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Anonymous 99556

I really miss my best friend.
We had been talking for more than 2 years, we are both antisocial virgins and that helped us a lot.
We made calls every day until the loneliness we had before was gone.
But the problems started when we got sexually approached while high on call. We really felt very good and personally I had never felt so sexually attracted to a man (more than 4 months without fap).
I was very happy until the next day he started to tell me that it was a mistake, from that moment everything changed between us. We stopped being affectionate and he stopped acting like a father to me (sorry I like that shit).
I was an idiot, I told him please forgive me if I made him feel bad but he just blocked me.
I think I'm in love with him because no other man attracts me and those who do have a physical resemblance to him (like ryan gosling in lars).
I want to die.
He so cute,adorable and protective tall nerd guy.

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