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Bird Thread Anonymous 26822[Reply]

Post bird! Living, extinct or fictional. Posting nests, eggs and chicks will do as well
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Anonymous 26934



Anonymous 26935

What a cutie :)

Anonymous 26943


Anonymous 26944


Anonymous 26946



tumblr Anonymous 12349[Reply]

post tumblr posts
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Anonymous 24514

Screenshot 2023-05…

Anonymous 26896


Anonymous 26897


Anonymous 26898


Anonymous 26942

would be kinda funny if there was ts eliot instead


androgynous girls/reverse traps/tomboys Anonymous 14505[Reply]

Hopefully no "girl in tight sportswear with her tits out" moid shit.
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Anonymous 26877

i thought the cat was a fucked up looking swan from the thumbnail

Anonymous 26900


I'm pretty sure her tumblr handle is something along the lines if "woahtrippin" but I can't find it. Sorry. I do have a few more of her pics.

Anonymous 26901


Anonymous 26902


Anonymous 26920


urotskee gakuran

have a sabitskee


Anonymous 26905[Reply]

how does visuals and details translate to traffic and slaes. basically the metric elements

aside from being on trend or fan relations

basically knowing how much will bring how much
like quality control and such


Post you and your ideal partner Anonymous 15182[Reply]

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Anonymous 26853


Me and my ideal Italian bf who cooks pasta for me

Anonymous 26854


me & my bf

Anonymous 26855


me and him (When I find him)

Anonymous 26875

I was making mine but then I realized I would prove Freud right so I stopped.

Anonymous 26882


I think I found one that looks like him…


snail thread Anonymous 23845[Reply]

i feel that snails are sacred and beautiful creatures, i used to keep them (just found them in my garden) during uni and give them crushed eggshells for the calcium for their shells and fed them greens (i didnt give them anything like cucumber because i heard they get addicted to the sugar). they are amazing adorable creatures
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Anonymous 26811

Image hits hard

Can I screenshot?

Anonymous 26835

this is so cute omg

Anonymous 26836

This thread makes me miss my snail. I couldn't handle the mold in her terrarium, although I monitored the humidity and cleaned it often. Rip Grusha, you was the best snail

Anonymous 26837

*you were
Why am I so stupid?

Anonymous 26869

"Oh shit, motherfucker, I got to get out here"


Anonymous 26851[Reply]

Anonymous 26852



Glasses Anonymous 15141[Reply]

I think it's about time we had this thread!
Post men and women who are wearing glasses.

2D and 3D people included.
Eyeglasses/spectacles only, sunglasses don't count
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Anonymous 25670


He's so hot. I've been wanting to play this game just for him for the longest time.

Anonymous 26632


Anonymous 26804


probably just Agent Sunglasses™ but he's such a megane I think he fits ITT as well. I'd do him

Anonymous 26834


Anonymous 26845



Guy Crushes Anonymous 2034[Reply]

Post your 3D husbandos
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Anonymous 26817

>Purchased for $3
What did she mean by this?

Anonymous 26818


What the fuck is this supposed to mean, I don't speak zoomer

Anonymous 26819

it means you're based

Anonymous 26820

You know he slept with Taylor swift when she was 20 and he was ~30, then ghosted her at her birthday party to break up with her? (claiming she was too young and then he went on to date even younger women)

Anonymous 26833


I still like and miss the early 2000's emo guy look, like that Christopher Drew from Never Shout Never had.


Anonymous 26656[Reply]

how to determine contours in refraction
basically how cg does it but illustrated/in analog

i dont quite get it especially in practice of the example

i guess it's kinda obvious but i d like to see a hands on example or technically the more actual presentation
like maybe ten rays of lines forming a shape from the refracted object/environment to the refracting object like the glass object nearest to eye/camera

or maybe marbles to marbles overlapping

like, a very visual if not also aesthetic troubleshooting of realism or colors
or just how cg works in a more complete,shape by shape example
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Anonymous 26670

don't have a good example unfortunately, but the tree you highlighted is actually on the right side in reality. The glass marble mirrors the image in both axis as well as adding a fisheye effect, that's why its not in the frame on the picture.

I guess I've learned this in physics class? Look into how lenses work, but there are various optical effects that are hard to model with lenses like caustics and that weird thing water does when you look up from below.

Anonymous 26677

there is no easy way to map the contour on an irregular surface like a glass of water accurately. every ray of light you see takes an independent path between your retina and the object, and gets refracted on each material boundary based on the density of the lense material.

To accurately calculate the outline you would have to model every ray of light in it, and know rhe differences of density of the air, glass and water. A difficult task for a raytracing computer, a very difficult task for a human.

I think the best you can do is watch some youtube videos on the basics of lenses and try to make a believable guess when you are drawing, or use a similar object in real life to see how it would look. (if this is for drawing)

Anonymous 26704

>>26677 aw man. i lost this thread
well i have seen the lens theory and by assuming n1.sin@1 = n2.sin@2 , one can then assume than sin@2 is just n1/n2 * sin@1, thus the size of @2 is as big as @1 but with n1 defining the "forward" and n2 multiplying the "hypothenuse", since they are the same side of the ratio, i guess, so the bigger the n2, the longer the hypothenus, such and such

but this all is my assumption only, and honestly, while it is expensive for computer,
i am surprised it is not done manually first to affirm the guessing, unlike other things like reflections which are more general in drawing? very strange
expectantly i need a stronger assurance than that of a 3d software or photo, which also means youtube tutorials are only enough descriptive than completely

Anonymous 26808


bump more info i guess
just looking for some sort of… finality to this understanding

i guess it's about, "countouring" and that's no science

Anonymous 26809


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