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Graphics Novels and Non Marvel/DC Comics Anonymous 1317

Let's talk about graphic novels and non-marvel comics (Image, Vertical, etc.). Discuss your favorite graphic novels, dole out recommendations, or diss that comic where you can't believe their artist got hired for even one job.

Anonymous 1319


Persepolis <3

I can't think of anything right now cause my mind is a bit fogged, but I loved your thread image choice!

Anonymous 1323


I guess this was one of the first graphic novels I've read. Me and my friends were all super into it back then because it talked about ~~grown up girl things~~ such as ~boys, boobs, and periods~ (if I recall correctly). It was a cute story overall and I still kinda enjoy today, I've probably read it like 5 times now. Other than that I can't really think of any other graphic novels I've read. I'm a fan of a few zines but idk if those really count as graphic novels. Also I've been meaning to read Persepolis!!

Anonymous 1340


Miss Don't Touch Me is one of my favorites

Anonymous 1345

what are some of the best horror graphic novels? i'd love to hear some recommendations

Anonymous 1896

It's not exactly horror, more like crime, but I recommend Rick Geary's Treasury of Murders series. It's like an illustrated fact file slash retelling of famous murders and such.

If you're okay with comics, there's the OG Walking Dead. I haven't delved too much into the horror genre of graphic novels yet, I'll update as I continue reading more :^)

Anonymous 1920

Locke and Key is excellent if you've not read that one.

I also wanna read Wytches soon as I heard it was good…

Anonymous 1966


I read all 6 volumes of Giant Days (ongoing) recently. It has rave reviews online, but I wasn't exactly sold on its ~realistic~ portrayal of college. It's a cute comic, and for me each issue read as a longer comic strip than an issue, if that makes sense. I think this is the writer's first time writing for issues rather than his usual format of daily webcomics, so that's probably why I don't get the "feel" of each issue being an issue.

I feel like the comic tends to skew in favor of Ester versus Susan and Daisy in terms of how much time is devoted to her character versus the others. I didn't like how Daisy seems very much a caricature of a home schooler. I also found certain situations bizarre because they seem like maybe normal 20 years ago, but just updated with references to YouTube and selfies and whatnot. For example, the girls are deciding what house to rent for their sophomore year of uni, and that is super rare where I'm from - though maybe it's a UK thing since that's where the comic is set. I know that was common, but I feel like it is rare for that to happen nowadays so early…but maybe I'm just insecure and this comic is exacerbating it.

I guess I'm being a bit nitpicky, it isn't like this comic is supposed to be groundbreaking or anything. Yet it received an Eisner nomination for best writing! Maybe I'm missing a point. I don't mean to be a drag, but I think a similar comic written by a woman would be more relatable and enjoyable for me.

TLDR; if you want a cute comic to read about 3 girls who go to college together with disney-esque art, give it a go! I don't think this comic was my cup of tea, that's all. Susan is probably my favorite character.

Anonymous 1967

Also, I'm not a fan of Disney-esque art, I was so glad when Sarin took over.

Another thing, I know it's a comedic slice-of-life series, there are going to be improbable situations, it's just, I felt like they were too improbable given the praise for this series. A lot of character development felt forced to me. I also got sick of all the "ha ha, because it's convenient, let's put feminism on pause" jokes.

Anonymous 1969


Thanks for the thread OP.

Lately have been into Snotgirl, love the mimicry in it. I'm currently looking for a cyberpunk/crime graphic novel.

Anonymous 1971


I love all the different stories in Love and Rockets but Locas really holds a special place in my heart. It makes me nostalgic for my young and punk shenanigans.

Anonymous 2055

Black Hole is my favorite Western comic, mostly because of the ending, which I won't spoil.

Anonymous 2056

That's good to hear, anon. I actually had borrowed it from my library and left it sitting, but I think I'll try to read it asap now. Can't wait to see if I agree with you or not.

Anonymous 2061

I've always wanted to read Snotgirl. The art is super cute and looks interesting. Do you read it online anon? I've only seen it in store, like twice, and tried looking online once but was unsuccessful.

Anonymous 2062

Any good places to read them online?

Anonymous 2063

I bought them individually at a local comic store

Anonymous 2067


Sandman and Blacksad are my go to graphic novels. Anything with a decent story and god tier unconventional art hits the spot

Anonymous 2068

I second Sandman and Blacksad as the best modern comics available, and I think I left no stone unturned. Sadly, I enjoyed infinitely more the comfy childhood classics like Tintin, Asterix, Corto Maltese, Moomin… is like when you are a girl you get the total glimpse of what a comic is, and as an adult you can only find pale memories of that feeling only in the best of the best.

Anonymous 3076


I like lackadaisy, even it is slow, but the art style is incredible and the story is intersting.
Love Mordekai.

Anonymous 3084

Maus Intro.jpg

Anonymous 3088


I really liked this online comic I read a few years ago, I forgot it all, I have to read it again! You can read it here http://www.blastwave-comic.com/index.php?p=comic&nro=9

Anonymous 3416


As I was walking past a kiosk today I noticed a Dylan Dog comic and I thought "wtf he is so handsome" so I decided to look it up and I found old volumes of it online! Awesome, it really seems like my kind of story.
I really wish I'd checked out all those comics sooner, my parents would sometimes mention the comics they used to read (and those are still the same comics being sold now), it would have been so fun to wait in anticipation for each new volume, and maybe talk to my friends about them.

Anonymous 3417


I like Serenity Rose.
That was the first American-made comic I ever picked up.
The artist's style has changed over the years (and his story-telling has matured) but I still have a real soft spot for the original chapters.

Anonymous 3418

where are you reading it online? i found one site but everything is in italian.

Anonymous 3419

Well the site I found is Bosnian, and I looked around for an english version for you but I couldn't find anything either… It's kind of weird you can't find an english version anywhere yet there are several bosnian versions

Anonymous 3440

I think it's bc Italian comics were more popular in former Yugoslavia than the rest of the world.

Anonymous 21439


I really enjoy reading Lucy Knisleys books, they feel so familiar and they make a good read for rainy days where you just want to be all wrapped up in a blanket drinking tea. The art is nothing too complex, but its simple enough to be a perfect medium for her stories.
>pic related, my first and fav book by her

Anonymous 21714


Paper Girls is a really good mystery/science fiction comic, I don't want to give away much of the plot (imo it's better if you go in blind) but the art alone really appealed to me.
Persepolis is great, I think first reading it as a teen and then again as an adult was interesting.

Anonymous 21753


I know its DC but finished reading watchmen and the majority of prequels
enjoyed it more than I thought

Anonymous 21757


This was my main motivation for becoming serious about inking.

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