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Where do you even meet new people? Anonymous 99677

Anonymous 99680

All my new friends are just friends of friends

I don't know how you make friends without friends

Anonymous 99683

live with people, attend a college course & talk to people in class, attend local organizations or club where you meet weekly like bingo or martial arts.

Anonymous 99695

join new online communities

Anonymous 99696

>live with people
can't, no job
>talk to people at college
can't, too old
>attend local organizations or club
can't, can't hold small talk

Anonymous 99708

I've met most of my friends on dirscord. Tho, it took years to build friendships. But dang, it feels nice to hear the voices of new people, and not my little internal voice

Anonymous 99718


I think the key is having a modicum of interest in the subject matter of the community in the first place.
Adding people just because, normally never really works out

Anonymous 99763

Meet me, s. I don’t meet new people either. One time a woman at the gym talked to me, but it didn’t go further than awkward small talk and I feel like she was weirded out by my life circumstances. Haven’t made a friend irl since I dropped out of uni and these friendships didn’t last.

Anonymous 99802

She asked me what I did for work and I said that I’m regarded unfit to work. Don’t know what she thought about it, I just get that feeling that it weirds normal people out

Anonymous 99803


I just leave it at "oh I'm disabled" then immediately ask an unrelated question about their interests bc people don't know how to talk to cripples/people with brain cooties. I don't think they're freaked out by it most the time, it's just incredibly awkward for them bc they think they stepped into a social minefield. Just stay cheerful, friendly but kinda impersonal, not trying to make friends but passing the time with a conversation. When somebody's really interesting and you want to get to know them, you still have to hold back bc we already have a strike against us.

I take a deep breath from my nose (as discretely as I can) whenever I feel like I need to "reset" and dismantle my anxiety. You have to really visualize it, just picture yourself as you're having a conversation, like depersonalize a bit.

You can do it, my friend. Many of us are weird and can't work, that isn't the only thing about us, only the most awkward part.

Anonymous 99806

Okay… what do if I'm socially retarded and can't talk without creeping people out to begin with… but also am not a lunatic?

Anonymous 99856

just find other retards and autists

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