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Anonymous 20969

Any vaporwave enthusiasts here?

Who is your favourite artist?
What is your favourite subgenre?

Anonymous 20970


Yes and yes!
I can't pick just one favourite, there are so many talented diverse artists since the beginning. So it's Nmesh, Blank Banshee, luxury elite and Maitro for me.

Anonymous 20976

I like dreamwave like 2814, and naturewave.
Hate the stuff that is just slowed down smooth jazz or 80s songs, or anything too noisy.

Anonymous 20977

I really like slowed 80s music, I love synths xD but I hate the idea they only took something that aready exists and put it as their own product.

Anonymous 20989

I'm obsessed but I wish it would evolve so something could keep carrying the torch. Telepath is my number one

Anonymous 20990


Anonymous 21017

its fucking over.w…

lost love 再び一緒に is my favorite from that mix. t e l e p a t h is a genius

Anonymous 21126


Anonymous 21131

Thank you anon for sharing this wonderful piece of music. I am listening to it right now while reading about the sudden death of the artist this year. Quite touching tbh.

Anonymous 21140

I like that bass

Anonymous 21168

You beat me to it. Been listening to this for over 5 years and it was the first album that REALLY got me into vaporwave. His other albums (like Polychromatic Computer etc) are nice, not a fan of his albums after 2018 though

Anonymous 21296

It's the one day where this album really hits.

Anonymous 21834

I just found this upload a few weeks ago im in love 😍

Anonymous 21835

All time favorite

Anonymous 21836

Anonymous 22087


future funk royalty reporting in

Anonymous 22088

Anonymous 22089


/media/ is a ran chan board. pls leave

Anonymous 22090


be nice, we all get along around here

Anonymous 22091

I really like Desired, Future Girlfriend 音楽 & Android Apartment

Gudang is also nice, when it comes to 'just' Vaporwave

Anonymous 22097


At the risk of sounding basic, I like Saint Pepsi, Yung Bae and Macross 82-99. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anonymous 22098

Anonymous 22103

raiders from kraut/pol/
brenda and her friends

Anonymous 22127

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