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morute vintage.png

Morute aesthetic Anonymous 26884

Morute, a name combining the words "morbid" and "cute," is an aesthetic created in the early 2010's that expresses the dichotomy between the hyper-femininity and childlike softness of the Delicate Sweet aesthetic with the darker imagery of Cult Party Kei, Kinderwhore, and American Gothic elements. It is an outlet for expressing trauma, especially those surrounding eating disorders and child abuse. The community largely developed from the music of Nicole Dollanganger and influential photographers such as Jess Woods and milliedollgraves, who have since deactivated. It is more commonly known as "Sadbbydoll", due to those in the aesthetic looking like sad baby dolls.

Anonymous 26885

This aesthetic is a lot like Coquette, but with darker elements added

Anonymous 26949

this is cute. also kinda weird, but cute. im into Angelcore so this is sort of similar ig

Anonymous 26950

this would blend right in at the trailer park

Anonymous 26958

i like morute dresses

Anonymous 27132



I just got put onto a new Aesthetic, Thanks Nonas!

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