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Hair thread Anonymous 569

What are some of your favorite hair related YouTube channels?

What's your hair routine?

Do you take any supplements/do (you think) they work?

Anonymous 570

I got a perm while visiting my home country and it was the best hair decision I ever made. My hair dries wavy now and all I need to do is curl some ends in, way better than always having flat/uneven straight hair. Biotin works, but I'm always too lazy to remember to take it lol

Anonymous 571


I've been using these things for a little while now and I love them, they're such a pain at first but once you get the hang of it they look amazing

Anonymous 572

i love to use oils before washing cause it's super easy. mustard oil is my favorite but i'll roll with anything.

Anonymous 573

Are they comfy to sleep in?

Anonymous 574

Not at all, but most people use a hair dryer

Anonymous 575

Any of you use hair masks? Did you find any that work?

Currently my hair is oily at the top and dry-ish at the ends and I'm not 100% sure what to do with it? I tried different conditioners but none seem to we working well, even after a longer use.

Anonymous 576

>>575 do you put conditioner on the roots? Only put it at the ends if yes.

Cosmetics stores usually sell hair masks in a kind of "3 for 2" offer, or so many for X price. They're usually quite good imo. If your hair is super super dry at the ends, coconut oil a go go!

Anonymous 577


I use this one and it really helps me a lot against dryness.
I have curly hair however, so depending on your texture you might want to try another one from this brand

Anonymous 578


A couple of months ago I had a moment of madness and dyed my hair ginger, and predictably immediately hated it. I've spent a long time trying to return it to as close to my natural colour as possible, but it grows as this really awkward-to-attain medium ash blonde tone (like pictured), and every dye I've used so far always ends up being too light, too warm or too dark.
Today I bought Schwarzkopf 7.0: Dark Blonde and I've just got out the shower and it's only gone and developed into a medium brown. I saw a few reviews of this dye complaining about the same thing and I didn't listen.

I'm hoping it'll fade out a bit lighter over the next few months, but fucking hell I'm so frustrated. I'm not going to have any hair left at this point.

Anonymous 579


I'm thinking of trying the pictured product. I've desired silky, straight, "thin" hair my whole life and I only briefly attained that for like a year or so when my parents graciously bought me a keratin treatment (it was expensive, too, because I have long, thick, semi-coarse curly hair). Point is, I wish I could have straight hair all the time again but I don't want to shell out the money for regular keratin treatments, so I'm hoping this product works.

Straightening isn't really an option either because my hair will be "straight" but it's too floofy and not thin enough for my liking (and it takes up way too much of my time for it to be a regular thing).

Anonymous 580



Samefag here, my hair inspo:

Anonymous 581

>Lasts up to 20 shampoos
Will you please come back and tell us how this goes? It seems to good to be true. There's got to be a catch. I'm weary of boxed hair products no matter what it is because I used to dye my hair black all the time and half a year in, I started getting eczema, probably from whatever was being absorbed through my scalp.

Anonymous 582

I'd love to know too!
I already have thin hair but it's wavy which makes it look a bit unkept and I'd rather give this a try than buy a straightener.

Anonymous 583

anyone got experience cutting hair at home?

i cut my hair about 2 weeks ago. came out decent. bland and unstylish, but it wasn't crooked or patchy at all, so i'm pleased.

Anonymous 584

I've been cutting mine for years using Feye's guide (feyeselftrim on LJ). Works like a charm.

Anonymous 585

thanks for the link! should have mentioned, i have short hair (like ear length) so i figure mistakes would be more noticeable

Anonymous 586

Ok, so, I really need help. Until a week or two, my hair was perfectly fine being washed once every two days. Now, it's greasy by the morning of the second day (I wash it at night to let it dry naturally). I haven't changed anything to my routine and I'm really stumped as to why this is happening and how to make it stop. Would someone have any tip to resolve this?

Anonymous 587

Could be the weather? Mine gets greasier way faster in the summer than winter. Try using dry shampoo

Anonymous 588

Are you using shampoo or conditioner that contains silicones which are not water-soluble (dimethicone / siloxane)? That stuff can build up in the hair over time and make it feel dirty faster. If so, try a deep-cleaning shampoo and after that silicone-free products.

Anonymous 589

I just started taking Biotin because my hair has been thinning lately. Anyone know how long it takes to really see its effects/anything I should know about it?

Anonymous 590

I thought biotin supplements only worked if you were already deficient? Could be wrong though, but assuming you are deficient then you'll only see results in your new growth, and existing old growth won't be affected.

Anonymous 591

Okay this happened to me years ago and still happens from time to time. There's too much product in your hair and you need to detox it with a special shampoo. The one I get is from Toni&Guy but there are loads of others on the market. There should be instructions on the bottle for how long to use it (usually a couple of days but you'll feel the effects after one wash).

Anonymous 2333


Any anons that dye their hair?

I recently noticed that my roots start showing way faster than usual. Usually I have to dye my hair like once every 2.5-3 months but now it's been literally just a month and it looks like I'll have to redye it (and as if my hair can't hold any more color??) Since I'm naturally blonde and am dyeing it black I end up looking bald-ish lmao

Anyway, any tips on how to keep the color in longer?

Anonymous 2335


Fucking hell, anon. You're giving me flashbacks. I've got strawberry blonde hair naturally and used to dye my hair and eyebrows black in my late teens. I had to re-dye my roots every one to two weeks, eyebrows every 3 days and it was SUCH a hassle. I recommend dyeing it back to your natural colour asap because the re-growth process is shitty even if you get the black bleached, it doesn't lighten to a nice blonde. I promise you look better in your natural colour than you do in a harsh black even if you don't see it now. Save yourself the trouble.

Anonymous 2336

this trend was so bad omg.

also anon, what kind of dye are you using? is it coming off or is it just your roots issue? if the color is coming off try switching to a new brand, even if the current one has worked for you before. if it's just the roots maybe go to a professional just to see why your roots are growing in faster. also, if you're going from blonde to black you don't need any developer/activator and can just use the straight dye if you're not already, that will help. you can also look into the spray on temp dye to use intermittently. but yeah, dying drastically is a lot of work, i have dark hair and did pastels before, but never again.

>tells anon to re-dye her dyed hair immediately
>lowkey shaming anon for dying her hair/assuming it's cause she totally hates her real hair
>no idea how anything works.

stop anon. that's super sugary but it's not actually very nice or helpful.

Anonymous 2337


Maybe try something like this? It might not be your style, but is low maintenance.

Anonymous 2348

>>tells anon to re-dye her dyed hair immediately
>lowkey shaming anon for dying her hair/assuming it's cause she totally hates her real hair
>no idea how anything works.

The fuck are you on about you nut? I didn't tell her to do anything. It was a recommendation that she doesn't have to do and I didn't shame or assume that she hates her real hair as I didn't when I dyed mine.
You sound clueless and like you're twisting around every single thing I posted. I must've hit a sensitive nerve for you somewhere in there or you're just one of those crazy Tumblr Americans.

Anonymous 2352

It's (obviously) most noticeable on the roots, but there's color still (after more than a month after dyeing) coming out when I wash my hair, but it's not visibly fading anywhere.

I've had black hair for 6-8 years now, and tbh something like that never happened before, so that's why I'm asking.

Thanks, I'll try to switch to some different brand and see how it goes (:

Anonymous 2385

I have a big forehead and thin, long hair I'm not an ostrenga tho. On top of that I also get a Brazilian blowout every few months because I have crazy curly Jewish hair, so my hair is very straight.
What should I do to get more volume? Just get layers? Any products I should try to achieve a fuller yet straight hair that won't make my forehead stand out even more?
Thank you in advance!

Anonymous 2408

Not that anon, but you said right in her post to redye to her natural color, and then went on about 'promise you look better with your natural color'. You don't even know her, and you sound so judgmental that she's dying her hair.

