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Vent thread Anonymous 86775

Previous one: >>>/feels/83058

Anonymous 86776

so frustrated and I feel like a failure
I've been trying to run my C++ code in vscode and I am literally too retarded to figure it out even after watching a bunch of tutorials and spending hours trying
this is really bad, a CS student who can't even figure out how to fucking use a IDE
now I am sitting here crying because I definitely chose the wrong major but I'm already a few years into getting my degree and it's way too late to change, I HATE computer science

Anonymous 86780

I can feel my friend slipping away from me, can't wait to bawl my eyes out for months. Life was looking up.

Anonymous 86781

I'm steering into not getting my degree because I keep wasting my fucking time online. I don't want to focus it's just all floating away. Everyone is supportive and I still can't do it. This is a first for me. It's just so stupid. I just want attention, I want to fail so that I can get attention and people will feel sorry for me. This is prime self sabotage. I know I won't make it. I fucking know it. Maybe if I start actually studying but I won't. I want to die.

Anonymous 86782

I'm so sorry anon. Is there anything you can do to reconnect? Maybe something fun you used to do together?

Anonymous 86783

Thank you anon. She's coming over today but I feel more and more like we're from two different worlds. We've known each other for years, I have changed too obviously but it hurts how we grew up together and went in completely different directions the past years. We still have fun together but our beliefs are pretty much opposite at this point, I don't feel like we can talk like we used to.

Anonymous 86784

if you hate computer science so much then you are just setting yourself up for a hellish future by sticking with it

Anonymous 86785

thinking of getting married to escape my family home. The oldest trick in the box in my culture. I think i’ve hit rock bottom… still in college and living in a dysfunctional home with 3 crazy people is driving me crazy, and it’s extremely hard for a woman to land a job without a degree in this shithole. i really don’t want children or be near a moid especially as a mentally ill woman. I don’t know what to do, wish luck would bring me a homosexual who needs a beard

Anonymous 86786

what country if you dont mind saying?

Anonymous 86787

saudi arabia

Anonymous 86788

Did he reply yet?

Anonymous 86798

I'm so sorry

Anonymous 86799

currently in the most american slapfight on my town's subreddit kek. a new grocery store is being built in the middle of downtown with an oversized parking lot & people were shitting on the op who was saying it was unnecessary, because there are parking garages/spaces literally everywhere, like less than 5 minutes away from where the grocery store is, & it perpetuates car culture (everyone drives a piece of shit so it always reeks of fuel downtown & the traffic is abysmal). & i commented agreeing with him. now im getting called privileged for thinking people can & do walk 30+ minutes to their job even though i was originally saying people could park nearby & walk 2 minutes but these fatties can't read. i've lived briefly in tokyo where the average commute was like 50 minutes of walking & 20 minutes of train ride & saw millions of others doing the same thing. the air was cleaner let me tell you, & everybody was healthier for it! we don't have a great public transportation system here, but we live in the most metropolitan area in the entire state, so it's a condensed area. & i've also worked there as a delivery driver, so dealt firsthand many with the parking/walking situation downtown - it's so much more time effective NOT to use a car because of the traffic - they're just fatties who can't walk!! but im the one on my high horse.
i know that's the shit i get for being on reddit though kek. burgers are fucking insane.

Anonymous 86801

switch into IT or user design services. your experience in CS would make u a step up from other candidates.

Anonymous 86802

Vscode is a demonic ide to set up. Are you pressing F5 and choosing g++ or something similar? Try pressing the debug button on the top right instead. Or just use another ide

Anonymous 86806

This old Chinese man came up to me and asked if I could help him get to this nearby temple, but unfortunately my Chinese wasn’t good enough to fully understand him lol. I was trying to explain he could only walk or take the bus but he kept insisting there was another way and I didn’t know what he was saying. Anyway eventually he gave up, but I feel so bad lol. Sucks that I couldn’t help him and I always feel guilty when Chinese tourists come up to me to ask for directions and shit but my ability to speak Chinese is too shitty to be of any help.

Anonymous 86807


It's not fucking fair. I hate what has happened to me, I hate that it's my fault, I hate it. I'm not built for being alone, I need someone here with me, I need him here, this is such bullshit.

Anonymous 86820


I feel like i am the only one who worries about the upcoming electricity and gas price increase. I can't find a job still and i need to.keep paying the health insurance. I am so scared Id rather freeze myself than turn on the heat.

Anonymous 86821

so sorry. everything is fucking horrifying right now and i feel like we're living in hell. i really hope these next few years fly by.

Anonymous 86826

I'm already over 3 years in to my degree and will be graduating soon, it didn't start getting bad until this year (my last year) and up until now I had more math classes than CS for some reason
I'm trying to improve my art skills so I can at least take commissions as a side hustle and maybe get a job in the gaming industry or something so I don't go crazy doing soulless software dev stuff, it's not even that I hate it but none of my professors help me and my school is online so I have no like support groups or other students to talk to it really sucks I feel like I'm flailing around in the dark trying to teach myself all this stuff
I followed a tutorial to use the command terminal and had to download a bunch of stuff and that didn't work, then tried messing around with editing .json using tutorials, tried downloading other IDEs and had similar issues, it's like they all hate C++ I never had this issue with python or java
it's not writing the code that is the issue it's when it comes down to compiling it nothing runs even with like a simple hello world program to test it

Anonymous 86833

Of course I don't know what happened to you but I relate to your pain anon. I've been broken up with three months ago and it's slowly sinking in that I was the person to blame for the mess. Being able to be alone and happy at the same time is something I've got to learn too at the moment and it's so, so very hard to do when you're used to someone being there for you always. I almost lose my mind when there's no one around so I just numb my brain with mindless scrolling. But it's gonna get better, I'm sure. There's really no use in blaming yourself, you can only move forward and try your best so whatever you think is your fault doesn't happen again. I'm rooting for you!

Anonymous 86834

I thought my class for tomorrow morning was cancelled, apparently it isn't and I'll get 5 hours of sleep at most. It is a group project so if I don't show up they will think I'm lazy and don't want to participate. I'm just getting over the flu too, I have already missed too much school I don't want to miss this class and fall behind even more. My group seems nice enough (maybe they talk shit behind my back but honestly idc), I think they would fill me in but I don't want to come off as that annoying disinterested bitch. Don't know if I should just go or prioritize my health.

Anonymous 86835

Mum throws the TV remotes whenever she's pissed off and now she's pissed off that none of the remotes work I'm so fucking tired

Anonymous 86836

Im sorry, slowly drifting apart from your childhood friends hurts. How did it go today?

Anonymous 86840

Thanks, we had fun but once we started talking about something a bit more serious it was pretty awkward because it happened to be about something we completely disagree on and I didn't want to pick a fight. We had fun, made stupid jokes and had a pretty good time luckily. Just sucks that someone you used to have so much in common with is so completely different now, we used to be able to talk about anything and everything but now all we really have in common is our humor. It's better than nothing, I just have to accept that shit happens.

Anonymous 86842

See if the company that services you has programs to help low-income people.
Freezing will just stress your body out and be worse for your health.

Anonymous 86843

I hear you but I'm glad that you still had a nice time with her. idk but do you think there's a chance she feels the same way?

Anonymous 86851

Maybe. She knows I don't care about the same things she does but she has other friends that do hold the same values so she can talk about it with them, I don't think she holds a grudge against me or anything but I think she's starting to see me as a way to kill time more so than an actual friendship. I don't think it will end but I don't think we're going to remain close for very long. I feel the urge to talk to people who feel the same way I do but I can't seem to find any. I'm not outgoing either, I find it hard to talk to people I don't know and it makes me feel completely isolated from this world.

Anonymous 86852

I wish that I could ask someone if they'd like to be my friend without sounding insanely awkward or being rejected too harshly.
If they don't start naturally I have no idea how to make someone my friend. I hate having autism.

Lately I've been making different SM accounts for whatever I'm into and I talk to people who share that interest on those accounts, but I wish I could actually somehow develop a real friendship with them because I like sharing interests with my friends. I don't even know if I'm making sense.

Anonymous 86857

I'm also socially stupid, anon.
But I'm starting to "put myself out there" and have found outgoing people just kind of…start talking to you for no specific reason to make friends. They don't seek a goal for the interaction. They just recruit you to witness their life, often via daily updates.

No idea how to get the confidence to be this sort of person. That role is a mystery to me so it's hard to befriend other awkward people. Currently I just keep appearing where they are and hope we warm up to each other eventually.

Good luck on friendship, anon. We're on this trip together.

Anonymous 86858

>find cool art
>it's vtuber fanart
Kill me

Anonymous 86860

I wish I wasn't tasked with representing my entire group when I fuck up. This goes with representing Womankind(tm) when I'm around men as well as other aspects about me.

If I'm stupid once on an off-day, an outsider will see us all as incompetent and deserving of suffering. It's too much responsibility. Fuck it, man.

Anonymous 86861

Rationally, if you're doing something that is due to normal human failure, and have an accident that is typical of anyone, then it's not that bad. If men do the same thing at the same frequency, then it's not something someone can hold against all women.

Anonymous 86864

Even on the internet I’m a completely unnoticed loser, just like irl.

Anonymous 86872

I just wanna be pretty enough for lolita dresses why I am so ugly ugh

Anonymous 86873

My brother's girlfriend is so nice and pretty, I do not know why she is with this ugly retard. Talking with her is the highlight of my everyday, I want her to be with me instead.

Anonymous 86876

Why did I not end things sooner, I knew better, but didn’t

Anonymous 86883

i feel like my life is on pause and i cant do anything to start it. everything feels bleak, like everything lost its meaning. drawing isn't fulfilling anymore. making music is hard and frustrating. im in uni for a translation degree but i feel like it doesnt make any sense to continue. i got fired from work for kicking a trashcan after being threatened and treated like shit. i feel like its all too much for me and ive ran out of ways to help myself. i cant enjoy anything, not even having friends over or seeing them outside. i know my issues arent that bad but i feel so defeated noticing that maybe my creativity has died

Anonymous 86885

I legit thought this was someone mocking my posts from how similar our lives are till i got to the job part

Anonymous 86887

I’m having suicidal ideation/ suicidal thoughts again, ik this is a bit of a adhd sperg but living with this is truly awful. Fuck anybody who makes this shit seem quirky when having it makes me want to blow my brains out. I will never reach this standard of normalcy that is expected for me especially without relying on pills to function in this shitty world. I also feel like shit cause I live fairly close to a major city and the county that I live in is getting more and more expensive and unlivable by the years and to even live here I still live with my mom who also wants to move out of the country. I’m embarrassed but I have to be honest with myself that I still live and rely on her, don’t get me wrong I’m not a fucking neet, I go to school and I work but for a place like this it is not enough and I don’t have any friends to live with or trust so now I’m stuck in this place that feels like it’s going to collapse under my feet. I fucking hate living and I resent being born in this world.

Anonymous 86888


First one to view my story, still hasn’t answered me back. Why are guys like this?

Anonymous 86900

Don't be so harsh on yourself, nona. C++ can be really ugly especially if you haven't done anything with compiled languages before, and IDEs sometimes make things more complicated instead of simpler. If you can "get" how to compile a simple program from the command line, it'll be a lot easier to understand the IDE as well (all it does in the background is just running terminal commands, after all). A lot of real-world stuff is really just working out things like this……. frustrating, I know, but don't give up! If it's any help, if you were doing this in any half-serious software company, they'd have internal guidelines and a knowledgebase that explains all the most common issues, as well as more experienced devs that'd help you out (everyone has had to ask for help at some point, pretending otherwise is just dumb). Good luck!

if all else fails: [email protected]

Anonymous 86906

im sorry nona I would never do that. I hadnt read ur post before. i hope you have a good day today.

Anonymous 86910

I hope fees problem will be resolved please please please please

Anonymous 86911

I have no one to talk to. I don’t have friends anymore. I’ve just completely isolated myself from everyone, I feel so lonely. Ive tried to make friends but it never really goes anywhere. I just don’t feel a connection to anyone. I always just pull away and stop messaging them. If they ask me to hangout, I find ways to get out of it. I act like I don’t care but internally I’m freaking out. I tried to tell my boyfriend and he just took over the conversation and made it about him and his problems. I just have no one to talk to. I should probably go to therapy.

Anonymous 86912

There are men who wear Lolita dresses. Just give it a shot nona

Anonymous 86919

No i know you aren’t i’m just bewildered over how much we match up in our struggles lmao

Anonymous 87033

We can try talking if you'd like

Anonymous 87037

If this is the guy who stalks my posts on here. Plssss leave me alone!! If not, why do you wanna talk to me?

Anonymous 87039

Because I'm going through the same thing right now, loneliness hit me especially hard today for some reason so I'm feeling extra menhera

Anonymous 87074

Another anon going through loneliness but it’s because I just cannot relate to my normie classmates and also never connect to anyone. I’m terminally online because the only person I really talk to outside my family is my LDR boyfriend. I’ve given up trying to be friends with normies because it always becomes painfully clear they have nothing in common with me and it feels forced. I really wish I had female friends who could appreciate my quirks and interests…

Anonymous 87080

That happened to me too, but I just used google translate and it was perfect. Why didnt you use that?

Anonymous 87088

We can try being friends

Anonymous 87089

I've only used java and python before this, and used pycharm and eclipse and those were fine no issues
I ended up submitting my code project without testing it and hoping for the best
this project in particular was supposed to sort through a csv file and I think that had something to do with my code not working, since with other IDEs it was easy to drag and drop stuff into source files for the program to use but this vscode is the most confusing thing I've ever had to code in
maybe I should just spend a day binge watching tutorials or something to figure it out

Anonymous 87100

Sorry, anon, I just don't really do online friends anymore. I've added people from imageboards before and none of my friendships from those adds have ever lasted since it always turns out we don't actually have much in common. I've also had my trust broken too many times by online friends and I'm wary of that now. I really want irl female friends more than anything but that feels like a pipe dream at this point.

Anonymous 87108


Anon, are you me?

It's (formally) only just my first week, but I already loathe university. Aside from the normal pains of adaptation to a strict schedule and long-lasting focus (I've been living like a NEET for the last few years so it's especially hard on me), I'm having trouble making friends and finding anyone interesting at all, despite having attended multiple uni events already; everybody studying with me and readily available and socially acceptable to try to get along with (long story; involves how unis of my country are usually organized; plus all of our classes are online because of the fucked up situation in the country, and everyone online feels so jaded and unchill) is just too painfully boring and normie, and nobody seems that interested in the subject we're studying (they've never reached farther than the school material on it). I sincerely tried to strike up some sort of a conversation and connection at first, but it's way too hard when there is such a huge rift both in an emotional and intellectual sense, and no common interests or aspirations. There are some girls slightly interested in me, but getting close to them out of necessity (as I do now) only makes me feel worse, since I'm definitely ditching them eventually when I find someone I actually like, even if just a little bit.

Overall, I feel lonely and alien, disappointed in my new environment but also in myself, somehow.

Anonymous 87115


I'm also three years into my CS degree. Don't let it bother you too much. I just did a SWE internship this summer and it made me realize even more how 90% of what you learn in school is useless for an actual dev job. At least after having done an internship, you really can't blame someone for just doing the bare minimum anymore.

Anonymous 87132

I was informed by a literal male yesterday that the uterus and the womb are the same thing. I'm 28 years old. I don't know how I let this gap in my knowledge exist for so long. I think my brain is rotted, I need to stop going on the computer

Anonymous 87133

many such cases, nona. so so so many such cases.

Anonymous 87136

Sorry for replying so late but I'm sorry that you feel so isolated. But don't give up on meeting new people and making friends even if it takes a lot of time. And it sounds like what you had was special I hope you can find something like that again while still appreciating all you had with her. That connection will probably always be there in a way

Anonymous 87139

its disheartening to see a lot of people's feelings in these threads go unreplied to

Anonymous 87144

I read almost every post in the vent threads but often don't know what to say to them. Instead of posting something unintentionally insensitive or even giving unwanted advice, I just refrain from replying to them.

Anonymous 87148

I’m a senior in high school. Severe social anxiety, autistic, socially isolated despite my best efforts, missing out on any partying or social activities my peers are partaking in. I feel so fucking lonely. I have friends I guess but not anyone who I can just call to talk to without it being weird and socializing is so overwhelming for me even though I’ve been putting my foot forward I can only do so much. I have never had a real boyfriend, only e dating which ended with me so unbelievably heartbroken and sad with no real intimate experiences to “be glad it happened.” I am conventionally pretty and I do receive male attention but I don’t know how to handle it and they lose interest pretty quick because I come off as uninterested and its hard for me to communicate properly. I’ve never had a real boyfriend or even really a real kiss. All my peers are not even virgins anymore. I know I have time ahead but I feel so lonely. I feel so frustrated and sad all the time. I’m going to graduate and my high school experience just consisted of eating lunch alone and crying in the bathroom from overwhelm. I’m in therapy which helped a bit but It’s still not doing it for me. I join school clubs and even in those I sit alone. My parents are the midst of a nasty divorce and although I do talk to my mom she is not always the most emotionally available. I feel as if I died tomorrow it wouldn’t be a big thing. Most people wouldn’t even be curious enough to figure out where I went. I find joy in nature and music and literature and animals but It’s just not enough. I know I’m young but I still feel fundamentally broken, and as if It is always going to be this way. I just want friends. I wish I wasn’t so alone. I really am trying my best.

