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Should I take money over my mental health? Anonymous 98485

Stay on Campus - In-Person Classes
- Access to the gym
- Peace
- Easy path to the bus stop
- $1500 bill for housing
- No reimbursement money

Stay at Home - Online Classes
- $700 reimbursement (to build savings)
- Don’t have to pay for groceries
- Abusive mother
- No access to the gym
- More difficult path to the bus stop

Anonymous 98487

Samefag, I need the bus stop to get to my job.

Anonymous 98491

I pay even more than that per month solely for peace. No regrets or remorse.

Anonymous 98492

Choose peace. You'll probably do better in classes if you have better mental health

Anonymous 98498

Pay the 1500

Anonymous 98499

Yeah, I probably will do better.
My issue is that I don't have any money. The 1500 would have to be paid through scholarships (that I would have to apply for). To make that worth it, I would have to win $2200 (1500+700) in scholarships.

Anonymous 98522

Update: Apparently, I get to keep a $500 refund check and stay on campus. I won!!

Anonymous 98573

Good luck with your classes, nona!

Anonymous 98577

Thank you! <3

Anonymous 98582


You had me at

>- Abusive mother

If you can afford the $1500 bill for housing then it will always be worth over living with an abusive mother.

t. Someone who lived with an abusive mother until I moved out

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