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Yuri & Shoujo Ai Anonymous 103

What's worth checking out?
Do you have any lesbian OTPs? Shipping?

>Tamen de Gushi

Slice of Life story about a tall lanky girl who falls for a cute blond and tries to ask her out. (Pic related)


A gyaru falls in love with her new step-sister. The plot gets cringy sometimes, but it has some cute scenes.


A woman in an abusive marriage asks her lesbian admirer to murder her husband and they run away together. Very dark, and the art style is the opposite of moe.http://mangakakalot.com/manga/gunjou

Anonymous 104


This made the rounds on Twitter today and I thought it was cute.

Anonymous 105


Anonymous 106


Anonymous 112

Which manga is this?

Anonymous 132


Kase-san if you want a nice paced, pretty much realistic, drama free but still entertaining and sweet manga. It starts when they're in HS and progresses to their first college year.


Anonymous 133

Also, Dynasty Reader is the best place for Yuri, hands down.

Anonymous 146

I looked in the replies but couldn't find a source, sorry! I wish I knew

Anonymous 150


Anonymous 160


Kissing Mars! And everything by the same author: Maka-Maka and Virgins Empire.

Anonymous 644


Morishima Akiko is an actual lesbian mangaka, she has a huge body of work with more mature stories, a few college and high school ones, as well. really gorgeous and versatile style. She did the fairly recent anime, yurikuma. I'm kinda surprised no ones mentioned her yet

I've also gotten really into the manga/anime tanakeda, the main girls, a hyperactive small girl and her tall "sukeban" gf are grossly in love and dating (pic related), and the main lazy boy set a life goal to marry his best friend, the big scary looking sweetheart. Its a comedy/slice of life.

This is a slice of life blog comic about the artist and her wife, its very funny and sweet and gorgeously illustrated

This one isn't necessarily a "yuri manga" but a memoir by the artist. Over years realizing shes a lesbian, struggling with depression, eating disorders, anxiety, self harm, getting fired, etc. Its really tough to read, but one of the best illustrated books of the year.

(Obviously buy the books after reading, if you can)

Anonymous 725

what did she mean by this?

Anonymous 727


The slice of life one is so so so cute, omg. Make me wish I was in a cute yuri relationship, but I am as straight as one can get kek very adorable nonetheless.

Anonymous 752

Aaaaa the private report was hella good and really sums up my relationship with sex too (even though I'm a bit younger and not a virgin)

The author reminds me so much of so many of my friends too. I just want to give her a big hug!

Anonymous 777

Most of y'all probably already know this but Yuru Yuri is a super cute [somewhat] Yuri anime. All the girls are super cute and the little romances make it even better. It's super "fluffy" and cutesy and can be pretty funny at times.

Anonymous 864


One of my favorite ongoing chinese yuri is Beloved. You should avoid if you find age gap unpleasant.


Anonymous 865


Holy shit, what a nice art style! I am hooked!

Anonymous 894


Hey! There's a new yuri game out on mangagamer called Seabed! :D


You can pre-order it now for $14.96, it's in the mystery genre

Anonymous 1892

I'll probably sound like a faggot, but Steel Angel Kurumi is what made me realize that I was into girls.

Anonymous 1915

sugar wa otoshigor…

My favourite original yuri manga of all time.
It's about a girl who has no ambitions in life so she puts down being a prostitute and sings lots of old love songs. It's easy for me to relate to that kind of dumpiness she has without the prostitute part. Especially when I was younger, awkward, messy hair like a rat's nest too.
She ends up becoming friends with a girl with long dark hair who is academically good but considered the class whore and their friendship starts to becoming romantic.
There's lots of feels about how men treat women and the manga itself was written by a woman.
The only thing that pissed me off is that the scan group dropped it despite only having roughly 3 volumes so I never get to see the end and I can't find scans at the worst part in the story possible.
I think the reason why I like it is because it almost feels like a teen romance movie but with yuri. It lacks the kind of almost artificial squeaky clean cuteness that lots of yuri has.