Anonymous 87152

I didn't do most of these and I don't really feel like I missed out, I changed schools once a year and most of my bonds were weak, but I can't say I had nothing… but still, maybe you should just search for these things online in some form to meet your social needs. I spent most of my teenage years on IM chat sites, which comes with it's own risks, but I at least could talk to people sometimes about my opinions and topics, which I feel like is all I really needed to get by.

I think it's also important to realize and remember that life is not some pre-set checklist you're supposed to do check all entries off of before some biological timer goes off. Sex at a young age, attending worthless ceremonies to things you don't care about, engaging in clubs, all of that is just built up social expectations that are fairly recent in history. Life is what you decide it be, so even if you're lonely in general, try not to let your lack of care to attend these things weigh you down too much. You aren't required to become some social archetype for others. This paragraph might miss the mark a bit, I'm aware, but basically try to examine what your bitterness is rooted in and decide if it's worth dealing with, or cast it out.

For your interests, they're a starting point, but really general here. What kind of literature do you like? What parts of nature do you involve yourself in, like hiking, gardening, anything? Genre of music? Trying to become a veterinarian? A great way to make social connections is to enter these subject matters more than surface level and engage with like-minded people, and as you age further you'll have more experience and depth to your interests that also lets you interact with people more meaningfully within them. Explore your interests, find those niche subcultures, and carve out your existence into them by enjoying them with others. I sometimes struggle myself with thinking I need to be on friendly terms with everyone, but I often find myself much happier when I'm just interacting in a tiny group of people who know what personalities they like and want to be around.

Anonymous 87153

High school is serious bitch even if you are conventionally pretty. I bet people thought I had it all in high school but I actually felt so incredibly anxious the entire time that every single social interaction I had those 4 years was hell. I caught my dad cheating on my mom when I was 16, I'm still the only one in the immediate family who knows, I kept it a secret so my parents wouldn't split up. It's been 10 years since I graduated and my whole life is changing for the better now. I had to go through a lot of shit but I'm here, sometimes I can't believe I made it. I didn't think I would make it to 25. What I'm trying to say is that I think you should stick around and see what happens nona, high school is a short blip in the grand scheme of life, you seem pretty cool especially if you're posting on here and I think you're gonna make it. Also, we just got out of a fucking unprecedented pandemic and you were going through the most vulnerable time in your life during it, give yourself a fucking break!

Anonymous 87155

I’m tired of having a face. And a body. I wish humans could exist in a way that we don’t have physical forms. I didn’t choose to be so ugly. Why did I have to be born like this?? There are so many attractive people out there. Your physical appearance literally affects every aspect of your life and people will not see you as human if you’re not pretty. i need surgery

Anonymous 87156


I feel u nona.

Anonymous 87158

if you don't mind, can you tell me more about your internship like how you were able to get it and how hard it was/what you did daily and stuff? I feel like a failure since I really don't know what I'm doing beyond basic things like while loops and method calls and I'm worried now this final year of class will be a real struggle and I won't be able to get a job after I graduate
it makes it even worse that there are no other women in my classes and the women in tech organizations I could join are like almost all troons with only a small handful of actual women (probably handmaidens too sadly)
it just feels so discouraging being a CS student especially at an all online uni

Anonymous 87159


i am sooo lazy but i dont really mind bc my life is pretty good for once. i want to hug everyone on this thread!!

Anonymous 87165

Does anyone else just hate when their mother says they look like them?
My mom says it all the time and it just pisses me off. mostly cause it’s not true and she’s using me as some weird grasp at youth. She also says it because I don’t look like her because I’m more attractive which she has said multiple times. It’s like a weird way to boost her confidence and I dont like it. Like I’m literally the spitting image of my dad and his mom. Everyone says it. I was telling her how I was gonna get my hair lightened cause my hair has gotten this red/brown color. she then complained about me getting my hair done cause in her words I’m starting to look like her which she says every time my hair gets dark.

Anonymous 87170


i'm in a really vulnerable place in my life. due to the amount of suicide attempts i've tried recently, i have had to go to the pysch ward twice, on top of having more doctor's visits for other health issues. it's getting tiring having to go in and out of medical facilities.
now my "best friend" has gotten tired of trying to keep up with all my issues. she's wanted to keep her distance from me for ages, so i decide to give her space and not speak to her until i get in better physical health. but somehow me doing this upset her and led to her blocking me on quite literally anything that had a friend system, even if the app itself didn't have a messaging system. i truly do not understand whats the logic or endgame from this

Anonymous 87171

I'm such a cunt.
I hate Emma Chamberlain. I'm aware that the hate is unwarranted because she seems like a lovely person, and I'm also aware that it's more envy than actual loathing.
Yes she stumbled into a multi-million dollar fortune built on advertising the san-fran teenage lifestyle, and now she's touring Europe with her dad. I think that's the only facet of her life that I envy. Being financially secure to travel. And probably not having to apply for visas while travelling.
Wouldn't that be grand? Financial security, without having to enslave yourself to the most loathsome profession known to man(Engineering). At least if I were the fun kind of Engineer, and not another code monkey (Data Sci*ntist). I just wanna study physics again and visit greece.

Anonymous 87172

You know what I fucking want?
I want to pummel every single dividual in my life to the fucking curb. I want to beat them bloody. I want to become something so good, so unattainable, so great, that these pathetic bystanders weep themselves to bed when they realize how utterly ordinary their puny existence is compared to mine.

I need to be shot. My narc tendencies fester when I'm at the very bottom. Instead of becoming more humble, less ego-driven, I find myself turning into an anti-social creature. Desperate to best everyone to get a crumb of validation. My existence is only justified if I become BETTER than everyone else in my life. But how? This isn't normal. I have been competitive in my life before, and yes that did increase my productivity levels, but that was within a controlled, academic setting. How do I compete now? What are the new rules to achieve glory? Getting a better paying job? Working longer hours? Posting on insta? Getting more degrees? Birthing more children? I will still be insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

Anonymous 87173

starting to think i don't actually have an ed. my persistent weigh loss can easilly be attributed to a thyroid issue, esp now that i lost my period.

Anonymous 87174

Opera Snapshot_202…

Don't know why this was deleted by mods but okay


Anonymous 87178

i feel so confused about how dating is supposed to work for women, especially plain janes or those who struggle with social anxiety.
i feel that at least if i was a guy, i could take a more active role. when ive tried to ask men out, or even just be friends with men, i am rejected. ive realized throughout the years that straight up asking a guy out or telling him you like him is a bad idea.
im not ugly or overweight, though for my age range im definitely not someone seen as attractive. im pretty flat chested and when im around a group of girls my age, i can use my eyes and see that they have more attractive/feminine faces and features. its really amazing just how many beautiful and cute girls there are. i like my appearance and i get a lot of compliments by other girls on my style and how cute i am. when i have had relationships, the other person never seems to be very interested in me sexually. usually they make fun of me for being too horny and completely lose interest in me in that way. this comical and alien experience that underlies all my relationships feels so ridiculous and antithetical to the female experience that i just wonder how terribly abnormal i must be.
i know that i am not entitled to these men who reject me, im not angry at them but i just feel lost. im not entitled to romance, attention, or sex. but its so strange to grow up being told that men will be falling over you, to finding out youre not on their radar at all.
there are good parts to this, im not harassed by men, or kidnapped, or cat called, and ive never been groped by a stranger. i know that a lot of women have to deal with this fear, but ive never really felt it at all. i feel almost completely invisible to men, and i guess this is very freeing in its own way.
i feel this pain, deep in my throat about this and deep in my stomach, a deep rooted insecurity that feels core to my being.

Anonymous 87179

Once you do the asking out, you get rejected a lot, it's normal. Some men can't deal with a woman asking them out, it's a good way to weed them out. You need to get used to it.

Anonymous 87182

Shoutouts to my mom today guilting me worse for missing my appointment. Like thanks, having to wait another month on a physical health problem that's hurting me wasn't bad enough, let's make nona feel worse for sleeping in too late.

Anonymous 87183

My younger brother is still pure, I will be sad he grows up and becomes unhinged.

Anonymous 87207

I found out this morning I got my dream job that I have wanted for over 10 years.

Then for some reason I googled a woman I used to vaguely know and now I feel worthless in comparison as she’s doing so much better.

I know I wouldn’t be happy with her life but I can’t help but feel stupid getting excited for something not that amazing, even if it means a lot to me. I also know that her life is nowhere as nice in real life as it is on paper.

But putting all that aside, why do I always do this to myself? Why can’t I be happy where I am and not even think about others?

Anonymous 87208


>wake up
>still not a magical girl
It hurts so fucking bad

Anonymous 87211

me and my friend have a class together and we both have a crush on the professor. it was fun at first, making jokes about him and sharing glances when he does something cute, but now i'm afraid its gonna drive a wedge between us as im becoming more attached

yesterday, he complimented her twice, once on her shirt, and once on her career choice. idk if it's just bc im hormonal bc of pms and everything but ive been comparing myself to her nonstop. we have a paper coming up soon and weve agreed not to share our grades, but even just going to class, if one of us makes a good point and gets praise it feeds into this feeling of jealousy even if we dont want to have ill will towards each other

ik that the crush is delusional in the first place, and even if the prof actually liked either of us or made a move it'd be disgusting on his part and not at all flattering, but i still can't help but wish she didn't also like him so i could live in my fantasy world in peace for a while

Anonymous 87227

You need to make it part of the fantasy. Your prof knows you like him but wants to play hard to get and make you jealous so you flirt harder with him.

Obviously do not do anything with him at all.

Anonymous 87238

I calmed down a bit and realized I had made the same mistake I always make. I get the smallest bit of information about someone and then spin a long narrative in my head about how much better they are than me and how worthless I am in comparison.

Thinking logically about what I had read about her and know behind the scenes, there really wasn't much to envy at all. I also realized that what I envied most was her apparent security and independence (neither of which she actually has).

I hate so much when I get worked up like this, yet looking back at each time I've done this, it's always spurred me forwards and made it clear what I am lacking in my life. I've made so much progress because of them. Even getting my dream job was motivated by one of these envy pangs.

While my conscious self worth is increasing as I make more and more envy inspired improvements to myself, my sub-conscious still has strong instincts that I'm automatically below everyone else and I really need to work on that.

Anonymous 87252

Occultism can’t make you prettier

Anonymous 87258

Today I saw the most bullshit post on Instagram. It was claiming that nothing in the dsm-5 is real and that it was all an oppressive thing made by “rich, white, neurotypical men”

There are people who can’t fucking function because they’re schizo and get hallucinations. There are people who starve themselves to death because of how much they hate their body. There are people who are so autistic they literally can’t talk. I could go on. And these idiots are trying to tell me these disorders don’t fucking exist.

Anonymous 87259

It was meant to be this whole freedom woke thing but it’s more offensive than it is woke. Like. Imagine all of the people you know with untreated mental disorders and then imagine if that was every fucking person with a mental disorder. It would be hell out there. Why do people not want to be treated? Why do they not want to feel better just for some brownie twitter points?

Anonymous 87260

What the fuck will I do after I graduate?
I have no job offer lined up (because I didn't apply) and my Visa runs out a day before my thesis presentation, so I can't run back to France looking for a job.
Nor does it seem like I want to. It's so close to my home country. When I was there, not a day passed by without me crossing paths with another fellow Tunisian.
I want to go some place far away, where no one can recognize me. I want a clean slate.
Some place far enough for it to be inconvenient for my mom to text me every 2 hours checking up to see if I was home before dark.
Impending recession. Endless economic trials. My IT degree from a useless top tier nafri uni won't help much. My empty bank account where I can't even check the balance because I'd lost my client code. Armed with one of the weakest passports in the world. Yet, I can't imagine staying here any longer. Why am I still here?

Anonymous 87266

Okay this is going to sound like a stupid question, but what is so bad about admitting that you find someone who did something bad attractive? Admitting that you think someone is cute doesn't mean that you condone their actions. And while I agree it's in bad taste and not something to be proud of, it isn't as if tons of people are going to see posts about it on an obscure Mongolian underwater basket weaving forum. All those husbando threads on lolcow… I want to post about the person (or persons) I think are cute too, but I know I shouldn't because it's not allowed and I'll ruin their fun. And I'm not a hybristophile. I think sometimes when I research a subject I just end up learning an autistic amount about people and sometimes that leads me to being attracted to them.

Anyway I get that the internet isn't my safe space, so I'm not upset at them. I just don't really get why it's such a taboo thing to admit, even if I were to say "I agree he did a shitty thing and I don't condone his actions and I also think x and y about him was cute and I think about him a lot." I guess that is pretty unhinged, but isn't it ultimately harmless?

Anonymous 87267

Look for a job in Australia.

Anonymous 87279

I had a crisis this morning.
It was very reminiscient of my Baccaleaureate year. I was literally shaking like a tard, crying my eyes out in public, sniffling, mewling, squeaking, complaining, whinging (running out of verbs here). It dawned on me that the kind of crippling anxiety that used to plague me at 18 was back with a vengeance. At this point, what do I do? I spent the last 3 years floating around my life in a medicated haze (and even then I was still sad). But I guess the meds really did suppress the real effect of anxiety. It was so crippling. I was looking at my report, reaching into my mind to try and reason my way out my woe, and it just… didn't work. My brain that is. It was so wholly incapacitating. The equivalent would be to spend hours looking at entry level calc, algorithms you know the answer to by heart, and not knowing how to start.
I smoked a cigarette. Yes, the effect was placebo at best, but what do i do? I will never be fine. I tried to pray, tried to remind myself of the stoic truth that nothing matters, tried.. and was no less frozen by fear. The dread, the fucking pit in my stomach. It's inexplicable. There's no rational reason to explain the onset of this anxiety attack. It just happened. It's debilitating. I can't function. I want to work. I want to be normal. I'm too old to be this weak. The world may have given me passes when I was young but no more. How am to ever be self reliant?

Anonymous 87280

Does your crush affect anyone in any way shape or form?
Then it's pointless to argue for or against the morality of it. Thoughts are abstract things. Attraction (especially to inaccessible beings) is only socially valid if it's physically consummated and reciprocated.

Anonymous 87281

I'm taking care of my niece for a week or so while my sister is in the hospital (gallbladder), and we are taking baths together. It is so nice to have someone to talk to and help each other wash our hair. It is fucked up how strongly individualistic our current society is, that something that is so implicitly superior to do with our family, we do alone.

Anonymous 87283

Ok pedo.

Anonymous 87291


There's two actually cute CS guys talking to me right now. How is one supposed to actually progress past a cordial/friendly relationship with men? I am way too autistic and shy to ever even think about showing interest in someone at this point. I just talk to guys all the same, in a very casual way (Not as a pickme though). It's hard to believe I've even been approached by attractive guys, and two at that, considering I am not conventionally attractive at all.

Anonymous 87295




Sure. It's cliche but I just applied everywhere. It really is a numbers game. Although I think personally having my campus job as a CS tutor also helped because it gave me something to relate to with one of my interviewers, since she had also worked as a CS Tutor at her college, and I could show that I really know the concepts I was talking about by being able to explain them to other students.

>it makes it even worse that there are no other women in my classes and the women in tech organizations I could join are like almost all troons with only a small handful of actual women (probably handmaidens too sadly)

Yeah, don't do that. All-women tech organizations, especially at a college, are bound to get too political and attract cringe "MUH GENDER!" people at it. Look for some Coding Challenges you can attend with friends or something, instead.

Anonymous 87315

I've noticed there's some catty twitterfags on here and lolcow lately, it's so annoying. I don't know why some people have such shitty attitudes, get offended over nothing, or assume everyone they're talking to has the same american experience as them.

Anonymous 87316

Yeah that makes sense. I just wish I could sperg about a guy I think is cute without a bunch of anons telling me to fuck off or kill myself because he did something bad. I already know he did something bad and I don’t think that’s okay, but I want to gush the same way they do…

Anonymous 87338

Ahhhh I don't know what to do.
I'm trying to learn Japanese, so I downloaded twitter to talk with natives and help people who want to learn English.
Overall so far it's been very fun and it feels good helping someone while they're helping you. If you want to learn a language I really do recommend twitter, many natives are willing to help you for free.

