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Anonymous 99502

Anyone here scrote-brained too? I get constantly called moid in female imageboards and i feel like i don't fit in alongside other women, not even tomboys and such even though i want to. The only type of women i felt similar to were specific rude turbo autistic ones. This struggle has followed me throughout most of my life.

Anonymous 99508

I only get accused of being a moid when I say something about homosexuals. I don’t know why women on imageboards love them so much. Gay moids hate you cause you’re a woman and lesbians hate you cause you’re straight. The women who aren’t retarded can tell you’re a woman even if you’re rude though. They just play dumb sometimes because acting bitchy is a hobby for them.

Anonymous 99532

Yes, you are not like us other girls at all. You should avoid us because we only talk about make up, shopping and our boyfriends. Nobody on here likes computer or guns, that is for boys, ew.

Anonymous 99534

A decade of browsing mongolian imageboards does that for you.
I actually stopped browsing tiktok cold turkey because I found I was turning into a normoid girlie. Terminology and all. WHich isn't really bad but it clashes with the old programming. Besides, I was cycling between black envy that these people had much more aesthetic lives than mine and delusional hope that I might one day get a similar lifestyle.

Anonymous 99537



I have been rejected by so many girls (like girl-groups) I adapted an incel mindset for a while (which was terrible holy shit I'm so glad I snapped out of it) and hated myself for being a girl, I just realized that I was never exposed to what most normal girls in my class are into and I just don't like the same things pretty much because I was always around my dad and I was mostly exposed to boy things I guess. I get along mostly with guys which I mean, okay whatever, but it sucks because I can't talk with guys about issues they can't understand, or anything related to girls because it grosses them out usually.
I never bring it up especially online because otherwise people will think I'm a tranny trying to fit in and it sucks ass :/

Anonymous 99541



You don't get how fucking RELIVING this is to know that someone out there can relate to me when it comes to this, holy fucking shit I never met someone who can relate this this, ESPECIALLY to
>i'm always scared of talking about this and people calling me a pick-me or thinking i'm a troon looking for sympathy
I'm at peace right now (‾◡◝)

Anonymous 99543

>I never bring it up especially online because otherwise people will think I'm a tranny trying to fit in and it sucks ass :/

Op here and same, i'm always scared of talking about this and people calling me a pick-me or thinking i'm a troon looking for sympathy, but it's the truth. I relate a lot to what you wrote about being rejected by other girls and adapting shitty mindsets, there was some time in my life where i had so much internalized misogyny and confusion inside my head that i nearly got memed into being a tif, i am really ashamed of it kek.
Please don't delete this time

Anonymous 99544

Women wouldn’t want to be your friend if you continue to view them in a male lenses. You think youre being realistic and logical when all youre doing is regurgitating envious scrote talking points.

Anonymous 99545

I've gotten called a larping moid before because I want to sexually torture (not in a fun young big breasted dom with ugly old man way), maim, and murder men. I enjoy seeing them suffer and apparently that's unusual. It shouldn't be. Most moids can't even get it up without seeing images of women who were trafficked and their lives made hell for the sole sake of worthless dick while women are out there clutching pearls over hypothetical misandry-motivated murder. Even if you search "misandry hate crime" you just get results about femicide. Fuck men. They should be tortured and killed for sport.

Anonymous 99546


i struggle with the idea that i'm probably scrote-brained because i was mostly raised by my dad and every woman in my family ostracized me and abused me because i have the 'tism.

and sadly that bled into my friendships with other girls growing up and even now. i've never been nloggy about it, it actually makes me sad that i struggle to connect with neurotypical women cause of trauma and having no positive female role models in my life.

i'm working on it though!
I recently overcame a three year genderspecial phase because i was afraid of going further down that godawful rabbit hole and losing myself.

we're all gonna make it, nonas.

Anonymous 99548

It’s safe to assume that most girls went through that cringe “not like other girls” phase. I mean, fuck, a whole subgenre of books was dedicated to that shit and to demonizing girly girls in the early 10’s.

