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Vocaloid / Happy Birthday Miku Anonymous 1144

A few days ago it was Hatsune Miku'a birthday, aka her 10th anniversary. In honor of that, I decided a little thread dedicated to all things vocaloid would be fun.
Some discussion ideas:
>How did you find out about vocaloid?
>Favorite/Worst song?
>Favorite/Worst vocaloid?
>Favorite/Worst producer?
>Favorite/Worst music video?
>Have you played project diva? If so what is your favorite song to play and are you good at it?
>Have you tried to make a song using vocaloids before?
>Anything else you wanna contribute?

…that's all!

Anonymous 1147

>How did you find out about vocaloid?
i found vocaloid when i was a young bab probably 9 or 10, wasnt sure if it was anime or what. i think after about week i understood what it was
>Favorite/Worst song?
i dont really have any favorites but the 'innocence' by miku gives me feels since i listened to it a lot as a kid lol
>Favorite/Worst vocaloid?
i know shes not technically a vocaloid but gumi has been my favorite even though i dont realy have any songs i like from her, i think sounds the most 'natural'. luka is my next fave but sometimes her voice confuses me and sounds like lens
>Favorite/Worst music video?
fave music vid is probably 'melancholic' by rin, dont have a worst lol
>Have you tried to make a song using vocaloids before?
man i wish, can anyone give me a download to the software? lol
>Anything else you wanna contribute?
vocaloid is the best! anyone who doesnt like it is a BAKA!!! =^_^=

Anonymous 1148

>How did you find out about vocaloid?
I found Ievan polkka when I was like 10 but I thought it was some rando anime and never looked further. I got into it when I was a full blown weeb in middle school and saw the music video for Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru.
>Favorite song?
Eazy Dance
>Favorite/Worst vocaloid?
My favorite is Gakupo. I remember having a huge crush on him when I was a weeb lol. But I really like his voice too. My least favorite is Gachapoid
>Favorite producer?
>Favorite music video?
Strobe Light's music video is super cute. I'm stilled bummed that the producer passed away.
>Have you played project diva? If so what is your favorite song to play and are you good at it?
No I never played it. I remember looking at videos of people playing it and envying them. I'm on a nostalgia trip rn and considering buying the games tho
>Have you tried to make a song using vocaloids before?
Yea I tried to write them but couldn't into music theory and was too broke to buy a vocaloid lol
>Anything else you wanna contribute?
Happy birthday Miku I'm sorry I thought it was cool to hate you when I was an edgy weeb. Please forgive my sins

Anonymous 1149

>How did you find out about vocaloid?
I had always seen pics of Miku online and what not and thought she was just a really popular girl from an anime. I was probably around 8 or 9 when this happened. Probably around the same time is when I heard my first Miku song on flipnote hatena… and ever since then I've always been interested her. I never really fully understood the concept of Vocaloid until about three years later tho, I always thought it was some anime related thing.
>Favorite/Worst song?
I love Nonsense Speaker since it was the first Miku song I ever really heard. I also like Sand Planet and Carnival by otetsu/Gumi.
>Favorite/Worst vocaloid?
Same with the other anon but I love Gumi. Her voice feels really natural to me and I love her look. I really don't like Len; I think his design is ugly, and his voice doesn't stand out to me.
>Favorite/Worst producer?
I like wowoka, Hachi, and otetsu I guess.
>Favorite/Worst music video?
The Sand Planet music video and the Rinne music video.
>Have you played project diva? If so what is your favorite song to play and are you good at it?
I have Project Diva F and wasn't really into it at first but then saw some other people playing it and I feel like getting into it again.
>Have you tried to make a song using vocaloids before?
No lol. I would love to try but it would definitely be shit.
>Anything else you wanna contribute?
I wish Miku would get more appearances on American TV coughDavidLettermancough

