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Not For Lewd Anonymous 18860

Post characters and/or people that are not for lewd or wished they haven't been soiled by sexualization even to the point of ruining their image and giving them a bad rap.

Anonymous 18862


Hate that if you search pics of a certain character, gross stuff pops up around the first page.

Anonymous 18863


And also liking a certain character but is very known from their porn.

Anonymous 18864


But most of all wished some of them were never lewded in the first place.

Anonymous 18869


I found so much porn on this 5YEARS OLD character

Anonymous 18939

Rule 34 exist for a reason lol

Anonymous 18941

what "reason"? to get off? that isn't a reason, that's a pathology

Anonymous 18947


I know. This is the internet after all. But still it's disgusting on some characters/people.

Anonymous 18949

>getting off is a pathology
Ok purist.
It exists because people are horny for drawings since the dawn of time but I think it's the most amusing to see retards like you getting mad over cartoon porn in 2021.

Anonymous 18952


This might upset some people, but all anthro/funny animal/actual animal/pokemon characters. Leave my childhood alone thx

Anonymous 18954

this lmfao

Anonymous 18962


It's absolutely disgusting to sexualize little kids

And children characters

Anonymous 18963

ntayrt, but she was clearly saying that getting off to what looks like a 5 year old child is a pathology, not getting off in general.
also, i love calling cartoon cp gross in part because it's fun to see emo edgelords get triggered just because not everyone tells them "your loli kink is uwu valid uwu".

Anonymous 18965


I've been having mixed feelings for Astolfo for quite a while. I have a huge hatred towards traps/femboys, their memes, porn, and people that like and sexualize them, but later find him cute and endearing. I want to like him but it's hard to not see him as the slutty trap meme mascot that would be down to fuck and suck your dick haha big penis waifu (male).

Anonymous 18969


Anonymous 18971


Would it be better if males were more sexualized than females in media? Not counting shota, traps/femboys. I mean yes, males do get sexualized but not as much compared to females. As you can see, there isn't lot of male focus ecchi anime or hot guys in hentai other than faceless dudes and ugly bastards. Another thing is that some female characters tend to wear more revealing clothes and get a more favorable treatment than males or their male counterpart. I know the major audience are straight males and sex sells but just imagine the whole thing in reverse.

Anonymous 18972

Me too nonny lol. I find him adorable and I'm pretty sure he's not a janny. Why must men ruin everything? Sigh

Anonymous 18973


Slapping tits on flat or boobless characters is fucking stupid and so is slapping bigger tits on small breasts characters.

Anonymous 18980


It's really cringey to find video game controllers looking like a dog "sexy"

Anonymous 18981


Anonymous 18982

getting upset over drawings getting drawn a way you dont want them to be is about on par with 4ch moids throwing temper tantrums over drawing tumblr nose or chubby weight.

Anonymous 18983


Funny how moids get upset over something that isn't sexual

Anonymous 18984


Anonymous 18986


Anonymous 18987


Sexualizing Youtubers is disgusting and utterly disturbing

Anonymous 18988

I'm 80% sure most males would be in favor of sexualizing men in media more.
I think it's down to the fact that men's tastes in women a lot more uniform than the reverse, so they're easier to market to.

Anonymous 18989

Sorry, deleted my post for a typo. But anyways, I just find it unsettling that creeps are sexualizing Youtubers of their personas which in fact are depicted by real people. As for many of them making friendly content videos and stories it's also weird that creeps make lewd parody porn of that.

Anonymous 18992


Ya, no. Male sexuallization makes them uncomfortable. They're pussies, couldn't handle being women for a day.

Anonymous 18995


Sometimes porn gets out of hand and ooze it's way to the general audience and fans have been picking up on it finding it problematic. Pretty sure Youtuber Shima Luan have disappeared or is on hiatus due to the massive yiff porn and furries drooling over her cat persona.