I can’t believe i wasted my teens pretending i didn’t love pastels and pink.

Anonymous 99561

I kind of am, but can override the bluntness and emotional stupidity when needed now. I got moid accusations on lc twice for having violent anger issues in the past and being horny kek. Once you start only having male friends the cycle is hard to break but it's possible. I now prefer female company.
You'll need to be a bit more indirect and gentle in speech with women, but I see that as a net positive as I age. Female interactions with healthy women can be pretty relaxing. In groups of very normie women I am still treated as the makeshift man, but that can be fun. I like making women laugh.

Anonymous 99847

I guess it depends with who you are raised with, i have seen men raised alongside women who grew up to be very feminine too.

Anonymous 100335

>I was cycling between black envy that these people had much more aesthetic lives than mine
what’s that?

Anonymous 100339

I feel this. I was always a little scrote-brained and even almost trooned out in my teenager years. The media I consumed was geared for male audiences, I lurked male spaces, and my heroes of fictional and historical figures I looked up to were always men. I over glorified masculine ideals and always dreamed of a feeling of brotherhood like how it is represented in media but I realized I was just delusional. I think it's important to know that there are always other girls out there like you, even if you sometimes you can feel alone remember there's another girl out there in this world who shares the same male-leaning interests and hobbies as you do.


I agree on what you said about how pick-me being misused so often and even if I get called a moid or tranny for saying what I want and talking about things I like I will still do it anyway because I know there's another nona out there lurking who can relate to me.

Anonymous 100348

it's "bad envy" compared to "white envy" (or "good" envy as in not wishing any harm to the person envied)
we have a same expression in my native language, idk what nona's one is

Anonymous 100352

Idk “not like other girls” are way less annoying than the basic bitches who pretend they are revolutionaries for wearing fake nails.

Anonymous 100353

ur doing the meme

Anonymous 100361

I often relate to the way men talk more, but I don't think that's me being male-brained, it's just me being normal. When I was a kid, the other girls were like this too, but growing up most of the girls around me got twisted into either two-faced bitches who think technology is for boys and makeup is for girls or deferential people-pleasers.
It's a shame and it was horrifying to watch my friends lose themselves that way. I will forever appreciate women who weren't completely overpowered by female socialization more than men, even if I don't get to meet a lot of them.

It's true that it's harder to fit in with women. I struggle with it, even on this imageboard. I lucked out and currently have a group of girls I play video games with, that is pretty nice.

Anonymous 100388

Scrote-brained auDHD woman here. Felt hard. I always felt that I'd be better suited towards being male. I feel that if I'm going to inhabit a female body, I'd have a much easier time having a more feminine brain. Conversely, I feel that if I must have this brain, I'd have a much easier time inhabiting a male body.

Not a troon, though, definitely. I wish that I could be more feminine, and have spent most of my life attempting to learn and emulate femininity, to become more soft and submissive. As a child, the other girls didn't want to play with me because I was far too rambunctious, destructive, controlling, and impulsive for their structured and cooperative play. I've never been praised for those attributes, which certainly would have been praised if I had been a male child. Once I learned how to be meek, submissive, and cooperative, however, I received all of the praise in the world.

However, there's one aspect of femininity that always gets me and makes me extremely unhappy: it's the fact that women are naturally submissive. Even if they are a femdom, they are still giving into what the real dominant in the situation, the man, wants. That's what makes me incredibly jealous of men sometimes. I never reveal this information to any of my IRL's and they'd never believe that I think such things, but I often fantasize about power, dominance, and leadership. It's not even due to trauma, it is how I've always felt. I suppose that having the same desires as scrotes is just a side effect of being scrote-brained. However, those things are simply unrealistic as a woman and don't amount to much respect and admiration from others. The women who obtain my aforementioned goals are deemed "pushy", "masculine", and "undesirable". I do not believe I'd feel comfortable with having any of those labels forced upon me.

