me realize how disgusting moids are when I realized there's nothing in the world they take responsibility for, everything is a woman's fault. No wonder less women are seeking relationships with you, maybe the "male loneliness epidemic" is your own damn fault.

Anonymous 104367

Another victim of a serial ghoster, sigh. I'm sorry nona.

Anonymous 104448


My husband’s from Austria.

I’m so disappointed in him because of it.

Anonymous 104536

>Find reddit post about a wife/mom venting about her worthless psychopathic scrote husband
>Had her 2nd baby recently with him, still in postpartum period
>Scrote husband becomes less attracted to her and begins to sleep on the couch instead of sleeping with her
>She makes a passive aggressive comment about it
>Scrote chimps out as expected, calls her a whale and ugly even though she just had his baby
>Mouth breathing chimp leaves without saying a word to her but manages to find his paternal instincts deep within the recesses of his mind and kisses his other child goodbye

Very hard to find, marry and have a family with a good man. Most of them are ungrateful worms. Even after giving birth to his children, this dung beetle thinks he can treat the mother of his children this way. Unreal

Anonymous 104539

>be woman with a dogshit useless husband
>have a kid with him
>god the entire man is even more trash than you initially thought
>have a SECOND kid with him, OF COURSE!
>husband continues being shit after you rewarded him with 2 kids for doing fuckall
>who woulda thunk
Can women stop reproducing with useless dogs or have we not yet reached that level of cognition. By the way, the kids are gonna come out of that traumatized, so isn't it a nice cherry on top? What a caring mother, truly, to subject her own offspring to her obviously failing marriage. I think the male world is the world humans deserve at this point. Stop sympathizing with these dumb cows, please.

Anonymous 104542

It's not that easy. Many women get involved with men who completely 180 once they get married or have kids. It's not a black and white situation and your lack of empathy will result in more misogyny than good outcomes for women

Anonymous 104543

Also, kys scrote

Anonymous 104544

Idk, I don’t believe him.

Anonymous 104545

I hope your mother’s health improves.

Anonymous 104557

ayrt. Calling out dumb women for doing dumb things is hardly misogyny. There is no lack of empathy on my part because she's literally traumatizing the most vulnerable group of people. Her OWN children, even.
>Many women get involved with men who completely 180 once they get married or have kids
She already had a kid with him, that's why I was incredulous that she had a second one. Would you? Would you have a second kid with a man who has already proven himself sociopathic? A dumb decision is a dumb decision, I'm not a misogynist for calling it out. Siding with women 100% of the time will have you fucked over, because the goal of most women is to be the best woman of the patriarchy at your expense.

Anonymous 104620

so fucking sick of disgusting faggots coming here and posting cp and rape. it's so horrible i literally feel sick, i can't stand men i want them all gone. men stoop to the lowest of lows and i hate every single one of them.

Anonymous 104703

in my time ive found that if youre looking for moral or mentally sound people, wether it be partners or friends you can find them at charity events, volunteer stuff and ect

Anonymous 104705

Why are moids such aggressive assholes after I told my boyfriend how I was groomed and sexually abused as a young teen he immediately wanted to find them and attack them after I put all of it behind me

Anonymous 104707

Can't stand the way they lie and misrepresent things to be pedantic asses. You can walk a moid from square one to finish and they'll follow then still claim to be correct. They hate being wrong so much they've lied themselves into believing they're always right. Eric Cartman isn't just a character.

Anonymous 104879

Porn addict moids are definitely the worst type of any moid.

>begin my first “real” relationship with a moid at 14

>”Gosh he’s so nice, can’t believe I found a guy like him!”
>3 months into the relationship he does a 180 and reveals he’s a massive coomer (jerks off to futa, loli, femboys, bdsm shit, etc)
>isolates me from my friends because he’s overly jealous and insecure
>tries to force his degenerate kinks onto me even after I repeatedly told him they make me uncomfortable, gets pouty and passive aggressive when I don’t comply
>cheats on me on our one year anniversary
>finally break up with him

Ended up reconnecting with my best friend and she’s such fun to be around. Sweet girl. Maybe life isn’t so bad!

