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can i lose weight and keep my same cup size? Anonymous 19174

I want to lose weight but I don't want to lose my breast size, is there any exercises/ways to avoid losing in that area?

Anonymous 19175

shouldnt have gotten fat in the first place fatty

Anonymous 19176


Breast size is influenced by fat and the harsh answer is that there isn't a way to selectively reduce fat in certain places and not others when losing weight; your body uses up fat from all over your body. Your body will have some biases for where it tends to store fat, which contributes to people having different body shapes, but it's genetic and hormonal, so not something you can easily or safely influence. Stuff like pregnancy and medications can influence that. Ignore gimmicky magazines or influencers who claim to have some special tactic for spot reduction, it's biologically not realistic.
If you're only losing a bit of weight, it might not result in much of a noticeable difference.
Generally, women find that their breasts remain relatively the same proportion compared to the rest of their body as the whole body slims down. People who were above-average for their higher weight will rarely become flat-chested when losing weight unless they become underweight. This means that you may have the same cup size even if your breast volume has decreased (see the middle section of picrel)

Anonymous 19177


I have a thyroid disease that causes me to gain weight, its not the product of overeating trust me.

Anonymous 19178

I don't think there's anything you can do other than hope for the best tbh. I've lost 15 kg (75kg->60kg) and my boobs were a little bit bigger back when I was fat but they still are very big (32I). However, I've seen many weight loss transformations where the girl lost most of her boobs. It comes down to luck and genes

Anonymous 19179

>It comes down to luck and genes
Also age. Been yoyo-ing for a while, every decade weight is lost and gained in different places. I've been told hormones are to blame.

Anonymous 19182

If you undereat, especially too little saturated fat in your diet, your hormones will plummet, which will make the fat in your breasts be the first to go.
There are several ways to deal with this:

1. Sports. You go sport like a mofo, like, get your heart rate above 150 for an hour every day, job, cardio, sweat, the works. This will make you lose weight in excess of just the "calories burned", because your body knows it's carrying weight around that's slowing you down and overheating you. This works, but it is a lot of work.

2. You take the hit to your chest and try to grow them back once you're slimmer. This is a gamble, but if it works out, faster and much easier.

3. Surgery. It's not pretty, but it works, and isn't that expensive.

Anonymous 19183

If that were true, then you would have access to levothyroxine, medication for hypothyroidism, which should let you lose weight without dieting, i.e. without making your sex hormones crash and making you lose your baps. It does have side effects though, so consult your doctor and be careful.

Anonymous 19184

it's not necessarily true that she has access to levothyroxine. She could have a thyroid disease but still have all thyroid levels within normal range, in which case, most doctors wouldn't prescribe that medication until one or more levels was out of normal range. She could still be dealing with symptoms of the thyroid disease (i.e. weight gain) despite her blood work being normal.

Anonymous 19185

Right on the nail nona ^^

Anonymous 19189

Hypothyroidism has two primarily noticeable symptoms, excess weight, and sleeping way more than average per day (think 10+ hours in an adult every day) even one of those symptoms should already qualify her for the treatment. GPs are retards and may disregard blood work, or disregard obvious symptoms, or both, if a condition is anything outside their normal range of hypochondriac elderly ladies and prescribing SSRIs for everything because 10 more and they get a free cruise. If your doctor does not give you what you want, you go to another one, ideally a specialist - an actual endocrinologist

Anonymous 19195

I see an actual endocrinologist, who won't prescribe me medicine despite my symptoms because my blood work is "goal." I've paid out the ass for her to tell me there's nothing that can be done at this time. Most people can't afford to go from specialist to specialist until they find one who will give them what they want. I assume OP is in the same boat. It's not like there's an abundance of endocrinologists around anyway. But to be fair, it doesn't seem like we live in the same country, so I think it must be easier where you live

Anonymous 19217

>GPs are retards and may disregard blood work, or disregard obvious symptoms, or both, I
likely exactly the situation, the obsession with blaming women for everything in the medical field leads to a lot of painting over serious signs that effect quality of life, if someone oversleeps, feels tired, gains weight out of their control it's typically seen as just a lazy fat American or they get ssris

life hack though - get one of those online doctors, tell them "you just need more prescriptions that you were on previously because you lost insurance and now got it again". I have PCOS and that's how I got metformin and spiro because every fucking doc I went to didn't bother helping since I was skinny with big boobs so they assumed I was managing my hormones well but I felt exhausted all the time, would break out frequently and had a "pouch" that was impossible to lose

Anonymous 19323

does losing a shit ton of weight with asymmetrical breasts even then out eventually? i’m tempted to go full ana just to see if my breasts will return back to being the same size, it feels debilitating every time i look at my chest

Anonymous 19325

How bad is it? I had a friend who only developed 1 boob, it was a nice boob though. The running joke was that 1 nice boob is better than 2 bad ones

Anonymous 19327

>The running joke was that 1 nice boob is better than 2 bad ones
Holy shit that's mean (and hilarious)!

Anonymous 19338

malnutrition may make them more uneven. maybe you could try strength training your chest and massaging to improve bloodflow? most women have asymmetrical breasts (about 88%) so its more common than you think

Anonymous 19339

I was with a girl recently who'd lost a lot of weight and was talking about how her breasts were uneven but I could barely notice even when I was playing with them, I think it's something you're stuck with but it also doesn't matter since probably most people have uneven breasts if you look hard enough (myself included)

Anonymous 19359

Maybe if you go full anorexia skeleton death mode where people put you in the mental ward, you end up with even non-breasts, but with "normal" weight loss I would guess >>19338 is right

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