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Losing inspiration Anonymous 96116

I just bought some new markers and I’ve been trying to get back into art. However, the only things I can draw are things based off some traumatic things that happened to me, or political or grotesque shit. I haven’t been able to come up with ideas outside of that for a long time. I wish I could just draw peaceful things again and not question it, but I can’t come up with anything without it turning into something that has some sort of deeper meaning. I’m so tired of being negative.

Anonymous 96130

Maybe focus on some art studies like light or colour or anatomy to improve your art instead for a while?

Anonymous 96131


It checks out.

Anonymous 96132


Lmao the guy I immediately thought of drawing is this guy from the 1800s with the most deadpan crazy eyes I’ve ever seen. He’s also an assassin so kinda weird to draw him over an over, but he’s so creepy looking that I kinda wanna figure out how to emulate it. Ofc I wouldn’t show it to anyone, and I wouldn’t draw him 80 times, and he’s kind of an inside joke with me for some weird reason. There is something deeply wrong with me. Maybe I should stop watching so many history documentaries.

Sometimes I just draw people I find intriguing looking. Doesn’t necessarily mean I stand for them or mean anything by it. Like my friend’s girlfriend’s best friend, for example. She doesn’t even know me and the drawing is secret.

Anonymous 96135


Why don't you just double down on it, and draw art about bad things, political or grotesque shit. If you hate being so negative, then draw some kind of edgy nightmare, but add a little piece of hope in there . A lot of people appreciate art like that.

Anonymous 96136

Yeah but my fear is that ppl might find my sketchbook or something and see it and judge me on it lol

Anonymous 96138


Maybe draw neither. Maybe draw funny things instead to distract yourself and go to a different place than you usually are.

Draw some banana babies. :v

Anonymous 96139

I get you nona for a long time the only art I could draw was my vent art. Trying my hardest to capture all my rage in drawings. Then I forced myself to to studies to break out and improve but then I completely got burned out and couldnt daw for years.
If your not ready to break out of you comfort zone, dont force yourself, sometimes it backfires.
Hide your sketch book or have two, one you can show off.

Like others suggest if a topic thats outside of your norm that really sparks interest and inspiration. Maybe its something youve always wanted to draw but was too scared to.

Anonymous 96154


Okay, shit. I don't know how much of a coincidence this is, and I'm sorry for derailing, but just yesterday I fell into a rabbithole of this weird traditional artist that posts his canvases on various psychedelic-related subreddits. He has a good number of uploads, but what's startling is that every single one of them has this same exact face (since most people are vain, I'm going to be mean and assume that it's a self-portrait). You can probably find him through reverse image search.

So uh, use it as a reference I guess?

Anonymous 96157

Just draw what you want and what makes comes to you, usually trying to force something leads to stiff or bad art. Its about going with the flow, unironically. Get it out of your system and enjoy your hobby

Anonymous 96158

who cares, the chance of anyone finding would be low anyways

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