Anonymous 2442

Idk if this is the right tread but does anyone have any tips for limiting amounts of dandruff? I've used special shampoos and stuff before but nothing really seems to work /: Most of it is near the top of my head

Anonymous 2444

using dry shampoo properly (spraying it at the roots and then using my fingers to disperse the powder evenly throughout so that there's no visible residue) in my hair makes my hair incredibly voluminous, but i have thick hair so if you use it the same way you will probably achieve a nice volume instead of having a crazy lion's mane/intense anime bedhead coming out of your head, lol. if your hair isn't greasy enough to use it every day i've found that applying a few drops of oil to my roots/scalp and getting it to reach the ends of my hair with my fingers (if you leave it on only the scalp/roots your ends will look really frizzy and fried) helps it turn out nicer when i want to add some decent texture without making it crispy/hard at the edges by using hairspray or causing damage by using heat tools. the aerosol dry shampoo cans smell terrible but you can order non-aerosol dry shampoo online in pretty much any scent you want to make your hair smell nice

Anonymous 2445

double posting because i forgot to reply to you in my previous post, but aveda has a really nice botanical oil blend for using on your scalp. the soap component in a lot of zinc shampoos (the kind that are supposed to help with dandruff) can be very drying and actually exacerbate dandruff. i would invest in a nice scalp oil and experiment with using it either before or after you get out of the shower/use the zinc shampoo, so that you have a product to moisturize the scalp and a product to tackle the dandruff itself. this should work if your scalp is dry but not dry to the point of being scaly (which i believe is called seborrheic dermatitis)

Anonymous 2449

Anyone grow out their from short to long? Mine's a sort of slightly longer, shaggier pixie cut and I think I'd like to grow it long again, but I hate that awkward phase where the back looks sorta mullety and the sides look weird. Are you supposed trim the back and grow out the sides until it grows into a bob, then just let it grow out? Any tips on how to style it while it's growing? Thanks~

Anonymous 2454

Ugh, I got my hair dyed a couple days ago and while I'm glad to have a better color, my hair went too dark. It's pretty much black with dark red at the roots and I fear theres no way to fix that other than to grow it out. Maybe I should just dye it black entirely?

Anonymous 2456


I’m seriously in love with this conditioner. Is affordable and the results are ok. Totally recommend.

Anonymous 2458

My hair is thin and frizzy, any product recommendations to tame it? It looks like Hermione's hair from the first HP movie.

Anonymous 2465

I use this too! I love it.

Anonymous 2543

i just started doing no poo so i'm using the deva curl no poo to wash my scalp and then some silicone free conditioner for my thick frizzy wavvy hair
I promise you anons, my hair has never been better. I deep condition and give myself hot oil treatment once a week and i wash 2 times a week. the friz is down and my hair isn't dry

Anonymous 2560

I have intense seborrheic dermatitis. My head is basically itchy all of the time and it has been since I started puberty at around 13, I think.

I try not to scratch but I do scratch enough that a lot of my hair folicles are a little fucked. My hair is so fucking thin if I put it up you can see my scalp no matter what I do with it. I've been to multiple dermatologists and tried so many things and nothing ever helps, or it'll improve things a bit then it'll stop helping. I've thought of rogaine but you shouldn't use it when you are having flare ups. I want to cry thinking about it honestly.

Anonymous 2563

I really like the Garnier Whole Blends Honey products. I also like OGX.

Anonymous 2575

Seconding the Whole Blends Honey products. It really does make your hair nice and soft but stronger. I used it after I was done with bleaching the crap out of my hair and it's back to being full and soft. Every once in a while I'll just the Whole Blends Argan Oil set to boost some shine into it.

Anonymous 2592

help for hair fall? my hair switches from being really healthy w no hair fall to major hair fall and a lot of my hair seems to get break in half so i have a lot that stand up because of how short they are.

Anonymous 2594

Do you have a good diet, Anon? I've heard that helps a lot!

Anonymous 2596



Biotin anon, how's your hair now? Did it stop falling? Mine keep falling like crazy, and I've tried a loot of shit, so now I wanna try Biotin pills. I just wanna have full hair again. (I have PCOS and I am treating it, however my hair won't stop falling. It's been a year already)

Anonymous 2607


This sounds super fucked up but I am secretly jealous of women who can wear beautiful wigs every day. To clarify, I'm not jealous of the reason they have to wear them… but just the fact that they can. I have had super thin, flat hair all of my life- but I don't have any disorder/illness and it's not "thinning" to the point that I'd be able to justify wearing wigs around friends/family. Some wigs look super realistic, full and beautiful. I hope that wigs can one day be accepted as common fashion accessories, and not frowned upon.

Anonymous 2608

I wear wigs every day. Why not just get a lacefront that look like your real hair, then you can get it put in at a salon and act like you got your hair done. Fuck em'.

Anonymous 2609

a good wig is one you barely even tell is a wig
nothing should stop you from wearing one! try it out girl!!!

Anonymous 2610


Thanks guys, I might go for it if I can save up the money, but I think because my natural hair is so thin I wouldn't be fooling anyone when I suddenly have beautiful hair. But maybe it's one of those things that's best to be unapologetic about.

Anonymous 2611

Different Anon, but I wear wigs when I go out and I don't even have really expensive ones. I'm straightforward about it and just say it like it is - I hate my current hair and as long as I'm giving it a break from dye and treatments, I'm covering it up

Anonymous 2612

When I took biotin for my thin as FUCK hair I started getting really bad acne. Usually your body synthesizes enough biotin and it's something you have to be careful with supplementing because this is a shitty side effect that can happen

Anonymous 2613

SAME, Biotin gave me such bad acne. And it was different than the kind I usually get. They were small and in the dozens. It was almost rash-like. Fuck that.

Anonymous 2615



Oh fuck, good to know, anons. My acne is already bad as it is (like, I'll start taking Isotretinoin), I don't want it to get worse. Oh, man. Guess I am hopeless.

Anonymous 2631

I looooove Shea Moisture products.

Anonymous 2637

does being vegan help? ): the shampoo and conditioner i use rn are low in sulfate and the conditioner doesn't have any. it's also argan oil based. it used to work but when i ran out and had use wtver my mom had, the hair fall started. ):

Anonymous 2647

I got a keratin hair treatment six years ago and it was a poor decision. Many raved about it online, so I was inclined to try it out since my hair was so unmanageable.

Nope, got unlucky. The hair salon had experience providing the treatment, but for some reason the hair stylist got the solution on the left portion of my scalp and damaged it. My hair was falling off like crazy. I found out the solution isn't supposed to touch the scalp and could cause some follicle damage. I ended up regretting it immensely since my hair still hasn't grown back properly (where the solution hit my scalp).

Other than what I mentioned, I take biotin… but I keep it at a low dosage and don't take it everyday.

Anonymous 2648

I'm so sorry anon, I got a keratin treatment three years ago and my hair has been amazing ever since (I haven't gone back). However, the hair treatment also taught me how to treat my hair properly, so maybe my hair is better only because I learned how to treat it right.

Anonymous 2717


Any anons that tried/are using castor oil for lashes?

I've read a lot of different reviews and it seems to work for some people but not for others. It's also difficult af to find any before/after pictures since most of them are just mascara/extensions/curled.

Or any other tips on how to keep your lashes nourished and healthy?

Anonymous 2718

Yes, I have! Been using it on my lashes before bed for two years now and it works fantastically for strength and length. For my scalp, I've mixed it with lavender oil and I typically do it before bed twice a week.

Anonymous 2799


Anons with big forehead and thin hair, what kind of haircut are you sporting right now?

I always liked medium/short hair but my edges are thin(ing) so I can't wear it to the side nor at the centre because it makes my big forehead more obvious…it's all sort of fucked.

Right now I have medium/long hair that I usually straighten

Pic not really related

Anonymous 2801

I have bangs that look stupid if I don't straighten them, but I'm worried I'm damaging my hair with my cheap straightener every day. My bangs also curl weirdly after straightening them because of the wind.

Are steam straighteners just a meme or are they actually better? I don't mind spending time or money on it if it gets better results, but I live in a tiny village with 1 hairdresser who doesn't do anything other than cutting and dyeing.

Anonymous 2804

Are they bangs you have to cut regularly? My bangs don't look damaged even though I have to straighten them every day because of how often I trim them (myself). In my experience, steam straighteners have the same results as regular ones.

Anonymous 2805

I only cut them once a month or less

Anonymous 2806

How do you guys feel about comma bangs? It's mostly trendy in Asia so I rarely ever hear this hairstyle get mentioned outside the of Kpop. Personally, I think it's kind of cute when it's done right.

Anonymous 2808

>>2799 she's really pretty I am sad lol

Try a fringe/bangs and a blunt bob? That used to be my go to when my hair was thin (I was ill so it was finer back then)

Anonymous 2809

I think I'll go for a lob then
Glad you're better, I'm stuck with thin hair lol

Anonymous 2820

I barely pay attention to this thread but it somehow reminded me that I never use heat protection while using heated tools. I barely dye my hair, so it's mostly fine except for a few split ends here and there, but I should probably take some precaution.