Anonymous 1151


>How did you find out about vocaloid?
I can't even remember. I think a weeb friend introduced me to it when I was like 12 and I thought it was an anime or a band or something lel
>Favorite/Worst song?
Ooh this one's kinda hard but if I had to pick a favourite, it'd probably be All I Need Are The Things I Like
>Favorite/Worst vocaloid?
My favourite is Gumi! Len might be my least favourite because I don't really like the sound of his voice tbh
>Favorite/Worst producer?
Kikuo, Pinocchio-P, Utsu-P and Wowaka are my faves!
>Favorite/Worst music video?
My Friend Was Good At Drawing by Pinocchio-P
>Have you played project diva? If so what is your favorite song to play and are you good at it?
I've played F and F2nd! I'm pretty good at it and my fave song is Tengaku since it was the first time I got an Extreme Perfect!I'd love to play Mirai but I can't find it anywhere ;_:
>Have you tried to make a song using vocaloids before?
Lol nope
>Anything else you wanna contribute?
Happy birthday Miku!

Anonymous 1152

>How did you find out about vocaloid?
I was a weeb in middle school and found some music with the vocaloid Kamui Gakupo. My sister and her friends were a grade below me and found Miku and the rest and showed me them.

>Favorite/Worst song?

Favorite: Love in Secret(Fukase), Cantarella(Kaito), Persecution Complex Cellphone Girl(GigaP)
Worst: Popipo. Reminds me too much of my cringe days.

>Favorite/Worst vocaloid?

Mu favorites are Gumi and Miku. I also enjoy Avanna and Fukase. I'm not crazy about Rin at all.

>Favorite/Worst producer?

I love MasaP even though his music is kinda edgy lol. Steampianist is another favorite of mine.

>Favorite/Worst music video?

I don't have a favorite music video but I used to watch the MMD dances of songs

>Have you played project diva? If so what is your favorite song to play and are you good at it?

Yes. My favorite songs on it are Cantarella and Two-faced lovers and I'm pretty good at the game.

>Have you tried to make a song using vocaloids before?

No. I wish I could though.

>Anything else you wanna contribute?

Does anyone like less popular vocaloids? No one ever talks about Avanna that much and I like her a lot.

I'll come back later and dump some songs I really like or ones that give me good nostalgia back when I first got into vocaloids.

Anonymous 1158

>How did you find out about vocaloid?

Being a young weeb, it happened naturally. I think my first video was World is mine, a few months after it was released and I thought Miku's voice was way too high and annoying. But I liked the music video. A few klicks later I discovered Alice Human Sacrifice and little 13 yo edgelord me was delighted, so I fell head first into the rabbit hole.
>Favorite/Worst song?
I tried, but I can't pick one. I usually just skip songs I don't like.
>Favorite/Worst vocaloid?
Lol I'm the worst offender when it comes to switching favorites. I loved Meiko first, then Miku, then Luka, then Meiko again, then Namine Ritsu (if that counts), then Sukone Tei(if that counts), then Ritsu again. Kaito will forever be my husbando though, so I'll pick him as favorite. I don't think anyone is the worst, but I personally don't have a lot IA songs and didn't keep up with all the following Vocaloids.
>Favorite/Worst producer?
Kikuo and sasakure.UK . GYARI's jazz songs and videos are so fun and adorable too. Pinocchio-P is also really nice, but I never buy his albums because his own songs/voice is pretty bad..
>Favorite/Worst music video?
Tower of sunz used to be the most amazing thing ever to me, but watching it now, it doesn't seem that mind-blowing anymore. I probably watched it too many times and became spoiled with animation over the years. There isn't any worst music video, even the terribad Windows Movie Maker effect PV's make me nostalgic.
>Have you played project diva? If so what is your favorite song to play and are you good at it?
No, but I'd like to play it one day.
>Have you tried to make a song using vocaloids before?
Haha, yes. I downloaded all the voice banks illegally, but of course not without catching 100 trojans first. Then I tried to make song covers but failed really bad at japanese and gave up.
>Anything else you wanna contribute?
When I was in the 10th grade, I made a 15 minute presentation about Vocaloid and the confused expression on the face of my teacher while I played one of Meiko's english covers will hunt me forever. Only the feeling of bliss while watching one of the concerts (just googled it, it was the 2010 39's Giving Day concert) for the first time can compensate that amount of cringe.