Anonymous 100435

>I wish that I could be more feminine, and have spent most of my life attempting to learn and emulate femininity, to become more soft and submissive.
Jesus fucking Christ nona, are you retarded or were you raised in a rigid gender-role based environment? That's not something a "male-brained" person would say, because being "male-brained" (literally just assertive and logical, to atribute this to males only is misogyny 101) comes with a lot of arrogance and needing to prove yourself through some prowess (whatever you may prioritize at the time) - the very opposite of wanting to be soft. On the contrary, that's what a groomed woman would say. You have a deeply misogynistic worldview if you associate womanhood (being female, with a "female brain") with femininity (the idea that a "female brain" must be submissive by nature). Submissiveness is trauma. No animal survives by being submissive. They are terrorized into it.

This thread reeks of internalized misogyny. @ all the "male-brained" women here, you yourselves defy what being male-brained or female-brained is by being female and not naturally feeling Feminine UwU. Clearly not as biological of a phenomenon as you make it out to be.

Anonymous 100444

Being male-brained is 100% a real thing, men and women are raised differently most of the time and end up growing differently, most women don't think and behave like most males do and this is what this thread is about, about women behaving in masculine and male-ish ways and feeling rejected by other women for it. Why can't we talk about our struggles without some person like this butting in? This thread isn't putting men on a pedestal and acting like they are superior to us, we all hate men here.

Anonymous 100478

You're right.
Also, idolizing moids is disgusting. Funny "male-brained" women never talk about males being aggressive, sadistic, amoral fucks.

Why can't you be an aloof, autistic, passionate woman without thinking you're moid-brained?? As if all moids are talanted leaders lmao.

Anonymous 100497

Thank you for this. Posts like the ones you replied to here reveal the underlying fact that what we consider "masculine" or "scrote-brained" is actually dark triad behaviour/cognition and emotional immaturity/narrow-mindedness. When a woman has a deep lust for power influenced by her internalized sense of subservience/inferiority to men, she craves achieving it through their means, not realizing that maybe women trying to embody these questionable traits IS in fact pushy, bitchy, undesirable, but that men don't get as much flack for it, but SHOULD.

Unfortunately the bias for most of us here is being neurodivergent and we have to manually study and emulate qualities associated with our desired outcomes. I think neurodivergent women actually have a harder time embracing their own nature (don't even need to get into whether there's some inherent masculinity or femininity there, those are relative, questionable labels as is) and realizing their desire for power, influence, comraderie, etc. can be achieved in a more subtle, heartfelt way, very unlike the overly individualistic step on those below you kind of way men and modern people as a whole employ every day. Being neurodivergent can lead us down paths of social isolation, abuse, confusion as we grow up and this furthers the disconnect from groups of people as real people. We become the most susceptible to narratives about men versus women. Media across the board has suggested if not downright stated that men are the only ones who can be complex people and women are only one of 10 fantasy tropes that all relate back to the male gaze. Note the Bechdel test.

Like others here, once you get out of your bubble and really embrace your own hobbies/interests and seek out women like you, you'll find them. Women who are perfectly successful, have families/friends, are artistic, athletic, well-rounded, interested in niche things as well as pop culture, whatever mix you want, that don't stoop so low as to do it the way men are taught to. You're so disconnected from not only the true human way of life, but even the true patterns of men versus women. You're in the abstract illusory narrative of men versus women, two large steps away from reality.

Just remember, a lot of these traits you associate with being men might actually just be related to selfish morals and low emotional intelligence.

This is all coming from a woman who has been mistaken for a man her entire life, no matter how I was dressed or looked, some even thinking I'm trans as an adult, mostly having had male friends growing up and computer dwelling in male dominated online spaces. I never once felt like I was trans or less of a woman. You have to challenge what you think a man is and what a woman is. You have to separate yourself from those loaded terms to get anywhere.

Most people are most people and you can't look to groups of the average person to know what a person looks like. They're programmed too. Girls who reject you because you don't fit their narrative and men who pick you apart for not fitting theirs will have you scrambling to pick a side and not be so alone. But stand alone. You are human first. Ask yourself what you really want when you say you wish you were "more feminine"

Anonymous 100515

I don't have anything to add, but thank you so much, you put it into words so beautifully. Every thought that I've had for the past couple of months, every single time this topic comes up.