>find out she’s dating a guy

>”oh cool, what’s he like?”
>he’s a massive coomer with thousands of porn images in multiple folders, has almost every kink imaginable, has an Instagram account solely for following hundreds of porn artists and lewd cosplayers
>he encourages my friend to dedicate herself to porn and talks her into starting a porn art account that takes fetish commissions from other porn addict scrotes
>she confides to me that this makes her extremely ashamed and disgusted with herself, but her bf loves it
>she becomes depressed and doesn’t speak to me or her other friends for months because of this guy

When does it end?

Anonymous 104892

Anyone thought of mind fucking with moids the same they fuck with us sometimes? I think it's hilarious treating them the same way they treat us
>Act snobbish about media and hobbies, quiz them in a condescending way when the moid (whos obviously crushing on you) mentions interest in those same hobbies
>Lie about bf's age in front of older creepy men, say that he's younger than me to imply that I like younger, skinnier, prettier men. They get very insecure LOL
>Never laugh at their jokes
>Dismiss their ideas, discourage them from participating in conversation, talk over them too
>Point out their mistakes and reteach them in a condescending way

If anyone thinks of others, let me know

Anonymous 104893

>Mansplain (womansplain?) to them by condescendingly explaining things they already know
>Call them 'female' insults, i.e. bitch, whore, slut, cunt, etc.
>Slut-shame moids who are sluts. This is particularly effective against moids who think having sex is the only thing important in life.
>If the moid is white, talk about how pretty you think K-pop stars are

Anonymous 104896

>initiate conversations with them as little as possible, don't be overly enthusiastic when talking to them
>say you have a kink for seeing men in pain
>send pictures of yourself as little as possible, encourage them to send you pics
>rate their looks
>don't laugh at their jokes
>don't be too polite or smile too much

Anonymous 104919

>lie (about literally anything)
>cheat on them
>act superior or confused when they get mad

Anonymous 104922

Cheating and lying aren't exactly mindfucking

Anonymous 104923

This sounds like an awful lot of work for little payoff. I guess it’d be funny to see a moid seethe but this tactic means you’d actually have to spend time with one, which… eugh.

Anonymous 104924

They just get really insecure and interact with you as little as possible (in fight vs flight, most males are spineless cowards so they choose flight). They then move on to women who are more impressionable where the dynamic is reversed. Pretty sure this is why the more predatory a man is, the likelier he is to go for young, barely legal (or illegal) women and girls. They want that ego boost, it needs to come at your expense. No ego boost, they fuck off.

Anonymous 105125


I hate when moids are complacent with badness. I would rather be surrounded by the most insane Vikings instead of some scum who would think it’s wrong to burn down all monotheist institutions.

Monotheism is intrinsically an attack against girls.

Paganism: Each love is a soul/god/universe/power/magic. Each girl is a god.

Queens save.

Like it’s pretty tough for societies to fail when we have real community centres instead of cancer cults

Anonymous 105134

Anonymous 105135

I love how passionately men defend porn or ogling as harmless and impersonal, all while knowing very well in their heart of hearts that no man could ever handle it, not even for a week, if 90% of women began to regularly masturbate to 10/10 male models (especially MMF threesomes…those sexy boys don't mind sharing her at all,) the occasional humiliating cuckold/cheating porn, and Pete Davidson's leaked nudes. And meanwhile, insisting it's "just images" and "just fantasies" that don't affect a woman's standards and expectations at all. How in the world could stalking a new shirtless weightlifters every day lead to an obsession with sexual novelty?? It's insecure for a man to care if a woman looks at hot guys on ig sometimes; she would never have a chance with them anyway (poor her,) so men should just rest assured that one of them will still settle for.

Yeah, men would literally rather die than live in that reality.

It's one of MANY examples of how men expect women to suffer more and enjoy less, plain and simple. They expect women to tolerate many things they themselves could never tolerate. They all believe, at least sub-conciously, that there is a god-given "natural" order to things that coincidentally states men deserve to have more and to a degree, it's right for women to stay humble/appreciative with less.

Anonymous 105171

Monotheism means believing in one religion. Paganism means believing in many gods. So are you fucking retarded?

Anonymous 105173

the ugly truth

Anonymous 105215

A bunch of ASMR videos showed up in the recommends on youtube, I have watch history off so I get a lot of random recommendations, and…it's all softcore porn. What the fuck is wrong with men, they're such weak-willed porn monkeys and the women serving this aren't doing good for anybody.

Anonymous 105216

I don't get it either.
I once read something funny actually. Lot of countries, especially Islamic countries, ban porn sites so they're left with softcore shit like ASMR and bodypainting to jack off to.