Mah Miners. What do you think about Kikuo's collabs with Hanatan?

Anonymous 1160

Do you remember which english song Meiko was covering?
This reminds me of the time during my 10th grade year of highschool when I was hanging out with two of my [not very close] friends. They asked if I wanted to play any music from my phone and I couldn't think of anything so I asked "do you guys know what vocaloid is?" They seemed kinda confused so I didn't play the song… thank miku I didn't cause I feel like that would've been rly embarrassing. I was about to play world is mine too lolllll

Anonymous 1162

If only I could forget, it was her version of Amazing Grace. In the beginning she sounds really nice, but in the chorus her voice gets really high, louder and nasal and that was when I realised it might not be pleasant for "normal" ears but it was too late lol. Though the presentation was a preparation for the finals, so I was lucky the teacher and two friends who chose to stay for support were the only people in the room.

>They asked if I wanted to play any music from my phone and I couldn't think of anything so I asked "do you guys know what vocaloid is?" They seemed kinda confused so I didn't play the song…

Thank Miku indeed, you made a good decision. I just always dodged the question what kind of music I liked because my phone was 90% Vocaloid songs. Like the other anon said, it would be great if it became more popular overseas or even in mainstream music. It feels like we were so close at one point but then missed the mark.

Anonymous 1167

>What do you think about Kikuo's collabs with Hanatan?
I love them! Her voice is so powerful. I especially love her in Hikari Yo

Anonymous 1174

Damn, it's really been ten years already? I remember being crazy into Vocaloid when I was a little weea-babby, I can't believe how much time has passed lol.

>How did you find out about vocaloid?

I used to watch a shit ton of videos from Niconico that would get re-posted onto YT, and I saw that one video of Rin on the road roller racing against Billy Herrington. Several related videos later, I was addicted.

>Favorite/Worst song?

I have a lot of favorites. I'll just post three that I really like because I'm indecisive as fuck.

>Favorite/Worst vocaloid?

Aside from Miku, I really like Gumi and Rin. As for worst, maybe those weird international Vocaloid that they came out with (like Big Al and Sweet Ann). Idk maybe they weren't as bad as I remember. But if we're talking about the main group, then probably Kaito. (It's not that I dislike him, it's just the fact that I can't recollect any songs from him that I liked that much.)

>Favorite/Worst producer?

Furukawa-P for sure with Supercell and maybe Dixie Flatline as a close second and third. Can't really say I have a worst.

>Favorite/Worst music video?

I was so fucking enamored with Lots of Laugh when it first came out. I just thought the the visuals and the art style were so astounding. I would literally play that shit back to back just to catch stuff that I might have missed in the background the first time. I still really like Honya Lala's art. Again, can't really say I have a worst.

>Have you played project diva? If so what is your favorite song to play and are you good at it?

Once on an emulator ages ago. I could never figure out how to get the controls to work so I gave up before I could really get into it. I do like rhythm games though so I might just give it another try someday if I ever decide to buy a Vita.

>Have you tried to make a song using vocaloids before?

LOL, yes but never anything of substance. Shit's fucking hard man.

>Anything else you wanna contribute?

Pointless fun fact: When I was younger, I never knew how Kagamine was pronounced, so I'd always say it "Kagamin" (like Kagami from Lucky Star, but with an N at the end.)

Anonymous 1210

aaah been into good ol' Voca since '08.

>How did you find out about vocaloid?

I was 13 and stumbled across the video for Love is War on Youtube and never looked back

>Favorite/Worst song?

Fav: Very difficult question but I'm gonna say 'Showasen Girl'
Worst: I don't really have one! I'm sure there are songs I dislike but I just can't think off the top of my head!

>Favorite/Worst vocaloid?

Fav: Luka and Gumi
Worst: Gakupo

>Favorite/Worst producer?

Favs: Hachi, Kagome-P, Kiichi, PowaPowa-P, Dixie Flatline
Worst: I don't dislike too many composers but I always thought Circus-P was way overrated.

>Favorite/Worst music video?

