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Otome Games Anonymous 143

Anyone else here who’s a fan of Otoge?

>English Otome Games


>Otoge Subreddit


Remember to tag your spoilers!

Anonymous 144


I just started playing Code: Realize and so far I'm really enjoying it. It seems like it's more story driven compared to the other games I've played, I'm at chapter 6 and there haven't been any romantic scenes so far. I don't mind it though, the story is really intruiging.

I really like the heroine. I love how she actually does things and isn't just a pretty damsel, kinda makes me wish I could romance her.

Anonymous 145

I only played Mystic Messenger but it sucked me in and I got obsessed. I fell in real life love with Jaehee and 707, lol. I liked that it was pretty immersive with the whole smartphone app concept, and the characters were fun and didn't feel too contrived.

Anonymous 148


Ever since most otome switched to the vita, I've been in a drought. I'm salty that I have to play what games are left over for the PC because they're usually vapid with no story.

I will say that PilVamp did well with Mashou Megane. That was so crazy and twisted, just how I like my otoge.

Anonymous 171

i've been looking for good PC otomes that still have the style of winning over different guys until you choose one. I'm not a big fan of this current trend of picking a specific guy's route from the start.

Anonymous 179


Sengoku Night Blood just got released for Android and iOS. It's an RPG Otome about the Sengoku period with lots of guys to choose from. It's all in Japanese but might be worth trying out, especially if you like gacha games. There will also be an anime this fall.

>Official website

>ANN article
>ANN article about the anime
>Qoo article

>English twitter

>English guide

Anonymous 180


Mystic Messenger was my gateway game and to this day I still haven't played anything as immersive as it.

Jaehee's definitely one of my favorites. In the Christmas DLC, I was really happy that they confirmed that her and the MC's relationship is indeed romantic. So happy Cheritz actually went there instead of keeping their relationship as just gals being pals.

Anonymous 209

Aaaa it was so cute! I also loved that she went back to long hair at the end and we got a rare couple of femmes

Anonymous 214

ghost love.jpg

I've started playing some otome games for iPhone, and they are generally pretty good! I just finished Ghost (Office Love) and it had me bawling, and I'm really not one to cry so yeah..it was good.

I studied Japanese for 5 years, but my kanji sucks so I only play English language games, but I'd be open to a Japanese one if it's possible to select the kanji and then define using the iOS dictionary.

>>I'm not sure if anyone has any Japanese language iOS suggestions, but I'll keep my eye on this thread nonetheless.

Anonymous 218

Damn, this looks very interesting.
Don't own a vita and don't speak moon so i'm in a perpetual drought for good otoge, sadly.

Does it have an eng translation patch somewhere or is it japanese only?
Can't seem to find one.

Anonymous 219

Japanese only but I don't speak it well at all and it's easy to understand what's going on just by bits and pieces of words. If you're really having trouble I think there should be a few reviews out there who kind of explain the gist of the story as they review it. Just dl it on anime-sharing.com in the otome corner. That's pretty much where everyone gets their otome/otoge and you'll have a field day there.

Anonymous 239

That makes me so happy! She was my favorite.

A part of me wishes I had continued Mystic Messenger, but then I remember my obsessive completionist attitude toward games. It's a real problem since I just want to have fun, but will pause to look up the best choice or try to answer every text in time. I'll stress out if I don't.

It's a hard habit to break, but I'm working on it.

Anonymous 631


Does anyone here own ozmafia!!?
I just downloaded it and the resolution in full screen (and to a smaller degree, windowed, if not let as it is on startup) is so bad it reminds me of shitty flash games from 2005.
I'm afraid to catch spoilers so i didn't search the web beyond a steam thread that complained about it being kinda blurry (it's running at 999 x 562 px for that person, supposedly), so i don't know if it's widespread or only certain copies.
Is this normal or have i got some kind of shitty copy?

Anonymous 632

Did you purchase the english version from steam? I own that one and there was no problem with the resolution. The picture should be clear and it's best to play it windowed, like most otome games.

SOON 635


Anonymous 636

>first time i have ever heard of this
>looks at bank account
>looks at game's synopsis and gallery

It's been a tough decision but I'm gonna pre order this

Anonymous 637

You can dl the japanese version for free on anime-sharing, just to let you know.

Anonymous 638

Eventhough i don't find the art appealing at all and most people seemed to find the story mediocre, I am so pumped for more translated otome, especially something as rare as an r-18 otome, so i'll probably pick it up.

Slightly OT. But why does it seems that there are barely any explicit girl oriented otome games compared to the millions of shitty hentai VN's?

Most girl oriented lewd games tend to be BL. I barely see explicit r-18 "straight" otome on the market, and even when there are, they are mostly saccharine as fuck, the art is absolutes shit, or the sex is barely there, which is disappointing.
Considering the huge amount of explicit girl oriented Drama CDs and how well they sell, it's weird that the r-18 otome game industry doesn't pick up on such a market.

Anonymous 639

>Platform: Windows 7, 8, 10
Having a mac is suffering.

Even though the art, plot and characters don't interest me, I'd really like to play this game just to see how they handle the R18 scenes. For the ones that are going to get it, I'd love to hear your opinions when it's out.

Anonymous 640

There's a lot of straight otoge but they're never translated or localized in the west. The Japanese girls got lucky on being gifted with plenty of these types of games.

Anonymous 642

Huh, since i see very little sexual r-18 otome (untranslated or otherwise) on anime-sharing, i assumed there weren't that many.

Since that place has most of the untrasnlated normal otoge on there, i just kinda assumed it to be kind of an overview for genres.

But I guess the explixit otomes don't get cracked as much.