Any suggestions for heat protection products?

Anonymous 2830

Not really, I use any and it seems to work fine. I only put a hydrating hair mask on from time to time.

Anonymous 2832


I think it's adorable! I've always loved this kind of look tbh

Anonymous 2833


It looks like my fringe before I style it and it's gone all insane haha

Anonymous 2834

It really, really bothers me! I just want to brush it straight!

Anonymous 2835

I love it too

Anonymous 2837

Same. Maybe I should flap my fringe and migrate to Seoul…

Anonymous 2848

>>2837 I'm crying anon.

Does anyone know of a super basic guide to putting your own hair into an updo? I'm terrible at it. My hair is always down and looks shit, but my hands won't do the things

Anonymous 2849

I am terrible at it too but loepsie is a good channel for people who suck at updos etc. She has a really long playlist for hair tutorials. Ive tried doing some of her hairstyles and managed to get them right. Hope it helps.

Anonymous 2851

>>2849 thanks <3 I'll check this out

Anonymous 2854

You're welcome! Hopefully you found useful videos.

Anonymous 2870

Same anon here, just got a sample of the whole blends honey mask and damn this smells as good as the shampoo+conditioner and it makes my hair feel great. This shit is like crack.

Anonymous 2895

So about a few months ago i cut my hair into a chin lenght bob and now it's in the awkward phase where it's neither a bob nor long hair, just sitting a little below the shoulders.
I just always wear it straight (it's how it is naturally) and loose because every time i try an updo hairs fly everywhere and it triggers me and curls don't hold on me for more than 1 hour. I do french braids occasionaly but that's about it. I don't look good in a ponytail with it because it has to be really tight to get most of the hair in it and it makes my 5head seem even bigger.
Any cute hairstyles/updos for this hair length while i wait for it to grow out?

Also, anyone else here uses Kerastase bain prevention? I used to swear by this stuff for my hair loss but the new formula does absolutely nothing for me and i need to use a lot to clean my hair. Is there a dupe shampoo that feels and acts like the og formula?
I'm currently using this one and the volume one (which is miles better, but doesn't do shit for hair loss lol)

Anonymous 2908


Does anyone have exprience with permanent hair straightening?

Anonymous 2909

Not hair straightening but i've done a keratin treatment to relax my hair to be controllable. The hairdresser ended up getting some on my scalp and I lost almost half of my volume there. They were a credible salon as well. Just make sure you know the risks!

Anonymous 2910

I do keratin treatments on myself at home. I'd love to have permanent hair straightening though, but I bleach my hair :(

Anonymous 2923

Yes. My natural hair looks like Mia from the movie. You need to find a good professional. I have mine done 2-3 times a year, usually, and it's totally worth it imo, even though I have thin hair. The first days can look weird though, as if your hair was lifeless. But it'll go back to normal (an beautiful) after a week or so!

Anonymous 2928

Ive gotten permanent straightening on and off for years. Go to a good salon so your hair doesnt get fucked up.
I think the only part that sucks is when you get tired of your straight hair and start growing it up, and the top half of your hair is wavy/curly, while the bottom half is straight.

Anonymous 2946

i got it before. Japanese Mizu straightening. it was really really nice and since my hair is wavy and not curly you didn't notice too bad when it was growing out, but it was still a little noticable.

Anonymous 3001

i have fine, curly, blonde hair and recently i've really started to love it! i wash it ever 3-4 days with a silicon-free shampoo and conditioner and then use leave-in conditioner to scrunch perfect ringlets into it.

i had my ''big-chop'' back in 2015 because i had fried it and now it is finally FINALLY looking healthier. haven't died them at all for almost a year now

Anonymous 3003

I can't do anything with my hair, it's driving me insane. Even if I do a simple ponytail, hair near my scalp starts looking greasy and weird, even if it's just after a wash. It just doesn't look good. I just want to do cute hairstyles.

Anonymous 3048

My hair is driving me nuts, it keeps getting caught in the car door, seatbelt, and shedding like crazy. I want to just chop it off and get a cute bob but I'm worried it'll make me look "Can I talk to your manager?". It just seems like so many bob cuts are biased so it's shorter in the back.

Anonymous 3049


Get a lob then?
Longer than a bob but still short.

Just make sure to show and tell your hairdresser exactly what you want so you don't end up like me…with a slightly longer bob, but still a bob…still freaks me out to see it because it looks like soccer mom hair.

But seriously go for it (anything shorter) it's sooo much easier to maintain than long hair.

Anonymous 3054


I have a bob for around 3 years now and i never once had it shorter in the back, it's pretty easy to avoid. Get a good hairdresser and tell them that you want your back to be longer than the front or same length as front and with a round end and you'll get a really cute hairstyle.
I always bring pics of kiko mizuahara with me since her bob tends to be exactly what i like (rounded at the bottom, slightly longer on the back) and she has had so many styles of bob hair that i can always find one if i want to change it up lmao.

Anonymous 3086

>>3054 this length is so perfect. My hair is long AF at the moment and I hate it. I don't feel me. I can't do anything with it. Just feels witchy and shit.

Anonymous 3095


Does anyone have their natural color actually clash with their skin?

My skin is fair but warm and my jet black hair just looks awful, i look grey-ish and corpse like.
I want to go for a honey-ish brown like pic related but i have a huge problem.

My thick black eyebrows.

Does anyone have any tips on how to deal with all that?

Anonymous 3096

While I've never done it myself, one of my friends is really into cosplay, which I tried with her one time. I had the same problem as you where my eyebrows were just way too dark in order to get colored with anything she would normally use, she suggested bleaching my eyebrows so that I could more easily get them the right color but I was way to anxious to have chemicals that close to my eyes. If you're worried about your eyebrows not matching you may want to look into bleaching and dyeing your eyebrows as well.

Anonymous 3128


I used to bleach my brows when I went ginger, but mine were thin and sparse though I had the same problem as you (very low-saturation colouring, dark eyes, ashy brown brows, pale and neutral yellow skin with warm chestnut hair that has a coppery red sheen in the sunlight thanks to my ginger mum).
I look good in dark, muted colours like pic related but my hair sticks out like a sore thumb.

Anonymous 3136


I recently made a brazilian hair mask and my hair got sooo soft and it even straightened a bit, I got a lot of compliments even though I just applied it once. Imma do it again for sure.

The ingredients:

- 1 cup of water
- 1 tbspoon of cornstarch
- 1 tbspoon of tapioca powder
- 1/2 tbspoon of coconut oil
- 2 tbspoons of preferred hair mask
- Hair seruns are optional, I didn't use any

Mix the cornstarch and tapioca powder with the water, put it on the microwave for about 1 minute, mix it, repeat until it forms a gel like consistency. Wait for it to cool off a bit, mix in the rest of the ingredients. Wash your hair with shampoo normally, dry it out a bit with a towel, but leave the hair damp. Put in the hair mask and leave it for 30 to 50 minutes. Rinse it off. Finish as you like, I just let it dry naturally. Enjoy your soft hair!

Anonymous 3157

I'm in your same situation. When I went ginger I bleached my brows with that bleaching cream for facial hair they usually sell for 1 dollar, which turned my eyebrows ginger so it was good. But when hair grew back after 2 weeks it was so bad to see, my brows were half ginger half black. It was also stressing as fuck, having to repeat it constantly, every 2 weeks or so.
We could try that technique cosplayers use where you just cover your eyebrows with makeup and draw on with the color you want.

Anonymous 3160

My hair is limp and oily at the top, but dry, frizzy and slightly wavy at the bottom, any tips?

Anonymous 3161

I use shampoo for greasy hair (without silicone) and a hydrating hair mask.

Anonymous 3162

I want to dye my hair but I've never really done it before. Getting it done at a salon is so expensive, would you recommend bleaching and dying it at home or is that a real no-go? Any tips on home-dyeing?

Anonymous 3163

>never done it before
> bleaching at home

Gurl do you want to go bald? If you ve never done it before, and you want to do it at home at least try an easier color, something that is easy to do and wont fuck up your hair. If you want to bleach it either 1) be experienced or 2) go to a salon. Pls

Anonymous 3164


Lmao, ok thank you anon. So home dyeing/bleaching on the first time around is a no. I have had highlights and dip dyes in the past, and gone a shade slightly darker than my own, but this would be my first time with bleach all over my hair. I think I'll go to a salon, the idea of either having a. horrible hair or b. no hair is too stressful.