Anonymous 105274

why do moids spontaneously start talking about their dicks and sizes online? so weird, I understand I should expect it on 4chan but no thread is safe from it

Anonymous 105280

Gave a shy nerdy guy a chance and I assumed he was innocent but he got comfortable abd started talking about doujinshis he read that are fucked up and he talked about one about a cult doing human sacrifice and chopping people up and “using up” every part, when I got disgusted and weirded out he said it is only for curiosity and when I said it’s not normal he said “come on, didnt you read metamorphosis?” He just assumed I did because he thinks it is a common experince, Men are so depraved and each one is fucked up in a different way.

Anonymous 105289

>why do moids spontaneously start talking about their dicks and sizes online?
They have this weird thing where, in spite of being a bunch of selfish sociopaths incapable of listening, they are also obsessed with pleasing women in the most fickle ways. Especially sexually.
That, combined with global porn obsession, makes them all either perpetually body conscious or unreasonably narcissistic about their dick sizes. So they have this constant need of venting/bragging/pitybragging about pricks.

Seeing them have these weird inflated unreasonable body image issues almost makes me want to empathize with them. But then, you realize: it's only about their dicks. They don't care about looking better, smelling better, leaving a better expression. They just want to see a woman orgasm and feel like their dicks might be depriving them of that.

Anonymous 105291


Uh oh, I've read those things out of curiosity.
They're big memes at 4chan actually, and of course, they're fucked up shit.

Anonymous 105292


lol I thought it meant a different metamorphosis

Anonymous 105293

This but Ovid

Anonymous 105311

Bruh your retarded for being in an open relationship and dating a literal cuck. Why are you shocked?

Anonymous 105314

How Kafkaesque

Anonymous 105336

has anyone noticed that moids dont hold the door open anymore? i literally only see women do it now

Anonymous 105337

ive noticed it too, it might be because men dont want to be seen as simps nowadays or because men have a tendency to be selfish and holding doors open for others no longer give them benefits anymore

Anonymous 105343

I've seen men who genuinely think that being nice to someone in any capacity is "simping" as long as the recipient isn't male. Thankfully, it's mostly the kind of idiot that can't seem to find a partner and all and probably never will. It's still depressing seeing them spread the idea as though it's true amongst the young and clueless, like some kind of mental contagion.

Anonymous 105598

Its funny that moids talk about 'the wall', which I'll admit must have some truth to it since womens prime childbearing age is 20-30, but they say this when they also
>go bald
>start losing their testosterone
>age horribly in some cases
>usually go grey before women
>get fat and potbellied
>lose all motivation
>get less horny
How delusional must you be to think you reach your 'peak smv' age 40, when they're a shadow of their 20 year old self if we're being real here.

Anonymous 105600

In all fairness how can moids compete with him

Anonymous 105601


I don't know who Toji is but I assume he's one of those antagonists you usually see in anime having a few more layers over their personality other than being purely bad for the sake of being bad, like kicking dogs or being violent towards women.
They're designed to be charismatic, alluring and attractive.
It's honestly boring to see Mr. Goody Two Shoes Gary Stu all the time. Also, there's a payoff when you watch an evil character redeem himself to satisfy just world fallacy in fiction.

Anonymous 105602


I was chatting with this guy on Discord, and at first he wasn't unpleasant to talk to. Up until he revealed the fact that he liked to read romantic manga. Josei manga, to be exact. I don't know. For some reason that triggered a visceral reaction within me, something like disgust. It's hard to articulate. It's the same feeling I get for moids in gross ponytails. Is that weird?

Anonymous 105603


This is just a hunch and probably a completely wrong assumption, but is it something like you're feeling like a space that's meant for women is being intruded by or a symbol, like ponytails in your example, taken over by moids?
I'm pretty sure a lot of moids hate the idea of gamer girls, or women getting into nerd spaces like board games or something like Star Trek.

I think the labels are vague actually. They may target a specific demographic, but they also prepare for a bigger reach, because ultimately, everything is about sales, something like a Pixar movie. Like… they'd publish something as josei, but then it'd have an all moid cast. My personal favorite is a seinen manga, written by a woman. Anyway, it's surely weird to see a moid josei fan.

Anonymous 105613

You don't deserve him anyway

Anonymous 105614

Or am I delusional for thinking a guy liking Josei manga is cute?

