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ASMR Anonymous 1427

Do any miners enjoy ASMR?

I checked it a few years ago after hearing about it in passing. And I listen to it almost every night when falling asleep.

I would love to hear peoples thoughts about it, enjoy it, dislike it, chat about the ASMR community (those weird sexually charged videos?), youtubes demonetization of ASMR, ASMR artists you enjoy, etc etc etc

Use this thread for everything ASMR!

Anonymous 1428

I'll start off with some of my favorites. I feel extremely fussy who I like so I would love to check out others recommendations

>QuietSprite ASMR

She quickly became one of my favs. I seriously love her style

>Batala's ASMR

New channel I found last week but I am really enjoying her recent content with her blue yeti. Her style reminds me a bit of Q which I love

>Brittany ASMR

One of my long standing favorites. I have a bit of mixed feelings about her channel though. Her videos are amazing when she puts in a bit of effort but recently she hasnt really been doing that so I've found them not as enjoyable. She also always used to tongue click which I love but she seems to rarely do it anymore

And lastly, of course
>Gentle Whispering

Anonymous 1430

I love ASMR! It's turned into more of an addiction now. I watch it all of the time, mostly because I can't find anything that gives me ~*tingles*~ because the tag is full of disgusting mouth sounds and eating. I only have a few trysted faves now.


>Babzi (even though he never posts)

Anonymous 1431

I don't get this but my bf does.

He says I'd have a good voice for doing this sort of thing. I've considered it and I know I'd find it a lot of fun planning roleplays and writing scripts. But I don't want to show my face, would that effect popularity?

Do you guys think there are too many videos like this out there already? I've noticed a lot of channels are run by people who don't understand what ASMR is beyond whispering and make it out to be some kind of fetish or make gross mouth sounds or make videos that definately aren't relaxing like alien abduction.

Anonymous 1432

It does work with me sometimes but the weird thing is.. I actually have misophonia, but almost the only ones that give me tingles are of people eating?? And it's actually so random, sometimes I put on a ASMR mukbang on and it doesn't work and it just leaves me kinda angry/anxious (as expected from my misophonia), but other times I can put it and feel the tingles?? Granted, when I am less stressed it usually have higher chances of working, but it's still not super garanteed.
It even happens sometimes IRL, it really baffles me.

On another note, once I was at a museum and there were these two guys speaking french, I think. They were talking in a "semi-whisper" tone and it really gave me the tingles lol Plus french is the prettiest language there is, IMHO, so it helped.

Anonymous 1434

I love ASMR but I actually seldom get tingles. its extremely rare and never any of this mind blowing stuff people describe it as. More like maybe just a light buzz in my head.

Why I really enjoy it though is I have a hard time falling asleep from a lot of inner thoughts/dialogue/noise going on in my head. So listening to ASMR gives me something to focus on, relax, and get some sleep

I feel you on not exploring the tag anymore because of all these weird eating noises lmao. I like some mouth sounds(?) but I hate the eating/slobbering noises. My #1 trigger forever will be tongue clicking though and I guess it counts as a mouth sound. When I hear that noise it just totally relaxes my body and is like… some weird confirmation that its OK to relax now.

I also generally dont care for legit eating ASMR but sometimes I can enjoy marshmallow eating sounds

>sorry blog post

Anonymous 1435

ASMR Aurette's "Let Me ASMR You" was the first video I watched, and I still have a soft spot for her & I would consider her my favorite whisperer, even tho she deleted her channel a while ago.

also she's super cuten-no homo

Anonymous 1437


Latte is one of my favorites! I also really like Miniyu

Anonymous 1445

Oooo I like Miniyu as well!!

Weird question, I just went to check out Latte. Is she from Korea or the USA or somewhere else?
I didnt realize until just now but any asian girls I see on ASMR videos I assume to be from Korea… But Lattes English sounds really good so now Im thinking shes American?

Anonymous 1889

Yes, my favorite are scalp scratching and hair brushing. I also very recently discovered that I enjoy glass tapping. Vid related is my favorite ASMR video of all time. My go-to ASMR Youtubers are RelaxWithReena and MinxLaura123 ASMR. For two months, I've also gotten into CAM ASMR & Massage because their chopstick videos are sooo relaxing.


