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Anonymous 19115

Aluminum free deoderant. Do you use it? I am paranoid about getting breast cancer because I'm genetically predisposed so I'm always trying new brands but I haven't found any that are effective at making me not stinky.

Anonymous 19116

Is it actually reasonably linked to breast cancer?? I thought it was a fringe thing since I heard about it from a friend who is into weird dubious health stuff
I just realized the antiperspirant deodorant I've been using has aluminum… Should I stop?

also weird question but is it possible/common to never smell yourself and still stink? My sister says we don't need deodorant because we have the ABCC11 gene but I feel paranoid that I secretly stink because it seems like everyone drills it in that you'll smell awful and ruin your clothes with sweat.

Anonymous 19121

You can get used to your own scents especially if you are a shut in and don't see and smell other people often. So I wouldn't trust my own nose 100% that I don't smell compared to others

Anonymous 19122

I use it , it is pretty decent. I get the organic section stuff like Tom’s. The lavender one is better at masking your scent, the unscented one is unscented so doesn’t do much

Anonymous 19123

I use CRYSTAL deodorant. It works decently but you have to wipe the water off after you wipe or else the stick dissolves.

Anonymous 19130

I mean the aluminum is an active ingredient which basically means THAT specifically is masking the scent. I myself like to use weleda lemon scented spray deodorant. But I still occasionally notice I sometimes get smelly. This really depends on the type of food I'm eating as well (I smell worse when I eat more unhealthy). But generally I think it's normal to have a little bit of my own scent, since I have specifically been complimented on my smell whenever I felt most stinky. I guess in the end your pheromones kind of help you find people that are compatible so a little bit of body odor is not a bad thing.

Anonymous 19132


I do use arm and hammer. It doesn't feel like aluminum deodorant, it'll feel like it "wore off" fast and it won't stop you from sweating the same way aluminum deo does. I carry some small perfume rollerballs but I don't have a BO problem I just like perfume.
If you're worried about smell you could try using an eau de fraiche perfume. Eau de fraiche isn't as strong as your normal perfume so you don't have to worry about smelling too strong.

Anonymous 19146


aluminium isn't masking any scent. it's an antitranspirant, wchich means it makes you stop sweating in the first place. a deodorant keeps the sweat from stinking and a odorant is just a more intensive smell ontop of your stank.

the eu found aluminum to be safe in cosmetic applications, the whole "aluminum free" stufff is a myth/scam: https://health.ec.europa.eu/publications/sccs-safety-aluminium-cosmetic-products-submission-iii_en

Anonymous 19152

ive been using old spice deodorants for a while. i like the powder ones over the gel ones and i think they do all have aluminum but i decided to start using them because i noticed some womens deodorants like Suave or Secret were making my underarms darker

Anonymous 19153

Before you rely on authority I'd recommend that you research everyone involed in such decisions and who they associate with. One reason why EU was created is to streamline lobbyism. Corporations don't need to address 30 governments they just need to deal with EU.

Anonymous 19154

this is a statement from the "Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety", not from politicians. but i'd trust it even if it came from some political part of the eu, because the eu is usually quite anal about chemicals, especially in cosmetics

Anonymous 19170

I'm breastfeeding so they I use a natural deodorant. I cycled through so many and the only one that works is now solutions. Hope this helps

Anonymous 19172

I use aluminum free deodorant because I looked up the cause of pit stains and the results I got said it was aluminum mixing with sweat that does it. Been using Tom's in the lavender scent for over a year now and haven't noticed any stains on my new shirts ever since. I will say though that the smell I get when I start sweating it off is kind of funky; it reminds me of plastic toys I had when I was little.

Anonymous 19186

This is what I use too (Tom's Lavender deodorant), and I think it works very well.

Anonymous 19187

I can't even buy something as mild and tame as 5mg melatonin over the counter in the EU because they deem that dangerous, I'll take my chances with deodorant allowed in the EU.

Anonymous 19193

Secret Aluminum Free is the only brand that works for me. Anything coconut oil based or “natural” leaves me stinky asf.

Anonymous 19213

the link you provided notes that when considering aggregate exposure to aluminum from sources other than pharmaceuticals, the total exposure could exceed safe limits.
i used to use glycolic acid in a spray bottle which worked just fine, but now i use dove aluminum free for fragrance

Anonymous 19218

if you shower regularly and dont have any known medical issues, you probably don't stink. The idea that you go "nose blind" to your own stink is a gaslighting tactic when people want women to feel dirty but she points out she doesn't think she smells bad, the only way for someone to go noseblind would take months, if not years and you'd have to notice you regularly stink too. If you haven't noticed any smell on you before you aren't just going to take up one day, smell like shit and just not know it

Anonymous 19489

I use the salt deodorant. it comes under a few names/brands but I just use whatever is cheapest. I've used it for probably 6 years now. I love them because they range from 5-10 bucks, last a long time (some have lasted me 6 months to a year or more depending on the size), and they work pretty well. I'll work out or go camping and now shower for a few days and still smell perfectly fine. only thing is you rub it on your pit after a shower while it's damp/wet, and you have to kind of either sit while a fan dries you or let it dry on it's own to avoid just transferring it to your clothes. if I want fragrance I just use perfume.

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