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Anonymous 98550

I've come back to cc after a ~5-year break because I hit rock bottom again, and have no one to turn to for advice because everyone I know is an evangelical Christian.

I'm pregnant. I've been given the option to receive public funding for an abortion due to the circumstances that caused this. Part of me wants to abort (I'm already fat with a damaged body due to weight gain and don't want to worsen it) but I have a voice in my head telling me I'm being selfish for ending what could be a helpless human life because of my body image issues and to carry the pregnancy to term. I don't know what to do. I have a time limit to decide, obviously. Has anyone else gone through this?

Anonymous 98558

Please don’t get an abortion.

Try to talk to your family if you can

Anonymous 98559

Abort it, you don't sound ready to take care of a kid.

Anonymous 98560

The world is so awful nowadays that you'll be doing your child a favour by aborting.

Anonymous 98561

why u got pregnant?

Anonymous 98562

This is a rare situation where the selfish choice is the best one for everyone involved. The potential child is better off not being born.

Anonymous 98563

She was obviously assaulted you retarded faggot

Anonymous 98569

Yeah, if I didn't abort I would put the baby up for adoption. I'm an older anon but I still act like a retarded teenager who would struggle with owning a dog.

Anonymous 98570

Anonymous 98574

I’m so sorry, anon. I hope whatever the outcome happens to be, you have a safe and smooth recovery. I have never gone through something like this but if you still would like to hear an advice: being selfish is what keeps us alive. Your body image issues are just as impactful in your life as going through a pregnancy and giving birth - and as you said, they would even worsen in that situation. That is not a helpless human life yet, it can’t think, it can’t feel.

On another note, evangelicals are literally the worst type of group, such judgmental fundamentalist cunts. If you do decide to abort be careful to who you tell this to.

Anonymous 98575

NTA but I don't see what's so obvious about it.

Anonymous 98576

>I've been given the option to receive public funding for an abortion due to the circumstances that caused this.

Anonymous 98595

This is just a bunch of cells. It's not conscious, it has no feelings, it doesn't acknowledge its own existence. Remove it and don't torture yourself. You deserve way better, I promise.

Anonymous 98646

abort it, i promise you its for the better.

Anonymous 98647

for you and for the "human life" in question

Anonymous 98648

abort it. please dont ruin your life, you're not being selfish, you're being selfless by not putting this bunch of cells through what life is.
dont do this to yourself. there is nothing wrong with choosing your own happiness and freedom. some people love you, but no one cares about the cells, except people who hate you, and it's not love for the cells, it's hatred for you that they have. dont listen to them

Anonymous 98651

There are many stories of women being tormented by the thought of their babys that they decided to abort. I only say this because I don't want you to suffer such a fate. I implore you to think of your baby and all the good that can come from having one. I understand there is much trouble in keeping it, and how society has forced women into situations where they felt abortion was the only answer, and I absolutely abhor it, but I beg you, if there is something inside of you directing you to keep it, please do.

Anonymous 98652

Going to need more information to provide a good answer. What are your personal circumstances, what were the circumstances of the pregnancy, what is the time table, etc.

You’re asking for advice about a major life decision, but not giving us a lot to go on.

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