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vtubers Anonymous 24522

What do you guys think about vtubers? They are a new advancement in technology that some cam girls are using. They employ Webcam, full body trackers, and of course voice changers to give the appearance of anime girls. Is this the future of what is considered entertainment? Is this somehow tied to the metaverse that is an overall plan for tech companies to sell? Is this good or bad for society in general? Do you even watch vtubers or know who any of them are?

Anonymous 24524

They're pretty cringe. They don't have their own style or charm, it's just like watching generic anime girl with an annoying voice play a video game.

Anonymous 24525

i think it's fine. it gives people a way to goof off and make silly videos, constructing a persona without having to show their real name/face. there's no pretense that they're being realistic.

Anonymous 24526


I occasionally watch them. I don't have any hard favourites, but i do quite like Ina. I think her voice is quite calming, and it's nice to have in the backround. I don't think the trend is going to die down, although i do think that it will eventually lose attention and just be one type of streaming, instead of the phenonenon that it is right now.
I think that the biggest strength of vtubing is the media and fanworks that have surrounded it. There are lots of really high quality works that have been made and popularised by the vtuber fandom, which i think is a good thing, as previously small creators have been able to get lots of recognition. For instance, Mazumaros HoloEN animations are fantastic, and a delight to watch.
The main thing i dislike about vtubers, is the constant obvious pandering. Since people liked it when various talents had chemistry and got on well, naturally it was turned up to 11, and every other vtuber is pretending to be a lesbian. It's really unnatural and fake, but regardless, braindead fans eat it up so now it's basically the standard. Coming from someone who really likes yuri, I hate it.
In terms of vtubers and society, I don't think that it is extremely impactful. Parasocial relationships were prevalent long before vtubers, and they'll be prevalent long after. Generally, the main issues and strengths of vtubers are similar to lots of other big trends, which makes sense as they're basically an attempt at merging idol and internet culture
Basically, my opinion is that they're fine, i don't really care.

Anonymous 24527

I despise this
I think videogame streamers/letsplayers are pretty 'tism already, but making it performative uwu coomer pandering

Anonymous 24529

some of them are alright, like that dog one. however, a lot of them tend to bend their content to appeal to moid's sensibilities too much, like acting like le horny anime girl all the time. still, it's a nice medium, and if they can stop pandering to the weeb autists all the time, they can be really funny and interesting.

Anonymous 24534

i'll never really be able to get into watching streams in general. you'd have to have some pretty severe depression or something to want to just piss away 5 hours of your day watching something that's only reasonably entertaining. maybe i'd watch them more if they made edited videos. my friends showed me mumei, though, and i quite like her. she's sort of relatable.
aside from that, however, i actually think it's probably a good thing. i like the anonymity. it feels like anonymity on the internet has been declining for a while. most people put their names and faces all over everything, and i don't really think that's a good thing. at the very least, i don't like it.

Anonymous 24536

I like mashiro from nijisanji because he does creepy paranormal stuff in his streams and has caught a few "ghostly" encounters while streaming before and he's had a really interesting life so I like hearing him tell stories about stuff he's experienced
also sometimes watch chaika (nijisanji) 3D streams because they're basically comedy skits
most female vtubers seem like weeb coomerbait (or fujobait for the male ones) and I personally don't enjoy watching them although I suppose I can see the appeal

Anonymous 25078

They creep me out. Not even in like an uncanny valley way, they just look janky as shit. A lot of them also tend to do this weird lilting baby-talk voice; I know it’s like vocal training junk but it’s so weird. Some of the character models are super generic, so much so they may as well be reanimated Picrew avatar generators.

Anonymous 25085

I think she would be into raccoon boys.

Anonymous 25100


Has anyone been watching Salome? I love her.