Anonymous 643

I have seen at least over 50 on anime-sharing, but I have thoroughly searched through it and played many games over the years. There's also more being requested at the moment by users but no one has been stepping up to the plate and buying the games to share with others.

Anonymous 754


Collar x Malice has been released for Vita on PSN.

>Collar × Malice is a visual novel, and follows a police officer who is patrolling Shinjuku, Tokyo. She is attacked, and a collar with poison is placed around her neck; following this, she becomes involved with the "X-Day Incident", which is being investigated by five former police officers.


Anonymous 755


I'm hoping with the influx of mainstream media pandering to female otaku that we'll see some actually good stuff translated. I played this terrible phone game called 7 husbands (pic related) that gets very explicit in text but doesn't have much as far as CGs. There's quite a few hot and heavy android games like that as far as I know.

Anonymous 762


It's not Japanese but I really like My Candy Love. It took years for the romance to actually start (lol), now finally my MC can be with her crush

Anonymous 763

>a few years
Yikes. That's why I couldn't play that game.

Did they finally add more characters to date or is it still those same 3 guys?

Anonymous 764


I started playing MCL as a joke after getting ads about it on Twitter. I thought it would be really trashy and embarrassing but it's actually fun, haha.

Sadly I stopped playing it after I forgot to log in for a few days, which then turned into weeks. Which episode are you on?

Anonymous 887


Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome is now up for pre-orders for $19.96 instead of $24.95. It will be released on MangaGamer in its uncut R-18 glory while Steam will get a version with all the explicit scenes removed.

>When two handsome young men spot the perfect girl to be their first model and help make a name for themselves, they're determined to go for broke and make her shine—but first they'll have to get her out of her house! Can these two really give such an anti-social recluse the makeover she needs to be a star? Or will she be the one to change them in this offbeat romantic comedy?

http://www.mangagamer.com/detail.php?goods_type=1&product_code=1029 (NSFW)

Anonymous 891

>>636 (same anon)

You're the best for sharing it's out. Pre ordered JUST now. I'm so excited.

Anonymous 913

There are 5 dateable guys now, and the story has developed.

The latest (36), waiting for the 37th. After logging in for years (since 2012 iirc) I have a huge amount of money and action points so I never had to give them even just a penny, kek

Anonymous 943

Anyone else here listen to otome cds? I feel like after I play a game I search youtube to see if my otome husbandos have a cd so I can listen to more of that sweet Japanese va voice. Even better if the microphone used is binaural so that it sounds real like I am actually there with them. Haha kill me!

Anonymous 1209


Perhaps slightly ot, but anyone where doing anything for Yuri Jam this year?

Anonymous 1279

what about BL otome games ? Is there anything worth being played that has been translated in english ? I did DMMD back when it was popular but I didn't liked it that much.

Anonymous 1280

well i have yet to play/complete a BL game but ive been interested in trying 'No, Thank You!!!' lately

Anonymous 1292

Dream Daddy was amazing, highly recommended.

Anonymous 1293

Is it really that good? I've been a bit wary of it because of the whole tumblr and GG bullshit associated with it.

Anonymous 1309

I thought it was awful. Western VNs of any kind usually lack the stuff I like and focus on quirky shit rather than story.

Anonymous 1310

I usually prefer western VAs but I completely agree, they did a horrible job with dream daddy. I hated the way the VAs obviously needed to make sure each take sounded like a joke because it was a gay VN lol so funny. They'd probably have gotten fired or replaced if they weren't youtube famous. Everything they voiced sounded really awkward being repeated over and over again, I ended up muting it.

Anonymous 2430


I want to recommend the Ikemen Sengoku otome app. It's in a similar style to >>755 7 husbands type apps in terms of gameplay.

>After accidentally changing history and earning the favor of warlord Nobunaga Oda by saving him from near death, you must survive 3 months surrounded by Japan’s most famous and handsome Sengoku warlords before your next chance to make it back home. In a world where it takes one man to conquer a nation, do you have what it takes to conquer his heart?

I think it's kind of new, because a lot of the routes aren't available yet. I'm not sure how long it takes them to add routes, but a new one is scheduled to come out soon.

I think the stories can be pretty cute, and from what I've read, the heroine has a bit of a bite to her. I'm an old burnt out bitch, but game has gotten my heart to flutter like a teenage girl.

Anonymous 2431


Anyone play Yumecast? It's the only card collecting mobage rhythm game I've ever had the pleasure of playing. Iori is undoubtedly best boy.

Anonymous 2509


I'm currently playing Hakuoki Edo Blossoms and tbh I'm really liking the new routes? The CG quality in this is gorgeous too. Before this I played Collar x Malice and I hightly reccomend it too

Also people on Twitter are spamming Spike Chunsoft because it's been two years and they still won't say anything about Kenka Bancho Otome (who won their poll of highest wanted licenses) while 428, the second most voted option, is in its way to the west

Anonymous 2536

Jesus christ their faces look so weird.

Anonymous 2538

It's anime.

Anonymous 2832


I started playing Forbidden Love again. For some reason they keep taking it off of the app store in this is the third time (that Ik of) that they've revamped it. I'm kinda pissed since this one is filled with ads and shit and I'd gladly pay whatever amount to take them away. I like the story though, I've never finished it but I've gotten far before.

Anonymous 2852


I have some other games from the same developer, I would recommend Chocolate Temptation. It's set in a modern setting, a nice change since I usually play fantasy-ish games, and it's very sweet, although the main character seems to fall every 3rd step she takes (don't they all?)
I like how in all the games from this developer you don't have to collect points or do missions to proceed, you just watch ads if you want to to get more episodes every day.
But I haven't played Forbidden Love, it seems creepy from the ads, and the "american" names are odd to me.