Fav: 'Dance Dance Decadance' by Karasuyasabou
Worst: Never really liked anything Wowaka ever put out other than 'Rolling Girl'

>Have you played project diva? If so what is your favorite song to play and are you good at it?

My ex had 2 Project Diva games. I liked to play Worlds end dancehall on that. I have Project Mirai and like playing No Logic on that.

>Have you tried to make a song using vocaloids before?

Nope but I do have my own utau

>Anything else you wanna contribute?

When I was a weeby 14 yr old I once made a naturo style headband and put the Supercell logo on it instead and wore it around school

Anonymous 1239

This thread made my realise how old I am (or at least how old I feel). I was 14 when Miku first came out and my japanese friend was talking a lot about it, so I went to check it out because I thought the design was cool. Even though I still doon't didn't like the robotic voice, I really dig the songs and content creation in general, like art, music videos, etc. I would also look for nico nico covers with real people instead, Tourai, Usa and another chick with an onee-sama voice were my favorite at the time.
I am so out of the loop with everything now, but I remember the last time another friend of mine went to Japan to visit family and was talking about MVs she would watch when she was bored and there was this one featuring a girl (also forgot her name) that started out as a nico vocaloid cover singer.

Sorry I don't remember any producer names anymore, Also didn't see the animes that were inspired by vocaloid songs, nor played the games (my brother's PSP broke the same year the first Project Diva came out, I was so disappointed)

I guess my favorite song was Just Be Friends.

Oh well.

Anonymous 1270

I like the program because it really has helped a lot of artists take off, but I hate the commercialization aspect of it. The characters detract from the music being made and they create this weird obsession with music because of the "singer" and not the music itself. I just think it's dumb to be honest, but I understand why people like it.

Anonymous 1314

Yea I agree with you anon. I feel like a lot of producers have been really overshadowed by Hatsune Miku herself, and fans forget that there are actual people producing her songs. I was like that when I first found out about vocaloid, but now it's nice to know about the specific producers and what they create.

Anonymous 3551


Got into vocaloid since I was around 13 and I'm sure all of those strangely catchy tunes got me through those dark times when I didn't have the guts to go to help for anyone else.
While I feel like there are just too many vocaloids being released these days to keep the industry going and I can barely keep up with them all, Rin/Len, Iroha, Gumi and Miki will always be my standouts.
Many songs are almost like public domain-ish music so people can happily make parodies with fandoms they're into without copyright strikes and I feel like using the synthesized voice with solid instrumentals dares people to cover them better which is where my strongest interest lies, in the covers themselves that bring out the full potential of each song.


Anonymous 3552

Hooray for a thread revival!
>How did you find out about vocaloid?
I don't really remember, it was a long time ago, maybe around 2008ish? I liked anime too and at the time it was impossible to not know about vocaloid if you liked anime.
>Favorite/Worst song?
It's too hard to choose a favorite, off the top of my head I like these
I don't have any songs I hate, there are a bunch of low-effort covers out there and bad amateur originals if you look hard enough though. For a popular song, I don't like Sand Planet very much.
>Favorite/Worst vocaloid?
Len as my favorite, Gachapoid as the worst, I haven't heard anything he wasn't terrible in.
>Favorite/Worst producer?
Pinocchio-P is my favorite, there is no producer in particular I hate.
>Favorite/Worst music video?
GYARI makes cute music videos to all his songs
>Have you played project diva? If so what is your favorite song to play and are you good at it?
I like all the OSTER Project songs in Future Tone, I'm decent at the game and can pass most the songs on extreme.
>Have you tried to make a song using vocaloids before?
I've made covers with Oliver before but they aren't good enough quality to publish.
>Anything else you wanna contribute?
The live concerts are totally worth it if they come to where you live. I went to a concert in 2016 and one this year, they are great.

Anonymous 3553

Last year ago people were lamenting the gradual decline of vocaloid but I can gladly say I'd disagree.
While it's definitely pre-boon level of public prominence in comparison to it's golden age with big names like scop, wowaka, hachi ect retiring, inactive or choosing to pursue music on their own terms after they've honed their skills and it's not just a bit of fun anymore, songs say for example, anything of Balloon's are still pretty viral and are just as consistently polished quality and just as meaningful as the music of yore.
I couldn't be more thrilled that it's becoming slightly more mainstream loving vocaloid and it's being done in such lavish style, too.
Kikuo, JitbataP, Nashimoto Ui, Balloon, Hachi PinocchioP, Powa, Scop are amazing producers and so many hog space on my Iphone.

