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so 2 autists made a song about cc... Anonymous 21653

Anonymous 21654

honestly based

Anonymous 21656

>Low quality
I'm sorry but you can't expect me to understand wtf they're saying, lyrics?

Anonymous 21657


what did i just listen to?

Anonymous 21694

so thankful i'm not british

Anonymous 21711

Listened real close this time….
Couldn't even be bothered to listen to the whole thing, they sound like edgy highschool kids

Anonymous 21750

the funniest thing i've ever heard

Anonymous 21758


>I could really do with a fat kebab with double meat and extra spicy sauce right now
Same but what?

Anonymous 21760

>i share this imageboard with edgy 14 year old britbongs
it’s just surprising to see physical evidence of it tbh

Anonymous 21771


A bit like Throbbing Gristle.
Probably not even any cocaine involved either.

Anonymous 21942

its so stupid but i cant stop laughing…

Anonymous 21943


Anonymous 21948

No way we actually interact with that kind of retard here…? I suppose that's always better than moids.

Anonymous 21957

yes they may be autists yes i am rooting for them

Anonymous 21958

What did i just witness

Anonymous 21976

Yet you speak their language pleb

Anonymous 21982

Crystal Cafe anthem

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