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Anonymous 24110

slice of life about a loser girl
>nobody buys the manga
>/a/ comes together to buy the manga
>it starts becoming a little successful
>/a/ spams the artist with dick pics
>nobody buys the manga again
>manga switches to yuri
>people start buying the manga
There's only so much you can do with the mundane adventures of a social retard. Eventually you have to start introducing a wider cast, eventually you have to start fleshing out those characters too. Nobody would have preferred if those characters were guys. And they pandered to the audience who gave them the time of day

Anonymous 24111

>Nobody would have preferred if those characters were guys.
Are you joking? We could have gotten a reverse harem instead.

Anonymous 24112

I lost all interest and stopped reading when yuribaiting started, though I liked the manga overall, bleh

Anonymous 24113

But she's literally me!

Anonymous 24114

I still read it occasionally, but Tomoko's a lot less fun now that she's more well-adjusted. She also keeps sexually harassing the others a little too boldly.

My favorite scene is the one where she misplaced her umbrella and plots to murder everyone for perceived theft until she finds it. That is so me!

Anonymous 24116

WAIT, wtf, are you talking about WataMote? For real? And they're on /a/? And does it become yuri? I just remember there being a weird stalker for the main girl.
Also btw it's more than possible to make outrageous and entertaining situations with a social outcast but that's a whole different tangent altogether.

I remember reading the manga years ago and it slowly became a more generic slice of life with cutesy girls and then I dropped it. Was the yuri just bait like the other anon said or was it followed through?

Anonymous 24117

I don't even dislike yuri but it just lost what made it special

Anonymous 24132


I really liked it. Tomoko is cute but not by modern anime standards which makes her unique. I don't mind yuribait, it's good that she made some friends. I actually cosplayed Tomoko before the rona happened, still my favourite character to cosplay, mostly because I can really relate to her.

Anonymous 24142

I heard the author is a scrote, which would honestly explain the "yuri" bait attracting so many moids

Anonymous 24147

normal life.jpeg

If anyone interested to post more
about dumb comedy about the socially awkward girl become less awkward

Anonymous 24151

Oh no
So now she have a mommy cool gal who’s saving her
Wooow that’s soooo coool

Anonymous 24152

I think it's a team with a male writer and a female artist. I don't know which one saw the dick pics though

Anonymous 24155


Should've just ended with the anime ending.
Going further was a mistake.

Anonymous 24175

I would enjoy the idea if she actually ended up with a girlfriend.
Bi Tomoko is peak relatability (and wish fulfillment). Although I doubt it would be written well, the degen closeted baby bi signs early on rang true to life. Yuri harem is less real.

Anonymous 24178

Are you the same scrote who posted a loli yuri doujinshi page and a link to 8chan.moe's yuri board in the OTP thread on LC's /m/?

Anonymous 26179


My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness (in which the 28 years old author loses her virginity to a prostitute) and the sequel My Alcoholic Escape from Reality (in which now 30 years old author suffers the consequences of her alcoholism) is a much better take on the loser girl genre.

Anonymous 26180

Is it still relatable even if you're not gay? I feel like lesbians have a vastly different experience being lonely (internalized homophobia, homophobic parents/town, small dating pool, etc)

Anonymous 26184

Doubt it’s relatable even to lesbians as she’s not only complete mess but also admits she has no clear gender identity and people IRL mistake her for a man.

Anonymous 26197

I'm bi and found it eerily relatable. But I'm also a mess.

Anonymous 26355

It's interesting either way.It's so honest and raw. The cringe is large, but it's really good.

Anonymous 26373

To be honest, I never really liked My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness for the simple fact that the author comes off as very unlikeable, with zero self awareness, a need to make everything in her life melodramatic and what a cowards version of self-importance. Had she been born in the west, she would've absolutely become some variant of deranged libfem.
Memoirs are hard thing to do because you need to strike a good balance between being able to talk about yourself whilst giving the audience a reason to care, which is hard to do when most of your work reads like an angsty teenager's diary entries, rather than an solid narrative.
Don't get me wrong, the genre of comic memoirs can and has been done right (although I won't rec any here since they technically don't fit what OP is looking for) but in all honesty, you're better off skipping this one.

Anonymous 26390


I like the idea of it becoming yuri, but wish it wasn't bait/harem. Dropped the manga indefinitely because it's just a bit too scrote scented.

And this would obviously not be marketable to men, but the normification of Tomoko paired with her slowly accepting that she also finds girls attractive would be tailored to me, specifically. The anime came out when I was an angry, anxious, and horny teen bisexual myself and seeing Tomoko's social struggles AS WELL as her being hot/gross for everyone was so "wow she is literally me."

Anonymous 26490

Her being unlikeable is what makes it work. You know it’s mostly true story that way.

Anonymous 26523

Am straight. It is very relatable, sometimes painful. I find it kind of sad that people keep pushing for identifying the author as lesbian when the author herself doesn't even seem certain about it.

If I recall correctly, she admits that her attraction to women may be a result of being mentally fucked up, implying that it's not the attraction that lesbians feel. I might be wrong though, was a year or two since I read the latest installments.

Anonymous 26526

>I find it kind of sad that people keep pushing for identifying the author as lesbian when the author herself doesn't even seem certain about it.
She literally calls herself a lesbian so why wouldn't other people refer to her that way?

Anonymous 26531

even though I remember liking the MLEL, I remember disliking the fact that the mc financially coerces a woman into having sex with her iirc. I'm just very anti sex work

Anonymous 26539

Her only published nonautobiographical work might provide us with some clues about what kind of partner she wants:


Or it could be 100% fiction, we don’t see into her head.

Anonymous 26620

I don't remember this, source?
I also found it relatable as a straight woman and I actually feel bad when it gets recommended to lesbians. The English title is kind of a mess, like it's looking for a different audience than an accurate translation would have brought.

Anonymous 26638

In Wandering Warrior Experience she mentions her being raped at the age of six by a man and thus being afraid of men which she states is the reason why she hired a female prostitute. She was not sure about her actuall sexual orientation at the point of writing that, so it might be a case of reverse closet, but most likely she’s just consfused lesbian or maybe bisexual.

She’s active on twatter you can ask her directly if you need to know for sure for whatever reason.

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