Anonymous 3253

anyone got any tips on bringing your hair back to life after a ton of bleaching/coloring? i bleached my hair a lot for about 2-3 years, stopped about a year ago, and i'm STILL nursing my hair back to good health

i've been doing lots of deep conditioning and cutting off damaged bits as it grows, but it's still not as baby soft as it used to be and i was wondering if there was anything much more that i could do

Anonymous 3572

Someone please select a random color and attach a pic of a random haircut. I need to chop my hair.

Anonymous 3577


Emerald green long bob, do itttt.

Anonymous 3580


I already chopped like 3-4 inches off my general length and I chopped my stringy side bangs. My hair is super oily at the moment, but here is the current cut:

I know the sides look choppy, but I actually really like how it looks.
I also love the idea of my hair being green! I'm thinking maybe light blue or silver or a lightish green, but idk how that'd go with my skin tone. I'm afraid to go dark because I love platinum hair (current color is virgin because I've been so lazing about bleaching it).

Anonymous 3582

If youre gonna go for a none-natural color make sure its faded, very dark or pastel, idk why but syren cove type hair looks off and dirty

I think darkish silver would look nice and a mid-neck length bob

Anonymous 3608

God, I love platinum blonde hair and it just gels better with my wardrobe. I also prefer looking glam with heavy makeup rather than goth. But it's such a pain in the ass to upkeep. A lot of people who know me say they think dark hair is actually the most flattering on me, but I love, love platinum hair so much more. It's more versatile in terms of looking cute or sexy, and I'm in such a pickle right now.

If anyone is wondering why I'm ranting, yes, it's because I bleached my hair after my roots had grown out for a long time and since I hadn't washed it recently, a lot of the color is uneven, splotchy, hell, even spotty, and I am right now deciding between waiting a few weeks to let my hair relax and then get it fixed, or just dying it all blue black so it looks more uniform so I won't die of embarrassment at work. I probably wouldn't even mind my hair being black for a bit, but I know I'd want to bleach it platinum again, and knowing how hard that is….that is waht deters me.

Someone please help me with my high-schools tier vanity issues.

Anonymous 3620

I think it's kinda gross that you don't wash your hair, but I'm of the opinion that change isn't a bad thing and can be fun. You've got the rest of your life to be platinum blonde anyway. Or get a wig.

Anonymous 3623

Maybe any of you anons, who use natural wigs and extensions will find this documentary about it interesting.

Anonymous 3764


I have hime bangs and the side bangs part was getting a little long so I cut it but I cut too much and now they don't reach my jaw anymore and I look like pic related. I want to go back.
It looks slightly endearing but mostly it just looks stupid. I feel like a little kid who tried to cut her own hair.
Also sorry for resurrecting thread. I guess I should contribute somehow:
I've found that when I make a braid before sleeping and wet it with a bit of water I can get pretty waves that hold the entire day. I hope it works for you all too if you try it.

Anonymous 3765

Lul, I cut my hair like this on purpose because I like how mod and futuristic it looked, though I made sure the bottoms went in a razor sharp slant upward. To each their own. It'll grow out fast.

Anonymous 3768

>the bottoms went in a razor sharp slant upward
Oh, that sounds very cool.

How common is it to have bangs in your countries? Here there are some kids and a few older women with bangs but barely any young women, I was always the only one in my class with bangs and I can recall only ~2 other girls from my school that had bangs. Are bangs more common elsewhere?

Anonymous 3833

Where I live, it isn't common. I think it makes me stand out, tbh.

Anonymous 3835

i have thin straight hair and it makes my alien head even worse

Anonymous 3846

Tips for fixing perpetually messy hair? It's been a problem for most of my life. Type 2A wavy hair that never stays in place, with stray ends floating around and dead curls when waking up in the morning. Anyone have luck taming the beast?

Anonymous 3849


Clarifying shampoo. It's the best. Pic related is the kind I use.

Anonymous 3854

Would you guys say that the girl in the OP pic is balding? Looking towards her hairline you can see her scalp quite a bit in some spots. I have a similar looking hairline that's noticeable when I have my hair pulled back and am wondering if this is a cause for concern or completely normal.

Anonymous 3855

It's normal. Forehead hair, on the other hand…

Anonymous 4769


I really like the aesthetic of that ash blonde hair combined with the slightly bronzed skin that kind of matches the hair.

Anonymous 4818


I don't know whether or not this is the right thread for this but I'm at my goddamn wit's end.
I can't braid my own hair for shit, everytime I try and everything I watch just makes me confused and upset.
I feel very stupid please help me and thank you in advance

Anonymous 4836


Anonymous 4837


Me three :(

Anonymous 4892


I always loved how 70s women looked with their long hair

Anonymous 4904

Does anyone take any supplements that help with hair growth? I really need some. I see biotin supplements were mentioned, but not recommended in this thread.
My hair was great when I was a kid but I think when I started puberty it just somehow turned horrible. It's very frizzy and I have a lot of broken hair, like the ends are ok, there aren't a lot of split ends, but 5-10 cm above the ends there's tons of shorter broken hair sticking out.
I don't know why my hair is like this, I use hair oils, conditioner, some leave-in oils after washing it, I don't blow-dry it, I don't wash too often, don't dye it or curl/straighten so I've concluded the problem must be my diet.
But I dunno what supplement to buy. Please, any recommendations or other information is welcome.

Anonymous 4905

have you tried practicing to get the hang of it by just braiding some string
it's a lot easier to manage for a beginner than hair because you're just working with single solid strands instead of bunches of many separate hairs that can separate and go all over the place

Anonymous 4906

This is an interesting idea! Thanks. I will try it. It is kinda harder when it's on your head though haha

Anonymous 6205

I know i am late to the party but does diva curl help wavy hair?
I don't have curls but after the shower my hair is nice wavy, but because my hair is so long it often straighten itself. I also have frizzle hair at the top.

Btw. does anybody know what to do with dandruff?
I have some, they are not extreme but quite annoying and it looks so unhygenic. I tried many shampoos for them but it only got worst.

Anonymous 6552

>It's bumping time

How often do people on here wash their hair? I do it every 3 days but I want to know what other anons do.
For context, my hair is thin but has a some wave to it. It's long, like back brastrap length. Only products I use are shampoo, conditioner, heat protectant, and dry shampoo when I need it.

Anonymous 6823

I have long, medium thickness hair. Pretty straight I’d say. I wash my hair once a week because my ends are so dry ( no matter what I do ) so I try my best to keep my good oils in my hair. My scalp doesn’t get oily until maybe the 5-6 day because my hair is used to it and I’ll use dry shampoo if needed, but doesn’t often. I’ll wash my hair every Friday or Sunday depending on my plans for the weekend. I think it’s better for your hair to wash it less and just oil the ends through out the week as needed instead of drying it out and wasting money on shampoo.

Anonymous 6827

>tfw washing dries out my hair for several hours but if I don't wash daily it will be greasy/smelly
There is no winning. I would almost prefer being a full-time greasy teen again to this.

I know no-poo people say "just wait a few weeks and it'll adjust :)))" but man, I'm not putting up with the inevitable acne that will set off.

Straight and somewhat thick hair btw. I use head and shoulders because folliculitis and whatever conditioner is handy.

Anyone know if coconut oil treatments work? What about argan oil?

Anonymous 6828

Anywhere from daily to every 4 days. I have really thick, coarse hair that I recently cut into a bob. The shorter length is a lot more forgiving wrt greasiness, when it was long I had to wash every other day because it would look dirty, and washing+drying took forever.

Anonymous 6829

Every 2nd day usually, I like it when they're floofy.

Anonymous 7130

How do you tame/prevent flyaways? I get a lot of them in the morning.

Anonymous 7134


I use coconut hair wax that also smells good.

Anonymous 7150

Do products like this need a sulfate shampoo to wash out? I feel like I should use styling products to make my hair more smooth, but I'm afraid an ingredient like silicone or wax will build up and make it like straw after awhile. That's happened with a few conditioners I used, seems like I can't win since sulfate shampoos that would remove them have the same damaging effect on my curly/wavy hair.

Anonymous 7174

has anyone had any experience with Malibu DLL? i feel myself growing out of the unnatural colored hair thing, and i just want my natural dark brown back. i have a deepish teal hair color right now. would it just be better to go over it with a dye closest to my natural hair color and skip trying to strip the color?