Anonymous 1921

Anyone else excited for the Kase-san anime?

Anonymous 1922


Damn forgot to drop gif

Anonymous 1931

I'm excited because I read the manga. I'm glad that more yuri like this is being animated that wasn't hot garbage like Sakura Trick (which was cute in it's own way, but fuck that ending)
The song sounds great and the animation looks smooth and it seems leagues better than the NTR bullcrap as well as Citrus.

Anonymous 1936

Yes, and the art looks so great too! Hopefully it will be a hit and we will get even greater stories.

Anonymous 2021


I love this manga so I'll dump a few screenshots for people who might like the same type of story. MC is fucking ridiculous but I know people who are just like that tbh.



Anonymous 2022



Anonymous 2023



Anonymous 2024



Anonymous 2026

>tfw probably straight
>no chance to get with a girl
kill me

Anonymous 2027

I feel you sis.
I am also straight. I can have a unique bond with a woman with all of this freshness and honestly that I cannot get from a man but even if I try hard, I cannot love women the way I can a man. I believe that because there is no time spent understanding someone as the opposite gender, we have a strong connection right away. She shares the exact same worries and concerns as me and our bodies are the same so we can understand each other on a deeper level and the sex can be better in some ways.
I can fantasize about holding them or having sex but it doesn't stir me the way a man does and I can't just have a relationship with a girl if I'm leading her on and hurting her feelings because of something I cannot be. So I understand why lesbians stay away from straight girls and they have good reason to.
Sometimes I just think it would be great to be bi or lesbian but I accept that I am the way I am even if it's boring and I can only vicariously experience it through reading slash or yuri manga.

Anonymous 2092

Shoujo-Ai Anime an…

The rec chart from /u/ is quite useful.

Anonymous 2114

>chart has mawaru penguindrum and aria but not utena or oniisama-e
what is this animu trash

Anonymous 2115

Why is Love Lab considered yuri at all lmao?
All of the girls are into boys, the things they do are for the sake of attracting boys and one has a boyfriend. Sure it has yuri vibes which could be seen as close friendship but if you actually want any yuri, you must become one with that fandom.
So many of these other shows aren't yuri specifically, it's only ever undertones or simply one implied lesbian couple.
Same goes for Hibike, it was the specific choice of the director to make Kumiko's relationship with Reina sensual and remove focus on Shuichi which existed in the novel.
In S2, even when one character confesses their love to the another, this is done as a complete platonic parallel with no romance whatsoever.
I'm happy to lap up yuri bait whenever it's presented but most of these are just wishful thinking on what ifs rather than explicit yuri.

Anonymous 2128

seriously. maria-sama ga miteiru is more yuri than this shit.

Anonymous 2129

this is a bait pic. lets be sincere please.

Anonymous 2130

Slightly ot but is love lab worth watching even if it's not yuri?

Anonymous 2133

Girl Friends is about a girl who falls for the popular gal and their relationship. Cute as fuck, and relatable. Praises femininity a bit, but I think it's part of the aesthetic.

Anonymous 2138


Yeah it is. Despite not being yuri and actually quite straight it's well animated despite being from a smaller studio. The designs are cute, bouncy, bright and it has many memorable scenes.
I'd rate it a cut above other cute girls doing cute things and it's my favourite of that type not counting K-on.

Anonymous 3288


Here to shill Asagao to Kase-san. It's a very "comfy" OVA with gorgeous backgrounds, clean animation, and it makes me feel like I'm in high school. Great for those of us who easily cry and like to feel nostalgic (or live vicariously through others' high school experiences). It's slow, but it's only an hour long and it's great for setting an atmosphere. Curl up with a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa, and watch this for a cozy little evening.

Anonymous 3451


In case anyone is curious a year later, this comic seems to be a part of a series of unrelated shorts, and that was just a one-off translation (if any more was done it's probably on twitter). Here's a link to the shorts, but they're in japanese and you'll need a pixiv account.

