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Rune Factory 5 Anonymous 19414

Who do you think you'll marry? I'm still mostly undecided. Reinhard (knight) is my favourite looks-wise but seems overly serious. Cecile (pink hair boy) is cute but a bit too young looking. Decisions…

Anonymous 19417

maxresdefault (2).…

He's cute and voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka who has a really nice voice! I heard he has a two-faced personality so if that's off-putting my second choice is Martin. I don't like his design as much but he's still cute (i like the outfit) and he seems like he has a touch of the 'tism which is pretty cute. I reeeally hope there will be an option to play with Japanese audio. I'll be really disappointed if there isn't because I'm a huge seiyuufag and I just personally hate English dubbing. I don't think any of the new characters will beat best boy Dylas though.

Anonymous 19496

The girls are all cute in their own way but half the guys are nope right out of the gate

No justice in this world

Anonymous 19501

I like kemonomimi ojisan but I wish he wasn't so furry. Don't have a Switch anyway though so…

Anonymous 19518




His nose marking is distracting in a bad way, also you should get a Switch

Anonymous 19525


I'm mostly undecided too. I took the compatibility quiz and got Martin but no one jumps out to me and I'm a little disappointed. The girls are cute though. I kinda wish we could romance the Male MC. The dance in the opening was cute.

Anonymous 19526

Pirate it

Anonymous 19736


I really wish I could marry Misasagi ;-; why they always make the best girls unmarriable??

Anonymous 19909

holy fuck it happened and it’s already out in japanese wtf? ive been waiting for rf 5 for so long ;-;

From that pic i like the green haired google dude or blond dude in the back :0

Anonymous 19917


>The girls are all cute in their own way but half the guys are nope right out of the gate
I'm the exact same. Extremely picky about the male options, but all of the girls have some sort of charm or character I just fall in love with immediately. Long haired men always go to the bottom tier.

I'm excited for the costumes too, the basics get tiring after awhile and FemC has all the cute outfits from 4.

Anonymous 19922


Murakumo, definitely. His in-game model looks kinda derpy/barrel chested but I always prefer the more mature male romance options. No one can replace Leon from 4 but I do like the catboy.
Luka also looks interesting but I think I prefer his promo art to the in-game art, he looks a bit more generic in-game. He should be prettier!

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