Anonymous 2912

>> Don't have to collect points
Before they revamped it for the billionth time you had to collect points to proceed on the secret dates with your partner. And your choices gave you different points (obviously if it's the correct choice for the route you're on you'll get the maximum amount of points etc). It's dumb that you don't have to do this anymore because well.. I'm pretty sure I paid money the first time around so I could increase my points but now years later :') it don't matter and I wasted my money. Y-Yeah the American names are odd as hell LOL esp the brother character (Mike). They got greedier. The point system is great because as long as you had enough points you didn't have to spend money, but this time around to go on the secret routes you have to pay money. The first secret route was 4.99 it's not much but I think it's ridiculous that I have to pay money and I still am swamped with a shit load of ads. Ugh. I'll check this out though Anon! I actually started a new youtube channel with me just playing otome mobile games so the more the merrier!

Anonymous 2919


Ugh I hate it when a game with paid features goes free, and all the money people spent on it seems wasted. Even worse is when they just shut down the game (like Pet Society… I still miss that game) but I'm going off topic. Please post your youtube channel when you make some videos! It sounds interesting.
Also if you want even more otome games my favorite game is Midnight Cinderella, I really love it, the art and the characters are great, the only thing I dislike is the player character, she doesn't do much and her dialogue is 50% "ohh" "mmm" or other weird sounds. But I don't mind that, I'm playing it for the husbandos anyway right?

Anonymous 2923

w-well I only have about 4 videos :( it’s probably not very good i’m still getting the hang of this haha. Ill eventually make it cuter. I think i attempted to play that once but I think I forgot all about it LOL ill download it again though! I think i played Office Lover before(around the time I played Forbidden Love the first time) and I think that was pretty good too you should check it out!

Anonymous 2928

I just downloaded Office Lover but I didn't like it very much - the screen is mostly black with just the text box and when the character portrait shows up from time to time it's low resolution and doesn't change expression (also I don't like playboy characters very much) but after that I downloaded Office Lover 2 and I like that one much better! In fact I can't decide on which character to pick.
Also I watched your video, first he berates his sister for seducing rich men and then he goes on to seduce her, what a hypocrite-! Also I liked your little avatar at the beginning and end of the video, it's so cute, but the pink text on a pink background isn't very easy to read.

Anonymous 2931

I just found an amazing app, it's not an otome game but I have to tell you about it. It's called Situation Boyfriend and in it you can download various "conversations" with an imaginary boyfriend voiced by Japanese voice actors and listen to them. There's also a text box with the translation of what he is saying. I just downloaded it 5 minutes ago and I already love it, if you're lonely like me (haha) and you want someone to whisper in your ear you have to download this. Seriously when the audio clip plays through only one of your earphones it sounds just like someone is whispering in your ear. You can almost feel their breath. It made all my blood surge into my face. 10/10

Anonymous 2971


I wish I could enjoy otome games, but they never have my favorite type of guy. Always liked how cute and fashionable the MCs tend to be though!

Anonymous 2972

>they never have my favorite type of guy

What's your favorite type of guy, anon?

Anonymous 2974


A masculine guy who is very gentlemanly and submissive to the MC. That's pretty much the opposite of most otome, shoujo, and josei guys. I usually tend to find them too predatory and almost selfish in a way that reminds me of a lot of the negative aspects of some real men. I end up liking male-oriented eroge more, simply because the heroines are sweet, selfless, and willing to do anything for the MC. I would love otome if it were that switched with the guy being the doting submissive one, but I know most girls would find that creepy.

Anonymous 2983

I don't find that creepy anon, a lot of us would probably like a submissive handsome bf who would do anything for us

you're not alone!

Anonymous 2993

Am I the only one who plays male VNs just to insert as the heroine?

Anonymous 2994

Your ideal man is Jonathan Joestar

I wish someone would already make a jojo dating sim.

Anonymous 2999

I just stumbled across this today: https://teamscallywag.itch.io/joestar-struck

I'm a complete noob when it comes to otome though. Are there any good free ones that don't have sucky art?

Anonymous 3010

Thanks anon!

He was definitely a qt, although most of the Jojo MC's were objectively great he's undoubtedly my favorite.

Anonymous 3021


Cinderella Phenomenon is kinda wonky at times but the writing is pretty good, you can get it on Steam for free
Also there was this old doujin game called The Second Reproduction but I don't remember where you could download it sorry

Anonymous 3035

Thanks anon, this game is actually good for a ftp.

Anonymous 3038


You're welcome anon! If you like otome storytelling be sure to buy Amnesia, Ozmafia and the two Hakuoki games when they go on sale

Anonymous 3047


I play mostly vita otomes and I'm sad to hear we probably won't get much more due to the halting of cart production. In my experience the PC and mobile otome games just aren't as good as console ones. (At least the ones I've tried playing)
I really liked Norn9 and Bad Apple Wars
Amnesia had pretty shit characters for the most part but I liked Belts and Orion

Anonymous 3080

thanks, this is some good intel~

Anonymous 3321


Otome is the reason I'm learning japanese right now. I prefer Japanese/Korean ones over Western, since they usually have depressing endings/stories as well as happy ones. Also western art kinda sucks
Nicoblog has an english version of The Second Reproduction.

Anonymous 3415


There's a relatively new game by Cybird that I started playing recently, Ikemen Revolution, it's a sort of Alice in Wonderland story and it's really well made. The music is great, the art is so beautiful and there's voice clips sometimes in the story and on special cards that you can win in the gacha. And it's free.
So far there's not a lot of characters available (5 I think so far) Look at how cute they are!

Anonymous 3424


Does anyone prefer 2D over real boys? Why am I like this? It's not like I can't get a bf IRL. I got asked out a lot by very nice people this year and the one before. But I just can't bring myself to love them.

