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ITT: Documentaries you have seen on YouTube Anonymous 16956

Anonymous 16957

Anonymous 18167

Anonymous 18168

Anonymous 18170

and some on https://www.youtube.com/user/askasianboss
Haven't watched that channel in a while, though.

Anonymous 18390

I knew nothing about the Black Eyed Peas and their music is not my cup of tea but this video was thoroughly interesting. The dignity this woman shows is inspiring.

Anonymous 19208

This documentary is famous for being terrible. It's made by an independent film maker who is horrendous at making documentaries but his heart is in the right place. His biggest failing is speaking to people. There are some golden cringe moments in this including the most awkward interviews and a constant line of over acted anger

Anonymous 22877

I'm not into video games but this is pretty interesting

Sequel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKbuNwS-gaI

Anonymous 23641

The part with Debbie and Steven makes me laugh so much. I suspect he has some sort of fetish which is why he does all that for her.

Anonymous 24105

Anonymous 24106

Anonymous 24124

akihabara geeks made me feel so nostalgic
if anyone knows more documentaries like this of early 2000s japan or weeb culture/internet stuff etc please recommend them to me

Anonymous 24127

Anonymous 24205

saw this one and i'm convinced steven is just a neet who wants to neet for life so he married this hambeast of a woman to suck up all the disability benefits and earn a "wage" as her caretaker.
ridiculous how she gets jealous so easily lol no woman is gonna steal your man, debbie

Anonymous 24219


Anonymous 24230

tang dynasty best dynasty, both because of the art and architecture and also because it produced Wu Zetian (only female emperor of china ever)
she once discovered men plotting against her, so she ordered them executed, had their sentences commuted at the last minute to exile, then sent them with guards to outer mongolia: then when they reached the border, the guards opened their sealed orders which were to kill the prisoners
she was constantly slandered by male confucian historians who made up that she caused famines, etc, but her rule in reality was excellent and women saw the best degree so far of equality

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