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Anonymous 20846

Who is your favorite songwriter?

Anonymous 20848


Excellent choice. But I raise you a Blixa.

Anonymous 20916

why is he your favorite? what's your favorite song by him?

Anonymous 20930


Anonymous 20960


Joanna Newsom, I don't know how she can write so beautifully.

Anonymous 20962

Came here to post this. I was at a friend's place, contemplating kissing him for the first time, and his playlist had Sprout and the Bean, which completely distracted me as I desperately searched for the artist. I became just so fascinated by her music from that point on.

Anonymous 20966

I love, love, love her. I could write a dissertation about her. In fact I was planning to write something about one of her songs.

Anonymous 21016

feels good

Anonymous 22604


Yess, Joanna and Vashti are so good. Karen Dalton, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Mariee Sioux, and Joni Mitchell are geniuses.

Anonymous 23440


ultimate husbando

Anonymous 23444


The absolute best taste. I love you all.

Anonymous 23454


Minae Saito, 4th from the left

Anonymous 23455


Anonymous 24041

Adrianna lenkar.jp…

based her Idler Wheel album is incredible

Anonymous 24042


Anonymous 24044

Based, love her.

Anonymous 24057

Yes yes yes. She's an actual goddess.

Anonymous 24061

elliott smith.png

he. also fiona apple ofc.

Anonymous 24063

juice newton

Anonymous 24066


King of meaningless yet beautiful lyrics, probably not my favorite songwriter though but definitely from my favorite band (Yes)

Anonymous 24072

I love Yes too and his vocals and lyrics add a ton to the band. Linking one of my favorite Yes songs that shows off his melody and poetry

Anonymous 24075


Anonymous 24078


Great choice! Very uncommon lyrics for Yes, this is more of a love song. I wouldn't be surprised if Jon had help writing the lyrics, maybe Howe co-wrote them since the poetic lyrics seem similar to the lyrics he wrote on his own solo work but maybe I am being hopeful, since I love Howe as well.
As for Jon's more 'meaningless' lyrics, I really do love how they sound. People make fun at "rearrange your liver to the solid mental grace" and "dreamer easy in the chair that really fits you" but I think both lyrics are so strong and impactful for reasons I cannot quite express.

Anonymous 24280


If I could understand what he was saying, it would probably be him

Anonymous 24561


I really love her first solo album Bella Donna.

Anonymous 25246

Also Nick Cave, but Bob Dylan is also very important to me. After my Mum died I had a sort of existential crisis and kept listening to Stuck Inside of Mobile and Visions of Johanna over again. Louise was who I was and Johanna was this sort of vague, indefinable idea of who I wanted to be. Mobile was the life I was living and Memphis was the life I could be living if I could ever find out how to get free of whatever was keeping me down.

Anonymous 25256

I know she's cringe for a lot of people but lana del rey. No one before her was really writing about the modern young woman experience in such a specific way.

Anonymous 27114

I second this.

Anonymous 27120


Oh to find all that lyrical perfection and listen to it for the first time ever is something I wish I could experience again and again. I love u Joanna

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