For some reason, I want the person I like to be very far away from me. It's impossible to come in contact with 2D so it's perfect. I don't need to be loved, I don't want to be. I just want to love.

I wish I had a heart so I could draw Tei and portray his beauty for the world to see. Is there anyone more lovable than him?
I also wish dating game MCs in general varied more in personality. I can never relate to the protagonists because they're all losers.
I'm a loser too but a different kind

Anonymous 3449

is Akechi's palace an otome game?
if 2D men were real I'd reconsider my girl-only status. They are actual perfection, I don't blame you.

Anonymous 3453

I agree about the protagonists, they're all clumsy but have a "good heart" and everyone keeps pointing that out. Just because she treats people nicely doesn't mean she is some kind of goddess, she is just being polite.
>is Akechi's palace an otome game?
you mean because of the suits? They are quite similar… But also I just realized one guy from that game is kind of like Akechi, he is manipulative, posing as your friend while he schemes something, and puts on a fake happy persona (haha persona aren't I witty?)

Anonymous 3469


I played Psychedelia of the Ashen Hawk a few weeks ago. It really surprised me in that the plot was really interesting, the protagonist had a nice personality too. I didn't really like Black Butterfly so I was really surprised at how much I loved Ashen Hawk. At the moment I'm playing 7'scarlet but it's pretty boring, I'm hoping it will pick up.

Yeah, I'm pretty much an unironic husbandofag. I was exposed to anime from a really young age so I've never found 3D attractive. I like the feeling of distance as well, that nothing is really expected from you. You are free to love 2D as little or much as you want.

Anonymous 4184


I'm playing London Detective Mysteria right now. The characters are all very cliched and simplistic but somehow I don't really mind. It's very straightforward. It feels almost nostalgic, like an anime from 2008. The art is cute, it's drawn in a soft way that I like.

Anonymous 4185

Has anyone here played this?
I'm not usually into otome games but here is one where you get rewarded for whipping vampire guys in the dick like some demented version of Castlevania. Lol. Seems great.

Anonymous 4305


Anybody else playing this for free? I just finished one route and it took me around a month without using the chapter tickets given to you at the start. Wew. I wonder if it's really possible to "date" every husbando in one year or if I'll lose interest first.

Anonymous 4320

yes you are.jpg

Oooh I play this game for free too, well, I used to play, now I'm just logging in every day just to pick up bonuses.
I don't mind that the game is slow. I picked Alyn on my first play and he is still my favorite, who did you pick?
Also I just started playing Wizardess Heart. I can't say much about it yet but the Harry Potter feeling is very nice

Anonymous 4321


Alyn seems to be really popular. I often see the outfit you can get from his route worn by other players.
I did Leo first because I saw a cute pic of him with glasses! But his route was so-so. Hopefully the other ones will be a bit better.

Anonymous 4322

Yes I think Alyn is most popular, along with Byron and Louis. I haven't played Byron but Louis was great, he seems like the "canon" choice if that makes sense.
I also played Rayvis, Nico and Albert and although they were all nice, none were anything special, to me at least. Well I guess Albert was the best, I wished they had made him more shy so you can tease him, then he would have been perfect.
Err, sorry for rambling about them, in any case I would recommend Louis or Alyn, although many people say the main character is too passive in Alyn's route but I never paid attention to that (how could I when I'm busy looking at his beautiful face??)

Anonymous 4328

Lol, it's okay. I don't know anyone else who plays this game, it's nice to talk about it with someone. Thanks for the recommendation! Guess I'll do Louis in my next playthrough!

Anonymous 4380

I just started both of these with Nobunaga and Rayvis. Revolution seems like the most fun so far, I just wish it incorporated more feudal lord history in character choices rather than typical romance options.

Anonymous 4381

I think you messed it up, you seem to be talking about Ikemen Sengoku, not Ikemen Revolution. I'll have to try Sengoku, it seems to be the most praised among Cybird's games and I've already played their other games. Also I can't wait for all the routes in Revolution to be released!! I want my bunny boy and my kitty boy and my doctor boy and ARGH

Anonymous 4383


Okay, yeah I downloaded the wrong game. Thanks for correcting me.

Anonymous 4415

tip: go play princess lessons with Alyn as mentor if you haven't already

Anonymous 4438


>shota route is in the works

Anonymous 4441

I can't wait to see his story. He is so interesting it seems he has some curse that during the day he is a child and at night he is an adult, it seems very interesting. I read somewhere someone has a theory he is also from the land of reason but I don't think so.
Also I have played Wizardess Heart a little more and I really recommend it, I haven't finished the whole route I am playing but a)there's LOTS of cgs and they are beautiful b) it's easy to get attire and other stuff c) there's a LOT of different stories (22 I think) d) the stories all have their own storyline (there's 8 "mystery series" which are completely different stories) I like that because in other games I played basically nothing happens or the same thing happens in each story.
The only thing I can criticize is that because the game is quite old, the old characters have much less polished artwork than the new ones and it's weird when they all have such different styles.

Anonymous 4644

Well, I just dived in and got Amnesia: Memories. I hope I picked a good one for first otome, the art style looks pretty nice compared to many at least.

Anonymous 4645


I played Geten no Hana (下天の華) a few months ago. I didn't really like the historical representations except Nobunaga-sama. I really like Nobunaga and I played the game because of him. But when you forget historical aspect it's pretty nice, I guess. Made by KOEI btw.

Anonymous 4655

Are there any good PC otome where you don't have to pick a route from the start?

