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Anonymous 17393

what are some movies that men like that are actually fucking trash?
my brother tried to make me watch this movie and omg it was the most boring experience ever

Anonymous 17395

a fair number of quentin tarantino movies

Anonymous 17396

I have an observation they are weak to authorities
if something stated as "worthy", then they'll shit their pants about it
not only movie-wise, but in general
from my experience, this type of art perceiving is not so common among women

Anonymous 17399


Drive. I also hate Taxi Driver although I wouldn't say it's trash, just not for me. Is Phantom Thread mostly enjoyed by men or is it an equal split? Either way I thought that one was garbage as well.

Anonymous 17401

only the autists on /tv/ liked that movie

Anonymous 17406

Interstellar. It's full of dumb unconfirmed pseudo-science but it tries to take itself too seriously. omg time travel man! when something has time travel I fucking drop it, that shit ruins so many story plots so easily.


Anonymous 17412

Anonymous 17414

I liked the Irishman. Did you finish it? It starts pretty slow / bad imo, but I thought that the ending was great. Can someone who didn't like it explain why?

Anonymous 17415

Interstellar is great though, a main message is the power of love and family bonds too, not manly man stuff.
I just love it for TARS though.

Anonymous 17419


>what are some movies that men like that are actually fucking trash?

Every. Single. Fucking. Fast. And. Furious. Movie. Ever. Made.

What is even the plot of the shit?
Boobs, fast cars, drug lords, fighting, explosions, sex, more boobs?
That's all they're ever about.

Oh and also hate every Michael Bay movie ever made for the exact same reasons.

Anonymous 17469

What a dumb reason to hate Interstellar. All movies take themselves seriously, and it's about much more than just time-travel. That is also the only part with out-there theorical, not pseudo, science. The movie actually had a nobel laureate science consultant working on it.

My bf was dumbfounded when I told him I didn't like Drive.

Anonymous 17471


How can you hate Quentin Tarantino movies when he himself has made the Kill Bill 2 Volumes, probably the most female empowering movies ever to be made in the world? This is the stupidest answer I’ve seen on this thread.

Anonymous 17480


I watched with my mom and we loved The Irishman and my dad hated It.

Anonymous 17486


There are some films that I don't even think are bad but are just tainted in my mind by how overrated they are by men who treat it like the greatest thing ever while missing the point SO hard. Scott Pilgrim and 500 Days of Summer are two that come to mind. I feel like Scott Pilgrim was THE nerd movie in a time where nerdy movies were becoming really popular. I have nothing bad to say about the creators or the quality of the film but it's held up as gospel for "nice guys finish last" types and manic pixie dreamgirl pickme's. The moral of the movie is that putting women on pedestals will not make you happy or solve your problems and bettering yourself is more important than chasing relationships that you know aren't right for you. I feel that a major portion of the audience took it the completely wrong way. Same thing with 500 days of Summer, men are so busy relating to the main guy to realise he's supposed to be an example of what NOT to do. Fight Club and Breaking Bad fall into this too.

Helping out the planet? 17488


Everytime I hear the name of that movie now this song always comes to mind lol.


Anonymous 17501

not a movie, but mad men

what did they mean by this

Anonymous 17610


ayrt, haha fuck this sums it up much better than my word soup. Based anon.

Anonymous 17634

The Big Lebowski. So fucking boring. I do not give a shit about any of the characters.

Anonymous 17638

Not a movie but I tried watching The Sopranos recently. I was so bored, all that happens is a character goes somewhere and then they sit and talk until one of them leaves. Also women being used as set pieces was a big turn off. Movies with mob/gangster themes like The Godfather and Goodfellas are also boring.

Anonymous 17646

My brother made my other brother and me watch Drive. We got about 40 minutes in before we made him take it off. He got mad that neither of us liked it, but I don’t get how he sat through it.

Anonymous 17656


>a fair number of quentin tarantino movies
THANK YOU. I couldn’t agree more. Except replace “a fair number of” with “all of them” for me. There was one I thought was okay (Hateful Eight) but I have never felt entertained while watching any of his movies. I felt bored to death during both Kill Bill movies.
>Movies with mob/gangster themes like The Godfather and Goodfellas are also boring.
Holy shit yes. I have found my people. I have never met another person who disliked The Godfather. It’s so horrifically boring and some scenes are so slow-paced. I didn’t feel attached to any of the characters and didn’t find any of them particularly likeable. The Italian girl who gets blown up also had 0 personality and no reason for me to mourn her.

Anonymous 17725

Mad Max 3

Anonymous 17730

filtered. Irishman is actually a genius deconstruction of the Mafia movies Scorsese created with Goodfellas and Casino. Though I understand if you haven't seen those it might lack context. Go watch those, especially Casino, they are actually great and entertaining movies. Irishman basically killed mob movies as a genre.

