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Anonymous 99785

>never had a job
>dont drive
>uni drop out
>no friends
wow living like this feels like dying every day

Anonymous 99786

Learn something pratical
Read books
Learn to drive
Understand what you like and what you want to be, it will be easier
Good luck <3

Anonymous 99787

Never too late to start trying again

Anonymous 99788

24 is very young, nona. Just develop a regimen and stick to it. You just need discipline in your life. Good luck; I know you can turn your life around.

Anonymous 99790

Same. I wonder if I still have a chance to turn things around.

Anonymous 99791

Value itself is a delusion and tool to convince others to do what you want.

Anonymous 99792

Same, except for uni dropout. Haven't had friends or any social contact whatsoever with people I am not directly related to for almost seven years.
I wonder what it is like to have a normal, stable life with friends and personal archeivements you can be proud of. I'll probably never know.

People who say 24 is young and that it's easy to turn your life around don't know what it is like. I sometimes have to briefly interact with normal people at university. They constantly talk about their friends, their relationships, their jobs or academic pursuits… How are you supposed to even begin socialising if you have none of these? I can pretend to be a normie okay after years of practice, but you can't make friends by pretending. You also lose all social skills you might once have had if you don't use them for a long period of time, making it even harder to escape loneliness.
I tried going to therapy once a few years ago, but it didn't help at all and was mostly the same type of generic self-help advice you see everywhere on the Internet, like making a schedule for your daily routine. Stuff like that is easy to say if you already have a more or less stable life, but not so much if even being awake at daytime and asleep at night like a normal person is already an impossible challenge for you most of the time.

Anonymous 99794

What'd you use to study, nona?

You sound a lot like what I imagine myself in the future being (I'm just a bit younger) if my life doesn't do a 180 soon.

Anonymous 99795

>had a job
>have a car
>about to graduate uni
>1 (maybe 2 idk) fren
Living still feels like dying every day

Anonymous 99796

Relatable . Why do you not drive? For me it’s because it gives me a panic attack to even have to get in the driver’s seat and because I’m a really bad driver because I really can not multi task at all because autism

Anonymous 99797

Gotta say, I‘m currently pretty happy with my life though

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