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Boys love / shōnen-ai / Yaoi General Anonymous 212

Discussion of anything BL related.
Manga, Anime aimed at fujo (i.e sports anime), Visual Novels / Vidya…

>What are you readin right now? Enjoying it?

>Favorite series/manga/VN?
>Discussion of series

Anonymous 231

totally not kuroko…

I don't actually read a lot of BL, I guess what makes me a fujo is that I tend to ship guys more often than het or lesbian pairings. I used to be into things that aren't BL but that has fanservice or appeals to fujos despite not being BL (like Hetalia, Durarara!!, Black Butler, etc.)

Right now I can only think of Honto Yajuu, Harada's works, Suzuki Tusta's works and Kumiko Suekane's works and other small things I read long ago, including pic related but I don't remember the title. And I used to read a lot of fanfics but I can't remember any of them. I tend to like funny stories, whether they're intentionally funny or not.

For Kumiko Suekane, I discovered her because of Ace Attorney and one of her manga that isn't porn and I have to admit that while I like her art a lot, it's a bit disturbing how some of her characters look a bit alike, because then you have some of her BL with characters that look a lot like Edgeworth and some random guys fucking.

Anonymous 232

I used to be really into BL as a teenager and into my early twenties. I barely read much anymore, but I liked Ootsuki Miu and Suzuki Tsuta a lot. My favorites are sexy one-shots.

I was also always big into shipping and dumb fanservice-y things. I still own a lot of Adachi/P4 protag doujinshi I bought from yahoo auctions.

This picture made me smile. This sort of dialogue was right up my alley, lmao.

Anonymous 233


I'm a huge fujo.

Haven't kept up with Original/oneshot manga releases lately, mainly because the scanlation groups I used to follow shut down so I don't really know where to find yaoi manga scanlations anymore, anyone have any recommendations?

Ayano Yamane will always be my #1 mangaka for BL, but her slow release dates drive me fucking insane. Viewfinder has been going on for over 10 years and there's only like what, 6 mangas?

Anonymous 3171

I think most BL scans are on myreadingmanga these days.

Anonymous 3172


Anybody like BL games? A lot have been getting official English translations lately.

Anonymous 3173

The only one I've played is Hadaka Shitsuji out of morbid curiosity.
Overall none of the currently translated ones have appealed to me that much, I'll probably pick up Hashihime once it comes out though.

Anonymous 3179

I've downloaded Hadaka and DRAMAtical murder for free when my fav site was still pumping out fan-made translations. They were great, since the price for Hadaka went down (when I last saw the official vers was 70$ now its 35) I think ima download the official now. I recommend the game lmao it's a mess.
- NO, Thank you!!! Is actually pretty good too. I actually bought that for 40 bucks, it takes a bit to catch on but afterwards I like it!
- I had Togainu no Chi downloaded on my old laptop and that took forever to pop off so I never really…. explored it much. I also downloaded that from the same site that is now down I think. But I think I want to try that again because I heard it was really fucked up and I wanna get to that part.

Anonymous 3180

I know this is old af but the pic related is Kichiku Encount
I hope this thread takes off I want to talk more about yaoi omg

Anonymous 3284

I liked Hadaka Shitsuji and Room No. 9, mainly because they felt more like regular nukige except with gay characters, rather than *~shoujo drama~* like a lot of BL tends to have. Unfortunately BL forces the whole whiny femboy uke and mysterious borderline abusive seme thing too much, especially in older works.

Anonymous 3483

Screen Shot 2018-0…

dude. ikuhara is doing a new anime.
it almost looks like it might be BL-themed? there's very little information out about it right now but i love the character designs that were released

Anonymous 3485

I remember hearing from somewhere that those designs will only be side characters though and that the main characters are different.

Anonymous 3489

they still look pretty cute together so i hope that it gives them some attention

>start watching Banana Fish thinking it's a high-stakes criminal drama with my ex
>becomes very clearly a BL situation in the second episode
>…keep watching anyways

my ex probably thinks i'm a filthy fujoshi now but the plot is gripping so far

Anonymous 3490

I've been seeing a lot about Banana Fish lately maybe I should watch it

Anonymous 3491


Yarichin Bitch Club came out today, the only thing that's floating around rn is the raw version. Ugh I wish I knew Nippon language lmao

Anonymous 4236


>Favorite series/manga/VN?
Yoru to asa no uta - Harada
Color Recipe - Harada
Dear my god - Asada Nemui

I wish Asada Nemui would release more manga like their one shot classmate. I'm a sucker for BL that involves physical and mental abuse.

Anonymous 4240


I haven't regularly watched anime in a good few years, although every couple years I always find myself revisiting my all-time fav BL's Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi and Junjou Romantica. I found that Yaoi with decent art and interesting stories was to come by when I was deep into the scene.

They're both kind of slow-burning and I actually liked/cared about the characters in the end, I find it hard to get that from one-shots. Sekaiichi is pretty vanilla, Junjou is a lot steamier (esp the manga.)