Anonymous 25104

I like them! Sadly all cool ones are either eng of jp and I need subtitles for both, so I can't just have then on the background while doing other things, so I barely watch them (there's no way I'm sitting for 5 hours paying full attention to a rando talking).
As the prev anon said, I really like its anonymity and it's a good way to be able to stream or just talk without being immediately recognized or it being a extension of your irl life. Also moids throw money at anything that mildly resembles a woman, so it's a (relatively) easy/fun way to gain money.
I wish they had more variety though, all of them look copy-pasted… I enjoy the anime style, but there's lots of room to be creative, people aren't exploiting that enough. I have seen some designs that are still anime-esque but have the artist's spin on it and they stand out lots to me in a positive way. But I will take anything as long as it isn't the woke art style.
Yesterday I saw the "first Vtuber camgirl" (taken from her bio) who made nsfw streams & had an OF, and it did worry me a bit about the future of Vtubing, but I guess it's better if moids are jacking off at a badly animated PNG than irl porn ig. I just hope it doesn't spread too much.

Anonymous 25108


i dont watch any vtubers besides occasional clips that pop up here and there, but like other anons said i can appreciate the opportunities for more anonymity they guarantee, without sacrificing much entertainment value. For women, putting your real face and voice up can make you a target for harassment that bleeds IRL, so, yeah

The problems i do have with vtubers are more delegated to the anime fandom in general, so I wouldnt place the blame on them in particular. Like pandering to moids' tastes I dont find full blame on them for; I used to do that shit too out of curiosity or to just get attention since weebs are always like "WOAH GORL???" even if it was ultimately bad for me and everyone else

Anonymous 25109

>As the prev anon said, I really like its anonymity and it's a good way to be able to stream or just talk without being immediately recognized or it being a extension of your irl life. Also moids throw money at anything that mildly resembles a woman, so it's a (relatively) easy/fun way to gain money.
You know this from personal experience? What's the expected income from becoming a vtuber?

Anonymous 25120

Vtubers are for pedophiles and those who will never feel the touch of a woman

Anonymous 25121

>Plot twist; Calli was the raccoon poster all along.

Anonymous 25124

I'm not a vtuber myself, but 2 of my friends are. And about the amount of money… it all depends on how much effort you are willing to put on it + luck to attract people. I don't know their exact gains, but it isn't enough to make a living (unless you join an agency i guess), think of it as some extra income.
But to be honest, it's like normal streaming except you're a cute anime girl. If you're constant and cater to moids a lil bit from time to time you will end up with a following.

If you plan to become one, either start learning to draw or be prepared to spent $500-700 on a model (the product is worth that price, it's incredibly time consuming to draw and rig the models, trust me). If you like a niche subject or pretty much anything aside videogames/anime, feel free to make it your trademark or talk about it often, people like quickly girls and the market of game streaming is over saturated already, it may help you to stand out.
Aside the big monetary spent at first (if you needed it), pretty much the only thing Vtubing requires from you is some time. Just post random things on twitter daily and reply sometimes to other Vtubers and your followers; one of my friends pretty much uses her Vtuber twitter account as a personal one at this point. About streaming, my friends usually just stream on weekends or when they're free from their actual work.

Anonymous 25200

Hi Venti!
Sorry that so many moids only care about your boobs more than your views, lol.

Anonymous 25213


Idk, I feel like I'd like it more if most of it wasn't about pedo-bait–the ubiquity of these things puts me off of the concept as a whole.
I'm tired of being a broken record but that's just it.

Anonymous 25378


I've been watching a lot of Vox. He seems to cater a lot of his content to women without going full fujoshi (though he's been teasing at the possibility and since he streams with other guys the shippers are always there).

Anyways his avatar is hot and his voice is hot and he makes me feel all giddy inside.

Anonymous 25414

I can't quite put my finger on it, I like hot voices but at the same time I don't know what makes a voice hot, I know it definitely isn't just when it's deep though, sometimes I just feel it or I don't, it's a shame because lots of content creators have personalities I like but they get annoying when I listen too much wheareas other people I could listen to forever.