Anonymous 105615


Of course it's cute. It's a bit fanciful.

This is just a personal anecdote. I've been with a guy who is very obsessed about romance anime, not exactly josei though, but things like Plastic Memories, White Album or Toradora, and it was a very painful experience for me. I initially thought it was cute too, but he had an extremely distorted perception of what love is and every single difference of opinion I had made him disappointed. He didn't care about my individuality at all. He just wanted another person who thinks the exact same thing he does which is impossible.

Anonymous 105618

>it's surely weird to see a moid josei fan
Wait till you hear about fudanshi

Anonymous 105619


Anonymous 106673

Gamer moids are the worst. I don't even think I need to explain why, they simply human garbage.

Anonymous 106678

how bad are they? I'm with a moid who plays MMOs like phantasy star, final fantasy, etc. as well as fighting games but he literally just plays the game and doesnt care about anything else, including the community and just focusing on the gameplay or whatever. i think he has genuine autism though because if he has free time after fulfilling whatever obligations he just plays games nonstop until he goes to bed

thankfully due to this i dont have to deal with him being a sex pest or annoyance like moids typically are

Anonymous 107171

Saw some shitmoid complaining his girlfriend wants both a Christmas and a birthday present and saying that it's childish.
How do moids even breathe?

Anonymous 107174

my bf said he liked that i was obedient. i think i should break up with him

Anonymous 107185

It's ridiculous how many moids are incapable of saying sorry or admitting they're wrong. Relationships of all kinds go to shit because they're shit.

Anonymous 107187

One moid I knew would just say "Ok" and move on if he understands he made a mistake.
I'd have no idea how to respond in such situations so if I asked him if he realizes his mistake he'd get angry and shout at me saying "Do you want me to get down on my knees and ask you for forgiveness?". Very rude.

Anonymous 107262

if i had the physical strength moids have, i would have felt so much better too, i wish i could just punch and beat up those who annoy me and who deserve it

Anonymous 107570


>accidentally clicked on /d/

Anonymous 107572


Sounds like this came straight from the mouth of a moid

Anonymous 108415

moids love to say that we wear revealing clothes for their attention but if moids disappeared id dress WAY sluttier. Like can I just wear my strappy crop top in peace

Anonymous 108429

Why do you want to wear it?
Is this how you would present yourself in front of God?

Anonymous 108431

God? So, what clothes did Eve wear in Eden?

Anonymous 108438

I love men, but I’m getting seriously sick of the 4chan rhetoric that is, “women have it easier or dont have to try at anything, so im not going to try at anything.” And then they are surprised that they cant get a girlfriend when they havent accomplished or tried at anything in their lives and have no personalities as a result.

Anonymous 108441

bc the top is cute

Anonymous 108466

the thing is their definition of "women" is "attractive young women I want to fuck/own" so the concept is faulty from the start

of course "women" have it easier if you're talking about the 10% that have it the easiest… what it means is really just "if I was a young attractive woman I would have a lot of sex!" and they literally think this is winning at life

they literally can't understand not existing for sex

Anonymous 108849

>wake up 20 maybe 30 minutes before work everyday
>don’t wear makeup
>barley brush my hair
>wear the same work pants I have worn for the last 5 days. Work shirt is black but has kind of visible stains
>throw on my skin care and book it out the door
>still have men hit on me
I am literally doing everything I physically can to be left alone at my customer service job. Why are they like this?

Anonymous 108851


>she doesn't bind her breasts and pregnant belly tight
>she doesn't shave her head
>she doesn't break her nose and punch her eyes till they swell
Skill issue.

Anonymous 108853

Jesus I’m not ugly without makeup. It’s more like I obviously have my blinders up and I’m not asking for any sort of attention. I’m just trying to do my job.
No I just scratch my skin till I bleed when I get really angry. Plus I wear a sports bra to work which is basically the same thing. Shaving your head is a form of feminism which makes you fit more into a male dominated society. Instead of embracing natural femininity

Anonymous 108855

Yeah no I fucking hate men. Not cause I’m ugly and I don’t get attention but genuinely. They are the downfall of society. Except my dad he’s a peach and I love him

Anonymous 108928

this site is very tame though, unless you’re a moid whining about (rightful) misandry

Anonymous 108941

point to where the excuses are. go on. you can do it

Anonymous 108942

i look at r9k every time i want to touch another person and the desire goes away immediately

Anonymous 108946

>met a really nice guy
>he lives 3 hours away from me which we both said we didn’t mind the distance
>he was very sweet and we would talk all the time & I got attached to him really quickly
>he said he wouldn’t leave me and that he really likes me
>mid conversation he told me that eventually the distance between us would be too much to handle, insinuating that he would leave
>I got upset because he never told me that distance was an issue after all this time of speaking
>he told me I was being mean and blunt, said he was done and then blocked me on everything.
>turns out he was using dating apps to talk to other girls anyway.