Anonymous 18996

>men's tastes in women are more uniform
kek then explain why hentai marketed to men contains everything from toddlers to blow-ups.
I've never met women with a fetish for morbidly obese men, and female shotacons exist but seem much rarer than male lolicons. Boku no pico is treated like a joke or a shock video in many fujoshi circles.
Most women seem to like bishounen types or men that are slightly older and slightly hairier than typical bishounen. Pretty uniform.

Anonymous 18997

From what I can tell men are way more fetishistic than women are. I've never met a woman with a deviant art tier fetish but autistic moids into weird shit are a dime a dozen

Anonymous 18998

>deviant art tier fetish
I have weird fetishes I just don't talk about it here because there is no need to. Moids like to broadcast their fetishes everywhere and make it part of their personality.

Anonymous 18999

What are you into? I know it's rude to ask but I've literally never known a woman into something on the same tier as say inflation

Anonymous 19000

Not her but I was in a thread on /d/ asking female posters why they were there and like half the posts said stuffing/weight gain
I guess there's no proof those people weren't LARPers or trannies but yeah

Anonymous 19001

Nta but there are plenty of weird fetish circles that are mostly women. Granted it’s not on the same scale. They’re just not on 4ch or other male majority sites.

Anonymous 19002

4chan is too trans that that seems sus

Anonymous 19003

I don't really want to say. They aren't inflation tier but it's stuff that gets threads on /d/.

Anonymous 19005

It's bugs isn't it? I swear it's always bugs on /d/.

Anonymous 19008


Cute pure precious characters are not for lewd

Anonymous 19009

I agree. Who is the character in green? It's very cute.

Anonymous 19010

ralsei from deltarune

Anonymous 19011


Anonymous 19025

Not her but to be fair buggos and monsters are kino

Anonymous 19027

It's not my main one but yeah it's one of them lol.

Anonymous 19045


Agree. Really pathetic of them.

Anonymous 19046

LMAO god men are so sensitive they can't handle a single series devoted to the female gaze. If they went through what we went through they'd burst into flames.

Anonymous 19050

Where does it mention that it was male complaints and not female ones? Are you just assuming that implicitly?

The guys aren't upset they're being "sexualized by the female gaze" they're upset that they don't get to look at cute girls in the Free situation.

Why do miners keep thinking that males give a single fuck about being sexualized? They're not upset because you're objectifying them, they're upset their objects are being taken away.

Anonymous 19051

Reading the article the only complaint about the design publically listed is from a Japanese woman, not a guy.

Anonymous 19052

I hate youtube animators in general but I feel bad for her. It's probably little boys looking at that shit.

Anonymous 19068

I think I will single-handedly make you all feel the worst cringe ever. But overall sexualizing historical figures and doing some weird shit to them–that's without counting the obvious FGO thing of making a historical figure into a cute anime girl/boy, but actually sexualizing them just as they were when they were alive as per portraits.

Anonymous 19252

Yeah that's absolute cringe. Same with murderers and school shooters.

Anonymous 19303


4chan did so many disgusting things with her…. it pisses me off so much.
Tomoko has always been a cathartic character for me. My social anxiety and overall autism feels comforted and makes me feel like I’m not alone and it’s great having a girl representation like her who has mental illness and tries to overcome it (in her cute and quirky ways that always end up failing). Watamote formed my teen-hood and I will forever appreciate this anime. I just want the filthy incels to keep their grubby hands off of her.

Anonymous 19311


Gardevoir is a big one for me, being a Pokémon fan. One of my exes liked an RP Facebook page about a highly sexualized "Dr. Gardevoir" (obviously female) that was a "sexologist". Ughhhh.

And on that note, the atrocious things they've done to the Hex Maniac. I think she might be the most sexualized generic trainer in all the Pokémon games, well, at least in the latest generations. When men draw her, rarely does she look and act like in canon. Why do they have to slap big tits and an obsession with sex onto every female character they like? Absolutely disgusting.

