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Doki Doki lit Club! Anonymous 1622

Just a general discussion for Doki Doki lit club and the project libitina files.

Anonymous 1623

Monika best girl.

Anonymous 1624

Just Monika.

Anonymous 1625

I'm sorry, but I don't read anime.

Anonymous 1630

recently started playing this!
trying to get w/ yuri rn
also my only con with the game is that it has a really slow start and i dont find the dialogue very interesting. I know the game gets better and a lot more interesting (im a little scared i must admit) but it's gonna b so hard for me to actually reach this point due to my lack of interest in the game rn

Anonymous 1631

This game doesn't have much content, just read it all in as few sittings as possible. I think I have seen everything there is to see in the game and have a little over 5 hours logged from idling while waiting for someone to exhaust all of their conversation options at a certain part in the story.

Anonymous 1632

This game fucked me up. I assumed the warnings were because shit was gonna go down but I was not ready. Trigger me timbers.

Anonymous 1636

Same. I was thinking "Oh, the moe girls have mental ilness!" and the twist of the first act was obvious, but the presentation of it plus the title screen aftee freaked me the fuck out and I couldn't play anymore. Checked out a few let's plays, hopefully I'll be able to play it myself one day.

It also fucked me up because I've been the last person to talk to a best friend before they killed themselves. Had no idea she was going to do it, and now one of my biggest fears is that it'll happen again. It's really masterful that whatever you say to Sayori doesn't matter, because that's how it is IRL. They really nailed the feeling of guilt that happens after too. And of course all the glitchy horror shit is scary as fuck, glitchy video games/technology is a primal fear for me.

Anonymous 1641

This game is super novel for the west but things like it have been done to death if you've played VNs before.

Anonymous 1643

Got any recs anon?

Anonymous 1645

yuri best girl
she a FREAK

Anonymous 1650

I really liked how the glitches just got crazier and crazier the more you advanced. I only went through a normal route with Natsuki and a glitch playthrough going for Yuri.

Now I'm stuck with Monika just sitting there staring at me saying random things. I read that it can take up to 8 hours to get through if you just leave it alone. I didn't delete her yet though, I just verified the cache files and let Steam bring it back to normal.

I want to see all the glitch scenes so I'll probably have to a few playthroughs and resets. For a free game it's pretty high quality.

Anonymous 1658

I'm >>1630 and I finally got a little further into the game basically a little past the part where Sayori killed herself and now I'm trying to pursue this "glitchy" Natsuki. The part where her eyes and mouth got black when she woke up rly freaked me out…In addition when I received that "special" poem with the blood on it, I was feeling pretty iffy and I have to admit I'm definitely pretty spooked. Glitches and stuff are honestly pretty scary to me and with all the other elements added, it makes you feel really uncomfortable. I decided to check out the game files today which was pretty interesting as well. This game affected my ability to sleep last night lol. Definitely a game you think about for a while after you play it.

Anonymous 2112

To go forward on that part
delete monika from the "character" folder

Anonymous 2214


I went in blind only knowing that it's a spooky game that lures you in by pretending to be a dating sim, and it was pretty thrilling. I saw through Monika from the start because I'm familiar with her character trope and she always made the meta comments like telling you how to save your game, breaking the fourth wall a lot and bookending her poem with save me / delete her, but there were still some twists I didn't expect and going through the files felt novel and immersive. Reminded me of pic related:

>While the programmers were developing .GIFfany's game, they noticed her obsessive tendencies and attempted to delete her. However, she retaliated and "deleted" them.

I romanced Yuri

Anonymous 6416

Not that guy but the Muvluv trilogy is in my opinion the best VN out there. Its a much better deconstruction of the dating sim genre but isn't in your face about it and Muvluv Alternative handles PTSD in one of the most realistic ways I have ever seen in media. Reading all of it will take around 60 hours but it is worth it. Fucking hell do I wish it was more popular.

Anonymous 9988

I don't understand the appeal of DDLC

Anonymous 10179

Me either. Someone lied telling me it was a good horror game but it was just boring high school shit VN.

Anonymous 10180

They all pissed me off except for Sayori.

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