I am incredibly mentally unstable and need a lot of reassurance from people who I’m romantically talking to. I have very bad trust issues and he has made those even worse. I can’t stand knowing that he’s probably talking to girls who are way prettier and way better than me in general right now. he led me on for that long and says I’m being mean when I feel like that’s pretty reasonable given that he’s just basically said he will leave me one day knowing how bad my attachment issues are.

Anonymous 108950

kill yourself retard

Anonymous 108951

if they want to be pure hearted goodbois they can and should take anti-androgens

Anonymous 108956

This is still fairly tame compared to 4chan

Anonymous 108959

Well this is female 4chan, what did you expect? Of course 4chan is going to be the standard for comparison

Anonymous 108976

Not really, because this place, like >>108956 said, is tame compared to 4chan. I'm pretty sure there are people here who fit right in all those labels you've listed, but from what I've seen, they're certainly not an overwhelming majority.

Anonymous 109123

Fucking moids
I like to frequent instagram. Im a decent looking girl but I genuinely do not relate well to people and I hate men. Is what it is. Well I saw this meme making fun of the peach fuzz women grow on their face. So I made little comment for the girlies “we should really stop dating men.” Oh my fucking god, the backlash I got from men for such a simple comment. What the fuck is actually wrong with them? Like one peach fuzz is normal if you shave it, it cause acne. that hair is there to prevent bacteria from getting in your pores. Two, who gets that upset about a stranger saying they don’t wanna date men? I had men messaging for me to kill myself

Anonymous 109242

The Taylor Swift AI porn thing is disgusting and the moids trying to excuse it make me sick.

Anonymous 109243

I’m hoping these controversies push us closer to an outright ban on porn, but I know it’s a pipedream.

Anonymous 109442

South Korea has outlawed porn and that has went well, um

Anonymous 110955

Why do so few transphobic and racist scrotes not realize that we hate men the same reason they hate whomever they're racist against? How is it women's fault when men troon out?

Anonymous 110978

>How is it women's fault when men troon out?
most people on the left who support trannies and lgbt collective as a whole are women, "terf" feminism is each time the smaller branch

Anonymous 111013

>so im not going to try at anything
Well, according to a recent study, 60% of moids under 30 have completely given up on dating and relationships.

Anonymous 111014

kek my childhood crush on link might have made me a femcel but maybe femceldom is a fate slightly better than being manipulated and exploited by a scrote. interacting with scrotes and dating them in hopes of escaping an abusive home was a mistake. there is no escape for me. salvation through christianity for women is only for married women who give birth, while men can just repent and be saved. i am undesirable, too hideous to find the unicorn man who will treat me with basic human dignity and that is ok. if being a femcel means i'm going to hell despite my faith, so be it.
"male loneliness epidemic" is a joke that writes itself. how hard is it for scrotes to show a woman they're attracted to some basic human decency? i guess it takes 0.1% more effort than treating a sub-10 woman like absolute shit so they choose to be alone instead.

Anonymous 111016

Well, we are going to be alone too, according to a projection by morgan stanley, 45% of working age women will be single by 2030.

Anonymous 111017

if 60% of males are single but only 40% or so of women are projected to be, does that mean some of the taken males seeing multiple women at once? that's bleak. imagine sharing a disease-ridden manwhore. women are single by choice, most of the time. males are single because they are pornsick abusive degenerates and it's a miracle if they trick a single woman into putting up with them, much less several.

Anonymous 111044

could you really say that women are single by choice when the reports say something like around almost half of them going to be single?

Anonymous 111056

bye MOID

Anonymous 111065

>could you really say that women are single by choice

Anonymous 111067

My godmother (around her 40´s, cute and cherfull) and my cousin (must be in her 30´s now, also quite cute)havent been dating for a while, they could probably get some random guy if they lowered their standarts. But I doubt it would be good for them.

