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/rgg/ - Yakuza & Judgment General Anonymous 21249

All things related to SEGA's Yakuza series and its spin-off Judgment because why not
>story and character discussion
>gameplay tips
>favorite substories?
>favorite minigames?
>favorite location?
>favorite songs?
>best boy?

Anonymous 21250

>Yakuza series and its spin-off
Do you know where I can find some sailors?

Anonymous 21251

??? That's a Shenmue quote. It has nothing to do with Yakuza.

Anonymous 21257

>>best boy?
Do you really have to ask this question? Everyone knows who it is…

Anonymous 21261



Anonymous 21266

It's not as much SEGA's fault as it is Takuya Kimura's management's. They're the ones who are vehemently against a PC release because they want to have as much control over Kimura's image as possible, and PC as a platform allows too much liberty for users to do what they want with their games (modding, piracy). The Stadia release was more like SEGA trying to find a loophole to this since the old men at Johnny's don't really understand what that is.

Anonymous 21376

Who's ready for lost judgement next week?

>favourite minigames?

Koi-koi and mahjong.

Anonymous 21390

me except I don't have a playstation anymore

Anonymous 21825

yes i know it came out yesterday, but has anyone here tried Lost Judgment?

Anonymous 21838

currently playing. Love the new soundtrack. Have you tried it?

Anonymous 21850


Anonymous 21867



Anonymous 22480


Anonymous 22508


Anonymous 24587

Anonymous 25097


If you see this you have to wish him a happy 54th birthday! It's so weird when fictional characters age in real time ngl

Anonymous 25117

>favorite minigames?
UFO catcher, can collecting and Club Sunshine. I like to call it Whorehouse.

Have they ever had Sonic plushies in the UFO catcher machines? It feels like a wasted opportunity if not, especially for SEGA of all companies.

>favorite songs?

Friday Night is such an ear worm. I also love Saeko’s song from Like a Dragon.

Majima is my favorite character by far. His complete story arc in Yakuza Zero is genuinely sad while still balancing the tonal whiplash of how goofy he can be.

Anonymous 25132

Happy Birthday, Kiryu!

Anonymous 25677

yakuza 8 maybe.jpg


Anonymous 25808



Anonymous 26514


>Judgment and Lost Judgment on Steam
>Ishin remake
>Like a Dragon 8
>Kiryu-centric 6-7 interquel
why is this thread dead!!!

Anonymous 26515


new hair, yay or nay? really didn't like it at the very first glance but i personally think it's growing on me.

Anonymous 26516

wtf is this real??

nta but he's hot, he just doesn't look like kiryu

Anonymous 26517


It's his new hair so get used to it. Unless 8 will have customizable haircuts I guess.

Anonymous 26518

I love finding mods for yakuza models by fellow yumejos, god bless their souls.
Have anyone felt burnt out during Yakuza Kiwami because of it's gameplay? I can't seem to enjoy it at all.

Anonymous 26519

>mods for yakuza models by fellow yumejos
you mean sexy or even nude mods for the male characters? care to share?

Anonymous 26522

I am not at home right now, but I could later! Though even without that, I am sure there is a way to search by keywords on google. For example, I love the black turtleneck mod for Majima, the same wonderful creator also HD'd his texture and gave him even more attractive lips!
There is also the good ol' bunnysuit for Kiryu too.

Anonymous 26529

I remember seeing a bunnysuit mod for the entire 7 party but the guys were disappointingly lacking in crotch bulges.

Anonymous 26530

My god I hate these faces so fucking much.

Anonymous 26532


disregard this yeyeyeyeye

Anonymous 26533

eh, they'll probably look better in the final released game, i still think they're handsome though

Anonymous 26544

Why is this the post that makes me finally curious what this game is? What have you done? Kek

Anonymous 26546

the power of Masaharu Kaito, too bad he's only playable in the Kaito Files DLC for Lost Judgment (now also available on Steam!)

Anonymous 26547

but even if not playable he's still the second most important character in the Judgment games after player character Takayuki Yagami himself

Anonymous 26548

mr new booty.jpeg

Kaito also gets a booty upgrade from Judgment to Lost Judgment. bless his soul

Anonymous 26555

one of my favourite credits scenes of anything ever, it's so adorable and I want to hug them all (has no spoilers, don't worry, you can still watch it even if you have yet to play Lost Judgment)

Anonymous 26598

no Shenmue -> no Yakuza. Ryo Hazuki walked so Kazuma Kiryu can run. funny how they were actually both born in 1968. Kiryu is Ryo for ojisan appreciators and Ryo is proto-Kiryu but barely legal.

Anonymous 27087



Anonymous 27203

I hope there will be customizable haircuts. Seeing Kiryu with a bishounen type haircut looks silly to me

Anonymous 27213


Anonymous 27217

Seriously fuck Peter griffin

Anonymous 27218

Fucking moid degenerates

Anonymous 27219

since we're at it, fuck brian too

Anonymous 27346

it's also quite the ojisan haircut, which Kiryu is

Anonymous 27347

Why are these posts so weird

Anonymous 27348

Right, they sound so unhinged

Anonymous 27371

Akiyama jacket on …

Why does he never take off his shirt

Anonymous 28949


HAPPY BIRTHDAY you sexy old bastard

Anonymous 29407

Be brutally honest, who put on the best show?

Anonymous 29408

What about this one?

Anonymous 29432


Fun fact: the nipples protrude and are actually part of the meshes in most of the Dragon Engine shirtless models.

Anonymous 29433


Not only that, but there is not one nipple shape, Ryuji's look fatter. Watase and Tendo also use this fat nipple shape, while most of the others have Kiryu-like nipples.

Anonymous 29434


And then there's Majima and Shimano the nipplelets.

Anonymous 29541

fashion icon even …

Left - Ryū ga Gotoku 2 (SEGA, 2006)
Right - Chanel Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
often imitated, never duplicated. a true icon

Anonymous 29610


I swear I've seen this post before. Thanks for sharing again ,I love it

Anonymous 29626

The Paris group sounds much more believable. I highly doubt that many women like these games.

Anonymous 29774

Anyone tried the new Ishin yet? From what I have heard so far it's a not so good port of a great game, not even a proper remake. Also cringe DLC shit

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