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I can’t stop feeling sad Anonymous 99519

I watched a documentary I found online and now the song from the end credits is stuck in my head and it keeps making me feel sad by reminding me what I saw…
>swallow me whole…..


Anonymous 99521

Yeah I mostly avoid unsustainable meat personally. I only buy from local butchers and farmers which means I eat super little of it as its so expensive. As it should be.

It's sickening how easily lives are now sacrificed on a mass scale. Why ? Because they are perceived as lesser.

Much like how moids perceive us.

If human milk tasted any good they would farm us too.

Anonymous 99522

The film made me go vegan. I do live in a very urban kind of area though .

The song from the ending credits is still stuck in my head!
I’m going to go try to sleep now

Anonymous 99567

It’s still kind of stuck in my head :(

Anonymous 100966

i bet the cow you ate was thinking
>i'm glad i can be a sustainable option for nona's consumption

Anonymous 100987

YESSS I saw this and it made me go vegan. tbh I'd be scared to be alone in a room with someone who could rationalize their way out of it after seeing this. God that bit with the baby cow who keeps getting electrocuted over and over again by that incompetent factory worker though

Anonymous 101155

They are already farming us as prostitutes and surrogates

Anonymous 101168


If she is eating meat once a month, then that's a major improvement over most of the "developed" world and you shouldn't belittle her for it. You're not going to stop overnight an entire industry that has, for over a century, funneled billions (possibly trillions adjusting for inflation) into propaganda. You should at least celebrate when people have reduced how much they're consuming. If people just alternated between eating meat every second or third day, the world would cut their meat intake by more than half.


I think the difference is that humans are intelligent enough to recognise how our actions are wrong. A lion doesn't eat meat because it wants to be cruel, or because it wants to 'dominate' the zebra, or because it thinks it has a right to the zebra's flesh. The lion eats it of necessity. It doesn't make sense to compare humans with lions because we are vastly different.

We're the only creature (to my knowledge) with a developed system of ethics; some other creatures demonstrate morality, but humans definitely have a long history of trying to do the right thing. Saying "nature is cruel therefore I will be cruel" has a flawed premise. Nature cannot be cruel; it doesn't even have an ethical framework to 'disobey' and thus act cruelly. (Most) humans do have a moral framework guiding them.

Anonymous 101185

Yeah I never get why carnists try setting their moral bars at the level of a lion - like okay if you're saying you have the reasoning capacity of someone who can't read then I guess that's on you

Anonymous 101192

Potential counterpoint: the only animals worthy of ethical consideration are the ones that are capable of it. Dogs have a primitive sense of right and wrong, and goats don't. Therefore it is ok to eat goats but not dogs.

Anonymous 101194

haven't finished the documentary yet but it is even sadder if you sort the comments by new first on youtube. why do some people feel the need to be contrarian for literally no reason

Anonymous 101198

A higher ethical capacity is only possible with a higher level of intellectual capability. I don't know if it's true that goats do/don't have a sense of right and wrong, but they do seem to experience pain. I don't think it's fair to harm something just because it lacks the capacity to realize its wrongdoings. It's creating an impossible test for the goat to justify its own demise.

A stronger counterpoint might be to only eat animals that do not experience 'pain' as we do. Supposedly fish don't feel pain, so sustainably sourced salmon may be acceptable.


That's fine, but it's not necessary to eat meat every day. For millennia, people lived eating meat only occasionally, which is why we are so omnivorous. You could easily live having meat once per week (even once per month), and you'd simultaneously be doing a world of good for the planet. Reducing the demand for meat may also improve the conditions for these animals (unless of course crapitalists continue to cram creatures into the same per-capita area, which sadly may be the case).

If you feel sympathy for the animals in op's documentary, then you are lying to yourself if you find any way to justify the continuation of this cruelty. Of course, logically speaking, if you don't feel sympathy for the animals then I don't expect you to stop eating meat, however you may stop doing so anyway for other reasons.

Anonymous 101212

Based OP
I will not eat the bugs
I will not eat the eggs
I will not eat the flesh
I will not drink the secretions
I will not breed
And I will be happier than ever
Go vegan
>she doesn't know about greenwashing
>she doesn't know about welfarism

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