Anonymous 111068

well, shit. Im sorry you feel so bad all the time, on the bright side, you made me feel better about myself

Anonymous 111070

fucking idiots who keeps denying reality, I /saw/ that it took more days for others stop saying they all took just one day. I /just/ said that password didn't work why would you keep trying you fucking dumb

Anonymous 111071

>y chromoid: not having an so is suffering
could you imagine

Anonymous 111088

maybe this is more for vent
but i'm reading 'why does he do that' and damn
it feels so good
and at the same time i feel ashamed of myself because im just dwelling on my hatred for my father
but i spent so long watching him abuse my mother and only one person has ever acknowledged it
as much as i hate therapy speak and getting in touch with your emotion.s…….idk

Anonymous 111089

>I had men messaging for me to kill myself
lol, lmao
it's funny how they are so insistent that men are giving up on dating/marriage en masse and that women need to be AFRAID of being SPINSTERS!!! but at the end of the day theyre so terrified when any woman suggests that women might not want or need men
lol they are so scared

Anonymous 111090

i feel for you because you said you had an abusive home, only that

why does he do that?

social media is cancer

Anonymous 111094


why oh why do moids make such disgusting noises

I'm sitting on a jury (lol) and all day loud hacking and snorting. All of them moids, not a sound from the women except a normal cough sometimes

I confronted a man about this before in the past and he said "well there's phlegm in my throat what else am I supposed to do"

MAYBE WHATEVER WOMEN MANAGE TO DO. I have never heard a woman do it, not even chainsmokers

I'm pretty sound sensitive and this shit is driving me to violence

Anonymous 111112

Yeah also why do they choke when brushing teeth?? I cannot comprehend that

Anonymous 111117

i'm not the anon you were replying to.
i don't understand why being depressed from not having an s.o. means i'm male. it's not the only problem in my life, it's not the only reason i am depressed, but it's the one other people around me ostracize me for the most. i see people around me capable of maintaning functional relationships with their friends, family and romantic partners and it's like, why the fuck can't i have that? i was bullied as a child, physically abused at home because i was an unwanted child, and i'm extremely socially stunted as a result. when i'm kind to others, people treat me like shit and it only stops when i walk away. relationships and connections are a farce.
that's cool, but who fucking asked. you actually do sound like a moid.

Anonymous 111118

why does he do that is an amazing resource. i got called a "transphobe" for recommending that book to someone who was dealing with her own abusive partner, because the author is supposedly a transphobe. based if true.

Anonymous 111239

I think it sucks how sucking dick and now even sodomy and almost rimming have been normalized as regular sex practices

Anonymous 111243

Sucking dick doesn't sound bad as long as the moid has good hygiene and isn't infected. Anything involving the ass is disgusting though unless it's in my yaoi manga.

Anonymous 111244

The thing with sucking dick is that even if he is perfectly clean he will probably grab your head and choke you with it because he doesn't give a shit about your breathing and your discomfort. Something supposed to be intimate and sensual becomes humiliating, painful and stressful because he doesn't treat you like a human being but a flashlight. And men's pubes are itchy, even if they are trimmed. I fucking regret having one boyfriend.

Anonymous 111245

I'm not a native English speaker, but what is the origin of the word "moid"? I don't see it elsewhere

Anonymous 111246

I think that's just dependent on finding a good bf. If he cares about you he wouldn't disregard your comfort. Your ex sounds scummy.

Anonymous 111247

He was scummy but nothing compared to some bf's I've read about from other anons, still a piece of shit tho

Anonymous 111279

comes from the incel buzzword femoid which is a more dehumanizing way to say female. so moid=male

Anonymous 111320

Women men date are a reflection of them and their sexual desire so men want bimbos/private sex workers. I think autistic men who are hyper sensitive fucks want private prostitutes the most lol an embodiment of their desire

Anonymous 111321

Its a one sided act

Anonymous 111322

Sex is love to moids that's why they be 70 lusting after teens. The more sexual attraction the more "love" so they want young flesh

Anonymous 111323

This is true and it's so fucking gross

Anonymous 111330

>Women men date are a reflection of who they're attracted to
I know you misstepped but..
Wow.. No way?

Anonymous 111367

There is a subset of autistic men who are asexual but they're also super annoying.