^The video that had me discover my glass tapping love, 15:03.

Anonymous 1905

A friend of mine has been told he has a good voice for ASMR, and I'd probably agree. That sorta low speaking into your ear kinda voice using a microphone is weirdly soothing to listen to. Maybe I'll tell him to try it out, I might want to hear it.

Anonymous 1906

I don't understand it and I don't enjoy it

Anonymous 1907


I like teacher roleplay ASMR videos with cute girls. I wish someone would do a virtual idol ASMR channel where they roleplay as a cute anime teacher so I can finally experience Japanese school life.

Anonymous 1912

I don't get ASMR but I really like this video.

Anonymous 3330

Asmr Zeitgeist is my go to guy. I love how he has a small section of talking at the start and then the few words here and there in the videos
His accent is cute too

Anonymous 5492


Anonymous 5493

Anonymous 5505


Never understood the appeal really.

Anonymous 5644

I like Psychopath ASMR but Ive gone through all his interesting videos already. Does anyone know similar channels for that sweet self-hating content?

Anonymous 5645

I don't really have any channels to recommend. I pretty much just search, yandere or serial killer. Lately I've been wanting more "mad doctors" ones.
I hate real killers but I love those fictional ones.
Your not alone but I can't help you, sorry.

Anonymous 5681

I used to think it was totally and utterly made up, but then several months ago I was trying out the STALKER game and I got "tingles" along the left side of my head, just above my ear from some ambient sounds in the game. It was a novel sensation, but I didn't feel like turning the lights off and spending my evenings tingling away in the dark while some weirdo opens sweets or practices chiropractory.

Anonymous 5715

STALKER is pure slav magic I'm not surprised the ambience would trigger some kind of weird response.

Anonymous 5771


i only masturbate to asmr stuff, one of my favs is Yandere FBI https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkyO7OryS9xk9yjj_Pc0NRw/videos

Anonymous 5779

Dropping some ASMR opinions

>Goodnight Moon is my crush and she's very creative, I think she deserves all the praise

>As does ASMR Zeitgeist
>Frivvy is attention seeking (the confessions of an ASMRtist video was very cringey to me) and overrated
>ASMR Eyevoree is underrated, if you like ear eating please consider her

Anonymous 5784

I used to get ASMR feelings from certain episodes of Tom and Jerry. There was one scene in particular where Tom is mixing Jerry into a cup of coffee. He takes his time preparing it and mixing the sugar, then another cat from inside the cafe reaches out and asks for a sip, and then the spoon. You can hear the other cat gulping down the whole cup and letting out a quiet "ahh".

I feel like such a pervert typing this out, but it wasn't horny, it was just spine tingles.

Anonymous 5786

Here me out. I've used asmr almost daily for years – it works well to assist with anxiety, relaxation, and sleep. However, what makes it different from a drug? It's certainly a distraction for me. In a way, it's a shortcut.

I told my therapist about how I use asmr nightly to forget everything and feel better, and she said that wasn't good. I have issues with accepting emotions because they overwhelm me and to get over it it's best to deal with it. To be exposed. So here I am now… I'm trying to quit my biggest comfort. It's been rough.

Anonymous 6041

Why would that not be good? It doesn't seem harmful. Unless are you obsessing over it? If not, it doesn't seem to have a downside, it's like listening to rain sounds to fall asleep. Also, why should someone rather think about negative things when they fall asleep?

Anonymous 6086

Well anon, I'm actually going to be making my own channel soon, so I ended up ignoring my therapist's advice. I think she was addressing the way that I used it excessively.
I see your point. I was taking it to extremes I guess though

Anonymous 9439

Might be a weird question but does anyone know of ASMR that’s educational/informative while also being easy to listen to?

The French Whisperer is good but actually too informative, I feel like I need to pay attention and end up stressing out. I also vastly prefer listening to girl voices.

Like something that just repeats maybe 30ish factoids at max over and over so I dont need to pay careful attention, but in slightly different ways so it isnt repetitive to listen to.

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