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Sports Anonymous 18314

Does anybody like to watch sports?
I'm really into watching a lot of winter sports like figure skating, alpine and ski jumping.

But this summer I'm trying to catch up with who's on top in fencing and track & field before the olympics next year.

Anonymous 18315


And two more because the Tokyo 2020 mascot is just too cute.

Anonymous 18316

Winter sports are patrician. I like watching gymnastics, running sprints and swimming. I'm excited for Tokyo 2020.

Anonymous 18317


Anonymous 18318

The fencing world championships is on this week. I just love the aesthetics of the big competitions with the lights and the cool uniforms.

Anonymous 18319


I'll watch wrestling, weightlifting and newly added climbing in the olympics. I watch powerlifting comps, worlds strongest man and arnold strongman too. also getting into mountain biking recently

Anonymous 18320

The junior grand prix of figure skating starts in a few weeks.
I love watching all the new kids and seeing who the next big star could be. And they stream it all free on Youtube.

Anonymous 18321

I can't believe Marcel Hirscher retired!
I don't want to root for bratty prince Kristofferson.

Anonymous 18322

I prefer e-sports and watch it regularly, some events like 2020 Summer Olympics are exciting too of course.

Anonymous 18323

Even if nobody else cares I'm bumping this up anyway.
In the back of my mind I'm really nervous about the Olympics getting canceled/moved, I've been looking forward to the Japan opening ceremony ever since that closing preview in Rio.
Hopefully they can get this under control before they are forced to make a decision in May.

This week was the Jr. World Championships in figure skating and next week is the Seniors.
There's a fencing Grand Prix in Budapest. It streams on Youtube.
Ski Jumping and some Alpine in Norway. Apparently some competitions are going without spectators because of virus fears but people were showing up anyway.
And the Alpine finals that were going to be held in Cortina, Italy were canceled.

Anonymous 18324

Servant x Service …

I really hate weightlifting. It always feels like they are going to break something and injure themselves. It's not natural to do it. I can't open any sports gifs or webms from being scared so many times from people posting people breaking their legs and stuff on gym equipment.

Anonymous 18325

I agree, the mascots are too cute. I want to buy a bunch of merch but I can’t really justify it since I’m not into sports…

Anonymous 18326

And then the ski jumping and super-g that were supposed to be today were canceled because of weather…
If it's not one thing it's another.
What an anticlimactic end of the season, hopefully next year is better.

Anonymous 23895

found it,

Anonymous 23897

God I made this thread two years ago…
Anyway the ski jumping at the Olympics was ok, Mixed team was a farce, but Ryoyu Kobayashi got a gold and silver.
Chen won in ice skating, Hanyu fucked up, but I don't care about his dumb quad axle thing anyway.
I have no idea when Kagiyama got so good, but glad Shoma got bronze.
Of course P/C of France won in ice dance, but annoyed at the Russians and that H/D were the better Americans.
Still pairs.
Skiing has been meh, but still slalom to come.
Mens Half pipe was cool, and snowboard cross.

Anonymous 23898

I'm afraid of that happening too kek but at least I was able to watch those events because there were people from my country in them

Anonymous 23899

I quite like the winter olympics, so many entertaining events like skiing, the luge, the skeleton, snowboarding. Even curling is bizarrely interesting. I can't really follow hockey because the puck is too small though.

Anonymous 23900

i really like the winter olympics too, i've been following them closer this year than usual due to being stuck at home with health issues.

my favorites are snowboarding and figure skating, and my tip for hockey is to watch the reactions of the players to better follow the puck.

they already happened this year a few weeks ago, but do any other anons like to watch the x games as well?

Anonymous 23901

And yes! Clemen won slalom. My two faves got golds.

Anonymous 23913

Cam Thomas may be rookie of the year if he keeps up the good work, the nets def did not miss

Anonymous 24098


Anyone into F1 or maybe some other kind of motorsport?

Anonymous 25249

I love to play sports but don't really watch most sports. I love watching Judo, Jiujitsu, Wrestling, and MMA though.

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