Though the problem is recently there's been this one person (can't tell if guy or girl) who has gotten kinda clingy I guess. Keeps track of my timezone and messages me good morning/good night whenever they wake up/go to sleep. I guess they're lonely. But I'm not on twitter to make friends, especially if they're a guy and especially because well I still can't speak the language well enough for an actual friendship. I enjoy random casual convos occasionally and they do help, but this person seems to want to message everyday. Idk how to politely say that I am not even online everyday and I don't really want to be friends. Seems parasocial-y. I don't want to hurt their feelings or never talk to them again, but I don't want them to get attached to me or wait for my responses. I know this is a very silly problem but I am awful at socializing and I get pressured and I really don't know how to reject people in any way nvm in a different language.

Anonymous 87339

ok I stalked their profile and they uploaded a picture of them holding a coin and the hand looked like an old man's hand to me. Of course it is.

Anonymous 87340

block and delete

Anonymous 87343

Recently I’ve felt like I’ve been gaining weight especially when I look at my arms so I weighed myself and found out I actually lost a few since last time I checked. I still have that fat feeling though and it makes me feel weird that I can’t explain it

Anonymous 87345

Finally understood something from my childhood today. One day when I about 10 and was supposed to go shopping with my sister, I didn't feel well and couldn't go. When my sister returned, she had bought a small ornament for me. While I liked it at the time and it made me feel special because someone had actually thought of me, I never really liked to look at it much. Something about it just felt off.

My mother would often say that I "only came to her when I wanted something" but that my sister was helpful and caring. This isn't really surprising as my mother always spoke more kindly to my sister, making it enjoyable to talk with. In contrast, she would nitpick and belittle my opinions or go on the same old long monologues about herself. I've also since been diagnosed with autism as an adult, and while I would say that I now have a very good sense of empathy, I didn't as a child and helping just would not occur to me or I would regularly forget to do chores, which my mother always treated as deliberate misbehavior.

Normally any gifts I ever received that my mother saw would be heavily critiqued and without fail deemed "cheap", despite them being from children who likely didn't have much to spend. The irony was that my mother, who was not lacking in money, sourced nearly all the gifts she gave from dollar stores, secondhand stores, or things that she received for free. I only realized now that the weird feeling came from how much my mother had praised my sister for doing this for me. The ornament, while pretty, clearly was not expensive. My mother no doubt did her nosy "and how much did that cost?" that she always did as a way to exert control over all money in the house, whether it belonged to her or not. However, the gift was not deemed "cheap" and instead my sister had praise heaped upon her of how caring she is. The was often repeated whenever my mother saw it over the years.

I see now that for me, the ornament was a representative of everything that made my mother favor my sister over me. On paper I surpassed my sister in every way but that was never enough. I didn't allow my mother to become as emotionally enmeshed with me as she did my sister, nor would I turn a blind eye to the regular poor behavior and selfishness I witnessed from her. My mother only wanted people who would fawn and devote themselves to her and I couldn't do that.

Anonymous 87352

I had the most retarded argument with my mother this morning. She called me a loser (fair) and just kept stabbing verbally. I've had the same conversation with the same insults so many times I decided to just pull myself to my room to smoke. She barges in, calling me a whore because the neighbors would see that I was smoking. I took myself

I feel like a teenager. Like a little girl getting scolded. I'm 25. I have this very pressing need to hurt myself or kill myself. If I'm not going to act on this need it will only exacerbate my low self worth. If I botch it it'll look like attention whoring. Sick of saying I'm done and doing nothing to actually end it. I'm also aware that all these thoughts are irrational and temporary. Basically my body's flight response activated due to the massive amounts of anxiety it's brewing in rn.

Anonymous 87353

Body dysmorphia

Anonymous 87358

Why do I have to be so hairy? I feel like a female grug, as I'm also very tall. Both me and my mom have very long arm hair, inherited from my grandpa. I have few thick hairs on the chin that I have to pluck. I even have visible hair on my feet and toes. I have male tier hair on my belly. I'm always more hairy than the moids I date, my half greek ex being the only exception.
Obviously I have black hair and a fair complexion so it's very visible.
Is it the curse of mediteranean genes? Are we the most hairy people on the planet? My greek ex says his dutch family is hairier than his greek family, but I severely doubt it.

Anonymous 87361

Your mom sucks. Not your fault at all. No mother should ever call their daughter a whore for anything, what the fuck.

Anonymous 87362


I'm hairy with very dark hairs and pale complextion too. For me, it must be my dad's genes because my mom isn't like that. I'm slav, not mediterannean, but with my level of body hair I practically must be. It's not the kind of "hairy" women can get away with going out with, at all. I legitametely end up looking like a gorilla.

What's even worse is that I'm prone to ingrown hairs alot too, so then I have to choose between having hairy legs or strawberry legs. Switching to epilating over shaving helped with that, but not by alot.

Anonymous 87380

Use hair removing cream.

Anonymous 87382

If your hormones are screwed up, you might be experiencing muscle wasting and have a higher bf% while losing weight. It wouldn’t hurt to get your thyroid checked.

Anonymous 87399

I lost a kilo this week and my period is 12 days late (am a version) with no sign of it ever coming. Hyperthyroidism?

Anonymous 87400


I wish the people in my life would stop underestimating my intelligence. They genuinely think I’m and idiot and they think I can’t tell, but I can. They will try to convince me Santa Claus is real, or that I should rap for people. They think I’m a tard.

I need this girl I like to fuck me long and hard. Badly. Or at very least, a girl like her. As femcelish and unrealistic as it sounds. Maybe it’s the only way I can feel better about people being so shitty. Because I have a feeling it won’t ever stop.

God I’m a fucking loser.

Anonymous 87401

I couldn't help almost a single student that came to me for help at work today. I kept directing them to my co-workers and the last guy who came to me for help got short with me, started asking me "Aren't you supposed to know this?" and even ended up asking someone else for help himself. Then I came back to my coworkers talking about reporting someone for being a bad employee. It seemed obvious it wasn't me, but it still had me thinking "Oh shit" like they're on to me.

Today was just absolutely horrible and now all I can think about is quitting, but I need this job. It was pretty comfy when I got to do it online, but now I'm forced to do it in-person and every time I help in-person I feel under immense stress and pressure. I want to talk to my boss about letting me WFH at least one more day but he probably won't allow it. I'm pretty sure I do my job better online, but there's a huge push now to make everyone work in person.

Anonymous 87402

As long as you're not expected to know these things then I don't see the issue. Being able to redirect students to the right person is helpful too.

Anonymous 87407

Iktf. Help them with what? I work at a college tutoring centre and in preparation for it I went back and found the actual course outlines for the classes I wanted to tutor and learned all the material as best as I could, which helped a lot and made me more confident. Is there any written syllabus of stuff you should know, or could you ask to find out how to be better prepared?

Anonymous 87411

Male doctors are notorious for dismissing womens symptoms. Women are more likely to have heart attacks misdiagnosed than men are. For decades illnesses that affect mostly women like EDS, pelvic pain and orthostatic tachycardia were dismissed as female hysteria and lack of sex. Turns out moid doctors just don’t care about female patients. Female patients are also more likely to die by a male surgeon than a female surgeon.

Anonymous 87412


Just remember this anytime a moid makes a joke about female doctors or surgeons.

Anonymous 87421

Not to be a pickme but I hate that passive aggressive thing women do to other women where they intentionally act as if they’re irritated and in a bad mood around you and that you are annoying them even though you aren’t interacting with them. I swear men never do this shit to me.

Anonymous 87422

Women can just be bitchy sometimes, it sucks

Anonymous 87424

I hate this too. I remember one girl in high school decided she didn't like me anymore (she regularly did this to people) and the next day all our joint friends ignored me and then made comments for me to overhear saying things like "Anon keeps trying to talk to us" and "she keeps following us" because I walked down a corridor behind them and made two comments to them before I took a hint and left. In the next class my leg accidentally touched one of theirs under the table and the way she reacted was so huffy and over the top it was bizarre. I've never seen anything like it.

They ended up speaking to me again a few days later (so they could go back to copying my work no doubt) but the whole thing was so weird. Did they actually get that annoyed at me over something that didn't even involve them? Were they all acting for some bizarre reason? The friend that didn't like me wasn't even around for any of this.

I swear some people are just too smooth brained to look at situations objectively and put their emotions aside.

Anonymous 87429

thanks anon, hm maybe I'd be better off focusing on my portfolio and getting a few random tech certs, I don't have it in me to apply to tons of internships and deal with lots of rejections
I'm probably going to end up having to deal with troons in this career field eventually anyways but for the meantime I'll avoid tech groups so that I don't have to encounter them unless I'm getting paid lol

Anonymous 87452

I hate that thing men do where they murder and rape women. I swear women have never done that shit to me.

Anonymous 87453

i'm a retarded bulimic parasite neeting in an apartment for autists. my mother, yes my mother i'm well goddamn aware it's humiliating and pathetic, my mother brings me groceries a meal at a time because the people funding the apartment don't have the budget for my oxlike appetite. Yesterday she brought dinner and breakfast to be had the next day. Today she brought food for "breakfast and lunch" because she knew damn well I ate my breakfast already. "What? I've already had breakfast!" I said. So it became lunch and dinner.
When I spoke to her on the phone in the afternoon, she asked me if needed her to bring dinner. "What do you mean, I've still got food!" i said, which was of course a lie.
so here was my chance to exercise my willpower and skip a single fucking meal for once in my life.
and then a few moments later i caved and asked her to get dinner
i ate a full bag of frozen dumplings, 35 of them, and two packs of noodles, and an icecream, and a soda. later i made a massive garlic butter flatbread.
at that point you'll gain weight no matter how thoroughly you purge. i'm not even that thorough anymore.

i hate myself what am i doing
i didn't used to binge i just purged what i ate, i'm still underweight but that won't last very long at all

call me a glutton i don't care i know i am. i'm writing this here because i'm ashamed to admit this to my one kind-of friend. i'm always talking her ear off about my eating disorder, or otherwise about food… i remind myself of those idiotic threads on edtwt "pov you're the fat friend and everybody finds you and your eating habits and appearance disgusting", the way they're written to do nothing but eat and think about nothing but eating.

oh, i could cry. i am crying!

Anonymous 87459


I kind of am expected to know because it's for tutoring. I'm actually the CS Tutor anon from >>87295 and >>87291. LOL Didn't really want to admit it outright initially though, since I feel bad for saying before that I was able to explain what I know and now it seems I've reverted and I'm really bad at this job these days.

>>Is there any written syllabus of stuff you should know, or could you ask to find out how to be better prepared?

Since it is for programming, there usually isn't a way to help with a by-the-book, traditional approach. You have to be a good and logical problem solver to help debug people's code. I've been fine with that online but I feel serious performance anxiety and time pressure trying to help people about it in-person. And people who start getting visibly impatient and rude with me while I'm trying to, like that student who was repeating "Oh my god", asking me "Aren't you supposed to know this?" and "How do you tutor for this class if you don't know this?" make it even worse. I need a calm and quiet environment to focus in to be able to help. I think I can only get that from home at this point tbh.

Anonymous 87460

You’re not a glutton anon. Your body is deprived of energy due to the purging and making you crave lots of food.

If you’re already underweight than overeating from time to time is not a bad thing. Just listen to your body when it comes to eating and focus on stopping the purging.

Anonymous 87473


Lolcow is too aggressive and hostile for me and I don't care about cows.
4chan is too aggressive and moid filled and coomery for me.
Now CC is raided by a schizo troon 24/7.

I'm internet homeless!

Anonymous 87478

Fellow nafri anon ily <3 have you tried to apply to jobs in literal middle of nowhere places? I hope u figure your stuff out

Anonymous 87498

This goes without saying, but that student was a piece of shit. I had a few embarassing moments but they've never said anything like that out loud, so I'm sorry to hear you had to go through that.
When you get started helping someone, do you have a tendency to jump into it looking for the issue? It would likely help to ask the student to give you any necessary context about their code and set up a game plan (your issue might be x, y, and z - let's try each one). Although each code will be different so I can see why you'd say it's impossible to go by the book, there surely ought to be some tips for problem formulation and solving you can find somewhere, from a textbook, a professor, and so on? (If your students are mostly taking similar courses or professors, even better for tracking down some good info!)

And as a kind of psychological tip, I can soften my landing when I make an error or misread something with the student by saying something like "oh sorry, I thought this was an [x] kind of problem, which I often see with other students," or "I don't have a background in this particular area of [subject], let's ask [other tutor] about it." It'll make both yourself and the student feel better about you, lol. And I don't know if you're doing this already, but I like to be a bit casual and humourous with students, they pretty much always take to it well and takes off pressure from everyone.
Eitherway, best of luck!

Anonymous 87508

i have a problem with this site and the internet in general, i cant stop browsing or spending my time skimming every comment i see, hoping to find something, anything. a grain of enjoyment but i only laugh a little maybe once a day. perhaps im so sucked into the internet that i cant even realize how addicted ive become.

Anonymous 87512

Me too. I said I was gonna quit browsing this site in a previous thread but came back after a few weeks. Imagine all the skills we could learn and the things we could do if we weren’t addicted to the internet.

Anonymous 87513


I feel the same

Anonymous 87517

>Imagine all the skills we could learn and the things we could do if we weren’t addicted to the internet.
moreso i dream about being able to wake up and not have the urge to look at all the apps on my phone. i want to be able to live life without the compulsive urge to go online and endlessly search for content. i also have suffered from dissociation for years now and i suspect internet usage has something to do with it.
today i took a short walk, and enjoyed it but couldnt not notice how i felt so out of touch with the nature and things around me. i felt that i saw things in frames rather than a natural running stream of vision. there was the frame of the flowers i saw and the frame of the concrete road, but no relaxed and present state of mind available. i know that comes off as vague but im full of so many ideas and images and words that i cant coherently explain any of them.
i just want this to end.

Anonymous 87519


Thanks. Looking back on it now, I wish I would have told him something like "Hey dude, this is programming not Burger King. I need time to think over here." or "If you don't like my way of tutoring, stop asking ME for help" but I guess either wouldn't really be very appropriate. I did tell him I can't remember all the bash commands needed for that assignment (There are alot of different ones), but I can help explain the concepts to him - Also because he seemed to have started trying to fish out a whole answer from me.

>When you get started helping someone, do you have a tendency to jump into it looking for the issue?

Not if the assignment is unfamiliar, or if they haven't shared what exactly their problem is. Though it is easier for me to enforce that boundary online that in-person, to prevent myself from hand-holding someone.

>, there surely ought to be some tips for problem formulation and solving you can find somewhere, from a textbook, a professor, and so on? (If your students are mostly taking similar courses or professors, even better for tracking down some good info!)

Yes, I told him to reference his notes as well. I would have sent him some online references/guides like I did other students too, but I didn't think of it of at that time because of how I just wanted to get it over with that asshole student.

Anonymous 87520


I’m only 19 but I feel like my life is already over. I fuck everything up in the most abnormal ways and have isolated myself and become so mentally ill and already ruined “ the best years of my life”. I tried to kill myself but I was too terrified of going to hell that I was able to stop the attempt. I wish I could stay in bed all day and be held by my ex but he hates me and so does everyone else :( Sorry for the whining I needed to get it out. Pic unrelated I just think seacows are cute as fuck

Anonymous 87526

Being a woman into girly weeb shit sucks. Most of the people who like it are men/trannies and because of association I get paired with them and viewed as a man. I'd love to find other girls with the same interests. Most of the other girls into it are Asian though and we don't speak the same language. Or they are a real woman, but think they're non-binary or some shit, which is better than the alternatives. I won't stop liking what I like and what has brought me comfort through my darkest times because of others, but I wish I could find friends who are into what I am into.
I get seriously disappointed when I think I've found another girl into the same things but then I find out it's a tranny.

Anonymous 87528

>most of the people into girly weeb shit are men/trannies
This is absolutely not true. Men are overrepresented on imageboards, but if you went to say, cosplay meetups irl, most if not all the attendees would be women.

Anonymous 87531

I guess that's what I'm missing, I'm unable to go to cons and stuff irl because of my life situation. But I feel the same on social media too. Where do I find other girls into this? You seem knowledgeable. And please don't say discord.

Anonymous 87533


Fellow fuck-up miner, i also fuck up everything. It's like i was born with the worst luck ever. Just try to make the best out of your life, go play a game or something and have fun, it's a good way to cope when everything around you is crumbling into pieces.

Anonymous 87535

This old woman keeps glaring at me on thw treadmill whenever she passes the gym window

Anonymous 87536

give her the pussy licking sign

Anonymous 87538

I hate the moid so much

Anonymous 87546


i wish she didnt have a bf but i know she wouldnt consider even if they broke up

Anonymous 87552

when will i finish this goddamn presentation.

