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ways to make more irl female friends? Anonymous 97712

I just want to get some advice on ways I can make more girl friends. i don’t want to join anymore clubs on campus because none of them interest me i cant go to bars and don’t enjoy parties and even when I do go to parties the girls never talk to me after that one time. need mega help plz

Anonymous 97718

Im in the same boat. I bought a whole prada bag for nothing, i wanted them to talk to me. Guess i have a prada bag now, yay… i guess the universe abandoned us

Anonymous 97719

no clue. i resorted to reconnecting with an old friend from middle school but our conversations are so awkward because we've changed so much it feels forced but I keep trying. God…

Anonymous 97722

It’s going to be pretty hard if you don’t put yourself out there somehow . If clubs put you off perhaps you can sign up for meetups for women in your area or join female only gaming discord servers

Anonymous 97734

same - I try to talk to old friends and we’re alike in many ways but we would only be close if we had kept in contact

Anonymous 97735

I put myself out there to the best of my ability - I’m in too many clubs to keep up with which is why I don’t want to join anymore and I’m not old enough for bars. idk how else I can put myself out there

Anonymous 97744

If you're in a lot of clubs already can you make friends with those people? What are the girls like in the clubs you're currently in?
Unless there's a really good reason why this is not possible, maybe you can give the people you already know a better try. Like, focus on quality over quantity when it comes to making friends.

Anonymous 97754

I try to be friends with them they just don’t really talk to me i would say we’re acquaintances but I do try
the problem is i only have 1 girl friend and i love her lots of course but i would like to have more

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