Anonymous 100519

It's op here and i don't idolize men i don't know where you got that from.

Anonymous 100553

well written and well put

Anonymous 106246


Some of the so called radfems act as if they don't care that women are masculine, until an actual masculine woman that isn't just "masculine" because of a short hair or clothes comes in, they are just like the average woman in that regard where they bully and exclude masculine ones because they are weird or "as bad as men for acting like them", they treat any type of masculinity as inherently evil and then wonder why are so many women like this trooning out into tifs. I wish women sided more with each other, especially on this time and age where troons and woke misogyny are seen as okay.

Anonymous 106249

What do you all think are traits of scrote brain? For me its,
>Being aggressive and easily offended
>Less empathetic
>Being perverted, thinks with dick first brain later (In this case pussy first brain later)
>Only thirsting for thick big booty women if you're a lesbian or bisexual
>Being retarded and less smart

Anonymous 106257


those are lc farms meangirl radfems, arent most radfems on tumblr anti femininity (also gold star lesbian supremacists) cus like that is true radfem ideology

Anonymous 106259

I type differently on 4chan than I do here. I think my posts are higher quality and I just sound less stupid here and I also sound less like a moid. Modulating my writing style to fit in with those around me is actually strangely normie for an image-board-posting practice

Anonymous 106398

Similar experience due to my bigotry.
I'm sorry but statistics are statistics, I will hate moids and anyone else that disproportionally commits certain crimes.

Anonymous 106399

I've never had any problems but those fake radfems do tend to lose it if you cuss or have no filter whatsoever because it threatens their fragile egos. Who knew that supremacy attracts narcissists?

Anonymous 106612

Shit, I thought I was scrotebrained until I read this thread. My definition is different. In my case, I had an easier time befriending men and tomboyish girls because I appreciate direct conversations without all the catty passive aggressiveness you find with normie women.

Anonymous 106646


A bit of a personal vent about growing up with maybe something like this "scrote-brain". Skip to the last paragraph to see a dilemma I need help with.

I had so little in common with the group of girls I hung out with during most of my school years. I was big into video games growing up, but they had zero interest in them and their indifference felt kind of painful. So I never talked about vidya or any of my other few interests with them because it seemed like a waste of time. Sometimes I tried to have these playful debates with the girl I was the closest with, but when I started arguing she would get all meek and say something like "yeah I guess you're right" and that was that. It felt really frustrating, maybe I was being too aggressive? Gossiping about other people was the main activity within the group, it was entertaining at times but got staler the older I got. But I was fine with playing the part for them, I thought that as long as at the end of the day I got to go home and play my vidya in peace, nothing else would matter. I ended up being the quiet girl whose name was often forgotten.

But at the end of middle school the loneliness and lack of meaningful relationships was starting to get to me. I felt like I was stuck with my old group, and ended up secretly despising them. They were normal girls with their own interests, none of them really deserved any hate. But I hated them for not being what I would've liked them to be, to be like me. I wanted to branch out to other girls, but no one seemed to be similar enough, no one I could relate to. So I spent the entirety of high school resenting myself and everyone around me, delving deep into isolation. I was envious of the boys around me, I wanted to have friendships like they had among themselves. The grass seemed so much greener on the other side.

One time in high school I saw couple of boys bring a chessboard to school and play during breaks. I didn't even know the rules at the time but I thought it looked fun and I wanted to do something like that with my own friends. When I mentioned I had developed an interest in chess, they fucking laughed at my face. It was the first time in years I talked about something I was interested about and I ended up getting humiliated. I did get them to try the game out at one point but it was so disappointing to see how they didn't put in any thought and kept checking their phones between moves, so I quickly gave up on that.