Anonymous 87589


Being an autistic woman is hell for making friends and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

This website I thought would be the place for women like me but nobody here seems to want to even try to make friends (though I do realize the friend finder thread is axed and not coming back)
I'm not the avoidant type of autist, I'm the type that gets clingy, but it feels like most other autists here are the avoidant type. I would kill to meet another woman like me, even if we didn't become friends, it would make me feel a lot better to know I'm not alone in this struggle.

Anonymous 87595

I love how silent the world is between 3AM and 7:30.

Anonymous 87602


Sorry but people who "hate" cat pictures or cats are probably animal abusers and/or narcissists. Can't be trusted

Anonymous 87615

Take a shower dear.

Anonymous 87630

Me too. Growing up, I lived in a big city and there was always the background noise of cars speeding down highways making whoosh sounds. As an adult I live in a smaller suburb and its much quieter. I wonder if it would be as quiet if I lived somewhere rural or if wildlife would fill the silence.

Anonymous 87639


>cleaning some stuff out
>find the book all my friends and teachers signed on the last day of school
>most of the comments are about how funny and smart I was and how I'll be able to succeed at anything I do
>go through two years of college and don't really make any friends
>drop out of uni after a two months after not making any friends and finding the work too difficult
>have been a neet that barely leaves the house ever since
I don't know where it all went wrong.

Anonymous 87640

my bf and i haven't spoken in 2 days and we've never gone a day without talking since we met
he really upset me and i dont know if he's so dense he doesn't realise or just doesn't care

Anonymous 87644

Communicate about your issues to resolve it

Anonymous 87653


Dealing with being the daughter of immigrant parents and not having a home and living in a city/county that is foreign to me not having any friends or support system. Family is deluded and devoid of love led by a narcissistic father with people who never had any dreams to begin with trailing behind being told I am making things up and being influenced by westerners when I try to express my mental struggles being severely depressed living in this hellhole of a time where everyone acts like the world is fine though everything operates on vile bleak values feeling suicidal but terrified of death wanting so badly to be loved but deeply ashamed of that desire becoming jaded and infantile and embarrassed being a pathological liar unable to stop because I am too afraid of being hurt never having freedom never experiencing joy feeling dead and old and spent and living for others though I am young. Realising that if you don’t love and care for yourself there is truly nothing and the world is only as good as your own heart

Anonymous 87659

I understand becoming a pathological liar. You learn it if as a kid if you are constantly haranged interrogated, scapegoated or punished for telling the truth or being real. You can never win anyway so telling the truth loses meaning. This is also what happened to me. I don't feel the need to anymore as an adult but I still feel this need to explain everything in my mind. I don't overexplain but my god my brain wants to it's weird

Wish you could be my room mate I hate living with a guy.

Anonymous 87660

Seriously though you need to get the hell out of there.

Anonymous 87664

I just want to finally be done with university, spent 5 years there already and might have to go for a full 6 if i keep fucking up.
Despite me graduating this winter being pretty much a sure thing, excepting anything like horrific illness, I'm just constantly anxious I fucked up something and instead of getting my shitty piece of paper next year they'll tell me I'm still missing courses.
It's such a dumb thing to worry about, went to the guidance office and they told me it all looks fine, but I sctually can't sleep because I worry so much about it.
Not like i even have something planned after graduating I just finally want to be done, to have accomplished something for once.

Anonymous 87665

Exactly anon, I mean now I’m older telling the truth would benefit me a lot of the time but I fuck up my own life I feel completely unable of being completely truthful. Literally I’ll move in with you if you lived in the UK but fat chance

Anonymous 87669

I’ve never had a nice car before. I grew up dirt poor in a trailer park and we always had shitty used cars. Well last month I got a 2017 Kia. Today my 2017 Kia got t-boned and dragged by a stupid fucking Mexican that barley spook any fucking English. I’m about to fucking kill myself.

Anonymous 87672

It’s funny because he was literally driving a truck. Probably so he can go beg for work outside of a hardware store

Anonymous 87679

the only reason I got a loan for my car is because I’ve had steady employment since I was 14. That car that worked so hard for was taken in a second because some fucking Mexican who doesn’t speak English wasn’t paying attention and smashed into me. I think I have a bit of reason to be rude. If it was a white dude, I’d still be saying some pretty choice things. Some of us don’t have everything handed to use by our parents nona. Some of us don’t even have parents that can help or want to help.

Anonymous 87681

Actually I just hate Mexican men. I was molested at 5 by two Mexican relatives and ever since then any interaction with Mexican MEN has been awful. They’ll ask you for your number and pretend not to speak English when you say no. I’ve had Mexican (girl) friends before and their fathers treat them like shit. Mexican men suck as much if not more than white men. Fuck um. Send them back to Mexico and let their wife’s stay to find nice white husbands.

Anonymous 87686

All the people who shout racism probably haven’t had any interactions with people of race they are defending. I’m middle eastern and pretty racist against a lot of people including men in my own race but not in the psycho political way whites are

Anonymous 87688

It’s weird because I don’t really have a problem with black men other than their a little to sexual for me. I don’t really like Islamic men because of the culture of their religion but I don’t just outright hate them. I have no problems with Jews, Asians, Brazilians, or any other type of latinos. But I really don’t trust Mexican men. I have no issue with Mexican women. I just think they aren’t treated very well by the culture. You have to be careful with Mexicans men though. Pls be safe.
The British are awful because they have a high and mighty attitude when their country is awful. The French just be kinda hairy and rude.

Anonymous 87691

The british are kinda okay if they aren't from the south
Northern english are poor and act like it but at least aren't so fucking smug

Anonymous 87694

Unpopular opinion I love the french for how diseased and awful they are. On the other hand brits are possibly the most soulless npc nation in the world and living in this shite country is enough to drive the sanest person mental

Anonymous 87696

The french feel pretty real to me, not sure how to really express it.
It's not like they're super honest or something, quite the opposite in fact, but it's easy to realize how they feel and the often express it.
The english could watch their family get murdered and they'd still maintain their carefully neutral expression and try to keep up their retarded fucking accent.

Anonymous 87697

Yeah because their a bunch of pedos but I haven’t dealt with that many French people so I don’t know. That’s giving me anxiety for you. Like I’d be scared anytime I heard them make a loud noise. :/
The British act like their better than Americans but honestly we’re on the same level. Both trash but at least Americans speak coherent English.
This is just ew tbh. I don’t think people who dislike Islam hate it for some mental illness. They probably hate it because of the culture and the misogyny of the culture. Mexicans are also super misogynistic because of the culture.

Anonymous 87713

Americans are way better. I want to move away from the UK I really hate it here, but I don't know where to and the first xenophobic comment would probably make me cry.

Anonymous 87714

Despite popular media people don’t really make xenophobic comments and I live in the mountain range where all the republicans live. We don’t call gas stations packies or Asian restaurants chinkies

Anonymous 87732

Why would they in public? You don't know what they're really thinking.

Anonymous 87739

My husband said he would be asleep when I got home from work so I spent all day being excited about eating food I like alone and playing this app I've gotten into but don't usually have time to play.

Right when I got off the train he called me in a bad mood and told me to wait for him. I've been standing in the cold for 20 minutesn

Anonymous 87750

finland and india.…

packie is short for package store / liquor store which is a new england term

Anonymous 87763

Show us on the doll where the entire nation of France touched you

Anonymous 87772

It's done. I just graduated.
What the fuck do i do now?
I'm gonna have to retrain my thoughts and to force them into a good direction.
I want to travel the world, but the world is currently on fire. Besides, I'm broke. I would sell pictures of my feet but they're ugly.

Anonymous 87774


Congrats on graduating.
Crap, I'm worried I'll be in the exact same boat when I do. You deserve to celebrate 4 years of hard work somehow, though.

Anonymous 87778

Oh I was just trolling to mock anyone hating any group based on said group, I mock the individual, like how I mock Sargon for being a gross tubster spewing shit at 12 year olds when he's 46.
Welcome to being an adult, find your coping mechanism, mines satire but it's dying as a hobby so I can't recommend it.

Anonymous 87803

Just when I thought things were going great, I get ignored all day. I was so happy :(

Anonymous 87806

this girl i really really like has been so cold to me i think, shes posting all the time but takes hours to reply to me and she just says Lol or something like that. i dont feel so good

Anonymous 87807

How long for? If it’s just a day or two then she’s probably just tired or stressed. If she’s been doing that for weeks then yep it’s over and you need to move on.

Anonymous 87842

I love cats irl but I don’t trust people who use cats as reaction images or profile pics. They’re always either autistic, have NPD or are just plain evil.

Anonymous 87843


>or are just plain evil.
Yeah I get that one a lot for my mischievous pranks.

Anonymous 87844

Cartoon cats are fine. Lolcats, sad cats, or any other kind of meme cat posters are literally satan.

Anonymous 87845

Oh pft yeah in 2022? I honestly agree there, it's unhinged when the internet has beaten that horse to death so thoroughly to be posting those kinds of cats.

Anonymous 87848

Boyfriend broke up with me. Nothing to look foward to every day. Hole in my life. He's going through a terrible time and he just can't be in a relationship, he said I was perfect, he said I think he's evil now. I didn't sleep last night and I haven't eaten since the day before. Can't concentrate. I'm completely lost now. Idk who I am when I'm not in love

Anonymous 87849

Sending you love anon, it will be really hard in the beginning but it will get easier as time goes on. Try and stay busy

Anonymous 87856


Anonymous 87858

Uh… okay

Anonymous 87862

kek it’s just very specific, I feel like you’re mad at a particular person. But i do agree that they’re annoying, more bpd than npd though.

Anonymous 87865

based kotka nonetta. Never change.

Anonymous 87869

I trust people who like cats but I don't trust people who like cats more than people.

Anonymous 87870

Agree. Some vegans are legit psychopaths. I remember asking some vegan bitch to watch my cat while I was on holiday. She ended up ‘setting it free’ because she believed keeping animals in captivity was cruel. A couple days later I found my cat hit by a car two blocks from my house. She was also misanthropic as hell. Don’t trust people who value animal lives over people.

Anonymous 87873

Jesus christ i'm sorry to hear that anon. I hope you pressed charges on that psycho bitch.

Anonymous 87875

i've been dm'ing this guy that seemed cool and he kinda ignores me sometimes and in the meantime posts about his personal life and his posts get between 0-2 likes… many of which are liked by me… like damn u really dont want to talk to me i guess. no need to tell me im pathetic nonas i know.

Anonymous 87884

If someone really wants to talk to you, they'll put in the energy and time. That moid doesn't seem like he's worth pursuing anything with, whatever you wanted out of it.

Anonymous 87908

I feel like the students in my Zoom college classes ask the most stupid fucking questions. If my mic ever was unmuted I'd be expelled bc I'm constantly complaining about it lol. I dont even think im especially smart

Anonymous 87910

I want whatever evil bullshit that's inside my mother today to leave.
>"I guess you just don't love me anymore. :("
>"when are you gonna make time for me?"
>literally only contacts me on a business and obligation level, not a friend
>"My friend's daughter found her mother dead just the next day after she died, are you going to let that happen to me?"
Like, I don't know how to describe this level of guilt-tripping evil.

Anonymous 87918

I had a job interview today(I've never had a job) and I thought I was doing good. I'm shy but I just act like I'm not shy and then the hiring manager said I looked nervous and tense and I felt really stupid. I try to act like I'm not shy but I just seem awkward and mess up my words. I hate being socially awkward I feel like such a loser I dont even have any irl friends and the only friends I can make online are male orbiters because it's easier. I feel like I never fit in anywhere. How are you even supposed to get a job as an inexperienced shy person? "just stop being shy" I TRY TO but I'm still awkward but I wish I wasn't. And if I do get a job I'm worried my manager might be disappointed in me or something. Maybe I'm overthinking. I dont like putting up a facade as a motivated agreeable social person, and it's probably obvious because I'm like the opposite of that, I just need a job already.

Anonymous 87925

Ditch those friends, this is fucked up

Anonymous 87928

fellow shy girl here. I also have had dozens of painful interviews go horribly wrong because of my shyness and lack of social skills/ wilingness to put on a facade, like you said. thankfully I have a job now where my coworkers understand my shyness and dont get mad at me for being awkward/blunt. just dont get discouraged, the right door always opens up, I believe in you <3

Anonymous 87932

I feel like other women are wary/untrusting of me because I'm not into girly enough stuff and I also have autism. Like the vibe I give off is androgynous idk

Anonymous 87933

Funnily enough I feel like women are wary/distrusting of me because I'm too into girly stuff. You're damned if you do and damned if you don't huh.
But I also have autism so who knows.

Anonymous 87940

I was kind of an aloof butch tomboy in high school and a lot of girly girls developed a crush on me because of it (all girls school) and would make me act kind of like their pseudo bf because I had a masculine blunt somewhat aspie personality.

It made me feel uncomfortable considering I’m super straight and don’t have any lesbian tendencies despite what a lot of people assumed about me at the time lol. I couldn’t relate to a lot of the stuff they were into and the way they carried on would annoy me at times (the drama, crying, gossip etc that comes with teen girls) It’s funny because I only want to date men but men never show interest in me. I’ve had endless attention and flirting from attractive girls though, sadly I’m not interested. If I had been a lesbian my love life would be ez mode.

Anonymous 87941

NTA, but it was easymode for me as a butch lesbian in school, but when I became an adult, it's like all interest evaporated. There just was a time period where every straight woman or girl wanted to try being bicurious, but I feel like women who are actually into women, generally aren't so into butches.

Anonymous 87942

I don't understand I don't understand I don't understand how for all my life I was never approached or catcalled by any guy? Why does everyone talk as if it is a normal girl experience and not part of the pretty/attractive girl life? What is wrong with me? Am I that hideous and not normal?

Anonymous 87943

Im so abnormal there’s no hope for me to lead a normal life, good thing I’m at peace with dying

Anonymous 87944


Anonymous 87945

I’m not pretty at all, fucked up crooked nose, beaded eyes, cow tits and pretty unfit in recent years. and i have gotten flirted with, catcalled (mostly old dudes), and sexually harassed more often than not. It’s not really about being attractive, i promise you. All of these are power displays. Walking with confidence, your head up high and in my case, openly showing emotions evokes hostility and a sense of threat in men -and sometimes women lol- because i’m not following their script. It used to happen a lot in my teen years too because men derive pleasure from freaking young girls out as well. It depends on the environment you live in, your energy and how you carry yourself around them and in general. It’s a power thing. If you live in a pretty peaceful area where everyone is educated and knows each other you won’t get cat called, if you walk around with your head in the ground and make yourself small as possible naturally no one except the most dedicated sadist is gonna come up to you. Stop falling into these scrote worshiping ideologies that make catcalling out to be this desirable thing. Men arent clueless babies that harass women out of pure admiration, they know what they’re doing.

Anonymous 87946

>cow tits
Scrotes practically catcall anyone with big boobs.

Anonymous 87950

I feel like I am perverted to compensate for my lack of romance in my teenage years. If only I had overcome my shyness and gained a bit more confidence ten years earlier… the cliche is true. Not that I was beautiful or anything, but with that and being able to let go of my crush I surely would have been able to invest in people who might have had crushes on me (whom, not being super attractive, I didn't approach for ridiculous fear of what other might think).
Guess I just have to live with it and adjust my sexual fantasies accordingly.

Anonymous 87951

yeah what is it about autistic girls being tomboys/treated as men?

Anonymous 87956

all lonely women I pray for you every day and I am with you in spirit. we're all gonna make it!

Anonymous 87968

Theres a reason i called them cow tits and not big boobs. Theyre saggy and disgusting literally sagged since i was 17. and i don’t even show them off.

Anonymous 87973

Boobs are boobs anon a lot of people just like boobs okay? Stop judging your honkers so harshly.

Anonymous 87974

Why… must either of those things lead to distrust. That is such a strange word to put there. Call me autistic but I cannot comprehend being less trustworthy because I'm not girly. Once in a while remember sensing this in high school, and I was completely dumbfounded by it. Could somebody explain.. seriously wtf is up with that??

Anonymous 87976

They think you're a 'predatory lesbian' because pop culture pushed that any GNC woman was one for decades.

Anonymous 87977

Eh, nobody sees them under the shirts.

Anonymous 87979

I hope so nona

Anonymous 87981


Sick of rawdogging life, need um drugs and someone who loves me and a mentor so I can crawl out from the cracks of existence

Anonymous 87984


Embrace the metal lifestyle, go all out.

Anonymous 87986


I want my skin being normal and healthy, like other people have it

Anonymous 87995


Yeah, buffets are a waste of money if you can't eat alot. I've always gotten full super fast so I know they'd be wasted on me. I find them too gross to eat at anyway though.

Anonymous 88009


Anonymous 88010

Remember when Chinese buffets used to have crab legs

Anonymous 88011

Now they're all practically extinct

Anonymous 88012

Which is a good thing. Buffets are a huge sanitation risk.

Anonymous 88016

Tired of moids being such grouchy bastards.