I agree so much. When I watched that anime I related to her a lot (I wasn't as socially awkward as her by her age, but pretty close). I had even just played the same BL nukige that was parodied in the series. There's a lot of media created by men that has an extremely cringey and friendless otaku male protagonist, but barely anything with such a female protag. And since she's 2D of course, incels miss the point of the character (that girls can be like this too), create endless amounts of loli porn of her, and send dick pics to the author.

It's not just controllers. Once someone finds that an inanimate object vaguely resembles something else, the internet will just give it a massive ass to fap to it. That's literally it, just slap tits and ass onto something and there's your porn fad of the month.

Anonymous 19312

>(that girls can be like this too)
The moids fundamentally agree with you on this point, what you are missing is that the moid is offering what the moid would want if he were in the characters position: attention. Incels are resentful because they don't get any attention and want it. Seeing a woman suffer this problem, the incel offers the only thing he understands about the situation: that the "femcel" also wants affection. You seem to be fundamentally misunderstanding the moid mindset when it comes to these characters.

This all goes back to the point that moids are literally mentally destroyed if they get zero attention from women while most women get mentally destroyed by the overwhelming amount of attention they get through men. Moids are pathetic.

Anonymous 19313


Touhou girls. They were designed to be cute at most, at least as far as I know, unlike shit like Kantai Collection. Some of the common portrayals that bug me the most are Cirno and Flandre (lolishit) and Yukari (big tittied dominatrix in a bikini thanks to shitty meme song).
And of course Rinnosuke, practically the only humanoid male character in the whole franchise, when not forgotten about is only ever used for self-insert purposes in porn (with few exceptions, usually because he's shipped with the girls, and in even rarer instances, solo or with a female SI). He's pretty good-looking too, wears cool clothes, has cute white hair, and most importantly wears glasses, but is one of the least popular because he's from secondary material and most of the fans are male. Unfortunately since practically all the characters are girls, Touhou attracts a lot of degenerate men and their sexualization often leaks into the "non-lewd" side of the fandom.

>Would it be better if males were more sexualized than females in media?
I'd rather there be less sexualization of women and less porn in general, but as long as that's not possible, sure, I want more sexualized males (for straight women). Not just in fanart, but popular original works with eye candy for women.
Also that picture. SNK Heroines is so gross. Are male gamers allergic to women with more than one body type or something? "Muscle girls" is a thing. That shit looks like a porn game, not an SNK fighting game. At least they made two otome games with their male characters I guess?
>The guys aren't upset they're being "sexualized by the female gaze" they're upset that they don't get to look at cute girls in the Free situation.
That's what >>19046 said though. "Devoted to the female gaze", as in "full of pretty boys for the women, but no girls for the men". (And as we all know, women shouldn't be catered to, only men, right?)
Same, holy shit.

Anonymous 19317


I hate goth girl-loving coomer moids so much. They tarnished so many lovely dark-themed girls like those two you mentioned, Raven, Mavis, Loona, Marnie and others. Especially my favorite goth girl Claire from The Summoning. Can't go without seeing a comment of "I saw and found this character from porn" in the comment section of her video. Disappointed that she's known from her porn than SFW fanart which is a small ratio in comparison. Also gotta hate and blame ZONE-sama/Zone-tan and Shadman.

Anonymous 19322

If it's any consolation, I've only ever seen this character in SFW art. She looks very cool.

Anonymous 19338

???i don't know what he said was wrong here, i mean good for him
the girl was being an ass for no reason in her reply, she probably had a bad day and was looking for something to scream and moan about

Anonymous 19339

like when u google the japanese battleship shimakaze you get the skimpy blonde anime slut humanization of it

Anonymous 19340

i fucking hate " le wholesome %100 round squishy boi kirby "
draw kirby as the latest trend and u get 9999999999 likes

Anonymous 19341


Anonymous 19342


And any other Disney character, that includes the animals.
The beast from Beauty and the Beast and the tiger from Zootopia are an exception.