I never had any male friends in my adolescence, still don't actually. I felt like I could never truly feel like I belong, and I didn't really want to seem like a pick-me. There was this one girl in middle school who was always trying to butt in with groups of boys, it was such despicable behavior in my eyes I vowed to never be like her. Instead I enviously watched the boys around me doing things I would've liked to be part of, things like play-fighting, playing video/boardgames, discussing vidya/technology/politics/philosophy/etc, having both serious and light-hearted debates, being competitive about anything… I would've loved to do stuff like that with other girls my age, but I never found anyone like that.

I'm not really sure where the disdain for being friends with men as a woman stems from. It might come from lurking imageboards from a fairly young age and reading about how men truly see women. Maybe I feel inferior to men in a way? Maybe my hatred for pick-mes is too strong? Maybe I just don't believe that men and women could ever be just friends? When I was younger I always wanted to born as a boy, because I thought making friends would be easier that way. Maybe it's about the envy, I dont really know at this point. Never got into the troon stuff thankfully.

I've never felt so lonely and isolated as I do now after graduating high school, but I still have faith I could find women like me to have as friends. I hoped that university would be the place to meet some, but the problem is that the only field I have a slight interest in is largely dominated by men. When I first saw the gender percentages I almost started tearing up from the disappointment. Now I'm not sure what's the best approach, go for the field I have an interest in and try to be friends with men, or look into another that has more women enrolling?

If any nonas have any input or a story similar to mine I would love to hear about it.

Anonymous 106676

You don't even need to be masculine, just by expressing your emotions in a slightly stoic way and by not seeing value in what they value are already enough to trigger their weirdo alerts.

Anonymous 106677

Not exactly the theme of the post but…
Never was accused of being moidlike, but I've always thought that talking with the average women about the way I deal with my issues or feelings to be a waste of time.
It's always that old pathologization of what they perceive to be abnormal behavior, if the conversation continues, they start that condescending attitude of "I'm more mature than you because I feel my feelings" even tho I never mention ignoring what I feel. I usually relate to men when these topics emerge.

Anonymous 106689

I'm here because I tried to post on 4chan for 2 years and was constantly told to kill myself or "female hands wrote this, please disregard"

Anonymous 107008

Thank you for the reply nona, it's strangely comforting to know that there's someone out there with the same experience. I've also had my history of generalizing not only men but also women in my youth, and I've only just recently started to work on stopping that kind of thinking. I just have to keep on reminding myself that not all men are like the ones on the internet, and not all women are like the girls who I interacted with in my adolescence.

Most of my life I've admittedly thought that men have deeper friendships compared to women. But I think it just seemed that way to me since boys my age could bond over the things I was interested in, but I wasn't able to do that with other girls. It simply boils down to not having the right women around me. Hopefully sometime in the future I'll be able to agree with you about women having deeper friendships.

And don't worry, just hearing you say that you would like to be my friend was a delight. I'm not a big fan of purely online friendships anyway, I don't participate in the friend finder threads for that reason. I wish you well nona and I hope one day both of us will meet some women who share our interests.

Anonymous 107020

I spent so much time on 4chan as a teenager pretending to be a male that I almost got into the role too well and developed a sort of pseudo "gender dysphoria." I wasn't a tranny or anything like that, but I was so isolated, and I simply spent so much time online that I became disconnected from the physical reality that I was a female. It was as if I had lost sight of the biological reality that was before me. My mental mindset was entrenched in that sort of masculine thinking, and it worked so well that now no one ever believes me when I say that I am a female online. I still have that train of thinking to some extent, and I find that it has helped me in some ways. I am in a male-intensive program in college, and I oddly never get shit. In fact, they just treat me as if I was one of the guys, which has been helpful. I also never get issues in video games when I use voice chat, either, on the basis of my attitude.

Anonymous 107051


>was constantly told to kill myself

Everyone gets told to kill themselves on 4chan. That's practically like a greeting on there.

Anonymous 107199

>it clashes with the old programming
Why do you judge yourself the way you do? Just be yourself. Not every part of your personality has to fit into one box.

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