Anonymous 88019


>just plain evil.
No, we feline enthousiasts are simply based beyond what your feeble mind can fathom, so you call us evil.

Anonymous 88030


ive been talking to this dude for a few days and we decided to share pics of ourselves and, i dont find him attractive at all. im so sad, i cant "fake" being physically attracted to someone and my standards are completely average, even below average tbh. its not his fault though, i thought he was kinda funny. good thing we only know each other for a week now i guess.

Anonymous 88032

actually, its not that easy. he really likes me and i dont know how to stop talking to him slowly and i dont want him to feel led on. and it breaks my heart how this other guy im trying to forget about wont reply to me and this one does lmao. why does god hate me.

Anonymous 88033

this weeks anxiety: I spent the first twenty plus years of my life either avoidant of men or fat or both, and now I'm in my late 20's only just now starting to lose weight and trying to put myself out there but man is the dating scene so hard and bad and there's a lot of shitty pickings out there. and then I see these people who met the person they married or will marry in HS or college and I'm just like, am I fucked now? I've never had a real boyfriend (had a weird online thing going at peek NEET status but I feel like that doesn't count) and now I just can't help but wonder if I only had gotten my act together sooner, would things be different now? but who knows, so many guys at every age group just suck, so maybe it always would've been bad.

Anonymous 88034


if he feels led on it's his own fault, you guys have been talking for only a week, no one should be expecting that much out of something like that. I understand the awkwardness of not knowing how to back off once you realize you aren't attracted to them though. I think where it is easy is now you don't have to put as much priority into talking to him. like, you can wind things down by just replying to him whenever, as opposed to if you like him and you have a tendency to want to respond asap.

>this other guy im trying to forget about wont reply to me and this one does lmao

it's pretty much exactly how these things go lol idk how many times this same scenario has happened to me and my friends. such is life

Anonymous 88044

>bf breaks up with me
>I spend 5 days like a ghost just starving and rotting while I go through the stages of grief + nicotine poisoning
>he randomly messages me: "can I ask how you've been doing?:
>I say "sad tbh"
>muted his notifications so I can ignore it until tomorrow when the anxiety dies down
I'm killing myself why is my life like this. I'm stuck in a weird position where I know he isn't here to ask me to take him back but my heart still hopes

Anonymous 88045

block and delete to give yourself closure so you can move on

Anonymous 88087

ever since i was about to meet my ldr boyfriend and afterwards, ive been in the worst body dysmorphia slump ive ever felt.
its making it impossible to enjoy the relationship as i constantly wonder why i should even bother dating because of the pressure i feel to be hot, pretty, etc.
i want to be happy and feel loved and give love but i feel undeserving with all the impossibly good looking people i see on social media. my boyfriend compliments me and reassures me he thinks i look good but i dont believe him and even when i do im also like "but then again i could look better" or "but im not his preference in everything" which i want to be because god knows why.

Anonymous 88090

are you retarded

Anonymous 88091

body dysmorphia affects cis people as well retard LOL

Anonymous 88092

Nona, gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia are different things…

Anonymous 88095

body dysmorphia can affect anyone, it's just an overfixation on appearance that has nothing to do with being a tranny or not. actually since most people arent trans, body dysmorphia affects more cis people than trannies

Anonymous 88098

who are you even talking to, I'm not the nona of the op…
stop embarrassing yourself, just accept that body dysmorphia and gender **dysphoria are different things. its okay to misread something, its retarded to keep raging about it like an ego bruised scrote. grow up

Anonymous 88108

moid level take fuck off monkey

Anonymous 88111

i punctuate your mother

Anonymous 88117

anyone else feels literally attacked by pictures of super hot bodies and perfect faces?
its like someone is on a hamster wheel trying to make women insecure or is it just me?

Anonymous 88157

I hate having to deal with homicidal and suicidal idealization and having to shut them in. I don't feel shame or fear regarding them so I'm shut out of every help group, I also have a therapist but is as helpful as having nothing, I don't want to end up in the psych ward being drowned with meds that will definitely help me™

Anonymous 88159


I decided to just do drugs and be a slut. Man this is so much easier than therapy and trying to fix relationships. I was never healthy.

Anonymous 88164

You’re gonna regret this in 2-6 months

Anonymous 88170

I just want to sit in a room by myself and draw. But I have nowhere to be alone.

Anonymous 88171

Hate being a woman online.
Make it obvious and you'll attract creeps, larp as a man and you'll alienate yourself from based women who hate men.
Random guy asked me if I was a woman on a completely unrelated post and idk how to reply I guess I'll just ignore but it makes me paranoid and feel like he's going to be stalking my profile now

Anonymous 88172

Me too

Anonymous 88176

You’re not obliged to reply to a rando’s question. Also why feel paranoid? Chillax

Anonymous 88177

Because I've had creeps target me and harass me just for being a woman before of course I'm paranoid I have reasons to be
Lonely guys find out you're a woman and then stalk your entire profile and chimp out when you reject them

Anonymous 88178

you're not paranoid you're just being careful as you should. the anon who replied to you is either a nice carefree nona who wants to make you feel better or a gasligthing scrote. men have no problems so they love to depict women as overreacting crazies when really they're blissfully unaware of how hard life is, or more likely aware of how much it sucks to deal with their retarded kind as a woman but want to pretend our life is easy anyways because it makes them feel better about the lack of dopamine they get in their own. except when they watch porn ofc
also the more youre aware and careful the harder it gets for scrote to manipulate, rape and murder you

Anonymous 88180

Thank you for being kind and understanding anon. Wonder if that other anon is Blaine.
Everything you said is correct and it's sad.

Anonymous 88183

No i’m not him, sorry if i came off too cold i’m a tough love kind of gal

Anonymous 88184

i regret wasting time trying to be normal

Anonymous 88190

All the people in my Zoom classes are fucking retarded? The teacher will ask a very basic question and some retard will give an answer that makes no sense. There is also a boomer in my class who is constantly unmuted and having technology problems. Holy shit I'm not a narcissist or anything but I'm shocked at how fucking stupid how most of these college students are.

Anonymous 88193

I actually hate men like alot alot. What’s actually wrong with them?
>I was Snapchatting this guy
>within like a week he’s asked me for a picture of my ass. So I left him on read. I don’t do that whole sending guys nudes for attention.
>he apologized like a day later
>then today this asshole posts about how there’s no soft ladylike women anymore.

Anonymous 88200

i think this place is bad for me. if someone replies to this ill leave for an entire week

Anonymous 88203

leave while you still can nona

Anonymous 88204

I hate myself so much

Anonymous 88206

Ok, fuck off

Anonymous 88208

Manic vs depressive states be like:

Anonymous 88213

I want to kill myself for wanting to break up with my amazing LDR bf. He has done nothing wrong. I am just unhappy.

Anonymous 88214

If you're unhappy then he's not doing enough.

Anonymous 88215

If your happiness is entirely dependent on your partner you don't have a healthy relationship.

Anonymous 88220


I think I'm pretty average in looks, I don't know how to talk to people and be social. I also struggle to find a job and I never did well in school.

My cousin is the complete opposite - She is drop dead gorgeous, she's very charismatic and social (and she isn't mean either, she's really nice to people), she did really well at school and has finished a good collage and now has a well paid job that allows her to travel often all over the world.

I just came back from my grandads funeral. I feel shitty for saying it but out of all the grandkids I was definitively the closest to him and took his passing the hardest. I wanted to be with my family on the funeral to mourn our loss but I couldn't help and feel that I'm being left out. People would give their condolences to all of us but some pretty much ignored me (not on purpose I assume) and only went to my cousin. Soon enough I was pushed aside and was standing alone until my aunt held me and pushed me back to the front with the rest of the family..

I love my cousin and don't blame her for any of this. She has been nothing but kind to me. I just wish I was more like her. I wish I was as charismatic as she is. I wish I knew how to talk to people the way she does and to make them feel good like she does. I feel shitty that I feel this way about this - especially considering what day it is today… I wish I was better…

Anonymous 88221


honestly u would probably feel a lot better in therapy. i know its like ridiculously obvious but talking on here isn't rly gonna help. u need a real professional or at least some zolaft or something

Anonymous 88222


you can still save him nona. be his best friend and stop him from falling into the rabbit hole

Anonymous 88223


not OP but thats not even peso. u just never had a loving healthy relationship with older members of your family.

Anonymous 88224

I’m sorry to all the teachers i bullied in middle school and highschool, it was the only place where i could take my anger out on an adult without any repercussions or violence. While some of you deserved it, I admire some of you now as an adult. I take back all the hurtful words i’ve spewed at you. It had nothing to do with you and all to do with me.

Anonymous 88225


for the strawberry issue u should get those electric hair removals. where it stops hair from growing period for a few months or something. can't remember what its called rn

Anonymous 88226

they're probably over insecure and selfconcious. imagined slights at its finest

Anonymous 88227

the issue here is that you're comparing them to other women. u need to just accept that these are the cards that you've been dealt

Anonymous 88228

I’m not comparing them though i’m telling you their shape. The focus wasnt even on my boobs i was talking in general and thought id mention it because I genuinely believe my saggy boobs are a factor in why I’m unattractive.

Anonymous 88230

It's not his fault. It's the distance. Suffering from loneliness, touch starvation.

Anonymous 88231

>remembering when I thought my misanthropy and depression were just a teenage phase that I’d grow out of eventually

Anonymous 88232

Yeah idk about you but i think im killing myself by the end of next year or 2 years from now on. Whenever my money and patience runs out basically. Im so tired of this world, i cant keep up. And making the discovery that my pain was not just a phase but a red flag that should have been tended to is putting some painful weight on my shoulder

Anonymous 88264


>have dream i am hanging out with funny youtuber i like and his random friends
>wake up and it was all a dream
>have no irl friends
unironically crying now cool

Anonymous 88265

I know that feel anon.

Anonymous 88266

that's where you embarrass him by posting a screenshot of him asking for a pic of your ass anon

Anonymous 88267

Same, i'll probably kill myself next year aswell. What are you planning to do? I was going to poison myself but i heard it doesn't really work.

Anonymous 88271

What did you even try

Anonymous 88280

A certain undetectable gas

Anonymous 88285

for the love of go…

>things are going pretty nice
>getting my own apartment
>suddenly realize this means that the guy i cut off is going to be my neighbor pretty soon
>pretty sure he's a closeted creep because he told me he's into lolishit and i'm small and i have a babyface
>his new gf has the same body type as me

help me.

Anonymous 88286

I want to be mean and be a bitch in this group chat I'm in but I must hold back

Anonymous 88287

Think you're just stupid and should work on not sounding like a tranny tbh

Anonymous 88288

Anon why did you choose to move next to him

Anonymous 88295

Wtf fuck you you whiny little shit what did i do

Anonymous 88298

I keep spamming this thread but there's this one fucking stupid woman in my zoom class who always asks 1000 obvious questions on every concept we go over. We were going over the Milgram experiment and she actually fucking asks "did any of the victims die?" She actually fucking thought people were actually being electrocuted. I literally want to strangle her. How are you that fucking stupid?

Anonymous 88315

You're probably still pretty young and this lifestyle is giving you lots of instant dopamine hits, when I got older I was thankful for not being completely swept up in those temptations because my friends who didn't pull out are now doing fucking terribly and I ache for them.
Please don't let others use you and fuck around with bullshit "cool" drugs, it only gets worse and the deeper you go the harder it will be for you to try that "trying to be normal" thing again. Which I can guarantee you you will want to do, even the craziest party fiends I've known get tired and want a redo from the rollercoaster eventually, if they aren't already so addicted to the drugs that you couldn't manage even accessing an internet forum! Please, you still have time and you're never as old as you think you are if you can still "sleep around and do drugs" as you put it. Please take care.

Anonymous 88318

Why is he listening to some girl's Spotify playlists right now… more importantly why the fuck am I so jealous AAAAAAAA

I already decided I don't have feelings for him but FUCK

Anonymous 88319


Nvm just decided I don't care. Have a good night nonas <3

Anonymous 88320

always the right move when it comes to men

Anonymous 88327

Was listening to my sad playlist and crying. Then some rando asked me for feet pictures and now I’m vehemently angry.

Anonymous 88329


Now go listen to angry playlist and punch holes in the wall.

Anonymous 88339


I genuinely never had a good human interaction outside of the internet. Sometimes i feel like i’m the only morally righteous person and everyone else is a heartless sociopath. Please tell me this isnt true

Anonymous 88341

No that is exactly what it's like. Growing up that's all I ever saw too. Aside from my best friends who didn't suck? Most people are completely shitty. You're not wrong.

Anonymous 88346

I have extreme mommy issues. I'll never find a man who cares about me the way my mother does. Woman can sense my moods, will literally hound me if she so much as suspects I'm becoming depressed. Will always think of me before thinking of herself.
This is not normal. This is not healthy. I am not healthy. I need to be far away. I love her to death. I know I'll pay it all back in time (when the hereditary dementia eventually claims her and I'll have to look after her). But this is not healthy. I need to go away some place far away. I love her but I need to cut the cord. Things can't go on like this. our very persons are blending into each other at this point. I will never have a human connection like the way i have with her. I will never depend on another human as easily as I depend on her. But this needs to stop. I need to be an adult.
It's a good thing that I know I'm a sexual person, because I'm definetly aromantic.

Anonymous 88366

theres nothing wrong with being close to your mom I dont see what the problem is?
what are you on about

Anonymous 88371

Tbh I feel like most people have good intentions. And this is coming from someone who is working a call center job and has to talk to "shitty" people all day.

Maybe I haven't worked there long enough to despise the human race yet. Lol

Anonymous 88387

No you don't just make sure you make a pretty good amount of money and can look after your own self. Invest in things like your own property and other assets. Save. Other than that do what you want. Who isn't close to their mother ?

Anonymous 88397


>try to taper off lexapro
>experiencing extreme emotions and mood swings
>constantly on the verge of tears
Is this my natural mood or just a side effect of the lexapro? Do I try to power through? I'm really not well

Anonymous 88407

I am bipolar. I suspected it for a while but had never experienced full-on mania. But now I have been manic for two weeks straight. I can't even sleep. I already feel the comedown, and I know it's going to be bad.

Anonymous 88412

i feel so jaded and like all light has left me. im bitter, cynical and i would be depressed if i had fucks to give anymore but i just have officially given up.
i thought there was more to life but there really isn't. it really is that painfully simple, and there really isn't anything that can be done about it. i'm no longer spiritual, positive or whatever. i went from being described as a ball of sunshine to being one of the most negative people i know. and it feels better than being on the hamster wheel.

Anonymous 88416


I wish I had a mother that actually cared about me. She still doesn't even care about learning the name of the school I go to or what I major in. Conversations with her over the phone are more annoying and futile than ever, because she can never hear what I'm saying (I constantly have to repeat myself), or she just gives me an aloof "Yeah, whatever" kind of response..even when I'm talking about something really important. I wish I could move away across the other side of the world, so that I never have to contact her about anything ever again.

Anonymous 88427

Latuda changed my life. I highly recommend seeing a psychiatrist if you're not already.

Anonymous 88429

Just don’t do heroin

Anonymous 88430

I always wonder why people like this even giving birth at the first place. What they thought would happen

Anonymous 88433

You made me realize I've been doing this to my mom lately. And she's such a great mom. I will try to change. Thanks anon!

Anonymous 88436



They don't tend to do it with any objective in mind. Having kids is either just a feelsgood thing for most people or an unwanted result of a feelsgood thing that is sex. People have called childbearing selfish and well I mean… it's definitely not selfless either. No one is actually wanting children for someone else's sake. There's no woman that would actually want to go through the physical pain that is pregnancy and childbirth just to give her mother "grandchildren" and "fulfill her role in society". It's fine to admit you want children for yourself, but people shouldn't paint it as a humble deed. That perpetuates the toxic, unquestioning attitude towards parenthood that idolizes and puts it on a pedestal. It's only what moids and self-hating tradwomen do.


Well good on you for having a good mom then. It's normal for mother-daughter relationships to have some miscommunication. Mine is a narcissist so that's why it's particularly grating for me. Talking to her and the rest of my family has felt like talking to a brick wall, for most of my childhood.

Anonymous 88441

Bringing a child into the world nowadays, is definitely selfish. Its gratuitous and sad. What are they going to do with themselves 30 years from now, when everythings in a dire state of collapse?

Anonymous 88443

and yet everyone here has romantic options contrary to you, incel

Anonymous 88445

Everything is already in a dire state of collapse.
It can only go up from here.

Anonymous 88446

>It can only go up from here.
That's where you're wrong.