Love Stage! is also pretty cute

Anonymous 4251

Thanks, I didn't expect to come back to CC or to get an answer for that. I always forget this manga's title but I always find it because I know the mangaka's pen name is owaru or owal.

Since then I got a new computer and I'll probably play some BL games, especially now that the nitro+chiral games will be released in the West officially. I played the Sweet Pool demo and I was wondering how long the game is? It took me more or less 7h to complete the demo and I think I was about to get the ending with Makoto before the demo told me to buy the complete game. I'm looking forward to Togainu no Chi and Lamento the most.

I have the first volume but it's collecting dust on my shelves, I should read it.

Anonymous 4357

I just recently rewatched the both of those and I just remembered why I love them, ugh I hate the one-shots that we get nowadays. Though I will say I only care about the main couples in both of those haha.
Heyyy welcome back! I forgot I even commented on this thread lol. I actually don't really know I've never played that game, from the screenshots I see it looks pretty good so I think ima check it out. I've played Togainu a little bit but I dropped it because it took forever to pick up (as did DMMD but I actually revisted it and finished it) so I think ima replay that since I've heard a lot good things about it .
lol it's cool that you basically responded to me twice. Is the volume in english? Where did you buy it?

Anonymous 4507

The volumes are officially translated in French and released in France. I remember walking in front of my favorite bookshop that only sales manga and comics and copies of the first volume where displayed all over the windows of the store, it was super weird.

Anonymous 4516

Awe fuck… Now I wish I would've taken my french class seriously in middle school lol

Anonymous 4540


I'm not into BL as much as I used to (I was a big fujo haha) so the only things that I'm currently reading are the Abarenbo Honey series and a long-ass French gay romance on Fictionpress that I've been following since high school, haha.

I used to really be into cheesy things and nice art, so things like Konbini-kun, the yakuza story drawn by Scarlet (I can't remember the name but she's really popular), and the Kawaii Akuma series were my jam, haha. I was also into Chinese
BL so I would totally recommend webtoons like 19 days (and the GL version Their Story <3). I recently went back to read the webtoon by Haribo and I'm glad it's completed. Most of these are really soft and even if I loved the sexy ones as well I think at the end of the day these might be the ones I come back to and reread, maybe laugh about how unrealistic they were, but still read again, haha.

>> 3180

Same. Now that I started writing about it, I can't stop, hAHA. I still like BL I just want to reminisce about everything.

I kind of fell for Sweet Pool, haha. I played it during the summer of my last year of high school but never really got to finish the game, I think I got a bit more than halfway in ~12 hours? But I played little by little for a few days so i'm not sure.. I remember feeling nostalgic and lost at the same time since the game was p smart and touched upon themes like changes and adolescence, but that went away with the hot scenes lmao I definitely want to finish the game one day now that it's on Steam but I changed my laptop to a mac so rip haha. I used to really like VNs even if it took me some time to get into them.

Anonymous 4543

Screen Shot 2019-0…

What is the pic you posted from? It looks sweet.

Anonymous 4544

Ah if only he would've kept his promise

Anonymous 4545

It's from the pc game Sweet Pool! Some scenes were like this but most of them were pretty gory, haha.

Anonymous 4547

NTA but BL+gore? Hell yeah I'm downloading that shit lol

Anonymous 4776


Anyone excited for this? What manga do you think they’re going to adapt?

Anonymous 4799


Apparently the manga they're going to adapt is Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai. Has anyone read it? Would you recommend?

Anonymous 5700

daddy and sweet so…

I love yaoi but I generally don't invest myself in anything BL-related. Mainly because the art/stories are pretty bad. Though my favourite BL manga is 'About Love'.

Mainly I just ship characters from other media that I find cute together.

Anonymous 5747


All fujos have a duty to play Hashihime of the Old Book Town right now.

Anonymous 5750

Why? Is it good?

Anonymous 5753

>What are you readin right now? Enjoying it?
it's not labeled BL but i have my fujo goggles on tight.

>Favorite series/manga/VN?

theo. i love the art, i love size difference, i love master/servant relationships, etc.
MADK (https://mangadex.org/title/29655/madk) is a+ too but the guro is somewhat offputting. it's like, definitely a squick of mine, but i read it anyway.


both of the above and this: https://mangadex.org/title/32866/home

>Discussion of series

hashihime of the old book town is really good. play it if you get a chance.

Anonymous 5755

Yes. Miles better than the Nitro+Chiral BL games.

Basically it's set in 1920s Tokyo and it's about a delusional loser/wannabe writer called Tamamori who's old friends start mysteriously dying in a way which seems to suggest his stories are bleeding into reality. Shit happens and he realises he's stuck in a time loop and reliving the same 3 days over and over. It's a wild ride.

Really stylish and good soundtrack too.

Anonymous 5757


Has anyone watched or read Mo Dao Zu Shi? I watched the first two episodes of the anime and couldn’t quite get into it. Does it get better later?