Anonymous 4656


Yo-Jin-Bo (fan translated)
Princess Nightmare (fan translated)
Cinderella Phenomenon (western)
Ayakashi Gohan (fan translated)
Black Wolves Saga -Bloody Nightmare- (fan translated)
Hakuoki (Edo Blossoms & Kyoto Winds)
Hakuoki is my favorite otome game. Nay, I dare say, it's the best otome game ever made. It's almost too good to be an otome game. I was happy to see a PC version but unfortunately the PC version doesn't have the original Hakuoki OST from the PSP version, the Western outfits are worse (the PSP ones were intricate and detailed and I wish I could see a higher resolution of those, the new ones look like modern art) and the unique CGs of the default 5 which you unlock after you complete their route.
Anniversary no Kuni no Alice (fan translated)
Hustle Cat (western)
Monochrome Heaven (fan translated)

Most otome games (except from mobile ones) have a common route and you don't need to pick from the start. The only non-mobile ones that I know of which make you choose someone from start are Amnesia games and partially, Nameless.

Anonymous 4660

If anyone is interested, MangaGamer is conducting their yearly survey where you can beg for translations.

Anonymous 4706

Thanks a billion!

Anonymous 4775

Picking up Collar X Malice. Looks kinda edgy but I hope it's fun.

Anonymous 4777

I wasn't a fan of it, I found the plot repetitive and uninteresting. The artwork is beautiful at least.

Anonymous 4779


Anyone else spending money on Midnight Cinderella? A few bucks here, a few bucks there, and it all adds up lol.
Wish I was rich enough to be a whale.

Anonymous 4782

I'd never spend money on a phone game. You never know when they might cut the service.

Anonymous 4784


I stopped playing mobile games after dropping $400 on this and they cut the service. Gacha is 2addictive4me.

Anonymous 4791

I know it's foolish. But so tempting.

Will take your example as a warning. Thankfully, I've only spent around 15 bucks so far. How did you manage to spend so much? Did it add up over the years?

Anonymous 4792

I started Nico’s route last night. I play Ikemen Sengoku/Revolution but I’ve never felt tempted to spend money on mobage yet

Anonymous 4794

>How did you manage to spend so much? Did it add up over the years?
I was a free player at first until my husbando got cute costume cards I felt like I had to have. That eventually spiraled into "I don't know the character but I really need a healer…" and spending money for characters I liked but who weren't my favorites. Luckily the game was pretty forgiving with the gacha, in most cases you could get what you wanted in 3 rolls.
I am glad the game is dead, I can't spend money on it anymore and the story ended on a completed note. I would recommend in general to spend your money on merchandise instead of the game itself, because one day (probably in a year or two) all of your progress will disappear.

Anonymous 4817

If you're looking to buy Hakuoki, the games are on serious discount right now.

Anonymous 4831

I want to buy a physical copy of Edo Blossoms for my vita but it is so expensive now, the hell.
Steam version is cheap but my autism demands both games to be on the same system.

Anonymous 5053


A new mobile otome game by Cybird called Ikemen Vampire came out yesterday. You can romance historical figures (focus on Europe instead of Japan this time) who have been turned into vampires.

Is anyone else already playing it?

Anonymous 5054


Yeah I started Mozart’s route and my friend is doing Da Vinci

Anonymous 5058

God I hate vampires (and Napolean).

I'm playing an old QuinRose game 12-ji no Cinderella, but damn the writers really love unvoiced narration and kanji versions of words.
Lots of older guys though.

Anonymous 5235

I've been playing Jooubachi no Oubou as Kaguya. Very gross. Very interesting. And gross. It's a R18 game about bee people ruling over humans. Bee people. They're bees.

Kaguya is more attractive than any of the love interests

Anonymous 5240


Does anyone know more games like BTD, but especially BTD2? I played it after seeing someone talk about how Strade was their husbando and I'd like to see more violent romance games. They can be indie or bigvid pay to play as long as the guys are cute. Also thanks to the anon who recommended it like a year ago!

Anonymous 5241


I know one of the creators of BTD is creating a survival horror game


Anonymous 6040

Does anyone have recommendations for tragic otome games? Not a game with one or two sad routes, but one where the entire game has a sad/tragic overtone to it.

Anonymous 6044

This game is kinda disappointing me because the main character doesn't acknowledge how important these characters are… I mean if I was to spend a month or three months (I forgot) with some of the greatest historical figures I would try to learn as much as I could from them, not go on picnics with them

Anonymous 10396


Ive been obsessed with Obey me since the start of September. I cant stop, its the first thing I check when I wake up.I just love the characters and how the interact and how they send you messages. I wish I knew about it sooner.
Ive seen other minors on here posting the characters ¬‿¬

Anonymous 10407


Just got into this a few days ago and all I can say is why is satan such a high maintenance little faggot? Every time he shows up as a surprise guest I have to buy him items and if I so much as touch him he'll throw a hissy fit. Does it depend on my intimacy level with him?? I don't understand what his fucking problem is

Anonymous 10429


Have you tried Ayakashi Gohan? If I remember correctly you can find a fan translation somewhere in the web. It's not the most tragic game ever, but without spoiling too much of the story you just know there's something going on from the beginning, regardless of the route you're playing. Also Gin was the best guy and I'm still mad he wasn't a romanceable option even though I completely understand why.

Anonymous 10439

I know certain characters likes certain spots touched. I didnt really deal with Satan much.
My main cards are Beel, Mammon and Lucy. And its usually Beel or Lucy on the home screen.

Heres a guide for Satan:

Anonymous 10578


I love Levi, best boy.
I want to play the game more often but it's WAY too p2w and I'm broke.

Anonymous 10582


Oh shit I had no idea
Thanks anon

Anonymous 17227


I started playing in late August and having demon boys to hang with has been making life a little bit better.

Only a little bit because of the constant churn of events, and like the other anon mentioned, the p2w aspect.

I'm excited for the anniversary events/bonuses though!