Anonymous 17739


I liked bladerunner 2049 but I absolutely have no idea why SO many men get emotionally worked up about the hologram wife and pretend like it's so deep and tragic.

Anonymous 17740

>I absolutely have no idea why SO many men get emotionally worked up about the hologram wife and pretend like it's so deep and tragic.
Because it was all fake. K only realizes this after a massive advertisement of his dead hologram gf tries to sell herself to him and calls him "Joe", which he thought was his gf's special petname for him. This is hammered in by the advertisement literally saying "Everything You Want to Hear". K realizes the one person he cares about was not even real and he had basically fallen in love with a prostitute.
Watch pic-related.

I don't know why so many people seem to miss this part about the movie.

Anonymous 17742

I thought he already knew his wife was fake? He had to have purchased her in the first place? I thought that scene in the movie was supposed to be him seeing her face and mourning his version of her after her death.

Anonymous 17743

gf* not wife oops

Anonymous 17746

She was very obviously fake from the beginning, maybe men are just born simps and fall for any vaguely woman-shaped thing that treats them with kindness, even if it's not real.

Anonymous 18029

I really dislike James Bond movies.
I liked the Departed…it reminded me of Death Note with how you had two guys who interacted with each other and were enemies without knowing it and tried to sniff each other out

Anonymous 18030

What's up with guys and boat movies? I think they're secretly homo, hence all these faux masculinity and brotherhood, when in truth, they just want to bugger each other's bums.

Anonymous 18048

>moids can’t be friends without wanting to fuck
What reality are you living in?

Anonymous 18068

I liked most movies mentioned itt to be honest, I think you just got filtered. The sopranos particularly has very good female characters. That being said, I can't stand super hero comic movies, I'd rather watch the Irishman three times in a row.

Anonymous 18117

Any star Star wars, it's boring and basic as fuck

Anonymous 18120

I like A New Hope, it has the most interesting story to it and is very imaginative. After that though every movie is just a bunch of action set pieces strung together with gum and tinfoil.

Anonymous 18383


Don't call me a pleb, of course I love Lawrence of Arabia, it's just that I've seen men saying that "it proves you can make a 4 hours movie without women" and stuff like that. This gets even dumber considering that it was masterfully edited by a woman, Anne V. Coates.

Anonymous 18402

also lawrence was a closeted homo, it's even implied in the movie

Anonymous 18403


This movie is like the epitome of boring moid trash.

Anonymous 18427

Scott Pilgrim was straight up garbage and all it does is painfully remind me of how easily people can be impressed by an indie soundtrack and some cool special effects. Scott and Ramona have zero on screen chemistry with each other, but we're expected to give a fuck about the protagonist going through all of these corny fight sequences for his boring relationship with a girl he met two days ago. I have no idea what anyone sees in that movie.

Anonymous 18447

are you kidding me?! that movie was awesome. it shows how bad murdering woman is

Anonymous 18448

Tons of big flicks were made possible by women. A famous example is the original star wars trilogy. Would have ended up like the prequels if Marcia Lucas didn't clean up after George bumbling around.

Anonymous 18451

patrick bateman is a pathetic loser bag of shit that you despise by the end of the movie that’s the point of it. also mary harron directed it and she does it well. definitely left out a lot of the creepier rapey stuff while still keeping the tone. i don’t know. i like it.

Anonymous 18453

The first time I tried to watch it I was bored. It’s one of those films where you have to be in on the joke and if you just sit down and watch it by yourself randomly you might not get it. If you take the business card scene at face it’s boring, for example.

After I read the book, I watched it again. I liked it more the second time but the book is better. The movie is too much of a meme.

Anonymous 18454

What is the joke?

Anonymous 18455

That you aren’t supposed to take it seriously and that they are all about looks and no substance. The business card scene shows how important they think they are and how they focus on small details that give a impression of importance when in reality they are all just there because of connections and barely do any work.

Maybe that is obvious to other people but I often don’t pick up on that sort of thing without before told. I don’t think I watched the whole thing the first time so that probably didn’t help either.

Anonymous 18460

I watched Lawrence with my brother. I remember him bursting into tears during this scene for a reason I still don't get. When we finished it he thanked me for going along with him during the "4 greatest hours of his life". Latter I saw lots of people having the same reaction on a IRC serve I used to browse. I don't know why moids obsess so much over this movie, it's good but not that good.

Anonymous 18464

I thought the Godfather was boring too and I'm actually a fan of gangster/mob movies kek. It has such a powerful opening scene - probably one of the most powerful opening scenes I've ever seen in a film - and then just drops off completely. It could be because the internet has made my attention span a joke though. Maybe one day I'll be able to actually finish the entire movie and see what other people saw in it.

Goodfellas is amazing though I don't know how anybody can think that film is boring. For once Bill Burr had it right when he said on his podcast that every scene of Goodfellas is like the closer of a fantastic joke.

