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Anime: Late Hours Edition Anonymous 17408

What are you currently watching? Any shows you've dropped? What's in your backlog? What are you looking forward to in the upcoming season?

A comfy thread to talk about anime, whether it about be your favorite anime to the worst fucking garbage you've ever seen.

Anonymous 17409

I started Gantz just the other day. I've only seen four episodes but I'm liking it so far although I'm not sure if that sentiment will last long. I've heard lots of conflicting opinions on this show.

Anonymous 17413

Watching Jujutsu Kaisen currently. I like it; it's pretty entertaining for shounen shit. I like the soundtrack a lot as well. Also, it doesn't hurt that a lot of the characters are pretty as fuck kek
I tried watching Gantz a few years ago but dropped it halfway through because my favourite character died. He was a minor background character too, idk why I was so upset

Anonymous 17426

Brandish just because of Theo

Anonymous 17444

Finally watched Howl's Moving Castle. I really enjoyed it; in fact it's probably one of my favorite Ghibli films so far. However, I did feel as if there was something lacking in the plot so I'll reading the book as well.

Anonymous 17446

The book is so much better, it’s like whimsical fairytale. The movie is pretty much identical to the book up until Sophie visits the palace. I’ve heard Ghibli doesn’t always know how the film will end when they start making them and I suspect they wanted to do something different but didn’t know what and then ran out of time and had to shove something together last minute.

Anonymous 17597


The Daily Life of the Immortal King

Check it out, it's a comfy and funny donghua, the animation is really pretty.

Also, mustwatch Chinese animation recommendations?

Anonymous 17603

Ghibli films are so boring to me. Aside from the animation nothing else stands out.

Anonymous 17620


>evangelion 4.0 delayed once again

Anonymous 17731


Currently watching SK∞, and for some reason it really reminds me of Initial D and Air Gear but with cuter boys. Overall it's pretty comfy

Anonymous 17844

How off the wall is it?

Anonymous 17848


I'm thinking about watching Skate-Leading Stars. Any anons here watch it? Would you recommend? All I know about it is that Yana Toboso designed the characters..

Anonymous 17849


i've been watching the mahoujin guruguru anime! it's really cute and an easy watch, helps me destress. kukuri and nike are really cute too. i'm also going to rewatch hetalia soon.

i've been looking for anime that has cute boys and isn't k project levels of dumb so if anyone has recs lmk

Anonymous 17854

Not as much as initial D but its kinda hype, it mostly is relaxing for me

Anonymous 17858


I've always been a big fan of Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE and Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru. Binan is basically a parody of the magical girl genre but it features high school boys as the main cast. Meanwhile Kaze ga is a sports anime about marathon relay races featuring a cast of university students.

Tsuritama and Natsume Yuujinchou always get mentioned whenever pretty boy shows are brought up. Personally I haven't seen either show, so I can't vouch for the quality.

Anonymous 18002



Anonymous 18004

I stopped watching anime a few years ago and I regret it now. I've just gotten back into playing jrpgs like Persona and it's making me really crave it but I've been out of the game for too long and don't know what's good anymore.
Did anyone see Dr Stone? I watched it last year for some reason and it was alright.

Anonymous 18151


Okay, so I finally finished watching this… It was alright I guess. It was just a standard fujobait sports anime. The plot was simple and a bit cliche; two childhood friends have a disagreement and become rivals only to find out that it was all just a big misunderstanding anyway. I haven't watched that many sports anime but I think this one is pretty mediocre in comparison to the more popular ones like Free! and YOI. The characters are all very cute though, and their skating costumes are very pretty.
Overall, I rate Skate-Leading Stars a solid okay/10. Would not watch again.

Anonymous 18160

This is such a great show! Are you watching the original or the remake?? Its so funny :)))

Anonymous 18161


Natsumei yujinchou

I didnt realize there was a movie until just now.. I'm so stoked~ 10 out of 10 stars from me, and I dont even like a lot of anime anymore. A rarely like anything that much.

I'm also trying to watch City Hunter. Even though the main character is infuriating, I like it because it reminds me of all the things I like about old anime. I loved vampire princess miyu. I LOVE old anime. I should have watched more when I was younger.

Anonymous 19589


Does anyone have recs for older anime (2010s)?

Anonymous 19590

Any specific genres you prefer?

Anonymous 20997

the rose withers.p…

I'm watching The Rose of Versailles. So far I'm liking it, but I kind of thought it would wow me more. Things are only going to get juicier, though.

Anonymous 21160

I cried watching HeartCatch Precure. It gave me such a strong feeling of nostalgia for the magical girl shows I used to watch when I was little. Especially Ojamajo Doremi, which I guess makes sense since they had the same character designer.