Anonymous 9154


I am a haircare noob. How do you even pick out the right kind of shampoo and conditioner for yourself? If it helps to explain, I have straight medium thick hair.

Anonymous 9270


Is the steampod really worth $200? It's basically a flat iron but apparently it damages you hair way less so you can still grow it out… anyone have one?

Anonymous 9354


Kinda stupid question but I want to achieve similar blonde and effect to pic related. Should my stylist do blonde highlights or baleyage? Something else?

Anonymous 9362

Wouldn’t it make more since to take this photo to a stylist and ask them directly?

Anonymous 9366

Just saw some girl with a very long and very thick braided ponytail and it almost made me ovulate.
She looks so incredibly sexy.

Anonymous 9390

Pls help me

My acne has been getting very bad on my back, neck, and chest. I've never gotten it on my neck or chest until now, and the acne on my back has gotten far worse than it ever has been.
I suspect it may be the hair products I use. Anyone have experience with this sort of problem? Were you able to find a shampoo and conditioner that didn't break you out?

Anonymous 9392

Have you had any irregularities in your diet? Sunlight exposure, lack of activity, chronic masturbation?

Anonymous 9448

My diet has pretty much always been the same, I'm actually more active and getting more sun exposure than before I started breaking out, and I don't really maturbate ever. I'm preeetty sure it's just the products I'm using or some sort of gut problem.


This is a great resource thank you! I actually have one of the shampoo+conditers listed, so I will start using them again and seeing if it helps.

Anonymous 9674

chronic masturbation? lmao why?

Anonymous 10556

kek there are some people who apparently think masturbation causes acne. acne can be caused by high androgen levels, which might make you more horny and masturbate more, so a correlation might exist. a lot of us tend to get more horny and get more acne during our "time of month" when androgens are higher. but i highly doubt masturbation causes acne.

Anonymous 10557

I've had this problem, my dermatologist recommended only using hair products that are oil-free and sulfate-free. they tend to be drying on your hair, though, so i don't recommend washing too frequently with those.

Anonymous 10608

I've lost like half of my hair due to covid.

Anonymous 11004

rhi on Twitter.jpg

Thank you so much for this post. I'm not the anon you're replying to but the same thing happened to me so I bought a "detox" shampoo from the drugstore and….. oh my god. My hair hasn't looked or felt like this for years. Thanks anon!

Anonymous 11005

- - - B E A U T I …

I had never dyed my hair and then all of a sudden, at 20 I dyed my hair 3 times in the span of one year. My hair was so damaged and dry after that that I vowed never again and began a 5 year long journey to get my hair back to it's original health.

My main goals were for it to grow thicker (I had thick hair as a kid and then it thinned out as I grew and especially after I dyed it), super long, super shiny, hydrated and very naturally healthy. I wanted my hair to look like pic related without any product (minus the obvious styling done).

I started doing natural home-made hair masks and tried different things until I found something that worked well for me. They all worked, but I had to find the best one for my goals. A couple of years ago I came across Amla Oil in an Indian store and it worked wonders for me in terms of reducing hair loss and promoting new hair growth. My hair has definitely gotten thicker because of it. But in the summer I noticed the resurgence of a skin condition I have that was dormant for many years, basically these white spots on my brown skin were growing everywhere, the longer I stayed in the sun. It's a skin condition that South Asians (me) are particularly prone to and after some research I learned that Amla Oil can cause it to flare up. So I decided to take a break from it (I was using it about once every 2 weeks).

Now I use a mixture of coconut oil, honey, egg whites, and mayonnaise in my hair about once a month and that works really well to hydrate my hair and add a lot of shine to it. I also use the Amla oil as a deep conditioning treatment about twice a year and it really works, makes my hair so so beautiful and soft and shiny.

I also used to trim it every 8 weeks as recommended by my hairdresser to avoid split ends but after doing that for like 4 years I realized my hair hadn't gotten any longer. Your grows maybe about a half an inch in that time and I was always cutting off half and inch… So I was never getting that long hair that I wanted until covid came and after a couple of home haircuts I decided to toss that part of my regimen. It grew so fucking fast after that. It's super long now. Now what I do every few weeks when I notice I have split ends is I just spot treat them, essentially just go with a pair of scissors and cut them off one by one. It's not as painful/tedious as it sounds, it's actually kind of relaxing. Also all the other work I do for my hair helps in general with the split ends, so even if I have them, they are nourished and conditioned and don't feel dry. I also sleep on a silk pillowcase.

Also, I don't use heat on my hair, maybe once every 3-6 months for an event.

My hair is prone to dryness and can get frizzy. I have very fine hair and it was also kind of thin when I started this journey. Now it's definitely thicker, its shinier, and healthier for sure. And I've managed to keep it that way while it's been quite long as well. I'm 26 now but I've finally managed it.

Anonymous 11006


Anonymous 11010

>I also used to trim it every 8 weeks as recommended by my hairdresser to avoid split ends
Hairdressers tell you this to keep you coming back. Same as why they always try to convince you to cut your hair short.

Anonymous 11011

based but no way am i putting mayo in my hair

Anonymous 11012

I mostly agree with this.
I do think it's important to regularly detangle wave/curly hair though. Maybe with straight hair you can get away with not brushing at all.

Anonymous 11013

It’s a small price to pay for soft hair.

Anonymous 11622


How do Japanese idols get such perfect neat hair?

Anonymous 11623

asian hair doesn't tangle as much as other hair types

Anonymous 11633

Stuff I do now that my hair is longer:

-Detangling my hair 2-3 times a day, to avoid bigger knots. Brush strokes must be super slow and careful, you must NOT hear hair breaking. Always detangle it before I wash it, makes it so much easier.

- Washing with correct technique: shampooing twice with little product, and massaging lightly on the scalp.

- Blotting my hair with a towel before conditioning, makes the product less dilluted.

- Cool water (been trying to take cold showers)

- Apply a leave-in product with silicone, especially before using heat (silicone protects your hair from the heat, sun, and makes your hair slippery, which reduces breakage)

- When I have to blow dry it, use my fingers on my hair instead of a brush, that way I feel if it's too hot (if it burns my fingers, it might damage my hair).

-Use a satin pillowcase to reduce friction during sleep

Asian hair strands are rounder, which means the cuticles close with a much tighter seal than caucasian and afro hair. Therefore asian hair is naturally straighter, less frizzy and more resistant to mechanical damage than caucasian hair (whose strands are more oval).

Anonymous 11635

the cold shower thing is junk science and shampooing twice with strip the oil from your hair. otherwise good advice

Anonymous 11636

I have arse length hair. My tip to you guys is LEARN TO DO DUTCH OR FRENCH BRAIDS. They will save your life when it comes to things like tangles.

I wear my hair in braids every day. I never have knots, I brush twice a day morning and night, and sometimes rub a little oil into the ends to maintain moisture.

REMEMBER! the natural gunk from your scalp wont make it to the ends of your hair if its long enough. Either invest in a boar bristle brush to distribute the oils evenly to the ends or find yourself a nice oil to condition your ends. My recommendation is argon oil

Anonymous 12017

NTA, but cold showers really are far less drying than hot showers. I'm saying this based on personal observations, not based on any scientific study, which may or may not be poorly designed. The difference for me is night and day, and I'm pretty sure you can't placebo yourself into having moist skin.
Also, even if there were shitty studies confirming that cold showers are less drying, that wouldn't mean that cold showers aren't less drying. Lack of solid evidence does not equal evidence to the contrary.

Anonymous 12021

it just makes sense though naturally. when you wash dishes, does cold water wash off the oil as well as hot water? of course not. idk what anon is on, there's definitely a difference.

Anonymous 12047


Anonymous 12098

has anyone here done a root perm? thoughts on them?

Anonymous 13382


>jewish mother with curly hair
>european mutt father with pin straight hair
>end up with weird wavy hair that's only wavy in some parts/the ends of my hair while being mostly straight
maybe this is stupid, but my hair type is really weird and i despise it. i remember even a hair stylist i saw a while back was trying to explain what my hair type was to her coworker but couldn't describe it well. if i brush my hair, it looks frizzy, but if i use my curl/wave products after showering it looks just as weird. ultimately i end up just straightening my hair every day since it looks better that way anyway.

Anonymous 13745

I have very boring, straight, thin hair that looks greenish and disgusting under certain lighting. It also looks completely terrible on my face shape and etc.

