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Favorite Soundtracks/OSTs Anonymous 19488

Discuss or post soundtracks you love from media such as movies, video games, tv shows and/or musicals.

Anonymous 19489

I love the Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette soundtracks

Anonymous 19491

Kirby's epic yarn had a really catchy soundtrack.

Anonymous 19492

Seconding this, it makes me feel nostalgic and it has such an otherworldly quality about it.

Anonymous 19497

The soundtrack to any of the Monster Hunter games fucking slaps. Monster Hunter World kicked it up a notch from the previous games, but from what I've been told the newer Monster Hunter Rise on Switch is absolutely banging

Anonymous 19498

Anonymous 19500

Civ 6 ost

Anonymous 19502


Anonymous 19504

Donkey Kong Country &
Monkey Island &
Diablo II

Anonymous 19505

OSTs from games:
nier automatia series, i never played the games but just the soundtrack makes me cry
metal gear revengance (RULESOFNATURE)
earthbound/mother series, its so wonky and fun
sonic forces, the ost always pumps me up
guilty gear, perfect music for a fighting game and wonderful guitars and vocals it gives me chills
pokemon diamond/pearl/platnium, so nostalgic and so many moods! we have peaceful, exciting, happy and ugh i love the diversity
lastly KH with the battle themes and collaboration with Utada is astounding

and for movies:
cinema paradisio is a classic and its so beautiful
pirates of the carribean is well known but i have a soft spot for the main theme
up on poppy hill ost is so fun it puts me in such a good mood
the harder they come was one movie that honestly really puts the music to work in the film, making it play a massive role but also hitting the viewer with these emotions. I used to hear the soundtrack alot but it wasnt untill i saw the movie that i found appreciation for it

Anonymous 19507

W.E. (movie directed by Madonna)

Anonymous 19515

The OST for the last guardian is so comfy

Anonymous 20009

Posting some specific tracks since I have procrastination to do.

I was hooked to MHW the moment I ran into Radobaan during the first Rotten Vale expedition and the large monster battle theme started playing, that level of slappage should be illegal. I love Vaal Hazak's theme too but it's less thrilling and more messy and dramatic: https://youtu.be/q0YN4TM5Ukg

Iceborne had several great tracks too, my personal favourite is the Hoarfrost Reach chase theme: https://youtu.be/GdY3wmM0334

Anonymous 20011

I was thinking Divinity OS, Bravely Default or Child of Light but they have so many insane tracks it would be hard to try and pick one or two. Also 2hus, Chrono Cross and Xenoblade but there's no way everyone hasn't already heard all that. Have FE Fates strategy phase music instead: https://youtu.be/R9Yp2RUla84

My favourite track in NITW: https://youtu.be/4ZlHxcklOc4

And in Hollow Knight: https://youtu.be/pQkajyGKvUU

And I'll also be that person and post GI: https://youtu.be/ROxmJGhH0Vk
I don't watch Chinese television so I've never in my life heard a distinctively Chinese soundtrack anywhere, Genshin Impact was very refreshing in that regard. I think it's neat that the Mondstadt tracks were performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Liyue tracks by the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and the Inazuma OST is performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Anonymous 20016

Monster Hunter consistently has the most banging soundtracks for every game, consistently, just one after the over getting better each time. I have no idea how they do it but the fucking Beatles didn't even have that kind of consistent "this shit slaps" ability

Anonymous 20718

download (17).jpeg

one of my fav soundtracks, gives a great little tinge of joy to whatever activity is being done
Ludwig's theme and Mr Mustafa are the best ones out of them all in my opinion

Anonymous 20731

Everything from pre-Xrd Guilty Gear. Daisuke was god-tier back then

Anonymous 20732

Also ost from Ragnarok Online. I like the unique "synth fantasy" style of it

Anonymous 20737

Excluding what's been posted already? SMT IV and MapleStory have amazing soundtracks.

Anonymous 20743

Marie Antoinette is one of my faves! I also really like Ghost World's, too.

Anonymous 20747

Fable I&II OST are in my top all time favorite vidya soundtracks

Anonymous 20772

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Now he's pretty shit, tbh.

Anonymous 20792

Anyway I liked ultrakill's soundtrack, mainly because of tracks like this https://youtu.be/6X53cXtEuBk
The hotline miami games have nice songs too

Anonymous 20793

>The hotline miami games have nice songs too
oh shit anon you have reminded me of my synthwave phase
imo Run is horrifyingly based, even if it stands out a little from other soundtracks

Anonymous 20796

The Carol (2015) soundtrack is beautiful. Transports you to a different world. Vidrel is the opening

Anonymous 20797


Anonymous 20945

Michiko and Hatchin soundtrack , and Slime Rancher soundtrack

Anonymous 21039

Anything Mick Gordon makes is gold

Anonymous 21139


Burwell channeling Glass. I like it too.

Anonymous 21148


I just play emo music while I drive or before going to sleep

Anonymous 21217

Anonymous 21244

It's a real shame Mick Gordon and idSoft aren't working together anymore.

