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This type of meme Anonymous 25426[Reply]

It's 2AM and I'm laughing like a retard at these type of memes, if you have any images with a similar vibe I'd appreciate them :)
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Anonymous 25431


Anonymous 25435


Anonymous 26997


Anonymous 27034


Anonymous 27184



Wallpaper/Background Thread Anonymous 490[Reply]

Lets post some wallpapers/backgrounds. Phone and computer ok!
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Anonymous 26965


Anonymous 26966


Anonymous 27166

NGE Spacemen.png

Anonymous 27167


Anonymous 27168

Ship Storm.jpg


What is your favourite flower? Anonymous 21779[Reply]

Mine is white lily
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Anonymous 21797


i can't pick a favorite, i just love flowers in general. last year i was hospitalised, went for a walk and picked some flowers that i brought back to press in a book. after leaving the hospital i kept the hobby going and have been discovering and learning a lot about flowers since. this hobby gave me so much light when i was in a really dark place. sorry for the sappy story! just wanted to show some love for flowers. one flower i have recently found love for though, is chrysanthemum. i bought a bouquet of white chrysanthemum to celebrate the renovations and makeover i've done in my apartment. so far it's been almost 4 weeks and they're still alive! just one of them has withered. if i changed the water every day and cut the stems more often, they could probably last even longer. i just love how robust they are.

Anonymous 21798


All the coral bells.

Anonymous 27044


Pansies are lovely

Anonymous 27150

Hydrangeas (2).jpg


Anonymous 27154


I think I like roses the most.

morute vintage.png

Morute aesthetic Anonymous 26884[Reply]

Morute, a name combining the words "morbid" and "cute," is an aesthetic created in the early 2010's that expresses the dichotomy between the hyper-femininity and childlike softness of the Delicate Sweet aesthetic with the darker imagery of Cult Party Kei, Kinderwhore, and American Gothic elements. It is an outlet for expressing trauma, especially those surrounding eating disorders and child abuse. The community largely developed from the music of Nicole Dollanganger and influential photographers such as Jess Woods and milliedollgraves, who have since deactivated. It is more commonly known as "Sadbbydoll", due to those in the aesthetic looking like sad baby dolls.

Anonymous 26885

This aesthetic is a lot like Coquette, but with darker elements added

Anonymous 26949

this is cute. also kinda weird, but cute. im into Angelcore so this is sort of similar ig

Anonymous 26950

this would blend right in at the trailer park

Anonymous 26958

i like morute dresses

Anonymous 27132



I just got put onto a new Aesthetic, Thanks Nonas!


tumblr Anonymous 12349[Reply]

post tumblr posts
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Anonymous 26897


Anonymous 26898


Anonymous 26942

would be kinda funny if there was ts eliot instead

Anonymous 27125


Anonymous 27126



Depression n suicidal ideation memes Anonymous 18653[Reply]

Post depressing memes I need em
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Anonymous 26706


Anonymous 26872

Hey I member that movie. Still don't get it after all these years

Anonymous 26873

Nah, "isolation" is fine - better be out of harmful environment and alone. I mean it's hard socially, but better for well being and overall mood

Anonymous 27019


Anonymous 27118


5ojslyte92z71 (1).…

We need a female meme icon. Anonymous 27091[Reply]

Normal scrotes have Pepe. MTF troons have Glegle (picture related). FTM troons have Pooners. Normal women have nothing. This is a thread to come up with a new meme character made for women by women.
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Anonymous 27096

Kek why did I chuckle at this

Anonymous 27098


personally i'm a big fan of derpina. doubt she was made by a woman though
i promise you nobody thought of the 2016 version, i forgot it even existed and wouldn't remember if you didn't mention it

Anonymous 27099

So let's just make the new icon super transphobic. Let's make it jk Rowling's face or something.

Anonymous 27105

Anonymous 27177

Cece is the fucking lizard queen, don't disrespect her like that

photo_2022-05-25 1…

Amphibian General #2 Anonymous 17043[Reply]

last thread reached max reply limit
post all kinds of amphibians
(Frogs & Toads / Salamanders & Newts / Caecilians)
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Anonymous 25625

This is adorable nona, thank you for sharing. CC loves your frogs.

Also, are they a couple?

Anonymous 25644

thank you and yes, they are in love (frog love)

Anonymous 27052


Anonymous 27053


Anonymous 27104

a frog in a helicopter?!


Girl art Anonymous 566[Reply]

Post cute grills
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Anonymous 26947


Anonymous 26948


Anonymous 26959


Anonymous 27062


Anonymous 27064



Autumn Thread Anonymous 658[Reply]

Fall is such a cozy season. Looking forward to feeling settled again.
What are some of your favorite things to do in the fall?
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Anonymous 26636


Anonymous 26729


Anonymous 26737


Anonymous 26738


Anonymous 27030


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