Is there a consistent and easy way to make straight hair wavy all the time?

Anonymous 13750

I don't know if this will work for you, but despite naturally having super straight hair, mine is usually wavy because I tie it up when I sleep. I find that a low bun gives looser waves and a braid gives a lot of little waves (like ramen noodles)
If you are ok with tying your hair every night before bed, all you need to do is go to sleep, so I think it is easy.

Anonymous 13887

>wash 3 or 4 times a week
>shampoo and conditioner
>if very dry conditioner, shampoo, conditioner
>purple shampoo once a week
>olaplex once a week, usually after purple shampoo

I have moderately thick straight hair, waist-length, dirty-blonde with a tendency to turn brassy. This routine works well for me.

Anonymous 13956


>get a filter to soften my hard water
>start carefully finger combing instead of using a brush/comb to prevent breakage from tangles
>some of the locks start waving
Now my baby-fine straight hair is starting to wave; it's still very frizzy (painfully obvious in the sun) but shinier and softer. What's going on?

Anonymous 13959


why does my skin tone look so mismatched with my ashy hair? am i imagining things? should I dye it another color?

Anonymous 13961

You had curly hair all along. Congrats

Anonymous 13963

It's a bit hard to tell but your skin does look warmer than your hair does yeah. Doesn't have to be bad, your ashy hair emphasizing the warmness of your skin could actually be a nice contrast but you could definitely dye it a colour that's more in line with the temperature of your skin.

Anonymous 14008

Has anyone here actually tried supplements? I've always avoided them cause I thought they were a scam but I'm genuinely curious now. I need thicker hair.

Anonymous 14032

I have the same combo, dyed my hair warmer colors always but it only washed out my skin more, try darker cooler colors instead, it worked great for me.

Anonymous 14039

I found one white hair on my scalp. It is very thick and shiny though.
How fucked am I.

Anonymous 14040

i always thought white hair was cool.
i've found 2 on my head before the age of 18. i don't think i've gotten any more at 21 as far as i can tell, so the process probably takes awhile for some.

Anonymous 14041


Does not work to thicken hair. Too much biotin can in fact make hair loss worse. However upping your protein intake can help with hair density. Nothing will make your actual hair strands thicker. There are “faking it” options like silicone or hair thickening gel, honestly it doesn’t look great for fine hair though. Will weigh it down and make it flat, and look even more thin. Go for blunt cuts, with few to no layers. Dye your hair darker with subtle highlights to add dimension. Use no-heat method curling at night (like silk hair rods), even wavy hair helps making your hair look thicker. Basically, anything to add volume to your hair will help with faking thickness. Would suggest an apple cider vinegar rinse every once in a while too, to wash out all product in your hair as well as getting out hard water residue.

Anonymous 14044

I think they're pretty pointless. Having a biotin deficiency will make you look worse, but if you're already getting enough it won't help you to consume more. It's not a "the more the better" situation, once you have enough you have enough. Like the other anon says, overdosing can cause problems too.
If you DO have a deficiency it's better to fix your diet instead of relying on supplements.

Anonymous 14048

shampoo only the top of your head and condition only below that. You can even do both in one step, the shampoo will help rinse out conditioner residue.

Anonymous 14051

Yeah no you'll just strip the conditioner that is supposed to stay on your hair with soap.

Water should be enough to wash out leftover conditioner.

Anonymous 14145


Is this normal?

I notice that my hair strands taper around the root. Like 1/10 of my fallen hairs gets thinner and more frail at the end

Anonymous 14150

I don't think so, maybe you're deficient in something or your follicles are damaged. How do you treat your hair

Anonymous 14155

Damaged follicles decrease in size so you see the effects as the new growth comes in. It's probably health or diet related, try book yourself in to a doctor's appointment to get a check up anon. Maybe post a pic of your nails as well, those are better indicators of health and are probably impacted by the same thing going on with your hair.

If you've had a shock or a lot of stress it could be telogen effluvium, so your hair can return to normal density and thickness on its own in a few months once your body settles down a bit again and returns to normal, but I would go to the doctor anyway just to be safe.

Post nail pics if you're up for it, I wonder if the same signs are showing on your nails. (Check fingernails for the "halfmoon" - Check your toenails for horizontal lines, there's a few things you could narrow it down to if you have other symptoms)

Best wishes

Anonymous 14156

This my reply but I want to samefag to say try scalp massage as well just to stimulate regrowth if you're worried about shedding.

Anonymous 14172

nails 1.jpg

Just head and shoulders shampoo every other day. I've been thinking of using head and shoulders conditioner though. My hair feels like plastic when I brush my hair

Anonymous 14173

nails 2.jpg

Anonymous 14174

I got my hair highlighted at a hairdresser’s and they didn’t do that great a job. This is second time I’ve had my hair coloured at a salon and it didn’t go as I wanted. Not cheap places either. Both the colour and placement of highlights is wrong.

It’s funny, I dyed my hair by myself using box dye for years to light blonde and it looked much better and many people thought it was natural. My hair was in better condition too despite me only getting dark blonde now. The hairdressers seem to bleach hair out and then tone it the right colour while home dye just colours to the right colour, causing less damage. You might need a purple shampoo but not a dye and proper toner.

I think the only reason hairdressers hate on hair dye is because it takes customers away from them, same as how hair dressers will recommend fringes/bangs and short style that need regular trims to keep customers.

Also hairdressers have had training and probably don’t mention their own dye fails when learning yet laugh at home dyers with training who make a mistake their very first time. That’s not really a comparable situation.

Celebrities with long coloured hair always have it short and then those awful ratty extensions for length yet I was able to have waist length home dyed hair. I wasn’t even as careful with the condition of my as I could have been and my hair is pretty fine too.

I don’t think I will ever let a hairdresser colour my hair again.

Anonymous 14175

Home dyers without training I mean. People dying for the first time who make a mistake.

Anonymous 14179

question, how unflattering is it to grow out your hair if it's thin? is it really that bad if hair looks super thin?

I've gotten compliments the way it looks without doing anything to it, right now it's past my shoulders. however…don't let this fool you, it's trailer-trash thin–not the worst ever. I think if anything it's mostly my forehead/roots that look awkward. however, it isn't like I style it to add volume anyway.
I want to just grow it out to my boobs mostly which is maybe 5 more inches.

Anonymous 14189

Not really unflattering. Most people won't pay that much attention unless they have a thing for long hair. If it suits your face shape and you just like it that way there's no reason to keep it short.

Anonymous 15124


Starting to want a pixie again after growing it out into a bob.. but my face is round and chubby so I probably won’t.

Anonymous 15127


I think pixie cuts can look really good on rounder faces (picrel) but it has to be a bit longer (especially the bangs) and curlier to avoid a moon face effect. Also it might require some styling to look good so see if you have the time/energy/means to maintain this cut.

Anonymous 15179


You should do it! I cut my hair that I had been growing out for years into a blunt bob and loved it. I feel so much better, more confident.
I was also worried about my face looking chubby or too round, but I feel like it actually enhances my cheek bones and my feminine features.

Anonymous 15181

I always thought such hair flattered round faces, but might just be me.

Anyway, I have a face kind of diamond/oblong, like Bella Hadid's with very thin, cool brown (looks gold blond in the sun but nastily ashy in some lighting for some reason kind of like >>13959
) straight hair and tanned warm-yellow skin. I feel off with plain short hair cuts or long bobs. However, my hairline is so high up and thin it makes my forehead look bad. For some reason, hair just below my shoulders looks off too.

Historically people have reacted in horror to me getting short hair cuts, and each time I got it at a salon, the stylist always ends up grimacing at the end–it's blatantly obvious they don't feel they did a good job.

Is there a good way of figuring out what would suit you? Or is it a matter of actually going to the right stylist? People on the internet say long bobs or darker hair but it's really hard to tell.

Anonymous 15186

This is my favorite style and I always get it cut like this in the summer since it feels too hot for longer hair. My hair is way too thin and straight so it's the only style that really looks decent on me anyway. Wish I could be bothered to maintain this year round, but I always feel so awkward going to the salon. I mean mostly I just don't like strangers being that close to my face and them constantly trying to force a conversation. Anyone else? I've tried to cut my own hair before but I just can't get it like the stylist does.

Anonymous 15207


I think my face is round too, but with a slightly square jaw, and I got a pixie cut. Never felt better. The only downside in my opinion is that I have to get it cut every 1-2 months, otherwise it'll look messy.