Anonymous 3957

Here's a PowaPowa-P playlist! May his soul rest in piece

Anonymous 3962

i love kurageP and this is my fav of his works.

Anonymous 11638

necroing to beg for good vocaloid music recs because I'm running low

Anonymous 11639

Anonymous 11641

Anonymous 12309


My favorite vocaloid artist is PinocchioP, I like their optimistic sounding yet depressing themes because its relatable

Anonymous 12525

Can't believe that no one has added inabakumori's music to this thread. Started to listen to their music, when one of their songs went viral on tiktok.

Anonymous 12526

Anonymous 12527

Holy fuck I love that song

Anonymous 12529

Anonymous 12530

Anonymous 12685

Everyone knows disappearance of Hatsune Miku, but the rest of cosmo@bousou's music is pretty underrated

Anonymous 12698

i dont like flower tbh but this song is cool

Anonymous 12699

Anonymous 12725

from the same producer^^

Anonymous 12761

any utsu-p fans here?

Anonymous 12778

honestly lagtrain has probably become my favorite vocaloid song

Anonymous 13930

Yeah, I just recently found out about them and I gotta say Renaissance is one banger of an album.

Anonymous 19084


>How did you find out about vocaloid?
>Favorite/Worst song?
anything made just ironically or meme-worthy
>Favorite/Worst vocaloid?
len, fight me
>Favorite/Worst producer?
no comment
>Favorite/Worst music video?
already posted but
I'm still amazed at how well animated it is
>Have you played project diva? If so what is your favorite song to play and are you good at it?
only project mirai for 3ds, my favorite song is Matryoshka. I'm pretty good at that game but only because the game is very easy.
>Have you tried to make a song using vocaloids before?
>Anything else you wanna contribute?
eat fruit and vegetables

Anonymous 23580


can i hijack this thread to talk about project diva

Anonymous 23688

So when are you going to talk about it

Anonymous 23846

sorry i forgot

Anonymous 23853

>How did you find out about vocaloid?
i was maybe 9 or 10 and obsessed over retarded fanime in youtube. (remember when that was a thing?) some youtuber had made a pv for love is war in paint, and i was equally as horrified as i was fascinated by the robot voice. then i fell down a rabbit hole
>Favorite/Worst song?
oooohh my fave is probably tsukihane by sei-peridot.
>Favorite/Worst vocaloid?
sf-a2 miki and vy1 were my faves as a child. nowadays i'm more of a synthv fag, so solaria. i don't really hate any vocaloid, many are just uninteresting
>Favorite/Worst producer?
fave producers are sei-peridot, wowaka (rip), neru and okame-P. DECO*27 is overrated imo, very stale.
>Favorite/Worst music video?
never watched those
>Have you played project diva? If so what is your favorite song to play and are you good at it?
no but i've tried the project mirai demo on 3ds lol
>Have you tried to make a song using vocaloids before?
i'm a producer lol
>Anything else you wanna contribute?
popipopipo poppippooo

Anonymous 24383


Any anon here into Evillious I beg you to sperg about it with me

Anonymous 25235

Oh hell yes! I like vocaloid song series with lore in general, but evillious is definitely one of my favorites!

Anonymous 25547

ilem beloved

Anonymous 26668


Late response but I'm glad someone else likes it too!
Clarith is very special to me.

Anonymous 26951

I miss when Deco used vocaloids other than just Miku. His music was better when he used Gumi more.

Yeah I'm still salty that he used Miku instead of Gumi in his cowardly monblanc remake. Just… why!? I like Miku but I wish more producers used her less and others more because variety is fun.

Anonymous 26952

It seems like he can only compose like he used to when the Milgram project is waving some cash in front of him. The remake was kind of mediocre in my opinion but that’s just modern deco in general.

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