That sounds interesting anon. Thanks for the rec!

Anonymous 5774


Based anon. Hashihime would do well outside the BL crowd who're okay with the H-scenes. Most of them could be skipped through without losing anything significant. Haven't found anyone IRL to rec it to though. The story taps into a lot of my favorite fictional devices like time loops, literary references of cool things I'll never read because language barrier, the color palette, mystery plotge, and a historical setting borderline fantastical. While two routes are kind of meh, the above more than makes up for it. I hope to create stories like this in the future.

Anonymous 5778

Yeah Hashihime is so fucking good. It's a shame literally no one talks about it. A niche in a niche I guess.

Anonymous 6064

>favorite series/manga/VN?
Rumspringa no Joukei and Hashihime

im still pretty interested in Nitro Chiral's new 'Slow Damage'

Anonymous 6071


Wow, never knew there was a BL manga featuring Rumspringa. Really want to read it now.

Anonymous 6133


overworked salaryman and monster boys are one of the best combos

pic is Bakeneko Katatte Sourou

Anonymous 6165


I used to really be into BL. It was the second most important thing in my life, to the point where I learned moon just to read it and scanlate it, and I had read a decent amount of titles. But I stopped once I got a bf. I think I was using BL as escapism and to simulate love in my own life, and now that I have it for real I can't be bothered to keep up with it. But I still genuinely enjoy reading it, I just wish I had the motivation to keep doing it.

As for recs, I think Yuki to Matsu was the most well written BL manga I had ever read, the one I have ever been the most emotionally invested in was Saiyaku no Jinsei, and the love and admiration I felt for Hayakawa Nojiko's works was indescribable. Her stuff literally cured my suicidal depression.
God I wish I had the time and motivation to go back.

Anonymous 17402

Hi anon, your post stood out to me. I can't relate to a lot of fujo conversation but I also learned moonrunes for hobby reasons and I love Takahashi Hidebu's work. I just wanted to let you know you sounded cool I guess.

Anonymous 30790


Anonymous 30791


Anonymous 30792


Anonymous 30920


In my teen years I would read anything featuring two dudes hooking up, watching GetBackers was really my point of no return. Nowadays I'm pretty picky with the stuff I consume, the art has too be decent and with no edgy/cringe plot.
Acid town is my all time favourite, I wish there were more stuff like it (more than two volumes/not romance focused)

I read pic related today, it's pretty cute

Anonymous 31094

What are some old lesser known BL's?

Anonymous 31103

The Metal Gear franchise is filled with gay moments between Otacon and Snake. Peace Walker even had Big Boss go on a date with Kaz.

Anonymous 31213

Is there any noticeable difference between BL written by men vs BL written by women?

Anonymous 31214


BL written by women typically has two pretty boys and its clearly designed for women to be the audience, whereas BL written by men usually has two men with much more realistic bodies and is definitely catered towards actual gay guys.

Anonymous 31215

I've read all MXTX novels and watched the donghua. It filters a lot of people because it's written in/influenced by the Chinese literary tradition of books like Judge Dee, where the overarching plot driver is set of (complex) interlinked mysteries. There are dozens of characters who are essential to the plot, and the narrative happens in multiple jumps between past and present.

But I do love her character work. The donghua has to tone it down a lot but the novels it's full on.

Anonymous 31266

BL written by men is Hadaka Shitsuji tier. Filled with extreme gross fetishes and violence.
The characters are always ugly because they try to make it relatable to males.

Anonymous 31275

>literary tradition of books like Judge Dee, where the overarching plot driver is set of (complex) interlinked mysteries
I like the danmei I've read so far specifically because it's like reading a really good fanfic of a fantasy book I liked. Because I go into them knowing that the dudes are going to kiss I get to enjoy all the other characters because I don't have to side-eye every girl as a potential ship sinker. As a strange consequence of this I actually go looking for het/yuri fanfic/art of it at a much higher rate compared to "normal" stories that end with shitty MC/[opposite-gender-lead] because I end up liking all of the girls a lot.

It's like reading Harry Potter knowing Draco/Harry is endgame so now I have the ability to brainrot about Ginny too.

Casual sex is usually what tips me off to it being written by a dude, especially if it's not between the endgame pair. Other "life-isms" like condoms and enemas too. It's not 100% though, I think the first yaoi enema I saw was from Ayano Yamane.

Anonymous 31307

that's such a cute cover. the story ended up being really cute too.
not really. women write and read almost anything but I like to think I can always tell

Anonymous 31332


I don't read much yaoi anymore (grew out of it) but I recently started "Smyrna and Capri" and it is GOD TIER. Both of the main characters are likeable and passionate. The top is really loving and doesn't have a single asshole moment, he always make sure that sex feels good and doesn't hurt. It's alpha x alpha omegaverse with mpreg (though there is no visible pregnancy, the bottom is just gonna lay an egg eventually).

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