Anonymous 15211

Girl, I'm in the same boat with the thin and straight hair. If getting your hair done is something that truly brings you joy and makes you feel good then I'd recommend you to find a good salon in your area where you'd feel a bit more comfortable, really.
I always maintained my hair myself at home, but when I wanted to get my bob done I decided to look up some places here and the work of their stylists working there (mainly on Instagram).
I did find salon that looked very chic and modern, their social media was updated regularly and everything was gorgeous. I took the plunge and booked an appointment and was so nervous since I also don't like strangers, the awkwardness and I'm quite shy, but damn, it was so worth it.
She kind of picked up on that I wasn't very talkative and they should if they're competent. Just being polite is enough. Maybe if you put on a face mask they'll talk a bit less? lmao.

Anonymous 15219

Tried out most of the closer salons, this one I've been using a few years now does my hair perfect just I wish they wouldn't play 20 questions lol. Don't want to not respond bc I'm worried they will think I'm too rude and messup my hair. I guess it's worth putting up with once a year. But it won't hurt to try somewhere further away sometime. The other salons I tried so far were hit and miss and one once butchered my hair worse than I could've done it myself. How do you maintain your style at home? I bought stylist scissors but maybe I'm not following the youtube tutorials well enough or something.

Anonymous 15255

anyone tried rosemary oil and peppermint oil for growing more hair? or another oil or natural method? mine is so thin and I barely have any, I want to grow more so I can get bangs cut
also what to do for hair that's always oily? I've tried the whole no shampoo and not washing thing before and those made it worse
recently switched to a shampoo bar meant for oily hair that helps a little but my hair still looks very oily compared to most peoples hair

Anonymous 15294

I use stylist scissors too or clippers to touch it up while it's growing out to even out the ends a little bit or just make it look a bit more fresh again.
What's your issue, are you not getting results you like or do you not know how to do it?

Anonymous 15328


…anons, tell me if this is a bad idea.

look. my face shape hates thin, straight hair. I think a lot of people look great with it, but not me.
is bleaching/damaging my hair on purpose to make it thicker and more textured completely ridiculous?

it's already frizzy there's a very shiny quality to how baby fine it is. I'd assume it'd lose that post-bleaching.

picrel is similar to my current texture/how it looks in the sun.

Anonymous 15329

let me add that my hair as-is is completely unpresentable a day after shampooing because of how greasy it is.
I'd prefer unruly hair over thin, accountant, balding-looking hair.

Anonymous 15330

Damaging your hair on purpose will not make it thicker. It may look textured… because it be a broken mess. Yes, it is a bad idea!
If you have frizzy & straight hair there is a big chance that your hair is actually wavy or even curly. Check out the respective wavy/curly girl method.
Also, I doubt your hair truly is "unpresentable". You may just have to find something that works for you. Work with your hair, not against it.

Anonymous 15332

Washing it everyday is what makes it extremely oily. It's your body trying to overcompensate for constantly having its natural hydration and bacteria biome stripped away. Conditioner is a broken fix, because your hair still becomes stripped of natural moisture and it's basically putting scented animal fat in your hair. Niice.

Anonymous 15333

Yeaaah, you're right, anon. I read that other girls were actually pleasantly surprised sometime.

And, idk, it gets very wavy when wet and, sometimes, there's some tight, cute waves that form in my underlayer of hair. They just never stay at all, though, so it's hard to believe that's the way it really wants to be.
I'm open to looking into it though. I spent 2 hours detangling my hair recently and I'm desperate for that to never happen again.

Oh! I don't actually shampoo every day. I shampoo probably twice a week and just deal with the oil even if it looks like shit. Swamp life.
I wouldn't be surprised if my skin biome on my skin in general is messed up tho.

Anonymous 15342

Okay so I fucked up and I learned this because the mid i was out with pointed this on my date. Ive bleached my hair CONSTANTLY and I love my color because its so totally me! But…after awhile its starting to like?? get really bad and I always have been using OGX conditioner for it, but it seems like its getting worse…I went in for a hug with the mid i was seeing and he commented like all baboon men do and went "does your hair always feel like sandpaper" I was really hurt inside and it made me upset and i was contemplating on just shaving my head and wearing a colored wig for the time being while I grow out my hair..anyone know any good products for really badly dried or damaged hair?

Anonymous 15343

oh so true oomfie, mood??

Anonymous 15344

Olaplex 0 for ten mins (don’t wash off) and then 3 and leave on for about 6 hours with a plastic bag over your head. Then use their shampoo and conditioner too. It will take a few treatments and be a bit pricey. I’d honestly just recommend cutting it all off and quit colouring your hair completely.

Anonymous 15348

Isnt olaplex like super pricey? I think ill go for just shaving it off
big mood oomf

Anonymous 15352

I’m usually able to get ~20% off olaplex by looking for codes (Honey is good for this) and also getting the limited edition bigger no 3 bottle but it’s still expensive. There’s also a lot of fake olaplex out there so if you do try it, get it from one of the sites listed as an official reseller on the olaplex site.

Anonymous 15363

update! I found out that my hair is probably extremely low porosity, which explains why a protein product I applied (a leave-in) made it go crazy and tangle for hours. I ended up getting low porosity friendly stuff and…surprisingly it has started feeling like silk. it's still frizzy and there's weird wavy bits in it, but it looks sooo much better still.

I'm very relieved because honestly my hair is the only thing about my looks that has consistently been complimented over the years and I thought age just ruined it or something.

Anonymous 15364

What products did you get anon?

Anonymous 15370

ok let me emphasize that I don't think products were really the key.
*no silicones
*no sulfates (well, still trying)
*using heat when adding a leave-in to my hair

I am a pretty big fan of Pantene's Curl Care line (which I'm still trialing). it just seems like it's well formulated. I won't urge anyone to try it till I have used it for a month tho.

however, I am already a mega fan of Pipette's Vanilla Orange detangler. yes, it's a detangler but it works as a leave-in for me too. the smell is also heavenly and the ingredient list is actually extremely clean. I have allergies to massive amounts of stuff–not this one. it makes my hair actually feel soft without being weighed down, which is crazy for me considering stuff like "it's a 10" among others never worked.

Anonymous 15612

idk where else to put this. but I wanted to talk about it because my hair is the only external part of me that has ever been complimented besides my clothes. I am otherwise, well, genuinely ugly, ugly to the point not even a 100 year old guy has shown interest in me irl. I say this because I have basically seen 100s of times on the internet that all women get creepy male attention. me? no, LOL.

my hair is thin and frizzy. So, the fact that I have gotten 100s of compliments on it, been told I have princess hair is more depressing than anything because I feel as if it's that amazing to people it must mean the rest of me is hideous.

so I finally have decided to just cut my hair super short after many, many years of keeping it long out of trying to chase conventional beauty. like, pixie short. I know for a fact it'll look like shit on my chad bone structure and linebacker body. it feels weird but honestly, it seems weird how I just kept my hair super long all this time. it endlessly demands my attention to just manage it and keeps on slapping everyone's face in the wind because it can't stay put.

RIP my hair. I don't know why I kept you this long. If anything, it feels kind of weird that I even kept you to begin with.

PS: short hair is my preference. it's just I look like shit in general and worse than every single woman and girl I've ever seen with a pixie.

Anonymous 15613

oh. to clarify it's cuz I don't want to even touch my hair again. No styling, no nothing. It isn't to clapback at the state of things, but because trying hard to look better is not me…and it's also just a waste of time.

Anonymous 15662

So I'm going to try to describe something that has been happening to my scalp for years. Essentially, when I look at my hair brushes, a nasty film develops 100% of the time no matter how often I clean it. For the first several years I thought it was build up from products. Recently I have realized that it's not normal. My scalp can get really itchy when greasy and have lots of tiny tiny pieces of dandruff when it's really bad. When I scratch my scalp while my hair's wet this white gunk comes off. It's not flakey at all, and just seems like lots of dead skin. I suspect this could be seborrheic dermatitis. Has anyone experienced this? Would it be safe to try antifungal treatments on my own?

Anonymous 15663

Sounds like what I get and I have SD. Best solution I have found is after washing and rinsing my hair, I pour a bunch of cider vinegar on my scalp and sit like that for a few minutes. Then rinse off lots (to get rid of the smell).

Anonymous 15664

Thank you anon. I also ordered tgel shampoo to try a few times a week.

