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/lcg/ - lescel general Anonymous 97708

lesbians who are involuntarily celibate, post anything under this thread relating to your celibacy.


If you don't know what to reply with, you can answer these greentexts

>what was the first femcel/lescel community you joined?

>talk and/or vent about your celibacy.
>any crushes?
>what is your definition of lescel, or any kind of involuntary celibate label
>when did you first discover you were a lescel?
> do you think there is any hope for you, romantically? if so, why? if not, why?
>rant or vent about homophobia
>how old are you?
>how did you discover CC?
>hobbies and/or interests?

i love this fucking cat

Anonymous 98041


Anonymous 98058

Idk if id call myself a lescel but im feeling pretty pathetic rn

Anonymous 98064

Anonymous 98073

20, live with my parents, no job, socially retarded, anorexic 3/10, 4channer. my life is stupid, i know im going to kill myself some day.

im an extremely worthless human being. this landscape i have of trying to find friends, let alone a gf, is bleak as hell.

Anonymous 98074

Same, same, same, same, used to be, and same. Being a 20yo neet isn't a death sentence nona. Try to enjoy it at least, all the free time to watch whatever you want, read anything, if you draw or write or do anything creative you can really dedicate yourself to it. But from what you said you're probably wanting a change, apply to any part time jobs that interest you, a few days a week max to get used to being active again.

Anonymous 98189

I feel the same exact way, I just sit in my room fantasizing about how much better my life could be. Being a loser sucks

Anonymous 100423

Am I one, if I'm voluntary lescel now, but used to be lescel? Nothing happened experience-wise, I just changed my mindset about the situation.

Anonymous 100473

Not a lesbian but came here with a petition to stop using the word "celibate" when it's not the case. Celibacy = something voluntarily. Please don't equal yourselves to moids who promoted the term "incel" (also incorrect). People get the wrong idea on celibacy (which of course doesn't have to be religious, it's just a life choice). Just call yourself involuntarily deprived of relationship and sex or something, moid-tier labels aren't cool.

Anonymous 103114


Gonna try online dating out there. I have like 0.001% chance of successfully finding someone I like, and she likes me back. But if I don't put myself out there I have 0% chance. Honestly I believe I think i'd be likelier to win the lottery than find a gf.

Anonymous 103128

I was just like you before I met my gf online, and it was 4chan of all places. We've met each others parents and are super happy. You've got this and I believe in you nona!

Anonymous 103129

nta but nona please elaborate… did you just talk on a random thread and exchanged contacts there?

Anonymous 103137

Screenshot 2023-08…

dont think im gonna call myself incel but i feel too ugly, gullible and mentally fucked up to be allowed to be close to other women if any would even consider it. the more i think about it the more i get turned off by trying to date anyways, i don't like being used, i'm terrified of fetishists and have been groomed by one when younger, have almost been used by bi girls cheating on their bfs, and in the closet. brain problems aside, i feel like i have to change my entire closet and personality and skin myself too. i'm just really scared, and on other boards the lesbians there are scary and i dont know if i can be in a proper relationship if i don't even fit into any community.

Anonymous 103215

vollescel here because I either keep fucking up my better relationships or keep attracting cluster b strays who fuck me up. I’m done, I’m truly and utterly done. It’s girl after girl after girl and never a good ending

Anonymous 103217

Wad happened??

Anonymous 103433

Dated a bpdchan for a few months and it severely affected my mental health. Discarded me right after saying she wants to be my gf and lovebombing me the following night lmao. Such is the life of someone who agrees to date a cluster B. Thank goddess that’s behind me now but I’m still healing from her. I had a great gf before her but I keep developing crushes and limerence for other women throughout every relationship. What I need is probably intense therapy not another woman romantically. Ngl it’s hard for me turn down women who show interest, it’s isolating being a lezzie in these parts.

Anonymous 103462

I wish God created more homosexual women

Anonymous 103507

i feel like they dont even exist, like im the only one.

Anonymous 103510

ive been thinking about going femme too, i wish masculinity wasnt so natural for me. its definitely best to be femme if you can, lesbians are more attracted to femmes.

Anonymous 103512

wipe from front to back not back to front

Anonymous 103513

Your axe wound is not a vagina.

Anonymous 103522

Are lesbians more into femmes?
It doesn't seem like it where I am. I got more female attention when I started presenting how I like (soft masculine but somewhat eccentric). Perhaps that's just the visually gay thing, so they know it's safe to flirt. No attention from fellow masc women, however.
Sorry, I don't belong itt since I do have a gf.

Anonymous 103540

If real and not a trannycoper, you might have a fistula. Go see a doctor.

Anonymous 103581

Whys it so hard to believe im a cis woman jfc

Anonymous 103582


>cis woman

Anonymous 103584


>Cis woman

Anonymous 103602


>cis woman

Anonymous 103604

Anonymous 103606

When you wrote "shit", did you mean literally or just "smells bad"?

Anonymous 103607



>cis woman

Anonymous 103654


cope seethe dilate no lesbian wants you because you are male.

Anonymous 103719

i hate being a lesbian so much. if i could just be straight or bi or whatever i would in heartbeat. i literally get asked out by guys probably like once a month yet finding a girl i am interested in who likes me back feels IMPOSSIBLE. it might just be the area im in but it feels like there are no gay girls at all where i live and dating apps are lierally just full of straight couples looking for a third. i don't see myself crawling out of this pit of lonliness for a long time, lesbianism feels hopeless

Anonymous 104494

being a lesbian is so fucking lonely. i kind of hate straight people for how easy they have it. it feels impossible i'll ever find someone who 1. is attracted to women 2. i like 3. likes me back. like the odds are so small, and i live in the middle of nowhere. i feel like i'm going to be alone forever. i'm a neet too

Anonymous 104615


I've reached a realization that my attraction to women isn't primarily driven by a desire for a romantic partner. Instead, it seems to stem from a subconscious need for the kind of affection and nurturing I didn't receive from my mother during my childhood. It's become apparent that my past relationships have mainly involved seeking out women who are older and more nurturing than me. Now, I'm feeling apprehensive about starting to date again, as I'm concerned that I might inadvertently end up wasting someone else's time.

Anonymous 104622


I'm sorry nona. Considering how most "lesbians" these days seem to be only TIMs or just virtue-signaling straight girls with an agenda, I can only imagine.

Anonymous 104627

I completely understand how you feel nona. there are no lesbians in my area, there are some bisexual girls but they’re those bi girls who only date men. It sucks how I get attention from guys often but never girls. I hate how I never got to experience love as a teenager because I was the only lesbian in my area whilst all of my straight friends all had boyfriends. I hope we’re both able to find someone who loves us, being lesbian hurts so much.

Anonymous 109265

>lesbian card revoked because no gf ever

Anonymous 109270

How do I get a gf if im retarded?

Anonymous 109273

You don't. We die alone forgotten between the happily married lesbians showing off their perfect love story.

Anonymous 109279

>this is literally the lesbian incel thread
They still don't want males

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