Anonymous 19351

Even adult males? Oh, come on…

Anonymous 19352


Anonymous 19362

kek you make an exception for anthros but not for adult human men, like most of the disney princes? ok furry.

Anonymous 19365

>Japanese schoolgirl
Oh boy when I first saw her while watching the movie I knew immediately what's gonna happen. Poor girl.

Anonymous 19367


No comment. Have a nice day.

Anonymous 19404

exactly let me lewd Aladdin's dad

Anonymous 19407


Anonymous 19443


Ok I need to say it
I hate the sexualization of Ena
She's just too cute, why does every female protag have to be treated like this?

Anonymous 19451


>Another thing is that some female characters tend to wear more revealing clothes and get a more favorable treatment than males or their male counterpart.
I still hate this

Anonymous 19452


Though here are some nice equality designs of what could have been

Anonymous 19453


Anonymous 19455


I went to check out The Summoning video again and it looks like the comment section is turned off. Welp, now you see what I meant. It is to be expected.

Considered yourself lucky. Even when searching her name and series on images, it shows you lewd shit. And yeah she's pretty cool and super cute! I absolutely love her character design.

Anonymous 19474

The most lewd thing I found of her was a pic of her in a bra or something. I actually saw her in the gif you posted first at an earlier date, and searched up the short because of it. Whyyyy could it not have been a full fledged show, her design is so nice

Anonymous 19517


I wish bronies never existed and that there was no such thing as "clopping".

Anonymous 19519

forreal, i would have never seen porn at all if it wasnt for those guys :/

Anonymous 19527

It started on 4chan after all.

Anonymous 19531

But Tomoko does want attention, and does want a boyfriend

Anonymous 19532

Yes, that was the point.

Anonymous 19535

These are two of the most relatable characters in media for me, seeing them lewd makes me seethe.

gorillas have really small pps

Anonymous 19536

Just to derail op, what Disneys characters SHOULD be lewded? Like there are some cases where I think they knew exactly what they were doing. for me it's wall-e.
jk wall-e is too pure for that. Then again, he does hold EVE's hand without her consent though…

Anonymous 19537

To clarify, I don't actually want to derail OP's thread, it was just poor humor.

Anonymous 19558


I've seen and know what pic you're talking about. A couple other lewd images that also first popped up are a mouth play pic and a leg lift pic. Overall, I'm glad to hear that you find interest of the character and cartoon short! I too wish it would become a full-fledged show or miniseries.

>what Disneys characters SHOULD be lewded?
Not that anon but adult Disney men
like Hercules or Flynn Rider.

Anonymous 19817


>haha mushroom penis joke

I hate goth coomer moids so much that they make goth girls look like they're into freaky shit.

Anonymous 19818

No picture but Rakka from Haibane Renmei or any haibane for that matter.

Anonymous 19881


>why does every female protag have to be treated like this?
Thought of the same thing especially when they're not depicted as "sexy".

Anonymous 20887


>female Pokémon character revealed
>porn being made and uploaded less than 24 hour
Pokégirls are not for lewd

Anonymous 20889


There are some Pokegirls I have definitely crushed on but they still aren't for lewd, I don't know why but it gives me kind of a gross feeling

Anonymous 20972


I find it extremely disturbing how Kagamine Len is forced into this whole shota thing.

Anonymous 20999


Don't lewd her. Also turning this little girl into a troons was a disgusting move.

Anonymous 21018


I'm surprised this hasn't been posted yet. Zero suit Samus is sexualized to all hell especially since her revamped z suit design in the newer Super Smash games.

Anonymous 21158

I agree. On top of that they have to completely change them in order to draw porn of them. They look nothing like their actual, canon design, which is often cool and pretty in a non-sexual way.