Anonymous 25417

Well, it doesn't make any sense to pay for a $700 model if I will never earn back $700 dollars. I can understand an investment, because I want to look good, but what does it take to earn that back? A year? 2?

Anonymous 25452

I love vtubers and my current dream is to become one. Bonus points if I can actually make a living off of it.

Anonymous 25463

>A year? 2?
Vtubing is an extremely saturated market, if you aren't filling a niche you're probably not going to make much, but distinguish yourself enough from competition entertainment and you can probably make that back in a month. It is hard to get that snowball rolling, though, like anything else popularity-based.

Anonymous 25464

>Vtubing is an extremely saturated market
I'm fully aware.
>but distinguish yourself enough from competition entertainment and you can probably make that back in a month
Let's assume I don't actually manage to do this, what does a very poor, very low-tier vtuber make?

Anonymous 25465

Nothing, I guess? Unless you actually like streaming, acting and such, so the reward is just to have fun with others with a occasional small income.
As I said it's a way to earn some extra money, not something you can live of. People who do this already got an actual job, the money needed for the model and setup is taken from their saving of that job. With the time, either streaming or the actual work will end up covering the initial costs; but yeah you need to have a secure-ish roots first.
If you're here just for the money… maybe you can start being a PNGtuber? I don't know much about them, but from what I read instead of having a fully animated characters, they use static images of their character with different expressions.

Anonymous 25772

I like the funny dog girl playing videogames.
the other ones can go to hell.

Anonymous 25798


What do you think of Tempus?

Anonymous 25834

Best vtubers. Like them all except blue faggot. Love Vesper.
Wish the EN girls were as entertaining as them.

Anonymous 25838

Who th hell is this vtuber in the op? I don't care for vtubes but after seeing this a million times, need to know

Anonymous 25849


Anonymous 25905

I think they are pretty cool and I appreciate the time and effort put into making the models as they genuinely take so long to make but personally i just prefer to see an actual real life person streaming. just feels a bit more real.

Anonymous 26176

Luxiem and Noctyx but worse

Anonymous 27323

Nothing is worse than Noctyx except maybe Iluna.
Nijisanji could not have fucked up worse with their recruiting there.

Anonymous 27341

Vtubers are closer to 3D than 2D

Anonymous 27345


But Sonny love! I love this Australian angel! Pyro love

Anonymous 27349

Anyone here watches some of the Nijisanji EN ones? They're kinda gross sometimes.

Anonymous 28961

I don’t mind people who are independent vtubers, and aren’t in an agency like Nijisanji or something. A lot of people in Nijisanji EN are extremely annoying and I can’t stand watching more than a few minutes of their streams.

Anonymous 29363

I like Tempus but I'm more of a JP Holostars fan myself.

Anonymous 29372

i used to get weirded out by them but i now love ina'nis and >>24526 this dog vtuber on picrel. i also can't believe that i found this song catchy and could endure its cringe

Anonymous 29782


Loathe them, tbf. The best I can say about them is there's nothing inherently wrong with using an animated avatar to protect your anonymity, and in fact it could be a pretty cool concept if used creatively. The problem is that no one does. Virtually all the vtubers I've seen look like over-designed knockoff Genshin Impact characters and clearly exist to squeeze money out of hentai-poisoned pedo otakus. There's something deeply unpleasant about hearing a grown woman do her best impression of a prepubescent child while her avatar's giant tits jiggle like she's in the middle of an earthquake. The lack of facial emotion/decent animation also contributes to my discomfort with them; considering how much money people pay for these models, you'd think they could do something other than flap their mouths like characters from an early 2000s flash cartoon.

Anonymous 29814

I like some of them! I think Pomu is cute and Doppio is a doofus!

Anonymous 30141

They're unfortunately necessary to stream as a woman. It creates a kind of additional layer, away from the actual person. The moid will fixate on the fictional character instead like a missile to a flare.

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