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How can I be less adorable and more sexy? Anonymous 19258

People usually say I'm pretty on the cute spectrum. The problem is that I don't like this, it makes me feel like a little girl. I have quite childish features, mainly my round face and round eyes, I'm always estimated to be younger than my real age.
Is there a way to look older with makeup, sexier?
I feel like every time I try makeup like ''foxy'' ''cat'' I look funnier than anything else. It's really something that makes me insecure. All my life I have followed a more natural makeup very inspired by japanese makeup but I no longer feel comfortable with it.
Basically, how do I go from a babyface to an attractive woman face?

Anonymous 19259

Sexier makeup and clothes. Look it up, there are plenty of looks on the internet, and you can use pinterest for inspiration/ideas.

Anonymous 19263


OP, if you figure it out let me know. I feel like I am forever stuck as being some kind of loli-bodied pedobait. I've always been called cute, but no one in their right mind would consider me hot. No wonder I'm never taken seriously.

Anonymous 19278

Time will slim your face but if you insist: darker colours (makeup, clothes) and hair cut (ask your stylist) can help.

Anonymous 19287


lmao I’m interested in the opposite. I’m asexual and want to broadcast that in social interactions, even if it’s something as subtle as this. I want to minimize sex appeal as much as possible. What’s the best way to do it? I grew up poor so I always dressed plain/basic but if there’s anything I should be actively doing or incorporating into my sense of fashion I’d like to know

Anonymous 19288


Wear this

Anonymous 19289

do mewing/jaw exercises

Anonymous 19292


> I grew up poor so I always dressed plain/basic

I dress plain and basic too though. I've been mistaken for a guy several times because of how androgynously I dress and carry myself. I've tried to dress more feminine several times but at this point it even feels like it's out of my element and comfort zone too much, just because I've been doing it for so long. (Which is a shame because I really love things like skirts and dresses)

>> I want to minimize sex appeal as much as possible.

Do you have a large chest? That might be what causes it. No matter how you dress or try to avoid attention, big chests probably stand out alot.

Anonymous 19308

>I've tried to dress more feminine several times but at this point it even feels like it's out of my element and comfort zone too much, just because I've been doing it for so long
Are you familiar with the Kibbe archetypes? It may be that those hyperfeminine clothes like skirts and frills actually work against your features rather than for them. Your discomfort with it could be because when you dress in feminine clothes you see this incongruence and on a subconscious level you gravitate towards clothes that works better for you, which explains why you might feel more comfortable dressing “plain”. I myself love the Gamine archetype, it’s basically the fashion sense I try and embody myself. Lots of “plain” clothes, but still colorful and quirky without being flamboyant or excessively feminine, it’s a very “unisex” style imo.
>do you have a large chest
No, actually. That’s the funny thing I’ve actually always had a flat chest (barely a B cup). Growing up I was afraid I’d end up with a bigger chest cause my mom has like D cups but I never got that and looking at older photos my mom was also pretty flat-chested herself and only got a bigger chest after her first pregnancy

Anonymous 19314

Confidence. People will take you a lot more seriously when you're confident and some even admire you. I still look like a teenager but people respect me because I'm confident in whatever I'm doing. As a bonus, men are intimidated by me and don't bother me anymore. I'm very cold and rude towards men in general

Anonymous 19315

You are right about being confident. However, you yourself are anything but. You put up a facade of arrogance and tell yourself it's confidence. People don't respect you. The men you speak of are just repulsed, not intimidated - not that it makes a difference, since you like them to stay away from you and the end result is the same. Overall you seem like a despicable human being and down the road you'll see how much better it would have been if you only dropped the mask and acted like a decent person.

Anonymous 19316

t. triggered moid

Anonymous 19317

Project all you want, nona. One day you'll see what I mean.

Anonymous 19318

Projecting? I am anything but. Your post is amusing me

Anonymous 19324

im toayrt, you're right about me

Anonymous 19345

you dont want to hear this, but losing weight will really help.

i used to have the opposite problem, when i was like 13-14 i would have people assume i was an adult. partially because i was extremely tall even then and partially because i was very underweight and therefore i had very pronounced cheekbones and a sort of long narrow face. ive gone up to a bmi of 23 now, as an adult, and its given me a much rounder face and has softened the angularity of my features a lot, makes me look younger and cuter. you could try to do the opposite probably

Anonymous 19348

If you intimidate all men around you, you're not confident, you're just undesirable to stay around with. You lack in social skills and awareness.

Anonymous 19356

Sexiness is less about looks and more about demeanor, about behavior. You can look cute, but you act sexy, act lewd, raunchy, innuendo-y, vulgar, cheap and perverted.

Unless you have big tatas, which will make you look sexy even when you are in a coma.

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