I mean he was literally sweating over a business card, how can it not be obvious that they take themselves too seriously?

Anonymous 18465

The business card scene isn't a joke, it's an absurd situation with psychopathic 80s business guys. Yes you need context, but you need context to appreciate anything on more than a surface level.

>I mean he was literally sweating over a business card, how can it not be obvious that they take themselves too seriously?
This is the most middle class take I've seen of this scene. Is this what most people think that scene was about?

The entire point of the movie is that one guy is a psychopathic maniac but the entirety of 80s hyper-capitalism makes him indistinguishable from anyone in the upper class. The "joke" (if you even want to call it that) is that no matter how monstrous the character is, the society around him is the same level of monstrous.

Anonymous 18480

I wouldn't say it's trash.
Irishman is okay although a bit forgettable. Except for one scene.
That scene where De Niro's character beat the shit of a grocer. For most of the movie, the CGI used to make De Niro appear younger is pretty convincing, but in that scene, the way he moves really betray his age. It gives an impression of really shitty acting and i find that extremely funny.

Anonymous 18485

American Psycho the book is IMO much more disturbing than the film, some of the gore scenes are really in-depth and bleak.

Someone having this immediately reaction to LoA is for some reason really funny.

Anonymous 18486

She is still an "AI"

Anonymous 18494

Yeah because basing this analysis on one scene where a few guys compare dick sizes over their business cards is definitely not pretentious at all. You got me, anon. Btw would you be male by any chance?

Anonymous 18498

In Asia, Fast & Furious seems popular with everyone, not just moids. I don't get it either. It's the movie equivalent of a rap video.

Anonymous 18499

>mad men
It's far more popular with women than men.

Anonymous 18511

the point is that he had suspended his disbelief for so long he forgot about reality. it hit him like a ton of bricks to see his robowife as just another unit off the assembly line. what she was all along

Anonymous 18531

it took a while to track this essay down, since the author (a professional psychiatrist) had apparently been canceled by trannies or something.

Anonymous 18680

It's not the one fucking scene, it's the entire movie. What do you think the finale was supposed to be about? Him just being crazy? The entire movie has this underlying premise. Why do you think it's called American Psycho? Because the psycho just happened to be American? There was no deeper reason for this specifically?

Anonymous 18765

I kind of feel like men take movies too seriously in general. I can enjoy watching a movie with a friend as a social thing but alone I get bored pretty quick. Two hours is a long time and its just feeding you information on rails, it doesn't engage your imagination the way reading does.

Anonymous 18812

That's because they don't watch movies for fun, they watch to look smart or to fit in.

Anonymous 18813

I don't know, I find it fun to watch movies alone. Reading isn't really less on rails it just takes more effort. Both are imagination engaging imo

Anonymous 18816

I have a friend, who says that whenever he watches a movie that he is hyped up about, he can feel his blood pressure rising, and his left arm becomes numb. And when after we watched together Star Is Born, he got mad that I didn't cry at the end kek.
I have no idea how can men be so hooked on something to this degree, especially mainstream American movies (not to say all of them are bad).

Anonymous 18831

The Fucking Big Lebowski. It's fine. I like some other Coen Brothers films quite a bit. But dudes (especially college dudes) just think this is the funniest best shit ever and I do not understand.

Anonymous 18839

If you can't enjoy something by yourself, I wouldn't say you actually like it and I don't know if caring about movies is just a moid thing. Do you have any hobbies that you do take seriously or are you just saying women don't tend towards the same autistic investment in their hobbies as men?

Anonymous 18842

You're probably right, I think it's just me. I guess I just don't enjoy movies that much and it bothers me how men get high and mighty about it. I like to write and take that very seriously. They act like getting bored by movies means I'm stupid.

Anonymous 18843

I mean it’s kind of close minded but also I don’t know if the people you’re mad at for judging you have good taste or not. If I showed you a film I liked and you got bored I’d hold it against you but if they’re giving shit for you not liking garbage I don’t blame you

Anonymous 18853

The James Bond franchise, i really don't get it. I think the phrase "male power fantasy" is a little overused but in this case it definitely applies. It's sexist as hell, and overall just boring. In my country the movies are always shown on TV and I haven't been able to get through a single one. It's pretty much the same movie over and over again

I absolutely love American Psycho and it's one of my favourite movies. The satire is super obvious and you're obviously not supposed to root for this crazy woman hating murderer.

Anonymous 18871

That's why the alt ending is better imo

Anonymous 18880

What are some moid movies you do like?
Sylvester Stallone cracks me up, I am secretly a fan of his movies. Tango & Cash is awesome and so is First Blood (aka Rambo I).
I also like Terminator 1 which is a good suspense movie, and Bloodsport.

Anonymous 18946

I like Drive. I love its soundtrack.
I also like John Wick kek I'm too embarrassed to post it unspoilered but I like the colours in that movie.

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