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Silly/retard images Anonymous 27192[Reply]

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Anonymous 28112


Anonymous 28121


Anonymous 28123

is that a robert crumb comic

Anonymous 28221


Anonymous 28240



Misandry Memes Anonymous 19142[Reply]

I don't have enough in my folder. I'd love to get more. Let's share what we got!
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Anonymous 28231


Anonymous 28232

>>25020 Adding on to this, hot take but the "false rape accusations should carry the same legal penalty as raping" bull shit so many of them push as if it's a brave thing to say is also bullshit. Lying is not as bad as raping someone, even lying under oath. Men who act like getting falsely accused is way worse than being raped piss me off to no end. Notice how they don't hold this standard with other crimes like "false murder accusations are just as bad as murdering someone" or "false robbery accusations are just as bad as being raped" Like no. Words will never be worse than actually assaulting somebody, and guys who push this and dumbass women with a savior complex who want to feel special need to get their heads out of their asses and use their fucking brains. Plus the legal implications of "lying about a crime is as bad as committing the crime" are hellishly dystopian when you take more than 2 minutes to think about it. Not to mention with all the unreported rapes already, this would only further discourage women from reporting because a man could "prove" she was lying and get her thrown in jail. Every time I hear that shit it pisses me off to no end stg.

Anonymous 28233

if a willfully false accusation leads to an innocent person losing years of their life in prison, that's pretty close.

Anonymous 28234

People don't lose years to prison time for rape, and being sent to jail by mistake isn't even remotely traumatic like actual trauma by rape. Time lost isn't the same metric when the time is spent in the wrong spot (where you get meals and time to work and study) vs time lost from ptsd and related post rape issues which is money spent on therapy if you have the income while suffering from the aftershocks of rape for as long as ptsd ails you. Potentially forever.
And realistically, false rape accusations don't make it past the court phase because for a criminal act you need to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in court. It's just such a non issues it's stupid. Most "false rape" situations involve women who didn't report to the police and instead told the community and you have to trust the guy isn't obviously lying and claiming he's been falsely accused. And what good does that do for the woman accusing him? All the revile and hatred that being a rape victim and accuser of a man gets. You don't get coddled, no one helps you or looks to you with sympathy, crying rape won't get you free therapy, and your life lives with the mark more than the guy will because it always blows over after a while for the guy even if he definitely did it cause people would rather support a man than punish him for actions done against women for his whole life. If he'd raped another dude that's the only way he'd certainly have his life ruined by a rape accusation. Otherwise give it a year or two and people will be back to being their public friend and nobody will care about the past accusations no matter how true or at least possible they may be. They'll cope about his reasons, act like it never happened, or how it's a mistake that'll never happen again and the girl should just "get over it cause he's a nice guy".

Anonymous 28237

Tbh if a scrote pisses someone off so badly that they’re willing to derail their life for a while just to fuck up his, he probably deserves it.


Pixel sceneries Anonymous 470[Reply]

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Anonymous 28097


Anonymous 28098


Anonymous 28099


Anonymous 28103


Anonymous 28104



Purinharumaki Karameru Animations Anonymous 27668[Reply]

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Anonymous 27697


Anonymous 27704


Anonymous 27705


Anonymous 28101


Anonymous 28102



Celebrities you find beautiful Anonymous 6835[Reply]

I'll start.
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Anonymous 25331


Rachel Weisz, especially in The Mummy (1999) as Evelyn <3
I also liked Patricia Velasquez who played Anack-su-namun, but only in the movie with all the makeup and Ancient Egyptian aesthetics

Anonymous 25377


Emma Anzai

Anonymous 25404


Anonymous 27190


Florence Welch

Anonymous 28089

Screenshot 2024-05…

minatozaki sana <3

Anonymous 28058[Reply]

Anonymous 28016[Reply]

Anonymous 28023

Exceptional thread, nona.


fashion thread Anonymous 6337[Reply]

post fav fashion/aesthetics
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Anonymous 27782

me when.jpg

female horror game protagonist <3

Anonymous 27783

i have to be real, i love this style too bc early ps2 horror games are my obsession but i fucking hated when dressing like this became a "trend". i think it's in the same vein as hiki neet femcel larpers, and over half those girls probably hadnt touched fatal frame or haunting ground in their lives before it was cool. seeing a tiktok that said "dressing like this is finally socially acceptable <3" you're only dressing like that because tiktok told you to. not to mention when uwu aesthetic girlies latched onto this "trend", they fucking scalped every japanese fashion brand conceivable and resold what was 25 on mercari for upwards of 70 dollars. it's insane. i hate the tiktokification of media. if i see another normie stacy calling this shit "dark coquette vk cybercore" online i'm going fucking postal.

Anonymous 27784


ikr?! i hate it when people call it dark coquette it literally has nothing to do with coquette besides being fem…tiktok ruins everything anyways…however i think people like that only exist online… maybe its bc im from an eastern european country that i dont see people outside wearing stuff like that. i saw so many cute stuff on mercari but yes its so expensive plus it doesnt ship to my country lol… thrift stores can have some fire items tho so i enjoy looking for cool stuff like those birds who find shiny things in trash…

Anonymous 27786

I’d love to dress like this but I just took a color analysis test and it said to avoid high contrast colors (black and white) and Opt for boring beige and grey. I am a soft cool summer apparently u.u

Anonymous 27807


tbh fuck color analysis just wear whatever makes u feel creative and nice! :) the point is to have fun so theres no point jn reducing yourself to some color scheme a random person assigned you. if its a fit its a fit ^_^


Post you and your ideal partner Anonymous 15182[Reply]

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Anonymous 27743

I couldn't get on picrew bc I have an old browser but my type is taller and a few years older than me, kind, brown hair n eyes, protective, athletic ♡

Anonymous 27744


>my type is taller and a few years older than me, kind, brown hair n eyes, protective, athletic ♡

Anonymous 27745

My type is sentient alien asteroid that is made of at least 50% iron (anything less is too gay for me) that can shoot lasers and can sense my feelings across the 6th dimension.

Anonymous 27746


I’m crushing on a buff redhead at the gym
rn and we look like we’re from completely different cultures. Goddess help me, I can’t even look her in the eyes

Anonymous 27749

I don't understand


Avatar maker apps Anonymous 4001[Reply]

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Anonymous 27662


Anonymous 27663


Anonymous 27664


Anonymous 27666


H0nk H0nk

Anonymous 27690


I wish I looked like this in cute styles irl

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