Anonymous 111368

Every "asexual" moid I've known is hardcore into fetishes due to autism (ex. bondage, feet, furry).

Anonymous 111369

Elaborate, because to me that sounds like the perfect moid

Anonymous 111373

There is nothing more pathetic than pick mes for gay moids, I feel kinda bad for them cause they probably could never imagine he talks so much shit about them behind their backs

Anonymous 111379

Some autists are touch averse and obsessed with stupid niche shit to the point of being devoid of any sexuality. Some of them get girlfriends, but they will basically never want to have sex with you. Otherwise they will associate women with sex and find them icky too, and will avoid any kind of relationship. Sounds rotten to me though, I like having a hypersexual bf. What's even the point of getting one if you aren't gonna fuck him?

Anonymous 111392

>pickmes for gay moids
gay moids are vile, are you meaning female or male pickmes?
The former is on a level I can't comprehend.

>What's even the point of getting one if you aren't gonna fuck him?

To have a relationship?

Anonymous 111393

Why would you want a relationship with an asexual, let alone an autistic asexual.

Anonymous 111394

So I can love another person and experience his love, which is exclusive from anything sexual.
I'm personally not asexual but I'm fine getting myself off and every moids I've been attracted to are not sexually appealing.

Anonymous 111439

>every moids I've been attracted to are not sexually appealing.
Who were you even attracted to them?

Anonymous 111450

My bf thinks I'm a bad person now because I said I care more about money than helping poor people. I hate him. If he loved me, he would want to be selfish with me.

Anonymous 111472

I went out with friends last night, there was a grotesque old man in a bar staringat us and smirking, whispering to another old scrote and we all noticed.

Eventually left, went to a few other places and ended up on the street and I see the same grandfather age moid taking a upskirt pictures of these three girls leaning into a taxi, talking to the driver. I yelled at him to delete it and he just looked at me and started walking away guiltily. I followed him down the street shouting that he took pictures up these girls skirts, I just wanted someone to stop him and get him to delete them, because his feeble Y chromosome can only listen to other scrotes.

Ended up in an altercation with him because I was calling him a freak, saying he should be disgusted by himself, telling him to neck and not one moid/ security guard stepped in at any point. I thought we were about to fight (he was literally a manlet or he would've). There were two security guards doing nothing, staring at us while I followed him trying to get him to delete it, they were laughing to eachother.

Men are so disgustingly pathetic they can't be fucked doing their job and attempting to reprimand creeps in the SLIGHTEST when they're getting PAID FOR IT. I shouldn't have had any expectations but it was actually shocking that no one seemed to care, he was caught red-handed and guilty.

The only person who helped was another young girl, who, before knowing he upskirted them knew that he was being creepy, she said he was trying to kiss and touch her multiple times in the bar while she was avoiding him. She followed him with me a bit as I harassed him, she went to tell someone from the bar what happened I love her, but it is so disheartening (I know I seem surprised by the moid reactions but I'm really not) that literally the only person willing to step in is another young girl who he had creeped on.

Men don't actually care about women in the slightest, even if they're getting paid. The most they'll ever do is MAYBE be a wittle mean to another scrote if you fuck or marry him prior and he feels gratified enough from helping.

Anonymous 111476

You type like an absolute schizo and no doubt sound even worse in real life.
Nobody wanted to do anything because you probably looked like a lunatic incoherently screeching at some random old man.

Anonymous 111477

>some random old man
Sex Offender*

Kys rod

Anonymous 111478

Did you present the police with any proof he had done anything wrong?

Anonymous 111479

Lol as if police would ever give him the time of day. You know what I meant.

Anonymous 111480

Also not the anon you replied to

Anonymous 111494

kys scrote
I wasn't screeching I was loudly telling him to delete it, trying to inform the general public that he had taken photos up womens skirts, I did scream at him to khs when he ran off with no one deciding to do anything

Nope he had ran off, bar staff had been informed, do you think the police would have actually cared enough to check his phone? Do you think I sensed he was about to do something wrong and drunkenly decided to film him as evidence for the police?

Anonymous 111511

i'm gonna be real: instead of screaming at the crusty scrote to delete the creepshots (deleted photos can be recovered) you should've just snatched his phone and threw it to the ground (costs money to fix but you'd have to get away with it)

Anonymous 111552

learn the difference between exclusive or and regular or

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