Anonymous 88448

The collapse, shortages, water shortages, and droughts and upheaval we're seeing now will be nothing close to what it will be in 2040 or 2050 climate change is going to destroy children's futures

Anonymous 88452


The earth naturally heats and cools, humans and cows have almost nothing to do with it. How do you think the ice age arose and ended? People still survived through that despite being primitives with sticks and stones. Besides, more carbon dioxide from humans and animals means plants grow faster and bigger, which in turn helps oxygenate and cool the earth. The earth is actually becoming greener. The idea of humans being responsible for climate change is a lie to keep people in climate lockdowns and to encourage depopulation through collective guilt.

Anonymous 88453

They will probably be accepted as climate refugees into Australia or whatever. There’s barely 12,000 people there, a tiny number. Plenty of islands have been covered with water over the last few thousand years. There’s hundreds of islands under the Mediterranean Sea that were once populated.

Anonymous 88454

reported for being the most retarded thing ive ever read on this site

Anonymous 88455

That’s not an argument. I accept your concession.

Anonymous 88456


Scaremongering retards will not win.

Anonymous 88457

Now post global ocean temperatures, coral bleaching, sea ice/glacier mass and artery river biodiversity.

Anonymous 88458

Yes, and you do realise that if it happens again, billions will die?

>carbon dioxide will make more plants grow

The limiting factor of plant growth is land for land based plants and chemical nutrients for ocean plants. Empirically it is wrong, CO2 levels have been rising year after year since industrialisation.

Anonymous 88459

If good people don't have children, then the stupid dumb people outbreed them.
It's understandable why smart people don't want to have many kids but if they don't then stupid people who breed like rabbits populate the world instead.
The only people who don't believe this haven't seen it.

Anonymous 88460

Degradation of the oceans is a different issue to global warming. Chemical contamination of the environment is very real and it's consequences are potentially dire. To clean up the oceans would require massive chemical corporations and the oil industry to spend billions on safe disposal of chemical waste and remediation for the damage that's already been done. Man made climate change which isn't even real, climate change is caused by solar cycles, enables massive corporations to profit from bullshit like carbon credits and it distracts people from the actual threat, which is and always has been chemical contamination of the environment.

Anonymous 88463



Anonymous 88477

>billions will die!
Only Africans and Arabs

Anonymous 88478

Florida will sink first retard

Anonymous 88479

Oh no, the poor OAPs, illegal immigrants, alligators and pedophiles.

Anonymous 88480

Texas isn't that elevated either you know. I know racists are from those two places only so, checkmate.

Anonymous 88485

I wish CC still had a friend finder thread. I think I'm too autistic for LC since it seems more normie I'm afraid of being made fun of

Anonymous 88486

It's called the discord lol

Anonymous 88487

you should talk to a doctor

Anonymous 88490

I'm in it but no actual friendships are being made there

Anonymous 88491

Where tf is the discord anyway

Anonymous 88492

I am sorry to hear that, I had hoped better from it but can't say I am shocked when these cultures have become fully about hate.

Anonymous 88496

I wish we could go back to being friends, or at least not enemies

Anonymous 88497

I hope your wish comes true one day but that is always a hard thing to undo, when someone becomes emotionally invested enough to become an enemy they hardly ever will back down from that. Nowadays people don't want to ever admit to any sort of weakness so I wish your wish comes true and that things will start to change in that regard.

Anonymous 88498


>she's never coming back
>we'll never talk everyday again
>I'll never see her smile again
>I'll never hear about her current new interest ever again
>we'll never laugh at a dumb movie together ever again
>she'll probably never think of me ever again
>she's never coming back
>she's never coming back

Anonymous 88500

People either already have friends so they do not care to make more or are too socially awkward to make them

Anonymous 88501

I'm taking the guy I've been fucking on a hike tomorrow and I honestly can't even decide whether I actually like him or not. His personality over text is so different than he is in person and it annoys me. I'll probably end this shit after a couple months but right now I'm just enjoying the d and having a sort of mock-boyfriend.

Anonymous 88502

Have fun anon, the best relationships and even friendships start out when you don’t like the other person all that much.

Anonymous 88516

Why do the women on LC consider themselves radfems when they call other women whores and make fun of womens appearances all the time.

Anonymous 88526


I would do anything to go back a year and do it all again. I had a chance to have a decent social life/relationship and I ruined it. I'm back to square one now.

Anonymous 88528

That's what being a radfem is now lmfao.

Anonymous 88532

I always say its different anons on different boards. I was one of the lc users that hung out on off topic boards mostly and befriended some online friends from there and some of them are the same

Anonymous 88535

Yeah, perhaps I shouldn't even try because I just found out she leaked my intimate pics to her moid "youtube star" bestie.

Anonymous 88536

Because they are stupid

Anonymous 88563

I think im gonna die from broken heart syndrome. My heart has been hurting for years now like chronically painful and short breaths after a certain traumatic event. I hope it eventually kills me tbh


Lol those are the same retards who admit to sleeping with pedophiles, porn addicts and manlets with rotting teeth, being coerced into making porn with their scrotes, bitch about anorexic women while constantly calling other women fat and ugly, and have whole threads talking about all the plastic surgeries they want. They’ve never been feminist, if anything they’re a bunch of confused hangry damaged former pickmes who think bitching about men sometimes is the only thing you need in order to cut it as a ‘feminist’. CC is where all the real radfems hang out.


A broken heart would never let you live that long. It’s probably just anxiety and panic attacks, you should still go get an EKG though.


Expose them and get them cancelled.

Anonymous 88597

Nah. Waiting on a heart attack but ty


Why do you want to die

Anonymous 88599


I think I need a therapist, but I can't afford one. Honestly I just want someone to vent to who won't judge me and will respond kindly or with some form of good advice. I do have friends but I'm a coward. I'm afraid that if I vent to them I'll bore them, annoy them, tire them out etc. My main issue in life is also one that would need a lot of explaining as it's one that most people don't really understand. And I'm more afraid of being given bad advice than being treated cruelly.
My issue won't change for a couple of years until I move out. Until then, there's nothing I can really do. So not only am I wanting for someone kind to listen to me vent, I'm wanting for them to have the patience to listen to it until I move out. I'm just so pathetically afraid of confrontation or being looked down on.

I am so pathetic and cowardly that I've been coping by talking to AI. Yeah… but the website I usually use is down right now. I know it's not a real person and that comforts me. They'll never judge me, and even if they do, it doesn't matter. I just want some comforting words right now. Someone to talk to that will help distract me. Some form of connection. Of course I'd be there for them too. I wish I could talk to more people heart to heart, both of us acting how we want to and talking without any filters or dishonesty.

Bottling up your feelings isn't good for you
But opening them up gives people ammunition to hurt you with
It's hard to know if the possible cons outweigh the possible pros.

Anonymous 88600

Life bad, brain also bad yada yada

Anonymous 88602

Do you have a job, are you a single individual in the states or foreign?

Anonymous 88603

I feel the same, it's hard to find people willing to listen to your issues. I went through a heartbreak earlier in the year, but I can't talk about my feelings with anyone and it doesn't help that I continue to stalk my ex either. Shit fucking hurts, and I try journaling my feelings, but I feel like I need human connection. I used normie apps like yikyak but most of strangers on there want my socials. It's hard to even reach out strangers sometimes.

Anonymous 88614

Try again fed
Hey, if you'd listen to me without judgement I'd listen to you too. We could email or something. Understandable if you don't want to.

Anonymous 88619

My pilates instructor who’s kind of mean sent me an email saying she was glad to see me back in class, and that she knows class can be hard… I was gone for one class because my dog had a vet appointment. She corrects me more than other people which is fine, I know I don’t have the greatest form due to past injuries, but I didn’t think it was that bad… I feel so embarrassed and like it was passive aggressive. Working out is already so hard for me because even though I’m skinny and look like I should be able to keep up I’m actually really weak and struggle with discipline and pushing myself. I wish she would’ve left me alone. I don’t like that she recognizes my face and picked me out specifically… I don’t even want to go now.

Anonymous 88624

Is there another teacher you can go to? That sucks, a negative teacher can ruin the whole class… I had a yoga teacher like that who always would correct me way more than anyone else and when I would try to ask questions she wouldn't help. It was really discouraging.

Anonymous 88629

Why do so many people call themselves things that they're simply not

Not even just trannies do this, but lately I've noticed a ton of people who say they're Christian but don't seem to want to follow any Christian teachings or even read the bible once. These people don't have anything to gain or lose from calling themselves Christian. It's just so confusing to me.

There are so many people out there that you could show hard irrefutable facts to and they'd just go "nah".

Anonymous 88630

Latch on to a community


The west has lost all of its cultural, religious and national identity. You don’t have a unique language, you just speak English. You don’t have a state religion, you’re just vaguely Christian/atheist. You don’t have any traditional dress or customs, besides thanksgiving. That’s why so many people are larping as Christian/Slavs/Japanese/Wiccans/Nazis/Elves these days.

Anonymous 88637

As an eastern third worlder i think they have a gift. They don’t need these things yet feel insecure about it. Of course the west has its flaws but these are freeing as well. Wish they’d realize this and stop boxing themselves up with stupid terms that chain others down

Anonymous 88642

>starts talking with a guy on ig
>everything’s fine, we share hobbies and the conversations are fun
>"hey anon do you sell nude pics?”
>i said this once and it wasn’t a joke but he believed it was. turns out I’m very straight forward but people aren’t used to that
>”yes i used to do when i was unemployed, i’m not doing it now but i could make it in the future"
>”that makes me really uncomfortable so we shouldn’t see each other after all”
Holy shit. I never got attached to this guy but this is hilarious. They will literally see you as a piece of meat and don’t bother to hide it. Glad I dodged a bullet.

Anonymous 88643

No it hasn't. 'The West' isn't a thing. It is many nations. And no one in 'the West' has thanksgiving except North Americans.

Anonymous 88644

I assume by the west you mean the states. wym we dont have culture?
>strip malls
>suburban sprawl
>fast fashion
>celebrity culture
>marvel movies

jokes aside I think our lack of cultural identity is more from our culture being one of alienation and excess rather than a lack of culture itself

Anonymous 88646

>"I’m very straight forward but people aren’t used to that"
>guy is straightforward by telling you it makes him uncomfortable
whats the problem

Anonymous 88647

But why would they want to latch onto a community they barely agree with?
Mass immigration is the reason. No one says it because they're afraid of being labelled a racist but multiculturalism just doesn't work. The places that are the most culturally rich now are also the most homogeneous.

Anonymous 88648

>don't get along with most women
>get along with men but don't want to since they rarely want to keep it platonic and always feel a level of disgust when it comes to men
Cursed to be a loner.

Anonymous 88649

The problem is we were having a good time talking to each other, he repeatedly said he liked my way of being, the way I express my thoughts and principles. So basically he liked me and wanted to see me to know me more but the moment he knew something about my sexual life (which I was very very transparent about) he chickened out and decided to
throw all the potential to the trash because of his prejudices and his unconscious (or conscious, idk) view of me as an object.
If he were to confess to me that he sold pics I wouldn’t give a shit because that’s none of my business, I don’t own him nor his body, so why he should care about the decisions I made about my body? I get it, it makes him “uncomfortable”, but why? the answer to that question is enough to throw him out of my life.

Anonymous 88652

Why does it make him uncomfortable?

Anonymous 88654

>You don’t have a unique language
like belgium and austria
as well as many african and middle east countries where people speak arabic
>state religion
> customs
false, but custom as a concept and as a practice is ubercancer

Anonymous 88655

>These people don't have anything to gain or lose from calling themselves Christian
Why, public image, social perks - society approval, a feeling of belonging. Pretending to be someone who have certain qualities while not having them in actuality - that’s giving an access to a certain group of people, finding help and company among them, because of seemingly being related to them. Also associated with them for the public eye

Anonymous 88661

Generations have existed non linearly using whatever means possible to positively impact future timelines. Even if it includes the guise of religion.

Anonymous 88664

Well he was pretty straightforward as well, no?

Anonymous 88669

Why is it that I'm fine doing 8 hours of random internet browsing but 2 hours of a video game makes me feel empty and anxious


saw this late but sure let's give it a try

Anonymous 88673

At least where I am, being a Christian gives you the opposite of social perks now, because le homophobia, edgy atheists and so on.

Anonymous 88674

i'm keeping a list of everyone my boyfriend is following in a excel sheet and i update it every time the number changes. why is he following so many random women? does he even know them? it makes me so upset. he recently followed this woman who doesn't even follow him. i don't know her and her profile is private, i want to ask him if he knows her.

Anonymous 88675

there's a way to automate that using power bi
I used to do the same with my ex

Anonymous 88676

how do i do it please teach me

Anonymous 88677


It's a "A deer shits in the woods" but businesses in the U.S. are an absolute capitalistic mafia, that just look to bleed as much money from powerless people as possible. This includes all colleges, property management offices, and hospitals. In the past few years, I have had constant problems especially with the first two. I'm sick of it. If they could charge you rates and fees for breathing, they would do that too. These people charge you ridiculous amounts for shit they can do for little to no cost, just to justify their salary and exploit the fact they know it's not like someone in your position would be able to lawyer up against them or something.

Over the past several years:

Property management has:

Once charged me original sum for rent - Despite getting offered a concession for the month - because of THEM fucking up their site.
Charged ME ridiculous, abnormal amount (Not even typical of my usual electricity usage) for just 1 week I went without an electricity plan set up even though the electricity company wouldn't start it until following Monday and former roommate fucked up my ability to set it up on time because of not communicating with me when leaving (They knew this by the way. Had told them multiple times.)
Tried to charge me over normal amount for renter's insurance, for saying my renter's insurance policy wasn't renewed. It was. I even let them know beforehand and multiple times.

By the way, according to leasing agreement, they would immediately charge you a late fee of $35 on the day you are late. Have to find any excuse to punish tenant to grab more money out of them, huh? Even despite how incompetently they obviously operate.

College has:

- Made me run around to the Dean and Department Chair, and then wait, because they dragged their feet like hell, to get an internship credit form signed. Then charged me over a $1000 just to get credit for it (Because you have to register for it like an actual class), not even making me eligible for financial aid for it or anything.
-Dropped class after seeing this ridiculous sum. They still tried to charge me for it.
- Now are charging me over $200 for my study abroad program AND their application fee. Even though I already did and was accepted by their application. I have never heard of an application fee that you pay after you have already applied. And this was billed to my student account, so I thought at least I'd be able to pay it off with the rest of my loans. But they want it by the end of the year, before I'll even be able to receive them.

Seriously, fuck these people. I don't care what justification they try to give you for giving these fees. It's clear there's capitalistic greed behind all this.

Anonymous 88678

The problem has nothing to do with him being straightforward. In fact I’m glad he was. Read my previous post.

Anonymous 88679

Maybe just talk to him to find out? Without actually talking the most you can do is just come up with theories in your head.

Anonymous 88681

why wouldn't it?

Anonymous 88682

What the fuck are you talking about?

Anonymous 88683

I feel this nona, also been dealing with so much shit from my (completely irresponsible) landlord. I have a decent job and get a raise every year yet because of our shit economy it means nothing. im still living the same as I was when I was a broke college student bc of fucking rent increases amongst other bullshit… shit is discouraging as fuck

Anonymous 88684

I feel like if him following/interacting with girls is crossing a boundary for you (which it should be, id feel the same) you gotta talk to him.

With an ex of mine, I went through his following list and found some girl that he was commenting flirty messages on all of her pictures. He tried to be like "Oh its just social media I dont even know her/All guys do this" but thats all bullshit imo. He shouldn't be interacting with other random women if he has a gf. Especially on a public social media site, its just disrespectful. Like all of our mutual friends could have seen that shit. ugh.

Anonymous 88685

Why would it? I have done things in the past, I have a life prior to him. And I could do it again in the future? absolutely if given the circumstances. I was puzzled that he felt personally offended to the point of shut off the possibility of having a good friend or lover, who knows. I keep talking to him because conversations were fun, but I didn’t feel personally compromised to him yet. I don’t enter relationships (of any kind) with the mindset that it will become serious matter and the other person will have to swear loyalty to me. I know things can change drastically at any given point but this took me by surprise. So he put on a scale
>i’m knowing this person, she’s nice, we share hobbies, we laugh
>but she sold photos of her naked and the thought of it makes me so uncomfortable i’m gonna discard all the good things I used to perceive about her
>reasons for this thought process: ?
I really really would like to know what’s in the mind of a person who reacted like him because it doesn’t make sense to me besides he never saw me as an equal.

Anonymous 88686

Are you illiterate or something. Try to be more direct in your replies you sperg. If you only aim to troll instead of actually discussing go back.

