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Self-post Thread? Anonymous 2236

Mods/admin, please remove if inappropriate.

I was wondering if you ladies would be interested in a self-post thread so that we can share social media that you'd want other miners to follow and connect with.

There's already a discord thread so I guess that leaves us with everything else: twitter, insta, tumblr, snapchat, LINE?

If others are eager for the idea, I'll share my links below.

Anonymous 2237

i personally don't mind! although the other miners might or they might just be shy

Anonymous 2238

I'm shy but I don't mind either. Post away.

Anonymous 2239

I'll bite

Tumblr http://petiteladyshojo.tumblr.com/
Insta https://www.instagram.com/shojobaby/ (@shojobaby)

I hope others share their socials too, don't leave me hanging y'all

Anonymous 2240

your feed is so cute!

i posted in the friend finder thread too
ig: fuckinguglychan
tumblr: fuglychan
twitter: fuglychan

Anonymous 2241

My accounts are all personal and not particularly aesthetic so there wouldn't be any point in posting them, but I'd like to see y'all's stuff!

Anonymous 2242


Does anyone have separate accounts for normie and weeb hobbies/interests? I kinda feel like its unauthentic, like "why would I need to keep two variations of myself seperate, that's so fake" but then again sometimes I get the urge to take normie insta pics which don't fit with my ~kawaii~ aesthetic.

>pic related taken randomly from google

Anonymous 2243

I keep a "normie" profile with selfies and family and such, and a separate one for my weirder interests. I don't think it's fake at all, I don't want to have to explain myself to my extended family and acquaintances and it gives me a proper looking front for when I job hunt.

Anonymous 2244

why would it be fake? if anything its about organizing. most people have separate accounts/blogs for different stuff theyre into especially on tumblr.

Anonymous 2245

I tried but find it really annoying and a bit hard to manage/maintain because I don't have the time to make my posts all pretty and stuff, no matter what I try. Would love to share my blog, but it's got my face on it and well, you know. Would love to follow some of you tho.

Anonymous 2246


Btw, I hope its ok to post about this here. What "filter theme" do you guys think would be appropiate if I want to have a "lo-fi night " theme on my ig? (yeah like the /b/ thread)

Anonymous 2247

it's not necessarily aesthetic but would i be okay to post my photography instagram? it's just a hobby of mine, but it'd be nice if people could see some of it. (i also make some audio visuals!!)

Anonymous 2248

it is the self post thread.

Anonymous 2249

good point–i just didn't know if y'all liked themed instagrams or not. my bad!!

instagram.com/jerseydevilandcompany if you guys wanted to take a look! i've recently been making some adult swim bumps for shits and giggles too.

Anonymous 19376

Does anyone here still use Tumblr?

Anonymous 19386

I tried to use it back when porn wasn't banned to post my stuff, but I never really got into it. So no, I definitely don't use it anymore.

Anonymous 19389

Seldom post, I use it for likes and bookmarking mostly

Anonymous 19391

Unfortunately yeah I use it every day and have been since like 2011

Anonymous 19585

my radio show, meadowtations, every monday night at 9 pm est.on http://badradio.biz

tonight playing sad oldies / crooners

Anonymous 19588

i do ! whats yours ?

Anonymous 27821

Well, I guess these are kind of like selfposts

Anonymous 27832

I use it for fandom stuff.

Anonymous 28418

My YouTube channel I post weird short stuff so you’re unlikely to get an ad if you check me out <3

Anonymous 28419


Anonymous 28670


I got a neocities (and currently saving money for paying an actual domain and hosting). I pretty much use it as a blog and for shrines/random silly pages, but it would be cool if I could find yall, Im tired of finding a cool site and finding out its made by twitter transbians… It's full of them now thanks to their 2kcore webcore or whatever aesthetic theyre following


Anonymous 28673

Wow, how do you even begin to make something like this?
Do you have people being weird to you on it?
I want to do something similar

Anonymous 28676

I began following HTML Dog's tutorials on HTML and CSS, and just after a day I was able to make sites. Actually my current layout is the easiest thing to make since it's just absolutely positioned boxes with no responsiveness.

The best thing about websites is that people cant do anything to you, the worst thing is people leaving nasty comments on your guestbook or email kek
People have been very nice to me so far, but also almost no one read blogs (where most 'questionable' things usually are written in ) so… It's more troublesome, but a website gives you a freedom  and safely social media doesnt give you

Anonymous 28678

I still use it, my pfp is a snoopy picture.

Anonymous 28703

idc though im not sure my blog is to your tastes, dear anons

Anonymous 28706


>only a 6/10
Excuse me? Decarabia is a 11/10. Why are you disrespecting my baby like this?

Anonymous 28734

Sorry for your son, I like him but its design isn't my thing. Maybe if in another game I put it on my team he will rank higher…

Anonymous 33732

https://[[read the rules]]/

Anonymous 33733

newbie bftoed

Anonymous 34120

This is mainly a terf blog, but here ya go


Mind you,its a side blog. Not giving out my main cause life is weird. You know how it is

Anonymous 34128

ippon datara in hall of shame getting a 0, I'm so offended (even tho you said it wasn't because of the design)

Anonymous 34138

Yeah, I kinda feel you. Decarabia is a good boy, but his design could be way better.

I KNOW, RIGHT? Back in the day, he was my demon husbando.

Anonymous 34319

I would self-post but I don't want it to be public knowledge that I post here or even lurk. Sorry ladies.

Anonymous 34323

yeah me too, I have no problem with anons here seeing my main social media, but the people from tumblr would crucify me if they knew I frequented the terf 4chan

Anonymous 34326

honestly I'm not even a full-on TERF, (I do condemn prostitution and consider myself gender critical) but visiting a website even being open to ANY gender critical discussion is grounds for cancellation on like 90% of the internet. So, while it would be lovely to share my social media with women who are likeminded, I must refrain. Orwellian shit, tbh

Anonymous 34334

ayrt exactly

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