Anonymous 4034

historical /u/ with a great plot
translations are rare, though

Anonymous 4069

For that one lady on /b/ – do you dislike men on an emotional level? Maybe you're idealizing f/f relationships because if in one, you wouldn't have to deal with guys.
Or maybe you just like the aesthetic of /u/, they tend to be written as slow, sweet romances after all.

Anonymous 4070


How do I even know if I dislike them like you say? All my friends have been guys pretty much. On the other hand I do believe I might be idealizing f/f relationships because rarely I interact with girls my age all my life. I have also noticed that girls kinda dislike me, or for example during my school years I was just like their pet. I have always felt awkward with them. None see me as a potential friend ;_;

Anonymous 4071

Seems pretty weird to me, if you are mainly only attracted to guys physically though I think you are straight. Maybe try reading some manga about female friendship and see if you get the same feeling?
There are a ton of lesbians who love yaoi, I don't really understand it but you like what you like.

Anonymous 4072


What qualifies as manga about female friendship? Because I have read plenty of CGDCT but they are also quite gay. I remember reading this https://dynasty-scans.com/series/the_secret_stairs but I think I prefer more yuri-ish things. Like, if it's all girls and there is no gay it feels wrong/empty/boring.

I think getting exposed to this shit so early fucked my mind and now it's like an emotional fetish or something. I wish a girl would be willing to have sex with me so I could figure this out, but then it would be like, maybe it feels good because I'm a lonely virgin and any physical stimulation would obviously feel good? I don't know. How do you know if you feel good because you like that person or you feel good because they are just making you feel good. I don't think I would be able to differentiate. Maybe I just should assume I'm bisexual so people don't question when I say I like lesbians.

Anonymous 4075

Maybe something like Love Lab, where they are all straight but the focus is mainly on the girl group. Anyways, maybe bi would be the best label for you. Don't worry too much about having to fit into a certain group.

Anonymous 4076


>Love Lab
I enjoyed the anime, one of Dogakobo's best plus fun, great OP/ED and characters Jew a best, but I drew my line with the manga since the boys played major roles later on and it does piss me off because /u/ turned me into a purityfag. Still a good anime to trigger people with when I don't get triggered first.

>Don't worry too much about having to fit into a certain group.

Yeah I won't, I got tired of overthinking this already. Guess I finally understand that one Tamamusi comic.

Anonymous 4077

can you link this tamamusi comic?

Anonymous 4078


Pic related but applied to 2D only.

Anonymous 4079

huh, i can relate to this
i think
thanks by the way

Anonymous 4089


I know this is a year old, but I randomly remembered posting this today and went to look for a source. Apparently those pages are all there is, it's an original by doujinshi artist Mikawa Miso.

Anonymous 4462

[HorribleSubs] Yur…

yuru camp's /u/ is pretty subtle so far.

Anonymous 4639


This seems like it was made for this thread/site.


Anonymous 4772


Has anyone read Murasakiiro no Qualia? It feels kind of like a yuri version of Steins;Gate (though the LN predates S;G) with a Homura-like protagonist who would do anything for the girl she loves.

Anonymous 4774

I reread it after seeing this post. Gaku is great, she's one of my favorite protagonists.

Anonymous 5168


Is anyone else really excited for the Fragtime OVA? The new visuals are looking nice and the manga is one of my favorite yuri manga. The team working on this did such a great job on Kase-san too.

Anonymous 5636


Anonymous 5637


Even though I'm straight I see myself reading and self inserting in Shoujo Ai anime and manga even more than yaoi.
I think it's because it's too cute.
God, I really need a Shizuma in my life

Anonymous 5638


Thanks for the link anon. Just read all the chapters so far and it’s cute.

Anonymous 5639



This manga is super cute and I love the pairing so far as I've been able to read it

Anonymous 5705

Know any series like Haru and Midori?

Anonymous 9453


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