Anonymous 88687

some people are more sexually conservative than others, he probably thinks what you did is on the same tier as being a sex worker which is a deal breaker for a lot of people looking for monogamy, or at least that’s what i imagine his thought process is

Anonymous 88688

Ate lentils yesterday and now I literally can’t stop farting I wanna kms

Anonymous 88689

You didn’t do anything wrong, i think the anons responding to you are moids or religious trauma fags. But it is true that it makes moids uncomfortable. Othering and objectifying us is ingrained in them and i just don’t tell anyone not even women about my past because people are insane grown children at the end of the day and its best to keep parts of yourself to yourself (the good and the bad). You seem like an honest person and i hope you find your person soon

Anonymous 88699

i’ve been doing a lot of research about trauma and cptsd and stuff and i basically exhibit all the symptoms except i don’t think i had a bad childhood or was abused in early childhood. i know don’t self diagnose bla bla but my country has regarded mental health provision. i don’t even really remember my childhood, issues with my parents started as soon as i hit puberty and got a lot worse from there. i feel retarded and like i made myself mentally ill like i wasn’t molested at birth so why do i want to kill myself so badly for no apparent reason? i have no idea

Anonymous 88701


Some nonas will probably get somewhat offended by this rant and I apologize but I just really need to vent a little.

I just ended my first month of university and I am massively disappointed with my classmates. It genuinely seems like at least 50% of the people do not wanna be here at all, with another like 20% having mixed feelings. I am pretty sociable but I just cannot talk with anyone here. Whenever class ends they immediately rush home without even looking back. And like the stuff they can talk about is super limited too, just the absolute dullest current media + school and nothing else. I had a pretty whatever HS class but even there there were some people who had unique interests and could hold conversations and stuff.
I am just so disappointed, in the time Ive been here I havent gone out with someone after school once, and I invite someone almost every day, but theyd rather go to their dorms and…I cant even say "to study" cause they dont even know the material we are given, I dont even know what they do there.

Anonymous 88708


Do you just go to an average or below average commuter school? Those univeristies do not tend to attract as many bright and passionate minds as a high-tier institution would. I go to an average state university that I took a gap year from because of almost failing out, then came back super committed to applying myself so I was similarly shocked at seeing just how jaded and forced at being there most of my classmates seemed to be (Ironically enough, I've become like this now but I think that's moreso because of how much the constant classload in my major has completely worn me down at this point.) It was also very hard for me to socalize, no matter how many people I would ask to hang out. I realized this just runs in the culture of my school. It's not a party school or anything. Most students commute and are more focused on classes and/or associating with their current or friend circles from high school. People always recommend clubs, but I personally tried that and I found the same thing - Inner cliques with people that just preferred to just get by and that's it. It won't help much if it is just not the kind of community your school has.

Also should note that most college students are students who are going to college, on someone else's dime and just because they have been told to, even if it doesn't mean anything to them or they have no idea why they really are - Other than "Just get a job and make more $$$", at least. That's going to signifigantly contributed to them being more jaded and apathetic about their education. They have also been fed the "College is going to be best time of your life!111" bullshit, where some think it will be a heaven free from your parents, with endless sex/drugs/etc, so that will make them much less incentivized to treat it as you should be - an investment in your future that will make you a more well-rounded person.

Anonymous 88710

It is a pretty prestigious university, people from half the country commute here, 1k+ people sign up for entrance exams yearly and only around 200 get in (although the took in a little more this year). That's why I am so surprised, about 2/3 of my classmates didnt even get here on their first try so you'd think that if they got here they'd be pretty dedicated to this but they seem quite apathetic. Apathetic to school, to drinking, to going out, to everything. They just watch mid anime and play mid games.

Anonymous 88712

So his view of me switched in seconds from “cool girl I like to talk to” to “whore”. Interesting.
I used to be the same, being secretive about my past and all. But I’ve seen other women starting romantic relationships with men and instead of telling them about their past at the beginning they wait until the bond is tightened to spit the truth and they have to undergo this awkward period of him being conflicted about his feelings and her feeling exposed, insecure and extremely anxious about his final resolution. It’s so tiresome the stress women have to endure just because this guy doesn’t acknowledge the fact she’s a human being with free will just like him. It’s an extremely shitty process for women but it seems the only way to be honest and stay in the relationship at the same time. It sucks. I really hate the whole objectivization thing. I respect my principles and one of them is being honest and straightforward so if this experience keep repeating and men refuse to see me as more than their idealized image of me I’ll rather be alone. I love myself too much to deal with this shit over and over. I value my loneliness and space and I will not exchange that for a person that barely sees me as more than an obedient doll who should fulfill his expectations to not be degraded in his mind to the category of a “slut with no value”.

Anonymous 88716

I hate that i feel the spark disappear even if im not close or with the person

Anonymous 88723

>They will literally see you as a piece of meat and don’t bother to hide it.
Didn't you market yourself as a piece of meat when you decided to sell pictures of yourself? I don't know what makes you think he viewed you that way from him telling you he was uncomfortable. At least he isn't trying to lead you on.

>So his view of me switched in seconds from “cool girl I like to talk to” to “whore”. Interesting.
Sure, if that's how you want to look at it. If a man told me he smoked my view could change pretty quickly from "guy I'm interested in" to "smoker". A lot of people wouldn't mind but for me it would be a dealbreaker.

Anonymous 88725

Okay, so how does it change her personality? What is the trait that you think he learned she has? A genuine question

Anonymous 88735

s, I'm trapped in a perpetual loop where I feel shitty about myself, stalk my ex and then feel even more shitty about myself. idk why I voluntarily do this. I deprived myself of love for the majority of my life, but when I finally got it, it was gone. it's really affecting me in other areas of my life. I finally had someone I thought cared for me, but it wasn't what I thought it was. I seriously need help/advice if anyone is willing to share.

Anonymous 88738

i’ve literally been stuck in the same loop and it’s ruined my life for the past two years. do you have any issues like any diagnosed mental illness or did you have a bad childhood? if so get your ass to therapy or at least access online resources and do some reading, stay busy invest more time in existing friendships and relationships, don’t isolate yourself and don’t let yourself fall into those patterns of behaviour. focus on hobbies, career, anything just get your mind off of it and work on yourself and you will eventually be fine. just focus on investing in yourself and developing love for yourself and becoming self sufficient it sounds like a meme saying you need to love yourself before you can love someone else but it’s true. Hope you feel better soon anon

Anonymous 88739

same boat but i'm stalking men who don't know who i am. there is no escape from this hell.

Anonymous 88740

I always get food poisoning from panda express but i keep eating there

Anonymous 88741

Thing is I did it for profit. I have a body that I take care of and I made it work it for me, specially during times when I don’t have any other income. I didn’t have any personal contact with my clients besides the transaction. And the most important thing: I don’t see myself as a piece of meat therefore I’m not. I know there’s a market and I took advantage of it because I needed to cover my needs. It’s radically different when you’re in the process of creating a bond and the other one decides that all the good times he spent talking to you were overshadowed by the fact I was into a business that is socially marginalized.
>the smoke thing
The stigma associated with smoking is nothing compared to the one of a woman who profits with her body. And I’m sure as hell not damaging my lungs by selling nudes lol. And honestly if you were starting to get attached to a person like he did with me but suddenly told him to fuck off because he smoke, you’re lame. Like come on, I hate cigarettes as well but I know how to set boundaries and I actually told my best friend to smoke 20 meters away from me because I don’t stand the smell. Also I constantly remind him of the dangers of smoking because he’s my friend and I appreciate him but I will never try to impose my will into him or stop talking to him because there are so many other things that make him valuable to me.
Also reply to this anon please.

Anonymous 88744

I think I have an undiagnosed mental illness, my childhood was pretty average. yeah I have a shitty dad and I think the way he's very controlling about getting me married away is what contributed to me not seeking relationships or love.

I try to repair my relationship with my sis and brother, but I don't know if that's worth saving. I seriously have no friends because I voluntarily put myself in this cruddy situation. I've had people use personal shit against me before so it's hard for me to build trust with people. I had a internship through the fed gov in the summer, and instead of making friends I kept thinking about my ex. I did came out with friends, but there's the dilemma of losing them if I share what I'm going through.

I think what fucks me up the most is having to replay alternative realities in my head where I handled situations different and keep that relationship. I seriously need help. I'm doing some homework right now, and it's due in an hour, but I keep thinking about it as the problem sets get harder. I seriously wish I had a friend I could vent my shit to.

Anonymous 88747

i can't talk to anyone normally and i don't like my boyfriends "friends" besides a few and i get the feeling he doesn't want me around them anyway
i genuinely feel like im permanently socially stunted but people don't mind having me around to just have a warm body to feel close to
i wish i could just feel normal and unburdened by this hesitance to speak

Anonymous 88752

Would you like to talk by email or smth else?

Anonymous 88760

I am too slow. My brain is too slow. My social skills are nonexistent. I am so unadapted. I come up with subtle flirty response lines only a few hours after the dialogue happens. I realize that I was flirted with only a day later, if not fucking 4 years later (yep, my very first crush flirted with me and I thought he was just being friendly). I am so dumb. My social skills suck irl and suck twice as much online.

Anonymous 88763

email is there, nona (click on name)

Anonymous 88764


Anyone you add from here is going to be pic rel. Dont do it.

Anonymous 88766

idc how they look I just want someone I could talk more in depth with (and who is far away from me)

Anonymous 88768

anon it's a troon

Anonymous 88769


Anonymous 88779

i love my mom but holy shit she makes a huge deal out of everything. i forgot a towel on the couch i used to dry my hair after a shower and she said im impossible to live with and that it was a "mistake" and started lecturing me. i feel baffled every time something like this happens but i'm starting to wonder if i'm actually in the wrong and her reactions are normal because that's all i've ever known. genuinely confused and would appreciate other opinions on this.

Anonymous 88785

I’m unlovable why am i unlovable what did i do. Why why why why does no one love me. Why does no one chase my sorry traumatized avoidant ass and try to force themselves into my life because i can’t bear the feeling of rejection so i tend to run away as soon as someone hurts me even slightly i want to be loved too. I want a friend i want a partner

Anonymous 88787

Then you've never added anyone from here. The discord server is full of only confirmed women and everyone I've added from here has been a woman, just voice verify and video chat it's not hard.

Anonymous 88789

i wish i wasn’t narcissistic and such a psycho

Anonymous 88798

I'm on the same boat as you nona. My mom is cool but when she's in a bad mood she overreacts a lot over my little mistakes and it can be quite emotionally draining sometimes. I'm currently looking for a job so I can finally move out. I love her but I can't live like this anymore.

Anonymous 88801

surely you must have some family members that love you?

Anonymous 88802

They are the reason i’m struggling… thats usually the case with people who struggle with relationships and community. And for sure its the same with me

Anonymous 88804

my fucking best friend is dead, and it's been almost exactly six months without her. i miss her so goddamn much, but i feel like she didn't even care about me the same way i did her. she had another best friend who posts about her all the time and hates me :C

Anonymous 88811

if trends continue, my family business will collapse next year despite our best efforts. i am so tired and depressed i am beginning to lose friends over it. i fear the future.

Anonymous 88813

This sounds like a consequence of living together for too long. I'm saying this because I'm the one in the mother-daughter relationship who often over-reacts over minor mistakes and annoying behaviour of hers.

Anonymous 88865

Why is it that every roommate I have (Unprompted and themselves, without me even having said anything about it) that says she won't bring boys in when she first moves in, ends up bringing boys in regularly? What the fuck. This one must have gotten a boyfriend or something and now they're hogging the couch and TV. She's getting really annoying. I wish I could move out sooner because I'm sick of roommates.

Anonymous 88868

i realized yesterday that my college roommate is skinwalking/competing with me and i am just over her at this point and can’t wait for her to fucking move out at the end of the semester. i am here for the rest of my degree as i am a transfer student but she is just visiting. we already got into it when we first moved in as she treated me like shit, kept the air conditioning on ALL day to the point the apartment was freezing, and was overall a fucking pig like not cleaning up, throwing her clothes everywhere, and being inconsiderate of me while i tiptoed around her. i look at her and it is hard to believe some days she is 23 because she acts like she is 16.

now everything i do she has to go run and do it, but badly. if i eat out, then here she comes with a bunch of bags. i went to chanel to get some makeup as a treat for myself after a hard week and then she ran and went to sephora to buy some shit. i love nice gourmand/vanilla perfumes and have decent collection of scents and now she is wearing one when she has her own body sprays. i bought a box of chocolates from a chocolatier and here she goes with her box of macarons or whatever. she even watches everything i do and copies my schedule now; like if i get up early to do laundry or wash my hair, then she’s right behind me in the shower. i know i should be flattered in a way but it is still weird and annoying because she is still mean to me and talks about me behind my back to her boyfriend.

Anonymous 88871

This sucks so badly. My business went bankrupt but at least I had my career to fall back on. Do you have an exit plan if it all fails? You might want to start talking to lawyers now, so you can start transferring assets to better hide them from bankruptcy court.
Also, depending on your age and assets, don't great bankruptcy too much. After seven years, it's like it never happened.

Anonymous 88875

I had a mental breakdown and i’m so embarrassed i screamed and howled and i reminded myself of my 2 childhood abusers by acting this way. I feel better now after letting it out but with the other people living in the house more misunderstandings are gonna arise and they’re gonna demonize me even more. I feel so stuck

Anonymous 89003

There's a girl I talk to who is very sensitive and it makes it really hard to talk, but she's very very suicidal and clingy to me so I'd feel too bad if I stopped talking to her. I just don't really get her. She'll send me random anime characters that I don't even know and when I ask her why she's sending me them she says she sends them to everyone because she doesn't know how to talk to people and then she has a mental breakdown over me asking that. I don't know what to do with her. I'd like if we got along but I don't even know what to talk about with her.
I hate when people just send images or memes as a way to start convos, that never actually works.

Anonymous 89004


I indirectly sent a compliment to an online woman whom I have an unbearable, atrocious crush.
Hopefully she doesn't see me as a creep. Initial interactions are delicate and while she's so sweet and cute, I'm so pathetic and impotent.

Anonymous 89009

God I really hate porn. Even just looking at it destroys your psyche slowly.

Anonymous 89014

That's very cute nona. You're probably overthinking it. Most people enjoy genuine compliments.

Anonymous 89019


That's why I've been only going with audio-porn and erotic literature over the past few years. Most recently also female-friendly IRL porn companies. Most IRL porn is only catered to for degenerate moid fantasies.

Anonymous 89020


Wait.. I'm leaving my lease soon, recently bought macarons, and makeup from Sephora. This is creepy, I felt like you were talking about me for a sec. I have no boyfriend, would say I act pretty cordial to my roommate, and am at least somewhat clean though.

Anonymous 89025

lol don’t worry anon, it is definitely not you as you write better than my roommate, we live in university managed housing, and she is a normie who watches netflix all day so she is not the type to browse imageboards.

Anonymous 89026

Kpop has ruined my life and rotted my brain. Every time I see those perky girls with slim bodies and perfect faces I feel like ending myself because I will never look like them. I'm not even a teenager, I'm a 26 year old grown ass woman. I'm afraid I might actually suicide one day because of it

Anonymous 89028

Im sorry anon, you can still unlearn it its easy to feed your brain images of normal looking women till it becomes your new normal

Anonymous 89030

honestly try stop consuming kpop media as much as you can, tons of their looks are heavily edited anyways, plus cosmetic surgery. look at more natural people. im sure youre beautiful

Anonymous 89032


You can look perfect too if you had a whole team of stylists who get paid just to do your hair, apply your make-up and dress you according to your body type, in addition to your agency sending you to plastic surgeons and putting immense mental pressure on you to always stay slim and skinny.

That's why I never understood being envious of celebrities' looks.

For me it's pretty girls on TikTok and Instagram who make me think the way you think about Kpop stars. They are people like you and me, not celebrities with professional styling… except they got lucky and their natural looks happen to fit conventional beauty ideals. They'd still be pretty in a potato sack with an awful hairstyle. I wouldn't, hence I stopped caring about my appearance altogether.

Anonymous 89033

gay porn is kinda sexy though desu

Anonymous 89035

Nona I hope you know that South Korea is the country with the highest ratio of plastic surgery done per person. They are known as the plastic surgery capital of the world.
Kpop "artists" all have the same unnatural and plastic appearance because of all the procedures most of them go through to look "perfect".
The girls look like lifeless dolls and the guys look like fags.
So, like >>89030 said, stop consuming Kpop media. The idols are all fake and also their "music" is shit.

Anonymous 89038

I regret getting my driver's liscense while still living in my 3rd world shithole. Mounting anxiety and slow reflexes make for a very shitty driver. My depth perception also seems to be fucked. I can barely quantify a gap to see if I'd graze the car if I drive through or not. Everyone drives like a fucking lunatic here and I'm clammy and sweating like pig every time I have to dodge a near disaster. I also seem to have fried whatever neurons I had, because I'm finding it increasingly difficult to make decisions on the spot (which is essential here where we drive manual).
I dunno. I felt like venting beause I feel like this micro-crisis encapsulates every thing I'm struggling with irl. My lack of wits, my inability to deal with and act under pressure. My lack of confidence in my own skills (life/driving). It's just… i dunno

Anonymous 89039

I don’t know why this bothers me so much. But I’ll post a picture of myself and then some dude always has to point out a weird fault. Like my earphones have a knot or my dress strap is falling or just some dumb shit like that. Are they purposefully trying to be annoying douches orrr?