Anonymous 22258


Just saw my old post. Yes, things got very juicy and then things went even beyond that. I cried many times. What a beautiful series. I understand why it is so highly-esteemed.

Anonymous 22412


Dragon Ball

Anonymous 22552

final scene of ori…

Started watching Slayers. Finished the first series and the first movie. I liked the movie, but Naga was just kind of there and didn't do anything other than wear a ridiculous stripper costume the whole time. It was really noticeable since Lina, the protagonist, doesn't show much skin.

Anonymous 22555

I've watched all of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT and I don't recall this?

Anonymous 22556

Yeah, it seems to be a rare version, perhaps only found in the Japanese version of the anime.
Not many people know it exists.

Anonymous 22561

I haven't watched any anime in a year now and I miss it. T_T
Any recommendations for an anime series that's refreshing and preferably has a female lead? Also isn't too male-orientated.

I was thinking about retrying Otomatsu-san (I know it's weaponized fujoshi bait but it's just so entertaining, plus there's a few seasons) or Gintama. Was interested in Kemono Friends too even if the first episode didn't impress.

I really like Revolutionary Girl Utena, Hunter x Hunter and Houseki no Kuni (read the mangas too), Madoka Magicka, and…ok I promise I've watched more than that but for some reason those are the ones I remember most.

tfw the girls here are extremely sexualized and cute yet still have more realistic bodies than almost all anime girls these days

Anonymous 22580

i want to get to watching the og sailor moon soon, the length is offputting though
anyone have some cc-core recs? discovered michiko&hatchin here and i adored it.

Anonymous 22581

Osomatsu ended up getting too repetitive and the characters kept evolving into even bigger, disgusting, awful human beings. It was off-putting imo.
Kemono friends is max comfy but it takes a couple episodes to get into it.

If you want something refreshing you could try Ousama Ranking. The mc is a little deaf-mute boy. Very bittersweet story.

Anonymous 22585


awwww, I figured that might be a problem with osomatsu. I really liked how reaffirming it is but also optimistic (bunch of weirdoes trying their best…ok maybe not their best but, well, trying…sometimes…) though some of the themeing of the episodes got weird. The last one I remember was another episode in typical anime style rather than the cartoony one, with them being moisturized idols in a desert devoid of lotion and full of dusty, dry-ass people. Look, I like absurd concepts but…sheesh.

I'll try out kemono friends, and maybe ousama ranking. in need of something both comfy and refreshing.

Anonymous 22624

Obvio Moonmin

Anonymous 22625

Damn I thought that episode with the lotion was the funniest thing

Anonymous 22654

it was funny, but I think it didn't mesh well for me because it went too heavy-handed on the fujoshi pandering and that's when the enchantment of the series kind of fell away for me.
plus I don't like the idol stuff, the subversion is funny as a concept but it started feeling random.

Anonymous 23212

Should I watch Welcome to the NHK? Apparently some people here have watched it, and I've been interested in it for a while, but now I'm afraid of it being significantly more relatable and therefore more enjoyable to scrotes.

Anonymous 23213


im about to bust a nut

Anonymous 23214

Sage for doublepost, but what I mean by
>but now I'm afraid of it being significantly more relatable and therefore more enjoyable to scrotes
isn't that I'm worried about men liking this anime, but rather I'm worried about not being able to relate enough to enjoy it. Maybe I'm just paranoid but a few months ago when I didn't use CC all the time, this wouldn't have been a concern and I would've just watched it without asking.

Anonymous 23215


Anonymous 23218



Anonymous 23221

Misaki is an extremely relatable character for me. Hopefully you can’t relate to her but I think a lot of women who grew up on the internet can in some way or another. That being said, there is a layer of unironic manic pixie dream girl wish fulfillment thinly veiled by satire. I still liked it though and I’d probably be down to rewatch it with a .

Anonymous 23223

I was about to ask what exactly a MPDG is because I don't fully get it yet, but I guess now I know:
>She is a mysterious girl who appears one day at the doorstep of Tatsuhiro Satou, and plans to cure him of his disease of being a hikkikomori
But I think I'll watch it anyway, thanks for your reply anon.

Anonymous 23224

Sure. It’s probably good you asked. It’s like a bizarre love poem to Japanese social rejects and hard to enjoy without some level of relation. I’m ashamed to say it but I fucking loved Satou

Anonymous 23225

Thanks again for the reply the reason I decided to finally watch now is that him being posted in the husbando thread got me curious

Anonymous 28326

images - 2022-12-1…

I recently started to watch bocchi the rock, it's an amazing anime with great visuals and cute characters. Y'all should definetly check it out

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