Anonymous 21247

I'm glad it basically boiled down to him being lazy and id being pretty reasonable. I'm a lot more comfortable supporting a lazy artist and a fair company than a diligent artist and the company that screwed him over.

Anonymous 21256

Anonymous 21383

Anonymous 21385

2kki is amazing. Most of the tracks are really short loops but they're still great.
My favourite is the Flying fish world BGM, I just find it so soothing.
qxy's maps also have some of the best ambient music in the game.

wataru's maps are worth the detour, not exactly my favourite maps but they're definitely a mood.

Anonymous 21391

I remember when my dad would play this game and I wouldn't allow him to load a game because I wanted to listen to the whole song…

Anonymous 21585

demons/dark souls games in general have some wonderful tracks, but this is my favorite

Anonymous 21587

I love this kind of music but I don't know what it's called because my ignorant ass gets West Asian, Northern African and Indian music mixed up all the time. I like them all but would like to learn the difference.

Anonymous 21594

This particular song is Lebanese (West Asian)

Anonymous 21700

Quake II had a basically flawless soundtrack

Anonymous 21703

This would honestly work as a club banger

Anonymous 21704

and this one even more so!

Anonymous 21709

I enjoy Cowboy Bebop's soundtrack.

Very tasteful.

Anonymous 21710



Well, if that's your cup of tea, Cube was kind of close - at least some tracks. Not exactly the game itself, that was also kind of like Doom and Rise of the Triad, and I'm presuming partially like minecraft too. And I mean the music in just the original Cube, not Sauerbraten, I think Cube2 has some sort of trendy specific kind of metal, maybe even a set of very by-the-book modern metal tracks.

Anonymous 22209

Kingdom hearts soundtrack
Legend of zelda (all of the games have a few good tracks i like in each ost, i think wind waker is my favorite due to nostalgia)
Nier games (automata and replicant, gorgeous music i like the concept of the made up language too)
Dark souls (that violin ugh)

Anonymous 22291

cheza hug.jpg

my favorites are the soundtracks for wolfs rain, ffxv, death note, yakuza 0, naruto, and most of the ghibli movies

Anonymous 22365

Why does this sound so strangely erotic and why is it named… that

Anonymous 22438


This one in particular. Makes me contemplate my life and contains such overwhelming amount of emotion, don’t know how to explain it with words really.. I wish you could all experience it. Also! It is the best real life ost, Whirling in rags wakes me up nearly every early morning:)

Anonymous 22439

I gotta play this game one day…

Anonymous 22440

You definetely should, bratan.

Anonymous 22455

Tekkon Kinkreet's OST has a whimsical feel to it

Anonymous 23487

Anonymous 23488

I'll never be able to pick an absolute favorite but lately I've been really groovin to some Metroid music.

Anonymous 23781

I love this and the Queen of the Damned OST so much, Jonathan Davis should do more soundtracks.

Anonymous 23791


God I friggin LOVE The Last Guardian

I like many video game OSTs so I'll talk about an anime OST that I like, most animes have meh OST but Attack On Titan SLAPS




Anonymous 23819

Anonymous 23821

sorry but Hoenn soundtrack is superior
and of course the superior version is the original
nothin' personnel, kid

Anonymous 23879

I've been listening to this a lot lately

Anonymous 23894

“Snowfield” from Clannad. The feels…

Anonymous 24284


From We Happy Few, you can say the game was a bit of a train wreck, but you can't deny how good the music was

Anonymous 24285

Team Fortress 2 soundtrack, very jazzy

Anonymous 24388

Most final fantasy music is heavenly tier but FF13 and FF10 are the best FF osts.

Anonymous 24394


Anonymous 27244

Scarlet and Ginger were the most depressing for me

Anonymous 27246

I love this track the most, all 8 tracks are amazing though and it's made for a short freeware game.

Anonymous 27276


sailor moon op is the best song ever made in history

Anonymous 27277

All of the music from SM was like a drug

Anonymous 27319

Anonymous 27723

Obsessed with this. All MiA OSTs are great.

Anonymous 27744

great song

Anonymous 27755

hylics 2 has one of my favorite osts ever

Anonymous 27788

The Pacific Rim and Person of Interest soundtracks are my favorites. The Halo soundtrack is great studying/getting things done music.

Anonymous 27789

Balamb garden. I know there were other tracks on the ff8 ost but

Anonymous 27797

The hylics 2 ost is so good. thems fighting words and prevailing westerlies are my favs

Anonymous 27798

In 2019 some guy sent me this rlly catchy video game OST but I can't find it. </3
All I remember is that the art for it was red with a cartoon skull? And the music was electronic with kind of a techno vibe. If any anons could help… Please.

Catchy. It kinda has a weird haunting quality to it tho.
Also love!

Anonymous 27818

I never could get into the games itself because I don't enjoy the gameplay, but I remember loving the soundtrack and I remember the FF8 soundtrack like if it was yesterday that I was playing as a teenager. Such a good soundtrack

Anonymous 27835

Anonymous 27838


I am obssesed with the SILENT HILL 2 OST seriously since I finished the main game 1 month ago I cant stop Listening to the soundtrack, its like it was made specially for me

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