Unfortunately Game Freak are 100% aware of that shit and it's obvious they quietly accept it even if they and TPC still hunt down Poképorn artists on the internet, since they've started to deliberately design more of their characters with sex appeal in mind, perhaps since Gen 5 with the first female professor being younger and hotter than all the previous professors, and her cute and young meganekko scientist assistant (in stark contrast to the male scientist design which never has visible eyes and tends to be much older in age), in addition to the female protagonist being canonically older than the previous ones and wearing fucking hotpants (meanwhile Hilbert shows very little skin). Then Gen 6 came along and we got the first ikemen male professor, etc. The worst one in that regard so far has to be Gen 8. It's clear that they're also trying to appeal to coomers, whether male or female.

Sorry for the rant tho.

Anonymous 21165

Aren't like half the devs trannies though? I have a hard time believing that wasn't their plan from the beginning.

Anonymous 21190

How do you all feel about vtubers being sexualised?
Whether you like them or not, it occurred to me that they're still real women behind the avatars so I wonder how they feel about their avatar being sexualised.

Anonymous 21210

Metroid is a scifi story whose main character is mainly in a cyber armor, even if samus was a guy, it would mostly be a moid franchise anyway.

Anonymous 21211

Don't they get some inputs on the character design?

Anonymous 21212

I know some of them are outright cool with it, as they find it endearing. Others might take issue but I'm sure the income helps stave off the pain a touch.

Anonymous 21315

drawings aren't real, retards.

Anonymous 21316

>out of all the posts in this thread he chooses to respond to the two that complain about sexualization of characters that are children
go back to wherever pedo shithole you crawled from

Anonymous 21335

Sonic characters should not be lewded. Apart from Robotnik, he's a stud. Furries are sick in the head.

Anonymous 21336

if a moid likes yaoi, are they gay? most would say yes

so when someone likes loli or sexual depictions of extremely young characters, is it not fucking weird? kys pedo fag

Anonymous 21337

Weird and inflicting harm aren't the same thing. Some people want to fuck balloons but I don't see anyone decrying them.

Anonymous 21338

My bf is a big fan of MXTX. Although he claims for the plot.

Anonymous 21343

Is fapping to guro also not inflicting harm? Is anything that doesn't do immediate harm will not do any potential harm in the future? Sure raping real children is worse than fapping to loli, but moids who fap at the very least should be avoided

Anonymous 21344

>Is fapping to guro also not inflicting harm?
>Is anything that doesn't do immediate harm will not do any potential harm in the future?
Who knows.
>Sure raping real children is worse than fapping to loli, but moids who fap at the very least should be avoided
Yes, this is right. They aren't inflicting harm though. I don't think lolicons should be held as the highest paragons of human virtues, but that doesn't mean they're doing any harm.

Anonymous 21345

>Is fapping to guro also not inflicting harm?
No it isn't. Drawings don't have feelings or tangible perception of the world. You can think it's gross, but psychologists will very much argue it's a safe form of venting negative thoughts without actually enacting them.

Anonymous 21604

hate how many coomers zero suit brought to the franchise, both in terms of fans and artists. the power armor looks so much cooler and more attractive but its so often overshadowed by le segsy latex

Anonymous 21734

I draw cartoon porn for a living. No character is sacred.

Anonymous 21740

Sans is their pimp lol

Anonymous 21785


lilotte from dofus
most people who know the character haven't even seen the movie, it's so fucked up since she's like, 12 at most. it's a shame since the design is adorable.

Anonymous 21891

She's pear shaped and drawn by french, I'm pretty sure the artist who drew her had coom in mind.

Anonymous 21927


youre probably right but i dont want to accept it

Anonymous 29917

on one hand i agree
on the other cynthia would have big boobs if pokemon wasn't owned by nintnedo

Anonymous 29919

Hatsune Miku And vocaloids in general! The only ones that it might be somewhat okay to sexualize are the ones that are obviously meant to be adults but even then I think it's gross.

Anonymous 29945

mascot characters. any time a piece of media has a talking dog or cat, moids will want to rape it. it's fucking disgusting

Anonymous 29950


>post characters you wish would not be lewded
Literally any character that's meant to be a child.

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