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Inuyasha Anonymous 22146

If Inuyasha was made in 2020, do you think Sango would still have ended up with the monk?

Anonymous 22147

no because the mangaka would have been allowed to express her yuri tendencies and wouldn't have been forced to acknowledge men.
she would have ended with kagome

Anonymous 22148


everybody knows she's a closeted lesbian at this point - are you even closeted if you entire fanbase can tell by your female character designs anyways?

Anonymous 22149

kawaii flying yuri…

It's a shame Takahashi was born in worse times, she could've been a 10/10 kino /u/ artist if she was younger.

Anonymous 22150

was MirSan her alibi OTP?

Anonymous 22151

No, InuKag is the alibi to her true OPT LumNobu
that is why his design is just a male Lum.

Anonymous 22152

daring hypothesis

Anonymous 22153


Anonymous 22154

back to 4chan with you

Anonymous 22155

I'm a big fan of Shōjo anime like Inuyasha, more so than Urusei Yatsura. Sango is a badass. Reminds me of myself uWu

Anonymous 22156

both of those series are shonen that cater to moids

Anonymous 22157

Should've made the thread on /media/

Anonymous 22158

Inuyasha isn't even close to shoujo anon lol but I get it, I was pulled into watching shounen in my early teens by a female friend so I thought it was normal (despite shit like upskirt shots and giant watermelon boobs). Glad I eventually discovered all the shows I was watching were a genre not meant for girls because teen-me kept justifying it in my head.

Anonymous 22159

Does inuyasha have stuff like that in it? I am interested but I hate fanservice lol

Anonymous 22160


It's been a decade since I last watched it so maybe someone else could chip in too but I remember it as tame. The worst I recall is a tiny skirt that just barely doesn't reveal her panty, bathtub scenes like picrel (spoilered jic) and a perverted side character.

Anonymous 22161

The kind of fanservice that Inuyasha has wouldn't even be called fanservice nowadays. Rumiko-sensei is very tasteful.

Anonymous 22177

all rumiko takahashi series except her newist manga have fanservice, but it's less perverted and more natural I suppose, mostly causal nudity.
Inuyasha is definitely one of the less fanservisey
if you want a ranking of her works from most fanservice to least it would probably look like this
>ranma 1/2>urusei yatsura>>>maison ikkoku>>inuyasha>rinne>mermaid saga>one pound gospel>>>mao no fansevice at all
also to be aware of is in the maison ikkoku manga, there's a sex scene but it's very respectful and isn't what you'd consider 'H,' and it isn't in the anime.
hope this was helpful

Anonymous 22270

How is Mao. Was kind of thinking about getting into it, but I'm not expecting anything ground-breaking.

Anonymous 22275


It's kinda like a mix of inuyasha with mermaid saga's darker tone. also there's no comedic aspect.
it's alright, better than RINNE I'd say but her art is really sucky nowadays (pic unrelated)

Anonymous 22278

God now I just want to watch this so bad. I never finished it because it was still coming out right around the time my life got busy. I never saw what happened to miroku or sango.. or any of them.

I don't think it would be the same if this series was changed. If it came out now, and the whole show was changed just to suit the time I don't think I'd like it. :/

Anonymous 22279

Anonymous 22282


>If it came out now
it did come out now and the made sessrin a thing and then justified it with "she was 18 tho"

Anonymous 22283

Watch it sis. You don't get comfier than this.

Anonymous 22284

>>but her art is really sucky nowadays

I noticed this.. why ? Did she develope arthritis like mokona

Anonymous 22296


>her art is sucky
Just look at the state, she's forgotten how to draw non straight lines

Anonymous 22297

I wish Inuyasha had ended up with Kikyo.

Kagome was always so annoying. 'Wahhh wahhhh the shikon jewel! Inuyasha, wahhh'

Anonymous 22323

She was a golem made of bones and graveyard dirt. She knew there was no future of them together.

Anonymous 22364

it's very tame and natural, no creepy pantsu shots

Anonymous 22366

No anon, there was a whole episode where Kikyo planned to take her soul back and everything. She and Inuyasha could've been end game.

Anonymous 22370

*should have been

Anonymous 22418


cute ^-^ what even is consent lol?

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