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Anonymous 97393

>Turn 18 and start college
>Go to a good one but it's an hour away from where I live
>Move in with my dad to get closer
>Away from my friends, I can never see them during the week
>Try my best to get along with people at uni, constantly starting conversations, talking with new people and acting extroverted
>In a matter of weeks I naturally get excluded from every friend group
>It just happens naturally
>I'm basically alone for the entire week
>When the weekends come and I can go to my mom's house I'm too exhausted to actually do things with my friends
>I'm trying to make online friends but it's not the same
>Deep painful feelings of loneliness scary to set in
>Broke down and started sobbing when I realized I'm going to slowly drift apart from all of my friends until I just naturally stop talking to them

I was excited for change and to meet new people, get away from school, I'm extroverted so I thought I'd be able to make new friends just like that. People always told me that in university you meet people that are similar to you but I feel alien.
My chest hurts its hard to breathe, I hate this.

Anonymous 97407

All my “friends” kicked me out of their friend group senior year of high school so I lost contact with people I clicked with and knew for about a decade. Moving onto Uni I am in the same boat as you as I find it extremely hard to make real friends and to truly click with someone. The truth is despite meeting lots of people I have not really deeply clicked with another person. Everyone here feels so superficial, fake, and passive aggressive. I have interests, hobbies, goals, and projects I am working on, but I don’t really like a lot of aspects of social media that my culture embraces which alienates from so many people. People look down upon me because I don’t use Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok. Τhey act like I am a some weird social outcast. God I fucking hate this culture. I know there are people out there that I can deeply click with they are just so hard to find. I’ve got no advice here just know you are not alone. It hurts.

Anonymous 97413

>I realized I'm going to slowly drift apart from all of my friends until I just naturally stop talking to them
This is unfortunately something that simply happens in life, it's almost impossible to prevent it.

Anonymous 97419


I used to use all of those (Snapchat and TikTok less so, but I still used those) as well as Twitter, and let me just say, I have felt way better mentally since I’ve deleted them from my phone. Everyone on those apps are so fucking judgmental for no reason. I only use Snapchat to talk to friends now (which is rare, I’d rather just text them), and Discord to talk to the few online friends I still have. If I ever need to find something specific on Instagram or Twitter, I just log in through the browser and log off. I also go on here to vent about shit I don’t want other people to hear, mostly terfy stuff and rumors about people.

So when I do inevitably “scroll”, its a lot of weird google searches about different topics, watching youtube videos (which I’ve also deleted recently), and writing shit down in my notes. It’s kind of like an echo chamber, but so is regular social media. The difference is there’s no 12 year old trannies, overly political college students and right-wing moids stinking up the place.

Anonymous 97444


Does your school have a clubs? Or an extracurricular your fond of? Sometimes you can meet people w similar interests that way. I know thats advice thats always thrown around. Keep trying with people theres no success without failing sometimes. I'm in my 30s and I dropped out of uni and lost all those friends. One is marrying a tranny, so no big loss there. I havent really had friends in my adult life, I'm odd and don't mesh with others well. I actually met a friend this past week after moving to this area years ago. Just keep trying. I'm not friends with a single one of my high school friends, even ones that lived near by during uni.

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