Anonymous 17394

I fucking love Amnesia but mostly because of Toma. He's my absolute favorite. I am getting into Hakouki. I don't like history but I like dating sims so I must play. Haven't decided which guy I want to pursue yet.

Anonymous 17537


Im excited for this new event in Obey Me. And also that I can pet Lord Diavolo.

Anonymous 17544

[Spoiler]it sucks[/spoilers]
I thought i could actually see them as girls. And I was perpared to use the grimoire but it isnt up!!!

Anonymous 18146

Man I got Nightshade and holy shit Hanzo's route is the best thing.

Anonymous 18398

How can I play it in english? all the translation links are broken, I really need to play this
New anime coming this summer with sheep MC

Anonymous 18400

Playing Jack Jeanne right now. It doesn't have much romance but it's a really beautiful and well made game.

You can't, no one has made a full translation. The translation links are only for the trial version. VNR subtitles are incomplete too.
Time to get on practicing your JP :)

Anonymous 18439


I really like how much content Obey Me! has, like birthday messages and such. This might sound lame but yesterday was my birthday and hearing a bunch of anime boys wish me happy birthday and tell me how much I mean to them made me really giddy kek

Anonymous 18441

Give me a boyfrien…

After the David Foster-esque review of Tokimeki Memorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xb-DtICmPTY) I feel like I should try those Girl Side games. Apparently many of them are translated. Haha why did I worry about not having a bf during covid when I can have a 𝓬𝔂𝓫𝓮𝓻 𝓻𝓫𝓸𝔂𝓯𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓷𝓭?!

Anonymous 18757


Any anons here played Piofiore? The art's really pretty and I wanna know if the rest is any good. I'm mad that picrel isn't a secret route or anything. He's just so cute to me and I love the detective archetype.

Anonymous 18761

it has a more "adult" feel than other otome because it's set in italy so if you like cute innocent stuff this is not for you. One of the LIs is a Chinese mafioso who kills people mercilessly and works in sex trafficking. He is dangerous but i only remember him being abusive in game over/bad ends.
There is a LI (Gilbert) who is an absolute gentleman and total 10/10 but they fucked up with his voice actor and gave him the worst/most boring route :(

The bad ends in this game hit really hard and they're a lot more fucked up than other localized games. The MC is a mature woman, she is a church girl but not annoying or holier than thou. She is always in helpless situations though and doesn't have the opportunity to do much. First 2 routes (Dante and Nicola) you pretty much spend in the mansion never going out for your safety bc there is a Chosen One trope and the MC has a special role here related to religion. There is also some blasphemous themes here so if you are Christian you might not like it.

The game has enforced route order and you can only play Dante and Nicola at first, then either Yang or Orlok get unlocked and Gilbert is last. There is also a secret character in the Finale ending.
Overall I love this game, it's dark and my aesthetic. Also Yang's voice actor is amazing and he did a fantastic job here. Witnessing that alone made me enjoy this game so much.

Anonymous 18763

sorry for double posting i forgot this
yes there are 3 translated games, and there is a 4th unreleased game. NDS versions of all games are translated plus PSP version of TMGS3. i personally hate this game (3rd) because the stat raising is such a pain in the ass. The school sim really isn't worth the amount of romance i got, i only played 1 route but it was really obvious to me that the game wouldn't give what I was looking for so i dropped it.
You have to do all sorts of stuff like check horoscopes for lucky items and dress up the way your LI likes and do part time work and s l o w l y raise your stats for school which is just a bunch of monkey shit to me tbh. It's also not fun like playing a game to get a bf would be because you're just finetuning the stats and pressing buttons, it's EXTREMELY boring.

if you have played stat raising games and like them then go ahead i guess.

Anonymous 18773


Thanks for the insight anon. I love dark things so this sounds like a good fit to play next. Gilbert was the other guy I had my eye on. sucks to hear about his route and va but he has other things going for him at least.

Anonymous 19073

Why is the wait for the TaiAli epilogue so loooooooooong?

Anonymous 19076


Between the TaiAli epilogue, Bustafellows, and Nekopara Catboys Paradise, this summer is going to be fucking awesome. Then Olympia Soiree (apparently) coming this fall!
I just hope they release the TaiAli fandisc at some point too, I want some more Huntsman and Woolfe content. We just have to make sure we show our support

Anonymous 19078

I'm playign harutoki 4 right now
but my favorite ccharacter type is locked behind a boring route
I was haaving so much fun with htis game but now I have lost all motivation to play it
my everning is ruined and my disappointment is immeasurable

Anonymous 19157

Why can't Huntsman get a real route? It's unfair that best boy is not available.

Anonymous 19359


The Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side games are the best otome games ever (if what you're looking for is not story). They have excellent production quality, and practically all the characters are best boy (of course, some are more popular than others). I guess you could say they're slice of life? The story, setting and characters are very mundane I guess, but I like that a lot, and the boys are mostly realistic and sufficiently fleshed out. So they're very light-hearted and pure games, although that might be boring to some (there's lots of slightly lewd moments too).

These games are dating simulators, not really visual novels like the majority of otoge nowadays. Back when the original TokiMemo (PC98 I think?) and TMGS (PS2) came out, dating sims were much more popular than they are now. Since TMGS belongs to this genre, that means you have to, among other things, "raise stats" to reach an ending with the boy of your choice (sometimes this leads to the misconception that actual dating sims are "raising sims" even though that's a different thing).

You also have to plan for a lot of events since it takes place during the three years of high school. You can select one stat-raising activity for the whole the week (Monday to Saturday), and it's possible to see random and scripted events this way. On Sundays and holidays, you can do one of several things, like ask a boy out, join/leave a school club, or go shopping for clothes.

