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arcane Anonymous 22703

How come crystal cofe isn't discussing the show which is centered around female characters and also literally is the greatest thing to come out of the past decade?

Anonymous 22709

I slightly remember the characters as it relates to in-game lore.
So what's so good about it?

Anonymous 22711

Seconding this. Sell it to me, I've seen it in pics everywhere, but I donno. I'm tired of weeb stuff. I know its not really weeb stuff but.. God it better have a REALLY good script.

Anonymous 22713

I absolutely hate Riot and the Chinese Communist Party.
Thank you for listening.

Anonymous 22720

How are any of those things related to his

Anonymous 22787


>Riot and the Chinese Communist Party
>Chinese Communist Party

Anonymous 22789

I assumed the worst because of Riot's track record with women and how they depict them tbh

Anonymous 22796

I've only seen the first 6 episodes, I had to stop over thanksgiving. It's been really good so far! I feel like powder/jinx is very joaquin phoenix we live in a society mode, and the show does that really well surprisingly. It's not a light/fun, which makes it harder for me to binge, but it's really good.

Anonymous 22798

Because it's okay. Animation is good, not amazing. Story is okay, not amazing. Characters are okay, ot amazing. I give it a meh/10

Anonymous 22810



Anonymous 22811

>twice as many middle-aged woman have watched this over the teenage demographic
Who the fuck is this aimed at?

Anonymous 22828

To be fair, most under 18 female scores are usually like that. I wonder why

Anonymous 22839

League of Legends sucks and I'm not letting the fanart I see queerbait me into giving anything related to Riot views.

Anonymous 22842


i play league and watched the first 5 or so episodes. the animation is really good and the voice acting and script in general is surprisingly good, and not super cheesy. although jinx's relationship with the creepy old dude is UNCOMFY imo, but not overly creepy so far. jinx is super cute too

Anonymous 22845

It is a show about league of legends, which is a game made by Riot, and Riot has worshipped the Chinese government ever since Tencent bought them in 2011.

Anonymous 22849

I’m not interested in some fucking gacha cartoon shit.

Anonymous 22959

u ppl are losers half the media you consume is owned by some chinese conglomerate or they have a huge stake in the company, cope

Anonymous 22960

arcane isnt really consistent w canon LoL lore

Anonymous 22961


dammit, anons, ended up giving into pressure and watching it after listening to some of its music. I really liked it. However, it makes me wish that it had more…time? Leisure? This is a trend that I've seen with animations in recent years. A lot of it is actually amazing but so much of it has been diluted to fit into a small box of possibilities.

arcane being seen as a masterpiece by some is absolutely a symptom of there really just being almost nothing similar to compare to too.

oh. yeah. if it's not obvious I hate LoL. I find it disappointing a decent series like this is tied to a shady MOBA…really cheapens it and I wish this was simply just a series that sprung up from nowhere.

Anonymous 22963

And? >>22959 is right and not only that, but how the fuck is consuming media that some Chinese company has invested in any different from consuming 99% of all other media today?
Also LoL is trash by itself, always has been

Anonymous 22966

I never cared much for League of Legends so I'm not interested

Anonymous 22979

a lesbian rejected me over league of legends but i wasn't aware she wanted me in the first place. she got mad i wasn't flirting with her?? no communication at all. plus toxic

Anonymous 22983

Anonymous 23002

Fakebois absolutely ruined Vi for me

Anonymous 23009

>>23002 can't stand vi x cait ship so fucking insufferable. i guess i can see out the queerbaiting reply after seeing how they butchified vi and how the LoL comm reacts

Anonymous 23015

What is this? I see it everywhere but I have no idea what it is. The art is not very appealing to me.

Anonymous 23023


funnily enough i dont care about the female characters in Arcane. really enjoy the lore and story in general but im hyped for more best boy Viktor in the second season.

Anonymous 23345

only 5 people ITT actually watched it.

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