Anonymous 15666


Question: I have something between a 2A and a 2B hair type. Its pretty short, very thick, frizzy yet gets greasy extremely fast. Because its so heavy whenever its long its weighs down and looks straight everywhere but the ends and around my ears.

Right now its very short, I typically keep it that way because its annoying, but it always looks ugly because when its short it curls more and the ends stick up in a particularly ugly way.
I've never been into hair or anything so I don't know anything about how I should care for it. Can someone help me figure ou a way to care for it so it doesn't look easy greasy, frizzy, or stick up all weird? I don't want something that is gonna take me a million years to do with a million products and I don't want to change the length lol. Idk if this is an impossible question but any help would be appreciated.

Picrel is how I wish my hair would be, ugh. Not possible without excessive care though.

Anonymous 15667

go to r/curlyhair

Anonymous 15668

I came here because I didn't wanna use reddit, lol

Anonymous 15669

I have the same hair as you: 2B, greasy on the roots, very thick and frizzy. Despite having greasy hair (which is much better for your scalp than dry hair) you need to make sure that your hair is properly moisturized and healthy. You need to buy a decent shampoo (no parabens, no silicons, no toxic stuff…) and the same goes for your conditioner. If you don't want to use a conditioner you can always apply some essential oils to your hair after washing it and letting it dry a bit. Coco, argan or carrot pure oils are good. It's not an easy task to apply oils, only practice will tell you how much does your hair need in order to look moisturized but not greasy as well as how to apply it in sections. About the washing process bear in mind that cold water is the best option and that you only need to aply shampoo to your scalp, rinsing properly is also essential. So when you have your clean humid detangled hair you have to avoid brushing it until the next time you shower. When it's almost completely dry you apply your oil to the tips of your hair and a little bit above them. I like to shower in the afternoon so my hair is already done by the time I go to sleep because resting my hair on the pillow makes my waves settle better. I've also heard about prefering silk fabrics over cotton fabrics because the later cause frizz (I still use cotton because I can't afford silk). If you manage to find an appropiate shampoo (and conditioner as well) you'll be able to expand the days without washing your hair and your natural oils will fight against the frizz. Although I said that I don't recommend brushing this is entirely optional to you. I currently have mid-back length hair and wear a ponytail 99'9% of the time. Hope this helps!

Anonymous 15671

anyone know why my hair has stopped being curly? ): it was curly when i was using an argon oil conditioner but i switched to one more suited to low porisity hair and now it’s straight

Anonymous 15676

Sometimes curls are hair today, gone tomorrow

Anonymous 15793

Portrait of Madame…

I know the hair thread is kinda dead but I thought about giving it a shot anyway, you s have any hairstyle tips for very long hair?
Long as in it touches my crack when let down in the back. Been growing it for years and my intention is to let it grow as long as possible, but I've been wearing a hair clip for years now and was wondering if there's another simple way to make it look pretty.
I can do basic braids, but dutch braids are impossible. What do

Anonymous 15823


my hair barely grew these years. Like its pretty much the same length (shoulders or less) since im 14yo. Idk what to do
Hair is bit greasy in pic bc im washing it tomorrow
Ive stopped about 1-2y ago bad hair products, i do my masks myself. I brush my hair with a special brush and i use another special one for styling. I barely tie my hair and only with the satin scrunchies or whatever its called. I scrunch. I use a microfiber towel. Idk what to do anymore
I dont shampoo my roots directly. I brush from the end to the top of my hair. I never brush dry hair.
Btw my hair is quite dry especially on ends. Any tips ?

Anonymous 15830

How much hair is usual to fall out every day? My hair is about collar-bone length. I wash my hair every night and some always comes out when I run my hands through my hair. It seems like a lot but I think it may just be the length. It's not clumps or anything.

Anonymous 15831

I mean when I run my hands through my hair while showering, not every time I run my hands through my hair, lol.

Anonymous 15929


Yo…I kind of want to just have short, manageable hair.

>back in college someone's first reaction to my simple bob (no bangs) just below my chin was barely contained laughter. let's just say nobody has ever liked short hair on me and they've been constantly vocal about it

>I am kind of unattractive/masculine looking so I won't look cute no matter what I do; I see butch women shit on a lot (even here on CC)

Anyway, ideas for a hairstyle that is short, suits my awful texture and thinness? And suits a face that's long with broad cheekbones? Without being painfully plain or draw attention to my features. Maybe this is asking too much.

Anonymous 15930


Anonymous 15931

Oh, that's actually incredibly adorable! I'm probably going with this one.

Anonymous 15935

I know you will look good !

Anonymous 15953

My hair is pretty much the same length. I guess it depends on where I'm going but I do
- high ponytail
- clips/bobby pins on the side of my face slightly pinning back the hair
- a headband/headscarf tied into a headband. headbands that look like real braided hair can be fun
- french braids
- high bun (like right on the top of my head)
- side ponytail
- simple braids

French braids can be a pain in the ass, when I do those I have an easier time when it's freshly washed hair and if I use detangling spray to keep my hair wet. I also probably just need more practice doing them but yeah.

Anonymous 15966

am I the only one who thinks of my hair like a flexible helmet?

Anonymous 15983

Probably. Why do you think of it like that?

Anonymous 15998

bmw ad.png

old bmw ad

Anonymous 15999


Anonymous 16036

Okay, that's kind of cute.

Anonymous 16058

What are some tips other baby-fine/thin haired ladies have to make their hair look cool?

I do plan to get it cut to my shoulders soon, but I'm worried about it looking too austere–it's already a very mousy color. I have bronze skin and hair that's pretty much the same exact color, so I have a very unfortunate rustic look.

I am very much used to the wind completely destroying my hair and sending it in a million directions. Trying to fluff it up and maintain it is pretty much impossible because my hair hates all products. At most, I can maybe do half-up styles that give some lift to the hair around my crown.

Anonymous 16061

I have the same hairtype that's about 6 inches below my shoulders. For the most part, I've given up on trying for volume. If feeling fancy, I will curl it with a ½ or ⅜ wand, sometimes hot rolls, but those fall out in an hour. Can you use hairspray at all? There's this brand called big sexy hair that is supposed to give volume but works as a hairspray. If you're willing to put money down on that, it may be worth trying out styles with. Personally, I just accessorize my otherwise straight, styleless hair with clips, headbands or hats and call it a day.

Anonymous 16132

Question–I want to get a balayage. If I wanted a different color in it (i.e., rose gold), should I just use temporary color/toner at home? Or would it look sloppy?

Anonymous 18363


Should I buzz my hair or keep growing it out. Letting you n0nnas make the decision.

Anonymous 18364

How long is it now?

Anonymous 18366

about shoulder length

Anonymous 18369

Give it a buzz. Should have time to grow some protection against the summer sun.

Anonymous 18370

Buzz it! Just did it myself recently and it feels so freeing. If you don't like it, you can still grow it out. But I think you should do it at least once to get that experience.

Anonymous 18519


Came here to ask something similar.

I've always wanted to shave bald to see how it feels/looks. But I am worried about the social ramifications. I want to look for a new job this year. Will a non-conventional appearance make it harder to do interviews?

Anonymous 18521


Any tips/tricks/techniques to encourage slightly faster hair growth? I already do scalp massages with oils, sleep on satin pillow cases, stay hydrated, do olaplex treatments every week or so. I'm growing out a pixie and I'm in the shaggy overgrown awkward stage.

Anonymous 18568

I've had hair parted down the middle all my life, but I've thought about wanting to try having no or at least not as apparent of a parting.
my problem is, that whenever I try to do that, it just falls back into place.
have you nonas got any tips?

Anonymous 18581


I get my hair cut like picrel. I really dislike styling, so I mostly fluff it with dry shampoo and/or hairspray (nexxus, the pink can). I use Tresemme shampoo and conditioner (red/white bottles). Anyone got good anti-buildup shampoo so I can avoid buildup?

Anonymous 18609

Use a clarifying shampoo. Neutrogena has a really good one.

Anonymous 19257

I got similar hair length to you and what I like to do is a regular braid, then wrap it around a big hair clip and secure it to the back of my head

Anonymous 19569

I just got a amazon gift card, what should I buy for hair? I have blonde, straight hair. I could always use more volume and I like to curl it, any recommendations?
Looking for…
Hair spray
Dry shampoo
Leave in products

Or anything else you recommend. There's so many options it's overwhelming lol

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