Clothes are for dates (each boy has his own taste, they notice when you wear the same outfit twice in a row with them, and you must wear the right amount depending on the season), and accessories, much like the horoscope, can also affect your luck, which influences the success rate of your activities (how much your stats increase or decrease), although it's not necessary to follow your horoscope all the time.

It's all about planning and balancing. You don't have to worry about how slow grinding is, because if you've been focusing on the guy you want (in other words, mostly raising his required stats only), you'll easily meet the requirements by the end, plus there are stat bonuses in certain events. There's plenty of time to target multiple boys, if you play your cards right. The most important part is raising affection, which can be done in a variety of ways, one of which is raising the required stats for your boy.

Aside from the arguably boring aspect of stat-building, an obviously important mechanic is dating. When you meet your boy for the first time his info will become available when you ask your informant. After checking it, you'll be able to call that guy to ask him out. Usually, you'll be the one doing it at first because they all start with neutral affection towards you, but after a certain point they'll start to call you instead. You invite your boy to a place he might like (you must pay attention to details about him and his preferences) and this increases the chance that he'll accept, if he's available on the date you picked.

Before a date, you're prompted to select your outfit. And now the best part begins: the DS ports of the first two games introduced a feature that allows you to use the lower screen to touch your boy on different places during dates; this is extremely important for raising affection, too. You'll have to pick the best of three responses to a conversation, and then at the end you'll part ways, unless your relationship is good, in which case he'll walk you home (since it gets dark). Depending on how much he likes you, there'll be a chance of a touching minigame or an intimate conversation before arriving home.

An interesting aspect is the girl rivals that you can meet (only in the first two games). There's 4 girls who each have a crush on one of 4 love interests (out of about 10). These girls can be your friends, or rivals if you decide to date their crushes. If you don't reconcile with them properly, they'll steal your guy at the end of the third year. Each girl had a friendship ending too. Also, if you ignore one of the boys for too long, he'll become resentful and a "bomb" may ruin your relationships with everyone if you don't at least give him a call soon (this is more common in the first game, however).

This kind of gameplay might not be for you, but I hope you give it a try, I think it's totally worth it for the romantic buildup and fun dialogue. I for one love it and aim to complete the whole CG gallery. I assure you it's not as difficult as it sounds, just read one of the guides on GameFAQs (or atwiki if you know Japanese) to get the hang of it quickly.

If you wish, I can keep on sperging about TMGS and explain more things like the differences between the three games or the upcoming game for the Switch. But if you're interested lemme give you a quick summary of each one: the gameplay and graphics in TMGS1 are kind of dated, TMGS2 is fine I guess, and TMGS3 (either version) is definitely the best as it fixed a lot of things and added more content (revamped fashion system, scenes from the boys' perspective in a visual novel format, and love triangles with two boys come to mind).

Also Himuro is probably best boy according to the fandom.

I know these are extremely old posts, but since nobody mentioned it, just for the record:
"Otome" already means "straight" and "for a female audience", there's no need to use either of these if you already said "otome".
Also, BL is not otome, since it's not straight, it's just female-oriented.
Just saying, because I know there can be a lot of confusion regarding these terms.

Anonymous 19360


Oh shit, oh fuck, I didn't expect this post to get this embarrassingly big. I'm so sorry for my autism. I could talk about these games for hours.

I forgot about another thing they added in the DS ports (other than skinship) that is pretty good: Best Friend mode. So basically, you activate it by dating two guys at the same time, then friendzoning your target after going on a date with the other guy twice. Your boy's dialogue for almost every interaction with him will change, the kind of intimate questions you can ask him will change as well, and his responses will be full of pain (I actually felt horrible going through these routes, but it's just so good). There's two possible endings you can get from this mode, one is romantic and in the other there's no confession and you stay friends.

Anonymous 19361

Do you play them on an emulator or DS anon? And what language do you play them in? I've been wanting to get into the TMGS games but I'm kinda confused. My japanese isn't that good either.

Anonymous 19383


Yes, I do play them on emulator. I don't have a modded (3)DS or a flashcart yet but I would love to play on my 3DS, to experience the game in a more "authentic way" lol. I also want to buy merch and possibly the actual games in the future. Luckily DS games are not region-locked so I wouldn't have to buy a console if I ended up buying them.

I play them in English for now, since all of them have been translated like >>18763 said. But since I'm learning Japanese, I can open the original unpatched ROM if I'm curious about how a line or word was said originally and can't make out what they're saying from the audio.

I got the original PS2 versions on emulator too (pic related), but those are in Japanese so I only know what's going on because I've played through the DS versions so many times. This isn't that important, but one of the features that they unfortunately had to cut for the DS ports was the "Emotional Voice System", which allowed you to pick any name you wanted and customize the way each character pronounced it. In the DS versions, due to the much lower capacity of the cartridges, you can write your name however you want but the pronunciation options are limited. There's a list of possible names in the official site for the first game's patch (link at the end of post).

There's also the untranslated mobile otome game called Tokimeki Restaurant (TokiRes) that's not connected to the other games, but it has a pretty high rating on VNDB so it must be good too. That one was ported to the Vita, luckily. https://vndb.org/v14345

Actually, we're pretty lucky because none of the original Tokimeki Memorial games for guys have a full translation (they've been trying to translate TokiMemo 1 for more than a decade I think). However, the translator who did TMGS1 and 2, jjjewel, also translated Love Plus, another Konami dating sim for men that is supposed to be very good (you know the Japanese guy who married a video game character? Yeah, she's from that game). But I digress.

I should mention that jjjewel's team didn't translate TMGS2. That was done by a different team (Gokusaishiki), so you'll notice that the way they translated a lot of things is inconsistent with the other two games.

>Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 1st Love Plus (remember to get the "1st Love Plus" version, this patch doesn't work with the earlier DS version which had just "1st Love" in the title)
>Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd Season
>Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story (DS)
>Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side Premium ~3rd Story~ (PSP)

Guides (beware of spoilers):
(Simple, quick guide) https://sites.google.com/site/tokimemogs1/game-guides
(Japanese) https://www29.atwiki.jp/1stlove/
(Japanese) https://www40.atwiki.jp/2ndseason/
>TMGS3 (DS):

Anonymous 19385


>the translator who did TMGS1 and 2
*TMGS1 and 3
Whoops, sage for correction

Also I forgot to add the links to the Japanese wiki for 3. These wikis have a lot of information that's not available in the GameFAQs guides. But it's not super necessary to read them, so don't worry.
https://www29.atwiki.jp/3rd_story/ (DS)
https://w.atwiki.jp/premium3rd_story/ (PSP)

Anonymous 19393

Thats pretty epic anon, thank you!! I'm excited to check these games out ♥

Anonymous 19394


You're welcome! Glad to help someone get into TMGS. I hope you enjoy them.
The gals are also super cute. Each new installment allows you to more things with them, like giving them birthday gifts or performing skinship on their CGs.

Anonymous 20259

So Nekopara came out. Is it any good?

Anonymous 20260

It’s okay, it’s kind of heavy on the porn but you may like it

Anonymous 20261

The catboy version has porn?

Anonymous 20270

I'm near exclusively Wizardess Heart because I don't have time to juggle multiple games right now. Sucks that there's not going to be any new content but I'm nowhere near the end yet. I started with Randy and then started going chronologically. I'm up to Hiro and I like him a lot.

Anonymous 20497

No, that anon was mistaken and was talking about the original Nekopara

Anonymous 21163

I need to know how it is
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that a catboy NekoPara would come out

Anonymous 21295

Someone stop me from impulse buying Olympia Soiree. It looks so gorgeous ughhhhh.

Anonymous 21309

it's a great game
buy it

Anonymous 21320

I've seen a lot of positive reviews for it.
I won't play it because I don't have a Switch or a powerful enough PC to emulate it.

Anonymous 21608


cafe enchante is SO good, i say this as someone who does not normally play these kinds of games. managed to emulate it on pc and i feel 13 again

Anonymous 21610

>does not normally play these kinds of games.
You really should
>i feel 13 again
I love otome games so much, some make you think about your teenage years and feel young again, others have more mature and interesting stories and stuff. But the most important thing is feeling like you fall in love for the first time again hehe.

Anonymous 21638

>You really should
its not the genre that i mind, its just that i dont find 99% of men attractive at all, anime or not. canus is an exception since im big on helmets

Anonymous 21898


I just finished Nightmare Princess and it was very enjoyable! I like how mischievous and funny the protagonist is

Anonymous 21905


Olympia Soiree sure is something.
Connecting the dots between what Kaana says about getting sick in Tokisada's good ending with one of the bad ending's was…holy shit. Also I got monkey paw'd wishing for a Kaina route.

I didn't know there was a buff guy wearing an armor helmet as an LI in this game. Guess I know what I'm playing next.

Anonymous 21918

Where did you find the game anon? I want to play it, it looks so fun and edgy

Anonymous 21921


I found the pc version on sbenny, it has an english patch. There's a ps2 version with better/more endings and more routes sadly it's all in japanese from what I know.

Anonymous 22351

Anybody know any Japanese streamers or something who are playing this at launch? (Yes, it came out yesterday)
Preferably no Vtuber shit unless they're not too annoying.

Anonymous 22403


You can play it on emulator right now :)

Anonymous 22489


Enjoying it a lot so far, surprisingly I'm not disappointed except that the art isn't as good as it once was
I love the twins as well, they're adorable (the girls who are your friends in this game)

Anonymous 22610


He's so beautiful, yumesisters…

Anonymous 22782

Obligatory Wizardess Heart chime in. You're still my everything, WH+.

Anonymous 22860

Do you guys prefer to self-insert "completely" or to follow the protagonist's own story from a third-person perspective?

Anonymous 22994

Third person usually, if only because the games where you can self-insert go hand in hand with bland protagonist.

Anonymous 22996

It really depends for me, because sometimes a protagonist with a strong personality can be awesome and I could like her as her own character, but this approach can also go wrong and result in an absolutely insufferable protagonist who's either completely useless and dumb to ridiculous extents or just plain annoying, and in that case I prefer a protagonist with as little personality as possible so I can at least project my own personality onto her.

Anonymous 24302

How's Variable Barricade?

Anonymous 24316

I wish this game had never closed down… just saying. I actually found it really fun and absolutely loved the artwork

Anonymous 24556


Are there some easily accessible Japanese otome games for the PC with some translations? I want to expand than just the english games

Anonymous 24557

hakuoki is on steam and fully translated, you'd have to buy both parts for the full story though

Anonymous 24565

You can also emulate you know?

Anonymous 25296

Are there any cute romance games where there's just like one guy

Anonymous 25306

yeah just play VNs for men

Anonymous 25309


I had started reading Ijiwaru My Master and managed to read through Ryuuka route. Haven't finished the others yet because reading untranslated Japanese is still pretty difficult for me, but I liked the Ryuuka route. Day Ryuuka was super cute.

Anonymous 25310

Yes, there are a few.
Try searching on the VNDB with the tags "Otome Game" and "Only A Single Hero" (I think that was the tag's name)

Fuck you

Anonymous 25330


>with sexual content

>80 results
lmao, even

Anonymous 25411

Are you laughing because it's too few? Yeah, the number of R18 otome that is actually good and translated is disappointing.

Anonymous 25490

Anonymous 27284


my actual boyfriend.

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