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Anonymous 10894

Is there such a thing as female viagra? I cant get wet sometimes.

Anonymous 10895


Anonymous 10896


I was about to say, but depending on how turned on you are, your vaginal muscles might be too tight for piv or even fingers at times (personally fingers are harder to take for some reason), so even if lube works for her it might be painful.

Honestly I haven't heard of a female viagra yet, you could try some natural aprhodisiacs, though. That, or try longer foreplay.

Anonymous 10897

If female viagra existed you would have heard about it from various rape cases by now.

Anonymous 10898

>fingers more intrusive than fatter dicks
Why is this?

Anonymous 10899

Nat but personally the fingernail just makes me feel anxious I'm going to get a cut. No possibly sharp pointy bits on a dick.

Anonymous 10900

Seconded, I'm genuienly curious.

Anonymous 10901

It does exist but never succeeded because you had to take it every day.

Anonymous 10902

might be hormonal, go to the doctor and have a blood test. ask to have your hormone levels checked, and also your thyroid.

Anonymous 10903

Would suggest electrolytes with the easier option being coconut water (real/high potassium, 500+) to chase some Magnesium pills

Should know very quickly as well

Anonymous 10904

Male cialis will actually also help you get wet due to it's increase of blood flow in your lower parts, although it might cause you a headache too.

Anonymous 10905

Is this a troll post???? Have you all heard about lube or am I about to blow some minds?

Anonymous 10906

using lube is nothing like being actually aroused and naturally wet, it would be like a guy using those inflatable implants in his dick to make it hard, sure it's hard but it's not the same as the arousal response

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