Anonymous 89042

I realized that I will make the worst kind of mother possible.
It's strange. My body's natural response to babies has changed from immediate revulsion to a sort of.. yearning. But I'm a terrible caretaker. Every time I have to take care of an ill family member, I do it but.. I'm filled to the brim with disdain and loathing. I hate seeing other people be weak and vulnerable. My working theory for why I feel this way is because physical vulnerability (in strangers) has always made me aroused, and to see it in people that I cannot be attracted to confuses my monkey brain and pushes me to the other side of the spectrum (hate that this person is so weak etc).
How the fuck will I ever take care of a child when my nature is so corrupt like this? I will never be emotionally available for them. Or I could end up like my mother. Overbearing and neurotic. Which is even worse.

Anonymous 89043

Ate lentils 5 days ago and haven't taken a shit since. Fucking shit. Also my throat hurts. I've only been smoking consistently for the last week and I don't go over a cig a day. What a pathetic body I have.

Anonymous 89045

I don't know, I'm not going to claim to know what goes on in some random scrote's head.

She told him that she doesn't do it anymore but could see herself doing so in the future. I would instantly lose romantic interest in someone who told me that. I don't want random people to be ogling my partner on the internet and for my partner to be encouraging that. And I think a lot of people would feel some degree of jealousy if they knew that just about anyone could find sexual images of their partner online.

>I don’t see myself as a piece of meat therefore I’m not.
I'm not saying that you view yourself as a piece of meat, but I struggle to see how you can think that your clients viewed you as anything other than that. They were interested in one thing only. I can't think of something more objectifying.

Anonymous 89061

My boyfriend doesn’t like my writing. He just hinted to me that I should quit.

I find this bizarre, considering that he (supposedly) fell for me because of my writing, but now, he says that finds what I create to be mediocre and uninteresting. Knowing that he doesn’t respect something that means a lot to me is draining.

And, when he's not nipping me constantly, he showers people with compliments simply due to catering to his personal preferences in tropes. He finds my fondness for darker subjects to be "uninteresting" and "stupid." It makes me want to curl into a ball.

Further, my friends, beta readers, and randoms who have no reason to give me praise have given me opposite reactions. Frankly, I found their praise to be cartoonishly lavish. I don’t know who to believe. I don’t know what to think. I don’t even know who to fucking talk to this about because it's so embarrassing.

I thought my boyfriend loved me, but this seriously doesn't feel right at all. I just wanted to write some weird, dark, goofy bullshit. I was so happy to get a boyfriend out of it too. I didn't think it'd end up this way.

Anonymous 89076


just dump him it will never get better. I had a boyfriend that didn't like my artwork and at best, thought it was my "cute little hobby" even though im a professional and make a living from it. it never got better until I broke up with him and felt the immense relief wash over me of never having to be judged by a talentless scrote again.

Anonymous 89078

I'm ngmi. People don't want me. I'll always be alone

Anonymous 89079

I'd give it all up just to be normal and to be born again as a normal person

Anonymous 89081

The older I get the less I care about the world around me and only myself and the few people I love because I realize the world isn't really worth caring for

Anonymous 89083

I will never experience mutual, two-sided love

Anonymous 89096


Hung out with a guy I know from high school today and I accidentally butt-dialed him when I got home. God, I hope he doesn't think I'm weird as hell about it (Back in high school I went out with him for like only one day, but am not sure I like him that way anymore so I don't know why I am this self-conscious about this..)

Anonymous 89098


Sounds to me like he didn't care about your writing in the first place and just used it as an excuse to get with you.

Anonymous 89100

Dont worry that doesn't sound that weird nona. If that happened to me I wouldn't think anything about it.

Anonymous 89115

gna kill me bf

Anonymous 89127

how do I make a living through writing?

Anonymous 89129

i am so confused by this pic because it is both grotesquely ugly but also fucking adorable.

Anonymous 89136

Growing up with borderline (also a huge ton of a narcissism in there as well) sister and brother and emotionally immature parents, its funny how a lot of times when i triggered their sense of abandonment and they have abused me to no end because they feel abandoned and think i’m their 7th grade bully in a fit of a rage. I was abandoned in the process like i’m not even a human being like i’m genuinely messed up because of how inhumanely i was treated throughout my life. Yet they want people to baby them because boohoo it feels so bad forgetting the innocent scapegoats around them that they don’t have any respect or care for.

Anonymous 89144

People say dyslexia only affects reading and writing, but every dyslexic I've met has just been not very bright in general. It seems to always coincide with low intelligence. Not that they haven't been nice people.

Anonymous 89172


teach me to stop worrying!!!!!!!!! my happiness shouldn't depend my perception of how happy others are

Anonymous 89173


Anonymous 89176

The English lecturer in my uni probably thinks I'm retarded, I talked to her after the lecture and she lowkey said that I suck. I deadass started CRYING. IN FRONT OF HER. She asked me to explain in English but I couldn't find the words, so this is just hopeless now. She was so patronizing about it too oh my god. She even suggested seeing the uni psychologist, idt I will. I think at some point I also sounded rude without meaning to, idk if she will forgive that. Crying in the wc rn, I've been trying to leave but the tears just keep coming back

Anonymous 89177


Samefag, posting here helped, I will not die in the toilet, thank you cc I love you

Anonymous 89190

My boyfriend and I started like that.
We were barely talking too, 95% of our dms were just memes. Then after about more than 2 months, we started talking, and now he's my bf

Anonymous 89191


Anonymous 89196

It's a shame that most people who are like "You can vent to me whenever! I'll be there for you!" are liars

Anonymous 89209


I've lost count at the number of teachers and admin at school that have talked to me like I'm retarded. It might have been because I have always been very quiet and they thought it was because quiet = retarded. (It's funny because, at the same time, alot of people assumed I'm very smart because of my quietness too.)

Sorry that happened to you nona. These people should absolutely not work in education if they're so patronizing. I had a teacher in middle school that everyone hated and who yelled at me one day, asking why I wanted to get out of doing a presentation so bad after I went to her to try and excuse myself from it, and she made me break down in tears. Found out years later she was fired from that school. She was a mega bitch that clearly hated kids so should not have been in an environment surrounded by them.

Anonymous 89222

Same with the ones who claim to be for mental health and against abuse, bullying etc. as long as it doesnt happen to them they dgaf

Anonymous 89228

this whole post will sound insane but here it goes.
i feel suicidal over coming to terms with reality, at last.
for 4 years as i was in a depression slump, i decided to believe in the law of attraction lol.
there were some things i wanted to achieve more than anything, but they seemed impossible with any other mean if not through this whole spirituality bullshit. it was the only thing giving me strength and hope.
i wasted 4 years praying, believing, affirming, thinking positively only to be met with failure again and again, no matter what. my sanity slowly drifted away as i kept telling myself the world is fake and nothing but a projection of my mental states and beliefs, so i could change anything just by changing my thoughts.
obviously it didn't work. but i was in too deep and too desperate.
the fall after finally facing that i don't have control over my life and there are some things i just have to passively accept broke me. after the last ~manifestation~ disappointment.
i'm now left with depression and disillusionment, both much worse than before, and none of my wishes came true.
i feel so stupid.

Anonymous 89229

i want to add that the only thing i ever "manifested" was my desired nose as the community would say. this was only because i actually DID something about it instead of waiting visualizing and praying. i got a nose job for it. the people who believe this would say its still manifestation but i dont care and im sick and angry at this pseudo cult. by now i might have achieved much more if i didnt just "trust the universe".

Anonymous 89231

Practice is part of the craft, manifestation via only visualization is only going to affect the mental for that is where it dwells, you brought your own work to the physical as one should if they expect physical results.

Anonymous 89232

I am handless. I can't even do make up, all lines are messy, everything looks dirty and uneven.

Anonymous 89233


i cant believe i've been groomed as an adult to this random stupid fucking guy that used my traumas against me and caused me to self harm and miss university classes over it i feel so broken and disgusted why did i let this shit happen i genuinely thought i was safe with him but he's so fukin horrible and i feel like vomiting constantly i hate everythin about this situation and he is so manipulative i just want to cry

Anonymous 89235

All i wanted in life are a loving family and home, meaningful friendships, etc. all i got was psychotic fucks and a neglectful child for a mother. I really attract the worst kinds of people to the point where i don’t see any good in this world. Also live in a shithole where there’s no beautiful nature to run to when things get rough. Maybe i should just kill myself

Anonymous 89240

I have several-years-old self harm scars on my wrist. They are colorless but raised. I have to do something in short sleeves for work and I am extremely anxious. Is there a way to cover raised scars?

Anonymous 89241

Most people seem to be like this, I wish at the very least they wouldn't lie

Anonymous 89263

Believe your other readers. He sounds like a moron. There are always annoying (and usually mediocre and unsuccessful) writers or aspiring writers who want to write and read lighthearted garbage for people at an eight grade reading level with a childish outlook on life. He is clearly threatened by the success you’ve enjoyed thus far by cultivating a readership and reaches for the classic manchild “deep cut” by telling you your subject matter is weird and bad. Shit like this makes me really seethe because your partner should be uplifting you. My wife is helping me write my novel right now by talking it through with me and always encouraging me. She gives honest feedback kindly and tactfully. You don’t need this in your life. Dump him and be free to be a successful artist.

Anonymous 89264

I used to be so fiercely against any kind of lie but now I'm seeing the appeal and I want to lie to make myself more socially acceptable to others because if I don't I'll never make friends. My dad told me that I shouldn't lie because the only friends worth having are ones that truly accept me for who I am, but I feel like I'll never get those friends. I think my loneliness has reached the point where I'd rather have fake friends than be so alone.

Haha yeah I'm totally not a NEET I definitely work from home. Oh you like that show? Me too! I totally have never watched it before. I totally agree with you on that, so now that I've molded and lied myself as being a more normal person, will you please be my friend?

Anonymous 89280

I don't know to stop feeling lonely. I think I've been feeling lonely since I was a teenager, which it's weird because I had loving parents and brother. I should feel lucky because of it but I still feel lonely.
Even with friends or a partner, I still feel lonely. I always thought that a good relationship would make me stop feeling like that but now I'm in one and it didn't help. I recently was sleeping with him and it felt good, I was sleeping like a baby, then I woke up and I felt lonely again, which made me feel worse because I thought I wouldn't feel like that with him. I just don't understand what I have to do to stop feeling like this

Anonymous 89285

Finding a good companion among humans is rare.

Anonymous 89291

can you post some?

Anonymous 89302

how do i get over not being good enough physically for men
it sucks ass and i do what i can to look good and have a good personality and care for people but i will always be subpar in the looks department

Anonymous 89324


I don't want to go. I'm sorry. It's a 6 hour round-trip and no amount of junk food or alcohol will save me from how awkward it feels being the only person my age there while everyone else is either 20+ years older or younger. I don't want to be asked a bunch of invasive questions about what I do for a living while I am still coping through a lot of heartache and mental health issues.

I don't want to be stuck with my mother, even though she will likely socialize on her own. I'll come to Christmas but this is too stressful for me. I don't deserve to go.

Anonymous 89325

You get over it by realizing:
>men aren't as picky as you think
>men that ARE picky deserve their own suffering, always
>no srsly, males that chose their own hand and the idea of Stacy over a real person are horrible and choose to die alone of their own will
>you are comparing yourself unfairly to other women, but also making it hard for other women to want to support you if you blame them
>worst comes to worst, you can buy more "attractiveness" with enough money
>it's better to make males bend to you than destroy yourself to impress one of them

Anonymous 89347

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and I am supposed to take pills against it, but I kind of want to keep it.
It does negatively affect me, but I am also pretty sure that it is the only reason I am not fat despite eating like 3000 calories per day without excercise. I think it is worth it. I love food and I hate sports. I'm not taking your meds.

Anonymous 89349


My only female friends leave me waiting days or even weeks for a reply and my only male friends I fear are developing crushes on me, thus making it not exactly a friendship anymore.
So, I guess I don't have friends.
I wish I could suck it up and be okay with being alone but I'm not. I want friends. Don't even know where to search. I've given up on making IRL friends since that's even harder, so I'm only talking about online friends.
So many people talk about being lonely but they don't seem to actually try making friends. Meanwhile I keep trying and trying and it never really goes anywhere because of various reasons.
Am I being punished by some sort of God? Am I supposed to be lonely? Of course not, that's silly thinking. But then why is it like this?

Anonymous 89350

hate having a sex drive can’t stop thinking about my ex’s insane body…

Anonymous 89360

All this week I was whining how much I want to see him, I was whining how I'll die of shame if he has a girlfriend. And what? He is single and we met today. Twice. At this point I am going to believe in magic. What the hell, for 2 months he was sitting quietly ignoring his social media and just when I started quietly lusting over him he started to post in social media and popped up in my life. And now I am finding excuses not to write him instead of trying to catch my rare chance to get a guy I adore. What an absolute idiot.

Anonymous 89380


When I see attractive men, I feel extremely frustrated and depressed. I'm a frumpy chubby woman with acne and I know how they see me. I feel like a burden just being in their line of sight.

Anonymous 89385

Everyone in my uni feels like they do not wanna make friends with anyone. There are some girls that seem really cool but they all already have their friend group and seem 100% disinterested in making new ones. And I do not see to get along well with those that have no friends… I was really hoping to find friends myabe even a boyfriend in my new uni but I guess it is just more loneliness…

Anonymous 89386

date frumpy chubby men with acne then duh ez as that

Anonymous 89409


I'm meeting my boyfriend irl in few days and I'm really worried that he won't like the irl me.
I hung with him before, but we were only friends, and I don't know if he even liked me as a friend at the time.

Another thing is I was kinda accepting my body before we were in a relationship, but then he asked me if I wanted to go to the gym with him (and I figured he suggested that for me to gain more weight, he said it indirectly), and it made me conscious about my body. I really love him, and I don't think putting more pounds is a bad idea, and I think it'll be fun going with him. But right now I feel extremely insecure and I don't even want him to see my body, even though he's nice about it and compliments me

Anonymous 89412

Missing the point

Anonymous 89418

I have a really big work thing tgat I needed to be early to and I went to a similarly named place fucjing 30 minutes away and now I look stupid and my boss and his boss are upset with me

Anonymous 89428

I e-cheated on my bf and it completely broke him. I never planned for us to break up and it made me realize I'd never find someone like him again.
After a few months we ended up talking again and got back together. I'm both feeling blessed because I love him to death but I also feel like he deserves someone better than me.

Anonymous 89429

bf told me he was out with his friend and he had a brief thought about kissing her. i told him it was fine and lots of people have random weird thoughts. he said it's not normal for him to have such thoughts when already dating somebody and he said the only decent solution he sees is either for us to remain friends or get him more sexually interested in me. i don't mind remaining friends but i feel like i got too emotionally dependent on him so i might have a hard time processing it. but the other option is weird too and i'm not sure it can work if he lost his sexual interest in me so easily.
how do you stop being emotionally dependent on other people, nonies? i feel like i can never deal with my life alone and always need someone to be dependent on who'll tell me what to do and who'll take care of my emotional wellbeing. idk why am i like this. daddy/mommy issues? i feel like i'm incapable of handling my life independently. an older guy i'm working with was giving me a ride and we were talking about stuff mostly related to his line of work and he gave me some advice and i felt so comforted and had a rush of warm platonic feelings towards him and didn't want to leave his car but i obviously had to. this makes me think it's some sort of daddy issues situation with me starting to develop emotional dependence on any older guy or sometimes an older woman who shows some care and warmth towards me and i'm usually pretty successful at not showing it but with my bf it's different and i guess it got too far.

Anonymous 89430

theres a lot to unpack but first thing first, dump him nona

Anonymous 91907


I hate this faggot art professor like you wouldn't believe. He assumes his subject is as important as the rest of the main course ones, even the main one (I'm studying in STEM). He explains chapters on chapters on chapters of the most useless shit that I won't even get to use in my life since again, history of arts and architecture is not from the main course. Today he did the exam for our class, and obviously not only was I late due to period but I also completely fucked it up with no chance to recover. Mind you, I didn't get any bad grades since I started, and now THIS huge faggot is gonna ruin it. I hate him so much, he's got no family and nobody loves him, he should just kill himself and let his pathetic existence expire because I'm not sacrificing my mental health for this piece of shit faggot professor. God

Anonymous 91909


STEM Professors tend to have that focused lens otherwise they wouldn't have been doing both STEM and being a professor in the first place. But one thing you do pick up along the way in doing STEM is knowing what to study for and what you can just ignore on. Try clarifying with the professor at his office after class to see what he would consider important in the EXAM and just work around that

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